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I relate a lot with old inc_els because most of them don't even want relationships anymore, they've accepted that past a certain point there is no coming back, once you've spent your entire life bullied and ostracized and mocked for how you look or being introverted and entered adult age not knowing real friendships or love from parents, there is really no rainbow in the dark or light at the end of the tunnel.

Your personality is shaped, your memories are painful so you want to erase the past or pretend that it didn't happen, you are like an abused and neglected kid who starts to sweat and becoming increasingly anxious as the time to go back from work for his dad approaches.

Lot of pain and trauma. You are better off alone at that point, engaging in hobbies, distracted with work or in some fantasy world.

There is no cure.

You can't even relate or feel an attachment for this world and what it has to offer. You are almost prepared to leave and don't care. How can you care when you carry a broken soul within you.

There is no return because the place you left was doomed to be hell for you, from the very beginning and you know it's best once you accept that it wasn't your fault and stop blaming yourself. What can you do when you are born a wiz.

Society doesn't care. You've been left alone.
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It's a hypothetical you dense retard. What it means is that if you hold any amount of shame for your status as a virgin, and would seek to deny that status to even those who have no influence on your day to day life, then you're not a wizard. For you to take hypothetical so literally and then explode over them and enter defense mode speaks volumes about your insecurities, as even on an anonymous imageboard you get seriously butthurt over your sacred honor being sullied.
>I have no friends so i'm the TRUE WIZCEL
But if you did have friends, you'd probably get upset if they mentioned you were a virgin. That's why you'r a wahhwahh baby poo pants crab.


>if you hold any amount of shame for your status as a virgin
why you project this hard over people you don't know on the internet and in a site for virgins, you disingenuous mongrel? Even if a wizard here doesn't want to admit that he is a virgin to others, he must have his personal reasons. Why should anyone discuss what is private among others who don't matter to him. Just because some faggot like you says so lol
>you'd probably get upset if they mentioned you were a virgin. That's why you'r a wahhwahh baby poo pants crab.
Lol you will never be a wizard, you actually project and insult virgins on a virgin site.


>you actually project and insult virgins on a virgin site.
What is being said is that men who are virgins shouldn't have any shame in being a virgin. ESL crab.


Same. I've accepted that I am an in cel and have no chance in a normalfag environment less in 'dating', relationships always seemed alien and boring to me and I don't think females even want me talking to them, and also I've always found them boring and annoying, just good to look on hentai or porn and masturbate. I assume that's the case for 99 percent of wizards.

I can say I've learnt to live like this and with a lot of comfort.

They do hate us i ncels because we crush the false worldview and narrative that this world is fair and everyone can achieve everything as long as they have goals or set their minds to, which is obviously false.

Normalfags would never accept that some things cannot be fixed because they need to protect their egos. They think they are like superman and can adopt some persona where they are billionare chads who have control over everything, but that's just another cope. Mindset is just bullshit when you're faced with a reality that doesn't match up said mindset.

Indeed, normalfags are so stupid they think an autistic 5 feet 2 male is choosing to be a shutin and recluse i ncel when in reality he's been treated badly his entire life and knows there is no point.

They really can't understand that some people don't have a chance. They are even so delusional they think everyone can be a volcel because it's just a mindset, something you can adopt anytime, it's bullshit of course but normalfags always buy into this kind of things because it makes them feel comfortable.


ok. lets do a break down.

>where exactly should I go in public to admit that i've never had sexual relations?

i can strike up a conversation with basically any stranger, active but odd is the expression, depending on the topic, i may find it relevant to bring up my being an almost 40yo virgin. these are not normal interactions, some people take it in their stride others are visibly perturbed. that is fine by me as i don't use other people's idea of normal as a barometer as to how i should conduct my business or live my life, least of all how i should treat others as i've no interest in becoming a sociopath.

>This is the most stupid shit I've read on wizchan.

dramatic hyperbole

>I've got no friends like you mr normalfag and I don't have an image to keep unlike you.

i'm willing to wager that i haven't had friends for a much longer time than you've been out of school.

>You're seriously stupid if you think a wizard should be outside telling others that he is a virgin, it's a personal private matter, and only normalniggers discuss unsolicited personal private sexual matters in the open.

he makes two statements one after the other, and a non sequitur. your opinion is meaningless, if i were a norman i'd have children older than you already.

for you it's a personal private matter, because you're insecure about it, because you've internalized normal attitudes and belief. i've no interest in following your dictates as set out by the norman directorate, that's your prerogative.

what would you possibly know about what wizards discuss in public? regardless. being a virgin is not a sexual matter, infact it's rather asexual. there is no element of vulgarity which would give merit to the notion you're putting forward. disingenuous and thoroughly rejected.

>You must be some underage retard.

the kettle is calling the pot black

yeah this guy knows whats up


wow this is unreal. literally a brain-damaged normal, a fallen-one, hating his own kind and re-identifying as a wizard, similar to what trans people do. this could be one of the first instances of a new phenomenon discovered on the internet. researchers take note. this tendency for an individual to identify with the group in opposition to the group that has hurt it, even and perhaps more vehemently when the new identity is in conflict with objective reality.

it makes perfect sense to me, as you don't describe your present situation nor outlook as one speaking who is a wizard. all of that bitterness and hatred, it wasn't installed in you, it was always in you. you portray yourself as a victim, yet admit to being a chad, and no doubt a victimiser before you were brain damaged. these things you're saying happen to you because of this or that, i absolutely disagree, i believe what is happening is that you're coming to terms with, and aware of, your own inherent makeup, which gives us a truly scintillating glimpse into the mind of a sociopath.

absolutely surreal.

truly a fascinating instance of internet psychology.


>ok. lets do a break down.
>i can strike up a conversation with basically any stranger
lol butthurt redditor, you will never be a wizard.


Typical no true scotsman argument.

It doesn't matter how you arrived to your current destination, the only thing that matters is the end result.

The only rule of the site is that you must be over 30 and a virgin. Under 30 virgins can post as apprentice wlzards.

I'm nearly 40 in a few years and still a virgin, therefore a wizard. And no, I didn't plan it out, it just happened due to a wide variety of reasons: Physical ugliness, bullying, ostracizing, very unsympathetic parents.


jesus christ what is this post


well OP I just want to say you are a good writer. It's a rare treat when I can read something on wizchan without losing 2 brain cells.


I stayed on 8chan long enough to understand why you have to kill crabdom with fire on your imageboard.


Thank you, friend.


For all the flak crabs get on here, at least they are proud to be virgins and don't feel the need to mask as volcels. Volcels would claim they are nonvirgins to other normalfags to fit in or not get bullied, I've read many posts on here where at work the so called "wizards" say they had a few had relationships to their workers to not get labeled a so called crab aka virgin.


At this point "crabs" are so common that it is more or less expected unless you can prove your credibility. The default assumption is rejection, and that has been the point. If you're out, they make sure you stay out. If you're in, someone knows you and introduces you to the club where society gets to go on. For those out of the know, there is no society, only death, and that is emphasized in everything humanity does now. During the 1990s, they could not allow this process to be disrupted, when there was still some sense of freedom and people who had no reason to go along with this. Now, because it has advanced this far, there is less incentive to pretend it was ever any different, and those who bragged about doing this are laughing at what they got away with. Some of them cry that the world is going to hell because of their pure malevolence, but most of them lost any ability to match their actions to consequences. Consequences and responsibilities are for the slaves - that's what management has always taught them, what they've always done.

I can say that I probably found more people in my life who got it and saw that I was meant to be alone and that it shouldn't be bothered, than people who shamed me for this status. It's not like normies have much, or possess any belief that clinging to this parody of a life they have makes them better than me in any great way. That's not the issue, and usually, both of us know that the society and those who did this are the source of the problem, not each other. Why would we attack each other when prompted, unless there was fear? The normie will have to pick to attack me when he must, but it's always low effort and I learned not to expect much out of people. Some of them even do their ritual work and tell me afterwards that it's how the world is, and it will never change. If you never have any expectation that humans are anything other than Satanic apes, you're never disappointed, and if you believe you've seen an exception, it's just a matter of when they will be made to abandon it. Even if humans are capable of good, it won't last for long before the usual people snuff it out and assert that, nope, humans really are this and were meant to be this. If there is good, it's not in humans, or among humans. Now they're enclosing and destroying the last vestiges of decency we did hold on to, so they can replace the culture and society with pure Satanic screaming as they always wanted. That's all they're good for, all they know how to do.

In the past decade, it has advanced enough that there are relatively normal guys who will just admit they gave up and don't care about any of this shit - so much that they don't even bother being the enforcers when prompted. They'll never "take my side" - that is never something which last, because the concept is no longer admissible as "real" - but if asked to "do their part" they do it lazily. I've even nodded and winked in a way while it was happening, basically going through the motions so these Satanics get their performance that we're all "compliant". It's all a fucking joke, so they can keep stealing everyone's stuff.

Honestly, this shit is not worth agonizing over. There's a whole world with good stuff, and despite the shittification of everything the beast can touch, too much remains private, and if no one gives a shit about regulating your private life - if you don't have a real job in the world to come - you can get away with so much. It just comes out that nothing good is "real", and this constant drumbeat of filth is mandated. Now that AI can create the posts, a lot of the filth is generated by machine, to give the appearance that this has an organic base and "naturally" happened, even though nobody gives a shit about any of their stories any more. So far as any real story is promoted, humanity already went over to Satanism. It's the only thing they know how to do, and the concept that we could even have basic things as a society provokes uproarious laughter. They'd rather have Satanics like Trump and Biden making more rot - anything to keep the looting and plundering going.


As for the females, honestly they don't know anything that is good for them, and have no agency over their lives. They're trained to revel in their following behavior with few exceptions, and if they have any sense of themselves beyond being pure followers, they usually stay out of sex altogether and find the entire matter unpleasant and devoid of passion. It's just a mechanical thing, or something they do with whomever they find useful for reproduction because it's all about finding a sperm donor. They don't care about any of the shit that so many think is relevant. No one believes in "love" - that's for the losers, one of their favorite lies. Most of the world never even bothered with the idea that "love" is a thing. It's a particularly Christian and European perversion.


(Also why faggotry and homosexualism basically aren't a thing outside of European civilization, and where it exists, it is almost entirely passive men being raped to let off some steam, or a type of ritual abuse which is common to humanity's aristocracies.)



Incredibility based.


File: 1709572464606.gif (380.23 KB, 220x220, 1:1, hans-landa-hans-landa-look….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>wants to erase the past.
>abused and neglected kid who starts to sweat.

At the risk of being dubbed a skizo,
Just pitch a show to a channel NOT for children and dont harrass fanfiction authors under a pseudonym this time.

Not even if they write stuff of your work.


>At the risk of being dubbed a skizo

yes, making random nonsensical posts does tend to increase the chances of that, but I see you like to live dangerously.


What nonsense. Pakistan has had a big trans community for eons, and it's a muslim country. They are a protected class who have more rights than transpeople in southern US states.


In fact, local political councils in every Pakistan state are now required to reserve several seats just for trans people.


It's fucking over for curries


>"for eons"
>posts a 2023 article


get a grasp, what is this nonsense.


how is his post false? people in the us literally attack and assault trans people.
whereas a poor shithole muslim country has treated trans people with dignity for decades (centuries when including the colonial era).


The older I get the less I care about being a virgin. It's just who I am by now and I never really cared about who I am.


you would care if you were around normies or outside in general, especially during spring
the trick is to not go outside


Trans and gay people are prosecuted in muslim countries and there have been increasing attacks on lgbt people by muslim immigrants in european countries. In germany theres even coalitions with neo nazis and muslims who attack lgbt and leftists together. Muslim communities in the USA are also always vocally against lgbt stuff.


Iran actually accepts the trans theology of men souls being in the wrong bodies, and forces gay men to become trans


Its funny how Pakistan also has the highest porn consumption of all muslim countries so did they just troon out because of porn addiction?

Its similiar to morroco which also is open to all kinds of western influences and they have a lot of people who produce and consume porn as well. I think western influence, especially porn plays a huge part in this.


the islam cant defeat the indian in them


> neo nazis and muslims who attack lgbt and leftists together.
No, you MSM clickbait watching infant. Making posts online about how grown men shouldn't be allowed to get naked in little succubis' changing rooms is considered a "violent speech attack" on "trans" in Germany and Europe and these are the only kind of "attacks" that are happening.

Muslim nations have historically been rules by pederasts who trick Allah in to not finding the sex gay by making the boy out to be a succubus. Some sects of Islam even teach that Mary, mother of Jesus, was actually a male who was able to impregnate himself before transitioning to a succubus to give birth. Transvestisism is routed in Islamic religion and culture.


>I think western influence, especially porn plays a huge part in this.
Porn isn't Western. The oldest examples are from Arabian and Iranian paintings and tapestry, with much of it even being homoerotic in a full dick-in-ass sense. The porn industry today is almost entirely owned by Jewish Israelis who have been outspoken in how they're aware that their pornography is excellent at undermining and controlling Western peoples and religions. In this sense pornography is just as Semitic as Islam itself. Good on the Sunnis etc for trying to eradicate its influence from their nations but in reality it all begun there and is propagated entirely by non-Westerners.


You're a delusional leftist retard.


Oh, it's you again, the liberal pro-LGBT hippie who claims anyone is either a /po/cuck naziboo, or a "leftist" which you insist is different from all other kinds of left-wing ideology


>Porn isn't Western. The oldest examples are from Arabian and Iranian paintings and tapestry, with much of it even being homoerotic in a full dick-in-ass sense.
I think you're on to something considering that there is no actual ancient pornographic depictions from the west. Western cultures have sculptures with flacid penises and no provocative or suggestive poses.

Those muslim cultures however had a lot of that even in ancient egyptian art you can find depictions of apparent gay dick sucking and stuff. There generally seems to be a lot more coomer and porn stuff in ancient arab literature.


Looked further into it and found some of said paintings lol. Also found some interesting stuff such as turkish and arab communities having crossdressers who danced and got fucked by other guys even centuries ago, they have a whole tradition of this. Theres even an old painting of several crosdressing dudes making a circle by sticking their dicks in each others butts lololol.

I agree with you on the gay crossdresser stuff having an ancient history in islamic countries that lasts to this day but muslims still prosecute gays and muslim immigrants are usually highly hostile towards gays and there have been several occasions where they killed their own if one came out to be gay such as the two muslims who got stabbed by their own people in Birmingham, England.

Muslims are usually huge hypocrites who preach things they never practice and shit on westerners despite having a long degenerate history themselves but you can see a big increase in young arabs who do porn and other stuff.


At that age you just become a depressed sage. I can tell a lot of old people don't like their lives and they are normalfags I don't know what it would be for an old wizard.


I lost my hair so there's that I guess there's no coming back. I don't feel young anymore. Nobody chooses this life, I wish I could at least have my hair back.


pretty good post


it is strange, seems like some breadtuber take; "entitled privileged virgins", - just more demonisation so nobody will extend any empathy whatsoever.


>Society isn't ridiculing voluntary celibates.
well actually yes it is (or would, if volcels were even relevant), society would never consider a sexless man to be voluntarily sexless, its a hysterical proposition to the average person. and regardless theyre still virgin, low status men, the biggest punching bags of society.


Any virtuosity gets mocked in todays world and labeled as naive, if you choose to not partake in something they will automatically assume that you are a weirdo. In our feminized world you only get rewarded for superficial stuff such as your dick, sexual experience and attractiveness but not for your virtues. I'm not saying it was way better in past days but men seemed to get rewarded for more relevant things in the past other than now where its all about how attractive you are to succubi or how well you go along with modern bullshit. That's why the attack on male autist spaces is a last direct attack on masculinity as well, they try to bully everyone into submission and dumb men down to being chimpanzees who only do things to get validated by succubi. A mans status is not based on his intelligence, virtues, strength, views or skills but its all about how well he plays into this feminine thing and that's why thug lowlifes get rewarded more than some uninteresting guy who might be way more intelligent but less likeable for todays standards.


I agree that todays concept of "love" is bullshit and also a delusion of men. Theres attractive men who want to have a loving relationship but they are still aware of the womens nature unlike the losers who get manipulated and act like little boys wanting their mommy to love them. I wouldn't say Christians/Europeans concept of love is a perversion but modern times just show that "love" without the spiritual aspect is superficial and religions like Christianity have been aware of the womans nature too


If you fret over a man's status in the society you have no virtue, so you deserve whatever you're suffering.


Low IQ response


If they don't want relationships hoe you still call them involuntary? >>291603


It's not about what you want but what you potentially can do.

If you are an autistic mentally ill neet, 5'2 tall american in his late 20s with no friends it doesn't matter if you stop wanting relationships, when in actuality nobody wants you.


Whatever else you want to keep repeating to thyself, huh


Yeah, it's like a homeless moneyless schizo saying they choose not to live on the Upper East Side in a 10,000sqft empire mansion.

That was never an option, hell even a single bedroom condo wasn't.


>nations become concentration camps
I guess your point is too high IQ for most anons so I'm going to elaborate and you may correct me if my interpretation is wrong: the feared dystopian big brother system has already been here for a long time because people are raised to police themselves and eachother to conform to norms and values that benefit the powers that be. The 'work-will-set-you free' slogan is analogous to the promise that conforming to societal expectations will lead to a good life (home ownership, partner, leisure, a job that is respected and well rewarded) for all of us. Wizards tend to be those who by either the circumstances of their birth could not or by virtue of their character would not conform to norms that in the eyes of the wizards are clearly not in our favor at all. Such inability or refusal to conform must be punished to reinforce the status quo and it's ironic that the normies who act as judge, jury and executioner don't see that by bullying others they also bully themselves. They're probably very scared that the same thing could happen to them if they don't keep up with the latest expectations.

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