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General Question: does just reading 4chan for longer than 10-15 minutes make anyone feel awful and almost as if placed into a trance state? I can browse other sites for long periods of time without any ill effects, but if I stay too long on 4chan I begin to feel decidedly sick. Why does this happen?
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This AIshit will be the final nail in the coffin of oldschool anonimity. I hope you all get AIDS and suck Musks cock.


That's pretty much reddit, but instead of people downvoting directly, they train the AI on what to downvote.


File: 1695813939990.png (8.23 KB, 903x114, 301:38, 2023-09-27 21-20-56.png) ImgOps iqdb


The system I'm proposing isn't anything like reddit. Other than on /b/, most of the other boards on 4chan had their own rules, r9k had the robot that filtered speech and images.

The owners of an imageboard can use the system to FILTER the absolute worst, trashiest comments that don't add anything of value to the debate. That's no different than Wizchan having its 'Global Rules' which already includes a rule like "Do not submit low quality, inflammatory or off-topic posts."

It can also be used simply to present information to other users about the LLM's assessment of various dimensions to the comment. This is not the same as people voting up or down comments, as it wouldn't necessarily affect visibility of comments or where they appear. This thread would exist exactly as it does now, but perhaps to the left of the post number you might have a clickable\expandable element "Comment Rating", or perhaps in some cases where one factor was particularly pronounced, you could have something more prominent, for example your comment >>307727 could be labelled "This comment has appeals to belongingness".

Or, as I've already said, the user could simply be warned of that before posting, the moment you hit submit, your comment could have read "Warning: our system has rated your comment as moderately appealing to belongingness, please re-consider what you're posting", and you could perhaps edit it again before posting it for real. Maybe you would ignore it, but for others who are more considerate they might hold back and reconsider and change up their argument a bit. Up to the owners.

Seriously, in response to my comment, whether you agree or disagree with me, does this comment:

>Stop suggesting it for every practical problem you paid shill.

Really add that much to the conversation? Is it constructive or is it combative and utterly stupid? The LLM wouldn't necessarily be banning IDEAS or ARGUMENTS from being expressed, the author of this comment could have easily put foward a coherent argument for why they suspect I'm somehow in the employ of OpenAI or whatever.

The LLM could rate comments on a variety of factors. Here are some that I think are important:

-Belongingness (don't post Pepes\Wojaks, don't say "Cope", don't accuse others of being reddit or reduce their arguments to Belongingness: Refrain from posting Pepes/Wojaks, using phrases like "Cope", or accusing others of being from Reddit, as well as avoiding reducing arguments to a Reddit vs. imageboard narrative to foster a sense of "us" vs "them." Such behaviors contribute to an unproductive form of groupthink.

Spookiness (Think Max Stirner): Avoid leaning on highly ideological notions such as nationalism or an imagined "duty" to defend a particular race. These ideas are unbeneficial and divert from rational discourse.

Performativity: Encourage authentic expressions and genuine communication rather than conforming to certain personas or engaging in pretenses to fit in. This aligns closely with promoting a sense of belonging based on genuine interaction.

Direction Brainedness: Discourage divisive arguments characterized by labeling others with politically charged terms or promoting binary perspectives on issues.

Hostility & Aggression Rating: It's self-evident why reducing hostility and aggression is essential for constructive discussions.

Gender Indicating: While platforms like Wizchan already have rules against gender indication, it's crucial to remain vigilant against subtler attempts that may occur.

Logical Fallacy: Promote awareness of logical fallacies to help posters strengthen their arguments before posting.

Physiognomic Stereotype: Avoid calling people 'nu-male' 'beta', etc.

Gentlemanliness: Encourage respectful and courteous interaction as a means to foster a positive community environment.

Reaction Amplification: Discourage the habit of reposting content from mainstream media or social platforms and instead promote original discussions exploring issues and ideas in their own context. This helps avoid the domination of pop culture, news cycles, and e-celebrities on imageboards.

Sexualization: Limit sexualization to appropriate contexts to maintain the focus on substantial discussions.

Cuck Posting: (Self-explanatory)

Doomposting: Although subject to interpretation, it's essential to manage doomposting to prevent an overly negative and low-energy atmosphere, except in certain contexts where it's relevant.

Linguistic Quality: Encourage well-articulated posts to enhance the overall quality of discussions.

Now only a few of these are things you'd actually want to use as a basis to block a user from posting. Primarily Hostility & Aggression, Sexualisation (in the wrong places), Gender Indicating. The rest though could be used to help posters improve their posts, or help readers avoid wasting their time or instantly pick flamers\trolls\shitty people to ignore. Many may simply ignore these guides, but they could be helpful for those who want them, and might elevate the quality of conversation.

It can be automated so you post a comment, and it would take only a second or two if using a faster model.


Yeah, that's reddit, but may be even worse. Posts there are filtered through a predictable hivemind, you are just proposing doing that through an AI. Filtering posts through format is miles away from having rules about the content. Also, "belongingness" is part of wizchan, and even so you are setting criteria on what belongs and what doesn't, just using your own personal criteria as its basis.

>Really add that much to the conversation?

It does make its point. It's direct and followed by a vocative, but there's nothing wrong with that. It was even the basis on which you posted your own idea.


Using an insult is less combative and aggressive than trying to undermine local culture. Still, nothing wrong with being aggressive. I hope that at least you aware that, had a similar system been implemented here, your posts would be more likely to be filtered than mine, and probably even than his.

>Doomposting: Although subject to interpretation

All of them are, really, and the classical wizard userbase would interpret mostly against you.

>Linguistic Quality

Well, that might filter Indians and Brazilians, so you may have a point about everything.


> Posts there are filtered through a predictable hivemind, you are just proposing doing that through an AI.
No, the site owners determine everything. Already, the owners of Wizchan can and would delete (or ban someone for) some limited comments under some conditions. If someone today posts a comment bragging about having a girlfriend and having amazing sex and claiming that Wizards are losers, I imagine the comment would be removed OR the user would be banned, correct? So the owners can use the AI for better 'filtering' in that sense, I'm not proposing increased censorship, the owners of an imageboard determine what's acceptible, what the minimal bar is, and in some instances a high degree of combativeness\hostility\aggression might not be tolerated. AI does the filtering or even pre-filters for a human reviewer to consider. It would also be handy for filtering things the owners wouldn't want on the site for legal liability reasons, like people threatening violence or posting links to CP or something.

>It does make its point…

This comment just throws out a lame accusation of me being a shill (meme behaviour from /pol/) without even giving any specific argument or reasoning. It's essentially worthless. Should it be "hidden" or "deleted"? I wouldn't miss it, but we don't need that, if we had the LLM system trained, it could be rated a certain way, and I could personally gloss over it based on its rating, which saves me time and effort, and keeps discussion productive and meaningful.

>All of them are, really, and the classical wizard userbase would interpret mostly against you.

This list is meant as a suggestion of ways to rate comments on imageboards in general, so not limited to Wizchan. Obviously these suggested ratings don't need to be applied all the time on every site or every board. Also, the ratings are again NOT meant to censor anything, its just meant to passively encourage higher quality posting.

Again let me emphasise - this isn't about censorship, it's about CONSCIOUSNESS. Like tapping ourselves on the shoulder every now and then to remind us to "elevate the conversation". Most of what we write here is going to end up feeding SOMEONE'S LLM because I don't think there's any way to prevent that, there are people chewing up conversational data all over the internet. We're going to face more issues as malicious actors could use LLM's to essentially "spam" sites like this with completely fake content. In theory RIGHT NOW it would be possible for me to start posting as multiple personas on here and build up entire fake threads of fake posters and so on. Probably nobody right now will go to the effort, but if we don't work on improving the quality of discussion and welcoming as many real Wizards as possible, we'll find ourselves disconnected and alone.


I guess I made my point. His post might be rated a certain way, so might yours. Didn't work for Strasser, didn't work for Trotsky.


There are hostile actors who will harass your chan out of spite if it ever gets popular. DDOSers, CP spammers, and insane individuals who, when slighted in any way, target you out of an obsession.


I feel my mind is clearer when I don't go there. I feel healthier. But it is like a strange addiction; and I think many of the posters there are addicted to the site in a way that would qualify for clinical addiction.


This is exactly how I feel as a regular 4chan user. I hate that place but I'm addicted


Soyj*ks are such abominations and It’s bizarre how they’re drawn so uglier now. Not only they’re intrusive and are spam but people started using them as a way to spread hate to one another with suicide messages and other gruesome shit.


Only newfags continually repeat this to pretend that they're part of the oldfags. You don't even know why wojaks and pepe frogs are abhorrent in their current form because you have no real roots to old internet culture, just contrarianism.


It’s the only place I can be myself. I mean I can socialize and joke and banter for a bit. Even if ppl in 4chan are aweful.


Seems like a metaphor for 2 loser crab friends, but Pepe got all political and sadistic, and spends all his time looking down on Wojack, even though really they are both in the same boat.


Pepe went down the NJF rabbithole and started hating niggers and kikes. Wojak gave up on it all and found happiness in his hobbies and living his own life, sometimes crying from >tfwnogf but a much more developed and nuanced humanbeing./


Pepe= Nietzsche
Wojak= Schopenhauer

Schopenhauer was even born in Danzig, Polish Commonwealth 1788, he's a Wojak


File: 1704513057080.png (60.44 KB, 450x339, 150:113, xk.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


So Pepe hates soyjak so much because wojak found happiness in escapist consooming, while pepe continues to be relentlessly pounded by the hell of reality despite his smug smirk which soon turned into clownish insanity. both found ways to move on from their Feels Bad Man phase.


>relentlessly pounded by the hell of reality

How else does coal become GEMS? Shine on, Aryan Kings..


Every time I see a wojack or a pepe posted anywhere now this is the sort of person I see on the other side.


too many things happening the same time and always has something new. You, just like me, are used to slow IBs or just forums in general since 4chan is basically a chatbox with many posts per second. That said, I'd to include the glowies doing psyops which drains your energy


Found the zoomer newfag, probably a tranny too.

So much of a newfag that you don't ask why 4chan, or any imageboard, haven't produced any new memes for the last 10+ years and have instead rehashed wojak and pepe over and over and over. Hell they're not even memes anymore.


4chan is not what it used to be. Last night I trolled for fun and got like 20 (you) with just one post and just doing that I derailed one /v/ general thread and started a war. It was a good shitpost that butthurt too many fags.


>4chan is not what it used to be.
That's been the case for a decade. There's been a mass moderation change across ALL imageboards ever since then around 2012-2014.


lol you're posting that on a website that serves as the ultimate echo chamber where people get banned for no reason just because the oppressive mods get butthurt. you're bragging about that on wizchan of all places? hilarious


Back then they will ignore unrelated posts and obvious baits. Normalfags aren't good at playing the chans
> you're posting that on a website that serves as the ultimate echo chamber where people get banned for no reason just because the oppressive mods get butthurt.
and that website is…?


>and that website is…?
This one, numbnuts.


Be careful man.


You're posting on thin ice, mister.


I dindu nuffin


Pepe is Socrates, Nietzsche was also a wojack and a weakling.


Nietzsche often evoked an image of a star, no doubt identifying himself with this celestial body. Studying his Arbeitskurve, I have observed that he usually wrote no more than two books per year, often just one. In his last productive year of 1888, however, he "emitted" at least five books, shorter but of high energy. In physics, such high emission of energy is held to occur when the nucleus of the atom is unstable and "the centre cannot hold".

Cosmologists maintain that the dying stars shine the brightest, and perhaps Nietzsche was no exception.


Spent a few hours reading 4chan and realised that my mood has worsened considerably since doing so. What is the answer to this question?


I can't help but cringe when I read anything on 4chan. I just hate their mannerisms and opinions in general.



i also feel this. i can't help but wonder if this a reflection of how fucked up in the head people are. it could also be just an algorithmic theater. programs talking to each other trying to convince me they are actual people. i could be a fish they are fishing for in their quest for data.


The "Politics Thread #84: Forbidden Philosophy" is bump locked.


Are you aware of the type of people that post there and in imageboards in general?

Once you are aware of that you understand why those places are like that.


> it could also be just an algorithmic theater. programs talking to each other trying to convince me they are actual people. i could be a fish they are fishing for in their quest for data.

There is definitely some of this going on. There are the same threads being made over and over again on repeat on literally every board and have been for years. There were extremely fishy patterns of posting going on back during the pizzagate/16 election. You could literally tell which threads were being constantly bumped and promoted. It seems to have gotten somewhat more subtle but there is still a lot of content out there designed to demoralize people and condition them to think and act a certain way.

People with money and power have access to certain capital which allows propaganda to be spread. If you think about it, the most likely place for it first to appear is somewhere like 4chan where there are no accounts so people can't track who is posting what. It makes it the literal easiest way to disseminate propaganda without being seen. You don't need to build up a bunch of accounts and have them pretend to be real people for a while before you start shilling, you can just start shilling right out of the gate and no one will ever catch on. The people there aren't just that crazy for no reason, like it's all just a big coincidence, they are being actively psyoped, that much is for sure.


this is what internet induced schizophrenia looks like


thinking that the wealthy wouldn't use every tool at their disposal to increase their wealth and power is what is schizo. If the technology exists, someone is using it, why wouldn't they? Ask yourself that. Why wouldn't they? If you have a convincing reason, I'd love to hear it.


I'm not sure what's there to actually READ??
I only browse there for some WebMs. The posts are absolute garbage.



File: 1714411157387.jpg (52.85 KB, 750x710, 75:71, what offend.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

When you non stop swallow woke goyslop from reddit safe spaces, it can be like staying for too long in the dark. Sunlight screws you up quickly


No more funny greentexts there. r/4chan is much better for having a laughter, given the case


I forgot about this thread. 4chan is a dark place; in moderation I think the effects are less poisonous. Also I agree with >>303302 as the users there really do enforce their own obsession with the website when they tell others inquiring how to leave that such a thing is impossible.


I think Project Bluebeam (fake alien invasion) may be coming up. I've been reading threads on 4chan detailing "alien disclosure" yet strangely there is little discussion in those threads anent Bluebeam. Do not believe anything you see on the TV networks, wizards. This will be like "covid" – a total psychological operation that furthers the judeo-masonic control system. The vaccine may have something to do with neurologically enabling the illusion of an alien invasion. I hope none of you took that poison. Remember they can use the "threat" of an alien invasion as a way to hold the population in a perpetual state of martial law, even bombing whole cities and blaming it on the "aliens" as a way to keep the population continually terrorized. Nothing should be ruled out here as (((they))) just tyrannized the entire world for four years under the enforced illusion of a fake plague…and the striking majority of humanity went along with it all without the least resistance or dissenting thought.


they did move on. variants used by the mainstream are considered bad taste by the real soy community, which, in turn, uses the cutting edge slopjaks that cannot be appropriated by normalGODS because of their grotesquely offensive form.


It's trannies and attention whores. They tend to have that effect


I can feel 4chan's influence on my everyday life and it's been years at this point.
Don't get me wrong, there are some pretty obvious things in this world that I just never noticed or even knew about, due to lack of socialization in my formative years and 4chan showed me the dirt part of this life, but drawbacks of that were not worth it.
I feel 0 connection culturally with 95% of people around me and my chain of thoughts over the years has become a lot more vice and poisonous, which ruined a lot of my family and friends relationships.
Like the anons above mentioned, the right way to use imageboards is as a forum for narrow hobbies or maybe learning. For memes or a regular chitchat it is a sewage.


4chan is mostly a microcosm of American thoughts shaped by American modern culture.

Most of the users are very, very mentally ill as evidenced by their posts. Their brains ruined since they were toddlers.
You would be unhealthy if you didn't feel physically ill in that asylum after half an hour of reading.


I just wish I could have a normal page on Facebook and talk with my relatives and classmates without feeling like a soyjack memelord normie.


4chan has become a psyop site full of bots and glowies from different intelligence agencies from all over the world. Most of the post you find there aren't even made by humans and the bots are trained to be annoying and hostile to drain your metal health as much as possible.

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