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I'm not an edgelord but I genuinely never seen someone's crying or anger as something to take seriously to me it's like a game I must exploit and observe closely, or something to brush off, or for the most part they are joking about their emotions because I don't see it as necessary to deal with which caused me to do very horrible things. But there are moments where there is a weird feeling or thought where that person's emotions are genuinely felt. Like as if it's not a game anymore. That I was somehow expecting a prank that was never admitted and that's when it messes with me causing me to feel what they feel. My brain is messed up.


Dont be too hard on yourself, you learned it from somewhere, or were somehow encouraged to be this way in the past.

EMotions are a pretty vital part of the human experience so embrace them. Sure people may try to manipulate you, but that really isnt anythign to worry about if as long you stay true to your values and don't put others well being over your own.


Check if the emotions are useful or just coming from inner corruption. Also check where they head to. Use Thinking to evaluate Feeling, that's how you get balanced Judgment as cognitive function.

If an emotion comes from corruption, then it's like wound that must be opened to death, countered, disobeyed. This is how I make do


i get angry a lot and i cry a lot but i also don't take emotions seriously. Its something that comes and goes, just like taking a piss, you need to do it sometimes, just dont overthink it. Emotions, generally arent there to help you by any means, its just something your body needs to do to regulate itself


corruption is a abstract concept. i have no idea what you mean




Feeling jealousy, or a toxic whim that consumes your days
>like failed normals whinin bout muh no frens


>I never took emotions seriously
you should


emotions are a cruel joke it's easier when they don't get in the way



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