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>get back from mental hospital after about 2 years
>excited to tell my NEET loser online friends about it
>they're all normied up. One has even become a gay furry living with Tyrone
>they keep giving me improvebrah advice and telling me I'm too negative
The only people I can relate to now are you motherfuckers. I wonder how many Wizards have done this and left the site. Both these guys were old 28, and 35 respectively.


> One has even become a gay furry living with Tyrone

How has furry become this normalised?


Trannies. Once you can convince people men can be succubi, you can convince them if anything else.


As time goes on I believe I am one of the rarest people in existence.



I can relate to people only partially. If I speak my mind I get ignored because I'm too weird.


>they keep giving me improvebrah advice and telling me I'm too negative

Ever since I broke the habit of whining about my problems, my life has gotten significantly better. You don't actually realize how much of a habit the "Whine whine whine" is until you break it, and how much it does nothing to help, it just drives people away and leaves you more isolated.

And no, I'm not a normalfag, I'm still an autistic NEET. But my family respects me a lot more now and my day to day life is better. Breaking the habit of venting about your life significantly improves it.


No it's more philosophical Blackpool stuff like antinatalism (which they brought up in the first place). I am actually enjoying my life tremendously. I collect schizobux and make music. Doesn't get any better than that for a person like me.


Blackpill* fucking autocorrect


So your friends are happier now and instead of being happy for them, you feel betrayed that they're not as depressed and miserable as you are. Sounds like you're not a very good friend.


>muh NEET loser online friends about it
> gay furry living with Tyrone
all gays, bisexual, furries, pedophiles, etc. are literally normalniggers or failed normies. I don't know why anyone intelligent would spend time or want to be friends with pretty much mentally ill and pathetic subhumans.

They are always wanna be normies who want to have relationships and sex or have repressed feelings for each other.


+1 for this wiz. Really not much else to add. Stop pitying yourself and magically your autistic existing becomes much less oppressive if not less miserable.


* existence


Well before this shit I knew he had fapped to furry porn before but I didn't think he would be retarded enough to make a fetish his whole identity! I have fapped to some pretty fucked-up things myself.


Nigger, learn to read.


Also I think exclusive pedos would be by definition the least "normal" (in wizchan terms) since they literally cannot have sex and society still ostracizes them. No I don't like pedophiles but stop reducing everything to a paradigm of "thing I don't like = normalfag, thing I do = wizard" that's what directionbrains (NPCs) do.


If you're close to 30 and still a coombrain teenbro you can't be a wizard.


Okay so then you should have included straight people in that selection too.


Straight is the way God intended.


This incessant christfaggotry is what's really unwizardly. Not only is Christianity a life-affirming cult, it's basically a fertility-cult centered around having the largest most normalfag family possible. I am speaking from experience. Attended a reformed Baptist Church for 5 years. Not only was this the ethos, there were several families there with half a dozen or more kids, the pastor alone had 9. I also avoided places like this like the plague because of the bitterness. Glad Bart Ehrman and others set me straight on the various inconsistencies of the Bible. Anyway wizardry and Christianity are fundamentally incompatible, not least of all because you can't find a much more normal worldview. And if you accept it as true you simply shouldn't be using imageboards in the first place, least of all Wizardchan.


Then how do you explain the most devout christian monks taking a vow of celibacy?


It actually plays an important role in the degeneracy of the Catholic Church, and why your stereotypical ethnic papist, your Irish, Mexican, Italian is such a guido chad hedonist.

Its an official doctrine of the Church, the Treasury of merit


Basically the monk saints do all the work of earning up godpoints. And the Pope gets to control those GP and distribute it has he wants. So basically monks due the full time morality of everyone min-maxing it. While everyone else gets to be a hedonist.


I would even say the Bible itself amends the command to "be fruitful and multiply" through passages like Matthew 19:12 and 1 Corinthians 7 but Christianity as a cultural phenomenon has NO respect for these excerpts anyway. And more importantly the reasoning is that you can better serve God not being distracted by a wife and children, not because life itself is fundamentally evil and therefore the mechanisms which perpetuate it (ie sex) are as well. Celibacy is an element of wizardry but not the whole package. Anyone who embraces conscious experience as a fundamental good should have their wizcard revoked afaic.


You know there are Orthodox monks as well, right?


File: 1697844885152.gif (3.51 MB, 640x592, 40:37, 1697350285624719.gif) ImgOps iqdb

And I'm not even saying you have to be a blackpilled antinatalist to be a wizard in spirit. You can just be completely indifferent to the concept of life. I'm just saying any affirmation that sex actually accomplishes anything important is very unwizardly.


File: 1697874022462.jpg (154.19 KB, 1340x767, 1340:767, Screenshot_20230908_070809….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Its worse than I thought, he apparently has a VR headset and is basically pic related (he literally masturbated making moaning sounds in the call). Shit is fucked!


File: 1697879302373.webm (954.7 KB, 480x558, 80:93, 1694087330803506.webm) ImgOps iqdb

And he told me I was "one of the worst people [he] ever met!" And that they had been just acting nice to me the entire 10 years I knew them. Normies fucking suck! Especially failed normies, just waiting for their opportunity to cut you loose and get into a 24/7 furry fapfest. Fucking piece of shit people! We need to EXCISE all the crabs from this site pronto because now I know the true identity of the crab! Total crab death!


>tfw my Dad is my only friend



Its a board for venting depression. Of course its going to have blogposts!


>Both these guys were old 28, and 35 respectively.
Yeah, old. Close to retirement.


I meant old in terms of getting their shit together. Apparently it really is never too late to become a normie. This is why we need the day of the Nutcracker here.


At what age are we supposed to have it all together?


I dunno, 23? Isn't that the typical high-end for when people finish college and start their careers?


It’s incredible to me that everyone constantly spurns normalfag social constructs here but then judge themselves by (a completely deluded) normalfag timeline for life. Even among the most well off people I know, “having it together” at 23 is an absolute rarity.


i noticed people on imageboards larp as these turbo normalfags and then create this virtual reality where if you are not in the 1% you will be jobless and alone to make each other miserable


Yeah, so like I said the problem is the desire to be a normalfag, not actually just being one.


How was life at the mental hospital?


Not that bad. It was essentially voluntary admission and not really a hardcore place at all. I FUCKING HATE anasthesia tho (electroshock treatment). I imagine being anasthetized is what its like when you die.


Good job letting doctors give you brain damage. Wise choice for sure.


Doctors giving you brain damage is best thing, then you get neetbux gold tier for life. 😎


I couldn't care less, but they were pariahs 10 years ago, when I was in highschool. It's incredible.


>electroshock treatment

Didn't realize that's still a thing.

>No one knows for certain how ECT helps treat severe depression and other mental illnesses. What is known, though, is that many chemical aspects of brain function are changed during and after seizure activity. These chemical changes may build upon one another, somehow reducing symptoms of severe depression or other mental illnesses.

Man the state of psychiatry is depressing. You think with modern medicine and science any problem can be analyzed and fixed and yet it's basically still in the medieval age. It's like slamming your electronics when they don't work hoping that fixes things.


Well I said it was voluntary to give you the idea of what the place was like but I didn't really have a say in the matter! My dad pushed me into it.


I'm a neet with no online friend so


are you happier as a result?


have a nice day


this reads like a shitpost


>I'm just saying any affirmation that sex actually accomplishes anything important is very unwizardly.
I agree.


File: 1698267372512.jpg (123.25 KB, 500x642, 250:321, schopenhauer1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No, I am happy anyway. I instantly became happier when I realized art is all that matters and that gf and job probably can't give you nearly as much purpose and meaning as creating and experiencing art. I only go to these places because I'm diagnosed schizophrenic. If you think they'll take you for depression, I'm sorry to say but that is unlikely. You basically won't be admitted to even a psych ward unless you have an episode or try to an-hero.


Its the opposite, its a candid effortpost.


Based fellow artbro. I like it too but even then it's not enough to make life worth living.


Yeah, well it goes without saying I'd rather have never existed but I still think the intellectual NEET lifestyle mogs the shit out of the normie grind.


>improvebrah advice from a gay furry who gets blacked
the nerve and lack of self awareness of a mental case thinking he knows better than another mental case.


Strictly speaking, I am more sane than he is. Afterall, I am not insane voluntarily.


Same, I've even had people comment irl saying exactly that.
Normies out there all want to be "special", little do they know how miserable it really is.


They still give patients lithium, orally or injected, too despite not knowing what it does but sedate and make you a drooling retard that in the long-term gives you severe brain damage like ADHD meds. I'd rather kill myself than get sent to one of those places.


I got ECT and took lithium for many years. I regret it. I am definitely not as smart as I once was. That could be from any number of causes but somehow I don't think being shocking into having seizures helped things. As an aside, I really enjoyed the anesthesia, it was like just being turned off for a little bit. I liked the feeling of being turned off, I found it quite pleasant.


Weird. Anasthesia for me was like dying. It was a total panic of losing consciousness involuntarily and normalfags are just like "antinatalists should kill themselves!". Okay well if you believe in the ability to overcome instinct then it should logically follow that YOU stop having sex, or even eating every day, Chad.


nta but I recall reading lithium is very important for vitamin b12 to function properly, and b12 is extremely important to have adequate endogenous antioxidant levels thus calm

but yeah, actually lithium despite being apparently one of the oldest "psychiatric medications" is still, after all this time one of the least understood. thats so weird


the only difference is your furfag BBC enjoyer friend fits into society. People will praise him for that.

Normgroids don't really care if you are gay or weird. just so long as you abide by their social order. This is the entire point of america, perhaps the most normie nation. You can have any religion, be as gay and black as you want so long as you work and not be a weirdo.


What's wrong with being black? I guarantee you this site is filled with madthads


I mean, if you're are happy being an autistic neet and realize you will never move past that, I'm sure you're happy. I get the feeling OP, and many other users here want something more than that. And just things they can really never achieve. Once you get to your late twenties and missed out on important life milestones, many doors will simply be closed to you forever. I think that is hitting OP hard and many others here…


You didn't say he wasn't… He just feels like he can't relate to his old pals, or anyone in general.

Some people just never make the cut.


I don't really think bisexuals are failed normies. Unless they are involved in LGBTQ+ spaces, most can live life as the average straight person.


Lol what a faggot. The problem is they act like they are better than me and have turned into condescending pricks. Why would I be happy for a guy who lives in a furry matrix when he isn't at work? It's disturbing as fuck.


File: 1699652903679.jpeg (8.16 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download (23).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I think you are thisclose to getting b& Stacy!


Straights are failed normies too. Anyone who cares about their sexuality is a normie of some sort.


File: 1699654156270.jpg (15.92 KB, 240x260, 12:13, 1682048559915110.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>It's disturbing as fuck.


Anyone who calls himself a wizard should be repulsed by such an utter dedication to sex and degeneracy.


furries, fags, females, trannies, etc. aren't human beings so it's normal to feel repulsed by them.


Even if true, there are better ways to express this feeling than typing out some babbling nigger succubus vernacular. "as FUCK" pbbt. What does "fuck" even mean in this context? If you can't think of a simile, the don't try to type one. No wonder you have nothing but gay furry friends on discord. Consider going back to the mental hospital.


File: 1699658326101.jpeg (9.16 KB, 251x201, 251:201, download (51).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Cope harder, Stacy


you sound mad as fuck defending furries who are objectively trash human beings. You must definitely be one of those discord fuckers.


This thread exemplifies crab mentality beautifully


The goalpost wasn't moved, the point was the exact same across both posts. You don't even know what moving the goalpost means, but you've seen that exact image used in other arguments OTI so you reflexively reach for it after you've lost one. Fascinating behaviour, you're clearly not someone who talks much on imageboards.


That vow is just a way to cover up the priestly church way of life, i.e. homosexuality and pedophilia facilitated by the church institutions


I've been inpatient for two occasions, around 50 days summed up. It deeply scarred me and I think of my time there every single day. I can't imagine someone being there for 2 years, must be awful.


Indeed. I don't know why anyone would be friends online or not with people who are gay. Lgbt freaks can't even be considered human and they actually groom poor little kids online and irl, kids who could grow to become wizards and they trick them into take pills that fuck with their hormones with hopes to turn them into females or braindead soulless creatures that repeat the same satanic gospel. Being a wizkid zoomer must be hell. tiktok, social media, no understanding of real history, shitty modern games, praising niggers as a religion, lgbt agenda, leftist indoctrination in every media they consume, etc.
OP should seek better friends.


Eh, like I say the worst thing was the ECT.


He's obviously not my friend anymore


I believe I have one of the worst and most bewildering lives a person has ever lived. Barring being born into sex slavery, it's near impossible to have a more stunted, frustrating life than I.


>t. middle class white kid from america


t. pajeet
no offense though. pajeets have some of the worst lives, possibly only comparable to other third world countries and still are one of the worst.


What makes you think I'm okay with my life? What makes you think I don't want to be better and holding a full time job?

I just don't whine about my problems all the time, that's all.


Looking back on this, I do admit I likely exaggerated. So I rearrange myself from the bottom 1% to bottom 4%.


genuine wizards are very rare. most people do experience relationships sooner or later. So I agree.


this is precisely why it's all the more painful…because I really am that rare thing. what strange set of causes brought me into this awful life? it cannot be made sense of…there is no reason to any of it but the extraction of pain.


eh virgins are rare enough. but sex doesnt just happen it takes some effort for the man. but friends, they do just happen, drop into the lap of introverts. try going a whole life without 1 male friend ever.


are you saying you have gone a whole life without one male friend? I actually have no friends. despairing about this however has done nothing. life really is just torture. figuring out how we got here should be considered the most important undertaking, or rather the second most important, because the most important is securing our release from this hell permanently.


tbh i was a better truwiz before i found wizchan, wizchan has made me more concerned about social issues. but i think the only solution to my problems is to be the ideal truwiz. and find a meaning of life outside of people.


the not having friend thing isnt impressive. sure could say the same. how old is the person along though, it doesnt hit the same coming from a 20yo as afrom a 40yo. this place used to be very busy it has been more and less busy over the years. i dont doubt that many the people that were larping here 10yr ago were teenagers or early 20 and have since gone on to have children. felt more keenly by those left behind, i wonder even if any shame do they ever think back how they played the i'm one of you too can totally relate game then now.

the ones that do say youre too negative are generally massive cope lords and have only a very tenuous grasp on their cope coefficient to the extent they cannot afford you dropping any 'negative' read 'truth bombs' into their copium drip.

it's a false economy. truth is the daughter of time. their cope will be exposed in the end how much more painful now this is why many will turn to alcoholism in the end, the cope has run out there are no more distractions only the searing, scathing, obscured reality they had worked so tirelessly to outpace their whole lives it has finally caught up.

its not easy to be a wizard, in many ways it is a very difficult life, and failing to become normal, some outliers their mind fails and they go into the distortion and meld with it, being consumed in the process forever and ever. its frightening to think about.


File: 1708098404949.jpg (102.36 KB, 945x669, 315:223, gandalf in afghanistan.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Copes like alcohol, pizza and video games work in your early 20s when you still have dopamine left.

Then time passes rapidly and you realize you are becoming old and decaying, and still trying to get dopamine from the same copes.
It stops working and you finally realize life is empty. And it comes down to one single choice:

Whether to end it fast or ride out a very painful, lonely ride until the natural end.


>you still have dopamine left.

You can still get dopamine from activities no matter your age.
The problem I believe most people here and seemingly on the internet as a whole suffer from is overstimulation.

I remember /a/ in 2011, anons would jokingly refer to their computers as 4chan machines. There was talk of how they would have to motivate themselves to watch anime, back then that was unthinkable to me. I understand now that their mind got fried by overstimulation. Why watch a 20 min anime episode when you can get dopamine way faster simply mindlessly scrolling 4chan?

I don't believe the first creator of an imageboard knew what they were doing at the time, but the techs at Google, TikTok and every other modern site/app have ran wild with it.
They want you to stay on their app/site as long as possible, they invest millions into research and hire the brightest minds to trick me you and everyone else to keep being a good consuming monkey.

The best way I've found to combat this is to simply cut out all internet use. Plug the router out if you can, block websites, whatever you can. If you are a NEET and don't need the internet for work this is easier to do.

I used to be one of those guys who believed my brain was fried from internet use, I'm glad to be proven wrong. Imagine you were in a prison cell, you can only stare at the walls for so long before you lose your mind, if someone handed you a mathematics textbook, you'd start flipping through the pages, any stimulation is better than none is seemingly how the brain sees it.

I've started to read books I've been planing to read for years, finished movies and old games in my backlog. I study math everyday, I'm learning languages, exercise everyday, actually walk outside which is unheard of for me, the vitamin D from the sun improved my mood more than I thought was possible.
I feel how I felt when I was a kid or teenager, that energy and curiosity I had as a youth is back.

I'm trying to work my way up to only using the internet one day of the week and then eventually as little as possible. Right Now I can do 3-4 days without the net, and those are without a doubt the best days of the week. I lack the self-disciple to properly regulate myself, once I get access to the net I'm quickly back to my old days.

It might be worth trying out for others who feel their brain is fucked due to the internet, it costs no money, try it out a couple of days, it might surprize you.


when i was homeless i did full desensitization. some of what you say is true to an extent, you can get more productivity out of yourself. its much more involved than just dopamine.

if must say that if your difficulties in life are not enjoying life enough, that is a nice difficulty to have. if you are talking about a brain being truly fried, that's from the long term and things you can't use little hacks like this to fix. all of it is nice advices, possibly i think that people that put such advices have other things in their life they unaware of which let them put this things into practice.

yes nice to try, no not whole picture. some things you need proper input and resources from other people outside your own person to fix.

if you need oxygen, you need oxygen, if you need basic human interaction to not lose your mind, if you need food, then you need it to function. all the desensitization and productivity dopamine business that can come afterward if at all when the most vital things are taken care of.

anyway these things you learn after you spent half a lifetime actually studying and learning and get older and realise dont be hard on yourself, because you are trying to survive likely using surrogate activities and other people that have amazing hacks stand over you talk as if they figure something out, no, rarely, its just lucky. nice home some nice interpersonal interaction, security, safety of finance, a launchpad for the future. many lacking just this, not dopamine


You can tell someone is a failed normalfag if going outside and exercise fixed all their problems


If you're poor, the internet is the cheapest way to stay entertained and not be consumed by your horrible life 24/7.

If you don't count a few normie boards, almost all other imageboards are filled with the downtrodden, the autistic, the poor and all kinds of bullied or discriminated people because it's the only social outlet available for them.

Without the internet a considerable amount of people would kill themselves because otherwise you get zero social contact and input. If you try to obtain it in real life, people just shun you which makes the situation even worse through negative reinforcement.


Being of healthy and comfortable body and enjoying nature are not traits reserved for normalfags.


Not what the other anon said.


>going outside and exercise fixed all their problems

Who said that here?


I like this website a lot less upon realising how many Indians post here.


>how many Indians post here.


I mean, they're half of the world population
Not really, but, pretty much


They destroyed the whole internet



I hate curries too man.


Fuck curries

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