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He looks either like the whitest black guy or blackest white guy.
I heard he steal babies for a sweet time.
I heard he has hooves instead of feet.
He rides a black stallion with red eyes, he can turn in to a bear-sized wolf!



File: 1571229432715.jpg (3.96 MB, 3508x2480, 877:620, d54e8387abdb7da31eaf4f1654….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>he rides a black stallion


you know the sounds of your muscles? shit is annoying. i hear my jaw muscles constantly. it is like a white noise sound. if you dont know what im talking about, plug your ears and strain your face or something until you hear this fluttering white noise

i have to deliberately relax every muscle of my face and neck to quiet it and its mentally taxing. no one else ever mentions this problem so i feel kind of broken and defective

it sounds like bugs in your ears kind of and takes a lot of focus to quiet it
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I wear earplugs and hear that, and a lot more….you're supposed to get used it

shit, and I thought I obsessed over trivial things


You’re describing TMJ. It’s not the muscles you’re hearing it’s the tendons rubbing. Your genetics are cursed.


File: 1571206748712.jpeg (120.45 KB, 1300x866, 650:433, 75236394-9178-45FB-B4DA-C….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

What would you be knowing about that?


What the fuck op your muscles arent supposed to make any sounds
Are your parents from Hiroshima or what


You can make do by using other products in their place. You can also ask for free samples of things at makeup stores, make your own, or buy things on clearance. Ask for birthday gift vouchers to department or beauty stores too.

File: 1570510193661.jpg (176.97 KB, 850x1455, 170:291, 1570502500855.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Would you sniff, lick or perhaps do both?
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wtf this gif is like being sexually abused through the internet


I would make sweet music with her, I tell you what
pulls out kazoo and jams along


so much better than that whore waifu rei, Evangelion fags can't even fathom the true beauty


fucking lol


Apply multiple coats, layer the light lipstick and another one together to create a whole new shade, add a little lip gloss on top, or mix the lipstick with some eye shadow of roughly the same shade (which should darken it) and apply with a makeup brush.

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File: 1571200506209.png (633.46 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1570465189464.png) ImgOps iqdb


pic related
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File: 1571202688548.jpg (851.42 KB, 1540x1540, 1:1, 1565079657.aaron_dragon_in….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1571208358899.png (570.18 KB, 500x671, 500:671, 1568531653802.png) ImgOps iqdb

Bad news ;_;


i still nut tho


File: 1571227758496.jpg (767.64 KB, 1500x1284, 125:107, 2018-11-02-monsterhunterx.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


One quick test is to look at the veins on your wrist. Blue or purple veins mean a cool skin tone. Green veins mean a warm skin tone. If you're not sure which color they are, you have a neutral skin tone.


i have to shave the night before i go to work because if i shave in the morning, i end up cutting myself. i don't want to go to work with blood on my face


same. i like the five oclock shadow look better than being cleanly shaved.


I’m 23 and I have no facial hair



File: 1571227895995.png (54.16 KB, 170x173, 170:173, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

fuck you!

File: 1571225377320.jpeg (418.19 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 72B2949F-0C8C-4387-933B-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


eating some nice wiz cakes this morning


fork and knife, what's the point? you're probably an obese human trash so just eat them from the pan with your greasy hands


I need the knife to spread the butter, and the fork so I dont get sticky hands


ok but why the plate? why the fucking thing under the plate? all that fancy things in the picture when you bathe in your own filth


you eat pancakes without a plate?



—There’s no more accurate word to call this than a dream because only in a dream a miracle like this would be possible.
—You are so right, Wizard. So what would you like to do now that you’re with us?
—This is weird, I shouldn’t be able to understand you. To this extent goes the power of Torn?
—Who is that Torn you mention, wizard? Is he your friend?
—No, he’s a bad person. But let’s forget about him. If what he said is true then we don’t have that much time for ourselves. Would you like to go to a park where we can sit and chat for awhile?
—Yeah, no problem. After all, we’re here for you, don’t you remember?
The true wizard held the hands of the two succubi who were a head shorter than him and jumped in direction to a park, far from his enemies, and sat along with the 2d succubi.
—So what do you wanna talk about, wizard?
—Forgive me if I’m being too straightforward, but… do you find me attractive?
—Yes, wizard. But you look weird, nothing like any of the boys we have met before.
—What do you mean?
—You don’t seem to have a defined personality that you must follow at all times.
— Oh, that. Well, it’s because I’m a different type of boy than the ones you’re used to meet in your world…
—You mean, like an special boy?
—Something like that.
—Wizard special boy!!!!!!!!
—Hehe. Yeah, I know. But I’m not so special here where we are right now. Although some friends of mine who fight alongside believe that.
—And what do you fight for, wizardo?
—To bring peace to the people who decided to opt out of an evil system that punishes the good and glorifies the bad.
—wow wizard you sound like a superhero! That’s so cool!
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has a harem
says eehhhh


>tanya the evil
>cool a world war anime
>30 seconds in magic soldiers are flying around
(disappointing sigh)
of course, of course, yes…
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Jin Roh is what you are looking for.

Also the reason why you see so little of what you are describing/want is because most people watch anime for escapism, and japan is generally pretty anti-war in culture.


Or most mecha anime.
He could also go on a anime streaming site and use the military tag to find stuff, then if he hates streaming once he finds a anime that fits what he wants he could download it or whatever.


should have stuck with expecting a funny meme comedy anime like grave of the fireflies


File: 1571206478013.jpeg (981.47 KB, 1232x1840, 77:115, 51B268B3-296F-45F1-B0E1-D….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I honestly was expecting something more cursed than a formerly homeless man drinking for money.


is there any "the holocaust didn't happen but it should've" anime?


—This is why I have to stop you. If I heard right, and you are Torn, I must put an end to your life.

—I said, bravo.
—You find this worthy of praise?
—Sì. Eccezionale.
—Yes, you are wonderful, and a worthy opponent. Now, before we start. I’d like you to listen to the truth.
—The truth about about you being a gay bastard?
—Quite the contrary, I’m a heterosexual. It’s all about power, wizzie.

Torn formed an X with his body and his clothes disappeared.

—You see this body? È nella bellezza del mio corpo che nasce il mio potere.
—A power born from physical beauty? That’s nonsense! There is more to humans than looks.
—Yes, but not that much, and that’s why wizkids fall in love with me, become obsessed, heartbroken, and it’s that reason why they deserve to be mocked and fucked in the ass. For you see, I hate succubi just as much as I hate you, vergine, you are all obssesed with having sex when life is about beauty. And sex is far from being that. Do you know how many posters are really volcels? You are fighting a lie
—There is no beauty in lying and hurting, and less in vengeance. And even if you are right that there are no true wizards, it doesn’t justify your abusive behaviour. You don’t know a single thing about wizardry.
—Well, I do know how it feels to fuck wizkids in the ass. I have felt their wizardry from the inside of their bodies and I must say that it felt bello.
—I won't hear another second of your bullshit. This ends now.


i want to cum on a mods face and make him wear it when he goes to work(moderation)


The young virgin bursted in the direction of the man who in his mind was the biggest inflictor of misery and pain in the lives of his innocent brethren. Unfortunately for the wizard, the mod was gone.
—Are we playing hide and seek?
No reply was heard.
Minutes passed and there was no sign of the mod, and after having searched for him in the area, the true wizard headed to the rest of the staff.
—It looks that your precious Torn resulted to be a big coward.
—Are you really that stupid, virgin?
—What do you mean?
—This is a dream you fell into because of the great Torn.
—A dream? Do you mean this is not real?
—Yes, it’s all illusory.
—But when did he?
—When you stared at his beautiful body for more than 10 seconds. That’s all it takes to fall into the bella trappola.
—You must be joking, this place is identical to the real world.
A voice could be heard coming from the sky
—There is a difference, Vergine. In this world, you can merge with the dimension of your preference, in your case, that would be the 2D world, right? Why don’t you try to meet those anime succubi you lust after? Think of this as a gift of mine before I kill you.
The true wizard couldn’t believe it, a dream of his youth was now available for him to transform into a reality. He stopped to think in those big, sparky, dreamy eyes only a 2d could have. He thought that maybe for a second it would be okay to know what they really look, maybe the existencial pain would be finally gone once he met those succubi.
While pondering over which act he was going to follow, a feminine voice unintelligible to those born outside of Japan, spoke in whispers.
Nii chan was the only words he understood and that felt like a warm touch capable of rejuvenation, and to him, those words were more than enough to make him stop all pondering.
It had been decided, he was gonna meet those 2d babes.

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