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Talking to overly passionate autists ad ADHD is overly stimulating despite being an autist. They are just as bad as normies when they jump to conclusions or the smallest detail sets them off for being the people who supposedly have poor social ques and difficult keeping up to their conversations. Maybe high functioning autists they are but still I've talked to normies a lot of them just accept information at face value it just doesn't make sense of people with lower neuroticism to be the ones that have unforseen consequences to socializing and that keep each other in hostility to make sure people behave. A lot of people arent neurotypicals and this normies meme behavior portrayed as hostile are very hyperactive impulsive or neurotic behaviors. Sure they are tribal but that is because it's more fun to engage in drama if you are mentally ill. Society is mentally ill and no ADHD is not normal behavior or memed, it's psychotic and dangerous. We have our human history as proof of this. Blood eagles, ancient torture methods, mob purges, reactionaries, witch burnings, genocides, etc. No, ADHD is a subhuman behavior. If it is natural then nature is corrupt and isn't fit for gods perfection.


no clue what you're trying to say. interesting first draft tho, maybe flesh it out and use a standard essay format, split it up into paragraphs, intro, main, conclusion. maybe list out your claims in a bullet points and work through the reasoning for each. looking forward to your next post!


They do not say it right. It's not an adaptation but the lack of so many other adaptations… https://the-big-ger-picture.blogspot.com/2021/07/how-neurodiverse-people-are-like-hunter.html

Anyway. Things must be firstly taken from the very same environment we belong to, then one may start training himself for different lifestyles, otherwise… burnout!

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