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Calm down, im not a Crazy tinfoil hat guy and i don't think the society is ending any time soon.

Im talking about saving for a period of money shortage. You never know when you will be unemployed or when your relatives will stop supporting you.

I have a free empty room in my house and I'm thinking about using it to store some food, specially when i find a good discount. Im open to suggestions.


What do you really expect anyone to have to say on the subject and what in the world does this have to do with wizardry?


It have everything to do, lol. Many of us live on the razor's edge and alone.

The point of the thread is to share experiences and advice.


its awkward to state the obvious OP, but canned food is the way


dried beans, pasta, rice, grains. a water barrel. you can pickle things like cabbage and cucumber in glass jars, jam also. instant coffee. maybe buy a dehydrator for stuff like mushrooms and fruits - store then in plastic jars. also stuff like toilet paper and towels, detergent could come in handy. a portable solar charger. never talk about your stash. prepping is fun.


you can buy freeze dried food satchets that will last 25 years. Otherwise, if you are using conventional grains etc you are expected to cycle out every year which means you'll inevitably be wasting your money and eating junk. One of the better lower hanging fruit is last at sea survival biscuits, which are basically just carbs and fat packed into a modern kind of pemmican. Stack a grand of those for emergencies and in the lead up to a disaster you can grab all the other goodies which might be valuable. There's a lot of information on prepping, and the long term route is if you get a freeze drier yourself and begin the process of storing away items other than carb sources. One of the easiest entry level prep foods you can make is hardtack, which will last a very long time if done properly. None of this stuff tastes good, but if you need to survive it will help. The other easy option are military MRE/ration packs, or camper freeze dried food satchets. But that is all pricey and a luxury item at this point.

The prepper community on youtube exists to sell you junk and give you low IQ hot takes and is best avoided. The top guys will have a basement full of tubs where they have bullk items, mostly rice and other carbs. I think the 7th day adventists have a full guide on how to prep, but their style is more of a short term lifestyle. GL trying to get to one year's food security without spending over 4 grand

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