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Thread for discussing games you're currently playing.

>What games are you playing?

>What games have you recently purchased?

Previous thread: https://archive.ph/kXUl0


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Right now i'm playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. It's a little unbalanced but fun, really like the art design of stages and some characters.
Current team: Dr. Doom, Venom and Chun Li


wish you picked another op pic but whatever
playing deep rock galactic, dawn of war 2, and slime rancher mostly nowadays, with a bit of coh2


it's perfect because everyone remembers that picture. i personally hate how every month the crawl thread has a new picture because it takes me a few days before i can instantly recognize it

i picked up no man's sky because it was half off on steam. i figured for a 6 year old game, with all those free updates, surely it must be good now, but it sucks. the controls are god awful for pc, it feels like a console game badly ported to pc. so many bugs. i've had to alt-f4 3 times now because i've got stuck in map geometry or a dead floating bug, because i dont have a way to commit suicide yet, there is no unstuck feature, and even worse you cant save and quit the game, you have to enter and exit your ship to save which is impossible when you're stuck. so of the 10 hours i've played, my time says less than 8 due to dying and reverting to an earlier autosave. the game in general is unimpressive random generation nonsense. i dont know how many more hours i must play before i can unlock a simple storage chest, but it's pissing me off i have no room for anything. it's like spore all over again. procedural generation games suck by default


File: 1658883261728.jpg (307.83 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Hpl5MtwQgOVF9vJqlfui6SDB5J….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I pirated RDR2
Does the game feel sluggish for anyone else? I expected something like GTAV but this game feels really heavy in comparison, I don't know it's weird to describe, it's like they tried to make movement and stuff more realistic but they pushed it a bit too far.
It's not a performance issue because the game runs at a pretty constant 60fps rate


Beat Uncharted 3 on normal, onto Uncharted 2.


Are you playing them in reverse order?


playing mindustry after idk how many years, it has got a lot of updates. it's like a resource gathering, base building towere defense.


Yeah, it feels very sluggish both the controls and the story.


I played a bit with the settings and made it more bearable, but still


7 days to die. i turned a clothing store into a castle and i'm dying of infection and dysyntery because i'm not sure where to find antibiotics lol


I'm leveling destruction warlock in WoTLk on a private server. He's currently lvl 67. He's gonna be my main, after so many years I've finally figured out which spec I enjoy the most when it comes to both gameplay and aesthetics.Also playing Neverwinter Nighs 1 and 2, necro wizard and warlock with warlock reworked mod.
What can I say, I'm a fan of evil casters. They are so underrepresented in RPGs, at least they rarely let you play as one.


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I'm playing Sakuna, comfy game where you manage a rice paddy and then go kill monsters.
It has that feeling of being one of those niche PS2 games you stumbled by accident, pretty cool experience so far.


File: 1660266716675.png (648.03 KB, 1593x362, 1593:362, ImgOps iqdb

These are the games I'm mostly playing these days, focused on movement.
Hover and CloudBuilt are parkour games. Funny thing, the sequel to CloudBuilt (Super CloudBuilt) is no longer on sale because of licensing nonsense. No legal way to acquire it.
Inertia, Exertus and Adverse are very clean games, fast paced gameplay. I hate going through menus, cutscenes, dialog.
Superflight is a game I play when I want to get into it real quick and not play for so long. It only takes a single hand to play so I play it when I'm eating.


Kinda interested in getting a new parkour game or something like it. Anyone got any recs? Think I'll emulate tony hawk games tonight.


Cludbuilt is super super super fucking good btw. Like I haven't found a better game yet in regards to 3d platformers. Do you recommend the other games too? I picked up a few parkour games myself during the last summer sale but I'm busy with my fps backlog atm.


the cult of the lamb is a cool game

mustve played like 10 hours today straight


Really? How does it compare to something like binding of isaac?



how original


File: 1660490963999.png (195.42 KB, 1260x947, 1260:947, mlady.png) ImgOps iqdb

it's cinematic trash with the worst input lag ever


Yeah I'd rec them all but Inertia (haven't played it much maybe that will change). I'll post gameplay clips and reviews of them all today.


File: 1660493724516-0.png (4.49 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1660493724516-1.png (4.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1660493724516-2.png (5.06 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

isnt binding of isaac a dungeon roguelike, all you do it walk through rooms and kill stuff? haven't played isaac. cult of lamb has way more game mechanics than just that. or rather if that's all your interested in, maybe cult of lamb isn't for you… but then again idk it does have a dungeon thing

you have to take care of your cult members and manage and build a base which is open world along with some little zones that you can travel to. it feels kind of like viva pinata and tamagotchi/digimon (the handhelds) where you take care of your pets and clean up their poop (otherwise they get sick) and feed them and so on. i like it, i've spent most of my time not even in the dungeon im just gambling on dice with the rat and farming so i can feed everyone. here's some pics early on


Currently playing Ghost of Tsushima. It is a good game but I am way over this open world bullshit. Just tell me a good story without making me ride a horse to a new objective.


That pic forgets to mention when you run into the kkk innthe woods and they set themselves on fire


File: 1660990898686.jpg (189.47 KB, 800x1009, 800:1009, 48979-the-elder-scrolls-ii….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been playing Morrowind the last couple of days, and I think I've had enough. Absolutely terrible game from a roleplaying perspective as far as I'm concerned.
Like early on there's a Fighter's Guild quest where you have to kill an outlaw orc who has a bounty on her head. So you go into her house and…just kill her. That's all you can do. Can't ask her what's she's wanted for, can't persuade her to skip town, can't turn her into the guards, not even a simple interaction that escalates into a fight. You literally go in and just start swinging. And most quests I've experienced so far seem to have that level of agency. Just the classic 'go to X, fetch/kill Y'.
What I also hated was the quests where you would stumble upon an NPC and they'd tell you to 'find someone nearby', like that Nord looking for a witch and the Argonian slave that's actually an assassin. "They're around here somewhere" has to be the most dog shit direction you could give somebody in a three-dimensional, open world video game.
Another thing I hated how dead the world felt. The first time I went to Vivec, I heard the gondola fellow say there was an arena in the city. So I went there in the hopes of participating in a fight, or at least watching a fight. In actuality the arena is just a mostly empty building. There's no way to either fight or watch fights, and the downstairs 'fighter training' quarters are just a couple of empty rooms with a single trainer standing around. Just competently dead. It sounds cool in the dialogue flavor text, but in reality there's nothing going on. And that's how it goes in general, NPC's just stand around in their allotted place and don't do much of anything all over the world.
The vast majority of NPC's also seem to be copy pasted and have no personality or uniqueness either, completely unmemorable.

Just very little actual roleplaying going in a mostly dead world.


I felt the same. I think it requires a lot of child-like imagination. Like young kids somehow playing in a tiny shitty backyard. I remember spending the longest amount of time playing and replaying shitty games and even imagining my own quests when i was a kid.


What happened?


I tried to play this, Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and probably some other bethesda RPGs and I find all of them so mind numblingly boring, I'll never know what people see in them


File: 1661058869593.jpg (1023.61 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, ss_e9b05af34b1c0ec19bfbeb4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Have you tried gothic 2? It's a rpg from that era, I had some of the same issues you have with Morrowind and I loved this game, the world is smaller but it feels so much more alive, like some people actually put some thought into it and it's some copied and pasted or computer generated shit


They might agree to poz the game like this, partly because money and because they want to spread a message to white males, like waking them up or something.


cannot speak for others but to me their games are just frameworks to build my own sandbox, crackdown 2 was never ported to pc but I liked that the world was overrun with infected at night and there are mods that remove every story npc but not the raiders/monsters.
gangs of feral ghouls now roam at night in my game and I love it lol, my own zombie offline mmo :)
uh huh except they always make fun of all groups and stereotype everybody, no one was safe.


I've never actually played it but I've always heard people talking about it in contrast to Elder Scrolls games, and how it handles the common complaints people have against ES better. I guess I'll have to try it.


I agree. It wouldn't have been hard to put in, "Her bounty is so high that she's to be killed on sight. Watch out, she's alarmed and dangerous." I found that a lot of the fighter's guild quests lacked a lot of context. It was like you were a goon or a dog just doing what he was told. I also care for the extraordinary quests like the golden eggs for the fighter's guild and the Dwemer quests for the mage's guild. I say this because my roleplaying experience is to live in the world with common goals like becoming stronger as a fighter or becoming a better mage. It's never to break the game or become something great, but just an average person. The golden eggs border on the extraordinary because you're forced to get them to ascend the ranks while the Dwemer quest is something no one person should be solving. It's too big of a mystery that it can be solved by one person instead of collective knowledge with a lot of time investment. For the arena, I understand that it's empty because it's used for high ranking people to fight. Still it's an absolute waste of money to have it, imo and probably should have more of a reason to be there. Finally, I'm definitely okay with NPCs having no personality. Most people are just there to live their own lives. Still, I can see why you wouldn't like it.

I agree with you on a lot of things here and I hope I added more context. I've completed all the quests, so I think I have somewhat of a grasp of the game.


Barotrauma and Lobotomy Corp


I was playing Morrowind + Tamriel Rebuilt with a character I've been building up the wealth up. I had like, 4,000 drakes at level two. I was sleeping outside in the mainland near a marsh, and an animal attacked me. Usually, it's fine because animals are way less powerful in the main game, but they decided to make this animal super strong for some reason. I had full mana and a skeletal minion from an enchanted amulet. The skeletal minion is enough to kill any animal on Vardenfell, but this one killed it in two hits. I kinda thought the animals would be the same level on the mainland, but it's more like Solstheim where you're supposed to be leveled, I guess.

I might restart the character since it's a one life kinda game. I might not though. Not sure since I feel a bit cheated. I spent at good part of my day making that character.


File: 1661659007420.jpg (65 KB, 399x454, 399:454, griefpblade40400251.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I spent 2 fucking days farming to get a fucking sword in Diablo 2 and now that I have it, I feel empty inside


I decided to test other Morrowind creatures from the DLC area of Solstheim. This place is meant to be an after game area. Even the bears didn't hit as hard as that creature did. It would take at least twice as many hits to kill me. Also, none of them stunned me like the creature I found. I'm continuing on with this save and counting it as an independent design choice for the mod makers. It doesn't fit in with the rest of the game, so I'm not letting that get me down. I'll account for this when I continue playing by treating this new area like it's meant to be "post game" or to be explored at a higher level. I'm going back to the main land for now to level up my character so I can explore more.

The creature's name was a "durzog" by the way.


Diablo and other grinding simulators are working an unpaid job as a video """"game"""". Soulless genre for soulless people.


There's people selling shit on ebay so I guess you could make some money


File: 1661737436611.jpg (312.52 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 20220418003054_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I tried playing Bloodmoon about a year ago. I attempted to explore around the island a bit before starting the questline and I remember finding a wolf pack not far into the forest. There's something wrong with the enemy scaling there, I kid you not those wolves fucking mopped the floor with me, Almalexia was probably an easier fight. I found the DLC to be quite boring tho so I quit.

my character picrel


is that the one that you made? you got max roll on ias and damage


No I got that off google, I don't even know the roll I got, gonna check out later


File: 1661867432711.png (90.39 KB, 419x353, 419:353, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

Here's mine, IAS is not so bad but damage is kinda low


File: 1661996654323.png (40.12 KB, 288x202, 144:101, Unstitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ok I just dropped a fucking Zod
It sucks that I only play single player and I don't get to trade it for anything cool


highest rune i ever found was a cham
what are you gonna do with it?


Breath of the dying if I get my hands on a nice axe


Aeterna Noctis, it's flawed but I'm hooked. It's like Hollow Knight, but not as good, and a lot more difficult, particularly when it comes to platforming and some of the puzzles. Check it out if you're into metroidvanias and don't mind sadistic precision platforming. Not sure I would recommend it.


I played Bloodmoon itself. I remember the quests were actually really fun. I also remember the Hircine quest was a very fun, albeit broken for many people. The quests involving the Nord looking for Sovengard and the quests involving the Glenmoir witches were really fun. The latter reminded me a lot of Daggerfall and their covens. It was actually almost magical in a way to have them. I wish they added more covens and politics into Morrowind. I'm not sure why wolves would give you any trouble. You should be able to kill any animal at that level.

I'm playing Daggerfall right now. It's actually a lot harder than I remember and I keep on training to be able to succeed as a mage. I'm not doing a one life run like Morrowind since I plan on using this character for a quests and eventually, beating the game. Still, this game is nigh impossible unless you either train like a mofo or exploit spell absorption. Also, without spell absorption, you might as well never take any dungeon quests until you're an expert in all fields of magic. It's just like Morrowind, but worse in that you if you want to realistically succeed as a mage, you need to lock yourself up and train before taking any challenge. Still, in Morrowind, you can explore and do things like enchant and make potions. In Daggerfall, potions are rare and enchanting is for enchanters (rank 5) in the mage's guild. Also, a lot of miscellaneous quests from regular people, shopkeeps, etc. can bring you into those mega dungeons. Luckily, you can turn down all of those quests.

I was not that smart in that regard. I took one of those quests from the mage's guild. Funny story is that I went in one time, got hurt real bad and couldn't sleep because enemies were nearby, and had to get out of the dungeon to sleep, resetting the dungeon. Then, I was woken up by a werewolf outside and I ran out of magicka to kill it. I went back inside to get killed by the other werewolf that I couldn't kill.


File: 1662337761325.png (129.11 KB, 542x390, 271:195, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

Pretty mediocre roll


Crosscode is great, one of the best indie games I've played and very deserving of the praise it gets, it's like classic Ys with more variety. The story is meh and some of the twists phoned in but the characters are ok. There are too many pointless interruptions and exposition that are just a waste of time though, with the occasional backtracking to advance the plot. I have zero patience for this shit.
Getting a bit burnt out as it's pretty long, but it could just be me spending too much time doing sidequests and exploring… There's no excuse for some of the mandatory filler shit like beating up lamp posts though, what the fuck is up with that.


I didn't like it at all, the puzzle dungeons are really fun, but the rest of the game is awful and that felt like the majority of the game. The outside area """"puzzles"""" were just about searching through 12 different screens to find a single jumpable location so you could jump through those 12 different screens again to reach some chest for usually useless loot.

The dialog/story was frankly just awful, which wouldn't be such a problem if there wasn't so much of it that even mashing through it takes minutes at a time. I rmemeber sitting there open mouthed as I mashed x for like 3 minutes straight wondering when I was going to be able to play the actual video game again. The characters were raw cringe and the MC's gimmick was at the level of reading "rawr xd" every few seconds.

Combat was meh, interesting ideas but ultimately shallow if you play real shmups/action games.

I would love a version of the game with only the puzzle dungeons, or at least only dungeons with puzzle/combat, the rest of the game sucks.


File: 1663538503569.png (1.37 MB, 1175x713, 1175:713, Blood.png) ImgOps iqdb

I've been playing Blood lately and I’m enjoying it as much as I enjoyed Duke Nukem 3D. However, unlike DN3D, this game takes a lot of inspiration from all kinds of horror movies and stories, which I think it’s pretty cool. Each map looks and feels like something out of an old Gothic horror film. Also, most enemies were animated in stop-motion, which gives the game a very distinctive look. While it's true that it's a very action-oriented game, most levels have a genuinely creepy atmosphere. The only think I could criticize is that you can easily be killed through a closing door by being squished, but that's pretty much a feature of the Build Engine. Also, it doesn’t have as many interactive elements as DN3D, but I can’t deny it’s fun to kick zombie heads around.


You can skip the cutscenes, I often do when the chitchat gets on my nerves.
I think the combat is alright, it's not as good as Ys which was an inspiration for CC, wasn't it? but it's not bad at all, and the gimmicks/puzzle aspects work well. I am not into shoot em ups so I can't really compare it with anything belonging to that genre.
Yeah, the story kinda gets bad when you arrive at that prison city, and I saw that AI nonsense coming from a mile away…


I HIGHLY recommend the new 3D Realms game "Cultic". There's a demo on Steam which took me about an hour to beat and it's like Blood with weapon upgrading and immersion sim features.


File: 1663816012508.jpg (140.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, return-to-monkey-island-re….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Holy shit the new monkey island looks awful, what the fuck were they thinking going for the 'corporate' look or something?
Also as expected every new character seems to be a black, a female, or both. I wouldn't mind it if the game didn't look so fucking bad

Gonna play it until I get stuck and probably drop it


you tried this already in a different thread, used the same picture too


I haven't posted this anywhere you schizo


This may surprise you, but more than one person on this website can have an opinion about a recent game.
t. Anon who made that very post you screencapped in your butthurt


Just started deathloop. I hate how the game just throws walls of text at you in the beginning. What an ineffective way to do a tutorial. Just give me a safe playground to fuck around in instead of expecting me to remember some random text. I forget that shit as soon as the window is closed.


torrented cyberpunk and enjoying it

something ive never seen mentioned before is the loading screens. specifically when you load a save file. every part of the main story changes the loading screen radio thing and after you get johnny he says some styuff too. it's a cool mental refresher, like oh yeah that's the last thing i did ingame, as im loading into the game. for example i did the EMP quest with panam yesterday and today as i load in it was on the radio and johnny said something about the damages, like a compliment. pretty cool


Planetscape: Torment. It's amazing so far. I don't know how far I am into it but the amount of interesting dialog/characters and the world its set in, as well as the mystery of the story really draws me in.


too bad it sucks to actually play


why? if the combat is bothersome you can set the difficulty on easy


That's the problem, the combat is an afterthought. I enjoyed the "game" but I used a guide to play optimally and get the most out of the story and characters. I might as well have watched a playthrough on youtube.


I'm playing Daggerfall right now. I'm trying to complete most, if not all of, the quests. I've finished all but three of the mage's guild quests, and all of the thieve's guild quests. I'm working on the Dark Brotherhood quests while chipping some of the noble/merchant quests as well. All of this is between two characters with another to be created for the fighter's guild + temple knights. I might do temple quests on the new one too.

Overall, gameplay-wise, the fighting is pretty bad, at least for thieve's.It takes a lot of stats to be a good fighter, and as a thief, I didn't exactly have those stats yet. Strength, agility, speed, and a bit of endurance, is what takes to be a good fighter. If you start at 60 for most of them with 4 stat points minimum each level up, that would mean 20 levels for two stats. Luckily, the other stats, like, for a thief, is usually in the high 70s. So strength and endurance might be 65 or something while agility and speed could be 70 and 75. To get 100 in agility and speed, you'll need 55 stat points. At 4 stat increases per level, that's level 14. Then you'll want strength at 100, so 40 more skill points, 10 more points, level 24. By that point, you're at the cusp of the end. You might not be able to level any more or have stopped leveling by then. level 31's the max, so I'm keeping it conservative. It's probably really easy to become underleveled if you increase skills all willy nilly. I haven't done it yet, though. Of course, you can enchant more stats on you, but as a thief, you probably won't have that luxury. It's actually really easy to get overpowered if you're willing to do enchanting or become a lycanthrope or vampire.

The actual fighting part is pretty bad too. Even with moderate skill (level 50+) and expertise in your weapon, I've had enemies block more often than not. And of course, they hit me more than I hit them when accounting our attack speeds. This is with 50 dodge, which really only grants 12.5% dodge chance.

Spells are a different poison though. I've had so many failures from my spells getting resisted. It only stopped being such a problem when I got 100 destruction. I became a master to become a journeyman. Now my basic shock spell costs 5 spell points out of my 300 spell points. I can get more through enchanting if needed. Ironically, my shock spell that I had from the beginning of the game still works very well against vampire ancients. It costs little, so resistance doesn't matter too much, and it hits pretty hard for the end game. Magic is such a paradox. It's also a grind in the beginning to become any good at it. Still, the rank for enchanting is pretty easy to get.

As a thief, it's just not very good. Most thief skills like pickpocketing and lockpicking are useless. They're just RP skills, tbh. You'll do better as a thief if you only do over night burglaries of shops. The Dark Brotherhood is nigh useless except for potion selling and makin, imo. Everything else is useless. There aren't even rewards when you complete a job. Not that the thieve's guild rewards did you any good. It's much more profitable to use these guilds, all guilds, as a place to train. Training is a great way to get hard training skills like dodge, critical hit, and language skills up. It also makes for way better roleplay. I train every single character because I have skills purely for RP reasons. My mage has daedric, my thief has dodge, critical hit, and backstabbing, and medical.

I like the game a lot. It's good to find flaws in the game, accept them, and maybe get mods to fix these issues. The game has a nice atmosphere that keeps my attention from these flaws anyways.


got mass effect 1-3 lined up
gonna gamer time this weekend


File: 1665222094592.jpg (667.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20221007231647_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've gotten back into Spiderweb Software games recently. Played Nethergate: Resurrection, Avernum: EFTP and now I'm halfway through Avernum 2: CS. They're RPGs on a budget, but they're pretty long and comprehensive considering they're made almost entirely by a single guy.


unlocked this great cannon spell on dragon's dogma and it looks so cool. using it summons a sphere and it launches a ton of orbs (they seem to have some weak homing property) toward the direction you swung your weapon. i got a mace that kinda looks like excalibolg so now it feels like im playing baseball.


Playing Glover right now with a keyboard. It's a pain. The levels are a pain with the wonky camera and the possibility of pits killing me. I can't believe I got so far on the N64 with this game. I just wish I could play it with a N64 controller, but I don't have that option. I'm just gonna beat it and let it rest in my heart.


Why not use a regular pc controller? It's not a n64 controller but it can't possibly be worse than a keyboard


boy am i hating mass effect 2. it feels like a completely different game, dumbed down in every aspect compared to the first… it feels like a lame mobile game or something, i dont know.


Cause it is. They “streamlined” two heavily.


sucks because im still gonna play it since i liked the first a lot and i need to know what happens for myself. i considered just watching a video or something but decided it wont be the same


That's the thing, they had to make the models in order to do something like that. Now I can use a trainer to spawn 20 Klansman


and go killing black people in the shithole shanty town located in the middle of the swamp.


File: 1665756842224.jpg (59.59 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm currently level 10 or 12, so I'll just say I really like it.

To be honest, I don't think I'm very good at the game. I'm playing a heavy armor/blunt type with a shield, and I'm still getting my ass handed to me if I'm not choosing my encounters wisely (like never fighting more than 2 at a time) on "normal" difficulty. I know if I really want to be effective I theoretically need to grind my alchemy for poisons (and probably actually look up a level guide), but that just sounds taxing. Although, at this point I'm learning attack patterns for mobs in an elder scrolls game, so I'm not quite sure what I'm being more autistic about.

Anyway, I actually find the journal mechanic to be very immersive. I quite like the fact that I'm rifling through it, looking for the right page. As much as that sounds like a back-handed compliment, I do mean it. I like playing games without fast travel as much as possible, and riding everywhere in Cyrodiil on horseback, taking in the changing climate, it really is fitting. I'm currently doing the fighter's guild questline, and travelling from all corners of the map doing odd jobs while completing my pilgrimage, I'd say it's a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
I'm not playing with any mods except patches/bug fixes.

Also, the main questline is not made for its genre, as usual for a Bethesda game. I'll have to replay Skyrim at some point because I don't remember it being so urgent. Coming off the back of playing Fallout 4, I'm reminded how much Bethesda's main story is just antithetical to an open-world sandbox. The urgency pressed on the player without consequence is a real mood killer. I ended up abandoning the main quest having believed that urgency from a role-playing perspective, only to find that I was just too under-leveled to steal the cult book without cheesing the encounter (which I didn't want to do).


The game was certainly not made to not fast travel.
For the first 10 levels, I just encountered wolves and boars on the road (many times, the spawn rate is actually a little irritating), but all of the sudden the minotaur population in cyrodiil has skyrocketed. Riding from Cheydinhal to Bruma, I can accumulate a circus parade of mobs behind me that's difficult to outrun. Goblins, additionally, probably shouldn't be kitted out with better gear than me in a sewer, but I imagine that's an aesthetic limitation.

And I fucking hate ghosts.


I figured I'd get used to the controls, and I was right. It's a really short game anyways. I also abuse tf out of savestates because if I had to play this game without them, I would spend 3x as much time on this game. All I have to beat now is the first bonus game (the dreaded frogger minigame) and the last world. I'm very close to this game.

>To be honest, I don't think I'm very good at the game

It's not you, it's the leveling system. The mobs get a lot more health as you progress in the game, and even if you level your blunt and heavy armor, you'll probably end up weaker than most mobs. You'll see soon when you find goblin caves full of goblin warlords with 1500+ hp.

I've also played this game without fast travel. I started doing that on my first 200 hour character, and I haven't stopped doing it since. Despite the setting being very generic, I find it a beautiful game nonetheless.


I've been playing…The Sims. Just plain, OG, Sims 1. I originally started playing it because I just wanted to fantasize about having a ridiculous mansion (*), but it got me thinking way too much about life. When you cheat in money and max skills, life in The Sims becomes eerily hollow. Fine, you're top of your career. Fine, you have a mansion with the best items. Now what? Are you bored yet? Are you bored with life yet?

(*) In particular, I daydream a lot about having a really large, private bath.


I'm doing another run of Skyrim on legendary difficulty, but instead of doing a warrior, I'm doing a thief. Same rules: one life, nothing better than steel (or Companions steel), no certain exploits, play your class, etc.

I decided to let go on this run to show myself how easy legendary can be and how broken the game is. I'm power leveling pickpocketing. I have a ring that gives 15% pickpocketing chance and the thieve's guild hood the increases the chance by another 10%. Along with my perks, all pickpocketing has a 90% chance of success. Then, when you start pickpocketing money in and out of guards + only paying a small fee to let them look the other way, in one go, I got 5 levels on my pickpocketing.

It's the same with mages too. I could just spam muffle, courage, etc. Or I could spam soul trap on a wolf (since I don't do it on dead bodies anymore). The slowest, most dangerous way to level is through combat. It's honestly a handicap when you play a fighter. Period. Not just on legendary. On legendary, you're crippled and hurting for levels. Levels that could get you more health. My thief has more health than any of my fighters in less time because pickpocketing is so good. Mages probably have the best amount of levelable skills though. Alteration, illusion, conjuration, and even restoration once you get turn lesser undead. Nobody seems to know it, but you can spam that on some draugur and power level the hell out of restoration.

In short, Skyrim legendary is easy if you're not a fighter. lol.


I will still recommend Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, even if you havent played the vanilla game.

But, sadly, the motherfucking Oblivion ports will still be there.


Just finished another run, but as a mage. I had issues with getting money with my first run, but I managed to figure out how to organically play as a traveling alchemist. I had plenty of ingredients to make potions, and with that money, I could afford speech training, level up illusion, ad infinitum. Everything was going great until I was traveling from Dawnstar to Morthal. I was taking the absolute most caution by staying invisible and muffled for the entire trip, but some ice wolves ambushed me and I ran out of magicka. That didn't kill me, though. I walked off because I'm using a mercenary, I regenerate my magicka, and right as I cast the illusion spell, a snow bear hits me from behind and kills me. Another run lost to a bear.

My next run will be me being unrelenting. I'm going to exploit the game (to a reasonable degree) until I have 1,000 health. Then, I'm going to start killing. Every bandit, every bear, every wolf. I'm going on a genocide. I've proven my point that it's easy to succeed as a mage and thief. I've done it as a warrior too. I'm going to destroy this game now.


File: 1666875721671.webm (2.75 MB, 2560x1080, 64:27, nope.webm) ImgOps iqdb

yeah, bears. the other thing I die to alot past the snow line (near the college) is swarms of snow leopards. horrible fast things you can't really run from considering how fast they can be. Especially with frostfall while you are weakened by the fact that it's ultracold up there. I've gotten chased away from my fire and died alot that way too.

As for what I am playing there are a lot of sim games that have come up recently. I will probably play some STALKER GAMMA which is a new all-in-one full modpack thing for stalker. this is a game called gunner heat PC which is a tank ~sim. it's fun. also more flight sim garbage. lots of apache recently.


File: 1667140270001.jpg (622.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Nebuchadnezzar.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm playing Nebuchadnezzar again, the game I mentioned on the last thread and OP used the image for it itt. There's a bunch of new stuff added to the game like wages, disease and religion so I'm replaying the entire thing. I really love this game, it's my favorite isometric city builder. It's such a comfy game. Music is beautiful, the atmosphere hits just right with me and it's a game that rewards patience and planning more than any city builder I've played.


I’m playing bayonetta 3. Firefly fuck the stupid VA controversy, I like the old ones voice better but whatever I’m just playing in Japanese now so it doesn’t matter. Aside from that the game is great and I’m having a blast. It’s a little flanderized but it’s the third game in the series so I kinda expect that. The new weapons are okay, the spider yo-yos kick ass though. Demon summoning is pretty fun and makes for some really cool combos. I’m only on chapter six or so though so I hope there’s lots more stuff.


Just finished another run of Skyrim legendary. I did what I was talking about, but stopped at 500 health. It's not enough, by the way. It's a lot of health to the point where you're as good as the other enemies, but you do so little damage that you really need a high smithing level. I was using a steel axe, as per my rules. It was doing about 28 damage. I think I really needed more like 100 damage to do anything. Poisons would have worked well too. I think they do normal damage.

I died from a fireball from a bandit fort, my worst fear. I used all of my health potions, but if I had at least one, I might have survived. I hate fireballs. They're way too powerful even in adept difficulty and make vampires way more powerful than they should be.

I finished at about 8 hours 51 minutes in. When I say finished, I mean it like a "run" of sorts. It took me about 4 hours to get to 500 hp, IIRC.

I feel like legendary is the only way for me to "beat" this game. Adept is just too easy and legendary is too reliant on playing unnaturally. Still, I continue on with this challenge. I went and attacked the fort on adept and easily killed them all. It's like every weapon you wield becomes shittier. The only way to play on adept is to play with steel weapons because then, you're not one-shotting everything.


File: 1667160045303.jpg (167.54 KB, 1920x1088, 30:17, sand.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I didn't like Mario Odyssey when it first came out, but now it's very fun finding secrets in levels and moon collecting.


I’ve been playing Stardew valley off and in for a few years, just found out you can regenerate your energy by going to the bathhouse - wowzers


just like kingdom cum


a unique shooter on steam called 'the wall'

there is a big wall separating two teams. you gather resources, build eco, and build defenses, and wait for wall to open or strategically attack it to open it earlier to invade the other team. you then defend your core while trying to destroy the other team's core. not many ppl playing it partly because it had a weird release history, only recently being made free after getting revamped

reminds me of a halflife mod where each team builds a fort and then fights one another


File: 1667489471302.jpg (186.88 KB, 1000x564, 250:141, Gundam-Evolution.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Gundam Evolution. So far I like it better than OW2 since it's more balanced. Less kids and coomers are interested in it as well so matches can get quite comfy. Most third world shitholes are region locked out as well which is great and only leaves us Whites and Japanese to play together.


…what does that even mean now, were there people masturbating instead of playing the game?


Most people play Overwatch for the porn. Threads about it on other imageboards are coomer pic dumps rather than gameplay discussion.


Which is strange to me cause I feel like the game actively shits on you for maining a character you like rather than just counter picking all game.


Ahh I see, you're right. So like Nier Automata but a lot worse.


File: 1668413812945.png (190.99 KB, 300x288, 25:24, Parasite_Eve_Coverart.png) ImgOps iqdb

I recently finished Parasite Eve 1 for the first time and this was a pretty unique RPG Horror Game hybrid it was nice to finish a JRPG that doesn't take 60+ Hours I finished my playthrough at 10 Hours at level 34 once you get liberate the rest of the game becomes a joke. I didn't mess around with the weapon upgrading too much the M8000 was good enough to deal with any enemy and boss.I know there's new game plus content,but I don't feel like going back to it right now.It was a pretty fun RPG.


playing grounded. surprisingly great game. figured it would just be another shitty survival sandbox but i like the combat and setting. definitely nails the "honey i shrunk the kids" feel. someone was playing as the nigger kid and she randomly started rattling off some spiel that sounded like pseud shit you would hear on leftypol, but only heard something like that once in dozens of hours. just play as the white boy or vietnamese succubus.
also playing let's go pikachu with one of my little brothers. the game is very easy even in singleplayer and even by pokemon's standards, but i like when they tack on 1.5 player co-op onto video games that would otherwise be purely 1 player. was fun playing bowser's fury like that too. lots of turn-based games out there that can be played similarly, stuff like jrpgs and strategies like fire emblem.


Just finished FF XV. It started out pretty boring but got good around Chapter 8. Last few bosses were the best in the game. Now I have a giant postgame to do but it's taking up too much space on my harddrive (100GB) so I'm gonna uninstall it. 8/10 game, pretty fun.


playing pokemon scarlet and actually like it well enough so far. plenty of stuff i like, some i dont. biggest problem is the performance, by far. it's really fucking bad and i cannot overstate that. this franchise is the most commercially successful video game franchise in history and the optimization would be ridiculed even if it were a no-budget indie game. somehow there are consistent pop-in issues and constant framerate tanking simultaneously. im personally not one who values fidelity very highly, but im not sure why they chose to design the world the way they did with all the obvious performance issues. i think if you have generally enjoyed pokemon in the past that it's still worth playing, but i strongly recommend pirating this for now. it shouldn't have been released in this state with a price tag attached.
anyway, those are my thoughts having pirated a converted cart dump of it and running it on an original switch model with cfw. maybe the newer models run it better, idk.


The switch just runs everything shit in my experience.


I don't know if i'll buy this one. I skipped every pokemon game on switch except legends, which I enjoyed. But I don't think scarlet/violet looks like a big enough improvement to justify the price tag.


have they made a recent pokemon that isnt jrpg battle system and grinding?

i know about the camera and dungeon thing, those are old though. are they still fun? i like old emulated games


game pulled a black screen randomly when i went to start some retarded minigame in order to gain the privilege of challenging a gym leader. i turned the annoying autosave off during my first session and subsequently lost several hours of progress due to the black screen. literally never had a crash on other pokemon games unless i was doing some weird glitch or i pulled the cartridge out. very awesome. guess i will just have the tranny autosave feature on at all times now.


Currently playing cosmoteer. It’s kind of like a ftl/shipbuilder but where you fly around solar systems. For an early access game it’s surprisingly complete mechanically. You can build the ship how you like, everything is destructible 2d squares with different weapon types- you have to manage storage, crew, ammo, energy - as you build larger you will want ammo/missile production from raw materials ok board etc. Game loop is an upgrade loop, so you have your ship, go around destroying other ships, harvest their resources that fly off as debris when you damage them, build better ship - or build multiple ships. Second loop - doing missions at space stations to kill specific ships/space stations for money and reputation ( which allows you to hire more crew ). You hyper jump between galaxies to get harder enemies. Battles have basic strategy from the weapon types, and you work out where to attack first on different ships.

Things are a bit janky. Right click on some buttons to do this, shift click on this to select these kinds of things, set attack direction with this menu. Pathfinding issues sometimes.

Overall fun game as it is if you like upgrade games and savescumming. Really enjoying it.

Sitting there getting in to an accidental three way fight with 3 massive ships, all blown to smithereens and thousands of bits of steel and ship debris filling the screen was very cool.


a pretty annoying oversight in pokemon scarlet and violet is that there is no extra indication that a pokemon is shiny in the overworld besides for its model. there should be some sort of glow or faint noise emanating from any shiny pokemon. unfortunately, some pokemon have very subtle pallette changes. apparently i have battled 4 at this point yet i only own 2. i am guessing at least one of the missed shiny catches were when i was autobattling a swarm of regional tauros. i remember seeing a sheet with all the shiny models and his looked indiscernible from the normal color scheme. the lack of audio or visual cue is still a problem even for outstanding shiny pallettes because it's easy to simply run past them when mounted on the legendary ride pokemon. i hope either game freak or a fan fixes this (among many other things).


you describe my exoerience playing it like 3 yrs ago. shame it hasnt evolved much


Apparently the autobattle will avoid killing shinies? At least that's what I heard.


then i have no clue how ive seen double what i have caught, because any i see and recognize as shiny i would 100% try to catch as i imagine anyone else would too. still wish they would put some sort of indicator in the overworld since it's still quite easy to straight up sprint past them.


that sounds like a pain. Even legends had an indicator. Why do they keep going backwards?


I'm playing spiderman remastered on my computer. I ignored this game for a long time because it seemed like AAA cut and paste, but it's actually really fun. It does have some AAA copy paste, for example it's open world and like all open worlds now there are towers that reveal the map and a gorillion collectibles sprinkled around. But each collectible can give you gear upgrades so I actually enjoy finding them, and the traversal is so fun that tower hopping was a joy. The combat is just batman with a twist but webbing people up is fun enough for me. There's a lot of polish that only comes with AAA games, the graphics are super good, there's a ton of "immersive" systems like webbed guys will stick to walls or get hung up on the terrain.
Some of the automation is a bit annoying, for example when you attack, dodge, or swing from a web the game will mostly just move spiderman where he needs to be for you. It's not overbearing enough that it bothers me though. I don't care about the story whatsoever so I won't touch on it. Spiderman does his usual quips and snarky comments but that's been his shtick way before they made every super hero do it.
Overall really great game so far, if you like spiderman even remotely I would recommend it.

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