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Thread dedicated for those who are practicing abstinence. Share the changes you experience in your journey of self-control and celibacy as you reject porn and masturbation. What you’ve learnt so far about yourself. Your struggles with self-control, and what you expect to accomplish. The numbers of days you plan to go without it and why.

I plan to accomplish at least 5 months without wasting my seed this year and that time I’d squander watching porn I want to use it to improve at digital painting and become better at japanese which have always been goals of mine.

Disregard porn and destructive habits, acquire magic


File: 1714219057342.png (373 B, 32x32, 1:1, Pixture-Vegetable-Garlic.3….png) ImgOps iqdb

I believed that garlic, since it is prone to rise libido, would worsen my night pollutions.

But they have been reduced instensely. May this be because I am vata dosha instead of pitta? Now I eat garlic almost everyday


huh doesn't semen retention means fapping but not ejaculated


you're confusing semen retention with edging.


Deepest depths of depraved retardation.


It's been one week and already feeling like a million dollars, literal euphoria. Just a reminder, do not drink alcohol or smoke because that will hinder your progress and block any mental gains. It's poison for the soul.


Your mind?


NO-FAP is such a mega cope, holy shit, kek


I don't really want to talk about this sort of thing even on an anonymous imageboard. But the daily normalization of pornography is very destructive and it is well known, as if excessive social media use. There are supps for killing sex drive as well, let me find them


Those are destroying your already weak male hormonal system.


I'm not talking about medication. People who start lifting experience massive increases in sex drive as their testosterone raises. Pretty soon you turn into the wizcel gym Schütze as the feels come back

But if you don't lift…


Been trying this for years going many months at a time but I never experienced any difference.
Life was just more boring than usual and I didnt really feel more motivated to do things.
also has lots of annoying side effects like that constant feel of the balls being too full and when pissing it feels like not everything is getting out.
also had some problems like at night the dick oozes out some of the coom liquid and it also made it difficult to sleep at times.


are you on any medication? Why did you start doing semen retention?





The glowie shills are in here already. Keep it up men.



I saw that stuff, but the issue is most of anaphrodisiacs target testosterone lowering your masculinity. Evidently if you totally kill estrogen you'll get the same thing without the soyim effect. High powered aromtase inhibitors will do this


>some problems like at night the dick oozes out some of the coom liquid and it also made it difficult to sleep at times
Energy must be redirected, repurposed. That is like the 80% of SR rather than mere abstinence.


>not touching the dick somehow will make you a Ubermensch

The sheer titanic size cope of that idea is beyond belief


no I'm not on any medication and originally I started doing nofap/semen retention because I got tired and bored of jerking off.
I see it as an annoying chore, its basically just body "maintenance" so you can be more at peace, kinda the same that you feel better after taking a big shit or empty your bladder.
but overall annoying and a waste of time, then you also have to clean up after yourself, take a shower etc. shits annoying.
so what are you supposed to do? what did I do wrong?


>I got tired and bored of jerking off.
isn't jerking off supposedly fun?
>kinda the same that you feel better after taking a big shit or empty your bladder.
that's a retarded take. Masturbation is a self-pleasing act and is connected to orgasm which results in a large spike of dopamine in the brain.
Your entire post comes off as someone who is denying the fact that he enjoys masturbation and wants to be above it.


It is rather: "not touching your dick delays you turning into a rotten piece of shit"

Listen the elders, will you?


I've always thought it's better to be a sexhaver than a porn addict. At least the former actually fulfills his wishes and sexual desires whereas the other just rots eternally and becomes more and more depraved.


Exactly as taoists claim.


3/10 men Are really really rare. I've Been in trade work and a bit below average men can Have a normie Life if They Pursuit normie things. Its when you Are below average and dont Care about Cars, sports or Beer when you start to get into dangerous territory.

Almost never see 3/10 guys, you Have to Have severely recessed jaw or smth. You can Also fix that with bimax and turn into a 5. A 5 normie cant do anything except normie things to Fit in


Don't you get tired of being obsessed about fitting in?


Depravation is not a real thing. Its a abstract concept created by gatekeepers to mantain a softpower over people with different worldviews


What a strange way to say that you masturbate with lolis being raped by horses


File: 1716621963584.jpg (121.84 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 20240522225633_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've discovered easy mode, turns out that when you're around people it becomes a piece of cake. Who knew?
No wonder normalfags get things done.


uh oh wizard, that is very specific


how could you know that is specific? sharing fetish?



I like to build up my semen, retaining for three weeks at a time. It takes some skill and a lot of self-control. I make sure to relax on a Friday, laid out nude in bed, with the KY Jelly on the side table and some Benzedrex to sniff. Then I pull up PornHub and have a long, slow, nourishing wank. I indulge myself, flipping from vid to vid, dipping into every fetish, race, position. I have a timer on my phone that's set for 59 minutes and 59 seconds. I edge and edge and edge, coming closer and closer, until I'm full-goon. It's like a trance. It must be what the Hindus experience with they hit Sadisvatsa. Then finally, my phone goes off —- I release a wave of cum, gushing out like a fountain from my cock, and a moan that borders on a scream, a howl. Cum arches over my belly and lands on my face, in my hair, on the wall behind me. It drips into my mouth from my lips, my full energy, my vitality and manhood. It's truly transcendent. Do recommend.


>It drips into my mouth from my lips, my full energy, my vitality and manhood. It's truly transcendent.
Next time I get started speaking to these gentlemen snap me back to this post, please.


I still fear for you. If you can edge that long you can sure go further with energy relocation instead of cooming.

Surely do you do have your retribution but, are you sure you are fully aware of this being more of a gain than a loss?


The best thing to do when doing sr is to move your body, THEN you will notice the benefits, while giving yourself less opportunity to jerk off. By moving your body I mean all the things that men ought to be doing, like splitting logs and carrying rocks around.
Part of what makes us weak males is that we sit on our ass all day long. We are not meant to be sitting in front of a computer, do you know why porn is a problem in the first place? Because we are on the screen too much time.
I really think computers should go back to the way they were in the 70s.


File: 1717984611621.jpg (39.09 KB, 516x516, 1:1, main-qimg-2106b51c81d3004b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

God damn, every time i sit down i get the urge to masturbate, im really considering using the pc lying down


I've tried nofap but to tell you truthfully it didn't help at all, on the contrary I felt unmotivated and depressed.
I've kicked booze and cigarettes cold turkey and it wasn't even close to going nofap for a month and a couple of days. I can understand abstaining from drugs like alcohol, caffeine and nicotine but masturbation…
Animals masturbate in captivity, humans are animals, humans live in captivity humans masturbate. Simple as. If I was to refrain from masturbating then I'd need to be someplace far away from any people. When I'm in nature there aren't any sexual thoughts in my head.


guys, what's your longest retention record?


File: 1719245682883.png (151.79 KB, 1533x503, 1533:503, wizchanpowers1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just fap to anime succubi


About 40 days but to be truthful I did a lot of edging and I think some sperm did actually leave the end of my penis at times during the edging. Not much, maybe a pea-sized drop.

I actually find nofap to be invigorating and agree that it is easier when you aren't distracted by succubi. Nofap in summer time is a tough task.


File: 1719255689301.png (8.76 KB, 652x112, 163:28, 013.png) ImgOps iqdb


I don't understand, can domeone explain to me please?


ghosts watching him fap

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