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Suicide general, - Discuss everything suicide related here.


how many years is reasonably long to wait to see if life will turn itself around, for a rational suicide?


69 years


68 is enough usually where did you take your number?


He probably counts the first 12 months of life as year 1, so total months worth of life would still be 68.


We are so worried about trolls trolling wizards into suicide. what about trolling them into living to 68 on the promise it gets better? back in 2015 they said waiting for Batman v Superman to come out was worth living for.


Thank you for the explanation!


GTA VI will fix everything. Just another year or two, stay strong wizzies!


AI will allow jobs to get automated and produces surplus wealth to be redistributed bro. We'll get AI gf and immersive video games.


I have sodium nitrite but i'm not sure how pure it is. What's the worst that can happen from a failed suicide attempt using this method?


too scared and weak to even suicide, so the suffering continues for me.


I fucking hate you and everyone like you


Start a new job tomorrow. Im pretty sick. Also very poor and hungry. I've been very seriously thinking of ending it. With my first paycheck i can go buy a rifle, a tarp, find somewhere to set up and blow my head off finally. I have wanted to for years and years, and I keep ending up back in the same spot. I think i was supposed to go through with it the 1st time, and i really wish i had. Ive always wanted to either blow brains out or else jump in front of a train. I saw bullet trains a few days ago. Such overwhelming speed, force, and power. I imagined myself jumping in front of one and smiled a sincere smile for the first time in a long while. I guess jumping in front a train is kind of a dick move, not that i particulatly feel the capacity to care. Intellectually maybe, but really i don't care if it causes problems or traumatizes anyone. I just want to die mostly, nothing else


File: 1703163305799.png (765 KB, 900x508, 225:127, peruvian communists.png) ImgOps iqdb

since im going to die anyways…Has anyone here done both of\either hitchhiking + bike-packing , or joined a Cult\Sect, even a secular one? Or been volless (voluntary homeless)?
Maybe I should go to Mexico or Peru or whatever and join a communist commune. or stay homeless in my own city and join 50 leftists orgs. to mooch off freed food or unpaid coachsurfing.


>A 32 year old male arrived at a coconut shop in a public place in the afternoon. Coconut vendor being busy with other customers, taking advantage of the situation the deceased grasped the knife, routinely used for cutting coconuts and cut his throat with that knife in the presence of many people at the venue.
Coconut king 🥥


5 years if it doesn't change by then despite your best efforts it's without a doubt over. Hey if u living for hedonism enjoying life getting old and offing once the illness and physical get's to much is also a way


Once you become useless what do you think our elite overlords and their ai will do


implement UBI?


In the short term to prevent revolts probaly but not for long we'll may see man-made horrors beyond our comprehension. I probaly be dead before then i hope you are too


“If the world were a paradise of luxury and ease, a land flowing with milk and honey, where every Jack obtained his Jill at once and without any difficulty, men would either die of boredom or hang themselves; or there would be wars, massacres, and murders; so that in the end mankind would inflict more suffering on itself than it has now to accept at the hands of Nature.”
― Arthur Schopenhauer, Studies in Pessimism


Yes. I love the first order consequences of UBI. It is perfect at such level. It makes so much sense that increased human efficiency should mean that most people dont have to work; they can simply be supported by the machines and few people that do work.

However, once you consider the dark sides of human behaviour, the history of government, and the fact that UBI makes plebs completely dependent on government… it is very scary.

Plebs are already far down the path toward domestication - from wolves, to deformed cattle that physically cant survive in any environment beyond a nightmarish slaughterhouse.


Well the Roman Empire gave the plebs free bread, it used to give them free flour to make their own bread, but they got so lazy they needed the bread made for them. And here we are in 2024 USA with 2000 years of tech econ progress, and it can't provide the level of welfare state that Rome did. Yeah there are food stamps, but those aren't for all citizens. ABAWDs are explicitly rejected.



how to purchase a gun after involuntary hospital stay?


I have some shit wheremy arteries can't supply my brain properly, it manifested a week ago and I feel like shit the whole week. It's pretty bad that I'm 25 and I already have health problems like that but the final straw was my parents telling me that I'm making it up and they refuse to go see a doctor. I'd do it myself but right now I can't walk around my flat and even standing up feels like I gonna drop dead. Despite that, they are more concerned that I want to take sick leave for my job. I'm just pissed that people I trusted the most don't want to help me in any way and even more they are shitting on me because my condiotion is made up (or so they thing, I did all the tests when at least I could walk around more).
I didn't want to kill myself becusee I thought it would make my mom sad, but rn nobody cares that I can't even stand up properly, so I don't think it would be a huge deal for them that I die. Maybe they would be embarrassed in front of other people, cause suicide is inherently a shameful abd taboo thing.


Free Euthanasia! Hurray!


Curious, how do you know it's "your arteries"? Have you gotten medical tests? I know that feel of having your old folks abandon you at your lowest and say you're making it up. My faggot dad nagged me for over a year to get the covid vaccine, so I took it despite already having had covid months before and recovering fully. Big mistake, a month after that I went on my bimonthly hike and had chest pain and trouble breathing. Since then my symptoms worsened for a year, I couldn't stand up either and had diarrhea for months. I'm better now, but I will never forgive this piece of shit for giving me a lifelong chronic immune condition.

While I do not know the specifics of your medical condition, I can almost assure you it's possible to get better. I myself am better than I was back then, not fully recovered but much more functional. The question remains, why fucking bother right? Anyway, sounds like you got orthostatic intolerance / dysautonomia. Most likely from repeated covid infections, it affects your blood vessels big time, unfortunately some people are simply more vulnerable no matter what they do or don't.


I did ultrasound and MRI, they both showed that the arteries of my brain are narrowed. I don't think it's anything life-threatening but I have trouble just moving around and I don't think I will be able to go to work next week. My parents nagging at me for lying in bed, even though I have trouble doing anything at all. And they are adamant I'm making it up eve though I have results of mri and ultrasound that I did before


You had a head MRI? How much did that cost? Surprised the doctors even agreed to do that for you instead of chastising you considering my experience with them. Especially because "you're young" (for now), at 25.

Why don't you just show your parents the results? ideally on paper.


File: 1703416416107.jpeg (45.4 KB, 600x398, 300:199, bald viking.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Legally speaking: Where can I gather info on declaring legal Bankruptcy, on eliminating all my info from public-access internet records, and on being declared legally deceased?


If I lived in Canada or Switzerland, I'd have applied for assisted suicide a long time ago.


opinions on the SS onion website?
do they require bothersome, arbitrary and infuriating vetto process to let you join?


They rejected me and I used the original subreddit. I get the feeling you need to give a long emotional message justifying why you want to be part of the community. I gave them a relatively short but true account of being suicidal, and they rejected me from my home ip and normal email which they asked you to do.


Suicide is fucked up, you will rot in that coffin from worms. That room is so tight you can't move around it. Don't do it.


File: 1704044023014.jpeg (473.74 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, mights.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

which war, may I ask?
will you do army or police training for 5 years and then join a maoist guerrilla or join a meme army like ukraine Azov or Pershmega\ kurd anarchists?


The fact that you unironically call them "Elite" instead of something like "Underminers" speaks volumes of just how bluepilled you still are.


Ah so you'll be joining the National Socialists of Azov I presume


Hitler probably will be vindicated, but I increasingly wonder if it will necessitate the complete death of the European genome as we know it. I don't think some rabid white uprising will happen in my lifetime at least (I'm around 40 and not very fit), but I also kinda doubt things will improve within my kid-brothers' lifetimes.


You realize that the Nazis would 100% put all wizards into a gas chamber, right?


Hitler was (is) a wizard himself.


I hope some rabid White uprising happens, its the only thing keeping me going most days. Don't give up hope!


This is a suicide thread not a murder thread, we gotta stop this guy from waging his personal war.


Any sources for SN


It's used in plenty of cans at your local grocery store I'm sure.




How many wizards actually kill themselves? I feel like I am reaching the end of the wizard lifestyle. I’m starting to get sick of living just for the sake of it, I’ve exhausted most of the things which once brought me joy, and I’m unwilling and unable to reenter society. I’m wondering if this is a common feeling for wizards or if they just get jobs and become normal people without thinking about it.


What are some ways to die semi-naturally? Examples are people who die from heart failure due to obesity, or those who die of liver failure from drinking too much. I don't want to be fat and I don't like alcohol so what else is there?

The idea of it being a long-term suicide and legally not a suicide at all is appealing to me.


File: 1705636836453.jpg (10.96 MB, 3508x4961, 3508:4961, yog_sothoth_by_trxpics_dfg….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i hate everything


I want to shove a dagger in my chest


have you ever been at the metro and get yourself staring at the tracks flirting with that morbid but cathartic thought. it's calling, pulling, it's almost as if im looking at the eyes of the devil and he's hypnotizing me


Day: “Today, for every 1 suicide, approximately 3,476,189 people did not commit suicide.”
Week: “This week, for every 1 suicide, approximately 495,237 people did not commit suicide.”
Month: “This month, for every 1 suicide, approximately 114,285 people did not commit suicide.”
Year: “This year, for every 1 suicide, approximately 9,523 people did not commit suicide.”
Decade: “This decade, for every 1 suicide, approximately 951 people did not commit suicide.”
Lifetime: “In an average lifetime, for every 1 suicide, approximately 117 people did not commit suicide.”

When you look at the figures suicides and even deaths from drugs and drink aren’t that high.


I've heard more than one story where someone stabbed themselves in an attempt to fake being assaulted, only to accidentally kill themselves. Makes me wonder how easy that method is.


if I didn't already know some day I will die for certain, I would've killed myself a thousand times over.


I want to die but Im too much of a pussy to kms. I fear death, but what I fear even more is living this shit life up to my 70s or 80s. Unfortunately this is what will likely happen


the worst is when you're so decrypt you get sent to a hospital bed, and it becomes impossible and illegal to die or escape and you just have to suffer through all pains for decades


Yeah this is utter bullshit. Why dont they just les us die, or better, help us die painlessly?
Its not like they have any valid reason not to. Suicidal people more often that not are unproductive to society anyway so theyre a burden for their relatives and society at large. (Not that I care, I just wanted to highlight the irrationality of it)
Its not like they actually give a shit about suicidal people either. Theyre just going through their bullshit job.


File: 1706322129941.jpg (227.89 KB, 1280x1856, 20:29, 20231220_123230.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

local yokel was just charged on 19 counts of the first degree murder for selling sodium nitrate to men and boys who used it to kill themselves!



He was literally married to a succubus


Sauce pls


Did some more calculations on suicide in England and Wales for 2022. Data is from official sources, which is a little wonky they say, and I might have fucked it up.
0.8-1% of people will commit suicide in their lifetime based on current numbers.

In 2022. All references to "population" here means population aged 10 or over 
Percentage of the population that died : 1.07%.
Percentage of the population that committed suicide: 0.0106%
Absolute number of the population who died : 574,158.
Percentage of total deaths that were due to suicide: 0.98%.

Absolute number of the population who died by suicide: 5,642
Absolute number of the population who did not die by suicide: 53,420,296
Percentage of the population that did not commit suicide: 99.9894%

To transport the total number of suicide deaths you would need: 
    Approximately 1 cruise ship (using Symphony of the Seas).
    Approximately 7 commercial planes (using Airbus A380)
    Approximately 80 double decker buses

Ages 20-24:

    Estimated Suicide Deaths This Year: 364
    Total Deaths Including Suicide: 1,277
    Percent of Deaths That Are Suicide: 28.50%
    Total Population: 3,603,960
    Population Not Died by Suicide: 3,603,596
    Percent of Population Death by Suicide: 0.0101%

Ages 25-29:

    Estimated Suicide Deaths This Year: 455
    Total Deaths Including Suicide: 1,653
    Percent of Deaths That Are Suicide: 27.53%
    Total Population: 3,922,414
    Population Not Died by Suicide: 3,921,959
    Percent of Population Death by Suicide: 0.0116%

Ages 30-34:

    Estimated Suicide Deaths This Year: 548
    Total Deaths Including Suicide: 2,539
    Percent of Deaths That Are Suicide: 21.58%
    Total Population: 4,183,206
    Population Not Died by Suicide: 4,182,658
    Percent of Population Death by Suicide: 0.0131%

Ages 35-39:

    Estimated Suicide Deaths This Year: 548
    Total Deaths Including Suicide: 3,564
    Percent of Deaths That Are Suicide: 15.38%
    Total Population: 4,059,259
    Population Not Died by Suicide: 4,058,711
    Percent of Population Death by Suicide: 0.0135%

- All age groups data : https://pastes.io/raw/3a0pxjqfsm


Dehydration. It's also pretty long term (and requires lots of determination or desperation), but you should be dead within a week +- a day. As far as I have heard, first couple of days are painful, but then comes 'euphoric' feeling and your doze off all the time until you are dead.
then again, it is for people with steel resolve. I wouldn't be able to do it, despite being quite desperate.


She is so hot


He was also a vegetarian and a degenerate drug user.


What are your thoughts on a suicide note? On one hand, I don't want my parents to live the rest of their days wondering why I did it. On the other, I don't want them to know that their son committed suicide because he's a complete loser who wasted his life and a genetic failure in every meaningful way. I've been faking being a normalfag: I have a degree, a job, my own place. I'd prefer them to think that I had some sort of treatable mental illness.


25-29 is probably going to be the hardest part of my life as a Gen Z. God I can't wait for the fucking disaster I will be in 2028


File: 1706929741616.jpg (41.79 KB, 500x399, 500:399, disgusted chair cat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm 25 right now. it's not so bad.


What are some bucket list things to do in the last months before suicide?


It's over


The housing market is only becoming more expensive. There will probably be a crash before 2030 so that should make it easy to get a house.


Saw in the news how one guy fell from the 15th floor and survived as the car roof softened his fall. He's been suicidal and in critical condition now with neck injuries. Suicide fail.


if theres one rule of suicide its go for the overkill not the good enough. dont just jump from a tall building, but the tallest in the world that can be accessed.


There are vertical mineshafts that are deeper than the tallest building is high.


can the public access it?


Anyone can access anything. Who cares if we're breaking the law? We'll be dead.


they'll shoot you at the entrance


I’ve stopped seeing suicide as a bad thing. Nietzsche in Beyond Good and Evil says that waiting to die naturally is just a suicide by natural causes, since we all know death is inevitable. It seems to me that NEETing until I am either forced to wage or get sick of rotting in my room and then killing myself isn’t that much different from living a long life and dying the normal way. It’s both just taking your way of life to its inevitable end.


What about suicide by caffeine overdose? I've seen newsreels on YouTube reporting on kids who died from drinking too many caffeinated drinks within a couple of hours and I think it may be an effective, surreptitious way to commit suicide and not have it reported as one.


Too much caffeine can make you psychotic, not even joking, you won't die, but you will become a schizo.


Ive taken a very long list of drugs, and caffeine overdose has to be one of the worst experiences ive had. I can hardly think of a worse way to try to kill yourself. At best it would be like a very prolonged panic attack culminating in intense horrific chest pain


i've overdosed on modafinil a couple times, absolutely awful, i stayed awake for 6 days. stimulant overdose doesn't kill you, just makes you psychotic for days. if you want to die from drugs you need opiates like fentanyl or heroin


what i learned about suicide is that you can waste years in depression thinking you're going to die, and all you did was make things worse for yourself.

even when you feel or believe you will take your own life one day, its important to keep doing some basic minimum things to maintain the physical integrity of your body. because pain aversion.

i'm not a particularly strong person, where i get a lot of motivation from is pain avoidance, because of many health problems from a young age i know how suffering is and can be, i understand in a known way, not an abstract vague intellectual way, what suffering comes from the body breaking down, and what awaits people if they dont do basic maintenance and they keep living.

lots of people that want to die, keep living, think of all the billions living in third world holes, with much worse lifes in every way, still living. its not so easy, i have been through a lot made attempts i never thought would be here to see my 30's and they almost done.

live, at least as far as not doing the bad things, and doing some of the good things, health and nutrition related, as though you will actually be using that body for a very very long time. because you may.

it is an absolute retard and only young wizard apprentice angsty take to give up and revel in depression and how bad lives are. that's cool and edgy when youre young and not even a wizard. later on its not its very real, you will deal with your body betraying you because you betrayed it.

if you mistreat the body, your life will be very very bad and you won't be a cool wizard you will be a sickly dying depression gross person in a lot of pain mental and physical. its a fact that the many support networks and health interactions normals have do act as buffers and guard against disease.

leave the fast food and the drinking and the hedonism to the normals, wizard-kind can and must do better.


The Kenneth Law sodium nitrate thing is going to get weirder up it seems. He wasn’t only sending people sodium nitrate through the post for suicide, he also advised individuals over emails putting pressure on them to buy it, he gave advice to people emailing him saying they were going to kill themselves with it. He also seems to have had false accounts where he pretended to be a doctor, private messaging people links to his exit bag selling site and his sodium nitrate site, encouraging people to do it, acting as an experienced doctor telling people how to do it and how safe it was.
His charges have been upgraded to a dozen murder proper because of his other actions, and supposedly internationally there’s a few hundred that he shipped to have died without confirmation of if they died using his nitrate. He was actually in huge amounts of debt before he started selling suicide kits and chems, and he made enough money to cover it; while people may be thankful for him sending it the case that he’s a bit of an asshole with bad intentions might be true.
Sanctioned suicide being used as a site where a dude “murdered” people by encouraging them to suicide and then selling them the stuff for personal gain, will probably have some more pressure on them. It’s always been an issue in the old suicide newsgroups etc where people would be bad actors encouraging suicide for their own pleasure, him sending out 1000+ packages while actively trying to encourage people is a pretty big step up I guess.
Potentially he will be an international serial killer on the books, weird.


I am 18 years old and I am thinking about killing myself for more than an year now. I have a question for old fags, will things get better?


Things get better but you have to start doing the things you like and take care of yourself and let go of irrational and negative beliefs. Some people love to dig their own grave and then wonder how they ended up there.


You have no idea how hard it is to shed body fat % when literally the only dopamine source in your life is food. You are alone at home 24/7 just waiting to die.

I did it anyway and dropped from 115kg to 75kg. It was the best decision of my life.
Still can't believe how agile, light and healthy I feel now. All the brain fog went away as well.

1 year later I got my first job as well. The employer said I was literally the only applicant who looked like he doesn't sit in front of a pc all day.
How wrong he was. But I got the job (stocking and forklifting) and am out of poverty now.


No, it's getting worse every year I should've done it years ago


Two questions for you wiz. First, were you overweight your whole life and then managed to lose it? Second is, how much weight did you have to lose until the brain fog started to get better?


Nah, but you just get used too it, literally as you get older and the more shit kicked in, your brain won't respond as much so you'll be numb to the pain, have fun buddy


Not all my life, but I started binging on potato chips, cookies, chocolate, ice cream when I was about 18.
That's when I realized I'm too autistic to fit in with normals and just shut away from the world.

I'm still grateful junk food exists, it's what kept me alive. My only source of happiness for more than a decade.

As for when I started feeling the brain fog disappear, it was around the 85kg mark.
Below 80kg my mind was as clear as it was as a teenager, it was like being reborn.

I was also able to run up the stairs to my aparment, when as a fat guy just walking up a single flight of stairs was painful and took my breath away.


File: 1711299380523.png (625.9 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, DeadExecutioners.png) ImgOps iqdb

Can one legally acquire hydrogen cyanide?


File: 1711465096637.png (1.12 MB, 800x1040, 10:13, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

is there a detailed and idiot proof guide somewhere for hanging, both full and partial suspension? i tried googling but all i got are suicide hotlines, motivational reddit threads, medical journal articles and that sort of thing.


File: 1711468658267.png (573.89 KB, 1000x2235, 200:447, Screenshot_2024-03-26 Shor….png) ImgOps iqdb

Lost all hope recently went down , way back machine to the rescue.
Still, you sure you don't wanna just get some printer paper, mechanical pencil, reading some Andrew Loomis, just upload some cam shots of your doodles and try becoming a drawfag? If you don't have a fucked up wrist like me, maybe some hope. Worth a shot at least.
Either way I understand the feeling. Thinking and planning about hanging myself has been giving me more and more comfort in recent months.
In addition to what's in the article, tree climbing/arborist rope is a good choice. Firm, little stretching and readily available. Seems pretty good from the tests I've done with it.


You got that PDF of how to hang yourself? I'm not suicidal but it was still a very interesting read


Only guaranteed way to die is firearm (preferrably shotgun) to the temple. The rest is too unreliable and might be either very painful or male you handicapped instead.


So when you start hanging, it says your body will try to claw at the rope and free itself. But especially when conscious. So my question is, is it actually your unconscious lizard brain on doing these actions to survive? Or do you consciously choose to do this when the pain becomes unbearable? The fact that it happens especially when conscious seems to suggest it's a conscious decision, but it also seems to suggest you do this even when unconscious. So what is it? The thought of your brain, but not you, taking over your body like a puppet creeps me out.


Anyone else know that feel of being on a countdown to suicide knowing its just a few months away, and you should do something big like bucket list shit? But then you think, I've had all these decades to do it, if there was anything worth doing, I would have done it already. I've given up all hope, nothing to lose for many years now. If there was any big adventure gamble worth doing, I would have done it. And at this point I just want to get my suicide over with successfully. Optimize for that one goal. Everything else is a distraction. Its like the bucket list of trying shit, is the whole life I've lived up to this point, I wasn't holding back any secret reserves. And yet when each countdown day feels so ordinary, it just gives an unreality to it. Like these days should be special. And I just want S-day to be real this time.


Isn't jumping from a very high building a rather solid option?
How could you ever survive that?

Not only making a "bucket list", but even just typing this very post you just typed shows that you are not going to kill yourself, you are not in the emotional state to be able to do it, I can guarantee you that 100%.

Like most people writing in these threads.
It's really just venting only.


Why? This time I'm not thinking about philosophy or any grand gestures. I'm just planning the most efficient method to just get the task over with. I'm not letting anything distract me from the goal.


Planning to buy my 1st smartphone ever so I can take a uber to my suicide location. I have no idea how it works with plans and shit. But I guess if there is one reason for a Wiz to buy a normphone this is it.


How to make it look like an accident?


Rereading the complete works of Schopenhauer will help me suicide


I can't believe after I suicide, that's it, just blankness, nonthinking, nonbeing, no brain, no consciousness, dreamless sleep. just nothingness. i know it was nothing before i was born. but its still weird to choose to go back to the nothing. theres a sense of curiosity. am i really going to prove there is no afterlife? ive been so certain of atheist darwinist materialism my whole life, just took it for granted, had no doubts.


you absolute turd monkey! schopenhauer was merely a gnostic who wrote in german. he was not wise.

no one knows what happens after death. take any psychedelic/psychogenic drug and be disabused of strict materialism. please do not kill yourself. please see the somewhat popular anti-suicide general thread.


File: 1712375682489.jpg (127 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 37-Creature_-_Nooseman_01.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It is really fucking painful, and you start paniking and the inner lizard in you really want out of this mess, so you start grabing at any opportunity to stay alive, in my case it was that the chair wasnt thrown far einought so i managed to balaqnce on it somehow while trying to untie the knot of the scarf that i used.

t. failed hanging attempt 10 years ago, considering doing a succefull one soon enough, because life lost its meaning for me long before even first suicide attempt, but im a coward and im stile here forn now ,but now additional circumstances are adding to the equation that hopfully would bring me uot of this shithole called life.


I used to romanticize living in an insane asylum/ psych ward as the living utopia of Plato's Republic


society is the real insane asylum, everyone who is not insane is branded insane and locked up


If your life is already bad, but you rationally fear its about to go off a cliff and become much worse, when is the best time to suicide?

Should you try to squeeze every last drop out of relatively comfortable neet life? Or try to get ahead of the curve and suicide before the crash begins?


I just wish there was a way to objectively know I tried enough, and further investment into life is a waste. I see Wizs talking about it being over as early as the 20s or college graduation. And I'm waaaay past that. But sometimes I regret that maybe being too rational was itself a problem. Like if I had irrationally just kept trying at life, maybe something would have been a miracle.

Once I felt I was beat, I just lost heart, and longed for suicide. You're beat, you're beat. But its like everything I've ever tried has ended in 0, and I can't be expected to make infinite investments with 0 returns forever.

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