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I have some kind of severe neurological condition i have no clear answers on and I've apparently suffered from to some degree forever, but it's gotten far worse over the past few years.

I'm completely boxed in, I'm scared of what my reality will become in a few years and I don't want to be here to find out but obviously I may not have the nerve to off myself.

I don't think whatever your circumstances may be that it's all that hopeless, I'd do anything for a functional brain at this point, Jesus christ, I bet if you cut down on screen time and jogged each day your mood would improve by 30 percent at least.

I'm fucked but I don't get that sense from most of the guys here, I see people who are unmotivated and fearful of rejection, who truly don't have any real struggle.


me too. im at point where its so bad im not sure if i wrote that post in some fugue state. society doesnt help people without advocacy, either there are people that love you to help you or you will be in a world of hurt.

except my body despite all best efforts and doing the right thing to take care of it. its also damaged from bad surgery as a kid from socialised medicine the dr makes mistake in public on a patient.

there always been always will be passers through angsty also temp apprentices which are normal and will move on from here. lots of really depress wizard dont even post.

youre right at that point the end its alienating you come to a place for outcast on the internet and then even within that group there are successful people that are mistaken by eveyrone around them for being normal npcs. definitely lots people here that will fix themselves in time and move on, then others who will not and as you put it struggle tremendously not only in their mind but real physical world problems that cannot be thought around. being unable to walk for example. its not the same, still it must suck for them, i'm glad there are some wizard out there doing well.


Damn I'm sorry about the physical disabilities, I can walk fine but I have heart damage from drugs and booze. It is what it is. I think I'm gonna wrap it up soon


dubs checked and sorry the physical you too. dont want know to say to youo which make me sad for both of us because i dont know what to say to myself. its very difficult, how can i tell you when i know myself, that despondency knowing that even if somehow your physical shell wasn't affecting your mind.

to tell yourself some copes well, we cant know when we will pass, people die of accident anytime cant live like that ok. my retort, im basic required biological functions, in a lot of pain the mental anguish, disability makes more difficult. it got worse over the years. i did work very hard to fix things. the equation doesnt work. theres a lot broken and im of little value to others so there isnt investment where its needed to get better. it is scary, im not scared of death, what is scary is to know the world how it is, my state and condition, and that my efforts are inadequate because of circumstance outside control.

its scary, to think what will it be like if things this bad now as an old man. when you cant even look after yourself. people will say that is depression, maybe, its real though. i wont make a choice to end my life one day, i will continue to fight in whatever capacity. if my mind is then broken, the culpability will fall upon others.

its another way of saying too, that some people don't make an act of suicide, they're suicided by the system. other people being left behind too its unfortunate because some of your pain then it go onto them for their burden, and then your pain didnt die with you.

your pain didnt die with you it went to them it didnt die with you it went to them. the body is the great sacrifice to grow the spirit, if you can carry the cross to the end then that is brilliant. if you can find a way to help other people on your way out so that living your life and remaining functional is about helping other people and not care about yourself, that can actually help you to do things and stay alive too. its important to try identify any and all hack that allow to make a good outcome from changing internal perspective, values. coping they call it sometimes, in this instance prefer to call it acceptance.

lots of people can be more happy in an instant lower their desire and want for things, only some things you actually need and then a good case can be made and reason away/accept/cope the rest, so long as you have the basic foundation there. these people often do fill and take up all the room with services, so that other people that are very truly needing help dont get it.

we only out here trying to make some basic connection to not go insane. what people here going to need is actual investment from other human beings that care about them if they are going to be ok.

only know too well your words gravity its i wish i could be there to help and just put my hand and say im very sorry anon you didnt deserve this i cant im sorry.

please do look after yourself and value yourself wizbros


>dysfunctional brain
Mens sana in corpore whatever. For brain issues, check here: https://wizchan.org/dep/res/291067.html#291423

It's no little thing, this collection of assets!

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