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General Question: does just reading 4chan for longer than 10-15 minutes make anyone feel awful and almost as if placed into a trance state? I can browse other sites for long periods of time without any ill effects, but if I stay too long on 4chan I begin to feel decidedly sick. Why does this happen?


Yes. It's a mixture of deep and not-so deep psyop.


Boards OP is probably reading: R9K, Pol, /b/

Go to 4chan to discuss your hobbies. Depression, chimpouts, and porn are not hobbies.


Staying away from imageboards as much as possible has been a good decision for me. The constant schizo stuff is just not good for you, even if your brain has a good filter. It's the same like browsing Twitter or reddit all day, you're just hardly gonna read stuff that isn't mentally unhinged and your mind will suck it all up like a sponge. It's the same on here, there's just people who can't handle social isolation without diving into delusions at some point and there is no value in reading their schizo posts on things they don't even understand.


Yes, OP. This wiz has it right. Stop reading 4chan. In fact, I would argue against reading social media entirely. Even the most well-meaning 4channers are unhinged and irritable. There's a level of exhaustion they all feel from being unable to leave the site. Trying to discuss anything is navigating a minefield because one mistaken piece of vocabulary can set people off. It's not worth it.




Other social media sites are way more toxic.


4cha' is for normalfagd


I browse /v/ on 4chan and don't have this problem.


What gives me a headache is looking at the catalog and seeing provocative images with some engagement bait one-line question.


On fagbook you get to see geriatrics start drama over their neighbors trash bins not being APPROXIMATELY 6 inches FROM THE FUCKING CURB and other such karen nonsense


4chan is filled with smug retarded normalfags that are obsessed with females


I can't even create an account on Facebook because they want me to send in my ID and driver's license



you must have hurt their butts good, mm!! good work proud of you lol


4chan is edge lord central, everyone tries to up each other with insults or provoking content, most users are young 15-25yr and because of its reputation they seem to think they have an image to up hold to. Another theory is psyops on well frequented boards, because the site has more free speech and expression orientation agencies and shills try to control the narrative and sway community opinion. For instance, they want more division on politics instead of unity and keeping anons in the throws of mental illness and circumstance such as crabdom and NEETdom/Hikkis as well as an unhealthy view on people, culture and choices. I'll also add, there isn't much for discussion there intellectually or otherwise, repetitive talking points and basic rebuttals, not so much in depth proper discourse. Finally, I visit frequently enough but I hardly go to /b/ anymore, fuck that board I won't participate in /gif/ either, and /r9k/ is dead. Some other boards are interesting and sometimes fun but 4chan is in decline and has been for years, I know other forums have fuck all traffic so going there for chatting seems too tedious but it is what it is man you reap what you sow


>they want more division on politics instead of unity and keeping anons in the throws of mental illness and circumstance such as crabdom and NEETdom/Hikkis
wrong and even if it were true, do you know where you are?


all these outsiders here telling other what to think. 4chan ,like I said, is for normalfags.


File: 1685038664560.jpg (84.89 KB, 1080x1100, 54:55, zy72nai3mpl71.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Yes I know this is a site for mental illness doesn't change the fact that the glowniggers want to keep you trapped in your own head. You could argue they target crabs and losers but the more men who are like this they can spin the narrative, for example, shooters or more moderation on hate/free speech, they took down crabs on reddit. 4chan is basically a porn exposure site not including blue boards of course and the mental illness of users tend to frequent red boards where it is pushed a lot


manages to be a better site than this one


I try to search for lulz but often the text is just trash comments. There are more shills than trolls these days.


I'm not denying that glowniggers incite things but often they also just look for the lowest common denominator which is the schizos with no grasp of reality and wait until they do some dumb shit. Remember that schizo LGBT dyke who shot up random Christians in Nashville because she got gassed up by her online fag community, the glowniggers most likely didn't even look into that because they don't mind if it's not crabs or neo nazis doing it.


Hmm no. /v/ is still The Place with people and culture most like me. R9k used to Be cool so I browse it Out of nostalgia and Habit. I check /Pol/ once a Day because its fun and I dont take 4chan too seriously like an idiot.


>getting filtered by 4chan


I go to /k/ to look at webms of the ukraine war sometimes but other than that I have pretty much stopped using it because it's so shit and worthless and everyone there is mentally ill in unpleasant ways.


File: 1685436180560.png (491.44 KB, 1671x937, 1671:937, 9440ec208f21f3a862f501af90….png) ImgOps iqdb


I hate how so many threads are provocative VERY thinly veiled rage bait posts with wording that pisses me off.

You can tell right away from the post what kind of reaction the OP is expecting.

I thought the hobby boards would be better off but my threads trying to get a serious discussion going got no replies after 5 bumps. Instead it's all just whining about zoomers, succubi, non-white people, leftists and trans and coomer content.

So many people there just love circlejerking and are not interested in different opinions or learning something new. It's just a bunch of dopamine addicts trying to get some short satisfaction from hearing what they want to hear or "BTFO" someone by posting a grotesque Wojack.


True. No better than ShitTok.


True, but where do I ask questions on the internet now? I feel like there's nothing left now. I have a better chance of getting a reply to my questions if I email a professor than if I post on a social media site.


The addiction aspect to the site is certainly tough. Meandering propaganda mazes mostly define its content, but sometimes you will come upon worthwhile information not elsewhere findable, and then the aimless searching cycle begins again.


I've ceased using the near entirety of 4chan permanently last week after somebody made a meme of me from one of my posts and some charcteristics I had talked about previously. After that I realised I had become too notorious on the board even though it was only five or six people who recognised me from my typing style. That was too much for me however and I had decided that enough was enough and that it was time to permanently stop visiting the board. I don't enjoy having my existance recognised, I'm a recluse who can only find sanctuary in obscurity. Call it an autistic overreaction but I don't care. After ten years of that place basically being my homepage of the internet I've finally grown too old for it, I felt like the only elder person in a special needs class full of retarded and delinquent children. Time to move on but I don't know where to.


there is an invisible element somehow embedded into the html code that underlies 4chan and 4channel (all boards) that induces progressive psychosis. even the users themselves openly say culty things like "you can never leave" and their brain-enslaved fellows may be seen seconding their addiction with similar statements. i have gone from spending time searching through many different websites at length, and then, with a complete diversion of my attention, ventured onto 4chan, and reliably within 15 minutes, I feel worse with a mind freshly led into daze. there are high-level psychological operations being carried out over there, and such activity is not limited to the perceptible shifting outer layer of honeypots like pol, but is woven universally through the coded fabric of the boards themselves.


Boy you can talk a lot of trash. You should be a writer.


It's called schizoposting


I agree with you wizzie. I don't think it's a mystical thing but various groups are purifying and testing methods of attention grabbing or aggravating content on 4chan. The whole site is set up to annoy you but at the same time keep you interested.


bro it's just the fast pace of the site together with the ability to post anonymously so you don't need to worry about a reputation

I keep coming back despite being disappointed every time because I can comment on a bunch of threads and then get dopamine anticipating the reply and meanwhile I can refresh the catalog and see several new threads pop up.

But for this reason the site is brainrot. It's a bunch of dopamine addicts trying to get dopamine with the least effort possible by making provocative shitposts with low effort but high engagement.


>I've finally grown too old for it, I felt like the only elder person in a special needs class full of retarded and delinquent children. Time to move on but I don't know where to.

I just wanted to say that I relate to this so well. I've felt this way for years but never figured out how to clearly describe it.
For me it felt so sudden. It was like, with no warning, one day I was this 30 year old loser surrounded by 17 year old losers who were pretending to be 25 year old losers. Suddenly I was so out of place, there was nobody like me there anymore.
As if everyone else like me got some secret memo that it was time to go home, but for whatever reason, I never got the memo, so I just kept showing up to the retard-club, not realizing I was no longer welcome there.


Just wanted to say that I know the feeling as well but towards the internet in general. 'Where to' is an important question, I struggle with it daily. Everyday I sit in front of the computer with that naive feeling I'll open wizchan and youtube and there will something interesting in there. Of course there isn't and at that moment I begin to waste away, browsing mindlessly, hoping I'll come across something to stave off boredom by complete accident.

Where to indeed. I have no idea.



I havent gone to 4chan in 7+ years but I feel the same with wizchan. I just come out of habit

it is a problem. sometimes i enjoy just watching twitch streams or using twitch to find games to play.


i think at some point your need to start creating or doing some hobby instead of consuming.


File: 1685734849235.jpg (875.56 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 3d model.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Not him but that's the point I am at.

I used to do photography which is low effort art but I enjoyed the process a lot and posting my photos and talking about them was way more satisfying than anything else.

The big issue I'm having though is that something is fucked up with my reward system where I need instant gratification to do something and creating stuff is a very long process with very delayed reward ESPECIALLY the journey to developing the skills first.


File: 1685736657216.jpg (67.18 KB, 800x780, 40:39, pathetic.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I also need to vent about something that bothers me with 4chan:

I think being a loner made me not just blindly follow the mainstream and question everything. So when someone voices an opinion that goes against the norm my first instinct is to hear that person out. But all intrigue is lost once I see how the posters argument. It quickly becomes clear that instead of trying to educate others they just get pleasure from imagining they are enlightened in a sea of sheep. They dump their infographics and memes without explanation and ignore tough questions and just call other people names. It's just disillusioning to be excited to broaden my horizon only to read a bunch of shitposts.


that is sadly true, every thread on the big boards is just bating(racebait and porn are widespread on blue boards too) and fishing for (you)'s.
I admit it can be fun to do while getting drunk on a Friday night but only on the fast boards that are already shit and can't be fixed.
Smaller hobby boards are alright because threads are focused on topics unlike other boards like /v/ or /pol/


I never really used it. I used infinity chan for a couple neet and hikki boards. 4chan was only ever good for gore when Best Gore went offline. They just post the same webms, not worth it. Everything else is just boring.


What do I do though? I've got a fucked up RSI. I used to draw and code a lot but now all I do is read, and it's boring.


I love your writing style. Cute schizo.


People like yourself who always use terms like dopamine addicts, are dehumanizing as hell. Please stop


Still better than this site.


>one day I was this 30 year old loser surrounded by 17 year old losers who were pretending to be 25 year old losers

I genuinely believe the blue boards on 4chan aren't attracting new users and the site is ageing. In retrospect the hysterical concern over newfags and underage was due to the fact that we were mostly underage. Now nobody really gives a shit if a zoomer wanders in.

Apparently on /o/ and some of the more hobby orientated boards, you have people bragging about having a wife and kids. Because that's what imageboard niggers do, they arrogantly brag about things. They arrogantly brag about being NEETs at the age of 19 when it's actually fun being one. They arrogantly brag about being $120,000 full stack engineers at the age of 25-30 when that becomes impressive. And then they brag about having a wife and kids at 35-40 when that's the most important thing for most men.


File: 1685970457656.jpg (574.08 KB, 932x821, 932:821, The_Tao_of_Sex_Daniel_Reid….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

IT'S NORMALITY. You can feel its eroding aura sinking deeper and deeper into thy soul.

Too much porn lets you know they want you to coom your brain away


yeah /pol/ is absolutely retarded, it's probably on par with reddit. what can I say, the need to discuss politics is a trait of the lowliest scum


Biochemical processes are part of being human. We aren't some magical beings. The way people post on 4chan is dehumanizing if anything because you are not trying to have a normal conversation.


Why are you here?


I think we could all benefit from periodic reminders of how far things have fallen.


>Is explicitly named and referenced in over a hundred major movies and TV shows by now.

>Has had hundreds of major 'news investigation' style reports done on it.
>Has had multiple documentaries made about it ("tfwnogf", "feels good man" and others).
>Is listed on most of the major porn site ranking lists.
>Is known and named by the majority of boomers, who know about it due to mainstream reporting on crabs, pizzagate, Qanon, etc.
>Is completely dominated by Youtubebuxers and other profiteering content miners who now essentially define what most people think about the site.
>Has had all its major memes appropriated by outsiders who use them to 'in group' themselves for street cred and profit ( https://youtu.be/Do7B74dyEVs ).
>Has been and continues to be the subject of academic studies all over the world, there are like actual academics who SPECIALISE in studying 4chan.
>Has been and continues to be actively monitored by multiple police and spy agencies and discussed at anti-terror summits, etc.
>Has had Passes for years which allow anyone with dodgy motives to be able to essentially spam for free, it's almost designed to encourage this. The Youtubebuxxer who used a language model to spam the board simply bought himself a pass to do so.
>Is inextricably tied up with the 'meme' cryptocurrencies and there are multiple companies that exist to 'shill memes' on 4chan to promote memecoins. This is all for selfish dishonest people to make money at the expense of others, using cultural references to ingratiate themselves and thus debasing that culture.

4chan culture is mined to death and we should probably stop referring to it altogether.


Where else can you go but /pol/ and sometimes a few other boards for uncensored discussion about important social topics, such as race issues? The succubus question? Reddit is censored to hell, twitter is not a discussion board, Faceberg is jewed, etc. An unfortunate fact of all the censorship/centralization of the internet is if you want actual truth you need to sift through the 95% shit to find a tiny nugget of wisdom on such a place.

That's why shitholes like /pol/ are addicting: the reward of filtering through constant retarded garbage to find an original perspective on taboo topics that would be censored everywhere else


>important social topics, such as race issues


>Reddit is censored to hell, twitter is not a discussion board, Faceberg is jewed, etc.

Race gets discussed all the time on all three sites, you can't exactly call for genocide but lots of discussion takes place on race. There are thousands of other sites and forums to discuss these things, also.

>the reward of filtering through constant retarded garbage to find an original perspective on taboo topics that would be censored everywhere else

I'm curious, can you give some examples of the gems of original perspective you've found? Give me an idea of what you find an original perspective that'd be banned everywhere else?


/pol/tard finds out his extreme right wing shit is reviled by anyone outside of his echochambers, how cute.
"how come i get censored for bringing up the jewish question on grandma's facebook page waaaaaaah!"


Fucking polbrats have the race thing so imprinted in their brains that they can't have a thought without making it about race, can't speak a sentence without the word "race" in it, and want the whole world to take oh so seriously the one subject their screen-fried brains are capable of processing.
Any one brings the subject of race, you know the disease.


You think 4chan isn't censored? The censorship is just soft censorship in the form of bots actively derailing discussion, bait threads, hostile shitposters etc. You can't discuss anything on 4chan.


How do moderators on 4chins delete wrongthink posts so quickly? They must have whole teams of janitors that scour the different boards day and night for anything that could faintly resemble a violation of their rules or hint at the existence of information that is not supposed to be for public consumption. The control that these freaks have and seek to maintain even in self-proclaimed 'politically incorrect' web-spaces like 4chan is seriously insane.


twitter is the female version of 4chan


File: 1686976718466.jpeg (45.43 KB, 2000x1331, 2000:1331, CCV_iStock-619079366-1909….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

How do we create an alternative to 4chan?

I want a board where people are kind to each other and the discussion is high quality and I would probably ban any politics talk.

But how would I police the post quality while maintaining the casual imageboard atmosphere and without fights breaking out over if a certain post reached the quality threshold or not.

I've observed it in other boards. They had high standards but once these were relaxed to make the board more active, low-quality posts started flooding in. It's a delicate balance.


The trouble is that the Internet is too fucking centralized now. There used to be loads of forums with active users, and personal websites with loads of hits. You could have a discussion literally anywhere.

Now if you don't fit in on a dozen or so popular sites it's like you've been kicked off the Internet.


twitter is everything bad about every site in one convenient location.


imageboards are inherently low quality, that's what makes them fun. you can write a long post about hegel or you could post some retarded oneliner and it doesn't really matter cuz it will disappear soon anyway.

>I want a board where people are kind to each other and the discussion is high quality and I would probably ban any politics talk.

that's called a subreddit or regular phpbb forum.


There's a board called /kind/ that's forced niceness.


>that's called a subreddit
Waht? Genuinely waht? No politics is reddit? Being kind is reddit? Are you from a looney-toons opposite world?


Abstention from 4chan = clearer, less anxious mind.


perhaps it's just too much information all at once?


most subreddits have gay rules about being nice and no politics/sex/religion etc. any controversial discussion gets shut down cuz people get too worked up and you can't have that.

>yeah but i want le imageboard culture but no one can call me a faggot or talk about their true beliefs

i repeat: that's called REDDIT.COM and you should go there lmao


Kind of weird that reddit pulled ahead of 4chan in which media site I use more often. It's just better by nearly every metric.


Yeah, I made a post about it in another thread. I feel absolutely terrible after browsing 4chan for a while, it doesn't happen here or in any other imageboard, just 4chan. There's something weird going on there.


I might just be over the internet in general. Maybe I am too self-important, attention hungry and egoistic but I can't stand people making throwaway posts. I look at this thread for example where 70% of the posts have no reply and it makes me sick. It makes me feel like I am not talking to people and it makes me feel lonely. I used to be fine with having no irl social interaction because the internet was a good substitute but now it doesn't satisfy this need anymore.


lol says the faggot who hangs out on a website where it's prohibited to talk about something everyone loves


Why craft a smart post if you won't get any response 90% of the time? or if you get a response it's from someone without a frontal lobe?

Here's the thing I realized recently. You really can't ignore bad posts or bad content. People tell you to do it. "Oh just hide it/report it" but human beings *avoid* things which annoy them, not ignore. You can see this from all the people who now have their phones on silent. We don't ignore spam calls, we just avoid them.

Shitty, low-effort or inflammatory content will drive off everyone eventually, regardless of if there's still some good stuff around. Your mind can't filter everything. Even if it could, it takes mental effort to do so , so you're going to unconsciously avoid these sites.


Any accurate guesses what that something might be?


Never spent much time on 4chan but I find the shit posting here to be much more enjoyable as someone who likes to passively lurk.


>Shitty, low-effort or inflammatory content will drive off everyone eventually

That's what makes me so angry about 4chan. There are elitist spaces where people are very critical which elevates the quality of content as everyone tries to meet the high standards and the people judging you actually have some skills to back up their elitism. On 4chan you have a bunch of idiots who will be negative no matter what and it's not justified or earned as the quality of posts is really low.

also this really pisses me off about that place

I'm not that guy but for me reading the same predictable catchphrases wears me down mentally. Also I REALLY REALLY hate these ugly "soyjack" images people love to post there. They are grotesque.

I feel especially affected by this since I have no real life social spaces to escape to. The internet is all I have unlike these people who shitpost on their phone while in their school class.


4chan is fine. You have to make questions about interesting topics and you will get a wiz replying to you and helping you


>I REALLY REALLY hate these ugly "soyjack" images people love to post there. They are grotesque.
you'd think they would have moved on by now, these have unfortunately become mainstream on social media


agree, 4chan works fine for me. People actually discuss things you just need to know how to make a thread


I read on 4chan that succubi have far a greater capacity to enjoy sex 10 times more than men orgasms last longer that if you put your penis inside a succubus who is drunk and horny you will see the stars and go back to the past and the future and have revelations about life


What else is there? Good subreddits are too slow and discords are too cliquey.


Personally, i just drop in here for a while and then i'll leave for a month or two until the urge comes back. Maybe it's an age thing but i'm almost with online socialising and lurking. It's pretty much all garbage anyway.


>Also I REALLY REALLY hate these ugly "soyjack" images people love to post there. They are grotesque.

i love them. it reminds libtards how fat and ugly they are. just get it shape and reject globohomo and it won't bother you anymore


File: 1690158699584.jpg (60.47 KB, 1078x621, 1078:621, 20220210_235301.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You're either a bad "ironic" falseflag or you are seriously 16 years old and brown. Please take a break from Ben Shapiro and Nick Fuentes videos.


Not a key site….


frenschan has good discussion without the informational clutter of 4chan.


most generic altchan yet


File: 1690779888273.jpeg (37.44 KB, 800x534, 400:267, screaming-guy-7767115-376….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>someone makes a thread for posting your favorite art
>post mine with an explanation on what I like about the technique, composition and colors and how it relates to me emotionally
>excited to read what others post and maybe have some discussions and discover new artists
>people just dump images without saying anything

How can there be nothing to say about your favorite art? This posting style drives me wild. Where do people actually discuss stuff online? It's not plebbit.


I can't remember the last time I saw anything in social media that brought me positive emotions really, maybe many years ago here finding the occasional person I could relate to. I read it and consume it, there's entertainment, but there's nothing out there that makes me glad I engaged with it really.


I guess it depends on why you use it and what boards you go on.

These days I mainly use 4chan as a sounding board for very particular usually technical questions, to give asked for advice, for writing promps and a place to write very short very shit stories, and most of all for porn. So the only time it makes me feel bad is when a good porn thread gets spammed with gay-op bullshit.


>most of all for porn

Seriously?, what boards? Because /gif/ is pure trannies, gays and disgusting fetishes. There is like 2 or 3 good threads in that board, the rest is shit.


what does that mean ?


I use filters for /gif/, but mainly /aco/, /s/, a little /b/ since it's practically a porn board at this point, a few threads on /d/ and /trash/, and a few threads on /h/.
I do go on /gif/ sometimes but less for porn now days since as you pointed out, the weird spam of shit I ain't interested in has gotten out of hand. rekt threads and fight threads are still fun on /gif/ when it isn't full of race bait.


The quality of the porn on /gif/ took a steep nosedive the same time the rest of the site did when the neonazis showed up


File: 1691588863191.jpg (127.57 KB, 840x789, 280:263, Fm3S9brWQAMdxZr.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>His main problem with Nazis is that they don't post racebait and gay twink porn


I don't think the neonazis are the ones posting trannie and other garbage on /gif/.


the leader of the Nazis, Nick Fuentes admits he likes trans porn, so he can prove that all succubi have rape fantasies


No Nazi, Neonazi, traditionalist, fascist, racist, or even White person regards Nick Feuntes as anything but another queer who shouldn't be allowed to own a microphone.


reconquista harder faget


>when the neonazis showed up
So, around 2009?


File: 1691912901700.jpg (81.01 KB, 720x588, 60:49, 1691611700889205.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is what I hate about you people. Many lies were made up about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, lies that would make him seem evil to anyone who isn't evil themselves. Hitler did nothing wrong because its not true, but you fags actually believe its true, and think Hitler did nothing wrong regardless. You love Hitler because you think he wanted to kill people for being Jewish. You love Hitler because you think he hated people based on their sexuality. You love Hitler because you think he used anaphora to strengthen his prose. I love Hitler because I know he did none of those things.


i avoid gore and edgy websites. it just leaves a bad taste to the brain

as a kid and a teen, 4chan was great for that stuff, but i would rather not subject myself to it. even movies are too violent for my tastes now. i get why old boomers complained about violent videogames. it's everywhere now


Is my post >>306056 the one you meant to reply to? Because nothing in it should provoke such a response. Thou I'll entertain your seemingly directionless claims and say that I do in fact acknowledge, and appreciate, that Hitler was not a genocidal freak who wanted to conquer the world. I'm well aware that he simply wanted to create a peaceful Europe where White people could prosper and in order to achieve that he'd first have to deport those who religiously pursued otherwise, and then liberate the parts of Europe already under foreign occupation. There were no death camps, there were no slaughtered civilians, and there were no bombed cities… Until the Bolsheviks pushed through with slave soldiers and burned Germany to a crisp, raping and abducting Germans as they pleased.


you're fucked in the head my man


File: 1691979626304.gif (2.61 MB, 1070x1172, 535:586, coal-alarm.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Is anyone else getting banned a lot lately on 4chan?

I keep getting 2 days bans over the slightest things. Like, I make a legit thread on /v/ asking for the name of a game and I get banned for making an "off-topic post" or I make a post in /pol/ and I get banned for "shitposting", like seriously? shitposting on /pol/? 80% of posts there are shitposts and the rest are bots and glowies.

Even fucking reddit has less power-tripping mods. That place has really become a worse shithole than it already was.
Can't wait until it finally gets taken down.


implicit soyjak post


Something is very strange on /pol/
You can shitpost and support mass shooters and advocate murder/genocide and be fine.
But make a thread concerning the blackpill or crab matters and threads get deleted and bans are handed out. On the politically incorrect board. It's weird how a politically incorrect topic that impacts a sizeable number of the userbase is effectively a banned topic.


>make a thread concerning the blackpill or crab matters and threads get deleted and bans are handed out
No shit. "Crab and blackpill" isn't allowed on /pol/ just as MLP and Pro-LGBTQ+ aren't allowed outside of their containment boards. You have /r9k/ to whine about not getting sex due to some human conspiracy or demiurgic being keeping your dicks dry.


/pol/ must have been infiltrated by wizchan mods


>MLP and Pro-LGBTQ+ aren't allowed outside of their containment boards.
What? The latter is one most 4chan boards these days.


I get banned everyday from /int/. Funny how shitskins can get away with insulting my people but once I call them out I'm a raycist piece of shit. Got banned several times from /lit/ and /his/ for calling out the eternal jew too.


I thought that this was a SomethingAwful thread at first and Google'd Kyanka and found out he committed suicide back in 2021.

Man have I fallen out of the loop.


can't defame the son in law of the Messiah


I find the entire internet to be a slurry of pure shit. Been online for 24 years and found great escape at the start when I was a teenager, now it is constantly disappointing and degenerating the human spirit. The whole thing will make you feel awful soon


The internet has become that no doubt.
Sometimes I suspect it be a demon, or controlled by demonic entities, which you could also call silicon valley I guess.
It is sad that we can see thatbut still be unable to take our eyes off the stupid screen.


at worst 10-15 minutes of reading 4chan might just make me feel bored with all the shilling and low effort shit posting. Occasionally during a happening or something like an oppenheimer thread might be entertaining, but usually they just end up going back to talking about normalfag stuff. I think only playing GTA4 made me feel awful, but not much different from spending all day doing unproductive activities.


>Sometimes I suspect it be a demon, or controlled by demonic entities, which you could also call silicon valley I guess.



most sites i visit are written by my split personalities while im sleeping


If it's any consolation, 4chan kind of seems like it's dying. Images have been loading like molasses, sometimes taking several minutes to load one image. The site has lost key investors due to public scrutiny and it is probably getting raped by high interest rates.


I think the internet causes a person's problem-solving abilities to atrophy. It becomes impossible to envision what other things you could be doing with your time. It erodes the imagination completely.


thats true my first instinct at any obstacle is to make a thread about it since there are 0 barriers and consequences unlike on forums where you would get banned if you made too many threads


4chan died a long time ago. It's being kept artificially alive.


isnt 4chan run by google?


I sadly am this way aswell. My car broke down a few days ago, and I made a thread about it on 4ch's /o/. No help. I called my father and he told me to jumpstart it, and told me how to.

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