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I hate how youtube today is a bunch of disguised adverts posing as cultural commentary for various vapid gaming and entertainment brands nobody could possibly care about


I believe they put adds to pay youtubers


you can kindly go fuck yourself or cry until you pass out


volcels can do anything, crabs are incabale of even act like human beings


this wizcel is rewatching CCS (≧◡≦)
Catch you Catch me! is one of the best openings and most soulful in all of anime.

そう Nice to Meet You Good to See You きっと
私の想い あなたのハートに
飛んで飛んで飛んでいけ 迷わない
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Feeling a bit sad that Sakura exists only in fiction. I was thinking that it'd be nice to feel her naked chest against mine.


this board needs more sakura and lolis


File: 1713179155547.jpg (393.72 KB, 853x1000, 853:1000, 86d082b4926b7f0ee765891467….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

she doesn't need to be "real" to feel that, and in fact, it's better that way.


based in cel sakura enjoyer


Ep 7 seriously cute scenes of sakura sketching kereberos. At the museum they have to draw one of the sculptures, sakura isn’t so good at it unlike her friend Tomoya which is a natural artist. There she meets a boy who tries to fix a painting that says belongs to him but that’s being altered with the image of a succubus. Sakura sees this and goes to investigate with tomoyo at night.
Quickly she is informed by kerebros of the clow card name and personality, it is Silent hence why it’s in a museum where typically noise is not allowed and it shushes at people.

For this combat mission Sakura wears a cute costume. It’s a tight long sleeve top that reveals her belly and in the back it styles two batty wings.
She captures the clow card using the shadow card that projects her own shadow, before this she failed due to the noise she made when approaching Silent. Finally, the real painting can be seen and is a portrait of the boy from before who is revealed as a succubus. She is happy that the painting is restored to normal like his dad who passed away recently would have wanted. Before the chapter ends a brown haired boy who mutters about sensing clow cards makes an appearance atop a tower.


These idiots calling other men "in cels" think that makes them immune to succubi's actions.
Yeah, look what succubi rights have done to the world and the world of wizcels: Videogames ruined by sjw warriors. Movies and tv shows all following feminist plots and blackwashing with a nigger or mutt cast or some degenerate trans and gender theory agenda. The entire internet catering to their ideologies just as much as the real world and fiction does, now that they are into the work place and have power in politics, so much power they are censoring every opposing idea and banning you and even arresting you for having a dissident opinion.
It was not in cels who let that happen but the men who want to please wo men. In cels wouldn’t let that happen but you want to blame the based wizards over some misogyny, call us virgins, shut ins, you name it. It doesn’t matter in the long run, you can make us your enemies but w o men will shit all over your face while leading the fall of civilization and you will keep crying about in cels just like you do now, meanwhile Pedro, Jamal, Rashi, Abdullahi and the rest of browns are destroying white countries because females feel bad for them :D females are the real terrorists who hate virgin males and the male hiki spirit.

Me? I'll stay neeting and not getting stds, avoiding females as much as I can.
You can go to work for the rest of your life and pretend that things are okay as long as you come back home and play videogames or gulp down your jew prescribed pills, but just remember there's a wizcel who is more than content without your bullshit lies and drugs and that wizcel will live on to remind everyone that the wiz life is the best life.
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>be wizcel (virgin, never had a girlfriend or even a first kiss, hug, etc.)
>accept the blackpill
>have fun seeing behavioral patterns that result from certain type of personalities and that are connected to sex, culture, and environment, and can predict the outcome, reasoning, and influence that's based on it
>understand the nature of every disgusting female, be it instathots, quirky succubi, not like other succubi succubus, gothchicks, tiktokers, onlyfans chicks, common whore, "shy" succubi, nerds, etc. all of them are niggers
>understand the nature of simps, betas, alphas, cucks, niceguys, so called "manchildren", etc.
>can see normalfag relationships for what they really are and have a solid foundation for my hatred of them besides a mere surface level aversion
>now I know exactly why normies act like they do
>know their beliefs and ideals they hold based on how they live and the things they say
>know how their lives will develop and end
>know so much they can't truly surprise me
>also know how to avoid them and what's best for me
>know how to live the perfect wizlife as a result
Third eye open all thanks to the blackpill. You can apply the blackpill in your life to read people's true intentions, since we are out of the dating game because we don't find it attractive at all, we use the blackpill science about human nature to guide us in life.
Here is some wizdom:
most humans can't escape their nature
only a few of us chosen wizards can
the rest will try to be part of hierarchy even online, creating groups, cliques, norming it up in any possible way to the extent of their abilities, wanna be normies I call them.
Me? I'm too good for that shit. Fuck your hierarchies, fuck the social validation you get online through your cliques, fuck your blogging, fuck your normie life. Wanna be normies, normies, failed normies, chads, alphas, betas, simps, thots, niggers, faggots. All the same shit once you understand how they are connected and they praise the demiurge.

The wizard stands alone. Never leaves the island. He is the island.


their world of social status and trends dictates the course of our entire lives. Your income, your job, your """connections""", your significant other or lack thereof, the thoughts and social activities you are allowed to enjoy

People are no different than a flock of deer and the real 'pill is you can't even survive as a human being and get away from them.


do you really expect people to read all that garbage you posted?


you are a crab in denial thinking you can trick the based wizards of /b/ by donning magic robes but they're translucent to us


joker is shit anyway.

File: 1712525132892-0.png (423.32 KB, 1078x915, 1078:915, 8aaaa1db3559bd6d8daa8fd30e….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1712525132892-1.png (589.9 KB, 2313x2610, 257:290, 8f25b61082a2b77a37d9be6d2d….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1712525132892-2.jpeg (392.72 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 054cb62ebc1458989a03ba058….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


just came to these drawings (2d)
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big loli titties


File: 1713117958198.mp4 (1.04 MB, 480x640, 3:4, hogmode.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


these hurt the faggot volcels lmfao


thanks for the art wizcel bro


ince l chads keep winning and posting cute 2d! Faggot and niggers and trannies seething


>In February 2021, Carano shared an Instagram post that compared "hating someone for their political views" to the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust[81][68][82] and included an image taken during the Lviv pogroms.[79][83][note 1] Many critics interpreted the post as comparing American conservatives to Jews in Nazi Germany.[65] Shortly afterward, Lucasfilm stated that Carano was no longer employed by the company, saying that "her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable".[84]
It's as if grievance politics are a currency


Actually this is quite funny. Disney hired an real (minor) celebrity with a track record separate to being a sycophant, and unlike the hollywood ""elite"" she went off the script and started questioning liberalism only to get fired. Kind of a hero



I wish we were putting cuckservatives in the oven.


this retardation, implying you're like jews in nazi germany, is what the resistance looks like big guy.


>Weeks later, after facing calls from some fans to put her gender pronouns in her Twitter profile,[75][78] she added the words "beep/bop/boop", which led to accusations of transphobia.
>which led to accusations of transphobia
waoh…what a fucking joke


The vaxscene was the biggest scam in human history and every single institution that forced it upon canadians should be obliterated
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good job on dodging the psyop
ur a real smartie!!


>X university has a voluntary vaccine policy, but in order to stay on student housing or go clubs or the gym you have to be vaccinated
>we also force you to declare your "status" to screen you out from even getting in the door for admissions
>gl getting a loan or renting outside of campus without that vax card, g*y!
>It's illegal to leave the country without a vaxx, g*y!
>we can fire you for any reason, g*y!

Immolate all shot cultists and burn the libs down bros


Get justin castro OUT of office and hang him from a tree


fuck off fed


we won wizcel bros. Reminder NORMALFAGGOTS, NIGGERS, AND SUCCUBI, AND VOLCEL CUCKS got depressed from not having sex and lack of socialization during the pandemic LOL. Some even KILLED THEMSELVES. LMFAO imagine being that weak.

Never forget, normalfaggot scum can't live like wizcels, they crumble and get suicidal, their mental well being depends on people, on being in contact with them, talking, and having sex, otherwise they literally SUFFER.

Wizcels are the superior race.


Having sex means you were corrupted by lust, which is why Hitler was a volcel.
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all fabricated heresy


remember that time hitler paid a state pension to a frenchwoman because he was sure that he had impregnated one or more whores over there during the great war?


He was a degenerate normalfag, glad he killed himself.


quite a different time. I enjoyed researching this anecdote


why 1940 succubi have this dead eyes stare?


Wignat bro, there's not going to be a second hitler.
The era of nationalism is nearly dead and the era of ethnic consciousness is being poisoned away before our very eyes. The new axis is Iran-Russia-China and they don't resemble the older model of fascism at all.




no refunds :D


we were born to win, wizcels.


with 2d lolis like these why would you ever want 3dpd?


smart-alecky loli student needs correction from Wizcel Sensei


based wizcel lolicon


Wizcel sensei first kiss was with a loli brat pupil. So impudent!

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