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I have a strange condition and super annoying condition where i literally, literally, literally, literally, literally cannot stop being distracted by my own thoughts, inner Voice and monologues, not Even for a minute, i cannot even focus while watching anime or cartoons with very simple plots, my eyes Would be staring at the screen but my Brain is not really there, it is Always wandering else where, i often have to repeat entrie sections in anime/cartoons/films because i keep being distracted and miss on important scenes, dialogues, details, and so on, often it feels Like a Big chore to constantly have to leave my chair to replay The thing to revisite The scenes i have "missed", let alone Read Books or watching a lecture, i just cannot Turn my Brain off, not even for a second, it causes me severe insomniac issues as well, i Can spend 12 hours in bed but only actually sleep for 5 hours max, the rest of The Time is me spent being awake and thinking endlessly About random things that don't seems to end, i been told i might have ADHD/ADD but i really cannot relate to most people with ADD/ADHD, they just seem as people with low patience, for me it's not that i get bored from Doing things or do stupid things Like not turning off my notifs, but my issue and Source of Endless distraction and concentration Issues Come from my inside.


lol, the guy with adhd who thinks adhd is not a real illness, so therefore what he has can't be adhd because his issues are real. what a joke


Where in my post did i claim Any of This?
I talked to Many people with ADHD but they never relate to me, to them It's just them having low patience (even if it's a disorder) i Can watch long films and read a Book for long hours but The issue is that i keep Being DISTRACTED by my own thoughts, They are louder than anything else, even if it's something i enjoy or i have a deep intrest in, none of The people with ADHD i interacted with could relate to my symtoms, to me they just seems as people with low patience, as i said i Can seat for long hours to read a non fiction book About a topic that interests me without getting bored, i just cannot stop my mind from wandering, even when i am trying to sleep, the thoughts cannot stop, even if i wake up AT night for a half minute to pee and return to bed to fall asleep again, my Brain starts working again without me Being able to fall asleep


I can even binge watch anime that i love a lot for long hours but i will often need to repeat entire sections even if i am totally staring at The screen all the Time (without feeling any boredom) but my Brain Would still wander, no latter how much i try to return to the present Moment, it keeps wandering endlessly.
Sorry for repeating my self too much, it's literally ruining my life


It's possible to have ADHD and suffer from one of its "components" only (e.g. an individual suffers from an attention deficit without being hyperactive, and vice-versa). Inattentiveness can lead to being distracted by intrusive thoughts of course, but what you're describing is more among the lines of OCD and/or derealization-depersonalization, although I'm not saying that you don't suffer from ADHD as well, it's common for neurodivergents to have other comorbidities.


ADHD is not "low patience" "low patience" is a character trait not a mental illness. ADHD is closer to what you describe, an inability to maintain focus and attention. You are being derogatory.


Yeah I am placing another vote for ADHD here but it's not like I am an expert


I just hate to claim to have ADD/ADHD Because people Always assume i have The wrong symptoms, they assume i have a short attention span in the sense that i get bored of things quickly, but my issues is different, i just can't Turn my Brain off for a minute


I surely have that but it has nothing to do with my concertation issues, if i don't repeat sections in anime/cartoons episodes that i "missed" i Would end up not understanding what happened and Missing on Many important details or/and jokes, it's like me leaving The room to go to the bathroom without pausing The episode Every minute just to return and notice How much i missed
Good way to put it


I deal with the same.
I suspect it's early onset of Parkinson or Dementia.

Maybe it's ADD also, i don't know.


> I have a strange condition

Intrusive thoughts / OCD / etc. are not strange or never heard of. You simply might be a very severe case. In this case psychiatry and some drugs can help. Psychiatry generally sucks, but only for "fixing your life and your depressive view of the world" and things like that. But for very tangible practical brain issues like the one you're described, it can definitely help.


>i Would end up not understanding what happened and Missing on Many important details or/and jokes, it's like me leaving The room to go to the bathroom without pausing The episode Every minute just to return and notice How much i missed
How can this not be a cause for failing to concentrate? If you're constantly getting distracted by intrusive thoughts you obviously won't be able to pay attention, also what you're describing is a common OCD thought which is called "memory hoarding".
The way OCD functions is it creates an anxiety inducing thought, and then you are compelled to perform an action which will momentarily relieve this anxiety, but this usually doesn't last long and in the long-term it only makes things worse. The only solution is to identify the thought, acknowledge it as irrational, stop being afraid of it, and resist carrying out the compulsion, although this is easier said than done.
Also, no offense, but from the way you write, you might be dyslexic.


WE learn something New


Maybe, but for this one I am just phone-posting from my small phone's screen, I hate it but I have a good reason to do so.

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