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Disregard Females, Acquire Magic
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I just hate seeing succubi in media and id rather go mentally ill from lack of entertainment. Stopped playing games that are RPG, especially elder scrolls. Communal games are cucked. Maybe if elder scrolls made it so that I could kill everyone then ig it wouldn't be so bad. I don't think elden scrolls is bad but my laptop is shit and keeps crashing the game, plus it requires coordination. So I'm stuck with low end games.


Disregard succubi (stop obsessing over the). And stop writing in instagram ebonics. Take this blog entry to /b/


you're right. Females hate men and want to destroy what's fun for them.
One example is how hard they try to get rid of good looking models from games and replace it with ugly botched nigger like and downgraded versions. They despise heterosexuality in most males because they find most men unattractive and don't want them to enjoy their sexuality not even vicariously through games, tv series, movies, etc.


They are plastered in many fucking games with subliminal virtual signaling constantly it's hard not to ignore a common reoccurring pattern that is obvious to non oblivious retards.



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