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Suicide general, - Discuss everything suicide related here.
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My life progressively got worse from 19-30 until it gradually started getting better and better after 31.

Had I just committed suicide at 25 I would have missed out on all kinds of worthwhile things.


>worthwhile things.
Are there any?


Why? Seems like a very stupid assumption to make.


being dumb, i guess. Never really hurt myself badly before, so i wanted to know if getting to a vein was feasible


There's no reason for wizzies to planeshift unless your doppleganger has incurable injuries or approaching deth (leopard). We have huge technological advancement coming down the pipe - life extension, disease prevention, cognitive advancement, technological heaven, sociopolitical changes. I don't want to miss that just to turn my electrical power plant into a pack of rotting amino acids.

one thing though. If you're about to die go into proximity of a weakly electrically charged field. I'm curious as to whether consciousness can transfer out of body in that situation


I was prescribed antidepressants and antipsychotics. I developed tinnitus and now going through withdrawal symptoms. Im afraid Im going to have some permanent side effects, I wish I never took these toxins. I contemplate suicide daily.


I doubt drug sides are permanent. There is a lot of bad information floating around in the anti-psychiatry universe. What they do is alter density and tolerance to various neurotransmitters. What you have once the withdrawal ends is the aftermath of whatever mess your brain was in when you had to go on them. It is a very delicate art but with appropriate study you can identify your neurotransmitter groups and passively add supplements to normalize their balance.


Those drugs are literally neurotoxic, I pretty much had dementia when on them in the end. I havent had proper sleep for weeks, no peace or quiet, random muscle spasms like some pseudo-akathisia. Even if I recover I will feel that I might develop some form of degenerative disease at some point because of these "medications". Its completely abhorent that doctors, shrinks and every other medical practitioner will push drugs on anyone who shows the slightest signs of deviating from the norm and/or is more vulnerable and easily suggestible. I also have Gilberts syndrome which means I dont easily metabolize drugs among other things, benign condition my ass. I only just found this out after the fact.


Yeah, I get it. I don't know what specific drugs you have been taking either since some are worse than others.

Here are some supplements that are useful for brain repair:
ALCAR - massive NGF increase
Lion's mane - NGF, also neurogenesis
NSI-189 - neurogenesis specifically in your hippocampus
Ashwaghanda - Neutrite outgrowth
Curcumin (take w/black pepper) - neutrite IIRC
Pregnenolone - useful for TBI recovery, IE brain health
Noopept or Semax - BDNF
Magnesium threonate - BDNF IIRC
B-complex - most people are deficient, very useful
BPC-157 oral capsules - VERY USEFUL compound in wound healing
Omega-3's or ALA - raw material for growth
PS - raw material for growth
Uridine - increase receptor growth
CDP-choline/probably any source choline - grows receptors back
Inositol - sensitizes receptors
Creatine - useful for TBI
Jiaogulan - can recover damaged dopamine pathways
bacopa - creates serotonin receptors
Infrared light cap therapy - gives mitochondria more energy

There are so many options for this its crazy.


oh, and as well
Dihexa - growth factor, very potent
Arginine - amino acid growth hormone
Growth hormone - holy grail of brain growth
(Saunas will also raise GH)
Cardio - 10% growth in brain volume over a year
Meditation - also raises brain volume

It's just a poorly researched field where the interventions have to be stacked in volume, in conjunction with good behaviors, to see good short term results. Standard american lifestyle is bad for the brain wizzie


File: 1714688568652.png (380.59 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Bobopatchnosuke_salute.png) ImgOps iqdb

wait wizchan was taken the reality shifting pill now?
>yale university
aren't all ivy league unis. a huge joke now, tho?
hey longeanon: Does icy showers + sprinting + Iron Body training + Semen retention + Lucid dreaming make a decent or a great stack? all I can pull off, i dont have any non-paper money so i cant buy anything online at all


that guy is specifically asking about how to grow brain volume. You're talking about lifestyle choices which obviously make people happier and everybody should practice.

But really, it's cheaper than people think. The issue with supplements is the cost is up front in a lump sum rather than spread out.
sciencebio dihexa… costs $2 a day @ 10mg daily
sciencebio NSI-189… costs $1.15 a day @ 50mg daily
this is the common cost per supplement.. anywhere from $1-2. Many capsule vitamins are actually higher in capacity than a person necessarily would even need, and can be cut in half to save money or taken in powder to more judiciously spread out. Bulksupplements has all this stuff very very cheap

So for a "brain repair stack", without doing mental math to get the exact price I would do:
Noopept (very cheap) - BDNF
Dihexa - growth factor (take with quercetin and cycle because this shit could be cancerous)
Quercetin - anticancer agent
Omega 3 or ALA - brain material
Lion's mane - proven cell growth
eggs for choline
Ashwaghanda - neutrite growth
and you'd get by pretty well for maybe $150 a month, would be my guess. You want BDFNF, NGF, the raw materials, and growth factor agonism. It is probably possible to get this at significantly cheaper cost by microdosing, specifically focusing on a few factors rather than a shotgun approach, lifestyle interventions etc.

All I can say for you is maybe consider saunas and meditation. Dual n-back is also a proven way to increase your memory (IQ component) if you are able to commit to daily practice as if it were weight training


oh and the thing with dihexa is, you'd only need a few cycles of it. The HALF LIFE for this substance is 15 days. It's one people should not be on long term but has dramatic short term results for neurorecovery. The lower hanging fruit for optimizing what you have is BDNF, GDNF (which I forgot to list but is gastrodin and royal jelly mainly), NGF (seems to be the one associated with cell growth) at sufficiently high dosages (which should be cycled to prevent downregulation) in a stimulating environment for the brain to optimize itself quicker. Sorry, this is almost like my job to know this stuff at this point


what's your opinions on using Steroids if ,like, you're a 80 year old guy who's really losing all his muscle power\ athleticism? under doctor control of course, but I mean literal steroids not just "TRT"


I don't know much about that area because I don't use contraband substances. They say cruise cycles won't harm you testosterone levels at all. Probably much too intense for an 80 year old, the usual thing they give aging men is DHEA which is a more permissible testosterone booster.


I have already started takin some of those including Ginko Biloba, B vitamins, NAC, some other anti-oxydants, zinc, etc. Also HBOT and biomodulation therapy, I just feel that whatever mild effect it has I will never truly be the same, to never have peace and be second guessing myself. Tinnitus is probably the worst. I never really researched about nootropics, I used to just take vitamins D,C, calcium and magnesium. I find this will all become really expensive with little gain. Might as well pull the plug and let close ones get the little possessions I have.
I am not even american, pushing drugs seems to be the standard. The worst thing is I dodged the vax and at least know some things about how pharma operates. Ive had depression and anxiety my whole life without any interventions, yet now I caved for the measly promise of neetbux and the outcome is that I lost the little sanity and health and now money that I have. A life filled with regret.


Also taking taurine for my liver now, but Im generally more cautious of synthetic supplements dont want to experiment some more with my brain and body. Im still skeptical about nootropics even though I know little of them.
I would also mention that I was subscribed Sertaline (Zolft) for 1.5 months 25 mg at first and then 50 mg. Then I was subscribed 25 mg Anafranil (Clomipramine) and they pushed me to take 50 mg, with that also Olanzapine (Zyprexa) 2.5 mg and 5 mg for a few times. Took the last ones for about a month.


the ones I'm talking about are proven effective for brain regeneration. I have taken Dihexa, which is a peptide, and the effects were dramatically positive. It's supposedly ten million times stronger than BDNF, and one of the few legal and effective ways to induce massive brain growth in relatively short periods. You have to take it with an anticancer agent (quercetin) and for a short period because many people are concerned about this regeneration being carcinogenic. But if you want brain recovery and growth this is the wonder drug.

I have had similar problems. One of the issues with AP's is that they alter brain neurotransmitter function. Nigrostrital dopamine and certain aspects of serotonin chiefly. I don't know how bad your issues are but defeating negative symptoms is all about getting back your dopaminergic system IMO. Olanzapine is a really bad one for damage, hope you are off it.


I dont want to experiment with further chemicals. Honestly I just want to go back to where I was before.
Yes I quit all the drugs, but I feel the damage is done. Supposedly these drugs can stay in cells. Suicidal ideation, regret and self-hate is all I can feel daily now.


A peptide isn't really a drug in the conventional sense. I used Dihexa to effectively recover from psychosis damages and could feel very positive results in brain communication in two cycles. Anyways, suit yourself…

One of the books I found helpful for this and has a good nutrient/supplement section near the end. HBOT is definitely the way to go. I was very aggressive in trying to use supplements to recover function and seem to have run into mild excitotoxicity problems using neurotransmitter-raising supplements, which was quite a stupid idea in retrospect I guess.

While the half life of many drugs, particularly injections, is quite long, they will eventually all excrete.


another one I liked, which might be more acceptable to you if pharma associations are the issue, is semax. It raises dopamine levels which you do have to be careful with but will almost immediately give you a strong sense of drive. It also spikes BDNF significantly, which is a major compound involved in neuroplasticity and recovery. Used for stroke victims, quite safe.

Schizo seems to have all kinds of different causes. Autoimmune problems from disease, lyme, celiac are a prominent hypothesis. It seems like for me excitotoxicity could be caused by heavy metals, toxoplasmosis infections, or covid spike proteins. I don't know what your illness looks like, but many people in true schizo in the celiac camp report benefits from ketogenic diets. There's also the niacin supplementation theory, which I found to be quite useless but evidently helps a subset of cases


No detox, no profit. No matter how nicely your nourish a filthy machine, it will still be filthy


What detox do you suggest?


Do not eat grains. They destroy your mind. That's the reason bread is so popular, it's by far the easiest way to trick people to enter the downward spiral of self destruction by grains.


-Fasting a week
-Or only fruits for a week
-Deleting dairy and starch from your diet whenever eating normally might suppose a significant improvement.
-Do not have breakfast inmediately after waking up neither last supper of the day after 6:00 pm
-Food intake is better when inside a certain time window (just from 8:00 am until 3:00pm, for an example)
-A turmeric spoon before sleeping improves liver function
-Eating trophologically avoids badly digested stuff to accumulate inside the colon. It matters more and more the further you age.
-White meats are usually better than red meats in terms of making your liver and kidney workloads lighter. Less acids in blood (unless they be fish, fish might have metals inside)


File: 1714823600791.jpg (54.2 KB, 900x621, 100:69, EaNzlC9X0AAOM54.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I read in another comment that there are discord groups that promote suicide on social networks like wizchan and 4chan. Giving effective and not so effective methods to do it, but never doing it themselves.


File: 1714823897506.jpg (288.38 KB, 931x1231, 931:1231, shinto frog.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm not even celiac, but not only did dropping grains completely debloat my face, my brain fog went away and I also lost a ton of body fat.


Theres 8.1 billion people in the world now
I remember when it was 6
That means 81 million people alive today
Will die by suicide
Millions of comrades
Leaving the world behind


i canceled my order of SN like a bitch


The pesticides used for fruit and tea are part of the toxin, fluoride being a significant ingredient in them.


Deaths from suicide, drinking ( liver shutdown ), and drugs is combined about 3% of deaths
240 million of us dying
And the question is how many are better off dead
The answer is between 1 and 240 million
Even if we accept there’s just a couple million better off dead
Enough room for me and you


the world has over 8 billon people. 8 billion will inevitable die?


Everyone alive today will die at some point, so yes.

It's estimated ~110 billion people have died already, if everyone since Cro-Magnons count as "people".


Assuming a similar rate, and I think historically suicide was higher at least in near history ( 500 years ago )
But for thought experiment
In the year 0 BC there were still 2 million people who would have died by suicide.
Go back to 10,000 years bc, 4 million, 40,000 of those alive will kill themselves

Imagine if 1 billion humans have died by suicide.


Life is unbearable for many people regardless of the age or era.

We're just recycling the same genes over and over and becoming different personalities over thousands and thousands of years.


I hate thinking about the person or people who will have to deal with my dead body. I don't know what the most polite and least traumatizing (for the guy who finds me) way to kill myself is. I would like to either do hanging or blow my brains out with a gun. The latter is probably impossible to do cleanly.


I plan to do it in the wilderness, in a small cave or something


dig a grave for yourself first or the animals will have your body


not a big deal


If you don't want people to be traumatized then tie yourself to something heavy and jump into a river or something like that.

Drowning is a very painful and agonizing way to die, but your body probably won't be found before it decomposes.


It has taken me a while, but I’ve gotten a bit ”normalized” now. I have gilbert’s so niacin is a no go. I only have access to mild HBOT. Never had schizo either.


I feel my life once again has a purpose when im getting near to the end. I have the drive to take care do the necessary. I found the light at the end of the tunnel in a perveted sort of way some would say. Happy?


feeling dirt on your feet and looking at a bug on a leaf is a worthwhile thing


not the temple, not under the jaw either. Both methods will blow your face off and leave your brain intact.


File: 1716207094611.png (182.7 KB, 1001x1001, 1:1, 1936L.png) ImgOps iqdb

God that movie sucked so hard.
Why even bother with the tarp?
My only hope is that Marx, who was right about everything else, is accurate in his diagnosis that society will eventually collapse and be replaced with the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. After that, society might be worth living in, especially when higher phase Communism is reached, and hopefully all reactionaries and Dengists (No difference) are launched into the sun.
The grain dole was incredibly successful. It was one of the most effective anti-poverty initiatives prior to the enlightenment. Also, qualification for the grain dole was not universal, although many aristocrats gamed the system.
LMFAO at the retards in the picture
You mean like the Cuck Pit?


File: 1716209917029.jpg (38.81 KB, 635x628, 635:628, The max bait.jpg) ImgOps iqdb




Thoughts on long drop hanging?
If you don't mind decapitation you can just spam drop height which makes it basically a more deadly version of fall from height, right?
Assuming a sturdy rope/mountpoint


Any easily attainable exit pill?


Frankly no
There's a reason only 2% of od suicides are fatal
Easiest is probably illegal opiates

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