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How do you feel about police, wizards? Are policemen helpful, competent and friendly in your country?


I've only had to interact with them once and they were fine I guess, they took me in their car with handcuffs, I jumped through the handcuffs cause theyre uncomfortable to sit on and the guys picking me up told me to just put them back behind when I get to their station so the boss doesnt get mad at them, they seemed pretty nice but maybe I got lucky or I just come off as nonthreatening and I didn't stress them out


Depends on who you are
If you're non white male you'll be treated worse


As a general role yeah police can be ok, but they can also be angry abusive roid rage normalfags. They can also be corrupt and biased quite often if you live in a small town.
It’s probably just luck what you experience, unless it’s all politics for you etc.


Another thread about the police?




>If you're non white male you'll be treated worse
It's 100% the opposite though. Stop taking South Park and Dave Chapelle specials as fact.


>no police, no milotary, no guns, etc. Just cattle controlled by kikes.
wait, so why wouldnt there be any guns? would there be police to make sure no one had any guns? and how would the kikes make sure everyone stayed in line? if the police were defunded i guarantee people would figure out they had to protect themselves (with guns, from other people who have guns), which would be a lot easier considering they would be able to buy whatever guns they want because the government would have no way of stopping them.


many years ago i was in the process of being arrested in japan for stealing electricity (charging phone using public outlets, like in public bathrooms) but i managed to resist and deny and refuse to cooperate like a big manbaby and they gave up and just told me to stop stealing electricity


I don't like cops, but career criminals are worse (except for those who are both, those are the lowest scum).
They're a necessary evil I guess, they somewhat keep criminals at bay, I live in a shitty south american country, remember the time cops went on strike down here for a few days and nogs just went rampart, looting and stealing everywhere.
What I really hate is abuse of authority, like >>301087, trying to a throw a guy in jail for using an electric socket is baffling to me.


>trying to a throw a guy in jail for using an electric socket is baffling to me.
Then you are probably baffled by birds singing songs in the morning. When some dirty shady nigger comes and starts loitering around and plugginmg things in to your private business's outlets, how are you going to respond? Just sit there and watch?

Electricity costs money. The people who were paying for the electricity coming from that socket didn't want to end up paying to charge someone else's phone. They likely didn't recognize that wiz, and being a homeless foreigner he probably looked unapproachable. So the owners called the guys payed for by their tax dollars to speak on peoples' behalves and conduct order. They arrived, wiz was noncompliant and had to run.

It's the responsibility of all a nation's police to protect its people from mischievous foreigners who aren't adept to the local culture. They tried to question him and educate him on how things work there, but he cast shadow cloak, requiring him to rest to recover MP if he wanted any chance of succeeding a raid on the dumpster dungeon that night. They did what they were hired to do, which is what the people voted for.


Police officers are a lot better than the media makes them out to be. I've had lot of interactions with police, and they've usually been fairly positive. Some weeks ago someone called the police on me while I was out walking, when they came they tried telling me that it was illegal to wear a mask and hoodie at night, and they kept insinuating (but not telling me) that I was going to get arrested. After they realized I was just a sperg on a walk, they changed strategies to say
>We're just trying to make sure you're all right
>Wearing black at night is dangerous, you could get hit by a car
Afterwards they gave me friendly tips and asked me if I wanted a ride anywhere. They didn't even bother to search me. Even then, I doubt they were trying to be hostile, they probably genuinely thought I was some wannabe burglar. I don't think all cops are good, but the majority are probably really fine if you're respectful.

All of the above applies to local police. Feds are all pedophiles, pedophile enforcers, trannies, tranny pedophile enforcers, tranny pedophiles, or boomers that wake up every day thinking
>Imma get them turrurists tah-day mhhhmmmm
>Bossman had me crackin' an eleven year old succubus's skull mhmmm. She mustah been some kinna turrurist mhmmm.


They're very nice and professional in my city. It's distressing to think that it's not like this in most places, and that they are even another flavor of criminal in other places.


I have never in my entire life had a run in with the police. Not so much as a traffic ticket.


they were not trying to throw me in jail. someone likely complained about a dumb gaijin charging his phone in a public restroom and being suspicious. i probably wouldn't have even been fined, much less go to jail, they most likely would have done what they did but more sternly and tell me to stop doing that shit. japan is really soft to white foreigners and seems to treat them like babies


Instinctively distrust them after a traumatic experience. Avoid them like the plague


Police weren't bad in my area until they stopped wearing blue and started wearing black. Got rid of the traditional white cars with the red and blue lights with their more modern cars with only blue lights.


they are tools of political coercion and don't do anything to protect civilians, to the contrary apply violence themselves to make people follow the "law" that's often unjust. in short they are scum.


By policing governments monopolize on violence and enslave the masses, my government is corrupt, so i dislike my police by extension. By protecting a corrupt government they became accomplices in crimes, they don't deserve any love, they are part of the problem and i want my money back.


File: 1680594057490.webm (1.45 MB, 362x640, 181:320, 1672334995494221.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I wish they are more professional and equal. In my cunt they just let minorities get away with far more because of fear of "racism".


my personal interaction with them has been fine but you have to be extremely wary around them, I personally wouldn't call the police unless I was in a life or death situation


they won't ever help you if you get inn trouble. They don't really track down criminals and the justice system is front end loaded against retributive justice in favor of white males which means (you) are gonna have a bad time. Also they overstep their boundaries passively all the time and that's a byproduct of their training to take control of the situation. Just fucking shitty all around, cops might have been good when the country wasn't captured by an activist minority hell bent on weaponizing the institutions but today they just follow orders and that's it


ive never had a run in with local police so its probably very variable but all feds are guilty of violating the constitution and should be jailed at the lowest level and at the highest levels, publicly hung for highest treason against the american people


There's a big problem with giving people the right to police people.
Humans change when they are granted power. They will desperately hold onto power, and they will form egos.


fuck da police


Fuck tha police coming straight from da underground
They trynna get a wizard cause he brown


they are good and competent in a mostly white population and not too big

everywhere i've lived that is either "BIG CITY" or "CULTURALLY ENRICHED", the police are overworked hound dogs that no one respects


I live in a small town and most of the police I've interacted with were bad.


Maybe it's either that you're giving off the impression of a bad person, or you're misinterpreting their presentation.


Police are extremely dangerous as they act as the most common last measure of enforcing society's rules. The thing is: as police are exposed to dangerous situations over-time, it will make them constantly on-edge. Their experience has taught them how quickly a seemingly safe situation can go bad and how they need to be ready to use force. The problem is they end up walking around like loose canons. That's why they always over-react to shit and seem so irrational. Most of them are like PTSD veterans with loaded weapons and the authority to do anything. It's actually quite scary to think about. Perhaps the solution isn't to cut police funding but increase psychiatric resources for these fucks. They unironically need it.


They're ok. Never had a problem with them, but then, I don't go out much.


They seem to mess with people that are easy targets. The ones that are hard to deal with.get to roam the city with no consequence.


I think of them as proto-Googlebots that come before the actual Google androids


In my country, most cops are former delinquents with criminal records or corrupt people willing to take bribes and help criminal relatives.


Don't you like C.O.P.S.?


I've had lots of experience with the police, being arrested many times, male police have all been fine.

The arbitrariness and class mentality of female cops makes you extremely uneasy once you have enough experience with the police. If they're in the wrong there's no reasoning your way out of it, it won't get sorted until a (male) superior gets involved. They're quick to take offense and barge into a situation immediately assigning one person as the bad guy and one as the victim, often times getting it wrong. I've seen the victimizer literally gloating as some retarded female cop lectured the guy he was harassing, all because she drove by and seen the situation from a certain angle and made an assumption, one she didn't have the ego to admit she was wrong about.

If you're actually unhinged and violent, female cops do not try this shit though, they will flirt and play with their hair around the sociopathic criminal elements of society. If there's a violent confrontation, they will often side with the most egregious element because they're overwhelmed emotionally and want the situation defused. Yet if it's some middle aged office worker with a speeding ticket, they'll have the confidence to bark at him like he's a piece of shit, knowing he won't do anything about it.


Spent a good chunk of my youth around police due to being apart of the Police Athletic League (PAL program).
You would thing all this time around cops during time when they aren't on duty would make me more favorable but you would be wrong.
They are power-hungery petty tyrants and authoritarians who are also of mediocre wit and low moral character. Money and might are the two things that make sense to them. How they see the world. They don't really care about the laws or rules other then it being a source of their authority. One they have the power and privilege to largely ignore.

Cops are corrupt. Even the ones who don't directly engage in corruption will turn a blind eye and do everything in their power to protect those who provably are corrupt.
Police aren't your pals.
They aren't on your side.
They are mercs who are on the side of who pays them and their own side of other officers. Everyone else they view with contempt. They are perps to be kept in line with the threat of violence.

Still, being around them and learning how they think has helped me avoid trouble.


Basically this. If you live in a anarchy-tyrany society it gets more obvious that bots and criminals are both sides of the same coin used by the government to harass common folk: the criminal gonna get free pass while the normal citizen gonna feel the weight of the law over the minor minimal non-victim crime, specially if against the government or self justice over criminals.


I have had to interact with them once and it was because of something my family member had done, and they were corteous and most likely just wanted to get out as quick as possible, like most people would. However, like dealing with most normalfags I imagine your experience can differ depending on the person or how they're feeling that day.



Exactly what I'm talking about with a video that's gone viral. It's pretty much like this more often than not, this isn't an outlier.


>How do you feel about police, wizards?
When and why would I have any interaction with it


File: 1713906710269.jpg (66.15 KB, 435x725, 3:5, battlemage_knight.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you have any problem with street bullies, you might resort to cops, whom will take him for a way too short time, keeping him alive through tax money while allowing him to pump his muscles up for when he comes after you. Sopmething worse that can actually happen that they make you carry this through courts, where all of them can see your face so they can kill after the perp gets jailed.

If you try to get rid of them all by your own hand, as the fuckers deserve, cops might also jail you for doing so, even if the perp already has a restraining order on him. So they process you while also showing your face, leaving you exposed before the associates of the main criminal, therefore weak.

The cops won't be there to properly punish the bastards for they be planning on you, and now they have open field to cause many troubles to you that will probably look like an accident. Jail? Jail is not enough for many pieces of filth out there. They deserve way too worse things, and cops are not your friends about it. Just another type of goon who believe they be good ones just because they follow some code proposed by a clueless, weakminded cattle, a code that protects the evil rich and lets people like rot in the streets if you get to such extreme.


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