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Does anyone want to play a world of warcraft private server with other wizards? I'm playing turtle wow with another wizard from here starting a few days ago, it would be fun if a couple more wiz are interested in wasting some time


File: 1646066978493.png (276.78 KB, 1393x677, 1393:677, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

here's the server population if anyone was curious, monday morning and levels seem evenly distributed


File: 1646078482113.png (48.8 KB, 482x395, 482:395, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb



turtle wow, its only one realm


i prefer big servers with lots of world pvp, im on warmane- icecrown, a wrath server:



Which side are you playing, horde or alliance?


couple on horde at least. got healer and tank covered so people can play the fun role in case they feel so inclined to play


Haven't been playing horde for a while. Been thinking about that server for a while actually, are you playing some specific mode there (slow, harcore or normal?)


normal on the aforementioned toons. also i think pve is cross faction.


how I can find you, do you have some sort of a guild?


add dvitamin in game


btw if you are rolling ally, not sure if horde will appear online on friends but i am online at the moment so whisper should work


i might play after groceries, so sometime in next couple hours


we are at 3 people now, if anyone wants to join, I dont have a problem with making new chars to level with you


we've got 4 wiz now, if anyone else is thinking of playing we've almost got enough for a guild


i wanna play with u guys please ty


i thought guilds were founder + 9 signatures in vanilla
nobody stopping you. maybe OP shouldve had a link to download page but it isnt too hard to find on jewgle.


i 've changed my mind.my life is already fucked up enough can't waste more time on gamin.


all good. good luck man.


I might come join you guys in the next few days.


we got a chat channel in game, just type /join wizchan


I just joined at level 1, everyone is around level 30 right now. Still looking for more people to play with!


File: 1647654242021.png (2.37 MB, 1918x1080, 959:540, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

people building tents on top of tents lol


im too addicted to wow season of mastery to stop. i did ZG today and it was unironically the most fun i've ever had in my entire life.
i've found i'm a bit of a kissass subservient type when in the right conditions, because i gave away 200 gold worth of stuff to a guildmate and to the guild bank today. all because i want them to like me and i want them to keep playing.
i love wow so much. and my addiction worsens as i go through more content and get more loot. there's never been a "burnout" for me, it just keeps getting better as it goes.


interested in playing with wizchan? This server is free so its easier for neets here to play


sorry for suckage, druid. warlock had good tips for me and i knew some of them but i am retarded about applying them.


i haven't played wow or private servers in years, so fuck it, why not


there is a free mount at the darkmoon faire, it's open right now, you need to be level 20 to do the quest



lotro will make all the vip content for free on late april


i've been playing this. im a neet and disabled so it is quite comfy spending my time palying it. i love classic rpg games and i've been a blizzboy for a long time so it's pretty good.


what class/race are you


high elf hunter i haven't hopped on in awhile though. might if i can play with some wiz


hey druid, my talents got reset too. no clue what the trigger is, if any.


is the EXP changed at all?
i understand "leveling is the experience" meme and all, but being unable to do groups of any kind because of low server population, PLUS the added slowdown of spending entire hours role-playing with people before, during and after groups, makes this sound like it'd take 5 full months to reach level 60.
so please tell me that there's like a 300% exp buff?


it's standard xp rate as far as i know, with an optional mode to lower it and another that slightly raises it (but also forces pvp on at all times). also roleplaying is a non-factor. you are under no obligation to engage with it. if you choose to partake and that stretches out your journey toward 60 to five months, that's entirely your choice.


You can enable buffed exp gains if you turn pvp on permanently, also you can use the survival skill to get rested % really fast, so think 100% takes 5 minutes or something like that if you’re in a tent

also the server is not low population, I took a census on saturday and 1300 people were online, during the weekdays about 600 people are online, about 20% of people are at 60, everyone else is leveling, it takes less than 10 minutes to get a group for every dungeon I’ve been to so far


my talents reset too, and I just spent money to reset them yesterday… not fair


inbred mutant
rotting mongrel
roach deformity
descending order for lowest 4 guild ranks, made me laugh quite a bit when i saw them.


addons for this version if anyone was wondering where to find stuff, recommend pfui and pfquest


I made this config file for the game that should make it look a bit better and run a lot smoother, just put it in Turtle WoW/WTF and make sure you rightclick properties on it and set it to read-only, otherwise the game will write over it and remove the added settings

Only thing you need to change is the SET gxRefresh "144" and SET gxResolution "1920x1080" part to set to your monitors refresh rate and resolution

also another list of addons that work with this version of the game


hello we are still playing if anyone wants to join in, we have bags and whatnot for any wiz that wanna join up


im greatgrass. my wow sub expired and im too broke to get a new one. not very motivated to do so either because my guildmaster is being mean to me and i dont like the pressure to perform or the cost of consumables.

but also i am undergoing the most mental illness that i have ever experienced in my life currently. i think it's chronic PTSD.

so im not quitting, quite the opposite since i cant/dont want to play play season of mastery anymore. and ill play with you guys more after im better.


sorry to hear about your retail and real life predicaments, man. i hope you can feel better soon. no pressure on playing turtle wow, only do so as you feel.


"sorry to hear about your retail experiences" lol yea its at the youre benched if you dont have flasks or at least 10 greater fire protection potions stage. so if i want to play i have to buy both gold and a sub, so it's like $120 entry fee easily.
i did molten core twice this week with these fags and didnt even get any loot either. why would i spend $10 worth of gold for consumes when im not getting loot? i dont even need any from MC either, it's like the same as my ZG equipment. like i dont even have anything to soft reserve. whatever.
fuck them forever. fucking $10 per run for shit i dont need. fucking cunts.


yeah, the game is quite fucked. dont see the point of wanting to minmax everything. it's not even like bleeding edge content like when entirely new raids drop on the newest expansion. it's like reading a guidebook for a 15 year old game. i dont know how much season of mastery tunes things, but i would guess it wouldnt be made stupid hard to where you need every buff possible.


the ironic part is its literally chuds/hapas/soys/asians who think you still need that shit like its 05. i am in a tbc raiding guild on a wotlk private server and THEY HAND OUT FREE FLASKs, too bad because its run by a twat and im leaving


we are still playing together, 3 wiz at/near max level, we might make new characters again if anyone wants to join still


next thing i want to level is rogue so we can open our lockboxes for free and was maybe gonna make it bs/mining too since we kinda lack that as well i think.
if someone wants to play rogue or whatever then i can always make something else we dont have.


i played a little rogue I dont think I liked it much, I might make a paladin and try out healing there


I might do engineering but I'm not sure if it brings any utility to the guild, if not I'd do leatherworking


engineering is always a good personal profession, maybe the best.


yea I dont wanna be too selfish, I looked at everything and only things I saw were the repair bot/junk buyer and lots of hunter items, if anyone makes a hunter it might be a good idea for them


What’s the guild name???????? Horde or ally


its wizpals, and its a crossfaction server so play whatever you want


just got 60 on prot warrior finally =)


I’m excited for the new xpac. Dragon fuckers.



I found someone trying to sell this today and looked it up, it's custom content gear, seems really good


Huh so Horde/Ally can play and communicate with each other and stuff? That's interesting. I also saw you can play as High Elves and Goblins here? Out of curiosity what's the racial demographics like? For a specific reason I assume there's probably a lot of Helves running about the place? Or is it all fairly well balanced and you'll see plenty of every race? I'm thinking of giving it a go and rolling a Goblin Mage or Warlock.


I think most players are humans, high elves, night elves and orcs.


Kind of predictable


File: 1650665505098.png (352.29 KB, 1395x677, 1395:677, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

here is census I took just now


lol at wizpals, the hayle breakers


we could take over this server if we get more wiz


Lol, I don't know about that. At the very least, one guild is clearing Naxxramas weekly. Maybe they're even doing it with multiple groups. Still, it would be nice just to get into some larger group stuff. Even just UBRS (and maybe ZG) would be nice.


lol fat nigger wants his UBRS loot so bad, what a loot fiend


just wanting to be backpacked all the time by fury tanks with tf and full naxx gear isnt really playing the game


full nigger


Damn, poor Gobbo's are really unloved. Is there something wrong with them or is it the usual people only picking the most "attractive" and human races?


humans are most picked because people are boring and maybe because armor is made to fit on humans the best, high elves are just for people that want to play a pretty girl. Goblins are really ugly, and armor looks bad on them


>and armor looks bad on them
This is a problem in retail too and the only reason I won't play them. Shoulder pieces for example aren't attached to their bodies and float awkwardly and it's very noticeable. Most funny of all is that their racial armor does the exact same thing. The armor unique to Goblins and literally made for Goblin models doesn't even sit correctly on their bodies.


maybe armor fits better on goblins in this server but I'm not sure since I havent played them and I've seen probably 1 my entire time I've been playing (over a month)


I thought they were most picked because of sword/mace racials.


I guess that too, I didnt think of that I'm not familiar with vanilla racials, still if that was the case you'd think dwarf hunters/priests or orcs warriors would be more popular as well


does anyone else want to play? all three of us are at 60 now and have pretty good gear


too high level for me


I have a lvl 8 mage, waiting for someone to lvlup with. we can go so fast with bonus rested from tents, support from main character and andrew's bags. This going to be good come on niggers!!


I meant we have bags/enchants/money/gear for people to level up faster


What class/race is everyone so far


tauren prot warrior
night elf feral druid
undead holy priest


I'm tempted to play but I know I will quit in a week, like I do with every other MMO.



I found this guide on most of the custom content and how it works


File: 1650962774140.png (308.55 KB, 557x760, 557:760, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i like it when all of my things match


very nice wiz, are you gonna be playing now?


Yes, probably very late at night though usually.


ok so we are officially starting to level new characters right now

If anyone wants to join, we have bags and enchants and everything to pass along to make leveling fun


File: 1651097690725.png (9.05 KB, 216x38, 108:19, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

apparently this server runs level 1 battlegrounds lol, if anyone wants to jump on and just play pvp level 1 I guess it could work


File: 1651224108353.png (1.19 MB, 1202x1632, 601:816, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

its my first time leveling solo. im not using a guide but i do have the turtle wow equivalent of questie.
i had no idea how shit i was at this game. its painstakingly slow for me. level 18 after 24 hours of play lol. only maybe 8% of that was spent afk.
im retarded.


I'm leveling a warrior right now if you wanna play a dungeon together some time, I wanna try tanking, I dont mind if we screw up or anything


back to shitposting fulltime


File: 1651360258054.jpg (437.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, malakbt-lichking-wotlk-02.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I dont feel like making my own thread but is anyone on warmane icecrown 3.3.5a WOTLK private server? Its the biggest private server in the world, dalaran is always bustling and you can play twinks in any bracket:



the trivialized leveling process and homogenized classes in wotlk is sort of off-putting, as well as flying mounts and dungeon finder making the world feel tiny


one of the wizzies helped me get full druid fang set today :D https://classic.wowhead.com/item-set=162/embrace-of-the-viper

someone please come play with us, we lost a guy.

im waiting for retail wrath classic and dont want to spoil it for myself, ive never played.


sorry I didn’t play much yesterday, I’ve been having medication problems, I hope I’ll be back to normal quickly


it's ok i didnt even get online myself until 10 PM MST. im just lucky dvitamin was on that late for some reason, never seen him stay that late before.
it'll probably be the same time for me today because i wageslave again. 10 or 11 MST.


its a x7 leveling server, very easy to hit 80


are you sure man? Warmane icecrown has 12k online in prime time, and soy blizz wotlk classic has sharding with not as many people in the world


that's part of the problem


File: 1651654402281.jpeg (177.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, CBB139D6-02A9-440E-A4F1-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I just want to kill low level mobs in the forest laughing back and forth at what the other wizzies have to say ;-;


mmos are such eyesores


in hindsight, i should probably just run you through a dungeon on my warrior if we are both up around this time. it's a weird time for both NA and EU so i should have realized we would not find anybody.


Is it fine to play a female character?


out of the other players here i have actually met in-game, i was the only one whose main was male. my next toon is a female as well. play what you wont mind looking at for hundreds or thousands of hours. if you can only stomach a sexy elf (or any other female), go ahead.


Did they change the classes much from vanilla or are things mostly the same? Also I'm undecided on what I want to stick with. I want a class that is very very good at solo play since that's what I'll probably do the most, but I would like one who is also competent and useful for groups since I do wanna try all of the dungeons at least once in party and obviously at "end-game".


warlock would probably be a good choice for a mix of utility and solo


Warlock seems pretty alright and I'll consider it. I've narrowed my other interests down to:
Is anyone able to give a rundown on each for both levelling and end-game?


hopping on now for some late gameplay.

yes. all of us are currently playing females, but have male alts.
i just like the animations of the female tauren slightly better (but both genders have the weakest textures and animations of any race in wow, unfortunately.)
after i get her to 60, i'm playing a male goblin.


File: 1651910752351.png (4 MB, 2298x1344, 383:224, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

another rare moment where all my gear matches, so i took a pic.


Why do some people here plays female chars? I couldn’t even play female elf , let alone a cow.Female chars gives me cringe and I just can’t play them


sucking wizcock e-rp works better when you're playing a female char


people pick shapely females so they have something to look at for hundreds of hours and pick the other females for memes.


I cant immerse myself in a big manly character because I'm a tiny twig irl


I might want to join in on this, which server are you guys on?
Does it matter whether I pick EU or US? I'm in EU so the ping would be better on the EU one I would imagine.


theres only one server, one realm. its just "turtle wow."
makes the population a lot better.


i just explained above.
"i just like the animations of the female tauren slightly better (but both genders have the weakest textures and animations of any race in wow, unfortunately.)
after i get her to 60, i'm playing a male goblin."

i have a bunch of male tauren in retail classic and they just plain don't look too good. i especially hate their /dance and their weird toony 1995 face and eye textures.
i dont play it for the memes, cows are just my favorite animal. love cows and i'd buy one if i won the lottery or got an inheritance.
nobody in the guild roleplays at all. i want some sfw roleplay but ive been too lazy at making a character sheet to help me stay in-character.


Well, I'm on now, Human Warrior named Gambo, add me if anyone wants to play.


i'll be on in like 9 hours , i play very late at night. i have a bunch of errands to take care of today. Apologies.


All good! I'm still not sure how seriously I should take this, I just kind got my life back into a decent order again, not sure if fucking it up with WoW again is the best option.


File: 1651960529308.mp4 (5.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, AVGN.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Tried to play a goblin hunter recently. As soon as I got to odomar or whatever I just shut it off. I can't force myself to play it again.


You still online?


Nah not anymore, it's midnight here so going to sleep soon, might play some in like 10-12 hours.


I really don't like the new player guild chat. It's the most banal and stupid stuff I've been forced to read. Can you turn it off or leave the guild whenever you want?


type /gquit


It's basically Wizcord but in your TurtleWOW bro what more could you possibly want

okay then


He's talking about the default guild all new characters automatically join retard.


I logged in and the first thing I see the new player guild chat talking about is futa's and people commenting on how horny they are. It just seemed like a whole bunch of circlejerking between a small group of people spamming the chat and that alone was enough to make me reconsider even playing on this server.


I am on for a little while right now so I can invite to the guild. Global chats are cancerous on everything.


Thats why I like male gnome, undead and blood elves they’re skinny but playing a female char? I legit couldn’t play because it did give me cringe also I hate succubi so it triggers me


Playing this is just kinda giving me an itch to try TBC Classic.


retail is filled with tryhards


on for a bit again. can whisper auts for a guild invite if anybody wants one.


should i give it another try and start levelling the shaman?


up to you. as far as i can tell with the guild there is either same amount of people or less playing since you were last on. only two unique players (me included) in last few days. i was on until a little bit ago but i have been on for most of last 12 hours, so i am gonna rest.


Seems you're right. Did a fair bit of research and it seems that "catching up" is next to impossible if you're starting fresh. Joining guilds is difficult unless you play an in-demand but scarce class which people will gear for you. If you don't have that you're SoL since nobody is going to help you and you'll have little gearing options unless you join these "GDKP" runs…and as a fresh 70 you're not going to have the gold on hand for that. Unless you buy gold aka "swiping". Which is extremely common. Add on to that EU seems to have a lot of server issues and long queues due to awful imbalance and it seems like it'd be a miserable experience starting this late on. The community really did ruin classic it seems.


i'm conflicted because I'm too vulnerable to such kind of games,.. my dopamine receptors synchronize perfectly with the WoW grind->reward system so I end up playing 10+ hours a day, as well as exacerbating my worst personality traits which turn me into an insufferable piece of shit

however i just realized that i didn't delete the banker character so i still have a bank full of stuff you could sell and make some golds.


oh and thinking in retrospective I wanted to say that I had a lot of fun with wizards, but I'm to immature to manage such an addictive/alienating game.
But yeah in the end I think that fighting and getting mad is a good thing because it means u care about the person and group. I could've been a zoomer retard but at least I'm a loyal retard so when I understood the problem was mainly myself along with the game mechanics i just destroyed everything


how do you guys not get bored being able to world pvp?


What? What's boring about world PvP? Or do you mean being unable to world PvP? Because you can opt in to it for more exp and a lot of people do it.


it is boring


was reading world chat a bit yesterday and saw that many people are blacklisted or kicked from the couple successful raid guilds for pvping the wrong loser's alt (despite them choosing to turn pvp on themselves for easier leveling).


what a fucking soy ass carebear server. i almost want to roll on there just to make these guilds miserable.

this is what happens on a small server i guess. never heard of this on warmane


on for another hour or so afking for tents (craftable temporary world objects that build rested xp quickly). whisper auts if anyone is even playing and wants a guild invite (although an actual leveling guild might be better if you can stomach socializing enough).


Heard a lot about this as well. It goes further than that though since a lot of the "vets" are friends with the admins and will get you IP and account banned if you kill the wrong guy in PvP. Seems to mostly be a "Hardcore" thing since these neckbeards will seethe beyond belief if you kill their level 40-60 High Elf hardcore character idling out in Tanaris for example when they think they're safe.


I sure love running into the same group of Horde rogues spawn camping low levels 24/7. It's a great fun time. I think I'm going to wait until I'm 60 before I bother with war mode again.


File: 1652389424833.jpg (3.42 MB, 4500x4800, 15:16, 1573314845270.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i'll take your bank stuff if you havent given it away already. i'm Greatgrass.


i uninstalled the game but I gave my account to andrew, he knows his shit lol


File: 1652392823511.jpg (139.89 KB, 1133x1240, 1133:1240, 1573248046439.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

ummm he hasnt logged in in 9 days though. give it to me instead :D


you sound too jewish i'll give it to vitamin instead. tell him to contact andrew or something. also im too lazy to send emai


just send it to greatgrass. i dont want to deal with it.


do you want my 60 priest? 300 enchanting 300 tailoring


ok I sent you pass etc.


yes please. thatd be most epic.
the login didnt work.


I sent you an email with the 60 priest account details


File: 1652483790214.png (11.22 KB, 597x55, 597:55, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i got it. thanks. i only took the money and a bag.
we're going to try to find someone else to play your character so i didnt want to strip them naked or something.
i left the pw the same in case you decide to play later.
i think it didnt work because of pic related. you have to click this link to confirm the change.


I'm up for playing diablo 2 or something like that some time if you get bored of turtle wow


File: 1652541404761.jpg (20.27 KB, 561x198, 17:6, ffgg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

sorry i did it now. however if u didn't take anything from andrew character I doubt you find something interesting there


well u can still ask them on the forums to restore my druid. i deleted some of the healing gear but I guess all the feral is still there. It was full pre-bis both tank and healing


so did it work?


yes i could login now. im scared to ask them to restore your deleted character because i dont want them to think something fishy is going on and ban me. i guess i'll ask in the discord server using an alt account.


i sent in a ticket just now. let's hope it works out.


File: 1652677980998.png (427.96 KB, 273x1403, 273:1403, image_2022-05-15_221259826.png) ImgOps iqdb

it worked :D lol your UI is pretty fucked up there


congrats, now you got two druids and a priest lol


I played on turtle a few years ago when it had a couple dozen players. 0.5x xp rate was mandatory I think, then they made it optional with the turtle pet. Anyway, the server was comfy and fun and ever since they added PVP, it has gone to shit. It's stupid for people to complain about getting ganked if they enabled it for easy leveling, but it shouldn't exist in the first place. All PVP brings is insufferable niggers. It attracts all the shitskins and slavs that infest other private servers. I don't blame long time players from blacklisting PVP niggers.


It's a free private WoW server. It's always going to attract shitskins and slavs. I've noticed there's an annoyingly large population of Russians on there and every dungeon run I've done has had a Russian tank who can't speak a word of English and has a sub 5 IQ and frequently wipes runs. I do agree that PvP is dogshit though. Specifically world PvP. I do not see the fun in being harassed by twinks or bored level 60's who specifically go to low-level zones lookking to gank people.


Sounds like a skill issue.


File: 1652819928491.jpg (130.63 KB, 426x332, 213:166, small_info3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So apparently WHITEKIDNEY is bringing back/making a new fresh vanilla server. So if this is the case it should have a high pop similar to Lights hope/lightbringer/nostalrius.

Plus turtle wow is run by shenna (torta) that corrupt server bitch who ran elysium



why dont you get good like this guy?



that's the good shit, love verycoolguy



Last night there were 3 level 60 Horde players camping around Sentinel Hill for hours.


damn. are wizzies going to play this?


If it's actually popular I might. I'm talking like thousands of people on average popular. I highly doubt there will be though. Classic kind of satisfied most people it seems for the next few years at least.


File: 1653124747190.png (1.52 MB, 1920x578, 960:289, modrew and seamonkey btfo.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1653125432339.png (7.62 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, image_2022-05-21_023002106.png) ImgOps iqdb

really happy for you bro that was an epic streak of good luck there.




lol u finally got it vnice

time to delete character now and come play diablo 2 with us


File: 1653222385969.png (45.53 KB, 843x191, 843:191, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

relevant post i just read btw. maybe its just fucked.


I started playing retail again. I'm having a lot of fun leveling alts through Chromie time. I'm sorry.


you can probably test by setting jump to mouse wheel


not my post btw im playing turtle wow as we speak


well, the second run through lava i took no damage. mightve just been bad timing with initial damage tick the first time around.


sorry, i like playing longterm games more than two days before losing interest.


you posted a screenshot of the wow wc3 ui with a hello kitty skin. was that your own screenshot and do you have a link for it?


i dont have it I forgot where I found it


File: 1653346613052.jpg (1.44 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, WoWScrnShot_052322_155514.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

im hooting for you ;)
this owl turns his head 360* to get a better view of you ;)
lets hold hands and throw up owl pellets together this valentine's day, baby ;)

that's my moonkin valentine's day card.
what do you think?

i had to logout and play retail classic cause im level 38 and 2 levels away from moonkin.

i told him to ask you because i love hello kitty too. my druid's name in retail classic is Sanrio for example (the company that made hello kitty)
here he is


i'll log back in tonight. like 8 PM or so


File: 1653507257288.gif (3.74 MB, 640x358, 320:179, thunderfury-black-temple.gif) ImgOps iqdb

dvitamin soon:


anyone want to arena with me on warmane icecrown alliance? Ele shaman


nah, too anxious to tank without gear and wizards. been playing rogue more.
(still doing my arcanite cd more or less every time it's ready)


File: 1653536314852.png (71.19 KB, 744x85, 744:85, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


If anyone new wants to play I’m still here on a level 8 shaman in the wizpals guild :^)


who should I whisper for an invite?


auts, greatgrass, or kuromi.
auts is wageslaving, greatgrass is traveling to another state atm, kuromi is busy playing other games atm.
unlikely to get a response for a little while.


i got lockpicking 225. just mail loxkboxes to auts. i will cod back for 30 copper if you want the box contents.


>30 copper
king of all jews



File: 1654365422355.mp4 (575.11 KB, 480x360, 4:3, average_dvitamin.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


i am a retard and i think i remembered opened containers being untradeable anyway. i only say 30 copper in case there is large volume and so i break even on postage, but it is a dumb assumption to make. i can just mail back raw items for free, or you can just have me open your boxes through the enchantment tab on the trade window.


i remember a rogue in LBRS who pickpocketed a white junkbox off a random trash orc and he found a lvl 60 epic 1h sword inside. i think megaboy was there too
however some rogue opened me like 60 mithril and thorium lockboxes but I only got shit off them. and on top of that 10 of them were completely empty


one of you told me about that epic sword drop. well, all the boxes i banked and some i had been gifted had nothing at all in them (not literally and maybe not even figuratively, but i just mailed everything to mimmy and de'd). my retardation had been hoping for something as autistic as getting edgelord's gauntlets or something i could pledge toward buying them.


I just made a UD warrior I will see if you guys are online when I get back home


Dvitamin: greatgrass here: I didn't quit turtle wow, I'm just visiting my brotha in Tennessee. I didn't tell u I was leaving because I assumed I'd have time to play and get him to play with us. But I don't because his mom has a ton of time off work and has been talking to us and driving us places every day.


No ones online to invite me sadly


i am playing nintendo with my brothers right now
no problem. i havent been on much since getting lockpicking up. i think i just farmed some felcloth for a little bit on mimmy a few days ago.


have fun bro but get on sometime i need an invite!


Do you really get 30% extra XP just for enabling PVP? So is a times 30 or only 30% how much more quicker is it?


the second one you said. i thought it was 40% too. unsure if rested doubles it.


invite bros get your asses on


i haven't played in awhile, is cross-faction guilds still a thing? what faction is are wizs on?


i've been using this site to help level on this server. it helps speed up leveling


i finally sent the lockboxes to you, Auts.
u can keep it all and sell it, unless you get something good for a moonkin. thatd be cool to get back


opened and sent, sent leftovers to mimmy for disenchant, got something like 8 dream 8 illusion and 1 small brilliant.
havent played last month or so but i will still log to open any lockboxes. i wont do the 30 copper cod thing, i will just send everything back except greys, so if anyone gets something they dont want just vendor or mail to mimmy for disenchant (and maybe you can get some enchants out of it too). just post here when you need anything like lockpicking or enchanting or alchemy. i probably still wont be on regularly.


This server is run by mommy shenna who was a corrupt succubus who sold characters on elysium vanilla wow server


File: 1656269493150.png (168.72 KB, 500x284, 125:71, world-of-your-mom.png) ImgOps iqdb

dvitamin the gang is back together and my polish friend is playing too so its like the wiz guild is at its peak capacity. my shaman is level 30 now since i havent felt like playing the druid loll. ocd.
maybe you play with us again too? if you dont wanna play gimme your arcanite so i can make Nightfall and be the raid's nightfall shaman lol. i will NEVER heal!!! chaos orcs dont heal


im playing retail if anyone wants to join


i can send bars but i cant access the mimmy account anymore. wondering why.


well i sent the bullshit but i hope to the mimmy account is actually building up moon cloth and you ragheads or other faggots arent just destroying or cashing out.


sent to greatgrass, 10 bars that take nearly a month to build


mimmy was going to sell the priest to some retarded troll and i got scared and changed the pw lol. i was planning on sharing it with you again.
i'd give it back to mimmy if he wanted to play himself or if someone non-retarded wanted it.
im not cashing out ive been playing for hours a day and so has my bud thats doing a protection paladin. everybody else stopped playing in 1 day though so the guild is back to having just 2 active members.

why did you decide to quit and give me the bars? i hope i didnt offend you and i liked you a lot


no you never offended me, i think i was offensive to other users like the ol' icon of this here chan. i dont really quit but i just too blackpilled now, and i dont really have time. i want to play more games that might excite me. i have nothing against the wizkids playing twow.


also just message me in-game the mimmy account pw i guess, don't worry about it too much. i probably wont be on for awhile longer. if you become big pimp raider with nice gold amounts, maybe share to fledgling wizards first and then slowly pay me back the amount of half the arcane crystals (in other words, just send me 5 arcane crystals someday and i dont really care when, maybe never lol)


it's not you or any specific else. just gonna have more and younger brothers playing my steam. you should honestly delete post cuz i think a lot of harassment stems from steam url and etc game urls.
i will still be around for opening lockboxes at least, and i can even record some shitty vids if a more ghetto way is seen as exploitative, although i really dont see a reason to scam on such a small and socially corrupt server.


lol that was just a joke I wasn’t gonna sell it


File: 1656966844491.png (2.79 MB, 2904x1173, 968:391, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i look based. like some sith lord shit. he eats babies for breakfast lunch and dinner.
i dueled a warrior and he did absolutely no damage to me and i just auto attacked him to death. i took my shield off and dueled him again and killed him even faster that time. i wish i had filmed it.
his defenses are worthless compared to my maxxed out flametongue. it says "Each hit causes 15 to 51 additional Fire damage", you can ensure it's 51 every single time by wearing fire spellpower gear.
windfury weapon is gambling, hoping it procs and hoping for a crit. it makes your dps very unpredictable and variable.
flametongue on a fast weapon is the wise sage choice. dependable, consistent dps that's completely indefensible because it ignores armor value. there's nearly no mobs with fire resistance and nobody's gonna be wearing fire res gear on a late server with no one running molten core.

it's the most fun i've ever had playing wow.
ok i'll send it right now. thanks again so much for the arcanite. i'm completely broke. i'll need to think of a way to generate income at 60. i don't know how profitable axesmithing is or how long the grind is for Thorium Brotherhood. i've never done it before. maybe i'll have to use rapida and grind skinning, he made it sound very easy and profitable. he said no one bothers to farm it and he'd be at the best spots farming with no competition.


sorry im retarded


File: 1657489427473.png (2.11 MB, 2632x3384, 7:9, 4C574C28-F357-41C1-BBBD-C7….png) ImgOps iqdb

Mommy shenna from elysium:nostalrius drama runs turtle wow


why does it matter


i literally dont care if she sells characters or gold. the auction house economy has always been livable to me, even in retail classic where everyone openly buys gold. the effect gold buying has on the economy is always greatly exaggerated on every server lol.
if you dont want to buy a 60 character, then don't. i don't care if somebody else does. i prefer leveling normally and going through all the dungeons, but if somebody else wants a boost it doesn't affect me in any way. most people by now have leveled 10+ characters to 60 and i could understand not wanting to waste your time doing it again.
ive spent $80 on the turtle wow donation shop so far lol seethe harder. im glad torta gets to be a neet and profit off her fun server. my only complaint is the staff is biased towards Alliance cringe and unironically thinks gnomes are cool.


Imagine giving some succubus your $ and doing it for free


better than giving it to valve or any of those companies, the person is just making enough to get by and not skimming off the top. hosting a server is pretty expensive, think it costs 3 dollars per slot plus the user database. there was a time where succubi were selling their services on tf2 in exchange for hats


pic related, the tf2 red light district where you find wizards smoking twerking and jerking


This is a WoW thread, genius


after she provides me 1000 hours of gaming? yes


taking a break to play board games


If the OG niggers don't come back for you in a reliable manner, then I won't force myself to play with them on anything else. They should play with you foremost because you are a cool guy.


who are you talking to


probably not you


I’m not interested in playing vanilla right now, I’m thinking about playing the new retail expansion or warmanes MoP server next month depending on what other people say


no point in arguing with the retards that post here. i think im finally done with this place and wont be playing more wow for sure. gonna find a website that is actually for 30y/o virgins.


the class updates came out, they gave paladin a taunt damn . stopped taking a break to take advantage of the new class changes.


File: 1659520720310.png (4.08 MB, 3155x1355, 631:271, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

there's a sale for the turtle shop right now, so i'm all paypigged out.
this astral form on the leftmost pic replaces moonkin form and makes you like a shadow priest.
i thought it'd be very unique. night elves can be priests, so they already have a means of obtaining the shadow form. but there's no way for a tauren to get this effect except for this paypig one.
also bought a zombie stag mount and a moonkin hatchling.


File: 1659520734051.png (3.69 MB, 1893x2119, 1893:2119, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1659520819772.png (934.76 KB, 706x1141, 706:1141, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

here's my leveling partner. i crafted some of his matching set here with a new blacksmithing recipe.
he's a deathknight paypig and i'm a corrupted druid, and we're both evil as fuck and eat babies together and stuff.

both of us are level 54 almost 55 now. i've been trying to get a ding a day.


File: 1659570802731.png (2.33 MB, 1941x1621, 1941:1621, image_2022-08-03_165319425.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1659734221921.png (129.61 KB, 975x714, 325:238, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

wiz guild helped me farm my prebis.
only took 2 attempts because the wiz gods smiled upon us today


File: 1660021102758.png (351.2 KB, 697x606, 697:606, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

scourge guild master gave me the moonfire relic for free. im the most geared moonkin on the server now probably


Source? Your ass probably.


BUMP, turtle bots are getting back together, lets get some new friends


i'm so anxious


Bump, taking new players, we're leveling up again, classes were rebalanced recently


all these bumps yet no way to contact them in game…


post your ingame name and someone will message you, or also do this >>58244


we are still playing if anyone is interested in joining, its never too late!


Everlook the Final Fresh we waiting you nov 11th


Mommy shenna/torta is finished on the 11th



Because everlook wow= the fresh from whitekidney/lights hope/ continuation of nostalrius is coming on the 11th


It's over. Everlook chads won.


turtle wow is not a blizzlike vanilla server so I dont see how it would effect it


turtle is a nice server because it takes a while to level up but I would like to play the wrath of the lich king and try the new classes. most servers give too much xp


>gear matches, so i took a pic
> cant immerse myself in a big manly character because I'm a tiny twig irl
didn't know trannies were allowed to post on wizchan


>server with nothing to set itself apart is going to kill highly customized one
should probably be deleted for advertising anyway, seen this same exact shit on other boards.


I play on warmane icecrown which is the largest wow server. X7 xp by default, but you can set to x1 or 0.5. Lordaeron is x1


File: 1667926816151.png (1.06 MB, 900x606, 150:101, 1667406379703671.png) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone else going horde on Everlook? We should get to level 30 and go raid Redrige.


Lmao raiding redridge as 30s.


File: 1668017011625.jpg (473.19 KB, 1920x1113, 640:371, geraud-soulie-for-the-hord….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It has to be on a fresh server. You take all the horde who go to STV anyway at lvl 30 and go fuck up alliance cucks still in their low 20s. Level 30 alliance cucks will not come to defend as they want to level up instead.


As they should because there is more to be gained by rushing 60 and gearing prebis than there is in wasting time in a hostile leveling zone.


Why not just keep a level capped 20 in redridge and get good?


nah those are soulless npcs and zoomers rushing to 60 for a shitty endgame
because it's a 40 man town raid like the real game is supposed to be played not ganking lowbies on troondle


Anyone on everlook? How is it


beijing 2.0


Thats sad. Whats the highest pop usually now during the day?


3k-4k, but it's 90% chinese who will not interact with you, they won't even accept your group invites and will grief you while you're trying to quest for no real reason, I'm convinced some of them are bots programmed to kill quest npcs over and over to make it hard for nonchinese to progress


also line of sight is broken and some basic mobs aren't scripted correctly, it's a godawful trashfire server, just play on turtle wow is you want a vanilla experience with actual players


Sorry i mean during EU peak what is pop?


Was thinking about how much I enjoyed raids during Warlords of Draenor. Lots of movement and positioning. I don't know why people prefer to just sit with the ranged stack and pad meters. I'd still be top three damage done while being on mechanics duty for every fight. It's more engaging and therefore more fun to have to do particular things per boss. I also really liked the challenge mode dungeons. It definitely felt like a lot of content had been cut, though. The big ones I can think of are the ogre magi isle and having the ogre hold and Black Temple for capitals.


If you like complicated raids retails is the game for you. Really anything before WoD when they introduced mythic was way too easy compared to now.


So i play on a library pc. No installs. Can i play on this server


Anyone doing or has completed a Hardcore character?





No clue, I didn't talk to anyone when I played. It's a classless server where you just select from all the typical spells and passives available to a player.



I plan to play that if it's PVE. I don't think it will be though, but Frostmourne (the realm this replaces) was PVE so I have some slight hope it will be. Everlook was too painful due to all the Chinese corpsecampers


You gay retards playing Epoch beta 3 or nah?


does anyone here still play this server? forgot my info to my old account so starting fresh>>56673


im playing on retail classic right now, but I'm the OP


There's 6000 player queues now… The Chinese have invaded. It's unplayable.


Thats so weird, I dont have any queue or problems, im playing from euw


Playing on endless TBc new realm it's 5x exp and has rdf so leveling should be like a day or two to 70


Queues are not a thing anymore but you still have to fight for every mob due to the sheer amount of people playing.

You're basically playing getting-a-tag simluator instead of WoW.

And this is not only in the earlier levels but in the deep 40s as well.


Anyone going to warmane onyxia? X3 xp with wotlk client/benefits no wotlk talents tho


I was waiting for it, but Stormforge is doing fresh MoP progression in a few weeks and I'm not playing multiple versions at the same time. I'll probably go to Warmane when it does TBC in a year or so though.


Any tips for warrior hardcore?


Stick to quests below your level. Doing stuff at your level (or worse, higher) makes everything take ages and you have to eat/bandage all the time. As long as the quest isn't grey, you'll be fine.


It's fun, but I kind of miss when the population was lower. world chat can be fun around certain times I guess


6k peak, but usually under 4k. I've rarely fought over mobs and there seem to be zero bots. Chinese players, but not bots.


I have played on and off for a long time but I'm too much of an autist to even fathom the idea of grouping with others for certain content such as dungeons and raids. It makes me far too anxious. I just play solo for the most part.


A wizzo guild is the simple solution


>Why do some people here plays female chars?
>sucking wizcock e-rp works better when you're playing a female char
the guys from this thread were exposed as sexhavers and faggot cliquers.


Guys who play only succubi are fags


in online games maybe

in single player games where you don't associate or roleplay as the succubus i think it's fine. like it's free real estate on the screen, might as well put a nice ass there


Thoughts on project epoch?

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