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Does anyone want to play a world of warcraft private server with other wizards? I'm playing turtle wow with another wizard from here starting a few days ago, it would be fun if a couple more wiz are interested in wasting some time
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File: 1653125432339.png (7.62 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, image_2022-05-21_023002106.png) ImgOps iqdb

really happy for you bro that was an epic streak of good luck there.




lol u finally got it vnice

time to delete character now and come play diablo 2 with us


File: 1653222385969.png (45.53 KB, 843x191, 843:191, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

relevant post i just read btw. maybe its just fucked.


I started playing retail again. I'm having a lot of fun leveling alts through Chromie time. I'm sorry.


you can probably test by setting jump to mouse wheel


not my post btw im playing turtle wow as we speak


well, the second run through lava i took no damage. mightve just been bad timing with initial damage tick the first time around.


sorry, i like playing longterm games more than two days before losing interest.


you posted a screenshot of the wow wc3 ui with a hello kitty skin. was that your own screenshot and do you have a link for it?


i dont have it I forgot where I found it


File: 1653346613052.jpg (1.44 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, WoWScrnShot_052322_155514.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

im hooting for you ;)
this owl turns his head 360* to get a better view of you ;)
lets hold hands and throw up owl pellets together this valentine's day, baby ;)

that's my moonkin valentine's day card.
what do you think?

i had to logout and play retail classic cause im level 38 and 2 levels away from moonkin.

i told him to ask you because i love hello kitty too. my druid's name in retail classic is Sanrio for example (the company that made hello kitty)
here he is


i'll log back in tonight. like 8 PM or so


File: 1653507257288.gif (3.74 MB, 640x358, 320:179, thunderfury-black-temple.gif) ImgOps iqdb

dvitamin soon:


anyone want to arena with me on warmane icecrown alliance? Ele shaman


nah, too anxious to tank without gear and wizards. been playing rogue more.
(still doing my arcanite cd more or less every time it's ready)


File: 1653536314852.png (71.19 KB, 744x85, 744:85, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


If anyone new wants to play I’m still here on a level 8 shaman in the wizpals guild :^)


who should I whisper for an invite?


auts, greatgrass, or kuromi.
auts is wageslaving, greatgrass is traveling to another state atm, kuromi is busy playing other games atm.
unlikely to get a response for a little while.


i got lockpicking 225. just mail loxkboxes to auts. i will cod back for 30 copper if you want the box contents.


>30 copper
king of all jews



File: 1654365422355.mp4 (575.11 KB, 480x360, 4:3, average_dvitamin.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


i am a retard and i think i remembered opened containers being untradeable anyway. i only say 30 copper in case there is large volume and so i break even on postage, but it is a dumb assumption to make. i can just mail back raw items for free, or you can just have me open your boxes through the enchantment tab on the trade window.


i remember a rogue in LBRS who pickpocketed a white junkbox off a random trash orc and he found a lvl 60 epic 1h sword inside. i think megaboy was there too
however some rogue opened me like 60 mithril and thorium lockboxes but I only got shit off them. and on top of that 10 of them were completely empty


one of you told me about that epic sword drop. well, all the boxes i banked and some i had been gifted had nothing at all in them (not literally and maybe not even figuratively, but i just mailed everything to mimmy and de'd). my retardation had been hoping for something as autistic as getting edgelord's gauntlets or something i could pledge toward buying them.


I just made a UD warrior I will see if you guys are online when I get back home


Dvitamin: greatgrass here: I didn't quit turtle wow, I'm just visiting my brotha in Tennessee. I didn't tell u I was leaving because I assumed I'd have time to play and get him to play with us. But I don't because his mom has a ton of time off work and has been talking to us and driving us places every day.


No ones online to invite me sadly


i am playing nintendo with my brothers right now
no problem. i havent been on much since getting lockpicking up. i think i just farmed some felcloth for a little bit on mimmy a few days ago.


have fun bro but get on sometime i need an invite!


Do you really get 30% extra XP just for enabling PVP? So is a times 30 or only 30% how much more quicker is it?


the second one you said. i thought it was 40% too. unsure if rested doubles it.


invite bros get your asses on


i haven't played in awhile, is cross-faction guilds still a thing? what faction is are wizs on?


i've been using this site to help level on this server. it helps speed up leveling


i finally sent the lockboxes to you, Auts.
u can keep it all and sell it, unless you get something good for a moonkin. thatd be cool to get back


opened and sent, sent leftovers to mimmy for disenchant, got something like 8 dream 8 illusion and 1 small brilliant.
havent played last month or so but i will still log to open any lockboxes. i wont do the 30 copper cod thing, i will just send everything back except greys, so if anyone gets something they dont want just vendor or mail to mimmy for disenchant (and maybe you can get some enchants out of it too). just post here when you need anything like lockpicking or enchanting or alchemy. i probably still wont be on regularly.


This server is run by mommy shenna who was a corrupt succubus who sold characters on elysium vanilla wow server


File: 1656269493150.png (168.72 KB, 500x284, 125:71, world-of-your-mom.png) ImgOps iqdb

dvitamin the gang is back together and my polish friend is playing too so its like the wiz guild is at its peak capacity. my shaman is level 30 now since i havent felt like playing the druid loll. ocd.
maybe you play with us again too? if you dont wanna play gimme your arcanite so i can make Nightfall and be the raid's nightfall shaman lol. i will NEVER heal!!! chaos orcs dont heal


im playing retail if anyone wants to join


i can send bars but i cant access the mimmy account anymore. wondering why.


well i sent the bullshit but i hope to the mimmy account is actually building up moon cloth and you ragheads or other faggots arent just destroying or cashing out.


sent to greatgrass, 10 bars that take nearly a month to build


mimmy was going to sell the priest to some retarded troll and i got scared and changed the pw lol. i was planning on sharing it with you again.
i'd give it back to mimmy if he wanted to play himself or if someone non-retarded wanted it.
im not cashing out ive been playing for hours a day and so has my bud thats doing a protection paladin. everybody else stopped playing in 1 day though so the guild is back to having just 2 active members.

why did you decide to quit and give me the bars? i hope i didnt offend you and i liked you a lot


no you never offended me, i think i was offensive to other users like the ol' icon of this here chan. i dont really quit but i just too blackpilled now, and i dont really have time. i want to play more games that might excite me. i have nothing against the wizkids playing twow.


also just message me in-game the mimmy account pw i guess, don't worry about it too much. i probably wont be on for awhile longer. if you become big pimp raider with nice gold amounts, maybe share to fledgling wizards first and then slowly pay me back the amount of half the arcane crystals (in other words, just send me 5 arcane crystals someday and i dont really care when, maybe never lol)


it's not you or any specific else. just gonna have more and younger brothers playing my steam. you should honestly delete post cuz i think a lot of harassment stems from steam url and etc game urls.
i will still be around for opening lockboxes at least, and i can even record some shitty vids if a more ghetto way is seen as exploitative, although i really dont see a reason to scam on such a small and socially corrupt server.


lol that was just a joke I wasn’t gonna sell it

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