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Disregard Females, Acquire Magic
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70+ years experience; summation: the creatures are not worth the air they breathe…
they bring nothing but stress aggravation frustration deceit greed misery treachery lies betrayal illness and death…
if you let your dick do your thinking, you are already fucked.
everyone i know who married wishes he hadn't, the creatures are evil incarnate…
i could provide all kinds of examples, but i will keep this short and to the point…
it isn't worth it, never has been never will be…


you're over 70 years old and you chose this to be your site?


File: 1714934827376.jpg (136.09 KB, 1659x672, 79:32, ages of wizards.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Feel welcome, oh visitor, upon this abandoned realm, devastated by neglective mods and incursors as failed normies.

Are you casually an archmagus? Anyway, don't tell. Only virgos are allowed 'ere.


what site is better?


4chan = porn and normies
lainchan = variated but uninteresting
8kun = abandoned piece of crap
reddit = karma system run by normies
facebook = sometimes fun
quora = less fun
here = mods probably hate the entire userbase


4 has serious problems with the userbase. Many major blue boards are a dustbin of trolling and junk, there's very few users I'd be interested in long term interaction with these days


I wouldnt want to talk with someone like myself for too long either. Im quite inadequate and uncaring for actual discussions, most things dont interest me much. Thats why I stick to 4chan cuz at least its active.


>le hate for femoids

crab mindset


Yeah, I think so too. Its probably just dated culture though but really I do feel some kind of disgruntledness when reading through the "femoid" posts on r9k so I put it in my filter, cuz fuck those trannies and if its a cute succubi I wouldnt care either and I know she wouldnt either because none ever did. The worst part are all of the simps in any case.
So really this philosophy does have its reasons to stay.


Sure it's active but I swear nobody ever replied to me on that website, assuming the users are 90% bots


abhorrence of females, faggots, and niggers is peak wizard. You're a good wiz.


What the fuck you are talking about? The Wizard motto is "disregard females" not "be bitter about females"

you and op are nothing but crabs


>+70 years experience
>the creatures are not worth the air they breathe…
Based wizard. All high iq philosophers agree with you
"Females may be said to be an inferior man."

Thus the deliberative faculty of the soul is not present at all in a slave; in a female it is present but ineffective, in a child present but undeveloped.

This is Aristotle basically saying that foids are subhuman.


Youre not wrong, guess that might also be a culture thing since nobody really wants to have prolonged difficult discussions and nobody cares so much about the worthless worldviews often given as answers but more about the questions. Its actually very rare that people talk about interesting or funny stuff.


very funny. I'm smart and witty, with deep knowledge on select topics. What I don't care about is the meme of the week or wizquasimodo's latest attempt to make a nuisance of himself


It depends on motives.

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