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Anybody play Fire Emblem? What are your thoughts about Fire Emblem Engage? Personally, i'm excited for it. We haven't really got a fire emblem game before that looks this colourful, and the entire premise just seems like it could be stupid fun even if the stories bad. It also seems like they're returning to more traditional gameplay ie bringing back the weapon triangle/a jaigen character and the maps looks like they could possibly have much tighter design than three houses. But who knows. Honestly who cares if the game ends up being bad, i'll probably still get some enjoyment out of it and we know that a genealogy remake is coming because of the leaks so it's not like the series is dead if this game sucks.

Also, what are your favourite FE games? Personally, my top 5 would be Radiant Dawn > Conquest > Genealogy > Path of Radiance > Three houses.


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Can't wait to play as Pepsiman and colgate-chan.


I played them up to FE8 (Sacred Stones) minus FE1 and FE4 (Geneaology)

I'll play the DS/GC ones eventually but everything after the GBA looks like bloated shit honestly, maybe they're good but the character design, the 3D models, the newer features all look unappealing to me

the anime art and tropes in japanese games were tolerable up until the mid 2000s or so but many took a spectacular nosedive since then


>Played Gaiden for some reason
>Played Thracia 776 before genealogy.
Lol what are you doing wiz.

The gamecube/Wii games are incredible. They're not really that different from the GBA ones. I'd highly recommend them. The 3D models are ugly but meh, who cares. I'd also recommend genealogy, but I guess that depends on if you gel with the gameplay which I personally enjoy but which lots of people find tedious. I actually haven't played the DS ones. Also, the best modern fire emblem game is Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest, exclusively for it's gameplay. I'd honestly recommend it even if you're just going to skip all the cutscenes because the map design in that game is a masterpiece.


I am not done with Gaiden lol, I've been playing it for months, every once in a while. What can I say, I like it.
I don't feel like playing Genealogy because it's so unorthodox compared to other games and yeah, it does seem a bit tedious, for example one thing that stood out to me as I've read about it is the way you transfer items from one character's inventory to another, it's ridiculously convoluted.
Pairing sounds like a hassle, and I don't care for the story, so the fact that it's good by FE standards (or so I've read) is lost on me.


Where can I start with this series?


The first released in the west, Fire Emblem on the GBA. (a.k.a the Blazing Sword/FE7) It's fairly simple, in a good way. You can play it blind on normal the first time. The ones before can be unfair or require some meta knowledge, unless you don't mind the frustration.


File: 1664905392853.jpg (32.84 KB, 600x665, 120:133, d0a14a99224123f0acade24d60….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Don't listen to that anon, you should start with Thracia 776 or Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE.

Yeah, FE7 is probably best for a first game. It has a tutorial section, and I can't think of any other FE games that do. If you have a switch, you could also get three houses.


How difficult is Genealogy compared to Thracia, and how much bullshit is there that you better be ready for before it happens?


File: 1664919325033.png (707.59 KB, 800x900, 8:9, STOP.png) ImgOps iqdb

tbh genealogy is one of the easiest FE games because you can set it to save at the beginning of every turn. So if you fuck up you can just reload your save and redo the turn. There's a couple secret things like if you put a very specific unit on a very specific tile in chapter 1 you get a hidden skill, but you can pretty much just ignore that stuff. You can plan ahead for later stuff but it's not really necessary. Like with the pairing mechanic, you can try to plan it out and be ultra-efficient elitist god trying to get all the best pairings, but it's easier to just not think about it at all and just let your units pair up naturally because it doesn't really matter much. The only thing that comes to mind is a particular recruitment during chapter 8 that's kind of hard if you don't know about it ahead of time. The mechanics are pretty straightfoward and I didn't really have any trouble coming to grips with them.
I've played up to chapter 12 of thracia. Thracias honestly kind of annoying on a first playthrough, especially if you're trying not to miss stuff. The fatigue mechanic can sometimes fuck you over by making you unable to deploy certain units you need (ie in chapter 12x you need safie to recruit a certain character, but if she's fatigued you just can't recruit that character. To avoid that you need to know about it ahead of time) and you can miss side chapters if you don't know their requirements. If you're just trying to beat the game and not worrying about missing things you'll probably be fine. I haven't encountered it much yet myself but I also hear there's alot of same turn reinforcement (enemies that move and attack on the same turn they appear) which obviously are bullshit. This guide (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z90mY7-u8t0) seems to cover all the important stuff to know ahead of time for thracia. I've definitely had more trouble with it than genealogy.


Thanks. Yeah I've finished Thracia so I know all this annoying shit. To be fair I did not find the fatigue system to be that punishing, you just want to make sure you have stamina drinks in store in case you find yourself in the kind of situation you described, i.e not being able to deploy a fatigued staff user… and yeah, chapter 12/12x can be a real headache if Safy is too tired. She's also essential for capturing that bitch with the sleep staff on the first turn in chapter 12.

Great game but how tf could anyone play it blind? I can easily imagine someone getting to chapter 5 and wondering where the fuck have some of the characters gone? I don't remember though, maybe it's hinted at that Leif has to be the last unit to leave the map at all times?


Thank you wizzies, gonna give it a try


File: 1665207642598.png (310.61 KB, 1140x490, 114:49, my-image (2).png) ImgOps iqdb

Fire Emblem is probably my favorite video game series. It's like gaming comfort food for me.


Opinions on
TearRing Saga (PS1)
Berwick Saga (PS2)
Vestaria Saga (PC)
? I have read that the first one is pretty rough, but Berwick and Vestaria are much better.


I generally don't replay games, but Fire Emblem seems to be one of the exceptions that I always come back to. So I sort of share your comfort food sentiment. I guess there are games like Three Houses that I wouldn't replay even if you forced me but I enjoyed my first playthroughs enough to say I got value out of it.
>Radiant Dawn and Conquest in S tier
Kino opinions. Hopefully i'll end up liking thracia as much as you by the end of it. Personally, i'd move three houses up to B, Geneology up to the top of A, shadows of Valentia and awakening up to C, and Sacred stones down to D, but our opinions are otherwise pretty close.

>Saga games
Not played them yet, but i've heard good things.


>I generally don't replay games, but Fire Emblem seems to be one of the exceptions that I always come back to. So I sort of share your comfort food sentiment.
Same here. I really like that there is little to no grinding and the story mostly takes a backseat (or you can ignore it) …at least in the ones I've played (SNES GBA era). Are the more recent entries radically different in this regard?


>Are the more recent entries radically different in this regard?
Not really. Awakening is like FE8 with optional grinding, Fates is like FE6/FE7/Thracia ect, and shadows of valentia is a faithful remake of Gaiden. The most recent game, three houses, is the only exception, because you spend like half of the game in the monastery wandering around or in menu's building your units up. Strictly speaking, you can skip that stuff, but if you don't want your units to suck ass, you really can't. I really enjoyed three houses on my first two playthroughs, but the monastery just makes me never want to touch that game again. Glad Engage seems to be ditching that stuff (Well, hopefully anyway).


Thanks. Anything to know before starting Path of Radiance or is it like FE7 and FE8 where you can jump in blind?


um… I guess there's two things. Nothing else is that important. First of all, in POR, there's a mechanic called 'bonus exp' where completing certain objectives during a map ie a low turn count will get you extra exp that you can use in the base. Most of the objectives are pretty simple, and you don't really need to worry about them, but still. https://serenesforest.net/path-of-radiance/miscellaneous/bonus-exp/ This lists each chapters bonus exp objectives.

https://serenesforest.net/path-of-radiance/miscellaneous/hidden-treasure/ - the desert chapter has a bunch of items hidden in the sand. And yes, there really is a hidden character that you can only recruit by putting 1 of 2 specific characters on 1 particular tile.


File: 1667093046485.png (465.26 KB, 2702x1800, 1351:900, 46ecaf8973e1150af035365c4c….png) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone played fire emblem: Vision quest? I think it's the best fire emblem romhack i've played and for me it reminded me alot of path of radiance. Especially with the story. If you're looking for a good romhack i'd recommend it.


Cheers, I know this site and the other one from the spanish fan, but I think I'll play it completely blind for now and check guides and resources whenever I feel like replaying it. Does the save transfer from Path of Radiance to Radiant Dawn work fine on dolphin?

No, I would like to know more about romhacks as I've yet to check them out. I'm not too enthusiastic about them and total conversion mods generally because of the inevitable modder autism, bad writing and features bloat (see Pokemon)


I restarted Thracia and i'm enjoying it more than I did my first time through. Time for dalsin solo.

>Does the save transfer from Path of Radiance to Radiant Dawn work fine on dolphin?
Yeah. I played them both on dolphin and had no problems. Just make sure both of the roms are from the same region.
>know more about romhacks
The only other one i've played that's worth mentioning is The last promise which was pretty okay but kind of cringey sometimes. The fire emblem romhacking scene is really massive, and there's alot of good ones out there and also alot of bad ones. It's also incredibly easy to make your own romhack using FEbuilder on an FE8 rom. I've messed around a little bit with it and the only hard part is if you're trying to include unique stuff like your own sprites or animations.


>dalsin solo

Done the dumbest shit in Path of Radiance, got a couple units to level 20, and they still gained experience, so I thought maybe the level cap in this one is 30 or something, and I promoted them anyway using my master seals. One or two maps later one of my flier makes it to level 21 and automatically promotes. I guess that's two wasted potential early promos that could have been put to better use on a mage or staff user.


>but the monastery just makes me never want to touch that game again


File: 1668034212961.png (434.42 KB, 700x700, 1:1, d33d7iu-1e01dd9a-09f0-452c….png) ImgOps iqdb

>level 21 and automatically promotes
Oh yeah I almost forgot about that mechanic. Use Brom you coward.
That's pretty neat. Although, modding my switch sounds like a pain and I don't think my laptops good enough to emulate it.


>modding my switch sounds like a pain
If you have an early model you should go for it. Do it before Engage releases so you can play when it leaks.


I guess you're being facetious, but I always bench armoured knights so no :^)

reading that three houses mod thread is depressing, just how much pointless bloat did they add to the game, and what will they do going forward. tea time? wtf


Fuck you, I love tea time with Bernadetta.


File: 1668096312202-0.mp4 (1.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, _MEyuW3Cx--FYRlX.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1668096312202-1.jpg (241.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, EEWulKnW4AAVT0H.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1668096312202-2.mp4 (903.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, R5fW7ITxkmaYfttZ.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>pointless bloat
I spent like 10 hours in three houses fishing.
Bernadetta's cringe. I'll be enjoying my teatime with Linhardt where we'll discuss sophisticated matters.


File: 1668096519024.webm (294.24 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Get the fuck back to your….webm) ImgOps iqdb

No, YOU'RE cringe


The three houses dub is great. Imagine being this much of a weeb.


mini-games are ok if done well I guess, but dating sim elements and walls of text have to go. Too many franchises have fallen victims to this cancer. Thanks Persona?
(what horrendous character design)


I remember trying to play persona because so many people recommended it and then I had to turn it off after not even an hour because all that dialog was so tiring


Almost done with Path of Radiance I think, currently at mission 28.
It's very easy, more so than Sacred Stones which is saying a lot (yes I am on hard mode). I only had trouble taking down that evil bird dude. Thankfully I was lucky and managed to land hits with lousy accuracy… it was such an unexpected difficulty bump, perhaps I missed something in a cutscene and there is a trick to neutralize him more easily… Shinon? Dead, lol.
Oscar, Jill and Boyd are my best units overall, with an honourable mention going to Ike, Marcia and Soren… The first two I could send into a pack of enemies with javelins/hand axes and they would destroy everything in sight. As a "Jeigan" Titania was more like Marcus than Seth, by the time Oscar caught up to her she started falling behind hard. Mia and Ilyana are disappointing. Being limited to using swords is just not good at all in PoR in my experience, so I doubt I will use myrmidons/swordmaster ever again when I replay it.
Haven't deployed any laguz at all besides Lethe as occasional filler and for recruiting that guy right before boarding the ship. Didn't bother with pre-promotes either, and what's the point of a knife wielding sage when they can use staves?


three houses
path of radiance


>It's very easy, more so than Sacred Stones
Path of radiance is definitely one of the easiest FE games. Radiant Dawn is a little bit harder.
> I only had trouble taking down that evil bird dude.
Naesala? You're meant to talk to him with either Ulki or Janaff, and then have him talk to Reyson. If you do that, he'll retreat along with all of the other raven laguz.
>Being limited to using swords is just not good at all in PoR in my experience
Luckily, they're a bit better in the next game. Mia is actually one of the best units in that one.

Personally, I like using units that are "bad", or doing challenge runs where i'm limited to certain units. I think it's more interesting than just sticking to all the optimal ones. Low move is still really annoying though.


Yes that's the one, I am not surprised at all there is a way to complete this chapter without fighting him. I could not be arsed deploying the birds (besides the dancer) to try to figure it out on my own.
The optional enemy characters I managed to recruit were out of sheer luck: Zihark, Devdan, Makalov…

>Personally, I like using units that are "bad", or doing challenge runs where i'm limited to certain units.

I'm not good enough to attempt that in the more challenging entries. I could give it a try in Sacred Stones or Path of Radiance though… but I can't imagine it going well in, say, Binding Blade where the gap between great and suboptimal units is so wide.


The final boss nearly wiped out my entire team but I wanted it to be over with so I didn't bother reloading and it felt more approriately climactic this way.
It's a shame that it's such a cakewalk overall though, a lot of times I found myself thinking "…that's it?" as the "only one enemy left" theme would play. No stage is remotely menacing and common FE nuisances like reinforcements, long-range magic and status effects are harmless.


File: 1668885660436.png (563.98 KB, 720x406, 360:203, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Moving on to Radiant Dawn. This is a lot more challenging than anything Path of Radiance throws at you, so far, which is promising.
It looks shittier somehow though, just look at this level, what the fuck is going on here. PoR's indoors environments were already mediocre and boring to play but this takes the cake. I miss the 2D era graphics, the portraits at least are still good… I mean even that took a nosedive with the DS games and those weeb bait ones on the 3DS and Switch.


File: 1668891748979.jpg (37.33 KB, 600x338, 300:169, fatheofsotheschildren.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I like most of the maps in radiant dawn. Meh about some, but it also has some of my favourites in the series.


I've only played like five or six chapters yet but you have to admit that the map I posted is awful both visually and from a gameplay perspective. Also lol is that line a mistranslation, a joke or does it make more sense in context.


File: 1668894277519.png (317.54 KB, 944x702, 472:351, fatherofsotheschildren.png) ImgOps iqdb

Found the map you posted pretty inoffensive gameplay wise. Didn't hate it or anything, even though it looks like scrooge mcduck's orgy. In terms of maps I dislike, 2-3 is pretty bad. It can be played in 2 ways, but the optimal way (sparing everyone for bonus exp) is really tedious, and otherwise it's just a boring cakewalk. 2-4 comes after though, which is one of my favourites.

Pic related is from the post-battle dialogue of the map you posted. She's making fun of Sothe for obsessing over Ike.


If i like the gba games would i like three houses?


It depends. They're not very similar outside of being Fire Emblem.


I don't like this shifting perspectives thing in RD. It never stops and I find that it ruins the pacing. The first part with Micaiah gets interesting at last? Well here's Brom and Nephenee lol, some of the worst nobodies from the prequel's cast. Seriously, was it necessary to have so many playable characters from PoR?
I still dislike the laguz, can't even bench and forget them like I'd do in PoR. Volug, that old bird and Mordecai are just too helpful as meat shields to block chokepoints.
Just got to the first chapter with Ike and his team and this is a disappointment, so far.


What would you recommend for being close to GBA on switch?


Ok I take it back. Part 3 is really fun, if a bit on the easier side compared to Part 1. Ike's companions + Haar are monsters, it's such a contrast to the early game Dawn Brigade wimps. Part 2 sucks, the final redeems it but these early chapters are absolutely dreadful.
And holy cow Brom is decent, and Gatrie is good. This might be the first FE I play where armoured knights are so useful, with the abundance of defensive maps.


I would say wait for Engage. It seems to be much closer to traditional Fire Emblem.


Sharing this video by excelblem because it's funny. I feel inspired to do the most scuffed fire emblem run imaginable.

I'm at chapter 14 of Thracia. I'll share my thoughts when I finish it.


File: 1669537420397.png (97.61 KB, 704x350, 352:175, map18.png) ImgOps iqdb

This map is going to give me an aneurysm.


I told myself I would not bother attempting to recruit him after I had failed two or three times, but I ended up (ab)using save states anyway because I was losing my mind dealing with these dumbass npcs. It was not worth it.
Misha was also a pain to capture but I wasn't so persistent and killed her instead.


I managed to complete it with Xavier recruited. Even got the member card for keeping all the Leonsters alive. Thank god for tina's Prf staffs. Wasn't that hard once I realized capturing and releasing the Leonsters counts. Just lured everyone over to the left side door, picked off the friege knights through the walls, and then sent fergus from the right into the room with a sleep edge. After I lured them all into getting put to sleep, the rest was easy. The boss was surprisingly strong, but Dalsin with a brave axe was able to handle it. Definitely not bothering with that again in future playthroughs.


File: 1669748761147.png (2.01 KB, 189x38, 189:38, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Radiant Dawn isn't doing it for me anymore, too much tedium in between the good parts. More often that not I dread what's coming next, like what bullshit is it going to throw at me now, more furries? NPC armies taking forever to make a move? … Not to sound like a dick but I don't see what would make this one anyone's favourite. Anecdotally I also miss the clarity and simplicity of 2D graphics.

So now I feel like playing FE4 for the first time and would have likely done so already if it weren't for that pairing crap. Merely glancing at the serenesforest page is a turn off.


File: 1669751066797.jpg (98.85 KB, 868x948, 217:237, FOGbQ61UYAQWTr4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I didn't even think about the pairings when I played FE4. They just happened. If you want to be precise about who you pair with who, you'll have to know about that stuff, but otherwise it doesn't matter. Frankly, if anythings going to turn you off from FE4, it's the massive maps. Hope you like moving units through empty space - granted, you can just leave alot of them in the castle when that gets too tedious. Shame about RD, but everyone has different taste in FE games. Of all the communities out there, fire emblems has one of the broadest diversity of opinions.

At chapter 23 of Thracia 776. Got 6 warp staffs; and i'm ready to use them to demolish the last 5 chapters. What a game.


File: 1669905417748.jpg (231 KB, 750x570, 25:19, 289614970.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I finished Thracia 776; Recruited every character that I could in one playthrough, and did every gaiden chapter. The core of the team I used consisted of 14 units. Leif, Finn, Nanna, Safy, Lithis, Lara, Asbel, Fergus, Dalsen, Mareeta, Fred, Conomor, Karin and Dean. I didn't train her, but Tina also got alot of deployment due to her staff utility. And of course, Ced and Galzus were very helpful during the final chapters. My mareeta had 12 move, and 4 skills, so she ended up being quite busted.

The story of Thracia is pretty good. I don't have much else to say about it, but I like Leif as a character quite alot. Same with his advisors, though specifically August. It was a simple one, but Leif's journey is probably one of the better stories in this series. The scene where he's finally reunited with Eyvel is lovely. In terms of Lords, I like Leif about as much as Ike and Michiah, who are my two favourites. I actually prefer the battle animations to the GBA games, which I know alot of people like to jerk off to. I dunno, I guess i've just gotten bored of them, because I like this game more visually than those ones. The soundtracks a little boring, and I would've liked more diversity in map themes. Can't think of too many tracks from this game that I really like that much. It's not bad though.

I wasn't really big on thracia's earlygame. It's not bad, but I honestly don't really have any desire to replay it again. Up until chapter 12 or so, the maps bored me a little. Which is weird I guess, because i'll admit most of them are well designed maps. But thracia doesn't really start to get fun until you have tons of tools at your disposal - aka the latter half of the game. But let me just say that I really, really like most of those later maps. What I appreciate about Thracia is that it gives you a bunch of ridiculous tools, like warp staffs that in any other fire emblem game would just break the balance of things, but Thracia is actually balanced around these tools, and you actually have to make proper use of them to succeed. Though, to be quite honest, most of Thracia's challenge comes from siege tomes, ballistae and enemy staff users, and almost invariably my strategy involved dealing with those staff wielders as soon as possible. Almost every map necessitated some kind of enginuity from me, and especially in the last few chapters, I was burning through warp uses like they were water. And even when making full use of these tools, I had to reset a couple times on each map. Playing Thracia, I can see where alot of future fire emblem games have drew their inspiration. But it almost seems like they copied Thracia's concepts without actually taking the design philosophy behind them. In most FE games, ballistae are a joke, and the enemies generally don't have access to all the tools you do. Anyway, all that is to say that I think Thracia has pretty good (If janky and sometimes unfair) map design and game balance. I even found the infamous 24x reasonable to overcome with proper forefought (…By which I mean, I spammed warp.) Though, I do worry a little that the game overuses the same obstacles, and that they might get boring to tackle on future playthroughs. I also assume that the abundance of tools the game gives you can probably be used to break it in two. I'll have to see. Besides that, I also wanna mention The capture and vigour mechanics, as well as movement growths. I'm a big fan of all three of these mechanics, although I wish they gave you more funds instead of forcing you to sell stolen weapons for money. Movement growths is an excellent concept, and it's honestly a pity they never brought it back. It works too well. I think the low stat caps are a boon to the games design as well; and they help to keep things balanced. Not even arena abusing is enough to make you invincible in this game, and I really like that. The game can be a little jank at times, mind you, and it doesn't surprise me that it's gotten the reputation it has. If I had to compare Thracia to another FE game, the closest is probably Conquest. They both feel like games with very deliberate design, and I feel like Thracia forced me to think my moves through in the same way Conquest did.

Relative to other FE games, this is at least in my top 3 with Radiant Dawn and Conquest. It's honestly seeming closer to my new favourite, although I think i'd have to replay all three games before I could really decide. It's gonna be an experience Ironmanning this game, that's for sure. With that, the only FE games i've yet to play are FE1-3 and FE11-12, so all of marths games. I intend to play at least one of them before Engage comes out, though i'm unsure which. I'm leaning towards either FE3 or FE11 right now.


FE3 is great, it's more simple mechanically, but in a good way. If you feel like it you could play FE1 and skip FE3 book 1 but the inventory management in the original is a nightmare.


Yeah, I decided to play FE3. At chapter 7 of book 1, it's pretty good so far. Like the simplicity.


File: 1670496550200.jpg (635.73 KB, 1920x2825, 384:565, aria-chen-lu-marth.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished book 1. Used Marth, Shiida, Navarre (Nabarl?), Castor, Wendel, Merric, Palla, Xane, Barst, Tiki, Hardin and Lena. Weird that fighters can't promote in this game.

This games pretty good – I'd place it above FE7. Fire Emblem on the SNES was on fire. Onto book 2.


Axes in general are not very good in FE1-3 iirc, and silver axes in the latter are sales fodder, I think a NPC that gives you one even hints at this… Hand axes might be useful indoors but then there are thunder swords for ranged attacks… Maybe you've had a different experience? I am surprised you did not use Doga lol


File: 1670883823356-0.jpg (129.84 KB, 780x585, 4:3, FE12-0Prologos-A.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1670883823356-1.jpg (109.65 KB, 1140x668, 285:167, my-image.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I "finished" book 2. In actual fact, I got the bad ending where the game ends at chapter 20 and locks you out of the last chapters. I forgot to get the astral shard from chapter 12. Tried to use cheat codes to add it in, and failed, so i'm just going to replay the game again. I'm decisively not a fan of games that do this - and if I recall, the same thing happened to me during my first playthrough of FE6 - But I guess i'm not that bitter about it. I'll take the opportunity to use different units than I did my first time around. I wanna use Rody this time cause' he has a cool design and looks like Lief.

Anyways. I used 13 units. Marth, Malicia (I love her design), Draug, Gordin, Linde, cecille (cringe design), Ogma, Sirius, Palla, Catria, Shiida, Julius and Feena. I got the last two killed and didn't want to bother resetting. You get alot of incredibly good units in the early game. They throw you Catria during chapter 2 at level 6, a level 10 palla in chapter 3, and Sirius in chapter 4. Palla can pretty much solo her joining map with her silver lance, and Sirius might be the strongest character in this game. He has better bases than even Allan, good growths, and never really falls off. I don't know what they were thinking giving you this guy so early, but he's pretty fun to use. The main reason is the way experience works in this game. In later games, promoted/high level units gain less experience, but in FE3 a units level doesn't matter. They continue to get the same amount of exp. I do enjoy the way it's handled, but it also destroys balance. There's no reason not to funnel exp into your best units exclusively, because the game doesn't punish you for doing so. You can grind up Sirius to level 20 in 2-3 chapters, probably, and there's no reason not to.

The story in this game is competent. I'd say it's among the better stories in this series, and the devs seem to agree, because half of the other FE games copy it. I liked the story for the same reason I like radiant dawns, in that it builds off of what happened in the first game. Hardin is an ally unit in that game, but in this one he's more or less the main antagonist, which is… interesting. I'm unsure if any other fire emblem games actually do that. Sephiran is similar, but he's never playable in the first place… Come to think of it, that was a missed opportunity not making him playable in path of radiance. I like Marth and Jagen. Marth's one of the better lords in this series in my opinion. He seems kind of flanderized in modern appearances, though. I like the chapters where you trek through a dessert and end up at the top of a snowy mountain - it has a cozy atmosphere. The soundtracks decent. The early map theme is grating but the later ones are pretty good, and I like the cutscene music. I'm actually interested to hear what the soundtracks to these games are like in the remakes.

This game has a memorable start. Chapter 2 feels like a massive difficulty spike, as they just throw these incredibly powerful wyverns at you while you have very few tools to deal with them. I like most of the maps up until chapter 15, where I was starting to get a bit bored. It doesn't help that alot of them were reused from book 1. The absence of mechanics like rescue and canto is abit annoying, but overall I like the gameplay. FE3 feels like a better FE6.

I went ahead and made a FE tier list. None of my opinions are really concrete, but this is roughly how I feel at the moment. Gonna go actually finish the game now.

I don't even think there's playable axe users in book 2. I actually found Barst to be very competent in the early-to-mid game of book 1, with hand axes. Owing to 1-2 range, his early join time and base states. He cleared much of the first few maps for me, so I don't know that I would call axes especially bad.
> I am surprised you did not use Doga lol
He joins at level 1… Didn't want to bother. Though, I did use him in book 2. He's better there.


I meant arran.


Your S tier is the same as mine so I like this image lol. I just can't rate 3H highly because replays are kind of annoying with monastery shit, and the game is probably the least friendly towards ironman playthroughs. Thinking about it I should probably move it lower.


File: 1671024338166.jpg (110.67 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 97283b2a8855d4bc1772f74038….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Radiant Dawn, Conquest and Thracia seems to be a really common top 3. I see that opinion pop up constantly.

I'm still so divided on three houses. Can I really rate a game highly if I never want to replay it? But at the same time, I remember really enjoying my first playthroughs, and I love the characters and to a certain extent the story in that game. At the very least, i'm certain I like it more than everything in B tier. But I definitely don't want FE to do what 3H did again. There's this crowd of 3H newfags who want a 3H sequel or prequel or something, and all I can think is "please no". I'm glad we're out of Fodlan hell now.


I think I would move it down to the top of B, actually. 3H also has Divine Pulse, which I really dislike. Maybe i'd move echoes down for this same reason.


>Radiant Dawn, Conquest and Thracia seems to be a really common top 3
I don't want to sound bitter, but… how? Of the ones I played and not knowing much about the community, I would have bet it was the most divisive of all, and that's generous. It's just so inconsistent, with the lows being so low that the highs can't redeem the game as a whole. Do people like the laguz that much?


Pretty much every game in this series is divisive to a certain extent, to be honest. Alot of people actually dislike Radiant Dawn. But i'd say the same thing about Thracia as well. Some people absolutely hate that game. Conquest is more unanimously praised than most for it's gameplay, but i've seen it critiqued for it's overemphasis on skills and storyfags don't like it cause the story's bad.

>Do people like the laguz that much?

I rarely hear them talked about, to be honest… I'm not very eloquent so I don't think i'm a good fit for explaining why some people like RD so much.


It is really divisive, so I wouldn't say it's a common top 3 pick at all. I personally love it though.


Yeah so I actually finished it now (Book 2). Good game, but i'm burnt out on FE now. Gonna go back to reading VN's.
I used Marth, Feena, Julian, Malicia, Palla and Sirius again. Also: Rody, Warren, Minerva, Merric, Samto and Tiki.


File: 1672462062632.png (369.18 KB, 999x909, 111:101, tvrHnY1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Despite saying this, I played FE1 and Gaiden for some reason. FE1 would be good if the inventory management system wasn't such aids, and gaiden is just as tedious as I remember it being from Shadows of Valentia. I'd like to see them reattempt something in the vain of gaiden again, though. Just with actually good map design and leaning more into strategy as opposed to being a lame, grindy JRPG on a grid. For it's time, the music was pretty great though. A sequel, for example, might not be a bad idea.

In other news, I don't care about FE spinoffs, but I watched Tiki's supports from warriors, and I am going to die from diabetes. Her voice is adorable.
Back to blocking this gay website.


File: 1672462584526.jpg (128.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

She will eat you


File: 1672464213093.jpg (2.17 MB, 4000x4000, 1:1, ka740m1pri141.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Soyjak.party is that way, grinch


You think autist is an insult, huh?


Being this mad over someone posting an innocuous anime picture in a relevant thread. Take your odd sexual fixations to 4chan please.


>English dub


I like her japanese voice, but prefer the dub.


File: 1673183524615.jpg (2.68 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 1dxrvvb9dj831.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've come to make an announcement: Kris the Royal Guard is a bitch-ass motherfucker, he pissed on my fucking Mystery of the Emblem. That's right, he took his avatar fucking self-insert dick out and he pissed on my fucking Mystery of the Emblem and he said his dick was "this big," and I said "that's disgusting." So I'm making a call out post on my Twitter dot com: Kris the Royal Guard, you got a small dick, it's the size of Jagen’s total growths except way smaller, and guess what? Here's what my game looks like! [exploding Lorenz noises] That's right, baby! Fixed EXP, no indoor mounts, no Darros, look at that it looks like two Books and a bong! He fucked Mystery of the Emblem, so guess what, I'm gonna fuck post-Shadow Dragon Fire Emblem! That's right, this is what you get, my SUPER ELITIST PISS! Except I'm not gonna piss on New Mystery of the Emblem, I'm gonna go higher. I'M PISSING ON AWAKENING! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, MAEDA? I PISSED ON AWAKENING, YOU IDIOT! You have twenty three hours before the ambush spawns hit the fucking casuals, so get out of my fucking sight before I piss on you too.

I finished FE11. It's a very kek lmao game. You have to deliberately get your units killed to access the gaiden chapters, and that's very funny, so I played the game twice. The first time I played normally, and the second time I killed off almost my entire army so I could access 5 optional gaiden chapters with mediocre rewards. Anyone who hates this game is allergic to fun. I see people complain about the graphics alot, but I don't see it. I think the game looks fine visually. The portraits are pretty good, and I don't mind how the game looks visually on the whole either.

I'm going to play new mystery of the emblem now. FE3 is kino, so hopefully it's also kino.


not too thrilled about the re-classing system in the DS remakes. it sounds out of place on paper, maybe it's actually fun to mess around with.. i have the feeling i will dislike it idk.
the portraits look bad but not as much as what came after with awakening
going off on a tangent here it's strange how so many series took a nosedive when it came to character art in the mid to late 2000s - castlevania, falcom, atlus games… they all went with more generic anime designs and inelegant fanservice


Oh, right, the reclassing. I think it gives shadow dragon something to set itself apart from FE1 and FE3 book 1. I don't hate it. Though it pretty much makes classes like fighters, generals and bowmen obsolete, cause' it's better to reclass them into wyvern lords or heroes. But then, weren't they always obsolete anyway? Jagen should get reclassed into a wyvern lord the instant he's able - it gives him flying utility with basically no downsides. I also enjoyed the ability of ballisticians to attack at range. Picking off units at a distance was pretty handy.

I only played on normal, and then on hard 3, so i've still yet to see what the hardest difficulty (5) is like. One of these days i've gotta do a hard 5 ironman.


I've always liked the DS remakes, very fun games. I just pretend Kris doesn't exist. I think there's a patch to remove him, but I've never tried it. I'd rather just replay 3 if I wanted to not skip the story.




>always on a GRID
>lengthy cutscene of your guys attacking followed by a counterattack. Takes like 10 seconds
>Virtually no strategy besides rock-paper-scissors formula
>AI is always very dumb
>this has been going on since at least the 90's
never liked this formula


Where can I subscribe to your blog?


Feelz. Play civ 2 scenario league 4get. The AI cheats but it also does in literally all of these games


also play warlords 2 darklords rising and Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank (Do the Fulda Gap, Congo Mercs, or Marines in Vietnam campaigns). The Operational Art of War is extremely overrated and has dumb AI/takes forever. They blocked Napoleon's entire army on me one time just because they put the Duke of wellington in a single vacant hex at warterloo, 100 Jeeps will beat 20 tigers in an assault. The AI does not know how to seize hodgepdge victory hexes…. this is an $80 game despite being 25 years old….. REEEEEEEEE.


File: 1673738673939.jpg (483.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, some-engage-gift-rejection….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

game comes out in 5 days so who even cares
engage the cringe


File: 1674175700960-0.jpg (60.12 KB, 960x720, 4:3, r1280x720l.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1674175700960-1.jpg (1.2 MB, 1240x2300, 62:115, FmcPP4_aMAEbHoc.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Okay, I finished New Mystery. I played all the FE games. It's FE3 with more bloat. I guess I like the original more, though I think that i'd miss the quality of life improvements in FE12 if I were to go back to it… There are 77 characters. If your name isn't Boah or Hardin, you're playable in this game for some reason. I don't think anyone asked for Thomas, Beck or Frost to be, but they are. I like some of the changes - The wolfguard's recruitment is actually very interesting. I also like that michallis is recruitable, because really, he should've been from the beginning. People overstate the role Kris plays in this game. He's essentially insignificant. I think the game would be better without him, but he doesn't especially change much.

The first thing I noticed when I started FE12 was that the map spritework, and UI, was much cleaner than FE11. I think it's closer to Awakening. The animations are the same (not very pretty), though, in FE11 and 12 you'll generally be skipping them. The soundtrack is very good. The earlygame is really a drag, to be honest, but I enjoyed it a little towards the mid-to-late game. I appreciate that the archanea games are quite short. I really don't have the patience for excessively long games. Too anhedonic. Wish they gave you another warp staff. Something I like about shadow dragon is that you could just warpskip the maps you didn't want to bother with - It actually allows you to beat the game in 16 minutes. The game tries way too hard to make you like her, but Katarina's cool.

I'll play Engage now. I'm worried it'll be piss-easy, so i'm probably gonna play on Maddening. Game aside, i'm more excited about the OST. The little i've heard has been impeccable - There's even a bunch of remixes and medleys of music from the older games, and they are really good.
done posting on this website though so that's all for my ramblings.


what difficulty for Shadow Dragon and New Mystery? there are so many options


Hard 3 in shadow dragon and Hard 1 in new mystery. The lower difficulties are a cakewalk, and the higher ones are probably brutal.


Thanks. not planning to play berwick or vestaria saga any time soon?


yeah, but probably not for a while


File: 1674634197857.jpg (359.51 KB, 1140x539, 1140:539, my-image.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

updated tier list


Opinion on Engage in short: I'm playing on Maddening, at chapter 15. Three Houses newfags got filtered. Best gameplay in the series, single best chapter in the series (11). I think it hits a pretty decent sweet spot with the difficulty - It's not exceptionally hard, but I could hardly call it easy either. Story is goofy but entertaining, gorgeous presentation, the best OST in the series. Characters could use more depth, but I can pick out a few as favourites, and that works enough for me. I can't really comment on that anyway, since I haven't read all the supports. I think that's it.


good to hear, are you emulating it or playing on switch?


Nintendo Switch™


engage discourse makes me cringe


I finished the game a while ago.

I still think it's really good, but I guess i'd have to sit on it for a couple months to see if I like Thracia or something else more. I did watch more of the supports, and the characters are fine, I guess. The standouts are good. Some of them are one-note gimmicks or just plain boring, but it doesn't matter because this is a strategy game. The OST is worse than Awakening and Fates, and maybe Shadows of Valentia. But it's fine. Fire Emblem has always had pretty mediocre music, if i'm honest. Too much boring orchestral stuff. The story is middle of the road. It's worse than Path of radiance and Thracia, but better than, like, awakening and fates, or the GBA games. Again, I don't really care about story anyway if it's not a VN.
I don't know if i'd still call chapter 11 the best one in the game. In retrospect, it isn't as difficult as it initially seems. The enemies are actually quite weak to accommodate for the disadvantage the game places you under. It only seems more intimidating than it is. Some other standouts were chapter 17, and the entire stretch of chapters from 21-24.

I'm wondering if they'll ever address the emblem of foundations plot point. I like the way it inspires speculation, but if they ultimately did nothing with it, that would be pretty lame. If they do, it'll be in the DLC or another game, which is… kinda silly, to lock the explanation for the main villains motivations behind paid DLC, but I guess they did the same thing with the tellius games, so it's whatever. A loose plot thread doesn't really bother me.
I have tearing saga on my modded ps vita, so I guess i'll play that at some point (in 10 years). I've heard some amusing things about it.


File: 1679437458829.png (11.51 KB, 113x109, 113:109, Portrait_matthis_fe11.png) ImgOps iqdb

Playing FE11 Shadow Dragon. As expected, I dislike the reclassing system, and it's very unappealing visually. Look at that wimp Matthis/Machis, I kill him every time. What do you think of the portraits in FE11 and 12? I just can't get used to them.

Anyway it made me wonder if anyone ever hacked FE1 to patch up its atrocious item management system and I found this strange mod instead

looks intriguing, anyone played this? it looks rather obscure, so I would guess not


I fucking hate the voiced protagonist in Engage. I just fucking hate it, it's cringe.
I'd much prefer him to shut the fuck up and be like Byleth.


Would you say the best version of shadow dragon is FE3 book 1? Or do you just not like any of them?
An FE1 romhack… Kind of a pointless thing to do lol. Even gaiden would be a more interesting game to base a romhack on.


File: 1679920390404.png (10.34 KB, 240x160, 3:2, 962titlescreen.png) ImgOps iqdb

Anybody played this meme?

It's nowhere near as good as vision quest, but I remember it being okay for a romhack.


I am talking about a fix to the inventory system specifically to make it less clunky, just a basic enhancement/qol thing. I otherwise like it as it is but item management is a pain.


i was talking about that mod you linked, from what I can tell he's gone beyond a QOL hack and added a bunch of new stuff to the game.

if someone fixed the item management and left it at that it might actually make FE1 semi-playable.


yeah I was hoping something like that had already been done as I checked the site, but it's the only hack on there, and it's fairly recent too. There doesn't seem to be much interest I guess, maybe because of the remakes.


anything to know before starting fates? is it playable on lunatic or should i rather play on hard?


I've been eyeing this for comfy jrpg's for nintendo switch, but after playing Xenoblade Chronicles they seem so tedious. I had more fun with Shining Force and found Phantasy Star sort of interesting, but there is just so much grind in these games.


File: 1693348700206.png (310.69 KB, 600x360, 5:3, 90-136_need_backup.png) ImgOps iqdb

Depends on your skill level and which route you're choosing. But I assume it won't be revelations.
Lunatic mode isn't unbalanced, if that's what you're wondering. Birthright is a very easy game, so I think it's probably fine on lunatic. Conquest, on the other hand, is hard by default, even when you're just playing on hard mode. But the gap between conquests hard and lunatic isn't really that wide. Personally, I play it on lunatic. It might be better to start on hard if you're unfamiliar with Fates mechanics.


thanks. are the mechanics that different from awakening's?


They're pretty similar. Just that the pair-up system in fates has been rebalanced so that there are benefits to being unpaired and enemies can also use it now.


That's good to hear, pairing up is almost broken in Awakening, why would you not (ab)use it at all times when there is almost zero downside. It's like rescuing on steroids…


By the way, if you have been hanging around other imageboards or message boards, what were the general opinions on Echoes/Shadow of Valentia? I have played it earlier this year, not expecting much, and found it to be excellent, way way better than the DS remakes and the Radiant duology. Having played Gaiden beforehand made for an even greater experience, I was very pleasantly surprised they had remained so faithful to the original instead of streamlining it to make it more like of a 'normal' FE game. Some of the stuff they added was sort of useless (unpunishing stamina system and curatives/food off the top of my head) and running around dungeons was annoying at first, but it grew on me.
Anecdotally the character portraits totally blow those in Awakening (and Conquest, from what I have seen) out of the water, and so does the soundtrack.

It made me more optimistic about a potential Genealogy remake.


Mixed, but probably more positive than negative. The presentation is universally praised (often as the best in the series), and the story and gameplay systems are generally praised, but a not-insignificant number of people dislike the map design.
I'm inclined to agree, but it's probably more of a virtue than a vice that it was translated so faithfully, since I wouldn't be that amused if they changed a bunch of stuff in a Genealogy remake either, despite the gameplay and map design also being controversial in that game.


Played Fates a bit and it does look like a more 'polished' Awakening, I guess. Can't say I'm a huge fan of the japanese theme though tbh.

I wish they would have gotten rid of the character creation mechanic this time, is it going to be the absolute best unit in the roster again?


File: 1696513709199-0.jpg (93.14 KB, 741x1024, 741:1024, 0a6b0b7255ec9999116e139dec….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1696513709199-1.png (426.16 KB, 503x568, 503:568, 29292-877957860.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1696513709199-2.png (1.06 MB, 1280x1399, 1280:1399, 26dd7a39019c349ab52603d2a6….png) ImgOps iqdb

>is it going to be the absolute best unit in the roster again?
nah, these exist
btw don't get niles killed, his kidnap skill is pretty useful. or orochi i guess if you're playing birthwrong


can't get over how bad the art is in awakening and fates


Wow Birthright sure is easy, I'm playing on lunatic mode and it's a cakewalk
ninjas are so good


am sick of Birthright, chapter 21 I think so maybe the final missions are more interesting but I can't be arsed at this point

is Conquest any better?


FE art has been pretty hit-or-miss since shadow dragon. It would be neat if they'd stick to an artstyle like echoes or tellius, but it seems like they're continuing to lean into the anime.
In my opinion it is but I don't know if you'll think so.
I replayed conquest about a dozen times, but only played birthright once and almost didn't finish revelation, so to me the difference is night and day.


Picked up Radiant Dawn with the intention of completing it this time, I had a save file with a bunch of characters with capped stats from the prequel including Sothe, Jill, Zihark and Nephenee so it made a big difference in those early chapters where they are the only remotely useful units. Illyana is unsalvageable though.
It's not as bad as I remembered, definitely a mixed bag but still a fun game overall. Most of part 2 is crap and so is every chapter with the paladins and Marcia. The ones with a billion non-playable units you cannot give orders to are very tedious, it always makes me wonder how anyone in the development team could sit through these parts and not be frustrated and think they should tone it down a bit.

I'm about to start the final chapter(s) I hope it's good and not some cheap gimmicky bs.


any good romhacks out there? i know about vision quest and sacred echoes, anything else worth checking out?

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