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Book discussion.
Previous thread: >>54504

So it's been about a year since I read Arabian Nights (>>54901, >>54902) and last night I was staring at the ceiling before going to bed and out of nowhere felt like going through it again and started reading. Not sure why, I think it's because it turns out it's my favorite literary work out there. This was not obvious to me until very recently but it's becoming clearer now. Let's see how a second reading feels like. I feel like this book is everything I look for in literature. Weird fantasy, horror, mystery. It feels exotic and outlandish and you never follow the same people for long. You catch them at the turn of the tide, just before the angel of death comes for them. It races through this odd, tragic world at a steady pace, highlighting the shitshow that is humanity. Beasts, monsters, men and succubi who in their fear and ignorance become even more cruel and unpredictable than a Djinn. Ghouls feeding their young with the flesh of a young prince. Warm colors of a beautiful palace, where the powerful fill their stomachs with delicate pastries in a hurry, before their inevitable demise. The peaceful, lulling sounds of a gentle breeze in the desert. Dromedaries feeding on the flowers of an Acacia tree under a clear bright sky. Fishermen dreaming about rings of sorcery inside the belly of a blue tilapia. Forgotten ruins, forgotten, sleeping demons. I want to go back to those places again and when you read it, for a moment, you're there.

Also I got a warning for posting 'test' on the previous thread. Apologies, I wanted to check if it was still bumping and forgot to delete it.


How do you lads decide what to read next? I have a list of thousands of books I want to read but can never pick one…


I thankfully don't have this problem, I always just pick one book, read it, start looking for a second one.

Maybe you should start reading what you added first, and if it's boring, skip it and start reading what you added second.


I just finished reading Snow Crash, it was weird but definitely an enjoyable read. Before that I read the Neuromancer trilogy which was also pretty good. Probably going to read Dune next.


I'm bored so I will start posting a brief summary of the things I've read so far this year. Here I go:

>El Criticón by Baltasar Gracián

This was pain to read honestly, I can't recall anything besides the major themes he Gracián touches on the book. This is a work about general skepticism and pessimism about life and this world. Trickery, lies, corruption, traps are around the corner and are the norm in this world. You can't trust anything offered by this world and redemption can only be found in God and truth. Schopenhauer had Gracián in high regard and I see the reasons. There are some memorable fables in the book but overall I will dare to say that it's poorly constructed and the metaphors he uses are rather abstruse and hard to digest. This is a Spanish classic and Gracian helped to build the basis that various European thinkers used in the next centuries but I prefer Don Quixote of Cervantes more. He's is clearer, funnier and feels like a fresh breeze when compared to El Criticón of Gracián.


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I was reading the accidental superpower. The premise of the author is that due to the fall of the soviet union, and aging populations around the world the US has become uninterested in continuing it's NATO and other worldwide relationships that have resulted in troop withdrawal, lack of trade deals, and increasingly a less american presence around the world. We're only continuing due to inertia but he expected "something" to eventually force america to return home and for history to "restart".

My main criticism is that I think he paints too rosy of a picture for the USA should it completely abandon the rest of the world but otherwise I think he's right.


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I finished reading children of men. The simplest summary I can give it is that in the end it was about a succubus jumping from man to man in search of security for her offspring with no care for any of them.

It also varied quite a bit from the movie needless to say.


Does Wizards like goth literature? What would goth folks recommend besides Edgar Allan Poe?


Idk what "goth" literature is but I totally adore gothic horror.
Is that what you mean?
If so I highly recommend reading the classics of the genre. While some of the modern stuff is quite good it just doesn't compare to the stuff that has stood the test of time.

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