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I think there is just something “magical” about old games, like someone’s great ideas put in to the limitations of a early 2000s game engine that was handcrafted by a passionate nerd. I think limitations and those unique oversights/bugs were really what spawned great games.

These days it’s just like every single game is extremely high fidelity. We have more than enough resources to throw at anything now, there are almost no limitations, things are homogenized, most everything is running in Unreal or Unity engine.

It feels almost like the frontier of gaming is over, all that’s left is businessmen producing calculated slop over and over again, sequels on sequels. Devs these days aren’t building their dreams, they’re just building a paycheck.

What do you think? Was old really better or is it nostalgia
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The topic of the thread is whether video games have improved or declined with time. Bitching about modern video games is going to happen ITT.


crabs like creating controversy, stirring up drama when there isn't any


Nice breadtube video faggot. Yeah you're definitely not obsessed with politics.


Don't lose your time with these people. At this point anyone who doesn't want to see what happened to media in the last decade is just pretending and should be let to root with the people they defend and the media they destroyed.


crabgaters 100%


100% obsessed


File: 1656789806803.png (207.57 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1656791279603.png (57.83 KB, 160x221, 160:221, crabhurt.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


i can forgive stuff like this. it's just a horrible art style from the 30 seconds i saw of it yesterday

i don't think they have poisoned the story or added woke characters and politics at the very least


>i don't think they have poisoned the story or added woke characters and politics at the very least
No need to do that when the old games already had a useless man as main character and his wife who was way more resourceful, smart and whatnot


lol his nose looks like a faggot penis and his face looks like a beady eyed soyfag


Even if you think the old days were worse, the over-monetization is what rules over the AAA and mobile games nowdays which is getting worse each year with no recovery in sight.
Around 5 years ago it became demoralizing for a passionate dev working on an indie title or even an old-style AAA company to put effort and creativity in a new game, when they could have recycled the style/template/genre/mechanics/artstyle of the current most popular games and then cobble those assets and ideas in a mobile game with every single monetization trick available which will generate like 10 times the money the creative/unique/fresh game would have made.


You mean french animation?


You might as well be a feminist yourself with how obsessed you are with gamergate, in fact you're worse because where you should have solidarity for your fellow wizneet player you are instead Judas. You're simply the other side of the coin of the re/v/tard archetype - smug, hostile, calls anyone who doesn't take it up the posterior like himself a slur. Just because le alt-right toxwic muh es jay double u gamers are conflated into one big group of misdirected morons doesn't mean there isn't a large kernel of truth in their somewhere.

Here's an actual good video about the topic instead of the run of the mill meek fence sitting nothing you posted:


It's not about politics (left or right doesn't matter, both are losers who bow before feminigs) and I'm not redirecting the thread, if someone wants to talk about why modern games are bad this is a major contributing factor (depending on the games you play) and it pays to talk about it properly.


Why the fuck anyone would talk about gamer gate here, that topic should be banned and anyone talking about it banned too.


Cause this ain’t 4chan and people can talk about what they want you little censorious faggot.


>gamer gate here
It directly influenced Wizardchan and the whole debacle has resulted in a few confirmed suicides of men.
>Having some topics that are not OK on an already niche forum is "censorious"
You're just as bad as him


Oh save me the bullshit. Any topic that has good reason to be avoided here should be easy to explain why and thus, needn't be avoided at all.


>What do you think? Was old really better or is it nostalgia
they were better, but that's because then their audience was different
it was majority male social outcasts and autists

but then somewhere along the road games became mainstream, audience changed to normie sex-havers and succubi, and everything immediately went to shit, like everything that normies ever touch

plus monetization of the internet in general fucked shit up big time for every cultural endeavor


The business has changed. A lot.

I don't know if you have an interest in business stories. I like them. I like the dreams, ambitions, egos and pathos that they wring out of their people, showing good men at their worst and bad men at their best. And game companies produce some really great business stories. "Not All Fairytales Have Happy Endings," "Masters of Doom," the rise and fall of Infocom, the tragedy of Darth LucasArts the Wise.

If you follow a company with deep roots, which has been in the industry since let's say the mid-90s, like Valve, Blizzard, Id, Activision, Electronic Arts, or Bungie, you'll that their games have become strange deviations on the genre format, and the companies have all turned into something strange and byzantine and incomprehensibly bizarre in comparison with where they started out. EA made Sentinel Worlds and Hard Nova, they were willing to be weird and creative in addition to their baseline of pushing out Madden football every year. Bungie and Valve both transformed from being upstarts into exploitative major players whose business practices were the subject of congressional legislation. Bungie had always exploited the loyalty they'd won from their fans (embed related), the company was founded on a base of Macintosh gaming specifically because it seemed like a good way to get loyal buyers, but in the last 10 years their approach changed from things like the embedded charming story of strong marketing to a loyal base into outright borderline-criminal exploitative user-hostile mechanics up to and including removing content that users had out and out paid for. This is Bungie, a gaming company that once decided that they would rather face bankruptcy than allow Myth II cds to go out to their users un-patched since a borderline-impossible scenario for running the uninstaller would potentially erase more than just the installed copy of Myth. They've fallen a long, long way.

Independents aren't any better. Indie gamedevs making shovelware out of game jam ideas are not the same as groups of recent college grads who were legitimately at the actual cutting edge of technological development. It's too simplistic to say that the difference is that indie devs now are just trendchasers in it for a quick buck, since small studio devs like Id or Bungie or early MicroProse were also in it for money. There's a charming story from Bungie about the last days of independence, after Microsoft had finalized their deal but before Bungie West was shuttered forever, in which their CEO, Alex Seropian would spend his nights adding lighting and light effects to make sure that Oni would look as good as it could and come as close as possible to satisfying its buyers as it could before it shipped. At that point it was obvious they were never going to turn that into the game that anybody wanted it to be, and even if the game was successful somehow it would only line Take2 and Rockstar's pockets, but everyone up to the CEO felt that it would be dishonorable to put anything but their best possible effort on the shelves, so he'd grind away at it after already spending a full work day ensuring that post-acquisition Microsoft wasn't going to do to them what it had already done to FASA Interactive (which Halo mutliplayer design lead Hardy LeBel once describes as Bungie's "sister company"). Few people, including Bungie loyalists, thought that Oni was their new favorite game. But nobody felt downright insulted by it either. Because come hell or high water Bungie was not going to put out an unfinished game, even in the face of collapse and closure and total revenue failure.


I don't think they would take the risk again knowing full well there is a chance of becoming homeless just so the game ends up a cult hit at best with only a few hundred copies sold, thousands if they're lucky like what happened to thq, ea, dice and rockstar subsidiaries


Absolutely. It's the sort of decision that's born of the virtues of youth in an industry built on specific customer/provider relationships. Which is what changed. The industry itself Microsoftized, and then it metastasized from there. Bungie today, in how it's handled Destiny, has been a poster child for questionably ethical and even questionably legal business practices, in ways that they weren't even under Microsoft. Independents are not better than AAAs in that they are usually just as ruthless and player-exploitative as the major studios, but without their managerial professionalism.


You should play anything from Arc System Works


File: 1658143393315.jpg (59.02 KB, 390x547, 390:547, warcraft-3-the-frozen-thro….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yes they used to be better.
Others did notice that UT 2004 has shit loads of content (modes and maps) that simply will never happen in modern games.

Modern games are full of micro transaction bullshit. Season passes and all this garbage they literally take you out of the game and nickle and dime you for everything.

in the old days you joined a game and played it and maybe there where some mods on the server to make it something totally different.

Example Counter Strike and Warcraft III

Also games rarely if ever updated. This means that some exploit was basically true for the game forever. And the devs made a new game some years after the original.

Today they change the game non stop and then abandon it and since it has no lan or anything the game is basically dead.

However the loot boxes and other crap are distracting form the game experience.


To truly answer this question you have to tell us what you've been playing recently. Usually pisstake threads like this come from people that haven't touched games in 10 years and no longer care about the medium, no longer keep up with releases and no longer explore anything.


File: 1658144153908.jpg (46.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Free-Overwatch-Loot-Boxes.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> I often pinpoint to myself things that make the game terrible, but also things that
The 2000s where are special time you get the ball breaking "FUCK YOU" hard games who basically throw you a game no one tested
Perfect example Jedi Knight 2
And other games who learned to not be so randomly hard like Jedi Academy basically a stand alone expansion on Jedi Knight 2.

Yes there where games like this. However also this :

>OP's pic being Counter-Strike. Simply put CS isn't as fun as

it was back in the day and that's just down to freedom. You can go into random servers at any point in time 15 years ago and it'd be a culture of
This. CS is by all measures a shit game with broken mechanics.

However It was fun to fool around the server.

However it promoted this by having all servers community servers.
Playing a serious match in 1V1 is totally different then 2V2 or 3V3 and when the server populates you get the absolute insanity of 32 V 32.

Today games are e-sports trash. CS:GO is literally the same 5 V 5 (or what was it) every time so it feels the same and boring. And "muh rank ! " ensures there is no experimentation on the server. People sometimes goofed around or did strange things especially in CSS.

This e-sports shit gets boring fast.

Either way CS did have sounds (unthinkable now) basically reaction images if they where MP3s remember playing these to communicate to everyone your intentions ?

These where community made sounds.
Today ?
Pay $$$ for lootboxes that let you have sounds the developer selected for you; no copyright infringement allowed.

Back in the day someone threw a Mario jump MP3 and did not even give 1 fuck ! Today lawyers need to license this form Nintendo and it will cost $ 300 to own.


nah it really is just you morons with no love for games to begin with, you have a passion for whining only
get a hobby you clown, because you clearly don't know shit about videogames


File: 1658166946635.png (363.24 KB, 437x474, 437:474, kawaii palico.png) ImgOps iqdb

I definitely think games are worse off today but I can still enjoy quite a few recent games. The new deus ex games, monster hunter, katana zero, binding of isaac, death stranding, carrier command 2, and naissance just to name my most recent favorites.

IMO the only real thing that changed about games was what changed about the whole world, being the internet. Games didn't have microtransactions or day one patches only because there wasn't a feasible way of implementing it. The whole "political" stuff still existed with games like mortal kombat, rape lay, dead or alive, and even weird shit like censoring digimon because of sistermon being a nun. But there was no twitter or 4chan to really drum up drama so the most you saw was some lame fox news special that most people forgot about the next day. As opposed to stuff like gamergate that is still floating around to this day.

As long as gaming can fight off the cancer that is streaming, and so far the ouya and stadia bombed so there is hope, I think gaming will be fine.


File: 1658202644538-0.png (108.72 KB, 1920x740, 96:37, 2F693DAD-B2D6-4896-91E3-B7….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1658202644538-1.png (96.29 KB, 1920x740, 96:37, 69B18F60-3574-48C0-93FA-1B….png) ImgOps iqdb

you guys pressed fast forward to the golden era 90s-2000s of games but skipped the massive software civil war of the previous decade.
they were suing people for modding, software crackers being sent to camps. there was a plan to drive vans that would detect if you modded your pc.
van failed but a far more sinister method is about to take its place in the form of TPM chips.

mods are about to become illegal once more, they're working on it


thats the truth. almost happened to the id guys too, some group was selling floppy disks with stolen wads but like you said customer/provider relationships saved their butts.

do you think it's a coordinated attack on new talent? some sort of technocrat cartel "silver or lead?" tactic by microsoft (they have powerful friends) buy up all the competition while they're too busy farming xp/gold


keep burying your head in the sand then you oblivious disingenuous retard, cant wait till a game or franchise you enjoy gets ruined like it did for me but oh yeah i dont actually care about games
fucking cretin


Yes they were


Thing is that's a ton of games to like. When speaking of older titles people only ever talk about the dozen a year good ones that came out and not the 300 4/10s.
My absolute favorite games come from both the late 90s and the late 2010s. Because brilliant games are still being made. No microtransactions, day one patches, no drama. Nothing. Just good games.
You obviously don't care yes as can be seen in your attachment to a fucking franchise over individual titles. Thief and Gothic have long since been run into the ground, Dragon Quest oversimplified. Woe is me right? I really sure wish they'd have made 25 more entries in all these series so I never have to play anything else again. Shut the fuck up.


File: 1660264439488.png (108.91 KB, 1314x542, 657:271, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Pictured: Greg Kirkpatrick, author of most of the terminals in the Marathon trilogy, regarding his reaction to Bungie's "Destiny" series.


How do I play that which does not get made? I don't like Brutal Doom and I don't like Triple A Call of duty clones. How many FPS games do I get a year if I don't like either of the major genre paths? Like… walking sims?

I don't know if you could ever call Valve and upstart considering it was made up of ex Microsoft employees. They were already inside the silicon valley system at that point and used the connections to get big media attention for Half life.

Bungie wasn't a very good innovator of game design. They were very good at cutting away the fat and really polishing games to be the best they could be. It's what indie developers should be doing but instead we get Zelda/Metroid/Megaman/Vampire savior in a human centipede line of playing old game, improve slightly and release to be played again. You're not playing a new interesting Zelda made by someone who understands the genre and how to innovate it. You're playing LTTP with worse art and worse world design but more dialog boxes. Which is less refined than a 30 year old game.

That customer relationship thing wasn't really true back then. Nintendo and Microsoft were both super hostile to everything and anything. The odd random small studio having loyalty to it's fans was the exception not the rule.

There's nothing wrong with streaming games or game pass as a side option. Game pass has loads of xbox 360/xbone games you can stream which never left the console. Lets say you want to play Halo 5 or Gears of war Judgement but you don't own a console for either because they're 15 years old now. You're not buying a 360 for Judgement and 360 emulation is still very flaky. Paying 1 dollar for a game pass 3 month trial lets you play both of those on any device with decent internet. With minor input delay. It's not ideal but there's definitely a market for backwards compatibility on modernish consoles we can't emulate yet. I don't see a problem with games like Control on the Switch either as long as you're not paying full retail for it and game design doesn't get slower because of input delay from them.

Sister Noir was censored for being a nun holding 2 handguns in what is seen as a kids game. MK is SJWs taking over the studio. Rape lay is decades out now and Dead or alive was internal meddling like MK.
Lots of talk happens about the non-stop spots. Channels like SNES Drunk live off of finding underappreciated games worth playing.


>That customer relationship thing wasn't really true back then. Nintendo and Microsoft were both super hostile to everything and anything. The odd random small studio having loyalty to it's fans was the exception not the rule.
Odd random studios back then were the exception in console games, but the rule in PC games. Westwood, id, Looking Glass, etc. were not minor notes rung against EA Activision or Microsoft, they were major players in the gaming market. These small studios' logistical needs in terms of getting DOS disks into storefronts and to the hands of customers created chains of dependence where online storefronts like Steam instead create passive income. So the relationships that these small studios had to maintain weren't just with the customers, but also with providers, who were often themselves smaller vendors or hobby shops running on margin. Small studios today make up the bulk of games available on platforms like Steam, but only a minority of sales. Westwood and Blizzard were toe-to-toe with Microsoft's Ensemble Studios in the RTS scene, and there wasn't a major corporation in America that was a direct match for id's Quake until years down the line.


>How do I play that which does not get made? I don't like Brutal Doom and I don't like Triple A Call of duty clones. How many FPS games do I get a year if I don't like either of the major genre paths? Like… walking sims?
I guess you haven't noticed the classic exploration FPS boom of the last few years nor keep up with major doom content releases huh. Almost like you're not exploring anything because you don't really care.
Go play Overboard or something, it's a small little doom mapset by Mouldy. It's cute and maybe it'll get you to actually play something again.


File: 1660399361872.jpg (2.94 MB, 1924x4103, 1924:4103, 1660353951873800.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>were old games better?
yes, this is what games look like now
some of these are titles with $500-800mil budgets


What is this proving exactly? One of those images is from an April fools day event.


File: 1660401750574.jpg (111.8 KB, 960x960, 1:1, doom_eternal_bg_date_m_w_l….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nah, newer games are better. Pic related has been my all time favorite fps, and among my most favourite games period. If you want to pretend like I haven't played enough, I have a chart with about about 100+ fps games I've played and rated.


File: 1660401929127.png (3.32 MB, 1456x1142, 728:571, 1648853135490.png) ImgOps iqdb

ugly neon colors, strong womyn and minorities


A reboot of an old game is not argument for new games being better. It just shows games are so shit now they have to remake old ones.


it hurts looking at thus shit lol


File: 1660406187467-0.png (345.99 KB, 616x353, 616:353, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1660406187467-1.png (11.41 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1660406187467-2.png (1.65 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Eternal plays nothing like old Doom, not even remotely close to it either. Try playing some games for once instead of judging off the cover.


Get this 4chan tier shit out of here


I'll enjoy playing good old games. You can keep your niggers and trannies.


previously on /v/ and /r/kotakuinaction


He's correct about Eternal playing completely differently from Doom, though. There are plenty of Doom aficionados who are able to talk about just how different the games really are. If you need a 'here's all the reasons the new gameplay style sucks' essay to make that clear to you, then here you go:


File: 1660426403659-0.png (2.02 MB, 1400x933, 1400:933, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1660426403659-1.png (548.73 KB, 728x410, 364:205, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1660426403659-2.png (3.05 MB, 1400x1050, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

That word press is a bit outdated honestly, its only speaking about 2016 doom and it was written before that game was even released so he's just crying about a game he never ever had a chance to play himself.

Eternal is very colorful, very arcadey, and very fast. In that regard it is closer to old doom, but man it doesn't play like old doom at all. It feels a bit like taking an online match of UT/Q3 and then mashing in some character action (Ninja Gaiden, God of War, etc) philosphy in there with combos, animation canceling, and actual combat depth beyond simply "shoot until it dies".

I don't recommend it for old doom fans who want complex levels, this game as I said takes a lot of inspiration from character action games and the levels are you on a path from arena to arena with a bit of platforming in between. The people I recommend this game to are action fans or especially people who like both fps and action games. Pure fps fans generally get upset they can't simply hold down m1 to win, so its not really for them.

>t. the person who posted Eternal to begin with.


File: 1660490951454.jpg (772.06 KB, 1200x500, 12:5, Then and now.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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