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How many wizard here are above 30 years old? I was wondering how many users here has passed the age of 30 and or even are entering their 40s.






Turned 40 this year. It's strange because when i was a young proud neet i told my family i would take my own life when i reach 40, rebuking Life/God. Yet here i am, a wageslaving bitch. Man is weak and afraid, the years taught me this. I always wanted some kind of redemption, but it never came.





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I just turned 30 this year. Man, it feels so weird to have finally attained wizard status. Been lurking this place for years and posted here and there when I felt like it. Also been NEETing this whole time except for working a part-time job almost a decade ago.


I dont know what happened to my post, I accidentally the whole thing somehow and then I didnt feel like typing everything up again and just sort of gave up.
it was somewhat like this: I'm 35 and as Wizardly as it gets, been here since the first wizchan too, back then I used to post more but since the last decade or so it got less. kinda dont have the motivation anymore so I usually just lurk here and I dont really have all that much to say anyway as I spend my days as a recluse NEET hikki.
overall I'm not even THAT depressed, life is sort of okay at times but aging sucks. got a heart problem (not from vaccines, was born with it) which is getting worse, my eyes are getting worse with every year and overall my health is slow and steady going down the shitter, I'm also losing my hair, havent jerked off in years and I'm just tired all the damn time. if I make it to 40 I'm probably still gonna be here somewhere but I also feel like I gotta get off this shitty ride soon because it sure as fuck aint gonna get better but I dont worry too much about suicide, I expect to randomly drop dead.


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Am 31 in just a few days. I remember when I was turning 30 wanting to post about it in crawlthread or something but then I went "actually who the fuck cares". Been NEETing since a couple months before then and trying to make the most of my time in various ways, you know how it is.

have some mushrooms


I'm 35


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31 get, hooray-a for me


I thought the definition of a wizard is a 30+ year old who was still a virgin?



>actually who the fuck cares
Fuck that shit, I care nigger!

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