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feeling angry at ant eaters right nao tbh.


I'm not very happy right now!


feeling pretty husky right now


i feel like fapping but my room reeks of food


>unaroused by food
of all things






I tried washing a plastic shower curtain in the washing machine today

It tore it to shreds even though I used the delicate setting with cold water.

Now I have to carefully shower without a shower curtain so I can go out and buy a new shower curtain.


I wonder if that anon who always complained about showering from a hose attached to the sink is still here


I think it'd be fun to own a werewolf


I am in the wrong universe send me home


*sends u to wizard's promised land*
have fun


Wow this is Great
Utopia really exists
Ben happy here a millennium already


you enjoying the waterfalls?? and how about them "grass" fields, ayy??


god should let fetuses see their future and have the option to self-abort


tfw not born in anthroverse


wizettes, what are your ingame nicknames?

mine is "But Whole Resonator" in dark souls 3
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That sounds like an amazing time, then I would want snuggle under the covers without our pants on while we watch lewd videos. No one will ever know our secret.


mine is NiggerDecapitator


G-d succubi are so annoying and cringe




souls diehards are just losers who try to compensate for their lack of actual achievements with being "gud" at muh epically hard game


i have the opportunity to run a laundry mat that comes with an apartment attached to it. i would live in the apartment and the indians who own the laundry mat would pay for it
my aunt knows them and is trying to hook me up. i think i am gonna take it. i would get paid very little but i wouldn't have to pay rent

i am guessing all i would have to do is clean the laundry mat, monitor it and empty the coins and money from the machines
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yes I"ll happily be a spoiled brat


would this be your first time living away from home?


>i have the opportunity to run a laundry mat
they're called laundromats you illiterate


make sure you read any paperwork very carefully


haven't been to a laundromat since 2013, the non-whites there were stealing the coffee and fucking with my laundry, I had to stand guard at my machines and couldn't step out for a smoke

fucking monkeys


I changed ISPs cause my old one was literally cucking me so fucking hard. all the time they would fuck something up like randomly downgrading my account, bringing the network down for maintenance, f***CKING invoicing me for another account, duplicating my account and double invoicing me. then id call up to try resolve it and their 'resolution' would end up 'upgrading me' to a worse plan. i was 'upgraded' so many times my unlimited plan ended up costing the same as my 'upgraded' 200 gb plan FUCKING CUNTS

well guess what. guess fucking what. i switched isped. removed the old card so they cant bill it. i am NOT paying any contract cancellation charges and if they TRY i am going to allege that they contract was already void due to never getting what i paid for. SHOULD they fucking bill me i will charge back my card and/or request a 'LOST' 'replacement' NULLING any jew access they have


I am taking no prisoners
gonna send them all to the 'delousing' chambers to remove 'bugs' from their clothes.



with jews you lose


I wish a metaburger would lick my wizhole clean after I lay cute wizturds

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