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I've been on finasteride for 2 years and I just lost my job and had to move back with my parents and I noticed that my hairline is receding it looks bad, my hair is thinning too, even the back and sides are thinning so I will never be able to get a hair transplant. I've always been anxious about going bald because I have a really bad head shape and I just don't look good without hair, or well, i look worse than with full head of hair.
Balding young is fucking brutal and I don't feel like wearing a fedora or beanies it will make it all more obvious, i feel a pain in my chest and all this stress is causing me to lose more and more hair im in my early 20s but i look now like my male relatives who are full in their 50s.
I can't hide it and I don't want to be that bald guy everyone mocks.
Why it had to be me, wizards? I'm short and now balding, fucking life sucks and did nothing to deserve this.


Are you the guy on OPpic? Looking decent to be honest. The beard on the right looks appealing to me. If you're going to bald, grow a thick beard. I've seen a big super rotund man with round head, he shaved his hair and grew a nice beard and damn he looked intimidating.


What an odd channel. Men getting together to compliment each other on their bald heads. Sounds a little culty and pathetic. I'm balding as well, OP. It's not a disease, it has no impact on your health whatsoever. It's part of getting older, which does impact your health, so it's odd you're focusing on the one aspect that won't actually wreck you in the long run.

My advice is do nothing. Don't try to hide it, don't take any drugs for it, again, it's not a disease. Keep it short, keep it clean. That's about it.

>fucking life sucks and did nothing to deserve this.

Heh, you ARE young.


No one is more inhumane than the Norwood Reaper.


Shave your head and become a real wizskinhead


I was balding at 22 but I never took fin


0.5mg of dutasteride. Good luck fight back against the Norwood Reaper, bro.


I have a full head of hair but i shave it because it is more convenient. No way im going to a barber every month. I know im ugly. I dont care. It doesnt make sense that you care.


having hair is better than not having hair.
you look disfigured without hair and like a cancer patient.


Shave it off, grow a beard if you can, and lift.


he will have to shave at least once a week
he will have to take care of his beard and maybe he can't grow one at all or he finds it bothersome
lifting feels like work and what if he is short? it will look even worse


It’s so weird to see people always going off about how being short, or bald, or dark skinned, or whatever stupid feature they heard succubi think is ugly has crippled them and made their life shit while I’m tall with a full head of hair and decent looking and I’m still here, on the same shot imageboard as you, with the same loser lifestyle, and the same social ills. I know there’s studies about pretty people getting preferential treatment but that effect clearly doesn’t outweigh the negatives of autism or whatever the fuck is wrong with me.


you have shave every week anyway if you don't grow beard
he may not take care of his beard to resemble a wandering wizard
you can get used to lifting. even if you are short being strong is better than being weak. try martial arts if you want useful muscles instead of bazukas


>dark skinned
first they brute tier hardest to make your life miserable. then they complain you hate them.


>pretty people getting preferential treatment but that effect clearly doesn’t outweigh the negatives of autism
It does for me at the start when I can get away without talking.
Stops having it's effect when coworkers realize that I actually can't talk.


you being here doesn't make you a wizard or means that you have experienced the wizard life in the slightest
> I’m tall with a full head of hair and decent looking
the fact you have to brag about this in a thread like this one shows you don't belong here.


I still don't understand why normalfags deny the importance of looks when they go out of their way to be as good looking and normal as possible among their peers. It's like they don't see the hypocrisy.


I’ve never had a gf. Never had sex. Never held hands with a succubus, much less kissed one. I don’t go to bars with friends. I stay at home and play video games. I have a dakimakura. Admittedly I’m not yet 30 but I think that qualifies as at least apprentice.


Mods just delete this thread! Hair does nothing for a Wizard albeit. Even more normie than the other lookism thread.


Its not that you have to even like going bald but how is this thread relevant to board-culture? Shoulda just posted it on /r9k/


>Hair loss may lead to depression, anxiety, and social phobia. Depression can lead to a feeling of low mood, lack of interest or pleasure in activities, loss of energy, and sleep deprivation. Anxiety can cause excessive worrying, difficulty in controlling those feelings, and a feeling of heightened tension.

bald wizzies…


Even though I'm a wiz I still like to keep my nice hair and I dream of having a nice white hair like a true wizard, no one need to be ugly like you, uggo.


File: 1700741123533.jpg (61.76 KB, 728x456, 91:57, harassment.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

People see you as a creep if you have male pattern baldness even if you didn't hit on a single succubus your entire life.

Most wizards still want to keep their jobs or have professional/career prospects despite not dating anyone of any gender.

There are nothing but advantages for a wizard at least trying to have a normal appearance.


This cope works even less than for the ugly thread. People are aware balding effects roughly half of men. Also that pic really is not helping your case.


ahhh, CRAB! bald head does make a difference.


it's the worst when you are in your early 20s
you dont even get respect as a man


I was insulted and laughed at by my peers at work for severely balding despite being barely in my 20's.

And it wasn't some good will jesting, it completely blocked me from career advancement since even my supervisor found it "funny".

I really wonder sometimes if the people who say it doesn't matter are all NEET's. Which is all fine with me, and I think wizards should have the right to be NEET's.

But my country doesn't even have neetbucks so you're forced to work or die.



The crabs are the ones making all these lookism threads desu.


I'm glad I'm in my 30s and nordwood 2. I don't know what it must be to be young and balding, it seems like a curse.


File: 1700779088611.png (782.26 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

balding is just an excuse to bully, block paths, etc. and you know that. Shave your hair or try growing back. Dermaroller is a way without taking meds.


If they’re going to allow looks threads from crabs just make one thread please. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re all made by one person used to spamming threads on 4chan really.


>wizard can't take care of themselves, they most let it go and become fat, ugly and bald!

Peak crab mentally right there. OP, bro, just buy 0.5mg dutasteride, is a stronger version of finasteride.


you know we could leave a message on /meta/ if it wasn't 4chan style turn off vpn NOW!! bullshit. admins live in a parallel universe so either crabs go away by themselves or I fear we'll have not much left except depression crawl threads on this board. until they are overtaken as well.


Balding is terrifying, many can joke about it and say "just shave" when every person has an image of themselves and I assure you when you look in the mirror and see something that contradicts it, it's a horrible feeling that causes problems with your self-image and leads to depression


Do you need Minoxidil when dermarolling?


just Mussolinimaxx bro


I was feeling too lazy to cut my hair properly so I gave myself a short buzzcut. Before that I never realized how bad my hairline had gotten. Still early stages but it's definitely receding around the temples. Short buzzcuts are pretty much completely dependent upon the shape of your hairline to look decent. I will not do this again.


no, but helps. However, Minoxidil really fucks your health in long terms and only works in high doses. Dermarolling should be aided with sports who helps the cardiovascular


>caring about hair
I think twitter or 4chan are more your speed.


>caring about hair
>caring about teeth
>caring about eyesight
>caring about weight
>caring about your back
you should care about your self image and your body so you can live the best of possible lives. What kind of nigger logic are you using? For a 20 year old guy hair is important, you think being bald in your early 20s has no impact in your life? how delusional are you?


You are once again not going to even attempt to justify why "looking icky in the eyes of ebil normalfagniggers" is any reason to be upset about anything.


>For a 20 year old guy hair is important
No it isn't. You're vain and lacking perspective in life. If you were in a car crash and lost your legs you'd understand what losing something important is actually like.


There is a reason why people become suicidal and depressed when they start losing their hair, you don't want to be reminded of your own mortality while you're young by turning bald. Hair, teeth, good vision, all signs of being young and healthy. Hair is life.


>narcissists get depressed and suicidal when they're reminded they aren't gods and will age and die like everybody else


I want my hair back bros…


I look like that in my early twenties, I never had a youth. I'm just completely filtered out of the gene pool. It's like I fast forwarded to middle aged without going through any of the milestones young people are supposed to go through. Simultaneously a child and elderly, simultaneously developmentally arreseted and ran through. It's fucking over.


The amount of succubi who have said I look like a rapist or a sex offender unprovoked is insane. We shouldn't have been born. Why curse us to life when this is all there is?



>you're le crab if you complain about wizchan problems on wizchan
wizchan 2023


sorry wizbro ive been through the same. It's something horrible I wish no one has to experience this in their lives. We are pretty much alone in this bottom pit, other people will never understand our suffering and nobody gives a shit about our problems and emotions.

At first, I thought it wouldn't be such a big deal me going bald in my early 20s but there's a shift in how people treat you, even the people close to you, you can see the look of disgust in their faces. Not a nice feeling at all, it affects almost every aspect of my life.


there a much bigger problems than lack of females, crab. in truth, lack of females is an advantage, not a problem. crab.


I never mentioned wanting to have anything to do with females once, you stupid faggot. I'm a schizoid wizcel. Looking like a subhuman freak impacts all aspects of your life.


My hair was godlike, it was the only thing i felt good about. God cursed me with huge gyno when i was 10 years old so i got bullied in school, swimming was the worst. So fat,short,huge manboobs and yes God eventually took my hair. I said out loud "that's really a bitchass move god, you spiteful fucking bitch" At the time it hurt and oh yes people do look at you differently.

I don't care anymore though, i shave and go on. But God had one last surprise…acne on my scalp!!! big red pimples and Cutis verticis gyrata. So even bald i must suffer. I'm over it, but seriously a bitchassmove. Fucksake.


>The amount of succubi who have said I look like a rapist or a sex offender unprovoked is insane.
>I never mentioned wanting to have anything to do with females once
>I'm a schizoid wizcel
you're a crab. also schizoid is a huge diagnosis to bear, care to explain why you, schizoid, care so much about looks/interpersonal relationships/life? why do you even post here? why do you get angry at me? have you ever read the definition of schizoid disorder? i suspect you are just autistic crab. unless you have been diagnosed by an adequate doctor, of course. in that case you're a mild schizoid crab.


Yes, I mentioned succubi as in how they've abused me, I did not mention wanting anything to do with them. I never said I cared about interpersonal relationships. I just talked about looks because I am abused in life because of them, no matter what I do, not because I want to be around normalfags, you don't get a choice in how you're treated because of how you were born and you can't just turn your brain off and pretend it's all okay when you're constantly treated like shit like you seem to think you can in your monk stoicism larp. Are you esl or just retarded? Schizoid is not schizophrenia.


why did you make accent on females?


brother, I am balding and short.

I literally grew up being bullied for being short, and now the final nail in the coffin is the fact I am balding at an alarming rate and there's nothing I can do about it.

I also have plenty of other health related issues and clinical depression. At this point, I think I'm going to go ER or just kill myself.

It's like life just get worse for wizards. I didn't do anything bad i just got shitted on from above.


I understand you bro, being short all my life, now I go outside and there's even females who just reached puberty that are taller than me I am 5'3. I feel embarrassment so I don't go out much often but I do have to go grocery shopping and help out in my house.
I feel like some ghost, someone who isn't part of this society, a reject just because of my looks. I never had a chance to succeed.


is there any way to regrow my lost hair in my balding spots?


Derma roller. If the spots are from acute alopecia due to faulty vaccines, you'll need to buy the alopecia medication made by the same company that made your vaccine. it's expensive.


i know a few men who balded in twenties, are not beautiful and are not 180cm in height. yet they are successful and important.

what's your counter statement


>Your vaccine




no refunds!


I still have a ton of hair but i'm norwood 2 now and i honestly don't know if i can be assed fixing it because i'm 32 and don't see myself ever becoming a normie. You look at youtube videos and every option just seems like hell. You either 1. Spend more time in the mirror than your average succubi, rubbing shit into your head or taking drugs that are going to potentially fuck you up down the road, or 2. You shave it and spend every waking moment of your life trying to convince everyone how 'totally cool' you are with being bald. It's all so tragically comical. Balding has never felt good (altho the Japanese sure used to like styling their hair like they were balding) but this seems like another one of those things that has gotten worse because the internet has turned everyone into neurotic nut-cases.


It's not that bad going bald in your 30s, it's when it happens in your early 20s that it's just tragic and a game over situation.


completely agree. It's a death sentence to be balding when you are in your 20s.


i fucking hate you crabs. i pray to god my only problem was fucking balding at 20. you are fucking first world ninnies who can't go take a piss without jerking off at your hairline. what the fuck. there is so many horrific shit that can ruin your life and you fuckers obsess over hair nobody here in third world cares about. fuck you!


This is on par with "Eat your Twinkies because there are starving Africans". You are shaming guys for not having more serious problems.


Whites statistically go bald more than every other race. You'll never understand thirdie.


Just ignore the tranny.


i'm not shaming anyone i just hate
i'm white
i'm not tranny, tranny


hating on wizards equates to shaming and blaming them for their flaws and depression. Kill yourself, faggot. It's time you realize that nobody wants you here.


>It's time you realize that nobody wants you here
for that matter, nobody wants me anywhere, pretty much the reason the only place i really ever post on is depression crawl thread on this site.
sorry for speaking aloud, your grace


you're a narcissistic bitch who doesn't care about how other wizards feel or the problems they have to face in today's world. you're a piece of shit who only cares about himself, you should kill yourself and never come here, all you do is insult wizards who are already depressed because of plenty of problems.


>I've been on finasteride for 2 years and I just lost my job and had to move back with my parents and I noticed that my hairline is receding it looks bad

I don't get it. Are you saying you stopped taking finas because of unemployment, or you kept using finas and still got balder?


>you're a narcissistic bitch who doesn't care about how other wizards feel or the problems they have to face in today's world. you're a piece of shit who only cares about himself, you should kill yourself
>never come here
not true. just because i am a wizard does not imply i have to be nice to you. however, i will not go on to figure out who of us knows more insults, because the op was made in a fit of blind rage.
>all you do is insult wizards
not true. i do my best to cheer up wizards i like. i do not like wizards that look like crabs. i try my best to be tolerant, but sometimes i snap.


a death sentence in terms of what? getting pussy?


why do you think about pussy?
Self image problems have nothing to do with the opposite sex.


I just don't understand how out of all the things about aging and death that men go through the one thing everybody is complaining about, even on this website is hairloss. It's like listening to a group of teenage succubi. No, you're not going to look an 18 year old for the rest of your life and if balding is the worst that happens to you consider yourself lucky.


>reading young wizards on /dep/ being sad about balding in their early 20s, a thing that affects them mentally and increases their depression is like listening to a group of teenage succubi

Please, kill yourself and do the world and this imageboard you unsympathetic piece of shit.


No you. When you have tons of shit wrecking your life seeing men bitch about hairloss is very painful.


>seeing wizards complain about hairloss emotionally affects me, it is very painful for me cause i have other things that are much worse than that!!
>me me me
>why are you discussing things that don't affect me don't you see my life is worse than you?!


You're retarded.
Why wouldn't they bitch about hairloss?
Should a poor bum not bitch about not having shelter against the rain for the night, because it's "not a big deal bro, I have it and I don't even notice it anymore so why are you bitching ;)".


Why do people who get depressed because of hairloss call me retarded big baby? What the fuck? Read the note of that guy who's just roped himself. Hairloss is nothing in comparison to his problems.


Balding is major suifuel, been taking finasteride. Going to look into dermarolling for scalp.


Being bald is nothing if you're already ugly.


All bald wizards are siths, embrace it.


you should just end it bro


Losing your hair sucks, but I'd say it's the least of your worries. The best thing you can do is shave your head completely and embrace your baldness (especially if you've got a beard, and as long as your ears aren't too big, you can make it look good).
Take it as a fresh start and a chance to take control of your life. Look for other qualities that make you feel better about yourself (hit the gym, explore new job opportunities, or whatever). I know it's tough, but if you don't want to be defeated just yet, try to fight a little longer.
But going back to the beginning, shave it off and try to reclaim your life. Being bald isn't the end of the world, just accept it and give yourself a chance to start over.

But anyway, it's just my opinion, and I'm basing it on what a acquaintance did, who also went bald in his 20s. And on top of that, he couldn't grow a beard, so he was even more screwed.


File: 1705017091811.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 31.05 KB, 555x443, 555:443, IMG_5491.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Faulty causality, you only see Chads because they are strong enough to not be crippled by being the center of attention, expectations and to fight back men targeting them for attracting succubis attention, no one see the pretty boys who fails or lose their looks. It's literally survivor bias. Also, you see more ugly guys at higher positions and almost all riches are fucking ugly


Sure, but they grow very bitter as they reallze no succubus will ever touch them unless royally compensated.

It's absurd how many boxes you need to tick physically to universally appeal to young succubi. It's a less than 1% chance of being born into.

Nobody deep down hates succubi more than rich uglies who have to keep shelling out bank deposits and expensive gifts for her to not run away to some other ugly simp.


You're not on Reddit. You don't need to double linebreak.


Only a redditor like yourself would point that out.

I don't use normie websites so I'm utterly oblivious to their customs.



Sometimes I reply like that was well because I forget I'm on quick reply and a single sentence in that little box looks like a paragraph. On top of that I don't use the browser on fullscreen, making the box I'm writing on even smaller. This post for example has 8 lines on my quick reply box.


based paragrapher
stream of consciousness wall spammer btfo
these bitches see a paragraph and be like "reddit!!"
punctuation niggers on top
i got a keyboard with these switches
keyboard niggas knowin it
5 million presses
my enter key can take it

double tap niggas



At least you guys had good hair at some point in your life.
Meanwhile I havr to deal with this nigger hair I got thanks to race mixing. Fuck you all.


Being bald is optional in 2024.

Dutasteride (Avodart) 0.5mg daily
Oral minoxidil 5mg daily

thank me later


there are NEET and forever alone subreddits on reddit which are far from niormie reddits, maybe check them out.


>just take this expensive shit that can have damaging side effects for the rest of your life
come on, now.


File: 1705471173271.png (309.38 KB, 765x512, 765:512, y5o8gqerj3ja1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Most NEETs are normies who wish they could hack it in the world like everyone else. Being unemployed and living with your mom doesn't make you interesting. Most of the wizzies on here are the same.


> caring about "being interesting"


You can't sage your way out of your failed normiehood.



Most men look terrible bald RIP.


I literally grew up being bullied for being short, and now the final nail in the coffin is the fact I am balding at an alarming rate and there's nothing I can do about it.

I also have plenty of other health related issues and clinical depression. At this point, I think I'm going to go ER or just kill myself.


If you have money you can always get a hair transplant in Turkey.


death sentence for what fucking succubi? get the fuck out of here with this crab shit


People will treat you differently when you're ugly. This can seriously effect your sense of self and livelihood. Are you usually this simple? My sincere condolences


Being short is a curse for sure but hair loss can be stopped with Minoxidil at least temporarily.


Just blast finasteride and you will be ok.



I will let you in on a secret.

A lot of wizards hate the idea of looks discrimination because it is very, very real, and one of the main reasons of a male becoming a wizard in the modern world whether he wants it or not.

Their coping mechanism is creating a fantasy land in their head where such discrimination doesn't exist and everyone is born equal and gets equal treatment.
It's like the trauma victim creating its own safe space mentally to avoid systemic breakdown.


>Their coping mechanism is creating a fantasy land in their head where such discrimination doesn't exist
t. HeinieHurt that people don't believe your delusions that wizards will be killed if they dre step outside while bald and short.

Can you explain WHAT these normalfags will do if they see an adult male with fewer hairs and inches than average?Can you explain WHY a wizard or any man should care?


>every true wizard
revealed, you're the truwiz / wizcel guy who thinks someone can only be a wizard if they are a crab


Nobody said they will be killed. They will face ridicule, passed over for jobs or promotions, they will be ignored, for nothing else than being unlucky in the genetic lottery.

All of the above have happened to me on a nearly weekly basis and I hit the jackpot (I'm both short AND balded before 20 years of age).


not Homer Simpson


Homer lived in an age where an uneducated dumb blue collar guy could own a house and financially take care of a wife, 3 kids and a dog like in the cartoon.

That same guy today is NEET against his will & lucky to be able to afford rent in a 300sqft condo while crying to sleep watching anime alone.


>A lot of wizards hate the idea of looks discrimination because it is very, very real
it is more real than ever with smartphones and social media, they will take pictures of anyone that looks "weird" and upload it. Anyone who is out of the norm can potentially become a meme, a person the entire internet can be ridiculed.


The only time I went to a gym some zoomers started filming me because I was so out of shape.


File: 1713354868654.jpg (410.11 KB, 1028x1383, 1028:1383, d117e35474adecbcd81d217696….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

one day I was walking down the road and a car stopped near me.then, a guy opened his window and aimed his at me:what he was doing? taking a picture of me. I hate normalfag so much about this. they humilate you in public by taking a photo/video of you and share it with their friends to moke you off.
fuck zoomers and normalfags kill'em'all



The worst is not that you lose hair but you also get an itchy scalp as you go bald.


I caught some normie asshole filming me at the cash register when my mom made a spergy scene over groceries which was humiliating. Sperging out or just being an autist in public makes you a target and you don't even need to do anything bad to end up being the lolcow in snapchat stories. I knew some normies from other classes when I was in school and they had folders of secret photos and videos of lolcows from their class on the pc and they'd document every troll they pull just for their little circle, they would even hang out with some cringy nerd in private and secretly document him like a monkey for giggles. Some normies pull whole chris chan scenarios on individual personal lolcows. Only naive retards refuse to believe that subhumans get such treatments if they let their guard down.


File: 1713543415667.jpeg (98.66 KB, 500x707, 500:707, cb25ffde8cf2a45ccef8db82e….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I feel you. worse is when a zoomer does it. it also happened to me again another day where a car stopped near me and my brother and a succubus took a pic of use, then they laughed and left. I felt humilated, fucking bitches, I hate normalfags and succubi, it's insane. like you said, thinking normalfags don't care about you because you left them alone is not true, they have no scruple to shame you


>they actually bully you because their lives suck and not because you're a subhuman retard who can be humiliated you for lulz and power. Don't worry if you get posted online because that happens to everyone nowadays ok???


Malasezzia fungus is what makes the roots get scarred and closed. You need something to kill fungi.

Usually the hair starts getting filthy as oily when this baldness happens which makes me think that the natural defensive pH of the hair fat glandules is not enough to kill the fungi finely, so it starts overproducing akwardly. But no, it's just the same.

Some stories around the internet claim to have vinegar, alcohol, tomato or lemon working on it. This is: killing the fungi as your skin cannot do it so naturally.


Wouldn't you break their car lights?


are you mentally ill?



>and go to jail

go away crazyfag, not gonna let normies put me in prison for something that can be easily avoided.


Man, it's just shock therapy. Do you resent being a lolcow? Then be a lolcow on purpose until not even the fags feel it funny. Burn that piece of soul of yours, if necessary.

Otherwise I see you just running away from cameras, eyes and laughters, always hypwersensitive, always discomforted. Break in.


The internet has afflicted men with the all the mental illnesses that succubi have had for decades.


You wouldn't think that, but succubi are contagious. That's pretty obvious if you observed a typical family, though. Internet intermingled succubi and men and now men get afflicted by succubi's presence. A sane community always prohibited presence of succubi. Now can't even do that.


>it's le internet
No, it isn't. The real problem is feminism. You have to deal with niggers and females on the workplace as well and now they have an online presence and think their retarded opinions matter.

I'd be fine if it was the internet, one can just avoid frequenting foid places, that is, most social media since these whores are addicted to the attention they get from there. I'm on wizchan for that reason but when you have to deal with females in your job on a day to day basis then you realize soon enough that feminism destroys societies.


You're the type of sperg who manages to even be unlikeable on wizchan. I'm convinced that youre a do nothing fag yourself and just look at the issues of others to give away your useless advice which is just pure retard projection by a dumb fag with no self awareness. Don't act like you have any life experience and stick to the faggy shit you're doing because you don't know shit.


I'd say feminism overlaps with internet only partially, because even with no feminism I doubt anyone would bother prohibiting succubi to get internet, so their presence could be even larger online than it is now. Good point anyway.


Cry me a river, loser. To be a pain in some asses is exactly what puts beyond the stupid pressure bestowed upon us by your psychotic world out there


>Cry me a river, loser.
Ha! I remember you, stupid faggot. I genuinely hate you and your manner of speech. You need to know that you are disgusting! You deserve to be raped by wild horses remorselessly until you fucking beg them to give you a mercy kill!

You accuse guy of being unhappy about being photographed not realizing how serious it is. Some people even have medical conditions of being afraid of photos. Not admitting that somebody can be highly repulsed to being photographed without the ability to cheese it off is very much the only thing such retard as you can say and think.

You need to kill yourself as soon possible, because you're one of the most disgusting shitposters out there and your level of retardation and disgustingness far surpasses even mine, because you're a fat, unsophisticated bitch that is mentally incapable of being subtle. All you can is blunt harmless insult.

I wouldn't even deign to admit the existence of your post, but you're my principal enemy and nothing will stop me from calling you a whiny bitch. Not watch me crying you a river, faggot! You're so pathetic>>292445



A curious thing about this site is, that we might still be figuring out who is who according to our own mental biases, sometimes being hearty with those we have eventually hated, and viceversa.

How boring, this textwall :(
How full of diarrheic evil


I'm fascinated you didn't request me to cry you another river. I don't care about your opinion on my post. The saying "cry me a river" is by far the most disgusting thing I've ever heard in my life. My hatred towards it is boundless and there are not many faggots who say that.


>opinion on my post
It's called "description". Grab a dictionary if you don't believe me.
Oh, am I being too harsh? ¬¬


>too harsh
No, just too retarded.


Suffer at ease. This is not a place for your likes, as it is neither any other imageboard.

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