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Any other wizards into combat sports?
I have done Krav Maga (2 years); it was ok but I can see why people say it’s overrated. Did some BJJ at an MMA gym but it was expensive as fuck. Boxing was the best so far; nothing has tested my fitness, strength, timing and precision like boxing. Class was always all male.

Really want to try Muay Thai. What other fighting styles are wizards into?
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The truth is that nothing beats a well placed pipe bomb. It doesn’t matter how long you train, how hard you spar, or how many friends you bring with you. You want to meet on the street? You’ll just get blown up before you even see your opponent who lounging hundreds of yards away. NOTHING beats a well placed pipe bomb.


A pipe bomb is hard to aim, indiscriminate. Are guns unavailable?


its interesting how we have a thread about martial arts and some faggots start posting about killing people. lets start another deadlift thread and look how fast some limp wristed faggots will turn it into something else.

somehow every thread on here turns into complete mental illness. can't even have a thread about sports without some inferiority complex having weirdo making it about something edgy. im about to start a bodybuilding thread just to see what happens.

inb4 "a male virgin doesn't need all this normie macho stuff because im a fag"


the quality of discussion here has always been absolute trash. i dont even know why im here


I think I'm about to leave and never come back again at this point, this site really went down the drain over the last few years and especially this year it went to complete shit.

It also seems like there are way less people on here than a few years ago which is evident when you can even recognize the writing style of certain posters especially that weird faggot who keeps calling people crabs and compulsively posts about porn and leftists politics in every thread which we already have a thread about on /meta/.

It just doesn't feel like what it used to be anymore but I'm glad I got to experience the good times when people had more of a similar way of looking at things and discussions were on a higher level intellectually, maybe it's time to leave this place.


You can talk about normie macho stuff anywhere else with a better level of discourse. If you aren't looking for the asperger retard perspective on sports and macho activities, then why are you here? Like no shit a bunch of virgin NEETs have problems with it.


Theres still people on here who enjoy these things, we had a decent lifting thread some weeks ago. I just don't understand why some guys get triggered so much by these topics, it really must be some kind of inferiority complex and that is just gay and not the same thing as just not being into something.

Also being a male virgin neet doesn't mean that you have to like stereotypical nerd stuff all the time.


I've always had trouble with form on deadlifts and think it probably harmed my back when I started lifting, which is why I don't recommend people doing it. You hardly ever see free bar exercises being done at the gym at all. So please don't call me DYEL because I'm not.

Anyways I agree with everything you're saying about the site. Maybe if you go to /meta/ they'll actually ban the poster you're talking about for derailing countless threads and turning the entire site into a joke. But I doubt that because the mods seem to be all in on it. They banned me for just posting politics in the crawl thread but can't get rid of the pedophile who larps about having a LDR and posts pedophillia all day while derailing threads.


Funny enough theres already a thread on that issue since over a month ago



I agree. I'd like to participate in your thread if you make it.


It's tough to stay inspired when training solo.
Between formal classes right now and just trying to keep up my skills and stay in shape.
It's just without that external accountability it's so easy to slack off or stagnant.
Doesn't help that I find forms/kata boring waste of time and my favorite part of martial arts is sparing.

I need to figure out how to keep solo training fresh otherwise I will stagnate in my development as a martial artist.


Solo training? How is that possible?


I have only ever trained solo. I just got a punching bag and used it to practice punching and kicking technique. I would like to spar but the places I've reached out to won't let me spar unless I take classes which I'm not interested in. I figure I'll try to find some place to spar again soon.


how do you guys not end up fucking up your hands doing punching bags? I would wear gloves when I boxed and it still hurt after 30 minutes doing it if I actually decided to whale


proper form


I wear wraps plus a pair of padded wraps on top of those plus 16 oz gloves and I still cut my knuckles basically every time I use the punching bag. It's okay though, you get used to it. For a while my tendons would hurt and creak and squeak sometimes quite intensely, but I guess I finally conditioned my hands to where that doesn't happen anymore. It's the short range hooks that catch on the front of the bag that seem to rip the knuckles for me. Everything else is fine. I could probably just throw less short hooks and it would be fine.


Have you gotten a bone density test?


Which you won't have without any training.


yeah well i didnt tell OP to hurt himself


Not the anon you asked but how do you increase your bone density? I feel I also have very weak bones.


Those from cultures who sleep, sit, and walk on hard surfaces are noted as having a thicker bone density close to that of a large wild animal's. The offspring of these people, now born in to a world of mattresses, couches, and shoes, suffer from more cavitatious bones. Obese people will tend to have heavier bones which grew to support the stresses of their weight.

Improving bone density much the same as developing muscle tissue. You stress the bone, then feed and recover with calcium and what the body needs in order to put the calcium on the bone (if anything). Regular exercises which strain the muscle should also strain whatever bone the muscle is grounded to so any exercise is going to contribute. Anything that transfers your momentum in to an object is very good, like jumping jacks that shake the floor or punching a bag real hard.

It's really just a matter of eating right after working out and rolling around on the ground every now and then. You could go extreme and sleep on a concrete slab and condition your bones by creating microfractures with a t-ball bat, but heavy bones are nothing without strong muscles to move them so it's best to treat bone development as a supplement to a regular workout.

I ask about his density because it's not uncommon for modern diets to be completely devoid of calcium. Every day children are admitted to the hospital with chronic aching. X-rays show nearly hollow bones. It's usually because, even if the kid is eating what seems like regular balanced diet, the particularities of what he will and will not eat cause him to be deficient in calcium. He lacks the gut biome to process milk so he can't get calcium from there, the cartoons taught him to hate broccoli, he's given Sunny D instead of fruit juice, and his family can't afford meats besides sausages and fatty bacon. Doesn't sound like such an odd scenario, but that's not going to deliver the minimum calcium needed to sustain, let alone grow, the bones.


Thanks for suggestions very informative.


Martial arts wise, I work kata/forms, isolated techniques, solo drills, shadow kickbox, heavy bags, and makiwara/striking post.
As well as weapons, and general physical fitness plus flexibility stuff.

Sometimes I do little training routines similar to if I was teaching the first part of a class for advanced students (2/3 of most classes I though were drills and sparing related stuff that can't really be done solo)

Stuff like doing a warmup with calisthenics or light weight lifting. Then do basic techniques for a number of repetitions. After that stretch really good. Followed by drills really focusing in on something in particular I want to or need to work on. Then I shadow kickbox or hit something while incorporating what I was working on.
Finish out ether with forms or drills in which I can really push myself fitness wise.

That is basically one of my typical solo martial arts sessions.
Though in all honesty when training solo for extended periods I tend to put a greater focus on physical fitness as it provides more objective feedback for me to work with and measure progress.


File: 1680374981388.jpeg (198.03 KB, 680x1024, 85:128, iban elder-headhunter.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

joining a muay thai ,K1 or MMA gym which requires entrance test :
I used to think "shit no, this gym has an entrance test" but now -after doing real training with coaches in track and field and crossfit- I feel ready and eager to join a gym which has entrance test.
I feel like the gym ,even "competitive level" ones which allow chubby men, wymen, or kids in the same classes…arent reallly real.
What are combat-sports entrance exams like? Performing sparring till failure? burpees, pushups, squats in large groups util 90% of aspirants drop out?
>are thailand training camps a scam? Of course id only ever consider it once I joined a pro-level gym and have won some amateur fights


KK is usually taught as a side-hobby in important muay thai gyms
>try muay boran, tho


I have snapped three different types of springs meant to support the heavy bag. The last one which was the biggest and rated for the most weight only lasted for 2 months before it snapped. IDK if I'm just hitting it too hard or what. If I have to buy another spring every 2 months it's going to suck.


They agreed to send me a replacement spring. That is the best news I've gotten in months.


i always assumed just running was the best self-defense especially after A Former Navy SEAL Commander Says The Best Defense Is To Run.

But I think this vid made some good points, that running is pure endurance test of strength, even more so than fighting.

but quite a few of the comments were arguing against him. so idk


I got a new pair of boxing gloves, a cheap pair, but they had literally thousands and thousands of positive reviews. They come smelling heavily of chemicals, probably industrial lubricant. Whatever, I can ignore that, so I try them out and damn these things are like coffins for my hands, super tight. I use them for about 15 minutes and they rub the skin off one of my pinkies and leave my hand covered in little specks of black crud. I go and put a band aid on and try to continue only to have three more fingers get the skin rubbed off them in the next 15 minutes. I guess that's some more money down the drain.


Living without calloused hands is like driving without tyres. Drop the hand lotion already!!


What a dumb video.

You don't run away from someone on a fucking track. You run to escape. You are running to your car, to the next room, or to help.


he is saying in a fight, you might use your brain and skill to counteract the attacker's strength. while a sprint race is just a measure of pure endurance. so a weaker guy actually has a better chance in a fight than in a run. it might sound counter-intuitive. but the run is more purely physical.

yeah you are running to escape. but it doesnt matter where your destination is, if the attacker outruns you


If your destination is off a cliff, and the attacker outruns you, it means he goes over the cliff first and die


I would assume it depends on so many factors. If you are being chased by a strong but big fat fuck then probably running is the best option.
Sometimes people will attack you if you bruised their ego or embarrassed them in some way so running away will make them feel like a big man ‘Yeah you run away bitch’ and they will leave it.
Maybe running to get help or past a door would be effective.

When it comes to multiple attackers I really don’t see what an average person can do except run. If you are an absolute beast at striking, like pro level, then I could see someone knocking multiple people out. But for an ordinary person with a hobby? No. Running is all you have.


anyone remember the pinkman's videos about martial arts fruads?


no, that's an oversimplification


Yeah, they were pretty good.


I watched a similar video the other night. Some of these fake martial arts "masters" even tricked their pupils into giving them their wives for sex to heal and better their relationships.


We heard about people asking how fit or how young they have to be before joining a gym all the time but nobody ever asks the real question. How much of a normie you have to be before joining a gym? I am a highly neurotic NEET who barely leaves home. Is jumping right into a small boxing gym too much for me? I am thinking of lying about being self-employed if they ask.


That shit doesn't even matter, I'm probably the most autistic person in my gym, I'm NEET af, I just mind my own business and focus on working out and also try not to stare at asses, those fucking yoga pants man


I am autistic, I have trained with and taught other people who are pretty obviously autistic.
Same with "weird" and "abnormal" people of all kind.

As long as you can learn basic manners of not doing totally inappropriate shit that obviously crosses the line then you are fine. Martial arts isn't about social skills and most people involved in hobby level martial arts are already a bit odd to begin with.

Also no one really cares that much about if you work or not as long as you pay your dues on time. Back when I was a neet I was able to train 5 times a week and made huge progress because of it. The instructors were actually pleased with my dedication and though I was using my time productively by training since I couldn't find work.


Chad / normie shit. Guys with high test and warrior gene can't be wizards. It's literally antithesis of wizardom(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Certain traditional martial arts, which have their value in aestheticism and fitness but are not always practical for self defence, are often seen as uncool. MA like this are stuff like Kung Fu styles, Wushu, Aikido ect

MA proven in mma can also b for discipline asocial autists who just like to fight. MA like this in mma are boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai and BJJ and maybe at a push Judo.

Read book of the 5 rings.


File: 1712680400194.jpeg (76.14 KB, 600x450, 4:3, A313D308-06F4-457D-A4CD-4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Wizards can be strong and high test as long as it does it shift into fucking 3D femoids. Buddhist monks. For example like pic in thailand. E


File: 1714824537258.jpg (149.26 KB, 828x1172, 207:293, Cope Extra strength.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I never got into martial arts or an actual real fight as a poor guy. Does fighting dirty count? I heard any kinds of weapons like broken bottle, shivs, rebar stick, anything works as long as I hit my opponent enough to make them fall even if they're experienced on combat


I am naturally high T and an involuntary celibate Wizard. I literally have a warrior skull and visible strong muscles.

I suppose in ancient times I would just have killed other men and take their loli daughters for myself.

Being high t and having a warrior physique doesn't make you some handsome socializer normalfag. If anything my disposition is more towards killing normalniggers, there are times when I get angry and wish I could curb stomp a nigger but I can control my feelings. I'm more like a warrior monk in this modern world. A tamed lion.


how do you know you're high testosterone? Are you a fast gainer?


His desire to crush his enemies, see them driven to suicide, and to hear their loli call him "nii-san" is indicative of extremely high testosterone.


A decent wizard does not even befriend the kin of their enemies, lest it be to cause further havoc to them

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