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I want to play pirated games but don't want to infect my computer with virus.
So I am thinking of dual Booting windows
So that I can run games on one partion and use another partition for serious work
In case if the gaming partition get infected with malware I can simply reset that partition.
Will this work correctly??


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>[Yes, user files can be accessed between instances]

Viruses can still do a lot even without windows "granting" them permission to, so your viruses can infect other drives (virtual or real) and manipulate their contents as if that drive was just a removable storage i.e full read/write privileges. Ransomware could encrypt your pony and loli pics all the same. Consider running a version of Windows in a virtual machine. The virtualization environments are programmed to not allow back-access to the host machine OOTB (Like how you can't join two systems with USA-A to USB-A cable to transfer files). It's what guys who test viruses on Youtube do.

There are a lot of trustworthy privateers out there such as Fitsuccubus. You can also check GOG and Humble Bundle for games you'd like to play and download torrents for those versions as they lack DRM and therefor require no crack.


>Will this work correctly??

You are, like, 20 years later to the idea, but better late than never, I guess.

First install Windows, then Linux.

Also, ignore everything that >>61354 said because:
- Windows viruses attacking the linux partition/drive are not that common to the point that you can ignore it
- Running Windows in a virtual machine doesn't let you play games, at least not without a ton of graphical issues



>Windows viruses attacking the linux partition/drive
He never said he used Linux
>Running Windows in a virtual machine doesn't let you play games, at least not without a ton of graphical issues
Only if you're virtualizing Windows on a Linux system, which itself can't play games because it's crap.


I'm assuming you're running GNU/Linux right now. You don't have to. You can sandbox programs inside GNU/Linux. Check out Firejail for regular programs. Wine has its own methods for sandboxing iirc.
If not, you can still use sandboxing software for your operating system. As long as you pirate from trusted sources though, I think you'll be safe. I pirated games for years and never got a virus.
An alternate would be to use a virtual machine to test the game first to see if it does anything harmful or if the performance is good enough just play from there.


did you ever use fitgirI?


Fitgirl packs his repacks in to .zip packs. Linux can't unpack .zip packs.


wait it's not a she?


It's some anonymous faggot on the internet, does it matter?


>does it matter?
Yes. Would YOU trust a female with administrator privileges on your home computer?


Nobody knows, I wouldn't put my money on them being a female, cracker empress (popular for being the one cracker who can crack denuvo games) was recently said to be some fat polish dude, which is not 100% proven but very likely to be true.
Them pretending to be a female is probably just a ploy to get more donations from desperate idiots and maybe make investigations harder, which I doubt would work but they may think it does.

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