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I'm cursed. I have physical and mental disabilities that make life impossible.

I have no way to cope, I don't use drugs, I don't believe in god, etc…

Suicide might be my only option but I don't know how to do that, I risk to suffer even more. For example if I stopped eating they would put me in a psych ward with artificial nutrition. I thought about drowning myself but what if I just end up with water in my lungs.

I feel like I'm forced to live, how to escape from never ending pain? I'm the living proof of why people shouldn't have children.


I've been thinking about the same thing for 35 years and I haven't found any painless sure ways to end it all except jumping into an active volcano.

Never try a gunshot or strangulation. If it fails and you survive, things are only going to be even worse for the next 50 years as you now are incapable of making a second try but have to be in a vegetative state until you are an old man.


I often pray at night to die in my sleep but it never happens. I really don't know what to say. I truthfully hate being alive and cannot make sense of why I was born. I'm deeply sorry you're in pain; I am as well and do not know what will be the end of it. Try to retain as much courage as you can as we fight in this awful life. Also actively working toward all possible solutions to the problems we have is always a wise course and one that I try following myself even though depression can often interrupt my forward motion on this path.


I'm very sorry that you have physical disabilities too.


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Just because you don't use drugs doesn't mean you can't start. I know there's a few moralizing Wizneets around here who look down on such things because they get high being miserable and superior on anonymous imageboards, but if you're an autistic cripple you might as well get fucked up and watch movies all day. The system will probably pay for it. Say your back hurts chronically and you want pills. Your kind deserve it the most. I am praying for you.


This user is a drugpushing faggot and / or female who wants to see men suffer. This user needs to kill himself NOW.


How is being in chronic back pain better than taking some painkillers and watching a movie?


nice try


Just jump off a fifth floor,that suicide method and hanging are the most painless


Aaahg,h,g this is just how retarded this life is I want to belong to somewhere so much I wish I was never born


Can't you hide your fasts?
Artificial nutrition would into blood so it makes your digestive system rest, it might count as detox. Those are the keys against chronic diseases: https://wizchan.org/dep/res/291067.html#291423


Painkillers are a thing… but the thing is to not set up ourselves for feeding permanent diseases inside us.

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