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In this thread, we shall discuss everything SSRi-related.

I've tried the following:

Fluvoxamine, Sertraline, and Fluoxteine are SSRIs.


Desvenlafaxine Venlafaxine

I'm going to talk about each of them and how I feel about them.


The first two weeks on Fluvoxamine are complete torture; I'm anxious, tired, and have terrible focus due to anxiety and panic episodes.


When I first started on Sertraline, I had no side effects, it was OK till it pooped out, but it truly works but it can screw with your motivation, plus the weight loss is fantastic on this medicine, I was 78 before taking it, and three months later I was 69-70.


Similar to fluvoxamine, except it makes me laugh even at the most ridiculous things.

and now we will discuss the SNRIs


I felt terrific, but losing weight was difficult I nearly went from 74 to 82.
I can wake up in the morning with full energy and excitement on 50mg, but after I hit 100mg, I became restless and my anxiety skyrocketed; I'll give it a 6/10 due of the weight gain.

Venlafaxine (currently used in combination with mirtazapine):

Venlafaxine is actually a miracle; I'm on 150mg right now it's similar to Sertraline but doesn't steal your motivation. moreover, the combination with mirtazapine is known as California rocket fuel because to the increased mechanism of action.


Bump limit is 300


15 years of depression and I still don't understand how exactly depression is defined and how the meds are supposed to help.

I experience depression as low energy, low motivation, seeing everything through a negative lens with the latter being somewhat rational considering how depression ruins your life.

Yet when I hear about anti-depressants the main thing everyone says they make you feel like a zombie. Not increased energy and motivation.



Strattera massively helped my Anxiety. Only drug to do anything out of like 12 I tried, and most people seem to hate it.


I feel like all antidepressants make you feel braindead/lower your IQ. They're very similar to antipsychotics in that regard.

And no, It's not only the anticholinergic/antihistamine effect they have. Actual antihistamines dont make me feel that stupid. Serotonin is a complex hormone that is clearly not very well understood.

I won't take an antidepressant, at least regularly until they make a new one with little to no side effects. What's the point of taking something that is going to impair you in a different way when you're already impaired? Makes no sense. I've tried 2 and they both made me feel completely drained and sleepy.

I wish antidepressants actually worked and by worked I mean If they were actually safe. There's literally labels on some of them saying you can't drive, operate machinery etc. Some of them are obviously less safe than illegal drugs, this is a fact.


File: 1698098878262.png (193.72 KB, 1102x1420, 551:710, antidepressants side effec….png) ImgOps iqdb

I found this chart on the side effects of different antidepressants. How accurate is this?


it is accurate about mirtazipine. The weight gain comes from nighttime eating but you can get it under control if you just have a glass of water or an apple or something light during the night hunger. I would never take any other antidepressant


Paroxietiene is not accurate here since it can make you more obese than mirtazapine.

mirtazapine should be 2 because I did not experience weight gain while on mirtazapine.


This is bullshit all antidepressants are subjective because the level of serotonin and which organ is more sensitive to it is all very individual.
I experienced severe GI discomfort on amitryptiline but zero weight gain because i was too bloated to eat lol


Paroxetine destroyed my ability to coom while I was on it and made me drowsy.


it says that at the bottom
(based on averages, individual results vary)


None work for me. The only effect I felt was from clomipramine and it was extreme sweating


>antidepressant not increased energy and motivation
that's fake.
they do, but what they do NOT do is magically change your bad habits that you had when you were going through depression


>they do
They don't. They inhibit the receptors and emissions that signal fatigue and cortisol release within the brain, but they don't increase dopamine production or similar "energizing" releases. So you could feel more energized than before by comparison, but the consequence is that the chemical and physical attributes necessary for the fatigue and cortisol effects end up increasing to compensate, which means higher and higher doses are required. And when the dose is missed, guess what happens? The user can't take the new level of pain and ends up spraying his brains all over his basement ceiling while in a videochat with whatever fucking loser encouraged him to get on antidepressants in the first place.

Antidepressants are drugs. Their prescibrers are drug dealers. Like any other instance of this, the dealer gets the user hooked with a bit "just to try", the user develops a dependency, and that dependency gradually increases until the user's very life is in the hands of the dealer. Fuck antidepressants and anyone speaking fondly of them.


they are mood stabilizers
they are not going to make you happier if you remain a negative idiot who makes no effort to improve his quality of life
and antidepressants do not cause tolerance, there is no need to increase doses.
have you really tried antidepressants? and have you tried them for the minimum required time which is 6 months?


>they are mood stabilizers
Okay, and? How do they achieve that? By doing exactly what I outlined.
>have you really tried antidepressants?
No, I have not, because mind-altering drugs are never a reasonable option.


>No, I have not, because mind-altering drugs are never a reasonable option.

but it will alert your mind to function again, am i right ?


If you're curious about the possible negative effects, then just chug a bottle of your drug of choice. No more of this bad-faith argumentative attitude towards anyone who's advocating against doing whatever drugs you chose to be one.


went to a psychologist last year and found out I should start taking meds for severe depression. psychiatrist never came to the appointment (it was around Christmas). So here we were, an old guy with epilepsy, a junkie who "went to the end of the world" and me waiting for like an hour or so then parted ways. Next day I went to a church and lit a candle. Felt like I dodged a bullet.


I got on Paroxetine halfway through this year because I was dealing with a case of disgust and as time got on I became fine to the memory, and now I'm working myself off the influences. It's fucking bullshit how hard it is to get off from these drugs but tapering accordingly works. Last I took was approx 5mg seven days ago. If all stays well, I'll not have to take any more again and I'll be fully free in a month or two.


>I won't take an antidepressant, at least regularly until they make a new one with little to no side effects.
Vortioxetine is "new" and has no side effects. Tried it myself.

Actual positive effects are subjective, I personally think it's all placebo, with SSRIs.



File: 1706928280124.png (64.42 KB, 750x332, 375:166, image (75).png) ImgOps iqdb

i take 80mg of prozac 10mg of haldol and 200mg of seroquel


Wow that's fucked up, i mean why haldol ?


I had two stretches of several months on that stuff and it was heavy on the stomach but nothing else. No effects, no side effects. Maybe I felt a bit more content? Probably placebo.


>Maybe I felt a bit more content? >Probably placebo.
Exactly my experience.
In the end, I think it was placebo because I was already in a better place when I felt like it worked; later, when I took it again and it didn't feel like it was having any effect, I was in a worse position (being a bored hikki again).


i have started taking it 2 days ago i feel fantastic like a motherfucker

my current meds
Venlafaxine 150mg
Amisulpride 50mg 2x
Vortioxetine 20mg half by morning

and sometimes clonazepam 2mg to make me feel more great


I see another wiz is on multiple antipsychotics simultaneously for depression. I'm on 5mg abilify and 50mg seroquel. How is it on Haldol, does it help? Do you feel like a zombie or normal for you?I stopped drooling at least. Any other wiz on APs?


File: 1709256533604.gif (935.74 KB, 245x200, 49:40, 1438050406564.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I'm currently rocking
60mg Prozac
300mg Seroquel XR
150mg Wellbutrin
In the morning

And cap it off with another 100mg of Seroquel at night


>multiple antipsychotics simultaneously for depression
Psychiatrists do that, but it's insane. No idea how you guys can take Seroquel without feeling like a zombie 24/7.
If you are schizo/BPD, then ok, in any other case just get off that shit.


What a mess


So I found out that Ketamine has been approved for prescription in my country. Do you think that could solve my anhedonia/motivation problem?


I used to self medicate k this way, it works


same, god. i'd feel like a zombie.


>Get off the prozac ASAP
yeah because our brains are all the same and drugs have the same effects on every individual


Thoughts on vilazodone?


This but unironically, snowflake.


Antidepressants don't work, try nootropics or stimulants.


Well, it worked for me like a charm


File: 1710074501813.jpeg (50.14 KB, 800x800, 1:1, C8nSZ6eZTpyDJAHa4jrs-2681….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

bloodwork revealed that I got very low vitamin d. Do you think this could be the cause for my low energy? Anyone else had low vitamin d and got it back to normal? did you notice a big improvements?


Yes, I was low in vitamin D and moved like a sloth gif on dialup then when I got my levels up I felt human again and could fuck for hours but didn't because I'm a wizard permavirgin

Quit giving creeps the opportunity to affirm anyone's suspicions of hopelessness by telling you something like "Having a well-rounded nutrition has nothing to do with how you feel". That's all you'll get from the blackpill cultists and crabsite trolls who circle these threads like vultures. A vitamin D3 hyperdose costs $15 for a year's worth. Go get some, get your levels up, and if you feel better come back and tell us about it. If it didn't change anything immediately then keep that to yourself and be glad that you'll avoid the long term negative effects of a deficiency. Sorry to be so crass but there really are weirdos who will tell you that Vitamins are snake oil and use your question as an outlet to spread their autism.


>That's all you'll get from the blackpill cultists and crabsite trolls who circle these threads like vultures.

Thinking that your personality (which comes from your dna and parenting) can be fixed by vitamin D or <insert any other random bs here>, is not a smart way to analyze life either.

Moreover, it's generally the other way around: when your state of mind is good, then you can eat anything and your body produces the right chemicals, and you feel invincible. By simply introducing a substance X in your body, you are not changing who you are. And if you do, you are going to break soon, as your body tries to get back to its previous equilibrium, to its natural state.

But sorry for bothering, keep holding on to your delusions. Buy vitamin C too, why not.


Told you.


>and be glad that you'll avoid the long term negative effects of a deficiency

oh shit like what? i could be deficient for 10 years now


Chronic boneitus, brain mucouaccumulation, impotency, and what they call "Vitamin D deficiency syndrome"


I've been experimenting for the past 2 months or so with chugging 2 litres of whole milk a day and getting an hour in front of a daylight therapy lamp as the 'natural' solution to what I was suspecting to be a vit D deficiency. There have been notable improvements on my mental and physical performance; which is to say i'm getting out of bed, getting shit done and not constantly thinking about suicide.

I'll look into actual supplements as a future project since for some reason I never thought of that.


Trying Auvelity right now. My dick stopped working. I think I'm giving up on pills


i feel better on 80mg Prozac , 3mg Vraylar, and 15mg Remeron


haldol had me very sedated. i love sleeping all day


File: 1710503619395.png (1.61 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, literallyme.png) ImgOps iqdb

I have been taking Zoloft (Sertraline) for almost three weeks now. I have only just begun to notice a slight change in my level of anxiety. In terms of apathy/feeling depressed the same/worse. Things just have less of an emotional impact on me already. I was at the park about a week ago and a deranged schizophrenic man began to scream about how he was going to kill me. I feel like this would have badly frightened me in the past but I just sort of did not care, I just calmly moved away


I took it for over a year. It gave me an insidious, simmering apathy intertwined with a horrible, numb sense of depression. I was going to kill myself, then i felt better after i stopped taking it and emotions came back like a real human. Horrible beyond belief. It is somehow subtle so it creeps on you and is hard to pinpoint the effects


>then i felt better after i stopped taking it and emotions came back like a real human.
It's just because after some time the brain starts to act against the pill, to try to bring back the brain to its normal state.
By doing all these crazy chemical adjustments, you may end up worse than you were before.


Be very careful with that shit, wizfriend. SSRIs have been shown to cause damage to the frontal lobes of the human brain.

"These results suggest that sertraline and paroxetine cause astrocyte dysfunction, and this impairment may be involved in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases."


Your brain is being poisoned; this is why your emotions are less responsive than they used to be. Also, if I may ask, is your penis/libido still working? Interrupting the recycling process of serotonin in the human brain can induce permanent sexual dysfunction, i.e. too much un-recycled serotonin makes you impotent. Even as wizards, this is not healthy.

Have you tried dietary changes? Eliminating wheat and sugar is always a good start.


>Zoloft (Sertraline)
That shit made my teeth chatter uncontrollably for 24 hours


Is it weird that I literally have a hard time imagining how taking an SSRI will help me with improving my life? Am I just resisting or something?

From what I've gathered more or less everything that antidepressants do is numb yourself. So if you like feel hopeless or fall into a "I can't do it" pit they make you feel nothing instead, so you can just go and grind. But what if I'm just aversed to grinding and never really been taught anything on what I even am? Like normies "go on track" after they take antidepressants, go back to work, to relationships, all that jazz. But I've never had that track in the first place, why'd I need the numbing? I need the track. How will meds help with that? I feel like I should seek therapy instead.


SSRIs specifically are a scam. Drugs in general of course could theoretically change you in all sorts of ways.


Just try it.
Just reading and talking is not going to do anything.
Try them. If they don't work for you, stop taking them and report your experience.
Daydreaming doesn't lead you anywhere.

>I need the track.

Yes, they don't help with that. But you're just reading a dude online (in one of the worst chans), so you cannot believe anyone. Try for yourself. Nothing's going to happen to you if you then taper correctly, unless you are one of those extremely rare cases where even one pill destroys your brain.

Try for e.g. six months, and then taper if you see no change.

>I feel like I should seek therapy instead.

Therapy is even more useless.
Doing a sport or something helds better results.
Again, just my experience.


I'm afraid of PSSD.


PSSD is a very strange case. I believe it has been known that an over-abundance of serotonin in the human brain causes sexual dysfunction since around the 1950s…but for some reason (population reduction) this knowledge was/is kept somewhat secret. Treating PSSD involves lowering serotoninergic activity in the brain which can be done through ingesting serotonin antagonists and also through ingesting certain vitamins (like thiamine, aka B1) which encourage turn-over of accumulated serotonin. Ginger is one such serotonin antagonist that does a good job of lowering serotonin levels in the brain. I think sweating (using a sauna, for example) is probably another good route of attack, as the skin is the body's organ with the largest excretory area.

Finally, to who may soever be reading this, I strongly advise that you do NOT try SSRIs. Experiencing PSSD is debilitating and not something you want to have to deal with on top of already being sad. Sexual release is important (even for wizards). Please first attempt making dietary changes, exercise-related changes, sleeping changes, psychical changes in thinking habits, etc., before taking brain-damaging pills.


>I'm afraid of PSSD.
That's part of what I defined as "extremely rare cases".
It's quite unlikely that you're going to get stuff like that. If you are very sensitive to drugs you probably know it already by now.


Only non bs antidepressants are wellbutrin and maybe DXM if taken properly. SSRIs and SNRIs zombify you, you will see how much time you lost years after the fact. It's better to stimulate or dissociate to get a better frame of mind. I'd even say abilify can do wonders, since it resensitizes your dopamine receptors. But taking that every single day is insanity and equal to getting lobotomized. Whoever reads this, do some careful research before going in. You can lose years of your life on the wrong meds.


i wish i had tried wellbutrin but i pussied out because one of the side effects was fainting


I had the exact opposite effect on Sertraline. I gained fucktons of weight while I was on it and now I have nasty ass stretch marks everywhere. Never again.


>You can lose years of your life on the wrong meds.
it's not like most people here have goals or things like that


shut up retard. if you want to die, then die. don't preach that it's ok for wizards to shave years off their life just because you don't value yours


It's irrelevant whether you die at 88 or 91 - wizard or not.

What matters is having a good quality of life between 20-50 (60 if still healthy).

If that means eating some unhealthy foods or taking mood stabilizers, who cares if it shaves off a year or two from the opposite end of the curve.


>What matters is having a good quality of life between 20-50
>If that means eating some unhealthy foods or taking mood stabilizers
No, I won't eat junk food and ruin my brain with psychiatric pills to help stabilize my mood from eating shit that's bad for my body.
I will lead a healthy life, eat healthy, exercise, sleep well, and do things that are meaningful to me. Fuck off with your nigger advice.


We're like animals in a zoo. Achieving the healthy lifestyle that we are genetically fit for is literally impossible. A lion trapped in a cage having panic attacks will likely be better off with some medication; he doesnt have the option to move into the wild.

You can't just 'will' yourself into doing all those things. Many people say thats what they want, but they cant do it. For example many people they want to lose weight - and fail.
Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Often the only options achievable for certain people will involve what you refer to as nigger advice. This is especially true because we live in a malicious hell world which imposes many constraints on us, including unfixable physical and mental illnesses, slavery, horrific living environments, unavailability of healthy food, etc. Good luck actually finding healthy food in this modern society.


Fella, if you don't have these problems, why bother with this thread? Not many people have the mental faculties and ease or energy to live such a lifestyle. Some people need stimulants to wipe the floor and keep a place tidy. Are you just gonna steamroll over every new comment now?


>if you want to die, then die
Ah you meant "losing years" in that sense? I thought you meant "losing years" in the sense that you are zombified by the drug and you can't do your hobbies, goals, or whatever.
That's why I replied like that.
Antidepressants don't actually make you die younger, so I don't really know what you're talking about. Yes they do increase a bit chances of heart attacks or stuff like that, but in the same way that what you eat does, I think it's irrelevant, not at the point where you could say that you're gonig to die sooner.


>Good luck actually finding healthy food in this modern society.
I eat plenty of healthy food, daily. Where the fuck do you live that you need to replace healthy food with pills?

> Achieving the healthy lifestyle that we are genetically fit for is literally impossible

says who?


>Being healthy is slightly less easy than aeting slop and doing nothing, therefor all hope is lost

Just admit you want to be a human bullfrog and wallow fatly in your own shartwater


Modern vegetables and factory animals are genetically deformed and mutilated compared to what they used to be, full of pesticides/antibiotics, engineered for profit and mass production until much of the nutritious qualities are gone. If you dont have your own farm and sought rare seeds then it's over for you. Well, even then the rainwater over the whole earth is contaminated and unsafe to drink: https://phys.org/news/2022-08-rainwater-unsafe-due-chemicals.html


I think you are right that the main reason behind the mass marketing of SSRI drugs is depopulation. PSSD has been known for quite some time, but the doctors who peddle these drugs to foolishly trusting patients have been instructed to downplay both the incidence and severity of the condition (which is literally a chemically-induced impotence along with concomitant genital anesthesia). The pharmaceutical companies behind their manufacture and marketing are (((the same people))) behind the covid vaccines, and they seem to be super-humanly fixated on lowering the population density of all goyim, but especially the white goyim who naturally feel sad living in a jewish hell-reality infected with lies everywhere.


> If you dont have your own farm and sought rare seeds then it's over for you. Well, even then the rainwater over the whole earth is contaminated and unsafe to drink
The soil too, so if you farm your stuff you're still going to get the same cancer that you get from the things you buy at the supermarket.
Still, eating vegetables and being careful with sugar and carbs is a smart thing to do, for those who possess the required willpower to do so.
I certainly don't lol, getting out of bed is already enough of a chore.

There you go with misinformation and the usual conspiracy bs…


Did you make this thread 3 months ago op ?


I was pretty scared to start on SSRIs because of how much people shit talk them online, but I've been on them a couple months and feel a lot better actually. My anxiety related symptoms are way better. I feel like I have more energy and am generally less depressed and can enjoy things more. No change in my sex drive, other side effects are pretty minor like waking up at night sometimes. It feels like life just sucks less. I know that it can be different from person to person and some drugs are better than others but I don't really see why people act like these are the most harmful things in the world.


Placebo and the return to the mean are a powerful thing. Many people go to the doctor and get their prescription at a low point, so things will naturally likely improve in the following months. I could have easily written exactly the same post as you. But over time the darker effects showed, life got worse again, and only after i stopped taking the meds did i realise it was harming me


Not taking pills became political and always had an element of ego/personal identity
It’s like everything else in the world now, tedious


This is a jew who is actively attempting to sterilise wizards. This is false testimony. moneatur sapiens.

For anyone even thinking about taking SSRI poison first read this :



But isn't it rare? Like less than 1% type territory.


I maintain that it is not. I think the claimed rarity of the disorder is a marketing tactic to disarm the doubtful. Also the embarrassing nature of the problem discourages many from speaking out openly. These drugs were used to chemically lobotomise sex criminals before they were offered to the public. Please visit PSSD fora to see for yourself.


But I've visited other antidepressant forums and PSSD is like one small thread, while there are thousands other threads with people who don't have it. People would've noticed. Like literal millions people use these drugs, it's not like it's a niche thing, every other normie uses that.


There's less of 1% of people that even get insane side effects from benzos like Hell-level akathisia.
There are tons of crazy stuff around, bug again, it's super rare.

The 99.9% of people that are doing fine when taking drugs are condemned to hear from these other unlucky dudes that these drugs are dangerous, etc

The real problem is that they are mostly ineffective.
Antidepressants for example are placebos, benzos only work for non-severe anxiety, antipsychotics make you a walking zombie, etc

Psychiatry is stuck in 1970.


If I genuinely don't believe SSRIs can help and my Doctor would only prescribe SSRIs because it's their only way to treat depression, what can I do? Just kill myself?


>my Doctor would only prescribe SSRIs because it's their only way to treat depression
It's the only way to treat depression that allows them to receive money on commission from whichever brand of SSRI they prescribe. Why would they suggest a solution or cure if it means you stop visiting them? Patients are customers and customers are money.

>what can I do? Just kill myself?

Make changes in your lifestyle.
- Eat differently.
- Move differently.
- Consume different media.
- Create different things.
- Go someplace else.
Anyone who suggests that these things are useless or undoable due to the depression are liars and thieves (they're stealing your essence)


It's not that they are technically undoable, it's learned helplessness and addiction to misery that are huge obstacles. Of course if you put a gun to my head I'd do something. But I need to believe and trust myself to make any change. It's hard when I've not had trust for so long.


I've yet to put it into action because I have no willpower but my advice is:

you need to build confidence in yourself by setting small achievable goals. You will be surprised at what you can do.


>But I need to believe and trust myself
Until then, believe in us who believe in you. Trust us when we say that you can overcome most of your problems by making small adjustments to your lifestyle and routine that you know, logically, are for the better.


>Trust us when we say that you can overcome most of your problems by making small adjustments to your lifestyle and routine




You've mistaken me for someone else.


I'm not having sex anyway so who cares.


you get more wiz points the more sex you could be having but arent


I got on vilazadone and it actually increased my libido. I measured how much I fap and went from fapping around every other day to fapping once or twice a day.

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