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Any other wizards into combat sports?
I have done Krav Maga (2 years); it was ok but I can see why people say it’s overrated. Did some BJJ at an MMA gym but it was expensive as fuck. Boxing was the best so far; nothing has tested my fitness, strength, timing and precision like boxing. Class was always all male.

Really want to try Muay Thai. What other fighting styles are wizards into?


File: 1613255639791.jpeg (52.65 KB, 512x408, 64:51, 654042AB-44ED-43C1-AB1D-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Normies really look down on weapon based combat sports as being cringe and for losers. Kali/escrima really interests me though. So does Thai stick fighting.


Would you be cool with discussion of martial arts in media?


File: 1613357832107.png (1008.82 KB, 1024x752, 64:47, 1613243664031.png) ImgOps iqdb

reminds me of this
what do you think?


take your fucking normie bullshit and fuck off


getting your ass kicked by 12 year olds is a normie thing now?


I think it's probably the same dude that has a bitch fit whenever a celebrity is brought up.
The guy in the picture is a actor so therefore the auto hate. Probably not helped by it being a social media post.

It's whatever. Haters going to hate after all.


>Not wanting normie celebrities and normie social media on wizchan is bad



Unless you want to talk about martial arts fuck off.


Alright,I'll hide this thread and leave you guys with the extremely high quality discourse you guys had gotten going before I arrived


why do they? is there some martial arts puritanism where they consider it unfit/dishonorable unless it only uses the body?


I would love to try a combat sport/martial but I'm quite skinny, what do you guys advise?


Find something local that you can somewhat easily get to and in your price range.
Just starting with anything and sticking with it for a bit as you get used to moving your body and manipulating other people's bodies.

Striking arts are probably going to give you less of a hard time starting out being a skinny guy. But grappling arts are probably going to be most benificial for you as a martial artist in the long run. But when you start out it is going to suck really hard as a skinny guy.
So judge based on your will power and persistence if you have the option of one or the other.

Never heard such complaints, from normies or other martial artist.
The only complaints I have ever heard about some weapon based martial arts is that some styles don't have enough sparing and drills with liveniss to be effective, but those people are usually missing the point of those arts to begin with.


File: 1613607161733.jpeg (66.58 KB, 640x392, 80:49, DCFF0180-E499-451A-ADEE-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

It is just because a lot of normies would see weapon based martial arts as nerdy and impractical compared to something like MMA. They would see MMA as cool and dangerous and hard, but something like HEMA or swordplay as for sad nerd larpers.

(Granted, for self defence against multiple attackers with weapons even arts proven in the UFC like BJJ and Muay Thai are going to be very impractical. If multiple people attack you, then run).

In truth, I find weapon based martial arts interesting. Especially ones that involve using specific obscure weapons that require specific dexterous skills like Urumi sword whip.


in other words they're a bunch of assclowns who like to imagine themselves being bigger and badder and cooler


I will say it again I have never heard such criticism from normies about weapon based martial arts.
Not once.


Yeah I know you said that. Your experience is not necessarily representative of all reality. I have had MMA and Krav Maga people make fun of Hema and I overheard succubi making fun of swords demonstrations saying it was sad.
Sorry to sound rude. I just cannot stand people who cannot believe anything unless they have experienced it themselves. It is really dumb.


Let me put it another way.
Why should I believe your "lived experience" that is totally contrary to my "lived experience"?
Because you are invoking normies?

Even in online discussion I have never seen what you are talking about. Yet you are making the assertion that such an opinion is widespread and common.
My rebuttal is that it's not at all a widespread or common opinion and I give the equal level of supporting evidence that you do.

Only a fool just blindly goes along with whatever someone who play the in group out group thing to justify their nonsense.


I boxed in high school. The name of the game was conditioning and cardio, everything else was secondary.


Nothing is contradicting your experience. You just have not experienced everything. Why would I lie? What is the motivation here?


I want to join a cl*b in order to learn boxing properly. All I'm doing is bodyweight exercises on rings now. I guess I'll join a gym in 3 months when I settle down somewhere else.

So, what exercises/drills would you suggest before going there? Thanks.


Definitely sprawls (google it) and burpees. Also, push ups. Circuit training is common in boxing clubs.


>Why would I lie
I need not explain your internally motivation to do things. People lie on this site about the dumbest shit all the time. People lie irl about the dumbest shit all the time for no good reason.
Maybe you just wanted people to validate you or the attention makes you feel good. I don't care why you lie.
I am under no obligation to take your word on something that sounds fake.
I don't believe you and I am not going to go along with a circle jerk just because you say some guy said some dumb shit one time so everyone everywhere thinks a thing.

You are the one who implied what you said is widespread.
It is not.
It is not only a not widely held belief, but the way you presented it makes me doubt you have ever even interacted with anyone who said such a thing.


I just want to say that it is actually rather amusing that a thread about fighting is full of fighting.


Fuck off shit stirrer.


It is a widely held belief. It is a belief held by many.


Prove it.


I'll prove it for him. I was this kind of moron for a time. I was a teenager at the time, and more interested in anime than I am now, but it was still my mindset.

My guess is, at worst, >>56953 is referring to other teens or anime fans who think it's feasible to catch a sword with your bare hands with minimal training. Which, as a Narutard, is hilarious to me, because if Naruto had just had an arming sword-length weapon, and decent training in its usage, Neji would have been unable to touch him in the Chunin Exam arc.

I don't doubt he's heard this sort of disparaging before. I don't know how widespread it is OUTSIDE of the anime crowd, but I'll bet a testicle that it's the large majority mindset WITHIN that crowd.


With all that out of the way, I am unfortunately in a small town in the middle of BFE; the entire county is basically farming community. We have a local county fair, and it's basically the highlight of the year.

So I have to train on my own. I'm always out in my backyard with a wooden dowel and swinging it, mostly working on aim and strength of a strike at the moment. I think my biggest weakness is actually footwork; any advice in that regard?


Thank you.


First, your absurd anecdotes aren't proof of anything as you could just as easily be lying.

> but I'll bet a testicle that it's the large majority mindset WITHIN that crowd.
You would lose that testicle then.
The anime fandom is something I am well versed in and I can say with certainty that such a opinion is not common, or even ever mentioned, within the community.
If anything there is a reason why weebs are stereotyped as katana fetishist.


this fucking thread holy shit


Don't you have snow to shovel or something?
Fuck off to your dead thread.


File: 1613987428598.png (1.28 MB, 1018x980, 509:490, try-not-to.png) ImgOps iqdb


> You would lose that testicle then.

Not exactly a great loss, just a painful one.

> If anything there is a reason why weebs are stereotyped as katana fetishist.

I don't doubt that, but to assume lies, which are a form of mal intent, and considering your attitude…it makes me realize why wizards in fantasy literature are stereotyped as cranky old men who don't share their knowledge with anyone and would rather blast you across the plains than say "good morning."

In short, just because FACTUALLY you get more fruit flies with vinegar than honey, doesn't mean that you have to be a prick to people talking about their own experiences.

I try to be reasonably nice to people, at least until they decide to drop all pretense of civility. So in that spirit, pic related, even if it is two months late.


>Nothing of value to say
>Tone policing
>Old shitty Facebook memes
>Refers to wizards as a outside group

You do understand succubi aren't allowed here right?


What's more succubus than shitting on other people because a bug crawled up your ass? Just fish it out with the stick you've already got in there. I did ask a question above, after giving said anecdotes, in an attempt to get actual discussion going, but you just had to be a bitch.

The reason I was "tone policing" was because we're trying to discuss the subject listed in the OP, and you decided to come in here like a fucking Tumblr twat with a hammer and sickle avatar telling the person that actually lived through Soviet Russia that no, ACKCHYUALLY.

If you want to be a cunt, here's a good place to go for that: https://boards.4channel.org/mlp/ You'd probably fit right in.


Oh look more emotional crying, lies, and a total inability to provide support to any of your statements.

Lying about fake nonsense that you say you heard about martial arts to fish for blind uncritical agreement isn't what the thread is about.

If you are such a succubi that you can't discuss things without getting emotional and irrational when people don't just take your word on obviously unbelievable nonsense then maybe it is you that needs to leave.


Anyway, repeating my question in short: "Need help with footwork. Got tips?"


What are you training for and what is the rule set?
Otherwise any advice is going to be very generic like run/road work and shadowbox.


Thanks. Training for all-around sword-fighting, no real rule set (self-taught using bits and pieces from various unarmed MAs and informal practice w/friends).

To be honest, I might have to look up those terms you just used. Never quite figured out how shadowboxing is actually supposed to work. (I can only imagine what kind of a "good" impression I'm giving…)


Running around hitting each other with sticks is incredibly stupid and dangerous. Find a local HEMA group and attend it.


It can be done somewhat safely.

Wearing the proper protection or using boffers (foam training weapons) makes things as safe as any other recreational sport.

I doubt they are whacking each other with big oak sticks or dull metal blades.


My advice for your stage of training is to go run, do sprints, and do jumping related calisthenic drills like jumping jacks.
To put it into game terms, your best use of your time without formal instruction is getting your stats up.
At this stage you should focus on improving your overall personal fitness and cardiovascular endurance. It will only benefit you and you won't create bad habits that have to be trained out of you.


Informal get togethers with friends sounds like kids in the park with sticks rather than protective gear.


This is true, I do try to keep a reasonable actual fitness. Stupid lockdowns have made it difficult, but I intend to start up again ASAP.

"Formal instruction is better for you" seems to be the key takeaway. Thank you.

Also, found a site on boxing that I might be able to piecemeal somewhat from. Not sure if it'll help that much in the long run, but it's something to get me to move more.

Thanks again.


my main issue with making progress is being lazy. I just wake up feeling tired and feel tired all day so I never work out. Every once and a while I will have some energy and work out but every once and while isn't going to get me in shape.


I miss grappling.
I want to throw some people or work on chokes and locks.

Striking arts start feeling stale after awhile.


You're limited on how hard you can go with striking in sparring. You don't want to go to hard and get brain damage from repeated concussions.


Not really what I was talking about but whatever.

It's more of doing the same thing over and over again for years.
There are only so many ways to punch and kick a person and it be effective.
I miss the various techniques, always having something new to work on. I feel like with striking once you got the main stuff down all that you can really do is grind your physical and mental abilities.


Anyone know where cheap wrestling/judo mats can be bought?

Thinking about getting a 10x10 for ~$500 unless I find a better deal.


You're limited in grappling too. Nobody wants to go 100% most of the time in BJJ.


Mats came yesterday.
Time to put them to good use today. Hopefully my breakfalls are still top notch.


I've been looking into what's available in my area as far as muay thai and hema is concerned but the idea of having to deal with groids, especially with all this corona shit that'll probably be around for a long time, has been somewhat discouraging.


If you are healthy enough to do muay thai you probably don't have to worry about corona.
And with hema you can just use pole arms to keep 6 feet away, lol.

Besides, when else do you get to hit normies and not go to jail or something for it?
You don't have to like them, you can just think of them as defective training equipment. One day there will be robots you can spar with like in Psychopass, but until then you just have to make due.


Good point. And after a while you can sort of train on your own once you start grasping the fundamentals right?


Depends on why you are going.
If you want your skills to be functional then sparing and partner drills are kind of required.
If you just care about health, form/cultual preservation, or whatever then it's a lot less important and you can make slow improvement even alone in those areas once you have the fundamentals. In those cases investing in a mirror or camera would be a good idea so you can look over your movements and check your form from different angles.

But yeah, if you actually want to be able to fight you have to practice fighting through sparing and drills with other people.


Got myself a weighted vest for my birthday.
Really turns a dull workout with the kids into a sweat fest where I was huffing and puffing by the end.
It's one of those adjustable weight ones so I started out with 10% of my bodyweight and have the goal of slowly increasing it to the max at 20%.


You workout with your kids? Are they in karate or something


Yes, I am a karate instructor.


based Miyagi Wiz.
Train the young to defend themselves against the bullies like you did in Karate Kid with Daniel San.


I don't know why I should get strong to win fights when I can just get bear mace and spray them in the face and kick them in the nuts


You do know there is a weapons thread if you are more interested in spray and pray then the topic of martial arts.

Speaking of spray, use mace made for humans. It's formulation is far stonger to account for humans duller senses.
Seriously look at the concentration of the active ingredient if you do not believe me.

It's a bit off topic but I dislike that bit of fud lore about bear mace being ideal for using against humans. Bears have a sense of smell like a thousand times stronger then ours. A diluted concentration that has a greater range is potent enough for bear defense.
It is not potent enough to stop a enraged druggy though. You want a higher concentration of OC in that situation.


>duller sense of smell
eh, maces aren't supposed to be stink bombs, they're pseudo nerve gases that trigger that particular pain receptor that simulates burning, has nothing to do with odor, I have some of the strongest "human" maces and they don't smell like much of anything

not sure where you got the idea that mace works by smelling bad
>Seriously look at the concentration of the active ingredient if you do not believe me.
I researched it a long time ago, bear mace burns more than any of the "human" maces if you're measuring things according to the part that actually causes the burning sensation and not some gimmick like SHU



I am just going to take a wild guess and just assume this is the Alaskan trying to stir shit again.
Seriously go back you your garbage fire of a circle jerk in the weapons thread then be a idiot here.


you said something funny so I answered it with some facts, how's that stirring shit? I never heard someone imply that mace works by smelling bad and grossing people out


Fuck off alaskan


Fun tip of the day.
Lifting weights makes most weapon training easier.
Having a good bodyweight routine makes it easier to learn and do advanced empty hand techniques.

So if you feel yourself hitting a wall, work out and get stronger. It helps.


For those who actually train martial arts what do you think would be the ideal itinerary for a hour and a half class?



File: 1622730405614.pdf (5.02 MB, Jiu-Jitsu_Combat_Tricks.pdf)

The pictures are missing but it is a pretty interesting old book from the turn of the century.


and a short video to kinda go along with it.


I wish I could find some place that will just let me spar without having to take classes. I could enjoy that I think. I am going to ask the place near me again once I get into shape. They said no last time but I bet they are more desperate for money now after covid.


That would be too much of a liability, and your tiny bit of money wouldn't be worth the risk of dealing with you.

Some places have open mat nights, but generally they only allow people who have some formal training. This is both for the persons own safety and to screen out crazies and sociopaths who are just looking for a excuses to go nuts and hurt people rather then train.

I know I wouldn't let you in under such a request to my school. Same with every other instructor I know.


nothing besides Boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai, and Wrestling survived the test of time. MMA exposed all the phony asian martial arts and Krav Maga is a larp.


File: 1624501406025.jpg (72.83 KB, 1024x745, 1024:745, Krabi_Krabong_Buddhai_Swan….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

thinking of picking up Krabi–krabong, any thoughts?


Hi Alaskan.
I see you fishing with that stale bait.
Stop trying to pick fights with decade old troll post.


Good luck finding a place that will train you in it outside of it's home country.
It's pretty obscure and most train it as something closer to a cultural dance and apart of ethnic heritage rather then something to make into general public for profit gyms/schools.
If you don't have a in with that community you probably won't be able to learn it.


hahaha, you're so schizophrenic
that's not him, see a doctor


Whatever troll.


I am going to Thailand for a job. Will be training Muay Thai there obviously but would love to give Krabi Krabong a go.



Where in Thailand will you be? I was there for 9 months not too long ago and it was so nice.
Post food when you're there.


I will be in Bangkok. Yes, the food looks nice.


Finally a good excuse to not make eye contact, lol.

Seriously though this dude is a gold mine. Check him out if you are into striking/kickboxing. He knows his stuff and has the record and championship belts to prove it.


File: 1629704592571.gif (887.84 KB, 500x650, 10:13, zStance2.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Is archery or spear-throwing considered martial arts?


Yes, there are a few martial arts that are focused on or incorporate archery. Such as the Koren art Gungsul or the Japanese arts Kyūdō and Yabusame.


No, at least not to my knowledge.
Closest you are going to get is the track and field version which is the javelin throw.

one more thing, Stop avatarfagging.


File: 1629879541248.jpg (100.01 KB, 600x460, 30:23, MTG23.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Martial art with a hooked handle umbrella is so satisfying…


File: 1630014489343.jpg (18.49 KB, 474x284, 237:142, 20210905.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Are Shaolin monks legit fighters or is it just for show?


Martial art? Defender just uses the umbrella to distract the perp until defender can pull his S&W out. It's right there in the picture


That's only one of the techniques.


See Ranton on jewtube, he's half-chinese and he was a monk for about two years, I think. Basically Shaolin styles are just for show, but the monks exercise so much they can easily kick some ass just by brute force.


File: 1630081361464.webm (2.89 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 1630080704102.webm) ImgOps iqdb

which fighting style is this?


A single kick doesn't make a style.
There are dozens of martial arts that use spinning hook kicks.


It looks like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


You are not funny.


Finally opened back up after 2 months closed do to wu flu.

Was a great class but I think I finally tore my hip flexor doing a jumping side kick without paying full attention on the bag.

I really hope it isn't a full tear, and that a night's rest and some anti-inflammatory meds will fix it. Because I have to teach class again tomorrow, then do my regular job the day after that.


Current standing bags are falling apart so it's time to shop for new ones.

Anyone have recommendations on standing punching bags?



Tfw when you feel emasculated af because you were too weak and too scared to fight.


Train and grow stronger.
You don't have to be weak and afraid if you have the will to change.


I am 5ft6 and have little to no fighting experience.Which type of martial art should I consider investing my time and energy into?


What's actually a available in your area and what can you afford?
No point in recommending something that you can't realistically get regular training in.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. You can choke bigger people out on the ground even if you are small.


MMA. MMA is basically the only real "style" of martial arts out there because it's what actually works in real fights. The only real difference is that in a real fight takedowns are even more crucial because then you can just stomp them in the face. Avoid taekwondo and anything chinese or ninja related like the plague.


According to some people you should already have experience in bjj or judo before getting trained in MMA. I remember being controlled in a headlock by a dumb normal fag. Do most "Licensed" MMA gym expect you to have some fighting experience.


Are you really trying to make the silly claim that nothing else works in fights other then MMA?

It strongly depends on the gym and the goals of the person. If you are interested in going pro or competing and the gym doesn't have all the specialist in house then yeah you really should learn a specialty like striking from a competitive striker and grappling from a competitive grappler.
If you are not interested in competing or going pro then even if their aren't in house specialist you should be fine with general MMA classes. They will probably teach you mediocre MT with ok BJJ and/or wrestling.
More then enough to kick the average untrained persons ass, as well as get you in pretty good shape (if you don't get any nasty injuries).
Shit tends to be really expensive though.


More or less just finished the first time officiating a belt test.
Felt weird but I am proud of the students and I think it mostly went ok.


Martial arts is a waste, in my personal opinion.

I've lived in NYC my whole life, I've fought people since I was a child, and throughout all my experiences I've learned only one thing matters: Learn how to stop pulling your punches. The average person has
a problem with seeing through a punch. When met with a little bit of force, the person punching usually pulls their hand back. Once you learn to stop that, learn to keep your eyes open. Stop flinching. This
is why people say take up boxing. Boxing isn't the best form of fighting, obviously. You're taking away your use of legs and your ability to slam. What boxing does it teaches you to stop pulling punches and
stop flinching. Overcoming those two things gives you the ability to fight effectively. After that it's all experience and common sense. Throw dirt, kick balls. Too weak? Use an elbow, too strong? Open hand.

Fighting is a learning experience. Once you get down the basics, fine tune it around your capabilities.


Any style can teach you to take down some untrained nobody but if you don't actually compete in real fights with it you won't be able to compete against someone who does compete in fights. To become a fighter you have to fight, it's just that simple. Any sort of training where people pull their punches like they do in chinese martial arts is useless because you don't learn the real timing. Also styles are just weaknesses. You are just limiting yourself to a particular moveset. MMA incorporates them all and prioritizes whatever works in actual fights. Something like TKD is so limited by its rules that it's literally not even in the same realm as fighting, it's more like crossfit or something.


Fighting on paved surfaces is courting death. One good throw and you're fucking dead. One good KO from standing and you fall funny and you're fucking dead. It's easy to deescalate most situations. If someone is trying to rob you, you just give them your stuff. If someone is insulting you, you just take it. What kind of a moron gets into actual fights? You must be some abrasive normalfag. We are civilized so fighting is just something you do for fun and/or money as a sport.



>enters a thread about a hobby

>your hobby is a waste of time in my personal uninformed opinion

Why are you here?

>I've lived in NYC my whole life

Did you think that would somehow impress anyone. It ain't the 70s anymore. NYC isn't that bad compared to most US cities in regards to fighting, tough street culture, or crime.
It's meaningless fluff.
As far as all the other stuff, it's the typical tough guy stuff you hear all the time from people who never trained, usually can't even throw a good non-telegraphed punch, and avoids any fight where they couldn't start it with a sucker punch.
Seen your type for decades. You impress no one and you frankly don't know shit from piss.


Yeah I am not interested in becoming professional, I just want to lesrn some basic wrestling moves,techniques,grapples, slams ,submission escapes and defense moves, enough to deal with both smaller and larger target if I ever get into an annoyong situation again. Learning to escape basic moves such as headlocks, and masterlocks and bearhugs are my number one priority.Learning to slam others comes second.



Don't know what about my post seemed negative, and knowing where I am I'm sure it didn't need to seem like anything for you to take offense. Anyway, my statement still stands. Follow through punches + flinch control = better fighting. Try to have a nice day.


Again, what is best for you depends on what is available in your area and price range.
Judo, BJJ, Sambo, Folk Wrestling, Freestyle, Greco-Roman, Catch, MMA gym, and many more all have what you are looking for.
If they have regular sparing and drills with resistance then odds are it will get you to your goals.


What a ignorant jackass.


For practicing strikers.
Thoughts on this.

Personally I am going to try it out a bit and see how well it incorporates into my current style mix. Maybe not as a total replacement but as just another tool in the toolbox.


How many street fights I saw happen: loads.
How many dead guys I've seen: nil.


I'm not him but the damage is considerably worse on the pavement, especially if the back of the head bounces off the floor. That is where the brain stem is.


I don't have any actual merit, so take my advice with a grain of salt. However, I do watch fighting videos and shadowbox/train daily. I have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of fighting which are striking, balance, momentum, and movement.

As far as Muay Thai vs. Karate goes, I would probably say it depends on what your actual use is for learning martial arts in general.
In my opinion, Muay Thai is the absolute best martial art for striking, as it incorporates all 8 limbs (hands, legs, elbows, knees). Other martial arts, especially Karate, are more limited by rules and what parts of the body you can and can't use.
I won't pretend like I know a lot about Karate, but my understanding is that it's primarily a point-based striking sport, whereas Muay Thai has a lot of focus on conditioning and warrior training.
Either way, whichever one you choose will be better than doing nothing.

>If you want to learn how to strike effectively and take hits, do Muay Thai
>If you're scared of being knocked out, or value your brain cells, do Karate


I think you missed the question that was being asked.

It was about preference for the kinds of sidekick. Not which art was better.
Thai side kick is more square and using the ball of the foot, while the traditional side kick that just about every other art uses turns all the way to the side and uses the heel of the foot.

Like, did you not read the thumbnail or click to see the title of the video?


Isn't that just a twist kick? Twist kicks are based.


No, different force vector and application.
I see the similarity in hip position though.


>a gun
enjoy getting rittenhouse'd the first time you use that thing




Don't shitpost here.


How do I beat up bullies?


THis Website is for adults.
Use the legal system and avoid physical confrontation unless there is literally no other option to protect against physical assault.
You are too old to get into fist fights because of feels. You will just end up in jail unless it was legally justified.
It is a lot easier and faster to report them or get away then the long and hard process of learning how to actually fight.


I am 100% with Khabid when it comes to ring succubi.
They are totally unnessary and what they are payed is retarded when that money could go to the fighters. Some promotions literally pay the ring succubi more then the fighters, which is insane.

I think it is has been long time that such leaches on the sport should be banished and for the fighters to be payed even better.


Psychological torture, gaslighting, and manipulation works better but just chill out dude


The sport is mostly watched by macho retards that like to see generic “hot” females in skimpy clothing, sort of like how you’ll often find those race car poster/calendars not just featuring the car but also some female on it, it comes with the territory



You don't. If you have a chance of fighting back you're not being bullied.


>The sport is mostly watched by macho retards that like to see generic “hot” females in skimpy clothing
Eh… That's the perception that some people have and the presence of ring succubi definitely adds to that image of the sport. I wouldn't say it's entirely accurate; anecdotally speaking, I know some smart people who are bored by all sports except MMA. Personally, MMA, boxing and Muay Thai are the only sports that I have ever cared about or enjoyed watching.

The ring succubi originated in boxing from a very different era when people would really enjoy seeing semi nude succubi as it was rare to see. These days with instant access free pornography, ring succubi are a stupid anachronism.


It's a legit sociopathic request.
"I don't know you guys, but let me, a random with bad vibes "spar" you. I know that covid has left you desperate for cash"


File: 1657716977006.webm (2.76 MB, 720x540, 4:3, Usman vs Colby.webm) ImgOps iqdb

ortega vs yair..that will be an interesting fight on a shit card
blaydes vs aspinall…now thats gone be a banger it also got /ourguy/ paddy vs gay homo and gustaffson is returning but im thinking hes going to be flushed


File: 1658354408560.webm (2.84 MB, 720x540, 4:3, Israel Adesanya The Last ….webm) ImgOps iqdb

the ufc moved fight nights to early sat weekends


its over diazbros

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