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Previous thread: https://archive.vn/T7t1T
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So according to the chart what doesn't exist with any relevance is

Pro-Ukr pro-Pal Rightists

Maybe some crazy Azov Nazis

pro-Rus pro-Isr Leftists

Some Soviet nostalgia Jew. Azov Nazis exist. This is more of a hypothetical. But I guess it depends what you call left. There's this vague anti-establishmentism, that I consider more on the Right. But I guess the RFK types might qualify. RFK is basically anti-Ukr pro-Rus but loves Israel.


I'm honestly surprised by how well this chart works. Obviously any chart of this sort will be a simplification, but this one leaves very few exceptions out. I think that if you limit it to non-Ukrainians/Russians/Jews/Palestinians, then it works even better, these are the opinions of those for whom these are foreign conflicts, not so much that those who are directly involved. This explains the Azov Nazi >>308480 exception.

Do you support Palestine because they are poor, oppressed brown folx, or because you dislike (((certain people)))? That would clarify things.


The post already mentioned this was about foreign policy, nevermind me…


>I think that if you limit it to non-Ukrainians/Russians/Jews/Palestinians,

I think you'd have to limit it to a lot more than that. It does work well in western europe and northern america that's true.




File: 1698113019757.gif (226.87 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 1689105413707.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Is that trudeu fault or it was always like that?


>Do you support Palestine because they are poor, oppressed brown folx, or because you dislike (((certain people)))? That would clarify things
I support whoever is against the interests of the united states. I don't take sides in these stupid conflicts, but I want to see yankees burn.


Attention all wizards who may or may not be confused as to what is happening right now in isnt'real:

Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO, ISIS, are all controlled opposition. For the last 60-70 years Israeli intelligence has been creating terrorist front-groups through which they act so to deceptively achieve their own ends. To put it as simply as possible: they murder people, and then blame it on other people who had nothing to do with it, and then they get both groups to mutually hate and eventually kill each other. They then move in, claim the land, enslave the people, seize whatever resources may be of value (metals, drugs, humans), and proceed to create endless propaganda webs that seemingly never die. And yes, many of the lower lesser jews who make up the undifferentiated peopled pile of the modern israeli populace, do qualify as chess pieces in this greater jewish game (just as they did in WWII).

Crypto-jews control all major Arab states and have ever since (((the bankers))) collapsed the monarchical Ottoman Empire at the end of WW1. The Iranian Revolution of 1979/1980 was CIA-led and Khomeini was participant in the Hostage Crisis stage-play which further stressed the still current illusion that Iran is somehow independent of the judeo-masonic control grid, when in actual truth it's not. However, by encouraging the appearance of an artificially competitive political landscape, they psychologically ensnare the people into believing in an invented state of enmity, through which they justify tyrannical military aggression wherever they like, at the selfsame time conveniently getting as many stupid goyim to kill each other as possible, while cleverly controlling both sides of every conflict covertly. At the supranational level, there is perfect peace; however, I believe there is a shared element within the base human mind that always yearns for fighting, and the puppeteers have supplied this illusion of false political duality for hundreds of years (the Cold War, being a complete masonic hoax, is the best and most recent example). Yet the Nazis themselves, who were entirely financed by jewish wall-street, and who duly manipulated millions of white european men into mutually slaughtering each other, while simultaneously supplying the war-time propagandistic groundwork for frightening jews into moving eastward toward palestine and also the post-war propagandistic groundwork for decades’ worth of anti-nationalist and anti-european political policy, are another example.

Acknowledge the strategic symphony all nations put forth during the "covid" scam: there was not a single nation-state that resisted it, or even so much as durst nominate the actual (((group))) behind it. This would plainly suggest again that there are no independent states left, and that the jews play the populations of goyish countries against each other in large-scale international wars. To my understanding (which admittedly may be wrong, but I don’t think it is), no-one has meaningfully challenged the Venetian-Jewish power structure in over 400 years (Henry VII being the last challenger, though Charles I certainly also stood up to them).

Having said that, the purpose of this new conflict is purposed so to achieve four ends:
(1) legitimate retaliatory strikes against strategically critical targets within Gaza
(2) moreover prepare the area for future receipt of greater jewish administrative control
(3) legitimate the transposition of many non-white population groups out of the middle east and into mainland europe; also persuade low-born israeli jews to move into Israel 2.0 aka the Jewkraine
(4) legitimate continued funding from the judeo-masonic (((american government))) to the state of israel
(5) uphold the commonly-received illusion of israel as a victim

We find the same causes reposing in the motivational architecture behind the Ukraine war: get goyim to kill each other, strengthen territorial control, create pretext for immigration, portray the aggressor as the victim. Russia has been under Jewish control since the (((Russian Revolution))), which is when (curiously enough) the judeo-bolsheviks abolished the Pale of Settlement, which today we know as the Ukraine.

As a matter of good deductive course, whatever is presented to you on Talmudic Vision, you, as a surmising manful observer, should reason the exact diametrical opposite if you care to arrive at the truth. All major wars of the last 100 years provably have begun as a result of a false flag. They are probably not going to change their strategy, especially when we observe the repeated unquestioning credulity of 95% of any given population of any given modern state.


File: 1698330976727.mp4 (5.23 MB, 576x1024, 9:16, d95d211ef0e47bc0093d010363….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Interestingly, it is mostly western christian countries that officially supportthe nazi occupation of palestine.


This is fucking wild. The official media all over the west, whichnso far has made it's level best to pretend to have moral standards, are now openly supporting a genocide. The jews have become nazis, and they even started wearing stars of david on their chest, literally turning the symbol of a victim into that of the mass murderer.
Interesting times we live in.


File: 1698862313332.gif (435.41 KB, 500x455, 100:91, 1692150152112581.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>The jews have become nazis
How? The Nazis never advocated genocide, nor did they demand other countries pay for their nation's expansion. Nazional Socialism is about distributing government resources and national wealth to the people while reducing reliance on other countries. It worked phenomenally in every nation that tried it. Israel is zionist / globalist, which means their overbearing oligarchs horde the national wealth and the government demands other countries fit the bill for their self-serving military operations

>Interesting times we live in.

Times? What times exactly? Because Israel, and Jews in general, have been open about their desire for genocide since after the Great War. The bombings, the rockets, the door-kicking and hostage taking… 00% the exact same thing that has been happening in Gaza since before any of us were born. The only difference is that this time they're televising it nationally, coincidentally during a wave of national elections.

You know those metal songs about how it's bullshit that the government sends men and money to fight some holy ar in the Middle East? Those songs aren't about the USA's boots on the ground in Iran or Iraq. Those are about Israel fighting its holy war against Muslims and Christians while forcing foreign men to die on their behalf. This is a bad example sorry I should know that a malinformed antifa faggot such as yourself is afraid of metal music. Stay out of the politics thread if you have some looney cartoon view of politics.

>it is mostly western christian countries that
That have a cluster of zionist Jews in positions of power and financial influence, glaringly disproportionate to the amount of Jews residing in that nations. It's almost as though all that stuff in the Talmud, Torah, and POTEOZ about how Jews are required by Satan to use and usurp Christians is true.


fuck off schizo


File: 1699089328118.jpeg (94.5 KB, 1436x891, 1436:891, 163450976975.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>That have a cluster of zionist Jews in positions of power and financial influence, glaringly disproportionate to the amount of Jews residing in that nations


Can you prove him wrong?


Claiming that the nazis never advocated for genocide when they are responsible for the largest genocides of the 20th century is crazy on its face and I don't need to prove anything. The burden of proof would be one the one making claims that run clearly contrary to all available evidence. Stop being a moron and learn something about history please.


>The burden of proof would be one the one making claims that run clearly contrary to all available evidence
That's your que bucko.
I'm not going to infodump 200 pictures disproving Holocaust. It has been already done.


File: 1699129258931.jpg (893.96 KB, 3024x3024, 1:1, F6EP9HCbwAAaxe7.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Be Eastern European
>Forced in to government school from age 4
>Mandatory Holocaust Classes
>Can read only from USSR textbooks
>Must 100% comply with all claims or get the ruler
>Questioning anything taught in to adulthood is grounds for imprisonment
>Told by his mother that Nazis would send him to the Rollercoaster Of Death if he didn't share his creamed wheat ration with his 11 starving siblings
Crazy how America 2023 is a political copy of Eastern Europe 1950-2023.

You roaches, poles, and Judeo-satanists are the only people on Earth who believe in the 6 million. And you never even heard of the Holodomor, or any of the Jewish, bolshevik, or communist genocides. The genocides so atrocious, they forced the rest of Europe to band together against the unlawful expansion of Russia and its Marxist government. Nations forced in to becoming "fascists", which was a word invented by themselves to be defined as someone "holding anti-communist views". And alas, it was the fastest spreading political philosophy ever. The Germans weren't the people flying swastikas in Belgium, France, Italy, Sweden, Japan, or Finland. Those nations' respective native populations were. Because they were united in keeping people like (you) from destroying their homeland, which has always been the goal of the East Euro Roach.

Find one single proof of genocidal plan, policy, or even ideation among fascist nations. Not from your illegal-to-question ADL Certified testimonials from people who were infants during the 40s either. There are no documents, no records, no articles or hints of any genocide. There is, however, much evidence of the contrary, with years of public reports on plans to peacefully send Jewish economic refugees back to their home nations. "The Holocaust" is the only claim that needs to be proven here, and yet it's the only one that demanding proof for is illegal to do? Curious how I will go to prison for asking for metrics regarding the 6 million as per laws made by Jewish immigrants, while being the descendant of those who died to "free" these supposed Jewish victims.

>Don't hate nazis? Yikes. Stop being a moron.

Her only argument, ever


again, fuck off schizo


File: 1699131841485.png (397.04 KB, 964x964, 1:1, bfj2.png) ImgOps iqdb


There's no point trying to debate you. In your mccarthy-poisoned head the elite are communists instead of the capitalist demons that they are.


Communism and Capitalism are two sides of the same gold coin that's had its edges mysteriously filed off slightly.

"Communists" being a threat to Europe isn't an opinion either.

And what race and religion do "the elites" of today belong to?

I agree they're demons, it's a part of their Judeo-Satanism.

(Presented in Redditspaces for (your) familiarity)


>leddit spaces
Zoomer detected.

See you're a child, with a childlike understanding of the world hence thinking "reddit" is an insult when imageboards and reddit are basically the same except for saying nigger. Not to mention thinking paragraphs are unique to reddit and not netiquette from the old days.

>And what race and religion do "the elites" of today belong to?

Kikes are overrepresented sure but removing them doesn't remove the system.

I feel sorry for you, as a zoomer you don't know what they took from you and probably never will.


oh, you're the idiot who wants redditors on wizchan https://wizchan.org/meta/res/64247.html
> I assume 4chan is the big one since that's where I heard about wizardchan from. That means we are drawing from a pool of frankly pretty shitty users. We should go after reddit users. Someone should make a /r/wizchan and post highlights from this site. That would allow us to go after a higher caliber of poster.

go fuck yourself.


No selfies in the politics thread, please.


File: 1699591379345.jpeg (217.89 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 76A7ABC9-24B7-40CD-B680-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm not exactly sure what the US-led invasion of Afghanistan accomplished.


well al queada is pretty much finished


File: 1699648923076.jpeg (449.39 KB, 1119x1024, 1119:1024, E0872DF3-3FFA-40C3-87F2-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Yes, but to what end?


A bunch of White Christian men died, as did a bunch of Muslims. This benefits the Jews.

Many men who lived through it are now dependent of psychiatric medicine and / or routine hospital care. This directs money in to the Jew's pockets.

The overall campaign was deemed a failure, with blame placed on White American third parties. This spares the Jews.



File: 1699835926644.png (124.81 KB, 1024x578, 512:289, 4FDC0797-3692-404D-8A90-2D….png) ImgOps iqdb

I struggle to fathom how anyone can be arsed to kill others and/or get themselves killed nowadays. It must take a tremendous amount of energy, I think.

I guess I've reached the point in my life in which I must accept that the world is the way it is because it just is and that it will never change, and that if I were in anybody else's position I, too, would be killing people left and right. Or not.

Boys will be boys.

Or, rather:

Humans will be humans.


You likely live in a place where there is little to gain from death and punishment is widely applied. If you lived in mexico and killing people was an easy way to survive, I don't think you'd feel the same.


I seriously don't think the United States will last much longer. Both this current refugee crisis and the impending debt crisis are set to reach breaking point in the next five years. A breaking point as in "something must happen at this point because it can't go on"

Already the refugee shit is like something right out of Camp of the Saints.


2 months without a reply to the politics thread. You are on the path to true wiz enlightenment Wizchan.


Men want to die. They just need a passably compelling reason for it like a world war.
Nature is healing.


It is true that the jews were not systematically murdered during WWII.


This guy keeps saying post-Soviet Eastern Europe is the most anti-nazi region on earth, when its probably the exact opposite.

> And you never even heard of the Holodomor,

And Jew Zelensky's Ukraine does nothing but talk about it.


interesting thread


Nigga wtf u ain't saying it right tho lmao


File: 1710475134037.png (80.58 KB, 696x632, 87:79, Almany.png) ImgOps iqdb

I can't stop thinking about how based and redpilled it would be to unite the countries in red and turn it into a White ethnostate. I've been pondering this idea for two weeks, pretty constantly.


the debt crisis isn't really a crisis, we just need to raise taxes on the wealthy. Every time the republicans cry about the deficit they always focus on government programs they want to cut. Stuff like social security that is extremely important to helping average people get by. They studiously ignore the other side of the equation which is tax revenue. You can cut the deficit only so much by cutting various government programs, especially when they continue to do their pork barrel shit as they always do. Republicans spend just as much as democrats, they just try to give the wealthy a tax break as they do it which is what adds to the deficit and the overall debt. They then use the debt as a propaganda tool to dismantle social programs that serve to make people poorer, more desperate, and more easy for them to exploit. Don't fall for this shit. The answer is simple. Tax the wealthy. That is the one and only true solution to the debt crisis.


Attention #2! Calling all wizkids!

(((They))) are busy not only polluting various boards and enslaving humanity but also banning that retard factory known as ‘tiktok’ — not because it is a “Chinese propaganda outlet” as they claim, but because zoomer apprentices are using it to spread anti-israel messages/memes and they have accordingly found some success in converting normans to entertain pro-palestinian political views. In other words, it has become something of an anti-jewish meme machine and so the controllers are shutting it down. Don’t be fooled by the spurious reasons cited for its ban in the legacy media.


This is all true. The entire Chinese company may go up for sale and the current highest bidders are all Israelis.


Most people on the right side of your red block hate each other with a passion, Belgium can't even form a government because wallonians and flemish people hate each other so much and the French hate both of them, leading to a multi year power vacuum.

Austrians and swiss hate each other, germans and the dutch don't get along.

If you want a white ethnostate, try Norway, Finland and Denmark. Sweden has too many immigrants.


>The entire Chinese company may go up for sale and the current highest bidders are all Israelis.
And no one in the mainstream media is finding this peculiar?


>And no one in the mainstream media is finding this peculiar?
They're not allowed to find it peculiar.


The "Mainstream Media" is a Jewish-owned talking monster that vomits out unending streams of reality-distorting disinformation daily through the little mouths of the CIA officers who pretend to be news anchors. No man from such a number of satanic tricksters would ever even dream of challenging their kosher hyper-moneyed bosses by speaking something truthful. The fake attribution of the goytalk ban is just another belligerent brick being laid up antecedent to the starting of a war between ZOG puppet state A (America) and ZOG puppet state B (China). They've been financing both sides of huge international conflicts for centuries. We live under their cult. I hope you're paying attention.


All of what you said is true – they killed off White Christians and Muslims while successfully hiding their hand behind the initial triggering of the war. But you did not mention opium and lithium, which were two of the main reasons for US military presence in Afghanistan. Jewish pharmacy companies and Jewish technology companies require both of these things for maximum profit.


>115 russians killed


Wizards, do not forget that ISIS is Mossad. The original name they used for their group was Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS). This most recent attack is a false flag meant to provide a casus belli for further escalation into WWIII. Also, the jews responsible for the attack carried it out on Purim (as revenge against the hated goyim). The bombing of Baghdad (2003) was also carried out on that year's Purim.

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Why is this thread bump locked?

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