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Thread for discussing games you're currently playing.

>What games are you playing?

>What games have you recently purchased?

Previous thread: https://archive.ph/kXUl0
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File: 1680606415767.jpg (92.69 KB, 410x248, 205:124, stang1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Here´s the Newest asshole in town!
Single race, no compilation.


I'm playing Morrowind again, but as a thief. The Thieve's Guild quests are really profitable. The first Ald'ruhn quest lets you steal everything from the mage's guild there. From that, I was set for a long time while I trained and spent my gold. I like doing a job or some personal thieving and then living off that gold for the rest of the time. The point is to balance out exploration of Tamriel Rebuilt, thieving, jobs, and personal growth. When I have lots of money, I try to go on a spending spree for new enchantments and other stuff. I don't really need to buy anything though since you can buy the second best light armor (chitin) in the game for relatively cheap. Obviously, not counting dark brotherhood armor. The only goods I really need to buy as a thief are the occasional potion and enchantments. I'm eventually going to come to a road block when I run out things to buy and all attributes I'm training are maxed. I guess by then, I'll go on a huge heist, become the guild master, and explore the mainland more.

I guess there's really not much to do in my free time as a thief. No obstacles or laws will prevent my constant ascension. I've already passed many thresholds that would differentiate my character from a lower leveled or lesser character. Magical items, lots of money and skill trainings, etc. It's only up from here and there's little left to do.


File: 1681065478360.jpg (6.28 KB, 328x154, 164:77, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Longest Carma video so far..
Featuring one of the fastest cars in the game.
Inspired by Aston Martin. ( possibly a British car.. )


Been playing some Call of Duty 4 multiplayer lately. Naturally, there's not many servers still left, so the one I've been playing on is a community server that's been hosted by some clan that's still around. It instantly reminded me of why I hate dedicated/community servers, and unlike many people, I'm glad they're gone.
Stupid rules that are arbitrarily enforced by flaky admins (members of the 'clan' never seem to get warned or reprimanded, how strange), annoying/weird people in chat (constantly complaining, or spamming weird shit), shitty mods that and badly made fan maps that ruin the vanilla experience, and so on. People often times reminisce about the so-called good old days of dedicated community servers but that must be the nostalgia speaking, because this little experience really brought back memories of weird power tripping admins enforcing their bullshit onto everybody. I'm glad these days you can just play an online game, without some admin ruining your day because he's ultra-Christian and doesn't allow you to swear on his server.


>there's not manyd servers still left
that's the problem, when there are a lot to choose from you can pick a few you like and ignore the rest



File: 1682372087225.jpeg (6.86 KB, 270x186, 45:31, download (1).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I decided I wanted to play btn and this was a good choice such a comfy game.I just made it to summer 1 and spent all my time in spring mining to get enough money for the better rucksack and mithril watering can.Bought a ton of tomato seeds since I couldn't afford pineapples this time around.I want to get a chicken next so I can give popuri spa eggs.


Such a comfy game. I like popuri too


Oh I played MWR against bots last year.


File: 1682392225172.png (13.03 KB, 642x447, 214:149, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

trying to play pc-88 games but i cannot find an emulator that works reliably

out of all these, m88 runs some games, x88 freezes but the program runs, and the rest cant even run on modern windows i guess now
m88 seems to run most things

im thinking these games have some kind of copyright protection that prevents them from running, but i cant believe people would make emulators 30 years later incapable of playing them so i think im just not doing it right


File: 1682392780545.png (15.09 KB, 642x447, 214:149, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

even stuff that works fails quite often soon

really disappointing honestly. there's tons of cool games from the 80s and they can't even be fucking played any more


>there's tons of cool games from the 80s and they can't even be fucking played any more
Why is getting a burner laptop and putting an older OS on it not an option?


do you think an older version of windows would run the emulation software itself better or something? i just know a lot of the old japanese stuff was made for old windows. but windows is pretty good compatibility wise. most of those things are just too complicated without any english documentation to figure out how to work them


>emulation software
You don't need to emulate if you're using compatible hardware…


oh you made it seem like you were suggesting just picking up an old thinkpad. not really feasible for this unfortunately, it is 30-40 year old hardware and is expensive and not readily available anymore, plus you need specific versions if you give up on original hardware and try running it on later compatible stuff, which is just not available anymore. unless i'm wrong about this, a full working setup to run 8 bit pc-88 stuff should cost hundreds of dollars, maybe over a thousand. i guess it is an option for rich retrogamer guys but not me


The Alliance Alive
the PC port crashes every once in a while, this is a common issue apparently. Unacceptable.
I should never have bought this and it's too late for a refund now. Oh well, moving on to Minstrel Song, which is an actually competent remaster and a better game.


Gave Morrowind another go, for the umpteenth time. Still don't like it. Did this quest for the Fighters Guild. They make you hike all the way to the northern most point of the map, then I went into a tomb with some person and found that I was under-leveled and had to go back, but now I have this random NPC following me around -so what, am I supposed to have this person as a random followers for the next several hours of game time till I'm an appropriate level? Obviously that's stupid so I had to reload my save.
Stuff like this just really strikes me as blatantly bad design. If you're gonna gate certain quests behind needing to be a certain level, at least have the quest giver in lore telegraph the difficulty of the quest. How difficult is it program the quest giver NPC to check for your level and then spit out some flavor text like "I need a more experienced adventure than you, perhaps you should come back another time, unless you really think you're ready"?
How difficult is it to add a 'stop following me' dialogue option to NPC's that are supposed to follow you only in a specific area/quest line?

I don't know why I keep trying games to get into games that I think are bad just because they have this revered status on the internet, it's a really bad habit.


Morrowind is revered now?


tried to play some games today but they all got axed within minutes. the good thing about a lot of indie games is that you can often just delete their fagfont and they will default to Arial within the game or something. you can also just put in your own fonts and rename them sometimes as well…. but these fucking emulated console games. how on earth do you fix that? that shit is baked in. i know for gamecube dolphin emulator how to dump graphics and reimport them to change fonts for example, but not for the switch, i think they are using a legit font instead of just bitmaps. feels bad

bramble mountain king game
-annoying baby sounds made by all the gnomes
-weird 'attractive child' aesthetic that appeals solely to succubi (look at dolls and stuff for older succubi, they are like weird pouty-face model boys. i can't stand that shit)
-boring game for succubi, the only interesting thing about it are the folktales and fairytale story and cultural stuff
-gay forced depth of field and other unreal engine snake oil

triangle strategy
-gay unreadable tiny font
-weird diagonal combat grid doesn't map with dpad or stick cursor

trinity trigger
-no choice for audio besides a weird english voice actor

homestead arcana
-laughably bad amateur voicing, like it was recorded from a laptop webcam's built in microphone


always was
I remember being 12 and reading on magazines how great it was, then I bought it and it was the most disappointing experience I've ever had


File: 1683126816626.webm (2.35 MB, 600x338, 300:169, OEl9.webm) ImgOps iqdb

this combat straight fire fam 🚒🔥


Obviously you need to Enhanced Combat, Combat Reborn, Melee Overhaul Extended, and Classic Damage Scaling mods. The game is broken without those mods specifically.


No, the combat is perfectly fine. Maybe actually spec into the shit you're using, like, you know, an RPG. Obviously some retard who can't swing a sword is going to miss.


Come now, look at that video. Did you ever swing a stick at a tree right in front of you? You won't miss it.


Tree's don't move, and even then, chopping them down with an axe properly is still a skill.

What do you expect them to do? Simulate dodging and a load of "bad swinging" arm physics? That would be even worse than the current implementation. It's an RPG, not an FPS. Role-playing is supposed to be required.


It's a videogame


The enemy in that video stays perfectly still most of the time and when he moves it's like a single, slow step to the left or right, it's virtually the same thing as hitting a tree with a stick. I'm not saying you would do damage but you would at least hit it.

Actually I agree with you about the rpg thing, I'm not the guy you were having an argument with. I was just harping on this because that video is really funny.

Yeah. It can still suck though. Not in this particular case, Morrowind is a nice game but that video it not showing its finest hour.


>I'm not saying you would do damage but you would at least hit it.
most of those old rpgs use D&D style rolling for everything, so for example you swing your sword, the game rolls to check your hit against their armor and skills blah blah, and so you can completely miss as a result. this is not morrowind's fault, most rpgs were like that at a certain point


video is bait, that doesn't actually happen in the game, you're likely to miss if your skill in the type of weapon that you are using is low but not to that degree


id like to add that the guy in the video is rapidly spamming attacks, if you start wildly swinging irl too you might miss more


Regardless of the swings and misses, the combat looks laughable even compared to other games of the time.


Finally got around to playing GTA5 recently. I can see why people consider this to be a masterpiece. The world is the best facsimile of the real world that you can get in a video game along with some good writing and characters along with biting and funny social commentary. The level of detail is really impressive, it's an extremely well-polished game.

The only other rockstar game that I've played is red dead redemption 2 and they are similar in that regard. They're similar in more ways too actually, almost like they're the same game but with different skins, cowboy vs modern gangster. The basic premise is the same, you're a group of criminals doing crime together and there is a story that sets up the crimes you get to play through. GTA5 has the whole switching between characters thing though that really adds to the whole experience. You get to see and act out every part of the criminal conspiracy which makes it extra fun. The airplanes, driving, and submarines and shit really adds an entire level to the game which RDR2 lacks. Overall, neither is my type of game because they're both shooters and I'm not a big fan of shooters, but I can see why people consider them masterpieces. GTA5 so far has been much better though. RDR2's story just sucked even though the writing was good and the characters were good. The story in GTA5 is just fundamentally better as is the humor and the gameplay.


File: 1683305548717.jpg (183.39 KB, 1225x900, 49:36, 1663313338392481.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Worse vehicle handling than it´s predecessors, you barely need a brake to steer in the corners.

Just add glue - Rockstar 2013

Also: The shittiest radio stations ever conceived in the entire series, let alone the dull characters which i could care any less post-IV.


it's polished and well-made alright, with a lot of attention to detail, but it's just as empty and repetitive as most other open world games. take the side activities for example; they all are boring and completely uninteresting (the submarine… what was the point of that)

>biting and funny social commentary

no, it's about as biting and funny as a modern day simpsons episode
the writing is dreadful and i can't think of a single character that was likeable

rockstar makes games that may seem impressive on the surface but they are actually very shallow


I got into League during Season 4 and I played that game until now.
Nearly 7 years. Times surely flies by.

I've asked the support to delete my account and today it was deleted.
However, i don't feel the desire to play any game anymore.


>even compared to other games of the time
which games


arx fatalis


aside from the clunky magic system, combat in that game was not much better. the only thing better was it did not have the dnd combat system. back up, hold swing, move forward, release attack, back up, repeat, then reload save because you didn't back up enough and died. you could not block in that game, same as morrowind, though at least for morrowind it helped proc a block, i think in arx you just take a flat reduced damage when it is equipped. fight 5 minutes, spend 5 minutes cooking. the only really good thing about arx fatalis was the item/object physics, being able to lift and move stuff around. i'm sure that game was responsible for oblivion having the fun physics it had, though in arx it was way better and you could do so much more interactable stuff

that said, stuff like wizardry and might and magic, shit released the same year as these, look so dated like those ancient party-based rpg games, often dont have any attack animation or feedback whatsoever, the funny 'character's attack missed goblin' combat dialog box, you just click on the screen to attack with no attack animation or feedback whatsoever. it is all bad. it is not until the combat systems from first/third person hack and slash games gets incorporated into RPGs (different attack types, dodging, rolling, blocking, parrying) that the combat becomes interesting


I've been playing Morrowind as a sorcerer with no guild or house affiliations, and I finally grew a character that can support himself. The in house sorcerer has no real skills that can get money, and since magic and enchanting requires a lot of money, I had to level up mercantile a lot. Since you start at 5 mercantile, you can't bribe people for better prices, so you'll sell things at 20 to 30% of their value and probably buy at 110% at the least. People don't like you because of your low personality, and you can't make them like you with your low speechcraft. Since you have little money, you can't start with a charm spell since it's so expensive, and can't fortify personality either. I ended up having to sell flowers individually to get disposition up, and then sell expensive things to eventually buy mercantile training. Also, since my mercantile and probably personality was so low, I needed to bribe 100 drakes instead of 10 to get the trainers to like me. I didn't want to save scum much. After spending all that time investing in marketable skills, I could finally make money to train, buy spells, buy soul gems, and buy enchanting if needed.

Sorcerer doesn't have any marketable skills unrelated to mages because mages could also cast soul trap. Magic in general is worse for farming respawnable creatures because magicka needs to regenerate by resting or by potion, and potions cut into any gold you have. A cheap potion will restore like, 5 magicka for 5 drakes, 15 magicka for 15, or like, 80 for the entire bar. In the early game, creatures have things that cost 20 drakes for weapons, 35 if it's a shield. 40 if you get a two handed weapon, but those could kill you in two swings. Sorcerers start with 10 alchemy, so that's something you'd have to build up. Or if you're roleplaying, not at all then. The only thing I had for myself was either looting dungeons, which was extremely dangerous, or soul trapping. I chose the safer option, and made a lot of drakes doing it.

I find it really ironic that sorcerers, who are supposedly obsessed with getting new magical objects don't have a higher mercantile or speechcraft skill. What about all those sorcerers who had to buy from a prospective buyer? Also, wouldn't they need speechcraft to find rare magical items? They would need to know people and need the skills to find sellers. They'd need a lot of gold to both buy the items or buy soul gems to make them.

I have the game, but I haven't gotten to play it again after all these years. I'm glad you're giving it so much praise, since I've been meaning to beat it for a while. I really liked GTA 4's characters and missions a lot, but I would appreciate the change in scenery since GTA 4 was so dark in bleak stylistically.

I really didn't care for any of the radio stations in GTA 5 either. It was the same for Saint's Row 4 and onward. I think as time goes on, my music preferences (and yours too, probably) stay the same while the songs change.


File: 1684678562372.png (85.01 KB, 327x272, 327:272, fun game.png) ImgOps iqdb

Guess the game


File: 1684681351381.jpg (43.79 KB, 500x500, 1:1, artworks-000498106881-lpau….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

must be


one of these spreadsheet paradox games?


Yup, good guess. My first time trying a game from paradox.


File: 1684761744492.jpg (203.71 KB, 1275x718, 1275:718, 20230522.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finally got around to modding my Vita, and I'm playing San Andreas for the first time.
I really ended up waiting until it was piss easy to jailbreak. If anyone is still on the fence, I would definitely recommend it. My vita felt more like a brick than a console, and game cards are only going up in price. Plus shitty proprietary sony memory cards are cancer.


At around 100 hours in my stellaris game started glitching out. I try to survey systems and it says system surveyed, but then it goes back to saying unsurveyed right after. It also keeps saying I can't build stations because hostile fleets are present any time there is a neutral or allied fleet in the area. This is really annoying. I essentially can't take any of the systems that are now up for grabs.


File: 1684786708695.png (14.4 KB, 718x574, 359:287, 2FF1BED16EB724C6DCA0097D4D….png) ImgOps iqdb

>Plus shitty proprietary sony memory cards are cancer.
We can purchase a PSVSD to MicroSD adapter for $11


Nevermind, it turns out it was just because there were planets infested with prethoryn scourges that I had to bomb first. This game is fun but the "tutorial" leaves out a lot of stuff.


They do? I've got a lot of games but I figured that it must not be worth a whole lot since everything is available on other systems.


File: 1685499684528.jpg (736.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DSP.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm enjoying this a lot.


Alright so I've put 10 hours into this game and I really enjoyed every minute of it. The only problem I'm having is the intense urge of periodically starting over again since you get better at logistics and organizing the machinery around the resources and every time I look at a convoluted tangled mass of belt conveyors I feel like going to another planet and resetting the whole thing but some of the research you have to do takes a long time so I'm holding onto my current mess.

I really liked the idea of Factorio but the theme and general atmosphere of that game never really did anything for me, DSP on the other hand has that optimistic sci-fi feel to it and the idea you can build a Dyson sphere as your ultimate industrial triumph is awesome. Really curious to know what else the developers are going to implement.

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