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are there any games you used to like, and you replayed them and realized they were bad?

shin megami tensei strange journey was in my top 5 games of all time list back in 2012 to 2018.
i replayed it this year and it's so much easier and braindead than i remembered, i think i became more skilled at turn-based games and at exploring maps and conserving MP, and this game just offers no difficulty whatsoever for me now and i steamrolled through all fights. i remember when i first played the game, horkos was so difficult that i died to him 8 times in a row. when replaying i killed him in like 5 turns. it is a simplistic game for babies. play wizardry 8 if you want a hard turn based experience.

or how about dead rising? this is another game that i considered infallible art, i bought an xbox just to play this game back in the day. when replaying its HD rerelease on PS4, all of the psychopaths are way less interesting than i remember them being, the dialogue isn't even cheezy or fun, it's just melodramatic. dead rising 2 is superior in just about every single way with much more effort put into balance and content quality and quantity. and the funny thing is, i didn't even like dead rising 2 at launch. it makes me feel like i've evolved as a person.

maybe i will add more later as i think more on this subject.

let me know if this has happened to you.
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Mortal Kombat



I'm not playing these nintendo games new but replaying them from my childhood. I want closure on these games I never beat. I want to finally be done with them and never have to play them again. I don't want to come back to them or think of them because I never even completed them games. I never finished their stories and I never felt right until I completely beat the games. I'm burnt out of it all honestly. I realize now these games are extremely flawed and that Nintendo's game design is flawed. To fully complete these games is a chore. I don't like these games any more I guess. I don't like the older Nintendo games or anything from my childhood. It was all before I could choose these games and before I was intelligent enough to look up how to beat them on the internet. Now the same nostalgic classics people look fondly over are the same games that I remember I never beat and spent hours doing literally the same things on. I had spent over 40+ hours on Earth Worm Jim 3d as a kid and I hated that game. I would go in the same levels walking around and wondering what I should do. It's so obvious now to me it's insulting. The game really only took me 10 hours I think. I had a lot of fun with the game but before then I hated it. I ended up not completing a single Nintendo game of my childhood until I was older. Only then was I able to actually play the games. Now even though I can play them, I still think of those memories.



I know what you mean.
I sometimes get super stressed during gaming sessions worrying about if I should use subtitles or not or if my key bindings/camera sensitivity are optimal… It's getting better luckily. I occasionally just keep turning subs on and off, playing with sens settings. We're just dumb in that aspect.


Hasn't the f-14 been decommissioned since the 90's?


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If you want a good SW game, set up MovieBattles 2 mod for SW Jedi Academy


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The official final flight retirement ceremony was on 22 September 2006.


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Magic: The Gathering


I would play MTG if I had real life friends. Gets boring playing alone.


I am kinda at that stage with yugioh myself.

It isn't even that I dislike the game, it's just that I don't like it ether. At least not like it enough to keep up with it anymore. I don't even know what the hell is going on with the current meta or anything and don't even care.

Maybe a new online client will come out or something, or a new deck strikes my fancy, but for now the whole scene is pretty meh for me.


Same here


Whats your nickname, fellow wizzie?


I got to the part with the trains in HL1 and just gave up. Games overall just feel like a chore. Why would I want to simulate tedium when so much already exists in the real world?


When you play too much M:tG


Diablo3 ruined by the WoW team


imo this
imagine a minecraft MMO with war factions. that would legit be the most popular game ever i guarantee.


besides smash mostly this
kinda sad to feel yourself change


Truthfully, Red Dead Redemption II.

It's just not Red Dead Redemption. I played the first Redemption on release, and I still remember the tidbits of tales that John spoke about during the duration of the storyline
and it was nothing like Red Dead II was depicted as. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Red Dead II although I didn't really care for the pacing and in-world law/bounty logic. Problem
is that it definitely never happened, and it is more than likely a figment of someone's imagination. Either the boy, or his father John. From what little John told in Red Dead I
it was just Dutch, Bill, Javier, and himself with Abigail. They weren't friendly, they weren't campers, they weren't allowed to browse general stores in towns. From the things he
admitted they were legitimately a roving band of psychopaths that sometimes used Abigail to help barge into places without raising suspicions too soon, and, obviously, as a human
fleshlight for when they needed it. I get it, that reality isn't exactly marketable. But going far left on the spectrum was a bit much too, in my opinion. But if you read up on
Red Dead II's production Rockstar seriously had 8 different teams make 8 different games and than mashed their favorite parts of it into what we now know as Red Ded Redemption II.

I feel it's a lazy form of game development that sadly has become the industry standard.


File: 1634587966446.jpg (206.59 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, c8H2JIN.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Tad bit late, but my ingame nick is FURBALL. I mostly play on EU server though.


1.7.2 for me. The high amount of mods made it 10 times better.


I recently finished GTA:SA for the first time since childhood and was sorely underwhelmed.

It's a very ambitious game, but it doesn't hold up for me. I remember when I was a kid, just having a simulated open world with cities and forests and deserts that you could freely move around in was mind blowing. I would repeatedly go to the airport, steal a plane, fly around until I crashed, only to do it all over again for hours at the time, because the whole thing was so novel and unprecedented.
But having played it again, divorced from it's original temporal context the game is not nearly as impressive. Experiencing the game without that 'wow' factor, exposes the underlying game mechanics which are surprisingly poor.

The combat is quite bad. Just stand in place, lock on and fire -repeat times a million. The guns don't feel good and their sound design is mediocre. For all the weapon variety, all the guns might as well be the same (barring the few unique weapons like the minigun and flamethrower). There is some minor difference in recoil, fire rate, damage, etc. but it has negligible gameplay effect. Enemy combat AI is virtually non existent, they just stand in place while shooting and getting shot at.
A tremendous amount of vehicles in the game, but they all more or less have the same arcadey handling. GTA IV was much better in this regard, even though it's driving was controversial.
The story is terrible and disjointed, so much so I won't even waste time airing all my grievances with it.
Side activities are uninteresting. The ambulance, police, firetruck missions are tedious and badly designed. For example you can still get wanted stars while doing the vigilante missions, meaning you'll be chased by police while chasing bad guys in a police car. Frustrating mechanically, and doesn't even make sense in-game wise.
Having girlfriends sounds cool when you're 9 years old, but it's a shallow mechanic that's not very interesting. Burglary missions sound cool, but they're actually quite tedious. Races and demolition derbies are not very interesting because of the extremely arcadey driving.
A lot of mechanics feel half-assed. Early on in the game stealth is introduced in a mission, and subsequently never used again. Gang warfare/territories are briefly introduced early in the game as well, then taken away and don't appear until the very end of the game again (which is good because it's an annoying mechanic). You can talk/react to some of the NPC's, by pressing Y/N but it doesn't seems to work 95% of time.
You can learn different martial arts, but all it really does is change your animations, because combat is still lock on and hold the attack button.
The RPG elements feel tacked on -like the sex appeal and respect stats. They ultimately add very little to the game.

The game suffers from a problem many open world games that came after it also suffer from (Skyrim in particular comes to mind) - it's breadth over depth. There's a lot of shit in this game, but a lot of it is poorly implemented and not worthwhile. Ultimately at, it's core the game is quite bad. If you were to isolate the shooting mechanics you'd end up with a dog shit shooter. If you were to isolate the driving mechanics, you'd end up with a forgettable racing game.
I think the game could have benefited from a leaner design philosophy. Ultimately a lot of time must have been wasted implementing a stealth mechanic that is only used once, or gang territories which only appear briefly, or the talking to NPC's mechanic that doesn't seem to work, etc. They could have put all that effort into actually making the combat engaging, or implementing outstanding driving mechanics, -two things 90% of the actual game consists of. Instead we're left with shitty shooting and so-so driving, but hey, at least there's a basketball minigame.


Agree. The game did age poorly.
Mafia 1 (2002) still holds up fairly well in comparison, although it is not a very good sandbox, but you still have more freedom over the way you approach the missions than in most GTAs.
Most of your criticism also applies to GTA V in my opinion, save for the shooting, it's serviceable but that's it.


Persona 3 is not limited by the catering to p4 fans, which P5 is the unfortunate victim of. You get to be a hero and save everyone because you are soo cool and heroic and all that.

Most retards who actually buy the game on their paystations, do so only for the social links, while complaining that the game has no gay SLs. The story is essentially a long cutscene, you don't get to influence anything in any way, besides doing everything to get a suicidal bad ending.

Also, few of the original devs left the studio, this and the release of gaysona 4 on PC should tell you which way the franchise is going.


All those problems you are listing are also present in P3, I don't understand why you're pretending it's any different. If you were talking about 1 and 2 I'd get it but how is P3 any better than 4 or 5? I'd say it's even worse since you can't control other party members and the AI is stupid as fuck


Halo 3 kind of. I used to play competitively for over 6 years up to 10 hours a day, now I will only play at a tournament like eventor whatever. So chastize me, you might have seen me play I got around so much, focused ninja1 or FN1. I played 50 high MLG and am heartbroken that they broke the game with keyboard and mouse support.

I grinded to 50 in LWs and I started to realize how very broken some of the maps are and how some opponents are literally impossible to beat too. It became arduous to assemble squads to take down the top players, I wasn't really good enough, I think that's why I won't play anymore. And there's no beating some of these kids on narrows at all for me. or else you'd be making a 5 figure paycheck doing it cause you'd be pro level. Like so gay, that shit is just plain stupid and broken is how they make it seem, I'm not even bad, they just took the skill ceiling to the next level. and even if I'm playing with Walshy I'm gonna lose to some savant sweep sniping from top mid. Gay ass BS. I had a gameplay on youtube for awhile.


>competitive halo
>on a controller
Yeah, I’m sorry, but I do have to laugh.


>fighting games and shmups on m&kb


You could play games with a m&kb on 360?


Competitive HCS events are played on controllers retard.



I don't feel too sad. I've changed much for the better. It's that I realized how bad the game design for these games were. I 100% my games now on the first try or at least complete it. If I find it's punishing to 100% or play, I drop the game and never look back. I only 100%'d these games since they were my childhood games. I still never even BEAT LOZ:WW though.


Tranny activist ew


FFXIV. The game got dumbed down to such an extreme that I just find no joy in the "end-game" content anymore. Homogenised jobs, lack of job fantasy, lack of build customisation, brainlet rotations with little in the way of optimisation or variety. Sure the fights get flashier but it always comes down to the same song and dance you need to learn and memorise and perform. Then you grind the raid/trial for 6 months to upgrade your gear and reset next patch when it gets bumped up a whopping 10 ilevels. At least there's no fear of falling behind since catch up gear is always easy to acquire and virtually handed out, giving you a ticket into what is "new" to do. The story is fine and serviceable I'll give it that much, but I don't play this as a single-player game. Which leads into my biggest gripe. The community.

Why is everyone in this game so fucking horny? Half the people you find have some kind of slutglam on. But that's not the end of it. It's an MMO, of course I expect grown men pretending to be female to deck themselves out in the most uninspired hornywear they can find. It's when they don't shut the fuck up about sex or make lame flirty jokes with each other in dungeons or raids. went searching for an FC and each of the 4 I joined which seemed promising all had the same types of people in it who couldn't seem to get their minds off sex. It's quite likely half of them fucking ERP'd too. I go into any of the game cities and get bombarded with people advertising in-game "clubs", of which upon research I found they sell in-game fucking SEX. The game is paradoxically both too anti-social and social at the same time, hitting both extremes. You just want a chill group static with no commitments outside of clearing? No can do. Either have some friends already or join up with an FC and suck up to everyone on Discord. Where they will spam porn and horny modified screenshots of their characters. It drives me insane and I'm not on Crystal before anyone says. I know full well that's supposed to be the containment DC for this tripe but it seems to be everywhere. It never used to be this bad 5+ years ago and just seems another symptom of how everyone on the internet and everyone Gen Z seems to be perpetually horny 24/7 and won't shut the fuck up about it.


I remember it still being the horny/tranny game when I played it back around the time the golden saucer was released. I'm honestly not surprised they've dumbed things down so much or that they continue to do so, I've gotten back into it recently and it's mindblowing how bad the average player in regular dungeons is. Not new players either, but ones without the little sprout or with the little crown. I'm talking about normal ARR content too, the game almost plays itself and they somehow suck at it. I'll probably never touch any of the "difficult" content, I'd get too frustrated trying to pug it with a community like this and having to network in a videogame seems miserable.
A keyboard is arguably the optimal input method for both those genres, not nearly as enjoyable though.


>tranny game
It is more than ever. I just put this down to a reflection of the modern world now though more than anything. Though it's no surprise that a cutesy weeb game with catgirls, dress-up, housing and other dull social tendencies like "clubbing" and of course "(e)rp" attracts that kind of person. But you're right that the average player is just atrocious. There's a myriad of reasons for that ranging from it being a mostly casual "MMO", the abundance of roleplayers, people who don't really play games etc etc. A far-cry from even the likes of FFXI which was positively hardcore in comparison to this. Finding a competent "static" to play with is really a necessity for at least savage content. I barely managed to scrape through the current extremes in party finder after grafting for days but savage was just impossible. The content isn't even difficult. It's literally just a memory game so long as you have big enough stat sticks to meet the bare minimum.


dead island was my favorite game when it came out when i was like 14.
i bought it on steam and played a bit and it's now completely unplayable to me. totally devoid of content or quality of life. feels like an alpha-beta.


Game really is shit. Only class I like was dragoon. Then again, that's just my favorite class in the entire franchise.


Tried playing max pain (or however it's spelled) on pc with mouse and a keyboard. It went from tense action that felt satisfying when you get through a encounter without getting banged up too bad when I played it years ago on the ps2, to feeling like I am shooting fish in a barrel and honestly being kinda bored.
I didn't expect using a mouse and having a decade experience different from when I first played it would make such a drastic difference. Going to use a code to immediately unlock the hardest difficulty and play it with gyro controls. Might be fun again that way.


cave story perfectly captures the soul of early 00's japanese art. i do have a visceral reaction to smug anime faces, i will admit.

i just don't enjoy games as much overall as a medium anymore.


It is a pretty easy game, the strength of Max Payne always was the plot and presentation


>play it with gyro controls
just googled that, never heard of it before. interesting


OP's image has been here since 2019, but I only now found it, its actually from the ROTJ set.

My headcanon for that pic was always that Boba Fett under the mask is just a boring office drone doing his job, even though it takes him to glamorous and seedy adventure places. Even surrounded by aliens in slave bikinis, he's just world weary and bored of it all, clocking in to another day at the office.


Skyrim. The game blew my mind when it came out but I play it now I see that it's so fucking shallow. It has no depth whatsoever and its writing is lazy, the civil war questline sucks, the world is as wide as an ocean but as deep as a puddle. It's a big map but there's nothing to fucking do in it. There's a lot of caves but they're all the same and you don't even find good loot. The whole game is just empty. It's far worse than its predecessors, Morrowind and Oblivion really are better.

Also I used to love Fallout 3 until I was old enough to actually play 1, 2 and New Vegas and realise it's shit.


Counter Strike.

CS2 is absolutely garbage so it's no wonder the playerbase are dropping in numbers and joining Valorant which at this point in time it's considerably better.


It plays identically and looks a bit better. People have been calling CS a dead game for years, yet it has outlived many other competitive games hailed as replacements.


>yet it has outlived many other competitive games hailed as replacements.
That says nothing, really. People are leaving CS2 and new generation is playing Valorant, it has a better matchmaking too
>Valorant currently has a bigger player base than CS2. At the time of writing this article, we observed that approximately 10,861,340 players played at least one match in January 2024 on the Tracker Network. The December 2023 stats showcase a whopping 17 million player count in Riot’s shooter game, which is easily more than CS2’s peak of 1,248,217 players in the same month.
>The December 2023 stats showcase a whopping 17 million player count in Riot’s shooter game, which is easily more than CS2’s peak of 1,248,217 players in the same month.


Fad games come and go. I remember when OW was the supposed to be the Counter Striker killer and many pros were switching to it, but the CS formula is over 2 decades old at this point. I've been playing since 1.6 myself and it's just a game people will keep coming back to no matter what.


> OW was the supposed to be the Counter Striker killer and many pros were switching to it
OW players have now switched to Valorant and at this point Valorant is for newer generations what Counter Strike was for us.


I don’t think valorant will ever be what CS was, for the simple fact that it’s far too corporatized. You can’t mod it, you can’t run it off a flash drive, I don’t know if it has LAN play (not that people even use LAN anymore). Games like TF2 and CS that grew as communities just can’t exist anymore. Valorant is just FPS league of legends.


Same person who posted this. Because I'm a retard who never learns, I decided to try playing again. Imagine my absolute lack of surprise to find that everything has become WORSE. Every other adventure plate has {Mare Lamentorum} on it. The game seems riddled with horny female characters everywhere you look. I actually got accosted by an "F+" catgirl calling me cute when I was passing through Limsa Lominsa for the marketboard. I thanked them in the politest way I could and the very next thing she asked was if I'd like to visit her house. I was actually in disbelief that someone could be this bold, almost as if it's a perfectly normal thing to ask in this game. Which it probably is. Never in all of my years of playing WoW have I seen this level of degeneracy when not explicitly looking for it in Goldshire. Yet in FFXIV it's shoved in your face without consent. Horny adventure plates, open and brazen requests to go someplace private and even simply talking about sex in a "haha so ironic" way in the hubs.

Fuck the people who play this game. Sadly they'd probably enjoy it. No wonder the Devs are playing it so safe and releasing an even more dull expansion lacking in content than EW. Why change a winning formula when the community are happy with their sex mods and dressup?


CS2 matchmaking is trash and there's a lot of cheaters, Valve does nothing about it. It's a downgrade with less maps which is arguably a pity.

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