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i dont know if i should be a religious man or a nihilistic atheist. if i were religious i wouldnt know whether i should be a catholic or a protestant. where do i stand in the pageantry?
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The Hindu response would be to integrate Jesus as another avatar of Vishnu. Apparently Allah is Shiva, and that view is reinforced by Muslims touching a Shiva Lingam in Mecca. The political reality is Muslims and Hindus hate each other though, just in February there were Hindu-Muslim riots in Delhi where 40 died.


Giving names to things is not inventing them.


>i dont know if i should obsess over religion or obsess over religion


Jesus definitely did not intend people to just follow whatever they guessed was true from a Bible that had yet to be written let alone compiled. Without a Church every man comes to different conclusions and therefore error. The early Church already had an hierarchy and this should be evidence that it mattered, unless you're one of those people who think everyone got it wrong until thousands of years later you or some other guy got it right.



religious people tend to be nihilistic in that they'll preach one thing and practice the opposite


if transmen are naggy and not coomers they are not true men


I kinda understand why people hate racists. From a biological standpoint, you being "racist" is just another word for calling someone else's genes bad.
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Perhaps. A zoologist I've read said that humans aren't innately violent towards one another. So what creates violence in humans is the perceived "protection" of an ally instead of some rageful urge to hurt its own race


someone give me some attention. i feel cute right nao and im sitting in my wiz bed


competition makes humans deceitful and violent


sup wizzie


polishing my wand right now. hope you are doing ok.


U will neva be a chill turbonormie, i'm stuck here


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I just realized that I look scary to succubi. I walked into a store to buy a pack of cigs and this succubi looked terrified. I could see the fear in her eyes. feels bad man.
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>yes implying he's not a repulsive genetic dead end

*femoid logic: omg he looks like a rapist


females love me, it's freaking annoying. Why are females allowed to basically sexually harass people? one of the things that contribute to my anxiety when I go outside is even "what if random female decides to talk to me", when I spent a few days in the psych hospital a few weeks ago I had 2 females constantly cornering me


They like celibates because you're sexually submissive. Most guys are apes who sexually harass them, so it's nice to do it back.


aye, succubi show interest socially but they don't love you the way you think they do i.e daddy,bodyguard, lover and soul-mate or just boyfriend till mr."ringht" comes along


File: 1614994080908.webm (2.77 MB, 704x544, 22:17, 1604957909703.webm) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1614974645049.png (336.65 KB, 800x478, 400:239, 20210305_150352.png) ImgOps iqdb


napping is my busineds, and businesd id GPPD
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The history of the kotatsu begins in the Muromachi period or Ashikaga shogunate during the fourteenth century.[2][3] Its origins begin with the Japanese cooking hearth, known as the irori. Charcoal was the primary method of cooking and heating in the traditional Japanese household and was used to heat the irori.[2] By the fourteenth century in Japan, a seating platform was introduced to the irori and its cooking function became separated from its seating function. On top of the wooden platform a quilt was placed, known as an oki that trapped and localized the heat of the charcoal burner.[4][5] This early ancestor to the modern kotatsu was called a hori-gotatsu. The word hori-gotatsu (掘り炬燵) is derived from the kanji 掘り (hori) meaning ditch, digging, 炬 (ko) meaning torch or fire, and 燵 (tatsu) meaning foot warmer.[2][6]

In the twenty-first century, the kotatsu typically consists of the electric heater attached to the frame, which is no longer limited to wood, but may be made of plastic or other materials. Generally, a blanket (or shitagake) is draped over the frame and heater and under the table-top. This first blanket is covered by a second heavier blanket, known as a kotatsu-gake (火燵掛布). Kotatsu-gake often are decorative and may be designed to match home décor.[9] A person sits on the floor or on zabuton cushions with their legs under the table and the blanket draped over the lower body. The kotatsu was designed when people most commonly wore traditional Japanese style clothes, where the heat would enter through the bottom of the robes and rise to exit around the neck, thus heating the entire body.

Most Japanese housing is not insulated to the same degree as a Western domicile and does not have central heating, thus relying primarily on space heating. Heating is expensive because of the lack of insulation and the draftiness of housing. A kotatsu is a relatively inexpensive way to stay warm in the winter, as the futons trap the warm air.[3] Families may choose to concentrate their activity in this one area of the house in order to save on energy costs.[10] In the summer, the blanket may be removed, and the kotatsu used as a normal table.

During the winter months in Japan, the kotatsu often is the center of domestic life. In the evening family members gather around the kotatsu to enjoy food, television, games, and conversation whilPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


damn didn't expect a history lesson but that makes sense now. neat


i KNOW right. look at the fu**[CKING]DUCK-sex[fkcci*ing ergonomics of that. BENDING ur lower back. CRANING ur fucking NECK out. ur shoulders being compressed inwards as a BALL OF BONES as if they're made of PUDDI-PUDDI-GIGGA-PUDDI xDDD lol randum xDDD. jesus F**CK (fuck) the NECK hurt is going to be immense. the longevity of that position simply CANNOT be maintained! look at the position of the ARMS, for FCK sake! CRUMPED ARMS, CRUMPED SHOULDERS, COMPRESSED F*CKING SPINAL CORD. THESE STUPID F**CKING VINEGAR WINE DRINKING F*CKS need to get real. next consider the EYE HURT. how the GOD oh my mhy my this is too much. look at the line of the neeties eyes to the screen. the god damn SCREEN is UNDERNEATH NEETIES EYES!!! this is a recipe for EYE HURT. oh my god this is unrealistic and CRINGE! this might be even worse than the time i pointed out VAGINAS dont look like LINES and none of the man babies drawing hentai have probably seen a vulva in porn before. U CANNOT MAKE THE NEETY BROWSE LIKE THIS UNLESS U WANT TO TORTURE NEETY.


the combined power of unchained autismophrenia and voice-to-tegst


File: 1614994065858.png (390.44 KB, 800x607, 800:607, cool.png) ImgOps iqdb

Putting a charcoal burner in an enclosed space would have also doubled as a useful suicide method.


Antidisastablishmentarianism Nigger


my cats breath smells like cats food


ancap nigger


esoteric hitlerism nigger


polynesian nationalist nigger


Decriminalized nigger

File: 1614462019270.jpg (14.57 KB, 480x265, 96:53, maurecia_is_crying_by_aler….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Is Wayside posting dead?
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File: 1614898387427.png (247.03 KB, 476x358, 238:179, 198023_10150124652473926_5….png) ImgOps iqdb

Fuck racism


This show is just for people who like the alpha female beta male dynamic


She honestly wear a helmet?
Is not a hat


Sombreros are Not fedoras


File: 1614992084005.jpeg (67.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, R542420c8941ec7b04d00b2d0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb



why is trouble with the trolley the meme for spyro 2 its easy escorting the alchemist is way more annoying



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