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Thread for discussing games you're currently playing.

>What games are you playing?

>What games have you recently purchased?

Previous thread: https://archive.ph/kXUl0


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Right now i'm playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. It's a little unbalanced but fun, really like the art design of stages and some characters.
Current team: Dr. Doom, Venom and Chun Li


wish you picked another op pic but whatever
playing deep rock galactic, dawn of war 2, and slime rancher mostly nowadays, with a bit of coh2


it's perfect because everyone remembers that picture. i personally hate how every month the crawl thread has a new picture because it takes me a few days before i can instantly recognize it

i picked up no man's sky because it was half off on steam. i figured for a 6 year old game, with all those free updates, surely it must be good now, but it sucks. the controls are god awful for pc, it feels like a console game badly ported to pc. so many bugs. i've had to alt-f4 3 times now because i've got stuck in map geometry or a dead floating bug, because i dont have a way to commit suicide yet, there is no unstuck feature, and even worse you cant save and quit the game, you have to enter and exit your ship to save which is impossible when you're stuck. so of the 10 hours i've played, my time says less than 8 due to dying and reverting to an earlier autosave. the game in general is unimpressive random generation nonsense. i dont know how many more hours i must play before i can unlock a simple storage chest, but it's pissing me off i have no room for anything. it's like spore all over again. procedural generation games suck by default


File: 1658883261728.jpg (307.83 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Hpl5MtwQgOVF9vJqlfui6SDB5J….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I pirated RDR2
Does the game feel sluggish for anyone else? I expected something like GTAV but this game feels really heavy in comparison, I don't know it's weird to describe, it's like they tried to make movement and stuff more realistic but they pushed it a bit too far.
It's not a performance issue because the game runs at a pretty constant 60fps rate


Beat Uncharted 3 on normal, onto Uncharted 2.


Are you playing them in reverse order?


playing mindustry after idk how many years, it has got a lot of updates. it's like a resource gathering, base building towere defense.


Yeah, it feels very sluggish both the controls and the story.


I played a bit with the settings and made it more bearable, but still


7 days to die. i turned a clothing store into a castle and i'm dying of infection and dysyntery because i'm not sure where to find antibiotics lol


I'm leveling destruction warlock in WoTLk on a private server. He's currently lvl 67. He's gonna be my main, after so many years I've finally figured out which spec I enjoy the most when it comes to both gameplay and aesthetics.Also playing Neverwinter Nighs 1 and 2, necro wizard and warlock with warlock reworked mod.
What can I say, I'm a fan of evil casters. They are so underrepresented in RPGs, at least they rarely let you play as one.


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I'm playing Sakuna, comfy game where you manage a rice paddy and then go kill monsters.
It has that feeling of being one of those niche PS2 games you stumbled by accident, pretty cool experience so far.


File: 1660266716675.png (648.03 KB, 1593x362, 1593:362, ImgOps iqdb

These are the games I'm mostly playing these days, focused on movement.
Hover and CloudBuilt are parkour games. Funny thing, the sequel to CloudBuilt (Super CloudBuilt) is no longer on sale because of licensing nonsense. No legal way to acquire it.
Inertia, Exertus and Adverse are very clean games, fast paced gameplay. I hate going through menus, cutscenes, dialog.
Superflight is a game I play when I want to get into it real quick and not play for so long. It only takes a single hand to play so I play it when I'm eating.


Kinda interested in getting a new parkour game or something like it. Anyone got any recs? Think I'll emulate tony hawk games tonight.


Cludbuilt is super super super fucking good btw. Like I haven't found a better game yet in regards to 3d platformers. Do you recommend the other games too? I picked up a few parkour games myself during the last summer sale but I'm busy with my fps backlog atm.


the cult of the lamb is a cool game

mustve played like 10 hours today straight


Really? How does it compare to something like binding of isaac?



how original


File: 1660490963999.png (195.42 KB, 1260x947, 1260:947, mlady.png) ImgOps iqdb

it's cinematic trash with the worst input lag ever


Yeah I'd rec them all but Inertia (haven't played it much maybe that will change). I'll post gameplay clips and reviews of them all today.


File: 1660493724516-0.png (4.49 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1660493724516-1.png (4.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1660493724516-2.png (5.06 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

isnt binding of isaac a dungeon roguelike, all you do it walk through rooms and kill stuff? haven't played isaac. cult of lamb has way more game mechanics than just that. or rather if that's all your interested in, maybe cult of lamb isn't for you… but then again idk it does have a dungeon thing

you have to take care of your cult members and manage and build a base which is open world along with some little zones that you can travel to. it feels kind of like viva pinata and tamagotchi/digimon (the handhelds) where you take care of your pets and clean up their poop (otherwise they get sick) and feed them and so on. i like it, i've spent most of my time not even in the dungeon im just gambling on dice with the rat and farming so i can feed everyone. here's some pics early on


Currently playing Ghost of Tsushima. It is a good game but I am way over this open world bullshit. Just tell me a good story without making me ride a horse to a new objective.


That pic forgets to mention when you run into the kkk innthe woods and they set themselves on fire


File: 1660990898686.jpg (189.47 KB, 800x1009, 800:1009, 48979-the-elder-scrolls-ii….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been playing Morrowind the last couple of days, and I think I've had enough. Absolutely terrible game from a roleplaying perspective as far as I'm concerned.
Like early on there's a Fighter's Guild quest where you have to kill an outlaw orc who has a bounty on her head. So you go into her house and…just kill her. That's all you can do. Can't ask her what's she's wanted for, can't persuade her to skip town, can't turn her into the guards, not even a simple interaction that escalates into a fight. You literally go in and just start swinging. And most quests I've experienced so far seem to have that level of agency. Just the classic 'go to X, fetch/kill Y'.
What I also hated was the quests where you would stumble upon an NPC and they'd tell you to 'find someone nearby', like that Nord looking for a witch and the Argonian slave that's actually an assassin. "They're around here somewhere" has to be the most dog shit direction you could give somebody in a three-dimensional, open world video game.
Another thing I hated how dead the world felt. The first time I went to Vivec, I heard the gondola fellow say there was an arena in the city. So I went there in the hopes of participating in a fight, or at least watching a fight. In actuality the arena is just a mostly empty building. There's no way to either fight or watch fights, and the downstairs 'fighter training' quarters are just a couple of empty rooms with a single trainer standing around. Just competently dead. It sounds cool in the dialogue flavor text, but in reality there's nothing going on. And that's how it goes in general, NPC's just stand around in their allotted place and don't do much of anything all over the world.
The vast majority of NPC's also seem to be copy pasted and have no personality or uniqueness either, completely unmemorable.

Just very little actual roleplaying going in a mostly dead world.


I felt the same. I think it requires a lot of child-like imagination. Like young kids somehow playing in a tiny shitty backyard. I remember spending the longest amount of time playing and replaying shitty games and even imagining my own quests when i was a kid.


What happened?


I tried to play this, Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and probably some other bethesda RPGs and I find all of them so mind numblingly boring, I'll never know what people see in them


File: 1661058869593.jpg (1023.61 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, ss_e9b05af34b1c0ec19bfbeb4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Have you tried gothic 2? It's a rpg from that era, I had some of the same issues you have with Morrowind and I loved this game, the world is smaller but it feels so much more alive, like some people actually put some thought into it and it's some copied and pasted or computer generated shit


They might agree to poz the game like this, partly because money and because they want to spread a message to white males, like waking them up or something.


cannot speak for others but to me their games are just frameworks to build my own sandbox, crackdown 2 was never ported to pc but I liked that the world was overrun with infected at night and there are mods that remove every story npc but not the raiders/monsters.
gangs of feral ghouls now roam at night in my game and I love it lol, my own zombie offline mmo :)
uh huh except they always make fun of all groups and stereotype everybody, no one was safe.


I've never actually played it but I've always heard people talking about it in contrast to Elder Scrolls games, and how it handles the common complaints people have against ES better. I guess I'll have to try it.


I agree. It wouldn't have been hard to put in, "Her bounty is so high that she's to be killed on sight. Watch out, she's alarmed and dangerous." I found that a lot of the fighter's guild quests lacked a lot of context. It was like you were a goon or a dog just doing what he was told. I also care for the extraordinary quests like the golden eggs for the fighter's guild and the Dwemer quests for the mage's guild. I say this because my roleplaying experience is to live in the world with common goals like becoming stronger as a fighter or becoming a better mage. It's never to break the game or become something great, but just an average person. The golden eggs border on the extraordinary because you're forced to get them to ascend the ranks while the Dwemer quest is something no one person should be solving. It's too big of a mystery that it can be solved by one person instead of collective knowledge with a lot of time investment. For the arena, I understand that it's empty because it's used for high ranking people to fight. Still it's an absolute waste of money to have it, imo and probably should have more of a reason to be there. Finally, I'm definitely okay with NPCs having no personality. Most people are just there to live their own lives. Still, I can see why you wouldn't like it.

I agree with you on a lot of things here and I hope I added more context. I've completed all the quests, so I think I have somewhat of a grasp of the game.


Barotrauma and Lobotomy Corp


I was playing Morrowind + Tamriel Rebuilt with a character I've been building up the wealth up. I had like, 4,000 drakes at level two. I was sleeping outside in the mainland near a marsh, and an animal attacked me. Usually, it's fine because animals are way less powerful in the main game, but they decided to make this animal super strong for some reason. I had full mana and a skeletal minion from an enchanted amulet. The skeletal minion is enough to kill any animal on Vardenfell, but this one killed it in two hits. I kinda thought the animals would be the same level on the mainland, but it's more like Solstheim where you're supposed to be leveled, I guess.

I might restart the character since it's a one life kinda game. I might not though. Not sure since I feel a bit cheated. I spent at good part of my day making that character.


File: 1661659007420.jpg (65 KB, 399x454, 399:454, griefpblade40400251.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I spent 2 fucking days farming to get a fucking sword in Diablo 2 and now that I have it, I feel empty inside


I decided to test other Morrowind creatures from the DLC area of Solstheim. This place is meant to be an after game area. Even the bears didn't hit as hard as that creature did. It would take at least twice as many hits to kill me. Also, none of them stunned me like the creature I found. I'm continuing on with this save and counting it as an independent design choice for the mod makers. It doesn't fit in with the rest of the game, so I'm not letting that get me down. I'll account for this when I continue playing by treating this new area like it's meant to be "post game" or to be explored at a higher level. I'm going back to the main land for now to level up my character so I can explore more.

The creature's name was a "durzog" by the way.


Diablo and other grinding simulators are working an unpaid job as a video """"game"""". Soulless genre for soulless people.


There's people selling shit on ebay so I guess you could make some money


File: 1661737436611.jpg (312.52 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 20220418003054_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I tried playing Bloodmoon about a year ago. I attempted to explore around the island a bit before starting the questline and I remember finding a wolf pack not far into the forest. There's something wrong with the enemy scaling there, I kid you not those wolves fucking mopped the floor with me, Almalexia was probably an easier fight. I found the DLC to be quite boring tho so I quit.

my character picrel


is that the one that you made? you got max roll on ias and damage


No I got that off google, I don't even know the roll I got, gonna check out later


File: 1661867432711.png (90.39 KB, 419x353, 419:353, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

Here's mine, IAS is not so bad but damage is kinda low


File: 1661996654323.png (40.12 KB, 288x202, 144:101, Unstitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ok I just dropped a fucking Zod
It sucks that I only play single player and I don't get to trade it for anything cool


highest rune i ever found was a cham
what are you gonna do with it?


Breath of the dying if I get my hands on a nice axe


Aeterna Noctis, it's flawed but I'm hooked. It's like Hollow Knight, but not as good, and a lot more difficult, particularly when it comes to platforming and some of the puzzles. Check it out if you're into metroidvanias and don't mind sadistic precision platforming. Not sure I would recommend it.


I played Bloodmoon itself. I remember the quests were actually really fun. I also remember the Hircine quest was a very fun, albeit broken for many people. The quests involving the Nord looking for Sovengard and the quests involving the Glenmoir witches were really fun. The latter reminded me a lot of Daggerfall and their covens. It was actually almost magical in a way to have them. I wish they added more covens and politics into Morrowind. I'm not sure why wolves would give you any trouble. You should be able to kill any animal at that level.

I'm playing Daggerfall right now. It's actually a lot harder than I remember and I keep on training to be able to succeed as a mage. I'm not doing a one life run like Morrowind since I plan on using this character for a quests and eventually, beating the game. Still, this game is nigh impossible unless you either train like a mofo or exploit spell absorption. Also, without spell absorption, you might as well never take any dungeon quests until you're an expert in all fields of magic. It's just like Morrowind, but worse in that you if you want to realistically succeed as a mage, you need to lock yourself up and train before taking any challenge. Still, in Morrowind, you can explore and do things like enchant and make potions. In Daggerfall, potions are rare and enchanting is for enchanters (rank 5) in the mage's guild. Also, a lot of miscellaneous quests from regular people, shopkeeps, etc. can bring you into those mega dungeons. Luckily, you can turn down all of those quests.

I was not that smart in that regard. I took one of those quests from the mage's guild. Funny story is that I went in one time, got hurt real bad and couldn't sleep because enemies were nearby, and had to get out of the dungeon to sleep, resetting the dungeon. Then, I was woken up by a werewolf outside and I ran out of magicka to kill it. I went back inside to get killed by the other werewolf that I couldn't kill.


File: 1662337761325.png (129.11 KB, 542x390, 271:195, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

Pretty mediocre roll


Crosscode is great, one of the best indie games I've played and very deserving of the praise it gets, it's like classic Ys with more variety. The story is meh and some of the twists phoned in but the characters are ok. There are too many pointless interruptions and exposition that are just a waste of time though, with the occasional backtracking to advance the plot. I have zero patience for this shit.
Getting a bit burnt out as it's pretty long, but it could just be me spending too much time doing sidequests and exploring… There's no excuse for some of the mandatory filler shit like beating up lamp posts though, what the fuck is up with that.


I didn't like it at all, the puzzle dungeons are really fun, but the rest of the game is awful and that felt like the majority of the game. The outside area """"puzzles"""" were just about searching through 12 different screens to find a single jumpable location so you could jump through those 12 different screens again to reach some chest for usually useless loot.

The dialog/story was frankly just awful, which wouldn't be such a problem if there wasn't so much of it that even mashing through it takes minutes at a time. I rmemeber sitting there open mouthed as I mashed x for like 3 minutes straight wondering when I was going to be able to play the actual video game again. The characters were raw cringe and the MC's gimmick was at the level of reading "rawr xd" every few seconds.

Combat was meh, interesting ideas but ultimately shallow if you play real shmups/action games.

I would love a version of the game with only the puzzle dungeons, or at least only dungeons with puzzle/combat, the rest of the game sucks.


File: 1663538503569.png (1.37 MB, 1175x713, 1175:713, Blood.png) ImgOps iqdb

I've been playing Blood lately and I’m enjoying it as much as I enjoyed Duke Nukem 3D. However, unlike DN3D, this game takes a lot of inspiration from all kinds of horror movies and stories, which I think it’s pretty cool. Each map looks and feels like something out of an old Gothic horror film. Also, most enemies were animated in stop-motion, which gives the game a very distinctive look. While it's true that it's a very action-oriented game, most levels have a genuinely creepy atmosphere. The only think I could criticize is that you can easily be killed through a closing door by being squished, but that's pretty much a feature of the Build Engine. Also, it doesn’t have as many interactive elements as DN3D, but I can’t deny it’s fun to kick zombie heads around.


You can skip the cutscenes, I often do when the chitchat gets on my nerves.
I think the combat is alright, it's not as good as Ys which was an inspiration for CC, wasn't it? but it's not bad at all, and the gimmicks/puzzle aspects work well. I am not into shoot em ups so I can't really compare it with anything belonging to that genre.
Yeah, the story kinda gets bad when you arrive at that prison city, and I saw that AI nonsense coming from a mile away…


I HIGHLY recommend the new 3D Realms game "Cultic". There's a demo on Steam which took me about an hour to beat and it's like Blood with weapon upgrading and immersion sim features.


File: 1663816012508.jpg (140.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, return-to-monkey-island-re….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Holy shit the new monkey island looks awful, what the fuck were they thinking going for the 'corporate' look or something?
Also as expected every new character seems to be a black, a female, or both. I wouldn't mind it if the game didn't look so fucking bad

Gonna play it until I get stuck and probably drop it


you tried this already in a different thread, used the same picture too


I haven't posted this anywhere you schizo


This may surprise you, but more than one person on this website can have an opinion about a recent game.
t. Anon who made that very post you screencapped in your butthurt


Just started deathloop. I hate how the game just throws walls of text at you in the beginning. What an ineffective way to do a tutorial. Just give me a safe playground to fuck around in instead of expecting me to remember some random text. I forget that shit as soon as the window is closed.


torrented cyberpunk and enjoying it

something ive never seen mentioned before is the loading screens. specifically when you load a save file. every part of the main story changes the loading screen radio thing and after you get johnny he says some styuff too. it's a cool mental refresher, like oh yeah that's the last thing i did ingame, as im loading into the game. for example i did the EMP quest with panam yesterday and today as i load in it was on the radio and johnny said something about the damages, like a compliment. pretty cool


Planetscape: Torment. It's amazing so far. I don't know how far I am into it but the amount of interesting dialog/characters and the world its set in, as well as the mystery of the story really draws me in.


too bad it sucks to actually play


why? if the combat is bothersome you can set the difficulty on easy


That's the problem, the combat is an afterthought. I enjoyed the "game" but I used a guide to play optimally and get the most out of the story and characters. I might as well have watched a playthrough on youtube.


I'm playing Daggerfall right now. I'm trying to complete most, if not all of, the quests. I've finished all but three of the mage's guild quests, and all of the thieve's guild quests. I'm working on the Dark Brotherhood quests while chipping some of the noble/merchant quests as well. All of this is between two characters with another to be created for the fighter's guild + temple knights. I might do temple quests on the new one too.

Overall, gameplay-wise, the fighting is pretty bad, at least for thieve's.It takes a lot of stats to be a good fighter, and as a thief, I didn't exactly have those stats yet. Strength, agility, speed, and a bit of endurance, is what takes to be a good fighter. If you start at 60 for most of them with 4 stat points minimum each level up, that would mean 20 levels for two stats. Luckily, the other stats, like, for a thief, is usually in the high 70s. So strength and endurance might be 65 or something while agility and speed could be 70 and 75. To get 100 in agility and speed, you'll need 55 stat points. At 4 stat increases per level, that's level 14. Then you'll want strength at 100, so 40 more skill points, 10 more points, level 24. By that point, you're at the cusp of the end. You might not be able to level any more or have stopped leveling by then. level 31's the max, so I'm keeping it conservative. It's probably really easy to become underleveled if you increase skills all willy nilly. I haven't done it yet, though. Of course, you can enchant more stats on you, but as a thief, you probably won't have that luxury. It's actually really easy to get overpowered if you're willing to do enchanting or become a lycanthrope or vampire.

The actual fighting part is pretty bad too. Even with moderate skill (level 50+) and expertise in your weapon, I've had enemies block more often than not. And of course, they hit me more than I hit them when accounting our attack speeds. This is with 50 dodge, which really only grants 12.5% dodge chance.

Spells are a different poison though. I've had so many failures from my spells getting resisted. It only stopped being such a problem when I got 100 destruction. I became a master to become a journeyman. Now my basic shock spell costs 5 spell points out of my 300 spell points. I can get more through enchanting if needed. Ironically, my shock spell that I had from the beginning of the game still works very well against vampire ancients. It costs little, so resistance doesn't matter too much, and it hits pretty hard for the end game. Magic is such a paradox. It's also a grind in the beginning to become any good at it. Still, the rank for enchanting is pretty easy to get.

As a thief, it's just not very good. Most thief skills like pickpocketing and lockpicking are useless. They're just RP skills, tbh. You'll do better as a thief if you only do over night burglaries of shops. The Dark Brotherhood is nigh useless except for potion selling and makin, imo. Everything else is useless. There aren't even rewards when you complete a job. Not that the thieve's guild rewards did you any good. It's much more profitable to use these guilds, all guilds, as a place to train. Training is a great way to get hard training skills like dodge, critical hit, and language skills up. It also makes for way better roleplay. I train every single character because I have skills purely for RP reasons. My mage has daedric, my thief has dodge, critical hit, and backstabbing, and medical.

I like the game a lot. It's good to find flaws in the game, accept them, and maybe get mods to fix these issues. The game has a nice atmosphere that keeps my attention from these flaws anyways.


got mass effect 1-3 lined up
gonna gamer time this weekend


File: 1665222094592.jpg (667.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20221007231647_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've gotten back into Spiderweb Software games recently. Played Nethergate: Resurrection, Avernum: EFTP and now I'm halfway through Avernum 2: CS. They're RPGs on a budget, but they're pretty long and comprehensive considering they're made almost entirely by a single guy.


unlocked this great cannon spell on dragon's dogma and it looks so cool. using it summons a sphere and it launches a ton of orbs (they seem to have some weak homing property) toward the direction you swung your weapon. i got a mace that kinda looks like excalibolg so now it feels like im playing baseball.


Playing Glover right now with a keyboard. It's a pain. The levels are a pain with the wonky camera and the possibility of pits killing me. I can't believe I got so far on the N64 with this game. I just wish I could play it with a N64 controller, but I don't have that option. I'm just gonna beat it and let it rest in my heart.


Why not use a regular pc controller? It's not a n64 controller but it can't possibly be worse than a keyboard


boy am i hating mass effect 2. it feels like a completely different game, dumbed down in every aspect compared to the first… it feels like a lame mobile game or something, i dont know.


Cause it is. They “streamlined” two heavily.


sucks because im still gonna play it since i liked the first a lot and i need to know what happens for myself. i considered just watching a video or something but decided it wont be the same


That's the thing, they had to make the models in order to do something like that. Now I can use a trainer to spawn 20 Klansman


and go killing black people in the shithole shanty town located in the middle of the swamp.


File: 1665756842224.jpg (59.59 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm currently level 10 or 12, so I'll just say I really like it.

To be honest, I don't think I'm very good at the game. I'm playing a heavy armor/blunt type with a shield, and I'm still getting my ass handed to me if I'm not choosing my encounters wisely (like never fighting more than 2 at a time) on "normal" difficulty. I know if I really want to be effective I theoretically need to grind my alchemy for poisons (and probably actually look up a level guide), but that just sounds taxing. Although, at this point I'm learning attack patterns for mobs in an elder scrolls game, so I'm not quite sure what I'm being more autistic about.

Anyway, I actually find the journal mechanic to be very immersive. I quite like the fact that I'm rifling through it, looking for the right page. As much as that sounds like a back-handed compliment, I do mean it. I like playing games without fast travel as much as possible, and riding everywhere in Cyrodiil on horseback, taking in the changing climate, it really is fitting. I'm currently doing the fighter's guild questline, and travelling from all corners of the map doing odd jobs while completing my pilgrimage, I'd say it's a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
I'm not playing with any mods except patches/bug fixes.

Also, the main questline is not made for its genre, as usual for a Bethesda game. I'll have to replay Skyrim at some point because I don't remember it being so urgent. Coming off the back of playing Fallout 4, I'm reminded how much Bethesda's main story is just antithetical to an open-world sandbox. The urgency pressed on the player without consequence is a real mood killer. I ended up abandoning the main quest having believed that urgency from a role-playing perspective, only to find that I was just too under-leveled to steal the cult book without cheesing the encounter (which I didn't want to do).


The game was certainly not made to not fast travel.
For the first 10 levels, I just encountered wolves and boars on the road (many times, the spawn rate is actually a little irritating), but all of the sudden the minotaur population in cyrodiil has skyrocketed. Riding from Cheydinhal to Bruma, I can accumulate a circus parade of mobs behind me that's difficult to outrun. Goblins, additionally, probably shouldn't be kitted out with better gear than me in a sewer, but I imagine that's an aesthetic limitation.

And I fucking hate ghosts.


I figured I'd get used to the controls, and I was right. It's a really short game anyways. I also abuse tf out of savestates because if I had to play this game without them, I would spend 3x as much time on this game. All I have to beat now is the first bonus game (the dreaded frogger minigame) and the last world. I'm very close to this game.

>To be honest, I don't think I'm very good at the game

It's not you, it's the leveling system. The mobs get a lot more health as you progress in the game, and even if you level your blunt and heavy armor, you'll probably end up weaker than most mobs. You'll see soon when you find goblin caves full of goblin warlords with 1500+ hp.

I've also played this game without fast travel. I started doing that on my first 200 hour character, and I haven't stopped doing it since. Despite the setting being very generic, I find it a beautiful game nonetheless.


I've been playing…The Sims. Just plain, OG, Sims 1. I originally started playing it because I just wanted to fantasize about having a ridiculous mansion (*), but it got me thinking way too much about life. When you cheat in money and max skills, life in The Sims becomes eerily hollow. Fine, you're top of your career. Fine, you have a mansion with the best items. Now what? Are you bored yet? Are you bored with life yet?

(*) In particular, I daydream a lot about having a really large, private bath.


I'm doing another run of Skyrim on legendary difficulty, but instead of doing a warrior, I'm doing a thief. Same rules: one life, nothing better than steel (or Companions steel), no certain exploits, play your class, etc.

I decided to let go on this run to show myself how easy legendary can be and how broken the game is. I'm power leveling pickpocketing. I have a ring that gives 15% pickpocketing chance and the thieve's guild hood the increases the chance by another 10%. Along with my perks, all pickpocketing has a 90% chance of success. Then, when you start pickpocketing money in and out of guards + only paying a small fee to let them look the other way, in one go, I got 5 levels on my pickpocketing.

It's the same with mages too. I could just spam muffle, courage, etc. Or I could spam soul trap on a wolf (since I don't do it on dead bodies anymore). The slowest, most dangerous way to level is through combat. It's honestly a handicap when you play a fighter. Period. Not just on legendary. On legendary, you're crippled and hurting for levels. Levels that could get you more health. My thief has more health than any of my fighters in less time because pickpocketing is so good. Mages probably have the best amount of levelable skills though. Alteration, illusion, conjuration, and even restoration once you get turn lesser undead. Nobody seems to know it, but you can spam that on some draugur and power level the hell out of restoration.

In short, Skyrim legendary is easy if you're not a fighter. lol.


I will still recommend Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, even if you havent played the vanilla game.

But, sadly, the motherfucking Oblivion ports will still be there.


Just finished another run, but as a mage. I had issues with getting money with my first run, but I managed to figure out how to organically play as a traveling alchemist. I had plenty of ingredients to make potions, and with that money, I could afford speech training, level up illusion, ad infinitum. Everything was going great until I was traveling from Dawnstar to Morthal. I was taking the absolute most caution by staying invisible and muffled for the entire trip, but some ice wolves ambushed me and I ran out of magicka. That didn't kill me, though. I walked off because I'm using a mercenary, I regenerate my magicka, and right as I cast the illusion spell, a snow bear hits me from behind and kills me. Another run lost to a bear.

My next run will be me being unrelenting. I'm going to exploit the game (to a reasonable degree) until I have 1,000 health. Then, I'm going to start killing. Every bandit, every bear, every wolf. I'm going on a genocide. I've proven my point that it's easy to succeed as a mage and thief. I've done it as a warrior too. I'm going to destroy this game now.


File: 1666875721671.webm (2.75 MB, 2560x1080, 64:27, nope.webm) ImgOps iqdb

yeah, bears. the other thing I die to alot past the snow line (near the college) is swarms of snow leopards. horrible fast things you can't really run from considering how fast they can be. Especially with frostfall while you are weakened by the fact that it's ultracold up there. I've gotten chased away from my fire and died alot that way too.

As for what I am playing there are a lot of sim games that have come up recently. I will probably play some STALKER GAMMA which is a new all-in-one full modpack thing for stalker. this is a game called gunner heat PC which is a tank ~sim. it's fun. also more flight sim garbage. lots of apache recently.


File: 1667140270001.jpg (622.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Nebuchadnezzar.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm playing Nebuchadnezzar again, the game I mentioned on the last thread and OP used the image for it itt. There's a bunch of new stuff added to the game like wages, disease and religion so I'm replaying the entire thing. I really love this game, it's my favorite isometric city builder. It's such a comfy game. Music is beautiful, the atmosphere hits just right with me and it's a game that rewards patience and planning more than any city builder I've played.


I’m playing bayonetta 3. Firefly fuck the stupid VA controversy, I like the old ones voice better but whatever I’m just playing in Japanese now so it doesn’t matter. Aside from that the game is great and I’m having a blast. It’s a little flanderized but it’s the third game in the series so I kinda expect that. The new weapons are okay, the spider yo-yos kick ass though. Demon summoning is pretty fun and makes for some really cool combos. I’m only on chapter six or so though so I hope there’s lots more stuff.


Just finished another run of Skyrim legendary. I did what I was talking about, but stopped at 500 health. It's not enough, by the way. It's a lot of health to the point where you're as good as the other enemies, but you do so little damage that you really need a high smithing level. I was using a steel axe, as per my rules. It was doing about 28 damage. I think I really needed more like 100 damage to do anything. Poisons would have worked well too. I think they do normal damage.

I died from a fireball from a bandit fort, my worst fear. I used all of my health potions, but if I had at least one, I might have survived. I hate fireballs. They're way too powerful even in adept difficulty and make vampires way more powerful than they should be.

I finished at about 8 hours 51 minutes in. When I say finished, I mean it like a "run" of sorts. It took me about 4 hours to get to 500 hp, IIRC.

I feel like legendary is the only way for me to "beat" this game. Adept is just too easy and legendary is too reliant on playing unnaturally. Still, I continue on with this challenge. I went and attacked the fort on adept and easily killed them all. It's like every weapon you wield becomes shittier. The only way to play on adept is to play with steel weapons because then, you're not one-shotting everything.


File: 1667160045303.jpg (167.54 KB, 1920x1088, 30:17, sand.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I didn't like Mario Odyssey when it first came out, but now it's very fun finding secrets in levels and moon collecting.


I’ve been playing Stardew valley off and in for a few years, just found out you can regenerate your energy by going to the bathhouse - wowzers


just like kingdom cum


a unique shooter on steam called 'the wall'

there is a big wall separating two teams. you gather resources, build eco, and build defenses, and wait for wall to open or strategically attack it to open it earlier to invade the other team. you then defend your core while trying to destroy the other team's core. not many ppl playing it partly because it had a weird release history, only recently being made free after getting revamped

reminds me of a halflife mod where each team builds a fort and then fights one another


File: 1667489471302.jpg (186.88 KB, 1000x564, 250:141, Gundam-Evolution.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Gundam Evolution. So far I like it better than OW2 since it's more balanced. Less kids and coomers are interested in it as well so matches can get quite comfy. Most third world shitholes are region locked out as well which is great and only leaves us Whites and Japanese to play together.


…what does that even mean now, were there people masturbating instead of playing the game?


Most people play Overwatch for the porn. Threads about it on other imageboards are coomer pic dumps rather than gameplay discussion.


Which is strange to me cause I feel like the game actively shits on you for maining a character you like rather than just counter picking all game.


Ahh I see, you're right. So like Nier Automata but a lot worse.


File: 1668413812945.png (190.99 KB, 300x288, 25:24, Parasite_Eve_Coverart.png) ImgOps iqdb

I recently finished Parasite Eve 1 for the first time and this was a pretty unique RPG Horror Game hybrid it was nice to finish a JRPG that doesn't take 60+ Hours I finished my playthrough at 10 Hours at level 34 once you get liberate the rest of the game becomes a joke. I didn't mess around with the weapon upgrading too much the M8000 was good enough to deal with any enemy and boss.I know there's new game plus content,but I don't feel like going back to it right now.It was a pretty fun RPG.


playing grounded. surprisingly great game. figured it would just be another shitty survival sandbox but i like the combat and setting. definitely nails the "honey i shrunk the kids" feel. someone was playing as the nigger kid and she randomly started rattling off some spiel that sounded like pseud shit you would hear on leftypol, but only heard something like that once in dozens of hours. just play as the white boy or vietnamese succubus.
also playing let's go pikachu with one of my little brothers. the game is very easy even in singleplayer and even by pokemon's standards, but i like when they tack on 1.5 player co-op onto video games that would otherwise be purely 1 player. was fun playing bowser's fury like that too. lots of turn-based games out there that can be played similarly, stuff like jrpgs and strategies like fire emblem.


Just finished FF XV. It started out pretty boring but got good around Chapter 8. Last few bosses were the best in the game. Now I have a giant postgame to do but it's taking up too much space on my harddrive (100GB) so I'm gonna uninstall it. 8/10 game, pretty fun.


playing pokemon scarlet and actually like it well enough so far. plenty of stuff i like, some i dont. biggest problem is the performance, by far. it's really fucking bad and i cannot overstate that. this franchise is the most commercially successful video game franchise in history and the optimization would be ridiculed even if it were a no-budget indie game. somehow there are consistent pop-in issues and constant framerate tanking simultaneously. im personally not one who values fidelity very highly, but im not sure why they chose to design the world the way they did with all the obvious performance issues. i think if you have generally enjoyed pokemon in the past that it's still worth playing, but i strongly recommend pirating this for now. it shouldn't have been released in this state with a price tag attached.
anyway, those are my thoughts having pirated a converted cart dump of it and running it on an original switch model with cfw. maybe the newer models run it better, idk.


The switch just runs everything shit in my experience.


I don't know if i'll buy this one. I skipped every pokemon game on switch except legends, which I enjoyed. But I don't think scarlet/violet looks like a big enough improvement to justify the price tag.


have they made a recent pokemon that isnt jrpg battle system and grinding?

i know about the camera and dungeon thing, those are old though. are they still fun? i like old emulated games


game pulled a black screen randomly when i went to start some retarded minigame in order to gain the privilege of challenging a gym leader. i turned the annoying autosave off during my first session and subsequently lost several hours of progress due to the black screen. literally never had a crash on other pokemon games unless i was doing some weird glitch or i pulled the cartridge out. very awesome. guess i will just have the tranny autosave feature on at all times now.


Currently playing cosmoteer. It’s kind of like a ftl/shipbuilder but where you fly around solar systems. For an early access game it’s surprisingly complete mechanically. You can build the ship how you like, everything is destructible 2d squares with different weapon types- you have to manage storage, crew, ammo, energy - as you build larger you will want ammo/missile production from raw materials ok board etc. Game loop is an upgrade loop, so you have your ship, go around destroying other ships, harvest their resources that fly off as debris when you damage them, build better ship - or build multiple ships. Second loop - doing missions at space stations to kill specific ships/space stations for money and reputation ( which allows you to hire more crew ). You hyper jump between galaxies to get harder enemies. Battles have basic strategy from the weapon types, and you work out where to attack first on different ships.

Things are a bit janky. Right click on some buttons to do this, shift click on this to select these kinds of things, set attack direction with this menu. Pathfinding issues sometimes.

Overall fun game as it is if you like upgrade games and savescumming. Really enjoying it.

Sitting there getting in to an accidental three way fight with 3 massive ships, all blown to smithereens and thousands of bits of steel and ship debris filling the screen was very cool.


a pretty annoying oversight in pokemon scarlet and violet is that there is no extra indication that a pokemon is shiny in the overworld besides for its model. there should be some sort of glow or faint noise emanating from any shiny pokemon. unfortunately, some pokemon have very subtle pallette changes. apparently i have battled 4 at this point yet i only own 2. i am guessing at least one of the missed shiny catches were when i was autobattling a swarm of regional tauros. i remember seeing a sheet with all the shiny models and his looked indiscernible from the normal color scheme. the lack of audio or visual cue is still a problem even for outstanding shiny pallettes because it's easy to simply run past them when mounted on the legendary ride pokemon. i hope either game freak or a fan fixes this (among many other things).


you describe my exoerience playing it like 3 yrs ago. shame it hasnt evolved much


Apparently the autobattle will avoid killing shinies? At least that's what I heard.


then i have no clue how ive seen double what i have caught, because any i see and recognize as shiny i would 100% try to catch as i imagine anyone else would too. still wish they would put some sort of indicator in the overworld since it's still quite easy to straight up sprint past them.


that sounds like a pain. Even legends had an indicator. Why do they keep going backwards?


I'm playing spiderman remastered on my computer. I ignored this game for a long time because it seemed like AAA cut and paste, but it's actually really fun. It does have some AAA copy paste, for example it's open world and like all open worlds now there are towers that reveal the map and a gorillion collectibles sprinkled around. But each collectible can give you gear upgrades so I actually enjoy finding them, and the traversal is so fun that tower hopping was a joy. The combat is just batman with a twist but webbing people up is fun enough for me. There's a lot of polish that only comes with AAA games, the graphics are super good, there's a ton of "immersive" systems like webbed guys will stick to walls or get hung up on the terrain.
Some of the automation is a bit annoying, for example when you attack, dodge, or swing from a web the game will mostly just move spiderman where he needs to be for you. It's not overbearing enough that it bothers me though. I don't care about the story whatsoever so I won't touch on it. Spiderman does his usual quips and snarky comments but that's been his shtick way before they made every super hero do it.
Overall really great game so far, if you like spiderman even remotely I would recommend it.


Batman Arkham Asylum. It's fun, just the right amount of challenge on hard difficulty. I think I'll 100% it and play the sequels.


File: 1670478249057.webm (10.67 MB, 640x360, 16:9, smb320sd.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Tough timing on this level, retried dozens of times. Super Monkey Ball Deluxe


Mega Man 9, just done with the robot masters, gotta start the Wily stages now.
It's fun


I decided to pick up Kirby And The Forgetton Land and Pokemon Legends Arceus and im having a surprising amount of fun with Legends Arceus this is the first Pokemon game I have really enjoyed 15 years. I also decided to start up Silent Hill 1 after I finished Parasite Eve.


File: 1670601478459.png (8.36 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, NMS.png) ImgOps iqdb

One of the worst flying systems I've played in awhile, and people defend it by saying "it's their decision to make it shit".
Can't hover in atmosphere, the brake is also bound to reverse (no bind for full stop), dogfighting is ass, free look doesn't snap the camera forward (it turns the ship dramatically to what you were looking at), landing precisely without a pad is impossible, and the infuriating fucker takes control of itself at will.

The planets are cool, but very boring.


i found almost every system implemented in no man's sky to be pointlessly weird and different and painful. really bizarre game


I splurged and got the PS5 and my first official game I'm playing on it is Mass Effect.
Maybe it's silly I got the latest system and I'm playing a classic game on it. But I've never played this series and I'm having a great time. Once I get internet I'm going to download GOW:R, another series I've never played.

I haven't been able to play video games like this for quite a while and I'm enjoying it.


I don't know why people say this game was finally fixed all the time. It still sounds just as shit as it was at launch. I would've probably tolerated it if the original promised multiplayer was in instead of the lobby co-op trash they slapped on.


File: 1670778013486.png (1.25 MB, 1028x756, 257:189, socalled_fixed.png) ImgOps iqdb

I have desperately been trying to give it a chance, but one laser struck a frigate I was trying to save, and it spawned a seemingly infinite, boring, repetitive wave combat of sentinel fighters. A single fucking laser. The consensus in the community seems to be that it's fucking horrible game design. So, fuck it, I like scanning things. Why don't I just do that? Because pic related is what you end up scanning 95% of the time.

People, for the love of God, nobody else buy this videogame.


do nto play mass effect 2 it's nothing like the first one

im still butthurt about this


playing vice city right now, never played it as a kid (only played SA), it's really fun and i love the soundtrack. Ray Liotta is great as tommy, i liked him in goodfellas so it's nice to hear him (RIP btw)


i liked 2. i dont know how badly they gutted the biotics because i played soldier, but i really didnt like the gear management on the first game and a lot of it didnt seem to have any meaning past just equipping whatever had the higher roman numeral.


that ending where the bouncy ball hits the monke and he goes flying into the goal made me chuckle. well done wiz!


Playing high on life. The edgelords here may hate this game, but I love it. The game feels like a passion project and has so much character. I really like how you can legit just sit in game and watch full-length movies on TV, or go to the theater and watch a movie mst3k style with commentary from three dudes in the front work.


looks interesting.



>front work

I meant front row.

Anyway, I just beat the game. Took me about 10 hours. Another reason for me to like the game, it doesn't try to pad the length with extra bullshit. Pacing is pretty much perfect, IMO, especially with how it treats bosses and combat once you reach the point where one would get tired of it.


File: 1671461225492.jpg (849.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, crusader_kings_3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm playing Crusader Kings III and it's amazing how much Paradox games have evolved. It's been some years since I played one of their games, last one I really took the time to learn every nook and cranny was Europa Universalis II. I did play some of the original Crusader Kings but never got far into it. This game is a blast and it's a very nice way of wasting time. The amount of scheming you can get yourself into is virtually endless, the map is enormous and there's a lot of gaming elements you can busy yourself with, war being just one of them. I particularly loved how government and religion plays out, and all the politicking you can pursue within your courts alone.

The only problem I have so far is how easy it is to play with as a middle to large size kingdom or influential family and how brutal and most times impossible it is to play as a tiny kingdom. I just finished a campaign as Al-Andalus and had no trouble steamrolling everything in my path, to the point I didn't need to pay much attention at what I was doing after the first couple of hours into the campaign. It's expected, I suppose, if you're playing as a nobody in a poor patch of dirt that you'll be easily overrun but I wished at least something like raids were a little less frequent or less destructive in order to make those tiny realms to be more playable instead of just being there as historical curiosity. You can do everything right and one random raid at the wrong time will pretty much ruin everything. All in all though I'm very impressed how much more this franchise offers in comparison with the first game and I'm having a lot of fun with it.


Strategies for starting as one province minor count

Max leftmost intrigue tree and prioritize marrying into the king's family so that your future heir inherits. Use ample murder and hooks

Max chivalry tree to secure good alliances and get extra elite knights so you can win battles outnumbered

Not that hard


Yeah but to max those you need some time that usually you don't have, it's really up to chance if one of your bigger neighbors will crush you before you can do anything interesting. I had a really funny run as the sheikh of Maxorata where all my family members got imprisoned 2 or 3 times, had the heir released by mere chance at no cost at one point until I finally managed to improve my situation and acquire some alliances and land in north of Africa. It was a mix of luck and painful micromanagement of everything but it was pretty cool.


File: 1671488937526.png (2.43 MB, 1706x960, 853:480, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Trying to get the achievement on Hyper Demon (second game from Devil Daggers developer). You have to be way more agressive on this one.


File: 1671490360011.png (33.6 KB, 167x94, 167:94, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm playing Bayonetta. Those japanese really know how to make good games. The soundtrack is really good as well.
Too bad that games are the only hobby I have, but still I'm not even slightest bit good at them.


in the last year i've really gotten into the yakuza games, and i really like the metro games too. i'm currently replaying yakuza 5, and for some reason, harukas chapter is more enjoyable this time around.


File: 1672265651637.jpg (86.8 KB, 2000x850, 40:17, House of Ashes.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just played and subsequently dropped after 40 or so minutes a game called The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes. Holy shit. The biggest disappointment I remember having with gaming in YEARS, if not the biggest disappointment I've ever had with a game, ever. Imagine you really like history and have an interest in ancient Mesopotamia in particular, and also you really like horror. Now imagine you just heard about this game called House of Ashes and you saw the mask of Sargon being associated with it and you read somewhere it takes place in an Akkadian temple. So I grab a copy and it starts pretty much perfect, and I mean perfect, it has grit, characters have the potential to be incredibly interesting, you're stuck inside this ancient temple with a mad king, a bunch of prisoners and some unknown horror creeping inside. They even give a nod to Pazuzu in there, it's going pretty much perfect.

And then the game cuts abruptly to some god awful, GOD FUCKING AWFUL rock music while some English looking bourgeoise in a fucking billycock (lol) strides trying very hard to look super, in a long and generic library hall, like it's some shitty music video from the early 2000s for a Sherlock Holmes musical or something. And then it gets worse. You spend 10 minutes listening to the Curator who pompously and ridiculously explains to you a bunch of shit that doesn't really matter and you're not interested in knowing, and the actor is delivering his lines in the most mediocre "This is a spooky game guise!" sort of way possible, while 5 minutes ago you were having a great time and the actors were nailing every line of dialogue. Jesus Christ.

You wouldn't believe this, but it gets WORSE. We're cut to some trash bimbo who is fucking some nigger during the Iraq war and the game tries very hard for you to care about their relationship. Who would or could possibly give a flying fucking shit about them when we were just begining to explore the tense and fragile alliance between an Akkadian captain and a prisoner of war he almost sacrificed but now have to band together in order to survive whatever horror lies inside an awesome looking Akkadian temple? We were just delving into a tomb of horrors in ancient times and now I have to watch this retarded 'fill the quota' couple and they expect me to actually care? To go along with it they also introduce some redneck in a baseball cap and, of course, some stronk female doctor with a stupid, vacant look on her face. To complete the cast we also get a ken looking turd who is the husband of the bimbo mentioned earlier, which tells me I'll have to sit through their relationship as the game progresses. I mean are you kidding me with this fucking thing? And I read the producer of this game is a british company. Why the fuck you would make the cast of your game a bunch of American cookie-cutter characters when you just showed me you can actually write something compelling, new and interesting to follow? A horror game with soap opera characters? Who the fuck thought this was a good idea? Seriously, who the fuck thought having the cast of Friends in a game that takes place insice an Akkadian temple was a good idea? WHAT THE FUCK

I cannot believe how they made such a great start just to line out and destroy every single thing and replace with mediocre characters and garbage plot points after the 30 mins mark. Way to go. I never uninstalled a game so fast in my life. It was not worth the bandwidth to pirate this piece of fuck. Yeah yeah it's my fault for not knowing this game takes place in some boring fucking place with boring fucking characters beforehand. My mistake. Incredibly frustrating experience.

Pic. related, the only interesting character in this whole piece of shit of a game and he dies 15 minutes in.


lmao. i wish you had recorded the initial attempt at playing the game. seeing such honest strong reactions is priceless


File: 1672359208398.jpg (53.02 KB, 638x638, 1:1, systemshock2-1639016367396….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

now i'm re-walkthrough this:



Epic game. I'll replay it some time in the future 100% with a different class and build for sure.


what are you chosing class and build in first play? if you're remember ofc.


>like it's some shitty music video from the early 2000s for a Sherlock Holmes musical or something
>who the fuck thought having the cast of Friends in a game that takes place insice an Akkadian temple was a good idea?
I'm dying. This is one of the best reviews I've read in a long time.
>too much space on my harddrive (100GB)
Every time I play Morrowind it just becomes a potionfest.


Just picture a fat fuck slowy going wtf man, wtf man, wtf man wtf WTF WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK and then clicking on the uninstaller at light speed.
I'm glad at least my experience was an amusing read.

You can check out this fucking garbage for yourself, no commentary on this one. I dropped at the 28min mark but the game becomes unbearable trash 18min in. Tell me if this shit doesn't look like it was intended as a joke. If they started with the music video I would've just played for 10 minutes, quit and never again think about this game, but the fact they made a pretty cool intro you can play through and then fucks it up really amps up the frustration.


woah what the heck is that. i have zero experience with stuff like this, for reference i thought games like mass effect were a little too movie-like. but this entire game is nothing but movie segments with choices and quick time events?

i checked the wikipedia and they are pumping these things out (simultaneously along with other things) at a pace of one per year. must be insanely profitable.


You never played games like Heavy Rain? These are direct descendants of games like Phantasmagoria. I enjoyed a few titles of this genre but this piece of shit House of Ashes man, fuck this game.


oh, is it considered a point and click adventure game, or in the same genre? every time i clicked through that video it was a cinematic, i assumed it was like a interactive movie or something


I'm playing this, it's pretty cool. I'll review it after I play a few days.


It is quite fun! I definitely recommend it if it looks like you would like it. It's lacking some polish, the camera in particular is awkward at times. It's on sale for like $13 until the fifth (thursday)


that was cool to watch. gave me flashbacks to when i was a kid playing sonic


Vampire: The Masquerade - Heartless Lullaby

It sucks, and not in a good vampire way.
It's literally broken. As in it crashes and has fucked up errors that make finishing a playthrough a total roll of the dice. There is also no save system so I can't use the savescum method I normally use when dealing with unstable games.

As for the game when it works, it's just a very short cyoa style narrative experience that is more interested in getting the player interested in the shitty table top game then it is in having any sort of interesting gameplay it's self.
The visuals are basic and thrown together in a rush. I think it was made as part of a game jam so whatever.
And the sound design, music, and all that is just serviceable.
Really all the attention went into the writing which imo is just meh.

Even as someone who really enjoys VtM as a setting and likes WoD lore (at least in regards to vampires and mage) I still didn't like this game.
1 out of 5, mainly because it's a unstable piece of shit and also because what is there even when working is a bit boring.
I don't recommend it.


File: 1673144926241.png (4.9 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, fsScreen_2023_01_07_21_25_….png) ImgOps iqdb

Been playing Farming Simulator 22 all day.

Love this "courseplay" mod which makes your AI workers even smarter. Without it they are pretty dumb when it comes to creating a path.


File: 1673227938540.png (2.39 MB, 1268x940, 317:235, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

downloaded arena on steam
was gonna look into mods but my laziness prevented anything so it's all vanilla and default controls
had no idea how to make my character i couldnt see the selections so i just mashed my keyboard
ironically it decided i should be a barbarian for smashing my keys
looked up the controls and its not too confusing
killed gobbos and rats
looted stuff
found the shitportal
fresh outta the sewers looking fire
got instantly turned into meat by some female thief

apparently the world turns into hell when it is dark. v nice lesson learned


If you want to feel OP in oblivion, start out with the atronach star sign, then get a max leveled spelldrinker amulet and a sorcerer's ring.

Can't overstate how OP it is to have 100% spell absorption. You will steamroll everything that throws magicka at you.


Playing hardcore Mineycrafta right now. I'm on day 40, and I just finished my farm to my liking. I have enough wheat to survive and sell excess, but also tons of sugarcane for some emeralds for the nearby villages, which I've spent days exploring. I've also set up signs to show where they are. I have close neighbors to the east and west, as well as neighbors across the ocean to the north and south. I have to take a nether portal for the northern villages because they're so far away. I also found an ocean monument. I'm preparing myself to make a mob farm that'll change my minecraft life with it. I'll go from having no enchanted stuff to enchanted stuff being the norm. I think if I manage that, I'll start building a lot more mob farms to keep me occupied. I also need to find a nether fortress since I've been so scared to lose my progress. I guess that's what I get for farming a bunch in the beginning. I'm addicted. By day 100, I'm going to try to beat the ender dragon and the wither. That's only if I can successfully make a wither skeleton farm.


Wanted to play something beautiful and different from what I normally play.
So I gave Kena: Bridge of Spirits a shot.

So far I am really enjoying it. The mix of forested environments, cute little munchkins, adventurous climbing and puzzles, and surprisingly challenging combat has come together into a very entertaining all be it derivative experience.

So far I really like it.


File: 1675028276356.jpg (442.79 KB, 740x416, 185:104, Radiant-Historia.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Standard jrpg that's actually more like a visual novel. It's mediocre.


And the polish has worn off.
I made it to the second major area and have noticed a the drop in quality as well as the overall hollowness of the world building.
Also the tokenism is being pushed super hard now and it's undermining the world building.
Also the title "woodsmith" as a thing bothers me due to how stupid it is. In context the "woodsmith" should be called a artificer, since they mainly work with using magic to animate stones and honestly do almost nothing with wood. Also a "woodsmith" would normally be called a carpenter. But whatever, the spirit doesn't actually do carpentry, they make golems n shit.

But most it went from being highly polished to now having glitches, is less well optimized, and just overall looks and feels not quite as nice as the first part of the game.
And the emptiness of the lore makes the attempts at making the psudo spirituality feel meaningful and deep instead feel flat and insultingly fake.

All that said, if it weren't for the glitches n shit the gameplay would actually be very good. Totally ruined would could have been a cool boss fight due to the thing coming unlatched from the ground and thus spent the whole fight swinging at air.
Shit was dumb as fuck.


Been playing a souls-like called Steelrising. The main character is a female automaton. The gameplay is typical, but toned down on difficulty. The visual clarity on the graphics feels a bit of a mess, but that might be because I'm playing on low. Some of the enemy patterns can be a bit eh for certain builds. It's a decent attempt at a souls-like overall though but definitely not worth the price tag they're charging. Very much 20$ standard.


File: 1675559851337.jpeg (413.87 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, signal-2023-02-04-201447_….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been playing minecraft on my psp


Always seemed like a game designed around the mouse.

I remember first person stuff being really awkward on psp the little bit of it I tried.


I don't mind it, comfy in bed


wtf psp? that shit is like 15 years old how can it run minecraft? i remember i had a netbook from 2009 that could barely run the original minecraft alpha. how is that possible


it's a little buggy and it's limited to a little over 100 blocks in any direction, it uses a homebrew lamecraft but adds all the mechanics/recipes of regular minecraft
it's enjoyable because it seems like there's an end to your harvesting the environment at least as far as ores go, not sure what will come from my playthrough in these limitations
I'm using a random version I found online which is minecraft 3.0 https://archive.org/details/psp-minecraft.-7z


very neat


so is this homebrew type shit or?


Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Redux (romhack)
looks and plays a lot better than the sluggish platinum.
it's a shame they ditched the sprites with the 3DS games


>>59381 (me)
it's crazy how much of a difference IVs make, important trainers have 31 everywhere and it's a pain when your dodrio is outsped by a kingler or something


i wish they would do a romhack with QoL like you get to set which stats you have 252/252/6 in and let you obtain items that enable you to choose a specific iv for a stat so you have better access to things like 0atk/0spe and optimal hidden power spreads, and an items for setting natures. also make it so enemies will eventually have perfect spreads, but start off slow and only give them like 1-3 maxed ivs as you progress toward accessing the iv-setting items (but also still give them full evs from the start). it's autistic when romhacks have competitive builds but you're still catching a physical attacker with low attack and low hp/spe ivs and a modest nature.
i was gonna try out emerald rogue because it sounded kinda cool. it's a pokemon roguelike i guess.


(also obviously the ev setting system should be a little more robust, 252/252/6 spreads are generally just caveman's introduction to building a mon, but knowing breakpoint calculations for cookie-cutter matchups or common alt-spreads is even more valuable. basically the system should just let you invest evs in increments of 4 to give full player freedom and accessibility)


radical red?


NFS Most Wanted and American Conquest.
Also recording gameplay videos.
That´s what i do as a NEET.


i havent played that and i always hear bad things (from vp) about it like you have to tailor a team to every battle. if that's true then that sounds more like solving math problems than enjoying a rpg.


I am playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild. So far I am liking it. It reminds me of windwaker which was my favorite game growing up. There's been quite a lot of humor already too which is good. The puzzles have been completely brain-dead so far but I expect it will get harder as things go on. I can already tell that this game is going to trigger my collecting autism and I'm going to go super slow through the entire thing because I have to smash every box and look under every rock.


Been playing EU4 again. This time has been REALLY different though.

I used to have a huge issue in the game with NEVER having enough monarch points. Even on the easiest mode I'd just CONSTANTLY be struggling. Eventually, I figured out it was because I was getting CONSTANT trash luck with rulers and getting average skills <3 for my monarchs all the time, which I assume is because I don't have any DLC, so now I just go ahead and cheat my savefile to give me at least average 3 skilled monarchs so I can just have fun.

However, I didn't realize this initially, and what I thought it was was because:
>I got bored.
>Didn't have anything to click on.
>Would absent-mindedly spend my monarch points
So, I developped this strategy of "making sure I was spending my other points first." Mainly studying the diplomatic situation intensely to make sure I was utilizing my diplomats correctly. Making sure I had available CBs all the time. Doublechecking my merchants, missionaries, and colonists more. Etc.. This worked, however…

It was because of this style of gameplay that I–at some point–stopped playing the game and started just reading. I've been fascinated just studying dynastic charts, pouring over the different map modes, looking at relationship graphs between various nations. I often find myself not really playing the game anymore, but instead just reading the ledger, the historical logs, and looking at maps. Only to be reminded by an errant invasion popup that there's actually a game going on behind the game speed=1 crawl.


dark and darker is pretty fun. really appreciate games letting you playtest for free like this.


File: 1676639205178.png (198.36 KB, 480x270, 16:9, horribleSiegeLuck.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Bad luck
Case in point: are siege numbers like this normal? I'm seriously starting to wonder if the game's code has flags to make your dice rolls shit if you don't buy all their DLC.


The puzzles don't really improve.

Breath of the Wild is a fun game, but I wish the dungeons weren't so lame.


Use creamapi to crack all the dlcs


i hate when you find a game that is just a total clusterfuck and doesnt work out of the box. i somewhat understand it with old games, although i think some effort should be made by the publishers to increase compatibility with newer hardware and software, but i really dont understand allowing it to happen for recent games (not brand new but past few years).
i found someone on a forum to play A Way Out with and i embarrassed myself by taking an hour to troubleshoot why i couldnt hear any dialogue and why the general sound was almost impossible to hear. apparently this is a very common problem. no other game from any era has made me fuck with my sound settings as much as this game has, and then it of course fucked up the sound on several other games that i have played since. i will probably have to find somebody else to play with now, too.


tried atomic heart (the jank developer pirate copy which is from a november 2022 build i believe). you have like an hour of cutscenes and "walk here" then "walk here". and then you are basically using an axe to fight robots for another hour or so. i read that melee combat was fun in this game, but i dont see it, the laser robots i can wail on them smacking them around dozens of times and you die in two hits. single player shooter/fps are not supposed to be like this. dark souls has poisoned everything into becoming a dodge festival with limited healing and overpowered enemies. because that = fun nowadays. could not make it long enough to even get a real gun, the shotgun you start with is bad and you have limited ammo you can't really use it. couldn't rebind any of the keys, even going into the game settings folder and modifying the .ini manually. not a fan whatsoever being forced to use ctrl for crouch, f for interact, and v for "magic/spells". the main character you play does nothing but whine and complain about everything. it might as well be a robot apocalypse, and for example the guy expects electricity and elevators to work perfectly in building that just had a giant tesla boring machine drill straight down through it. the dialogue audio setting is also broken, your magic cortana glove plays twice as loud as a talking npc right next to you. so if you need to hear the npc, your glove is basically screaming at you, and if you need to shut the glove up, you cant hear npc dialogue. there's a lot of bugs, particularly with audio, but also just falling through map geometry. the setting and everything is awesome. i believe the term is "fully automated luxury communism" or something like that, where all the labor is done by robots. that is the initial setting, a utopia. but the robots are corrupted and so you must stop them. it reminds me of bioshock, fallout, and maybe metro. i will probably play on an easier difficulty because it becomes harder the following way: (normal: enemy weak - you strong … hard: enemy strong - you weak) and it isn't fun, they just become a sponge for your attacks and you become a frail cripple. maybe next month or something, there are a ton of things wrong with this dev build so i would like to get a better version as well before playing again. everyone is bashing on the game it seems, but it doesn't seem any worse than other games, i think it is a result of the devs being russian that people are hating on it.


i dont think it is just that they are russian, but that they support the invasion of ukraine or something. i hate all the retards inserting their politics into games nowadays. i dont know if it is hogwarts level of bad where trannies are making lists of streamers who play it, but it is pretty fucking dumb to harass people just because they like a game that you dont.


I think they just refused to denounce the invasion specifically, not that they support it.
If the money goes to Gazprom or whatever it'll probably just get stolen anyway.


I am currently playing Dawn of War I(mainly the Dark Crusade campaign as the necrons and other with the Blood Ravens) and i've downloaded the Unification mod,while sometimes can be quite frustating to continue the campaign it's really rewarding when you manage to secure holdings


I didn't like that "campaign", which is little more than an intro and outro cinematic surrounding a series of basic AI matches. There was like one special field for double deployment (op) I think but it was mostly a boring back and forth. The next extension was nearly the same but with a map over multiple planets where I stopped playing. The base game was great, with the actual story, individual spins on missions and scripting, but the extensions got worse and worse.


File: 1677807739630.png (3.1 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ck3.png) ImgOps iqdb

This game is easy


Is Monster Hunter Rise fun? Is there a spear or some similar thrusting weapon available?


File: 1678053693166.png (831.43 KB, 1614x1080, 269:180, Cockroach Simulator.png) ImgOps iqdb

Cockroach Simulator. It's exactly what it sounds like. I never found cockroaches disgusting and if you have even a passing interest in biology and reading about animals you'll come to respect cockroaches quite a lot. They're hardy, amazing creatures, so when I saw this I had to try it out. I don't like the fact the game pushes a horror atmosphere to the whole thing but it's not like I have many options to walk around as a cockroach. It's a nice enough experience but there's a lot of room for improvement here, this game has serious performance issues. If you lay enough eggs the whole thing will lag pretty bad. Still fun though, I like the fact someone took the time to make a sim game about cockroaches. I'll be playing this now and then.


Forgot to say it's made by a company called Wizwin, so you defintely can't go wrong with this one.


File: 1678054999424.png (359.46 KB, 1300x731, 1300:731, 1111.png) ImgOps iqdb


>Cockroach Simulator
already play that in a day to day basis


File: 1678195179536.jpg (152.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Playing Monster Hunter World
It's my first time playing one of these games, I like the gameplay and how it drastically changes depending the weapon you're using, I also really like the monster design, despite feeling guilty sometimes for killing some of the monsters that are just minding their business, except when I kill an Odogaron or a Bazelgeuse, fuck those assholes. I'm about 40 hours in and feel like I haven't even scratched the surface. Haven't played online because fuck that, but I understand some of the endgame monsters are really hard to kill alone. The difficulty curve feels great, I'm on high rank now and sometimes getting my ass kicked, but it's not so bad, I assume in master rank you need to take advantage of all the game mechanics if you don't want to get your ass constantly handed to you, but I'm really getting ahead of myself.


File: 1678619940894.jpg (86.92 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, gta-4-save-files-corrupted.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Been playing GTA IV lately, almost done with the story. GTA IV is my autism game that I can just come back to repeatedly. I've probably played through the storyline of this game 20+ times since it came out, plus countless hours just fucking around (especially if you include the multiplayer modes from back in the day). Something about the game just really scratches an itch.
Most people accuse this game of looking bland and grey, but I love the industrial aesthetic. Sunrises on a clear morning cast the world in an orange glow, overcast afternoons give everything an icey blue look, late night rain makes the sky look almost green, etc. A great amount of care was put into the presentation of this game, shame some people aren't able to appreciate it just because the game isn't coated in garish obnoxious colors like a children's cartoon. The perpetual autumn the game world is in also feels very cozy and looks nice.
The driving is another thing people hated, and that I loved. You actually have to dose your throttle and brakes, and the handling feels weighty and tangible, with every car handling differently. Driving around in this game just feels satisfying to me, and I never lament having to drive to the other side of the map for a mission.
The shooting mechanics are very simple (bland cover shooter style) but the physics are so good the combat is satisfying nevertheless.

GTA IV also feels to me like the last product of old Rockstar game design. Playing this game, I constantly got reminded of Bully for some reason. The way the game uses cut scenes, structures missions, the way characters are written, etc. Not to say that old Rockstar game design was particularly good, it just reminds me of a different era. Also, things like Niko having a non-smartphone, internet cafes being a thing, the in-game radio shows making jokes and using words that today would have been completely off limits -it just puts me in a bit of a nostalgic mood.

To that extend, I would have really liked another GTA game between IV and V just to see a more polished product based on GTA IV. Kind of like Vice City Stories was the last GTA game based on the Renderware engine so it had a couple of extra features over San Andreas, but still felt largely the same.
A GTA 4.5 would have been really interesting. The DLC was kind of like that, but I would like to have seen a fully fledged game. GTA IV with a bit more vehicles, more guns, more interesting missions, and a more varied map while still retaining the same physics, and thematic feel would have been great in my opinion.


Fuck. I fucking hate cockroaches. I know they're harmless but I can't help but scream like a bitch if I find one in my room.


given how everyone worship GTA5, I was just wondering if anyone considers it a downgrade from 4.

what specifically do you feel was lost?


I like how its a bigger map


I don't think it's a downgrade. V is a good game and does many things right, but it's just a different experience.
The only thing that I feel was a genuine downgrade from IV was the physics engine (or I guess it's technically the same engine, they just tweaked it). Car damage is much less severe and dynamic, the vehicle handling went back to being extremely arcadey, the way people react to gunshots is different, etc.
Another thing that was lost was detail in certain areas of the game. In IV pedestrians would use umbrellas in the rain, or put a newspaper over their head and start running -that's just one little example but there's a couple dozen little details like that, that didn't make it into V. Seems like a minor thing, but minor things add up and subsequently the world feels more sterile in V.
Other than that I don't think there's much to fault GTA V for, except for personal preferences e.g. how you feel about the story and things like that.

I just prefer the 'feel' of IV. I like the cultural snapshot it represents, I like the way the engine feels, I like the way the game is designed (although I will admit the missions structure and the likes is pretty outdated by today's standard, and even back then a common complaint people had about IV is that the missions were boring), I like the 'world' (not the map) better, I like Liberty City better and the games industrial autumn aesthetic over sunny Los Santos.
Also, although they obviously used a new engine for IV it still resembles the PS2 era games to me, whereas with V you can really tell they went into the next gen in terms of it's design and presentation (things like seamless transitions into cutscenes, the weapon wheel, the sleek menus, etc. -not to say these things are bad). Also, culturally a lot changed between the time IV and V came out and it reflects in the writing of both games and the worlds they present.

I understand this is all wishy washy "I feel" bullshit, but I can't really explain it better than that. Again, I'm not a nostalgia tard that thinks V is a bad game, it improved upon IV in many ways, and of course the series had to move on from it's aging game design, the leap that happened from IV to V had to happen one way or another, I just wish there had been another GTA game in between. The DLC we got for IV somewhat gave me a taste of that, I guess.


bleak faith:forsaken reminds me of that mangaka who did blame, sidonia, etc. like a big cyber megastructure constantly changing and you live within it and traverse up and down it and fight baddies. it has like a medieval cyber twist to it and looks like dark souls kind of. it is very jank and there are so many nooks and crannies and openings in the geometry and bugs. there are so many hidden areas, surely not intended to be part of the game, but that just exist within the dense clutter of the level design. i like it

everything else about it is typical soul-like bullshit which is dumb and uninteresting. im mainly just exploring and climbing around the maps


File: 1678722368730.jpg (312.14 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, CARMA2_HW 2023-03-05 20-40….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I´m currently enjoying this masterpiece of a game…



I used to play carma 2 a lot back in the days, that game was really good and ahead of its time. I still vividly remember the snow and airport tracks.


i thought pic related was a fighting game at first glance, a car versus a combine harvester. totally makes sense for the genre of games that ps2 had, like mister mosquito, the game where you fight giant succubi in a helicopter, those type of games


File: 1678825717488-0.jpg (1.16 MB, 1660x1450, 166:145, Evolution 2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1678825717488-1.png (575.28 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, Evolution 2 - Far Off Prom….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1678825717488-2.png (425.04 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, Evolution 2 - Far Off Prom….png) ImgOps iqdb

I’ve been playing and just dropped a game called Evolution 2: Far Off Promise. It’s a title with lots of issues. None of the issues are serious on themselves but together they slowly drag you down and burn you out. Let’s start with the gameplay.

E2FOP is a turn-based, dungeon crawl/rpg game where you run around the dungeon in one screen and once you touch an enemy or it touches you, you go to the battle screen and solve the combat there. This is a very old school and solid way to present your gameplay but this title right here doesn’t make it work particularly well. The main problem is you can’t skip or fast forward any of this process. Each dungeon of this game takes about 3 hours to go through and you’ll be having hundreds of encounters in each one. The enemies are limited, about 3 to 5 different monsters and you’ll be facing them over and over again, hundreds of times in each dungeon. That means you’ll be forced to watch the same animations hundreds of times before you finish with one dungeon. It gets exhausting, especially with some monsters always performing moves that have fairly long animations that you already watched literally 300 to 400 times before. The animations are solid and the monsters look interesting but I don’t think any animation is amazing enough for you to go through it several hundred times before reaching the end of a dungeon. That’s not all. Once you beat all the monsters you’re forced to watch as your party celebrates. Again, can’t skip it, can’t fast forward it.

That issue alone is not a big one. Other games have this problem as well but had a lot of fun with them, for example with the Phantasy Star games. But like I said, Evolution 2 has many issues. Related to the problem mentioned above, you have a different BGM to each screen while you’re inside dungeons. You have soothing music when you’re running around the corridors, fast-paced music for the battles and a fanfare tune for when you beat all the monsters in an encounter. Problem is you’re never more than a minute or so in any of those situations, especially after an hour or so inside a dungeon and your level gets to the point you can defeat the monsters there quickly. So you’ll never listen much of any of those tracks for long, what you’ll listen to constantly is they colliding as you switch screens between exploration, battle and victory celebration. Over and over and over again. None of the tracks transition well into one another and it will get really annoying after a while. Again, this is not a big issue, but it doesn’t end there.

To add to these problems, the dungeons look really bland. Each dungeon has about 10 to 20 floors and each floor looks exactly the same. There’s no sense of progress at all while you’re inside those places. The last floor where the boss is is exactly the same as the first floor. The same texture for every single wall, all the way to the end. If it’s a fire theme dungeon, it’s these rather nondescript reddish walls. If it’s an ice dungeon, blueish, if the dungeon is called Forest Depths or whatever, it’s these featureless greenish walls. It’s funny how they knew how to follow a theme with the walls but with the monster they didn't. You go inside this ancient ruin place that’s supposed to be an old lab or something and inside you’ll find lots of drones and robots that used to protect the place. Fair enough. But then you start getting rinos. Just because. They do look cool but it feels out of place. I guess they just liked how it looked and tossed them in there. The theme itself is a problem in this game but more of that later.

All of this was not enough to make me quit the game. I kept going despite these issues. The characters look colorful and charming, their attacks and upgrades are interesting to explore and some of the music is really good… when it’s not colliding with other tunes inside dungeons. No, the final straw came from the plot itself. I’ve played this game for over 8 hours and I still don’t know what’s going on with the plot. The plot itself is not the problem, it’s your usual boy hero goes on an adventure and saves the world. It’s fine for a video game, in fact I favor simple plots for video games. It’s how Evolution 2 chooses to tell its story that is the issue.

It begins with dream sequences of an ancient city getting destroyed. Fine. Then we get our heroes introduced in the time where the game takes place. Also fine. Then you talk to the professor, he tells you to go get the macguffins in order to understand more of this ancient civilization you’re having dreams about, you get a party together and off you go inside dungeons. This is all fine. And that’s where fine ends. If you want to know more about the plot and these characters, you basically have to finish a dungeon. Like I said, each dungeon in this game takes about 3 hours to complete. Keep in mind all the problems that I mentioned this game has while you’re running inside dungeons. Then you finish your dungeon, go back to the hotel and that’s where the story of this game is told. There are no NPCs in the dungeons to give you exposition or anything, really. Everything related to the plot of this game happens after you finish the dungeon and go to sleep.

So there you are, you finished a rather exhausting running around and you’re ready for the cutscene to give you a sense of progress and hopefully make you feel more connected to these characters and the world they live in.

First cutscene is Linear, the main succubus of your party, playing her ocarina on the balcony. Some guy that obviously knows her appears floating around. Then he uses his powers to wither a flower and asks Linear to lend him her power. She uses her power to make flowers sprout. He says life ends but new life begins and floats off again. The end. That’s the cutscene you get for finishing 3 hours of that shitty looking dungeon with the same 3 monsters inside. Fine. I kept going.



File: 1678825875676-0.png (1.43 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, Evolution 2 - Far Off Prom….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1678825875676-1.png (1.65 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, Evolution 2 - Far Off Prom….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1678825875676-2.png (1.42 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, Evolution 2 - Far Off Prom….png) ImgOps iqdb

Then I cleared another dungeon. This time it took me 4 hours. I go back to the hotel and we get another cutscene. Linear is on the balcony again playing her ocarina, waiting for the mystery guy to show up. The main hero, Mag, appears, and asks what she’s waiting for. She says she’s waiting for that flower withering guy. Mag asks if this person is a friend of hers and she just looks at the waxing moon because she doesn’t know what friend means. She’s fucking retarded, the poor fuck. I know where the writer was trying to accomplish this, it’s that aloof succubus you’ve seen a zillion times before in every other anime. Fine, fine, I don't expect anything new or complex, I just expect you to make it right, to give these characters a sense of belonging and a sense of progress with their stories. What we get is this retarded succubus that doesn’t know what a friend is and in the end, would you believe, that mystery guy doesn’t even show up. End of second cutscene.

Holy fucking shit. I was done at that point. Not even the characters in this piece of fuck bother to show up to tell the story, why in the hell should I care? I won’t show up, either. I’ve been playing games for 30 years and it’s the first time I was stood up by some fucking teenager that refuses to show up on time to give some shitty plot exposition for the game he’s part of.

Again, I get it, the writer was trying to present the plot as a mystery. It’s not well done. It’s painfully obvious that these characters and the plot are not mysterious, it’s just that they have nothing to tell. They’re not presenting the pieces of an interesting mystery, they’re stalling because there’s nothing there. Life ends but new life begins. Who the fuck this 13yo think he is. I would kick him down the fucking balcony I don’t care he’s able to float. Fucking teenager fuck this.

The plot stalls, goes on pointless tangents, has pretentious writing and can’t even tell a simple story. Now, I tend to care for the story in video games more than most people and again, it’s not about being new and amazing, it’s about telling a simple story well. To give you an example, take a look at something like Panzer Dragoon Saga. Kid can talk to ancient dragons, goes around to defeat the evil empire that wants to take a hold of this ancient Dragon tech in order to rule the world. Kid wins, the end. Is that new? Nope, but the game took its cutscenes to actually tell the story, gave it a good pace, a nice sense of progress that makes you feel like you’re going forward and even makes you care. Even Mario managed to tell its plot better than Evolution 2 with “the princess is in another castle”. Seriously. I despise games that try to pretend there’s more than there actually is plotwise. In the end they fail to tell a simple tale and of course fail in their pretense of telling some grand story. This is not Proust, it’s a video game about kids that use robot hands to punch monster rinos. Getting a fucking grip. Christ almighty.

Also, about that. The visuals for this game. And I mean the artistic direction. It’s just as confused as the plot itself. It’s supposed to be like a steampunk thingy but at the same time wants to go for the high tech look and it ends up achieving neither. It’s in this sort of middle of the road visually it seems like they never decided a direction for it. Feels like a CoroCoro manga that wants to have a steampunk theme but it also wants the super ridiculous hightech of Doraemon. Confused like its plot.

All that said, Evolution 2 is not a bad game. Hard to believe, I know. It’s a game that exhausts you without you even realizing because it does some things right and you end up hanging onto those, but there’s so many bad decisions hidden here and there,with its music tracks crashing into each other, quality of life issues and obtuse storytelling. There are way too many games better than this to keep it going, that is all.

Even on the Dreamcast itself there’s probably many other games that deserve to be looked at instead of this one, especially in my case. It’s a console I’ve not fully explored like the others from the same generation. I never owned one, either. So that’s that. Go to hell, Yurka.


I still have my copy of this. Now you just reminded me of all of my sex dreams with Linear as a young teenager. When robowaifus become a thing, she's mine.


File: 1678866404160.gif (23.33 KB, 200x218, 100:109, carmhead.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I´m using the Zeckensack´s Glide Wrapper.
Here´s the thread if you want to see ALL the screenshots + configuration settings, in case you are interested.


looks like that coomer meme guy


Did you ever finished it?


That´s where it originated from.


Dragon Quest VII (PS1)
decided to start over instead of picking up where I left off two years ago… it had taken me 85hrs to get to CD2 lol


File: 1680271806415.jpg (204.31 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, professor-layton-and-the-a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

this game

the layton series is the epitome of mediocre. People jerk off about how good the original trilogy is, but the first layton game is awful, and the second and third are only decent. Play curious village if you want to solve puzzles with solutions that are completely arbitrary and don't make sense. The jump in quality between the first and second game is actually comical, because it goes from awful puzzles in the first game to pretty decent ones in the 2nd game and beyond. The prequel trilogy is actually better in terms of overall quality, but it's also longer and more tedious. Miracle Mask is still the best one, though that's not saying much.

This is like a C tier series, but it's possible the new one on switch could exceed all the games prior.


charming series, though. Great music and Layton is an enjoyable character. It's really funny watching him play 8D chess constantly.


Found Sid Meier's Pirates in a local pawn shop for cheap, never played it but I heard good things about it. A short game that can be completed in a day, but it's great fun.


It's a really fun game but gets old after a few hours, could really use more content


File: 1680606415767.jpg (92.69 KB, 410x248, 205:124, stang1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Here´s the Newest asshole in town!
Single race, no compilation.


I'm playing Morrowind again, but as a thief. The Thieve's Guild quests are really profitable. The first Ald'ruhn quest lets you steal everything from the mage's guild there. From that, I was set for a long time while I trained and spent my gold. I like doing a job or some personal thieving and then living off that gold for the rest of the time. The point is to balance out exploration of Tamriel Rebuilt, thieving, jobs, and personal growth. When I have lots of money, I try to go on a spending spree for new enchantments and other stuff. I don't really need to buy anything though since you can buy the second best light armor (chitin) in the game for relatively cheap. Obviously, not counting dark brotherhood armor. The only goods I really need to buy as a thief are the occasional potion and enchantments. I'm eventually going to come to a road block when I run out things to buy and all attributes I'm training are maxed. I guess by then, I'll go on a huge heist, become the guild master, and explore the mainland more.

I guess there's really not much to do in my free time as a thief. No obstacles or laws will prevent my constant ascension. I've already passed many thresholds that would differentiate my character from a lower leveled or lesser character. Magical items, lots of money and skill trainings, etc. It's only up from here and there's little left to do.


File: 1681065478360.jpg (6.28 KB, 328x154, 164:77, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Longest Carma video so far..
Featuring one of the fastest cars in the game.
Inspired by Aston Martin. ( possibly a British car.. )


Been playing some Call of Duty 4 multiplayer lately. Naturally, there's not many servers still left, so the one I've been playing on is a community server that's been hosted by some clan that's still around. It instantly reminded me of why I hate dedicated/community servers, and unlike many people, I'm glad they're gone.
Stupid rules that are arbitrarily enforced by flaky admins (members of the 'clan' never seem to get warned or reprimanded, how strange), annoying/weird people in chat (constantly complaining, or spamming weird shit), shitty mods that and badly made fan maps that ruin the vanilla experience, and so on. People often times reminisce about the so-called good old days of dedicated community servers but that must be the nostalgia speaking, because this little experience really brought back memories of weird power tripping admins enforcing their bullshit onto everybody. I'm glad these days you can just play an online game, without some admin ruining your day because he's ultra-Christian and doesn't allow you to swear on his server.


>there's not manyd servers still left
that's the problem, when there are a lot to choose from you can pick a few you like and ignore the rest



File: 1682372087225.jpeg (6.86 KB, 270x186, 45:31, download (1).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I decided I wanted to play btn and this was a good choice such a comfy game.I just made it to summer 1 and spent all my time in spring mining to get enough money for the better rucksack and mithril watering can.Bought a ton of tomato seeds since I couldn't afford pineapples this time around.I want to get a chicken next so I can give popuri spa eggs.


Such a comfy game. I like popuri too


Oh I played MWR against bots last year.


File: 1682392225172.png (13.03 KB, 642x447, 214:149, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

trying to play pc-88 games but i cannot find an emulator that works reliably

out of all these, m88 runs some games, x88 freezes but the program runs, and the rest cant even run on modern windows i guess now
m88 seems to run most things

im thinking these games have some kind of copyright protection that prevents them from running, but i cant believe people would make emulators 30 years later incapable of playing them so i think im just not doing it right


File: 1682392780545.png (15.09 KB, 642x447, 214:149, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

even stuff that works fails quite often soon

really disappointing honestly. there's tons of cool games from the 80s and they can't even be fucking played any more


>there's tons of cool games from the 80s and they can't even be fucking played any more
Why is getting a burner laptop and putting an older OS on it not an option?


do you think an older version of windows would run the emulation software itself better or something? i just know a lot of the old japanese stuff was made for old windows. but windows is pretty good compatibility wise. most of those things are just too complicated without any english documentation to figure out how to work them


>emulation software
You don't need to emulate if you're using compatible hardware…


oh you made it seem like you were suggesting just picking up an old thinkpad. not really feasible for this unfortunately, it is 30-40 year old hardware and is expensive and not readily available anymore, plus you need specific versions if you give up on original hardware and try running it on later compatible stuff, which is just not available anymore. unless i'm wrong about this, a full working setup to run 8 bit pc-88 stuff should cost hundreds of dollars, maybe over a thousand. i guess it is an option for rich retrogamer guys but not me


The Alliance Alive
the PC port crashes every once in a while, this is a common issue apparently. Unacceptable.
I should never have bought this and it's too late for a refund now. Oh well, moving on to Minstrel Song, which is an actually competent remaster and a better game.


Gave Morrowind another go, for the umpteenth time. Still don't like it. Did this quest for the Fighters Guild. They make you hike all the way to the northern most point of the map, then I went into a tomb with some person and found that I was under-leveled and had to go back, but now I have this random NPC following me around -so what, am I supposed to have this person as a random followers for the next several hours of game time till I'm an appropriate level? Obviously that's stupid so I had to reload my save.
Stuff like this just really strikes me as blatantly bad design. If you're gonna gate certain quests behind needing to be a certain level, at least have the quest giver in lore telegraph the difficulty of the quest. How difficult is it program the quest giver NPC to check for your level and then spit out some flavor text like "I need a more experienced adventure than you, perhaps you should come back another time, unless you really think you're ready"?
How difficult is it to add a 'stop following me' dialogue option to NPC's that are supposed to follow you only in a specific area/quest line?

I don't know why I keep trying games to get into games that I think are bad just because they have this revered status on the internet, it's a really bad habit.


Morrowind is revered now?


tried to play some games today but they all got axed within minutes. the good thing about a lot of indie games is that you can often just delete their fagfont and they will default to Arial within the game or something. you can also just put in your own fonts and rename them sometimes as well…. but these fucking emulated console games. how on earth do you fix that? that shit is baked in. i know for gamecube dolphin emulator how to dump graphics and reimport them to change fonts for example, but not for the switch, i think they are using a legit font instead of just bitmaps. feels bad

bramble mountain king game
-annoying baby sounds made by all the gnomes
-weird 'attractive child' aesthetic that appeals solely to succubi (look at dolls and stuff for older succubi, they are like weird pouty-face model boys. i can't stand that shit)
-boring game for succubi, the only interesting thing about it are the folktales and fairytale story and cultural stuff
-gay forced depth of field and other unreal engine snake oil

triangle strategy
-gay unreadable tiny font
-weird diagonal combat grid doesn't map with dpad or stick cursor

trinity trigger
-no choice for audio besides a weird english voice actor

homestead arcana
-laughably bad amateur voicing, like it was recorded from a laptop webcam's built in microphone


always was
I remember being 12 and reading on magazines how great it was, then I bought it and it was the most disappointing experience I've ever had


File: 1683126816626.webm (2.35 MB, 600x338, 300:169, OEl9.webm) ImgOps iqdb

this combat straight fire fam 🚒🔥


Obviously you need to Enhanced Combat, Combat Reborn, Melee Overhaul Extended, and Classic Damage Scaling mods. The game is broken without those mods specifically.


No, the combat is perfectly fine. Maybe actually spec into the shit you're using, like, you know, an RPG. Obviously some retard who can't swing a sword is going to miss.


Come now, look at that video. Did you ever swing a stick at a tree right in front of you? You won't miss it.


Tree's don't move, and even then, chopping them down with an axe properly is still a skill.

What do you expect them to do? Simulate dodging and a load of "bad swinging" arm physics? That would be even worse than the current implementation. It's an RPG, not an FPS. Role-playing is supposed to be required.


It's a videogame


The enemy in that video stays perfectly still most of the time and when he moves it's like a single, slow step to the left or right, it's virtually the same thing as hitting a tree with a stick. I'm not saying you would do damage but you would at least hit it.

Actually I agree with you about the rpg thing, I'm not the guy you were having an argument with. I was just harping on this because that video is really funny.

Yeah. It can still suck though. Not in this particular case, Morrowind is a nice game but that video it not showing its finest hour.


>I'm not saying you would do damage but you would at least hit it.
most of those old rpgs use D&D style rolling for everything, so for example you swing your sword, the game rolls to check your hit against their armor and skills blah blah, and so you can completely miss as a result. this is not morrowind's fault, most rpgs were like that at a certain point


video is bait, that doesn't actually happen in the game, you're likely to miss if your skill in the type of weapon that you are using is low but not to that degree


id like to add that the guy in the video is rapidly spamming attacks, if you start wildly swinging irl too you might miss more


Regardless of the swings and misses, the combat looks laughable even compared to other games of the time.


Finally got around to playing GTA5 recently. I can see why people consider this to be a masterpiece. The world is the best facsimile of the real world that you can get in a video game along with some good writing and characters along with biting and funny social commentary. The level of detail is really impressive, it's an extremely well-polished game.

The only other rockstar game that I've played is red dead redemption 2 and they are similar in that regard. They're similar in more ways too actually, almost like they're the same game but with different skins, cowboy vs modern gangster. The basic premise is the same, you're a group of criminals doing crime together and there is a story that sets up the crimes you get to play through. GTA5 has the whole switching between characters thing though that really adds to the whole experience. You get to see and act out every part of the criminal conspiracy which makes it extra fun. The airplanes, driving, and submarines and shit really adds an entire level to the game which RDR2 lacks. Overall, neither is my type of game because they're both shooters and I'm not a big fan of shooters, but I can see why people consider them masterpieces. GTA5 so far has been much better though. RDR2's story just sucked even though the writing was good and the characters were good. The story in GTA5 is just fundamentally better as is the humor and the gameplay.


File: 1683305548717.jpg (183.39 KB, 1225x900, 49:36, 1663313338392481.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Worse vehicle handling than it´s predecessors, you barely need a brake to steer in the corners.

Just add glue - Rockstar 2013

Also: The shittiest radio stations ever conceived in the entire series, let alone the dull characters which i could care any less post-IV.


it's polished and well-made alright, with a lot of attention to detail, but it's just as empty and repetitive as most other open world games. take the side activities for example; they all are boring and completely uninteresting (the submarine… what was the point of that)

>biting and funny social commentary

no, it's about as biting and funny as a modern day simpsons episode
the writing is dreadful and i can't think of a single character that was likeable

rockstar makes games that may seem impressive on the surface but they are actually very shallow


I got into League during Season 4 and I played that game until now.
Nearly 7 years. Times surely flies by.

I've asked the support to delete my account and today it was deleted.
However, i don't feel the desire to play any game anymore.


>even compared to other games of the time
which games


arx fatalis


aside from the clunky magic system, combat in that game was not much better. the only thing better was it did not have the dnd combat system. back up, hold swing, move forward, release attack, back up, repeat, then reload save because you didn't back up enough and died. you could not block in that game, same as morrowind, though at least for morrowind it helped proc a block, i think in arx you just take a flat reduced damage when it is equipped. fight 5 minutes, spend 5 minutes cooking. the only really good thing about arx fatalis was the item/object physics, being able to lift and move stuff around. i'm sure that game was responsible for oblivion having the fun physics it had, though in arx it was way better and you could do so much more interactable stuff

that said, stuff like wizardry and might and magic, shit released the same year as these, look so dated like those ancient party-based rpg games, often dont have any attack animation or feedback whatsoever, the funny 'character's attack missed goblin' combat dialog box, you just click on the screen to attack with no attack animation or feedback whatsoever. it is all bad. it is not until the combat systems from first/third person hack and slash games gets incorporated into RPGs (different attack types, dodging, rolling, blocking, parrying) that the combat becomes interesting


I've been playing Morrowind as a sorcerer with no guild or house affiliations, and I finally grew a character that can support himself. The in house sorcerer has no real skills that can get money, and since magic and enchanting requires a lot of money, I had to level up mercantile a lot. Since you start at 5 mercantile, you can't bribe people for better prices, so you'll sell things at 20 to 30% of their value and probably buy at 110% at the least. People don't like you because of your low personality, and you can't make them like you with your low speechcraft. Since you have little money, you can't start with a charm spell since it's so expensive, and can't fortify personality either. I ended up having to sell flowers individually to get disposition up, and then sell expensive things to eventually buy mercantile training. Also, since my mercantile and probably personality was so low, I needed to bribe 100 drakes instead of 10 to get the trainers to like me. I didn't want to save scum much. After spending all that time investing in marketable skills, I could finally make money to train, buy spells, buy soul gems, and buy enchanting if needed.

Sorcerer doesn't have any marketable skills unrelated to mages because mages could also cast soul trap. Magic in general is worse for farming respawnable creatures because magicka needs to regenerate by resting or by potion, and potions cut into any gold you have. A cheap potion will restore like, 5 magicka for 5 drakes, 15 magicka for 15, or like, 80 for the entire bar. In the early game, creatures have things that cost 20 drakes for weapons, 35 if it's a shield. 40 if you get a two handed weapon, but those could kill you in two swings. Sorcerers start with 10 alchemy, so that's something you'd have to build up. Or if you're roleplaying, not at all then. The only thing I had for myself was either looting dungeons, which was extremely dangerous, or soul trapping. I chose the safer option, and made a lot of drakes doing it.

I find it really ironic that sorcerers, who are supposedly obsessed with getting new magical objects don't have a higher mercantile or speechcraft skill. What about all those sorcerers who had to buy from a prospective buyer? Also, wouldn't they need speechcraft to find rare magical items? They would need to know people and need the skills to find sellers. They'd need a lot of gold to both buy the items or buy soul gems to make them.

I have the game, but I haven't gotten to play it again after all these years. I'm glad you're giving it so much praise, since I've been meaning to beat it for a while. I really liked GTA 4's characters and missions a lot, but I would appreciate the change in scenery since GTA 4 was so dark in bleak stylistically.

I really didn't care for any of the radio stations in GTA 5 either. It was the same for Saint's Row 4 and onward. I think as time goes on, my music preferences (and yours too, probably) stay the same while the songs change.


File: 1684678562372.png (85.01 KB, 327x272, 327:272, fun game.png) ImgOps iqdb

Guess the game


File: 1684681351381.jpg (43.79 KB, 500x500, 1:1, artworks-000498106881-lpau….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

must be


one of these spreadsheet paradox games?


Yup, good guess. My first time trying a game from paradox.


File: 1684761744492.jpg (203.71 KB, 1275x718, 1275:718, 20230522.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finally got around to modding my Vita, and I'm playing San Andreas for the first time.
I really ended up waiting until it was piss easy to jailbreak. If anyone is still on the fence, I would definitely recommend it. My vita felt more like a brick than a console, and game cards are only going up in price. Plus shitty proprietary sony memory cards are cancer.


At around 100 hours in my stellaris game started glitching out. I try to survey systems and it says system surveyed, but then it goes back to saying unsurveyed right after. It also keeps saying I can't build stations because hostile fleets are present any time there is a neutral or allied fleet in the area. This is really annoying. I essentially can't take any of the systems that are now up for grabs.


File: 1684786708695.png (14.4 KB, 718x574, 359:287, 2FF1BED16EB724C6DCA0097D4D….png) ImgOps iqdb

>Plus shitty proprietary sony memory cards are cancer.
We can purchase a PSVSD to MicroSD adapter for $11


Nevermind, it turns out it was just because there were planets infested with prethoryn scourges that I had to bomb first. This game is fun but the "tutorial" leaves out a lot of stuff.


They do? I've got a lot of games but I figured that it must not be worth a whole lot since everything is available on other systems.


File: 1685499684528.jpg (736.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DSP.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm enjoying this a lot.


Alright so I've put 10 hours into this game and I really enjoyed every minute of it. The only problem I'm having is the intense urge of periodically starting over again since you get better at logistics and organizing the machinery around the resources and every time I look at a convoluted tangled mass of belt conveyors I feel like going to another planet and resetting the whole thing but some of the research you have to do takes a long time so I'm holding onto my current mess.

I really liked the idea of Factorio but the theme and general atmosphere of that game never really did anything for me, DSP on the other hand has that optimistic sci-fi feel to it and the idea you can build a Dyson sphere as your ultimate industrial triumph is awesome. Really curious to know what else the developers are going to implement.


File: 1685695591728.jpg (110.29 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, Time_jannies.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm playing the Final Fantasy VIIR, I'm about 6 hours in.

I know I'm a few years too late to this, but just what exactly was Normura thinking with the Time Jannies? It may be quite literally the stupidest plot choice I've ever seen in an otherwise competent game.

It's just fucking unbelievable how they take away all agency from the characters and tension from the major turning points in the story. What's even more bewildering is when I sought out user reactions, the fuckwits on reddit and other forums praised their inclusion and looked forward to seeing their role in the story. During pivotal moments ghosts just flood in and rearrange the characters to fit the scene like they're dolls.

I have mixed feelings about Nomura. He has a certain anime style that people like and can be quite tasteful when, but he reminds me of Tim Burton in that he has got a bit too far up his own asshole as he's aged and needs some producer to tardwrangle him back in a bit.

The game is otherwise really good. It's pure nostalgia bait, the over-the-top extra stuff added in is Nomura but the beats from the original are all there. There's so much effort and talent that's gone into balancing realism, anime theatrics and the feel of the OG game. The combat system is fun and a nice twist on ABT.


system shock remake is a very good adaptation of the original. not perfect, there isn't for example climbing or the skate shoes unfortunately, and the animations are annoying. but for the most part id say it is everything i liked about the original with welcome additions. enemies feel more threatening and combat itself feels better


Ys 8. I'm giving up. It's nowhere near as fun and rewarding as classic Ys.
Exploring is pointless as there is nothing interesting in the world to discover and the level design is bland, so all you do is run through from one quick travel checkpoint to the next.
I skip all the cutscenes since the characters and story are standard cliche anime slop, sometimes there are like five or six of them in a row. Is there anyone who enjoy sitting through this boring crap? Ys should be fast paced action focused gameplay, interrupting the player every time they enter a new area, and having them wander through miles upon miles of empty corridors is completely antithetical to that, and it's done in the slowest, dullest ways.
The bosses which are usually the selling point of the franchise are nothing special and it's very easy to abuse the invulnerability mechanics to trivialize the fights. Anyone consistently good at this will find the whole game to be a (tedious) cakewalk.

Even as a non-Ys fan, this game is just ok at best, like a 6 if you don't expect much.


actually i just got to the point of the game where there are skate shoes so want to correct myself. fuck yeah, skate shoes. they were my favorite part of the original


Now at 500 hours. I have been averaging over 14 hours of Stellaris per day since I installed it. This probably isn't healthy.


I just weighed myself and I lost about 13 pounds since I installed stellaris because I just play all day and forget to eat. Part of it is probably depression which I am using stellaris to cope with but yeah this is probably not healthy.


Enjoy it while it lasts is what I say.


File: 1689086929085.png (4.03 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


if anyone wants a referral for the beta for this game, palia. i dont know anythign about it aside from it's a comfy cozy life sim type thing that will be MMO somehow? it is not out et, but there will be a beta session on august 2nd


any good indie timesink you've played lately?




File: 1689165499991.jpg (93.32 KB, 564x798, 94:133, just sitting.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

me waiting for a game to be released that doesn't have some demonic shitskin or toilet as the main character


I've been playing a lot of Bust a Move, in my browser. I've always thought this game was really fun, even as a 7 year old kid. It's so simple. I'd like to find it in a real arcade; I'd have a blast.


New Assassins Creed is set entirely in Japan but the player is an obese negroid modeled after some Californian rapper. It can't get much worse.


That sounds really comfy wiz, I used to love that game as a kid too!


Giving Yakuza 0 a try, it's good fun. I've never really played a game like this before, I assumed it was like a Jap Grand Theft Auto but it's not really like those games at all


Enjoy, it's a great game and I wish I could wipe my memory and play it for the first time again. I remember staying up all night until like 7 am grinding the cabaret minigame when I was a NEET.


Kiwami 1 and 2 really pale in comparison. I don't know how good the spin offs like Kenzan, Isshin and Judgement are, but I've lost any interest in carrying on with the mainline entries (excluding 7)
Play 0 and you've played them all I guess.


unreal if true


>Play 0 and you've played them all I guess.
I've played and enjoyed all the games released on PC but yeah I agree, they're fun if you don't mind lots of repetition and really enjoy the formula but don't offer much new. 0 came after 3-5 so it was building off all of those and ended up being better, K1 was a shitty remake that padded the fuck out of the original game and made the combat worse somehow, and 6 and K2 were on their new engine and have shitty jank combat which they didn't really improve significantly until Lost Judgement.
7 is really good though, the turn based combat is pretty simple but it has good presentation and the protagonist and party are more interesting than the casts in the mainline games.
Judgment has a great story and atmosphere but it's brought down by a lot of shitty gameplay gimmicks which get tedious and repetitive, still worth playing IMO and it's probably my 3rd favorite game after 0 and 7.
Lost Judgement has a worse story than Judgment but it has much better combat and less gimmicks.
Ishin (the remake, haven't played the JP only ps4 release) was eh, the story starts of compelling but it gets shit later on. The styles are kind of fun but getting upgrades is grindy as fuck and apparently they patched out the best money-making method shorty after I finished the game which is retarded.

I hope Gaiden and Infinite Wealth end up being good but with all the Western pandering they've started doing (eceleb cards DLC in Ishin, eceleb English voice actors, putting some vtuber in Gaiden for the cabaret game, and Infinite Wealth taking place in Hawaii I think) I'm worried future entries will just start having western ecelebs inserted into them as substory characters or as facescan models rather than focusing mainly on Japanese culture like past entries.

Pretty funny but not at all surprising, they really can't help themselves.

Halls of Torment is a good Vampire Survivors type game if enjoy that type of gameplay, it's pretty braindead like all games of its type but the aesthetic is nice and it has a lot of quests to to work towards completing.
Touhou: Mystia's Izakaya is a comfy restaurant sim, kind of similar to the restaurant flash games where you work as a waitress but you get to collect and buy resources, befriend characters to learn recipes, choose your menu, etc. It's repetitive but fun, I like playing it before bed on my Steam Deck.
Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children (might not be indie but I think it's a smaller studio so not really AA either), a Korean SRPG. The first few hours are slow but it picks up after that and it seems like it has a lot of missions. Lots of build options to play around with as well.


File: 1690133841226-0.jpg (271.82 KB, 4128x2322, 16:9, 20230722_125416.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1690133841226-1.jpg (242.54 KB, 4128x2322, 16:9, 20230722_125524.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1690133841226-2.jpg (339.14 KB, 4128x3096, 4:3, 20230722_130627.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I am playing "medal of honour:european assault"


File: 1690400736057.jpg (163.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Tom Clancy's The Division™….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's the wrong time of year for it, but I've been playing The Division. I'm making my way through the game at a snail's pace because I walk or jog instead of sprinting, and I don't use fast travel unless I have to backtrack through places I've just been. I'll boot up the game, do whatever missions are around, go for collectibles, and just wander around the city. It's really beautiful and intricately detailed to a degree that only a triple-A game could be. You can enter many more buildings than you'd expect, it's really cool even if there isn't much to find besides crafting materials, phone recordings and stuff like that. You really see the advantage of a big studio like Ubisoft with a game like this. Lot of triple-A games that come out nowadays are nothing that a smaller dev team couldn't make.

The atmosphere is incredible. It's pretty refreshing to see a semi-realistic apocalypse scenario without zombies, and it's a nice change of pace to play a game that takes place during the apocalypse rather than after it. You walk the streets and they're appropriately empty save for stray dogs, civilians, small groups of hostile thugs and the occasional friendly patrol. Civilians will rifle through trash, fight with each other, approach you for help or even keel over and die from sickness or starvation right in front of you. Sometimes there'll be people who call out to you from their apartment windows, either to try and shoo you away or encourage you for doing what you're doing. The fact that there's still people just chilling in their homes, seemingly unaware of how bad things have gotten in the outside world is a neat and oddly realistic touch. The safehouses are very cozy and feel lived-in. While their function is always the same, they're pretty varied in appearance and presentation - there's safehouses underground in the sewers, others in abandoned homes, others in department stores or warehouses, it's pretty cool.

Gameplay's nothing to write home about, it's satisfying enough. I like the way loot has been handled so far. Yeah it's mostly just numbers-go-up, but I like that there are specific archetypes of weapons that behave consistently no matter what level or dps stat they have. Like you can go ahead and pick up any SCAR-H and whether it's a level 1 common or level 14 rare, it handles the same way as any other SCAR-H. Kicks the same, recoil pattern's the same, all-around feels the same. I like that, because it makes it easy to tell at a glance whether you'll want to keep a weapon or not and it means even though you're frequently switching out gear as you level up, there'll still be certain guns you know you gravitate towards and enjoy using.

The game is surprisingly difficult, too. Your healthbar is really small and you can pretty much never poke your head out from the same spot twice unless you want it blown off, so you're forced to constantly move around and change cover. The AI is relentless and isn't programmed to go easy on you; if you don't make them back off, they'll just keep on coming until they're right up in your face.

I played the Division 2 first and this one feels a lot more genuine, for lack of a better word. The city is desolate and lonely, and it does a good job of making you feel like you're one of the few out there still trying to do good and restore some order and humanity to a dying world.


this wiz is downloading baldurs gate and will be playing that soon enough. i remember playing an older baldurs gate, probably the first, a long time ago. i like when older stuff is used to make newer games… hopefully this game is fun


I'm also downloading it, it looks good, the devs seems like decent people


larian is nice. they made their own original game series from the beginning (divinity) and have been making games for it for the past 20 years. the fun of dinivity original sin and its sequel in particular is what made everyone hyped for baldurs gate


Skyrim in 4k with DynDOLOD is so fucking cool.


yeah I remember divine divinity from way back then, it was an alright diablo clone, haven't played the new games though


I am still doing my vanilla play through and some of the stuff is literally uglier the oblivion imo.
So once I am done with this play through I too want to see how beautiful I can make the game with mods. Because it is a very fun game that I am enjoying and will most certainly return to, but it's very ugly.


I love Skyrim vanilla, as the quests and world are the real reason I enjoy it, but I couldn't play it without at least SkyUI, I think.
My current character is a mage and modded spells like Longstride (movement speed 20%+) are great.


the size of the game definitely takes a hit on the visuals when compared to oblivion. at least once you leave the heavy traffic routes and the beginning path, things arent as pretty


I started a playthrough a while ago going through all of the quests including the miscellaneous quests, and I'm well over 100 hours in, and I haven't finished any faction quest and have barely even gotten into the main quest. I started the Solstheim DLC a while ago, and I was playing it for days, and I'm almost finished with all of the quests. It's probably been over a month in game, and I haven't even been in Skyrim, even though my character got married before going to Solstheim.


I loved Oblivion and spent hundreds of hours. But skyrim didnt work for me at all. Being a mage is awful because you cant even make your own spells. Questlines lines are terrible compared to Oblivion's Dark Brotherhood. Everything feels so casualised that i simply cant get into it.

Similar for Fallout 4, that was unplayable even though i liked New Vegas and Fallout 3.

So sad that Bethesda did this. But posts like yours are so odd to me, I dont understand how so many people enjoy skyrim if they already played the much superior oblivion


I love both for different reasons.


Playing Oblivion again for the first time in years, I forgot how much I enjoy it and am really having a blast. I'm happy to see that it still occasionally gets mod updates, "better cities" is looking absolutely gorgeous and puts even many modern games to shame. I am currently relearning my way through the "construction set" so I can play around with the inner workings of the game myself. great fun.


Fallout 4 is a better game than 3 in pretty much every way, dunno how you can like 3 but claim 4 is unplayable


4 is terrble as a rpg but is a competent shooter.
If you don't give a shit about anything related to rpg and prefer shooters then I guess I could understand where you are coming from, but if you care even a little about rpg stuff then 3 is the superior game in almost every way.


Cruelty Squad
already finished the first ending, now grinding for the true conclusion


Playing mass effect 2. It's annoying how it keeps forcing the progression of the main story on me. I just want to complete all the side missions in peace.


I was playing Bomberman 2 for NDS (AKA Custom Battler Bomberman). I was having a really good time and was close to finish it, but something went wrong with my R4 yesterday and I lost all of my game progress.


File: 1694919789552.jpeg (125.5 KB, 888x499, 888:499, fz1-1694709059629.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

F-Zero 99 is pretty fun, I laughed my ass off when it was announced since it seemed like a middle finger to all the fans to release a battle royale type game after about 20 years without a new entry in the series but it's actually pretty competently done and addicting. Hopefully there's enough interest in it to convince Nintendo to remaster/remake one of the older games or release a new one.


can't blame them that genre has been moribund for a long time

still that sounds like a pretty big deal that they are willing to revive the ip


File: 1694989015453.jpeg (169.5 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, c68bcd8a70643d39986007e1d….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Recently i did a long skirmish match against 1v4 ( Very Hard AI ) in American Conquest: Fight Back Expansion.
I´m now slowly uploading it to my jewtube channel.

I have divided the entire thing in 6 parts, 2 more to go..


Looks cool. I like RTS tactical battles.

I only got back into gaming recently and missed the 2000s golden age of RTS.


You can find mods for it here:
Don´t mind the Chinese language too much, after all the "Gold Edition" mod was made by hardcore Chinese fans. A well done pack portraying the game with an Asian theme. Some mods work with the Original Game ( flags, difficulty AI, gun smoke for ex. ) But most will require the Fight Back Expansion in order to function properly.


i can only play starfield in like 2 hr bursts, and often my sessions are forcefully terminated by bugs and crashes. no idea how people are 100+ hours into this game

i am half tempted to just wait a year for official mod support to fix a lot of my gripes. it isnt a bad game but it's extremely easy for me to save the game abd just and alt-f4 at any moment of annoyance. i cant think of a game ive played in this manner before, maybe old console games that were a slog. but this isnt even a slog, theres nothing difficult so far

bizarre gaming experience


you gotta be brave and patient to play a Bethesda game on release


File: 1695505786446.png (1.39 MB, 896x896, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


didn't pay for it so no worries


File: 1695812772707.png (2.19 MB, 1062x1062, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Modern AAA games are purposely released as buggy messes so that pirates give up and cave in to buying retail. That crash? That's just Biden's version of "Trial expired, please register".


How about not playing the stupid shit goyslop games, and focus on old games made with purpose.


why would buying a game fix bugs? that is the dumbest thing i've ever heard. programmers create bugs, even bug fixes just result in other bugs being created


Witchfire is awesome. I was waiting for a good roguelite fps and it's finally here


Recently finished NFS Underground 2 and NFS Most Wanted properly on the PS2.
It has been a while since i have played these 2 ports on there.

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