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I stop stimulating my mind races with so many thoughts rapid firing to weird familiar things from my childhood clustered into one thought. There was one where it showed SpongeBobs texture on a fence. Another was a succubus mixed between my grade 1 science teacher and my mother. Another one was homer Simpsons mouth as his entire face holding corn on his upper teeth. Is my subconscious fighting back or am I slipping into a psychosis state. Sometimes I'd have words pop into my head in talking almost like a whisper, except I know it's not real voices. It lasts for a few seconds but it's usually random. There are microseconds of realization that my mind wandered off into a dream state. I'm genuinely scared.


You need to figure out if its psychosis or some brain issue because stuff like meningitis can also cause such rapid abstract hallucinations.


And of course medical care is not available? Well it's not like you can help it, because I'm guessing no one's gonna sell you medication, even if somewiz gives a recc, so yeah that's just it, prepare for fight and enjoy the last says of your life. I know you're not going to enjoy it in the least, but who cares about the doomed like us.


>turn off the machine that puts thoughts in to your head
>suddenly making own thoughts

That's normal


File: 1713994135534.pdf (2.14 MB, Grain Brain by David Perlm….pdf)

Leave cereals for a month, then recheck. Give a look at this


smells like pseudoscience


Just seek professional help


Seriously visit an actual doctor (not a psychiatrist or therapist) and get your brain checked in case it doesn't get better very soon. Hits to the head, infections and other traumas can cause you to hallucinate and be disoriented.


ho tell this a psychatrist, if you're lucky you can neet on neetbux




Yeah, That's what you say about a former doctor who also has youtube posts about this.

>embed link



whatever you do, do not go to a psychiatrist unless you have serious problems.

Take ibuprofen - cuts glutamate
Take Melatonin -cuts dopamine
Take Taurine - neuroprotective
Take NAC - neuroprotective
Take magnesium (inhibitory)
Take iodine (thyroid problems may be the root)
Take a B-complex (methylation)
Take ashwaghanda or guto kola (stress relief)
Stay away from psychoactive drugs
Stay away from glutamate
Stay away from dopaminergic substances

Whatever is going on with op is definitely a problem but in most cases isn't normal. If you're young you may have sz, but it is highly unlikely and the medical community does not have a good understanding of how to treat this disease. Most importantly, the body should be able to naturally calibrate neurotransmitter and receptor levels if you are able to stabilize your inputs and leave it alone.

If you don't get symptoms relief from the first two items on the list, it's something deeper than a neurotransmitter problem. hypoThyroid may be the root. Get a blood test. The other pathway for this seems to be brain infection…. take lysine and black seed oil for at least a month


oh, and EAT MEAT because this could fix a bunch of latent problems related to iron deficiency, lack of minerals etc

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