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Were any of you bullied at school? If If so,share your experiences. How do you cope all these years later?


Why is middle school bullying so sexualized, like so much of it involves forcibly stripping boys of all their clothing or wedgies or swirlies.

Even a movie as innocent as Disney's Doug has Roger forcibly violently stripping him down to his underwear.

If any of that were done to succubi it would be sexual assaults'. But like even the most innocent kids media just laughs it off when it is done to boys.

Being physically beat up is bad enough. But there seems to be a sexual undercurrent to a lot of it.


Probably has nothing to do with jews. That much I think we can be sure of.


I got bullied by literal NPC'S. Most of them are souless.


The movies you watched were written and produced by Jews. They have absolutely no bearing on reality.


Not exactly bullied but always treated with disrespect by everybody



No, it is only common in pop culture, because it is so common in real life. Boy on boy bullies take it beyond a physical beating to forced strippings.


I get what you mean, sexual humiliation of men gets rather normalized in mainstream kike media, even rape of men often gets displayed as something funny.

The retard masses often think it's funny when a guy gets forced to suck dick or when he gets raped and even when it's real you still see normies crack jokes about it.

Bodyshaming men is socially accepted even in movies they joke about penis size and mens bedroom performance all the time but if you'd joke about a succubus's breast size or her hanging labia then you'd get labeled as bodyshamer and misogynistic. Madonna said last year that dick size matters and that bigger is better and when people made fun of her weird looks this year she accused them of bodyshaming and the media defended her stance without ever having called her out for her own bodyshaming. Even that pokimane streamer slut got away with insulting an underage viewers penis size on stream, imagine a grown guy would talk like this to an underage succubus on stream. There are so many men with perfectly normal penis sizes who suffer from mental stuff because of this penis size bullying and no one gives a fuck about it, people will just make fun of you for pointing it out "You must have a short penis then huehueheue" yet these ignorant cunts complain about beauty standards when people point out that fit is healthier than fat.

There's also a huge amount of people who just love to see men getting g humiliated and degraded and many of these people belong to the progressive reddit faggot crowd.


>people will just make fun of you for pointing it out "You must have a short penis then huehueheue"

This is one of the main problems with pop culture, no one wants to point out anything because they don't want to look like uncool dorks. You could have a 5 mile long penis and if you'd point out that it's bad to bodyshame genitals some normie idiot would still take the opportunity to claim you have a short member and everyone would immediately stop listening to you and laugh at you while the faggot who insulted you goes home to secretly jerk off to sph cuckold videos.


I'd say I was bullied in a more passive way than anything. I always got the impression that people were only friends with me because they pitied, but then again I was one of those kids that went out of their way to embarrass themselves because I thought it would make me popular. I can to realize that everyone was laughing at me, not with me, yet I took whatever communication I got as genuine engagement.


On rare occasions I faced direct bullying such as getting physically abused or threatened but most of the time it was the typical subtle humiliating and disrespectful behavior.

I definitely used to do things for attention and behaved in various cringy ways but I'm also incredibly autistic and never had a chance to properly understand social concepts since I was isolated most of the time. My lack of self awareness mixed with my low confidence got me into a lot of bad stuff.


It isn't exactly a new trend. If anything in older days there was even less sympathy for male victims, as they were the ones expected to toughen up.


I don't think that bullies sexually humiliating the weaker smaller scrawnier boys is really meant personally against them. It's more about showing off in front of succubi. It's not socially acceptable to just beat and strip succubi like a caveman. So you do it to the most feminine boys and treat him like a succubus by proxy. And so that way the bully advertises to succubi what he physically could do to her. As well as totally emasculating male competition down to the level of a succubus.


No, actually Reddit called out how the graphic humiliation of boys is played out for laughs in pop media



It's both, for once it's the most humiliating thing they could do and this gives the sadist a personal kick and it's also a display of dominance in front of succubi.

succubi often find these displays attractive because their chimpanzee monkey brains are usually wired towards primal sex stuff and it's really similar to watching chimpanzees in a zoo. When they see a man assert that kind of dominance over another man they can sense power and assertiveness which are attractive traits, they usually don't like sole violence but the social implications behind it because they constantly scan men for attractive traits.

I think this is the kind of reason why succubi are often the cause of trouble because they often accelerate this primal monkey behavior when they are around men.


Reddits opinions on anything regarding the experience of men shouldn't be taken serious by anyone


OK Reddit is wrong to compare boys and succubi, they have entirely different sexualities. While succubi at that age would be traumatic. Boys are just asexual clowns, and it isn't really sexual at all, just funny.


>first comment on the thread
I am going to fucking gag.


It's terrible how they immediately resort to spin issues for their own agenda as soon as they can't be denied anymore.


Where I live, bullying as this physical abuse so prevalent in american media and from what I can tell by people online, doesn't exist. Or at least, not as widespread. Sure there might be verbal abuse, but people usually don't expect you to act about it. Many times I answered to insults with a kick in the balls, a face slap or, if the kid was being really offensive, I would grab them by the neck and stomp them against the wall. My brother teached me a cool trick: if you press the adam apple against the throat, the victim can't breath. So I would use all these violent fists against verbal abuse. People stopped messing with me after a while. I'm glad we don't have physical bullying here though, because I wasn't strong enough, I just had a lot of tard rage. Also I learned how to be quick in my verbal answers and how to banter. But don't think I was ever considered cool. I was this weird, quiet kid who gave crey vibes. And they were right.


File: 1680203988739.png (99.12 KB, 539x392, 11:8, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

According to Jordan Peterson bullies such as Nelson Muntz play an important role in upholding the traditional order from deviancy. Without a Nelson Muntz to keep Springfield in check, the boys would just wander off deep into Milhouse's niceguy crab self-pity, and Martin Prince's insufferable over-intellectualizing ramblings. Bullies pull us back onto the path of normalacy for our own good, and let us know if we wander off too far there will be punishments.


Nelson is not the arbiter of normalcy in the simpsons. Those would be the kids that laugh along when he bullies someone in public view. Nelson bullies people not because he has contempt for their lifestyle or personality but because he comes from a broken home and has no outlet for his own distress other than inflicting it on others. The bullies that come from well off homes, who bully people for being poor, uneducated, and weak are the ones that act out of societal demands.


I got bullied for being weird and ugly. The internet helped me cope a lot.


Confirmed that Jordan Peterson was a bully when he was in school.


I agree with this to an extent as there is indeed bullying that serves a purpose especially during youth and its just about learning social norms. If the spergy adhd kid keeps annoying everyone or if some kid keeps acting like a nice guy fag until the boys get irritated then the others reacting to it negatively is just a part of a learning process.

If young people get sheltered from this then they are way more likely to be emotionally unstable later, these people are also often unable to handle any assertiveness and it just leads to bad stuff most of the time.

There is of course also really bad bullying which is sadistic and a lot of people get traumatized by this and thats the type of shit that is actually sick.

If people get bullied for things they can't change then that's just fucked up and serves no purpose.


why are you wasting your time listening to that pseudointellectual idiot


It's a balance. I read psuedointellectual idiots like Jordan Peterson, then I come here and read a few psuedointellectual idiotic posts, then…


I think Nelson is a sadistic scary bully. He really beats the crap out of kids. He was legit terrifying in Season 1.

And then he put Milhouse in the hospital.

and speaking of forcibly stripping victims, Simpsons bullies did that all the time


File: 1680207852891.png (444.92 KB, 960x720, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Jordan Peterson is a boomer who doesn't know shit about Simpsons he should have chosen a different analogy. He probably watched a few episodes on TV but I don't think he knows anything in depth about how the characters are.


Nelson being brutal and sadistic doesn't contradict what JP said



That is not sexualization. It's humiliation, plain and simple. Stripping someone naked is a classic way to humiliate someone.


Violently forcibly stripping someone to near nudity is inherently sexual


Even though it really sucked at the time, I like to think of it in terms of some benefits like having a thicker skin, learning how to turn situations to my advantage in the heat of the moment, and seeing how lame and lowbrow the internal bully culture was. But it definitely amplified my manipulative tendences and definitely didn't do a lot for my autistic and asocial nature.

At least I can say I still can't really enjoy hurting people for the sake of hurting them. But it's not like I was abused the way it's glorified in the media. More of a pecking order thing I never really understood or cared to get out of at the time that wound up making me an easy default target until later on when I learned I could play the game better than that.


I got bullied really hard in 1st grade. Its crazy the whole world thinks of 5-6 year olds as innocent little angels, but that is when I got the worst of the bullying.

I was bullied on 3 levels. 1st was the mob bullying and teasing by the entire class, which treated me as the weirdo freak.

then the bullying by the tough strong kids

and then the weirdo psycho kids.

normie, chad, psycho, I got the whole trifecta of bullying from everyone.

i got sucker punched in the school yard once.

i fought two weirdos, one in the bathroom, pulling his hair, one right at the desk in front of the whole class. but it aint like the films. putting up your dukes and fist fighting, to what I consider a draw, didn't win anyone's respect.

If there was any empiricism in me, that would have been my education in the Hobbesian nature of humanity even as saplings. But I still clung to a naive idealism in the face of reality.

For a long time I did hold a grude that I got stuck with especially mean 6 year olds. But I realize even when I met whole new groups of kids, I would quickly make myself an outcast again.

But in a way it comforts me and frees me of regrets. If 5 year olds could detect I was such an autistic freak, it's no wonder where I'm in my 30s.

they were just little wolf cubs tearing apart the runt of the litter who would bring the whole pack down. I mean I wasn't even short at that time, I'm now after puberty. But back then being tall sucked, always being in the back of the line. Not even seen on picture day. I told my bully "I'm taller than you", and he just said so?


File: 1680215828980.webm (Spoiler Image, 4.35 MB, 480x360, 4:3, bullying some kid.webm) ImgOps iqdb


so succubus on boy physical bullying does happen?


What normalfag life under a rock are you living that you need to verify this fact


File: 1680216376868.webm (1.66 MB, 640x352, 20:11, 1466277652006.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Yes and they always get away with it.


eurofag here, i experienced the worst stuff in elementary because of retard refugees and ghetto immigrants who for some reason would always attack the native kids. I saw quite some violence and also have been attacked myself, sometimes theyd suddenly do things like kick you in the back or try to mug you or just press and threaten you, some immigrant kid even pushed me down some stairs in school for no reason just because of some monkey impulse. there were always fights and just overall it was aggressive, it was pure low iq uncivilized behavior.

I guess this is quite normal for euro schools near or in cities, it's just less peaceful because there's more ghetto immigrants. It was just an everyday thing that some sandniggers might do violent shit for no reason, no matter if it was in school or in town you were never save from these uncivilized goatfuckers.

All this violence shit has traumatized me, I wish I grew up in a rural area in a school full of natives and not in this shitty town full of immigrant ghettos.


That's just because you don't have to deal with the Blacks. Here Muslims just get beat up and have their taxis and stores robbed by the Blacks.


I was mainly bullied for my height tought, I dont even liked Anime.


your height deviated from the norm, so it still fits


IS what Jim did to Dwight, considered bullying?


Bullies like nelson set a limit to embarrassing cringe nerd behavior so he is a hero in my book.


Context? Why did the other guy kick him towards the end?


That little kid likely did something wrong.


Many times I bullied back. Not toughly enough, from that POV, but everything was due to my private intolerance to certain situations they put me into, which eventually disappeared.

The very trouble was inside me, my unavoidable way of feeling life. Only after certain critical experiences (where I also used the same tactic in order to avert the shame accumulating inside me) my subconscious freed me from that stupid torment. No movies nor life lessons, as far as I can see, could have released me from that psychosis. In later years I find myself now just being an outcast whom psychos and narcissists irritate, then I learn the paterns, avoid falling again and then they get irritated back. The same philosophy is behind, I just lament not having been hardwired without so much derangement that would make my teen years so sensitive.

But I find that many other people in my situations would have fallen totally against them, cucked and deceived, yet I only feel a disgusted surprise about how much cucked the world is. I might share some stories of these via greentext, the world is in humilliation, normies live under misery mindsets where they behave even worse than animals at their own expense and they even sincerely seem to think that we are not adapted or misfortunate for not falling for these social schemes of asslickery and selfdeprecation. And they will get angry with you for not adding yourself to their misery cycles.

Pathetic things I did, pathetic things I lived, pathetic people and situations I've seen. We must incitate young wizars to get ready against idiots, anyway.


>unironically thinking that Milhouses would overrun the world
>ignoring that is normalcy who rises and supports bullies and psychopaths with number force and sheer submissive cattle idiocy

Muntz is a retard who deserves deridement and violence until going crazy and you are better offed, you only lack lick Lisa's shoes, who falls for the bully like a total normie leftie delusional poser she is in this process in order to fulfill your imbecile normie scheme and declare.

Whenever I managed against bullies in my life felt fucking glorious and if you ever dared to put yourself in some worth about it then you'd know who really live self-pitying theirselves for the sake of manipulating others, who unavoidably fall for their both deceit and threats like worthless cattle. My sincere sorrow for how many things prevent me from shooting your head to end your misery.

>back the path of normalcy for our own good

Mods must have abandoned this place at last. Myabe they found their motivation in life or something.

Jordan Peterson! Huh! Talk me about novices and small talkers!


> shooting your head to end your misery
>a retard who deserves deridement and violence until going crazy and you are better offed, you only lack lick Lisa's shoes, who falls for the bully like a total normie leftie delusional poser she is in this process in order to fulfill your imbecile normie scheme and declare.

don't cut yourself with that edge. Clearly you have some traumas you need to heal, the bullying REALLY did a number on you. good luck.


Muntz got what was coming to him


Nelson sexually assaulted those nerds. If beating a succubus and tearing off all her clothing is sexual assault on a succubus, then the same act is on a boy.


>Nelson sexually assaulted those nerd
You clearly have no clue and are ignorant of what a sexual assault is. Pick up a dictionary before using terms you don't know anything about.


My definition is if the act counts on succubi it counts on boys.

and that is what you would be charged with if you went out and beat the shit out of a succubus, and pulled off all her clothing down to her underwear.


Bullies regulate the weak nerd men.
The succubi provide pussy to regulate the bullies.
The school shooter regulates the bully/succubi dynamic of it breaks down.
The school shooter is regulated by the media.
Everything is actually part of a delicate ecosystem
Hello I am Jordan Peterson
And tomorrow we discuss the threat of anal rape keeps your pets from demanding too much dinner


Makes sense, I think more people would be shocked by a female getting stripped involuntary than when it was a man, some might even find it funny if it's the latter. I wanna know where this selective empathy comes from, I don't believe these reddit cucks because "the patriarchy" is not who writes all these movies, that's the reddit types themselves, also all these directors like Tarantino are the same type of spirit cucking art fags.

In that tarantino movie hateful eight is a scene in which an old confederate guy is forced to suck Samuel Jacksons dick in order to get a drink in the cold snow and theres dialogue about bbc and it overall just gets portrayed as something very funny and things like that just show us that media indeed accelerates this.


That's not what sexual assault means. Read a book before talking about topics you have no knowledge of. It's really embarrassing to read you.


Back to 4chan.
Are you seriously surprised females get more pity than men. Did you just discover the real world or are you a teenager?


bullying is patriarchy, because while the victims are male, so are the perps. succubi aren't involved in it.

and the bully lives up to the ideal of traditional macho masculinity, asserting masculine alpha dominance. he enforces the rules of masculinity and the traditional order as jordan peterson would say. any deviancy from the ideal male norm is ruthlessly punished.

weakness being the only sin for males, is another patriarchal Nietzschean ideal. that is why even though the bully is the unprovoked aggressor, it is the victim who is at fault by male standards.



File: 1680270289466.jpg (17.02 KB, 429x429, 1:1, exasperated spaniel.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Nelson bullies people not because he has contempt for their lifestyle or personality but because he comes from a broken home and has no outlet for his own distress other than inflicting it on others.
Just like the writers intended


yeah because a kid who hasn't even gone through puberty slapping another kids butt is the same as a grown man smacking the butt of a succubus in public.
not only you don't know what sexual assault is, you're incapable of arguing.


You're missing the point here, Nelson still bullies the school oddballs because of their behaviour.


>Nelson still bullies the school oddballs because of their behaviour.
Were the people involved in the production of The Simpsons victim blaming?


Here is a music video that conveys the idea that bullies are the predators of the HS ecosystem that keeps the weirdness from spiraling out of control. And while the wolf might seem mean to the slaughtered sheep, it has its role in preventing overpopulation.

Bullies are the reality principle. And without bullies, geeks and weirdos would be able to live entirely in fantasy.


that quote can't be real


>Here is a music video
>Bullies are the reality principle
I like how you've played with these contradictory motifs in your work


>Were the people involved in the production of The Simpsons victim blaming?
No, they were obviously writing comedy.


File: 1680273125086.gif (388.06 KB, 498x498, 1:1, popuko yes.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Lisa is to Nelson what Anastasia is to Christian Grey, and that says a lot about society dontchu think?


>don't cut yourself with that edge
Already did. So, I do have a trauma for considering a criminal to receive similar treat, do I? Whatever you normals looking inside this imageboard is still a mistery for us.

Go ahead, there's an entire world of narcissist and psychotic boots for you to lick outside there and then say that "you are socially enabled" while doing so and because of doing so.


I am a uge fan ߋf thiѕ game. it's my most played ame οn my phone.
Ӏ jᥙst wіsh theгe wаs more ways tο earn tickets and power-ᥙps.

Οther tһan tһat I love tһіs game.


Go seek treatment you're mentally unwell and conflate fantasy with reality. The bullies aren't here.


Yeah, "go take your meds, schizo". Same crap as usual, it's not that hard to smell the trail of these comments.

really, you need to get out of this place. It's just not made for you, don't you see?


let's see your posts

> shooting your head to end your misery

>a retard who deserves deridement and violence until going crazy and you are better offed, you only lack lick Lisa's shoes, who falls for the bully like a total normie leftie delusional poser she is in this process in order to fulfill your imbecile normie scheme and declare.

Yeah that sounds like a mentally healthy individual. Please, seek treatment.


>justifying bullying
>maybe even denying neurotypical schemes
>minimizing a problem until gets trapped in it personally
>"others should seek treatment, not me"

In healthy imageboards, actually thought for us you'd pobly get instabanned. But we can't help just cope with this trolling


>Already did. So, I do have a trauma for considering a criminal to receive similar treat, do I? Whatever you normals looking inside this imageboard is still a mistery for us.
Supposedly this is part of social regulation. All the appeals to cartoons and movies are interesting, as it indicates the same mechanism underlies the appeals made to other myths and stories commonly invoked on wizchan (as you're currently encountering with the other poster)


It's mods fault, these things here are totally under mods consent. Anyway, let him have the cope, it could actually be trying to regulate this place in some way or another (and I blame whoever falls for the shame tactics too)

Oh, if this was just like the old 4chan in SOME aspects, these outsiders just couldn't help theirselves about it.


Not only are you severely mentally ill but now you're making shit up. Suppose that's part of your disorder. Seek help, seriously.


>Anyway, let him have the cope, it could actually be trying to regulate this place in some way or another
You can test this idea by probing and examining the response, you will quickly uncover the structural composition of the story they tell themselves

>these things here are totally under mods consent.

If that's the case then it sucks for the people who want to have an unmediated and authentic interaction, but can you see the way that would lend you power as well?


seek professional help ASAP. You're a danger to yourself and other's lives. Think about your family.


I am now at that point where annoyance mixes with dissidia.



Tell us a thing OP. What's the main feel you wish to cope against? Misery due to lack of vengeance?


My fights are not remembered as any special thing, rather than a psychotic need of fighting, mostly. It was later as an adult where this behaviour turned into passive rejection under a layer of silence, where it actually did something against falling for manipulative types.


How come this wiz isn't being recommended help when he's clearly suffering from trauma?


Well he could just go and tell that he has an issue by telling how he believes that justifying animalistic social dynamics is allright while going after others to tell them they are insane for not thinking so, probably due to sadomasochistic mindset from an awful childhood who marked him, but that's not his issue.
So what could he say?


I'm not familiar with the specifics of his case but that's a remarkable concession given the (relatively low) threshold for recommending help earlier in this thread. Do you have any thoughts on that?


if the world is objectively against you, there isn't much a psych can do for you. ultimately you have to interact with normies on your own. whatever the psych tells you, is not much more useful than a self-help book


If the role of bully is just to act as an enforcer, then he should only target the extroverted geeks who flaunt their weirdness and leave the shy quiet introverts alone. But if anything the shy ones get it worse than the lolcows.

Although I suppose if his role is to punish any deviance from the norm. then shyness and quietness is a deviance.


They make Mean Gurl bullying out to be this vicious thing. So much more psychologically sinister than straight forward male bullying. Like 'oh no I said nice sweater, but I actually think its vomitrocious'. They call that bullying? We autists wouldn't even notice that. I would just say thank you, but I'm volcel.

Nothing compared to the brutal beatdowns of boys.


succubi are far more vicious. They spread rumors, degrade each other, and actively sabotage others. Most male bullies just want to beat you up or get you pissed off, not invade your psyche.


imagine being afraid of succubi as a wizard. Did wizchan got flooded with underage kids?


succubi can be extremely vicious towards crabs. Like this Dutch succubus pretended to like and date a crab for an entire week. Imagine what it did to his self-esteem to find out she had only done it as a joke. This was much worse for him, than just having the shit beat out of him. This traumatized him so he had to go into crab rehab.


"Needless to say, my dating life didn’t go too well either — starting, actually, with my first date ever. I was 12 years old and had just met a succubus I really liked. She asked me out to the club, where we danced awkwardly and did all the things teens normally would do. Then she confessed her feelings and told me she liked me. I was so excited: A succubus I liked liked me back! Someone at all liked me back!
We dated for the next week. It might have been the best week of my life. She paid attention to me. Other people paid attention to me. Things were looking good for a change.
But at the end of that week, her friends broke the news to me: She’d been dared to do it, and the whole thing was a prank. I get it now, peer pressure can make people do stupid things, and it’s just kids doing things kids do, but it hurt. And it stuck with me."


succubi are bad if you let them be.


Reddit actually defended succubi throwing food at Bryan, as not bullying but just setting boundaries.


Next they will say it is self-defense for stacies to pre-emptively bully weirdo males, so they never develop the self-confidence to become a threat.

> Sarah Healey, who went to Pleasant Valley High School with Kohberger, said he was shy and kept to himself and a small group of friends, but some of their classmates – especially succubi – mocked Kohberger and threw things at him.



This is some of the worst trolling, when succubi pretend to like some poor dude just use him as laughingstock for themselves and their friends.


He's not wrong though and reddit is also really weird towards men


the only self-defense is to say you are volcel


File: 1680308510740.png (590.46 KB, 1024x589, 1024:589, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

More a philosophical Aristotle to the Bully King, than a bully himself


>neglected, thankfully, by his thoughtless slut of a mother
WTF? I like Jordan Peterson now, I'm going to clean my room right now!


He says thankfully, because Nelson's mom is of such poor moral character, that if she tried to mother him it would only make things worse. Better to have a 0 than a -.


Simpsonsposter: The Next Generation
>-Embeds instead of pictures
>-Watches video essays about a zombified cartoon
>-Doesn't say racy things about the admins
>-Enjoys celebrity cameos
>-Has never seen a Virgin9000


OP here. I mainly have a lot of anger and fustration that was never released. If only I was strong enough to get my revenge.


What a blackpilling episode, holy fuck. Foids need to be shot.


Back to reddit, you cuckold faggot.


lol so it was justified as always.


throwing food makes them the aggressor


Never physical violence against me thank god but a lot of verbal and emotional bullying which was pretty rough.
>How do you cope all these years later?
Not great but I'm holding up


That's what I meant.

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