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Does anyone want to play a world of warcraft private server with other wizards? I'm playing turtle wow with another wizard from here starting a few days ago, it would be fun if a couple more wiz are interested in wasting some time
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Everlook the Final Fresh we waiting you nov 11th


Mommy shenna/torta is finished on the 11th



Because everlook wow= the fresh from whitekidney/lights hope/ continuation of nostalrius is coming on the 11th


It's over. Everlook chads won.


turtle wow is not a blizzlike vanilla server so I dont see how it would effect it


turtle is a nice server because it takes a while to level up but I would like to play the wrath of the lich king and try the new classes. most servers give too much xp


>gear matches, so i took a pic
> cant immerse myself in a big manly character because I'm a tiny twig irl
didn't know trannies were allowed to post on wizchan


>server with nothing to set itself apart is going to kill highly customized one
should probably be deleted for advertising anyway, seen this same exact shit on other boards.


I play on warmane icecrown which is the largest wow server. X7 xp by default, but you can set to x1 or 0.5. Lordaeron is x1


File: 1667926816151.png (1.06 MB, 900x606, 150:101, 1667406379703671.png) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone else going horde on Everlook? We should get to level 30 and go raid Redrige.


Lmao raiding redridge as 30s.


File: 1668017011625.jpg (473.19 KB, 1920x1113, 640:371, geraud-soulie-for-the-hord….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It has to be on a fresh server. You take all the horde who go to STV anyway at lvl 30 and go fuck up alliance cucks still in their low 20s. Level 30 alliance cucks will not come to defend as they want to level up instead.


As they should because there is more to be gained by rushing 60 and gearing prebis than there is in wasting time in a hostile leveling zone.


Why not just keep a level capped 20 in redridge and get good?


nah those are soulless npcs and zoomers rushing to 60 for a shitty endgame
because it's a 40 man town raid like the real game is supposed to be played not ganking lowbies on troondle


Anyone on everlook? How is it


beijing 2.0


Thats sad. Whats the highest pop usually now during the day?


3k-4k, but it's 90% chinese who will not interact with you, they won't even accept your group invites and will grief you while you're trying to quest for no real reason, I'm convinced some of them are bots programmed to kill quest npcs over and over to make it hard for nonchinese to progress


also line of sight is broken and some basic mobs aren't scripted correctly, it's a godawful trashfire server, just play on turtle wow is you want a vanilla experience with actual players


Sorry i mean during EU peak what is pop?


Was thinking about how much I enjoyed raids during Warlords of Draenor. Lots of movement and positioning. I don't know why people prefer to just sit with the ranged stack and pad meters. I'd still be top three damage done while being on mechanics duty for every fight. It's more engaging and therefore more fun to have to do particular things per boss. I also really liked the challenge mode dungeons. It definitely felt like a lot of content had been cut, though. The big ones I can think of are the ogre magi isle and having the ogre hold and Black Temple for capitals.


If you like complicated raids retails is the game for you. Really anything before WoD when they introduced mythic was way too easy compared to now.


So i play on a library pc. No installs. Can i play on this server


Anyone doing or has completed a Hardcore character?





No clue, I didn't talk to anyone when I played. It's a classless server where you just select from all the typical spells and passives available to a player.



I plan to play that if it's PVE. I don't think it will be though, but Frostmourne (the realm this replaces) was PVE so I have some slight hope it will be. Everlook was too painful due to all the Chinese corpsecampers


You gay retards playing Epoch beta 3 or nah?


does anyone here still play this server? forgot my info to my old account so starting fresh>>56673


im playing on retail classic right now, but I'm the OP


There's 6000 player queues now… The Chinese have invaded. It's unplayable.


Thats so weird, I dont have any queue or problems, im playing from euw


Playing on endless TBc new realm it's 5x exp and has rdf so leveling should be like a day or two to 70


Queues are not a thing anymore but you still have to fight for every mob due to the sheer amount of people playing.

You're basically playing getting-a-tag simluator instead of WoW.

And this is not only in the earlier levels but in the deep 40s as well.


Anyone going to warmane onyxia? X3 xp with wotlk client/benefits no wotlk talents tho


I was waiting for it, but Stormforge is doing fresh MoP progression in a few weeks and I'm not playing multiple versions at the same time. I'll probably go to Warmane when it does TBC in a year or so though.


Any tips for warrior hardcore?


Stick to quests below your level. Doing stuff at your level (or worse, higher) makes everything take ages and you have to eat/bandage all the time. As long as the quest isn't grey, you'll be fine.


It's fun, but I kind of miss when the population was lower. world chat can be fun around certain times I guess


6k peak, but usually under 4k. I've rarely fought over mobs and there seem to be zero bots. Chinese players, but not bots.


I have played on and off for a long time but I'm too much of an autist to even fathom the idea of grouping with others for certain content such as dungeons and raids. It makes me far too anxious. I just play solo for the most part.


A wizzo guild is the simple solution


>Why do some people here plays female chars?
>sucking wizcock e-rp works better when you're playing a female char
the guys from this thread were exposed as sexhavers and faggot cliquers.


Guys who play only succubi are fags


in online games maybe

in single player games where you don't associate or roleplay as the succubus i think it's fine. like it's free real estate on the screen, might as well put a nice ass there


Thoughts on project epoch?

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