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getting angry, getting frustrated edition

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Galdonfini looks like an obese retard throwing a hissy fit unbecoming of a man of his position. This is probably the worst gif you could come up with to make this thread.

Anyways, everything is going great at my wagie place, low influx of customers. Don't matter cause I still get paid. Wish things were always like this.


I think I got a job as a cook at KFC, will work for few months, and then will get the fuck out of this house I'm staying at and this country.
I've tried to find a real good paying job for like 4 months now, I think. So far only had one interview at Publix on senior QA engineer role, which I failed. And that's pretty much all.
I'm sick of being at the mercy of someone else mood or whims. And This goes both ways I think, they can't really stand me, which is understandable.
I just want fucking out, to not exist on the lives of my relatives, just be gone


Gonna quit my job of 10 years, the last few year they degraded my job to customer service. I hate it, while the normies get the more cushy positions. I hate everything, i wish WW3 happens so i get incinerated as i'm from Europe. I always cry out for some light but i'm never helped, never. Fucking abomination of an existence, i spit on its creator.


Mobsters are pieces of shit and retards, crazy innit.


I work in retail, selling Mr Beast bars to mindless cunts.


Did a double take when i saw Mr. Beast food advertised at the service station the other week. That cunt really is everywhere now.


crazy for how many years the tradition remained alive to use a sopranos pic as the OP for the wageslave general.
its been what? like 10 years already?


I don't know if you can call it a tradition when it's probably one guy.


One time the guy who makes them was slow making the thread so I made a wageslave thread without a sopranos pic. It pissed him off so much he has never been late again lmao.


fuqqqin bitch niqqa. FUCK!


It pissed us all off, i remember boycotting your thread lol.


lol probably not even a wiz if he cares so much about shit like this.
just you. I've been here since 2013 and I couldn't care less. Besides, I am not some pissy wagie who cares if someone opens a thread before me.


the only correct thing for a boss with a depressed employee to do is to fire him, and not consider his well being to be the boss's problem
"we cant do anything for him"

but then also the only correct thing for that wiz to do, is to traumatize a train driver by putting neck on rails
society has done nothing for him, why should he care not to harm society


he's not harming society in that case, he's just harming random people. the system goes on chugging without a problem.


Well i remember more, but im glad the sopranos tradition continues. Good for you 2013, you made it.


you'll just slow shit for awhile which will piss everyone off nowadays, no one gives a shit anymore about train suicides, world is fucked as it is.


It's better to stay in your room as a NEET until your parents die.

Adulting, working and all that other bullshit is not satisfying. You have to be around the worst normalfag scumbags in existence all the time and it never ends. They will try to scam and swindle you at every turn.



You have nothing to scam and swindle, you're fat and broke. Join us in reality.


I actually had someone try to scam me by trying to force me to buy their in-store products instead of installing my own self bought products. He actually refused service to me if I didn't buy his products that he would overcharge me for. The google reviews said that he was charging 4x the amount the products actually cost.

I spoke to him over the phone and I laughed at him, called him a dumb fat old retard and that I was going to leave a 1 star review for his business on google reviews, then hung up.

That is what prompted me to write that post.


Through basically an act of God I got a job about 2 years ago but it will soon be coming to an end. I got promoted to manager which is a miracle considering I was neet for 10 years before then.
The place is moving and I can't make it to the new location. I am doing driving lessons but I won't be able to do it in time. I only have a few months before the move.
For the past year I've been applying for new positions, anywhere, even McDonalds, but no one is picking up. I've been to 9 interviews, I just can't succeed at them.
Soon I will go back to NEETing and unless another miracle happens I don't think I'll be getting out of it this time. Back when I was a NEET I always thought it was my lack of work experience that turned people off, but now I know I'm just too socially fucked to get past the interview stage.


Try working on your physical appearance. Try and look like you really have your shit together. Be fit and healthy with a good haircut, nice clothes, and fashionable glasses (if applicable). This is almost more important than the social skills. If you are ugly, I am sorry, it will be more difficult but everything I mentioned still helps.


It's laughable how this is the way the world works.

As long as you •look• appealing, normies entrust you with jobs, money and responsibility.

If you look unappealing, the world hates you.
The world truly is an animalistic hell.




The world runs on heuristics and best guesses, not on certainty. No one has the time to evaluate your entire personality and history, so they latch on to things that seem important. Your appearance communicates a lot to other people, how much effort you put in, how aware you are of fashion and trends, how aware you are of your image and behavior and how those affect others. You could still be a complete shit person for the job, but most of the time, a person that's sloppy in their appearance will be sloppy in their work, so you can at least use it as a way to quickly filter out some types of people.


I work 7 days a week and for what?

I don't even make that much money. Over $1,000 goes to taxes and I don't even get anything in return while everyone else benefits except for me. What a joke.


What alternatives to working are there?


File: 1710362685801.jpg (91.88 KB, 855x1041, 285:347, 5d3ba312099ee79da816cc19d0….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Bye bye codemonkeys, ur days are numbered. Not so smug anymore?



File: 1710362701921.png (121.95 KB, 792x896, 99:112, bde4a753f3762a2bd70a9e78e4….png) ImgOps iqdb


If you can be that easily replaced by an AI/Immigrant/Dog, then either your job didn't actually need doing or you were never very good at it.


99% of jobs are there just so billionaires can fuck teenage succubi on their boats in international waters
other 1% is to get them cocaine to snort off their assholes
nothing un the economy matters
if ai stealing easy nigger jobs it sucks
just have to work harder nigger jobs
so the boss can keep snorting snow off loli asshole


It looks pathetic.
These "AI" can do statistical party tricks with basics but they are very often wrong and very bad at anything innovative like building new software. Look at self driving cars - everyone thought they were be great by now. Getting the last 20% of accuracy is basically impossible for many tasks with current techniques and it will never be fixed because neural networks are fundamentally flawed


Rarely is anything innovative anyway, most of the codebases are due to people copying each other (StackOverflow meme), then simply maintaining and fixing bugs. That would leave only a tiny percentage at the top (PhD… etc) and terminate a huge chunk of code monkeys


That's because it's the easiest course of action.

The only thing 'code monkeys' with no talent care about is getting paid.
You get paid by maintaining that broken shitty code.

People care vastly more about getting intoxicated, having nice furniture, nice cars and big homes than they care about advancing science or a neural network.


I always wonder if these idiots who think LLMs are actually any good, actually ever use them.

I mean, have they ever actually paid for GPT-4 and actually tried it, and actually saw how completely useless and always wrong it is?

Because if they did, then maybe they wouldn't write ridiculous stuff about AGI, loss of jobs, etc.

And getting better is a meme, because this technology is fundamentally flawed, it cannot be "improved".

It's all marketing.


>These "AI" can do statistical party tricks with basics but they are very often wrong and very bad at anything innovative like building new software.

Everyone making this argument is missing the point. It's not that AI is going to replace people, it's that people using AI are going to replace people. The one guy who really knows his shit will use AI to vomit out code and then just make a few tweaks to make it work thus upping his productivity by like 500%, thus allowing him to replace 5 less productive workers. AI is really good autocomplete and it is becoming better and better as time goes on meaning people who use it will become much more productive. This is a bad thing unless AI will somehow magically increase demand for their services by a commensurate amount, which they won't. So the basic point he is making that this shit is bad for coders is absolutely correct. It will be kind of funny to see all the coders who are poo pooing this shit get replaced.



We're not likely to hire anyone to this department until there's some retirements or fatalities now.

Using GPT-4 (though I prefer the setup I have in place for 3) to write 80% of multi-page work orders from a bullet point list input, and then fulfil them with large sections of pre-generated work that can plug in to existing structures makes each of us maybe 30% faster. In a department of 5 guys, that's 1 and one half people that we don't need to hire.

More significantly it means "The people who know how to do things" have the headspace and worktime to experiment.

It's going to *kill* career progression for thousands of people, and raise the bar above the competence threshold of thousands more in entry level positions. Why waste the salary to do a job someone with 5+ years institutional experience can do with the time that is now being spent posting on wizchan?

$1< for $100+ increase in output value per person per day is not even a serious question. It's using electric motors compared to muscle power - the work is largely the same, but the manual effort to achieve it isn't really comparable.

Naturally the benefits and gains will rarely if ever be fully realised by the working plebs, but the ones who work for an enterprise which makes use of it effectively will at least still have jobs when said enterprise eats the market share of the poor fools who failed to capture the value that was available.


i left pretty bad impressions on my supervisor from the start
now i regret it a lot since he seems to be disgusted by me, like im a parasite on the companies money to him, or a tumor in the team that he cant easily remove

will be a lesson for the future, and also a extra motivator to find a new job soon and not get comfy


That methodology is very dangerous because LLMs work statistically and thus can leave silly errors anywhere. It's harder to debug, test and check every line of "AI" code than it is to write it from scratch


This is why many artists have lost faith in AI for their own stylized works. They spend more time scrutinizing AI's output and fixing the errors than they would from just sketching it out themselves.


Perhaps we might see a change in how we program. Maybe programmers will only write tests that contain the necessary requirements and then we let the LLM generate a piece of code that passes those tests.



LLMs will never reach this level of functionality.


>LLMs will never reach this level of functionality.

It's already doable, it would just be a very backwards way of programming. As long as you have fullproof tests that can validate the code, you can just keep generating implementations until one passes and treat it as a blackbox. You can make a simple compiler/translator that would take the test code and generate a prompt for the LLM in some specific format that gives the best results (would require tinkering). Then you simply run the prompt 10-100 times until it gives a piece of code that passes all the tests. If it still fails after the arbitrary limit, you go back and tweak the tests or you somehow give the LLM more context.

The way it's currently, you write a human readable prompt and it spits out some code, you check it yourself or you try to run it, then try to change the prompt or run it again. That could all be automated, both the prompt writing and the running and checking. The programmer would only need to write the test code, he would only focus on specifying the requirements and behavior and coming up with fullproof tests. Of course, it wouldn't be completely blind since the programmer would also have a view of the actual implementation, but he would mostly focus on the tests, so it would fit into a kind of AI test driven development methodology.


What are some 100% legal yet "dick move" /as*hole methods to save money and stay alive? It benefits Me personally if I can save more money and faster. I have no reason to go against My benefit.
Things like
>Living with parents so 0 rent. I already do this
>Going to food pantry/soup kitchen to get free food. More calories, good for workout help
> I have to figure out how to use free wifi with NO cellphone "plan" of any kind, at all
>I have a frauded disability status/ card. Can I use it to demand the government cancels our taxes and then demand my parents they pay me 50% of said tax value burden
>Ditto for "utilities" bill. Possibly even , if I fake being super disabled, get Welfare bonuses and household help nurse( of course, I'll charge 50% to my parents for my "noble work")


Get a shitty wagecuck high paying job working some asshole like 90% of the population or start your own business fucking people over. Or be a streamer, tik toker advertising shit


Can I beg trough gofundmes , change.org or whatever?
Im quite confident that, if Im honest and upfront, and take good attractive selfies, people will WANT to donate to me.
I have no guilt, and I wont even try to hide my real intentions and situations.


Shoplifting as much as you can. It's a skill and trade that can be trained as much as any other thing in life.

If you have stupid ethics or mental blocks that don't allow you to do this, you still have an infantile, brainwashable mind.


I don't blame ye, fucking tired of society and being a suck up goody toe shoes when the most evil shits in the world get everything they wanted, while I struggle to pay bills on my own and to learn some skills so I can get a more miserable job. It all ends in pain one way or another


As I said, my main focus now is easing the burden my parents pay (for ALL of the family) trough my disability bux, and then asking for 50% of that money from my parents for my own use.
A sort of neet subsidy, one could say. If I wasnt autismo Id join the menonite commune or something, they have comfy farm communities.
Best bet is to become an apartment hermit if I can ,somehow, isolate outide sound from my rooms for a reasonable price. Ye olde egg-carton trick?


registering your address in some high cost of living city at a cousins place, collecting the maximum means tested NEETbux, but actually living in a small town and paying for rent in cash.

It's easily the lifestyle of a wagie but as a NEET.


was scrolling through some youtube subscriptions I had and found an interesting video about the history of work hours by a channel named historia civilis.

I have heard of the idea that man historically worked around 4 hours a day so its nice to see it discussed by a history channel. what do you think about the change in mans working hours wizard? I'm lamenting.
Ive heard it said that the Industrial age bought upon added luxuries (factory created items and the like) that the commoner could spend their money on and enjoy, but hats the point if industrial work hours gives you no time to enjoy anything? maybe in our modern day the luxury provided by industry is just zoning out in front of a tv or phone or computer screen numbing yourself until sleep time. I dont like it


sorry to hear that flordiabro. I always thought flordia had some comfy spots, but then again its a prime sport for retirees to burn their money relaxing in the sun isn't it? I hope you can find somewhere comfy that you wont have to kill yourself waging to maintain


Wages haven't kept up with inflation for 40+ years, wagies are working two jobs now just to be a rentoid so the whole things is crashing. 8 hours a day 5 days a week was boomer logic.
4-5 hours a day 5 days a week is the most I have ever been able to tolerate, my instincts tell me life is not supposed to be work taking up every waking moment.


Intuitively I feel underemployment was historically a bigger problem than too many working hours. Peasants seemed to go hard working 12 hours a day through harvest season, but did less hours in winter where they fucked around inside eating frugally.

Underemployment is still a problem today, people suffer working too few hours typically, not too many.


I have no knowledge on this subject besides this video, but he discussed that due to the lack of products to consume a peasant found it easy to stockpile enough wealth to coast for a bit. since getting a job was simply walking up to the land owner and giving him a firm handshake it seems to me that mr peasant man could work as he pleased. Go to farmer, work his fields, stockpile enough money to take a week or maybe even more time off (or for winter), simply dont show up to work (people were paid by the day so no need to work till payday), NEET, come back to farmer when you run out of money, get to work in the fields again.


It's so funny how someone has to work two or three jobs to live and keep up than spoiled billionaires that built their money by luck and debt to either be retired or CEOs working people to make em more money. I don't like communism or socialism but something doesn't feel right with this system.


>. I am doing driving lessons but I won't be able to do it in time. I only have a few months before the move.
does it take long to earn driver's loicense where you live? if it's 1-2 month gap you can probably just use taxi in that time as a temporary measure


The only reason I'm even alive is because my dad was one such exploiter of others in the business world.

He died at 71 and I live in his house and have his savings. If those ever run out, I literally have no way to survive in this world and will KMS the moment it happens.

In another timeline where my parents were poor, I would already have committed suicide decades ago.
It literally boils down to luck.


was about to buy a gaming pc but then remembered that every raising of my living standard will put weight on the shekels that my ovelords cast upon me
if i stick to my rusty laptop, there is no need to fear losing my job and getting worse pay somewhere else


It's that time again, completely out of bux, so I have to wage slave again. I am looking at jobs and it's basically either I'm unqualified, it's a full time permanent position, or it involves high levels of interacting with normies. I can't handle full time without roping myself, not unless it's a temp job.

So far the only thing I've found is some sort of dogwalking thing. Has anyone ever done dog walking? Sounds good in theory. It's active, you get to be outside, only have to deal with dogs instead of humans, hopefully anyway. Then I suppose there is the option of taking a full time permanent position in a warehouse or something but just quitting after a few months. Of course, that is another black mark on your permanent record.


i dont think quitting after like 6 months is a black mark


File: 1711362220499.gif (990.39 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1646313909053.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I've been working for 13 years now and have nothing to show for it except health problems from being on night shift for too long. Ironically I'm at this job for the health insurance offered.
The position I have been able to tolerate is getting axed due to automation and the remaining jobs there are so fucking shit.
I've been spending a lot of the money I make on car repairs for a beater that's a lost cause. I absolutely don't want car payments or to pay full coverage. A lapse in my mental state or employment will result in a new car being repossessed.


did you not save and/or invest any of that money?


wageslaving is designed to keep you enslaved. system wouldn't work if you could just put in a good 10 years and then relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. they will squeeze every bit of productive labor out of you before spitting you back out as a husk of a human being.


I wish I could work. I never understood the consequences properly before it was too late. I dropped out at 18, mentally insane, and I eventually lost my physical health. I've been in worsening unbearable agony for the past 2 years due to endless diseases. Most recently I found out all my teeth are fucked and I have a huge inflammation on the right side of my mouth, and two teeth with the toxin that u need to take out or it will kill you. I can barely walk I'm so weak, lost half my weight, endless list of health problems. I can't afford healthcare, my family is poor and can't help. I'm so mentally ill I cant swallow antibiotic pill tried 5 times. I think I'm getting meningitis or my heart will give out soon.
Health problems+no money equals life over and it hurts worse than I thought life could ever hurt, my mind almost gave out as well.


It's what happened to my mother and now she's bed ridden with breast cancer, god is such a cruel being, it isn't fair and she did the best she could for all of us.


Get the teeth pulled and swallow those antibiotics. You can do it. Dental abscesses can be fatal if left untreated, but it will not be a quick or pleasant death. You just have to swallow the water like there is nothing floating around inside of it. Put the pill in your mouth and then just focus on drinking all the water. You probably won't even notice that you swallowed it. You need to do the entire course of antibiotics without skipping a dose so that it works, and also get the teeth pulled of course.


Love seeing techies getting fucked over.


While I'm rather sure that AI will replace any digital profession at some point, we're still not close to the actual replacement of coders. As others have posted already, its only able to do very simple stuff and anything else will end up in a clusterfuck that you need to fix all the time. You spend loads of time undoing the mistakes of the AI which repeatedly keeps running into the same logical issues if you try to code anything other than very basic stuff.

If youre a lowtier coder who can only do very simple tasks then then you're getting replaced easily but if youre the type who does more serious web/software type stuff or IT security etc. you very likely still have quite the time to go.


how much do you guys sleep? i cant function on less than 9 hours sleep, and even with 9 hours I wake up exhausted and feel tired all day.


Any Uber driver here? I'm planning becoming a Uber driver, any tips I should know?


gig economy is inconvenient, gas, fines, maintenance, it's all on your shoulders


you mean impractical and not profitable after expenses?


I tried it briefly but found it caused me too much anxiety. I am weak. My tips are don't forget to stop the ride once the person gets out. After you get a rider go offline so you don't get more requests coming in for new trips. Look at the requests coming in and reject all multi-stop trips. The thing that killed it for me is uber gives people your phone number so they can call you while you are driving. I hate phone calls and it was hard finding people sometimes because the app is not always precise with its directions in big complexes like hospitals and there are lots of other people looking for their uber driver which isn't you. In general you have to stop places where it's illegal to stop basically as a matter of course. That gives me bad anxiety. Then there's the normals who insist on carrying on a conversation which just made me have to split my attention from the road thus increasing the risk of actual death. I think I should have just said that I can't focus on the road while talking. I also live in a city where 90% of my customers were black and black people don't tip so the pay wasn't great. It wasn't bad either, more than I'd make in a normal job, but I couldn't stomach the anxiety. I was literally drenched in sweat after just a couple hours.


one other thing, succubi sometimes had small children whom it is illegal for me to transport by law without a car seat. I can either break the law or tell the person I'm rejecting their trip. I can't handle telling people no but I also don't want to break the law. It wouldn't have been bad though if I weren't so crazy, but at the end of the day all the little anxieties and stuff made me give in because I am weak.


That sucks man. I almost want to become an Uber drive now just for the opportunity to tell a succubus she's breaking the law. "GET OUT OF MY FUCKING CAR NOW!!!" Sounds really fun.


I mean yes, on top of that you also have to pay taxes


File: 1711534601870.webm (573.94 KB, 640x360, 16:9, all your problems are abo….webm) ImgOps iqdb


Can anyone\someone explain Drop Shipping to me? i read about it online, googled it, but can't quit understand what it means or why normogroids hate it.
if normies say drop shippers are leeches, then drop shipping must be a GOOD thing to do


people place orders with you and you then place the order to some other seller at a cheaper price and keep the difference as profit minus shipping costs. it's an easy hustle unless there's some issues and they have to refund it, i guess.


oh i just thought it meant you the seller dont store the physical goods yourself


What a fucking prick, i'll never in my life be a taxi driver, no one is grateful for anything anymore.


File: 1711897405612.png (444.07 KB, 900x506, 450:253, 1709331213702112.png) ImgOps iqdb

You guys ready for another week? I sure as hell not.


It's not an "easy hustle" like the wizard said above.

All sorts of legislation restrict dropshipping. For example if you take card payments, you are required to also process returns according to the laws of your country.

If people send you defective stuff back, you can't just "not refund" them or Visa/Mastercard are going to take the money out of your merchant account and also blacklist your future businesses.

A whole another story is gaining a customer base. There are already 100 million people doing dropshipping. Good luck starting *any* niche in 2024, when it's already controlled by a few thousand people who have infiltrated every product category imaginable.
Temu itself is nothing but a dropshipping company and they sell any product that any Chinese factory can make. They spend tens of millions of dollars _monthly_ on advertising. Have fun competing against that.


What does it matter if the person works there or not? Take immediate control of the situation and do not let this person force you to live in fear. Think defensively! What can you do right now to lessen the danger this person poses to you? Can you alert anyone you trust as to what’s going on? There must be someone. The more (trustworthy) people that know about what's going on, the greater defense you will have.



>Can you alert anyone you trust as to what’s going on? There must be someone. The more (trustworthy) people that know about what's going on

Literally no one is trustworthy anymore. Like 95% of people are selfish snakes.

Everyone is an impotent cuckold. Nothing will be done about it until this motherfucker has their teeth kicked in.


Let your supervisor know you're being harassed, have a meeting over it and get it down as a written issue.

Then if it continues, film them, record them, film and record and escalate rapidly and loudly by calling another meeting. You Play the footage, say it's been going on for a long time, you had no choice but to film it, you don't have to tolerate it and that it needs to be solved immediately.

If no action is taken or they try to avoid the issue, contact a lawyer to make a phone call to the company inquiring about it. I guarantee you after that final step something will be done.

Filming, recording and narcing is based as shit.


Don't know about other countries but in UKwe got friday and monday off. Tuesday now so the shit begins once again. And of course the work has piled up so there's twice as much to do. God I just want my life back.


Jesus fuck I can't stand working at the fucking convenience store. Some of these people smell like absolute shit and don't even look like they take a fucking shower. It's the absolute fucking worst.


File: 1712257539987.jpeg (514.19 KB, 820x822, 410:411, 5A3E7743-BC2C-4B40-9EE0-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Convenience store jobs are hell.


I'm surprised how fat, ugly and grotesque everyone is nowdays.

I'm the only good looking fella around.


No fucking kidding. Especially in a town where 99.9999% of the local population is actually retarded.


You don't belong here


Government just announced that they'll be cutting 50,000 people (25%) of people off NEETbux as their target, and I had my doctor pressuring me to get a job and saying go to therapy. I think they're sending me to a therapist to rugpull me and say I'm healthy enough.

The thing is, my family doesn't actually want me to work now. After years of working, they see I'm happier and more lively not working. One even said to me "being broke is a minor problem to you, but you're so full of life and happy not working, you just seemed perpetually stressed and miserable holding a job".

Idk, I guess I'll cry hysterics if I have to to make sure I'm not one of the 25% axed. I think the plan is to degrade me from a sickness benefit and then give me an ultimatum in that I have to take a shitty job or get nothing.


What's the point in socializing at all?

I have nothing in common with these people and I don't care about your inane bullshit. Just leave me alone.


oxytocin, mental stimulation, probably many countless benefits we don't even know about. Your evolutionary history selected you to be social, it is a form of torture to not engage in community activities. Even if Normies are absolutely retarded


I love every day I get to spend painting, renovating, watching series, cooking, reading books or sleeping.

And I detetest, loathe and hate every day I have to spend time with normies who spout their endless ignorant, loud, racist, brash stuff which mostly is just one ape trying to one up other apes by making others feel bad in various ways and they enjoy it.

I need 2-4 weeks of alone time to recover from a day spent with those monsters.


This is just normalfag bullshit. No, you don't need to engage in community activities or socialization.

Of course normalfags are happy socializing and participating in activities because they gain support, resources and opportunities, which makes them feel safe.

Their ability to socialize is also effortless. It takes no effort at all for them with no thinking required. Contrast this with a high functioning autistic person and one single insignificant social interaction could trigger non-stop thinking about the interaction for 2 weeks straight.


File: 1712842205462.jpg (239.99 KB, 1920x1600, 6:5, watson.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Your evolutionary history selected you to be social, it is a form of torture to not engage in community activities. Even if Normies are absolutely retarded
>human evolution selects for small tribal groups for ~240,000 years
>dunbar's number remains low after 7,000 years of civilization
>hypersocial normies are retarded (maladaptative)


you should ask yourself that question considering you're socializing right now. Why not just ask yourself this question in your own head and not post at all on this website? Maybe because interacting with people is just better than being alone. You get access to more of the hive-mind that way. You are only a part of the hive-mind. Your conscious thoughts are all based on other conscious thoughts that were inserted into your brain through the process of interacting with other humans. You are only complete as a human while interacting with others. Otherwise your existence has no meaning and you remain unable to interact with the rest of the hivemind, and like a drone that's been cut off from its master, you are nothing without it. Much less capable. I mean you want to know how to do something, well you go to the human hivemind to find it out, right? The internet (and books before it) has created an interface device for accessing the hivemind, but ultimately it falls flat because you can only take in information, not interact with the hive mind like a real and complete human would be able to. Of course, now with AI this is changing, but you still came here to ask your question instead of posting it to chat GPT, didn't you?


Socializing on the internet is not the same as socializing in real life.



It's still communicating dumbass, how about not post shit and talk to no one, then you will truly understand real loneliness.


I think you both have reasonable points tbh. While writing paragraphs on an imageboard is not really a subsitute for irl socialization it is still a social exchange. It would indeed feel lonelier if you stopped posting altogether and just used the internet to watch stuff. I think if you're unable to socialize irl then the internet can definitely help with getting your thoughts out but it shouldn't be confused for real life because if it really was the same, then you'd be able to communicate with people irl as well.


God I hate work so much. It's not only working hours. It's the fact that you have to structure every little thing in your day and week around work. When you go to bed, what you eat, house chores, when you wake up, which transportation means you use, the physical and mental energy that you put into work that you lack otherwise, the weekend that you spend dreading about monday to come, the social pressure. I feel like every inch of my life is drained from me and for the next 40 years I'll be in hell and then I'm old, sick, ready to die. School sucked, uni sucked and work sucks even more. You don't learn new stuff you just repeat old stuff. I'm constantly mentally drained, work is literally killing me. I notice that when I have vacation, after a week I'm somewhat relaxed, when there's still a week left. But with work I'm always either aggressive or dissociated, in a bad mood, never doing anything for myself, it steals all my joy and will to be a decent person, it makes me a bad person but i am trapped in a cage, an animal chased to a dead exit by predators.


Now I'm starting to drink during and after work. Life's great, isn't it?


Your post made me stop looking for a job, the grass is always greener it seems, I'm sick of being broke but I forgot how absolutely miserable working can be.


Society is designed to farm normies. You have lost in life if you aren't one of the oppressors (either born into a rich family or got rich through exploits).

Employment in the US doesn't differ from slavery. Not even at higher salary tiers. People at all income tiers commit suicide or get medication for severe depression due to how awful it is to grind 40 years of your life to make some rich guy even richer.

The only way to fool your brain into thinking this is ok, is by buying toys and trinkets with said salary. When the mind realizes it's just a useless smokescreen, cognitive dissonance makes the employee go crazy or dependent on intoxicants to keep coping with the fact he is a slave for someone else.


I now have 60 months of $500 car payments to look forward to, definitely going insane or kms before I own it.


The law protects evil people. I do not have the money right now to pay the ridiculous fees of a lawyer.

I am trapped. No one wants to help me. I have asked for help and it has only made my situation worse.


That's insane. You should have tried to get a car that was used and older.


It's beautiful isn't it? Only the rich gets to truly win while everyone has to keep working, I just want to join them to fucking retire and be left alone forever, don't wanna exploit people but i'm also not born in wealth so my only option is to try to become some clown e-celeb or something.


I really ran out of options, not exactly spoiled for choice when you go broke fixing a car and have to choose between getting scammed by randos who roll back the odometer or scammed by the stealership and their tacked on fees.


Yeah working in a convenience store in the center of hillbilly world is the most bullshit thing on the goddamn planet. Especially if it's a fucking "truck stop" where truckers that smell like LITERAL SHIT come in just to buy some food and bitch at us when it's not at the price they want. Fuck them in particular. As well as all the other retarded piece of shit that enters our doors.


For fucks sake. Working in a convenience store on a Monday near the interstate is a fucking death sentence. Like can the retarded hillbilly general public stay their asses at home or work? Like don't you fucktards have lives or jobs to get to instead of bothering the fuck out of us? Like get the fuck out of here and leave me alone.


One of my supervisors is such a lookist bitch. She will be all chatty and friendly with everyone else and skip right over even saying a simple hello to me. Maybe i just give off wiz vibes. They also keep putting in a bunch of no fun allowed rules so when im not busy i cant even doodle/do a crossword. Thank the Lord I have my fidget clicker thing.


had one team to install a device on the grid. told them to just mount it, it's already recording no need to tamper. got it back after a week. they mounted it and stopped the recording. every goddamn time it's some stupid shit.


Do you think it's foolish to kill yourself over finances? I used to think such a thing was stupid when I was younger. "Who cares? It's all an illusion anyways, why die over something like that?"

Either i was naive or else i have become a fool (or both perhaps) Because currently I am seriously considering eating a bullet due almost exclusively to money problems.

Im working 7 days 12 hours a day plus 1hr transportation both ways bringing the total closer to 14hours. I cant catch up on rent. On bills. I kept reling on payday loans which then pull from my account at the worst possible time. The job pay schedule is extremely unusual. I got ripped off by used car salesman for nearly all my money, also I spent so much money hiring car rentals or rideshares either to get to work or else to get to dealerships to look at cars.

No one will sell me a car because my credit is fucked, or the ones that will offer me 72 month 25% interest rate loans that would ruin me even more.

The final insult is that I finally interviewed successfully for a well paying job, finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. And then after months long background check/onboarding proces, they send me a notice that I am having the job offer revoked due to poor credit.

No im not making this up, its a real thing which i learned now the hard way.

Seriously wanting to just fucking die at this point. The system is rotten. Its built to break you down and kill your spirit and soul. I don't understand why anyone bothers with this circus. Basic self sustainable is impossible to accomplish. Why bother when my entire life is work?


Why does a job employer care about your bad credit?

If you can't handle rent and transportation, try living somewhere cheaper. Maybe you're just not built for the hustle and bustle of the big city.


Buy bitcoin


It's not foolish to kill yourself when the situation doesn't allow you to live at peace with yourself. Maybe you should try some more desperate moves, but if nothing at all works and nobody offers advice and you can't go on, what's foolish about exiting? At that point it feels more like an invitation from demiurge that your life here is over and it's time for the next circle of hell.


It's foolish because you don't know the metaphysical implications of your death. You run to escape, but your death might lead you to a worse situation and you don't know what that is and whether dying a violent death through suicide is the same as dying peacefully, or whether life had the specific purpose of preparing you for the next life and after you die, there is no going back to correct mistakes.

Not even talking about a classic Christian conception of heaven/hell but even without a god or conscious being directing the whole thing, the laws of the universe might settle on some organization, one that perhaps leaves your soul intact, conscious, able to suffer after death. My metaphysical nightmare is that you simply feel the last thing you felt before you die, like a song stuck on the same note repeating endlessly. Maybe for you that's going to be the feeling of a train going over your head or the pressure in your neck and head while hanging.


If you wageslaved 12 hours a day without weekends all year round to no particular end metaphysical implications wouldn't concern you in the least.


2 minutes of metaphysical "hell" and you'd do anything to go back to your boring job and the chance to at least change your situation.


proceeding from your logic we should all haste to get exit bags and exit peacefully, because what if i get hit by a car and die in horrible pain and then have to suffer it over and over again in some metaphysical "hell". you're just rationalizing your welfare.


>dude the afterlife could literally be anything, there is no god, we're lucky if it's nothingness but there's an equal probability that you could be stuck in a random trans-dimensional state for all eternity
>so you're saying…….that it beats a normal life in a 1st world country? i reckon i take my chances instead of moving to a different city.


are you retarded?


It's a very basic idea. Try a little bit harder to get it before you project your own stupidity.


>It's a very basic idea.
>just be a normalfag to not upset metaphycians
yep thank you for confirmation


Wow, he really doesn't get it. He's not trolling, apparently it just went over his head. Another round of explanations and hope some neurons activate or leave the lil twerp to his fate? Fuck it, I ain't getting paid so good luck.


File: 1715484655471.jpg (134.04 KB, 1470x980, 3:2, 59934.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Got a raise to $45k. Not enough to live comfortably (or ideally), but enough to give some cushion. This week was a good week to be a wagie.


1. Buy Bitcoin
2. Shut the fuck up
3. Become fabulously wealthy


it is not dipping yet


>Become fabulously wealthy
Eh you make it sound easy. Would you consider something winning if there's no losing side?


>$45k not enough
Brother, I earn £12k part time in a miserable position.


Have any of you escaped low-level wageslavery into a decent-paying wageslave job?


File: 1715735731954.jpg (184.26 KB, 1178x955, 1178:955, IMG_8783.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Yes, the key is to specialize in a certain skill in a particular industry. I work in nonprofit data operations. Sounds wanky but it's niche. Find a niche that only a few people have experience in and you'll be needed. Stop dreaming and take whatever job experience life has given you to work with to shape a "career."


What the fuck am I supposed to do man? I've had 6 job interviews and applied to over 1000 jobs in the past 6 months and I'm still unemployed. Every job I apply to has 100+ other applicants and I'm mostly applying to dead end warehousing/factory jobs. I'm sick of immigrants coming in and replacing the working class.

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