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General Question: does just reading 4chan for longer than 10-15 minutes make anyone feel awful and almost as if placed into a trance state? I can browse other sites for long periods of time without any ill effects, but if I stay too long on 4chan I begin to feel decidedly sick. Why does this happen?


Yes. It's a mixture of deep and not-so deep psyop.


Boards OP is probably reading: R9K, Pol, /b/

Go to 4chan to discuss your hobbies. Depression, chimpouts, and porn are not hobbies.


Staying away from imageboards as much as possible has been a good decision for me. The constant schizo stuff is just not good for you, even if your brain has a good filter. It's the same like browsing Twitter or reddit all day, you're just hardly gonna read stuff that isn't mentally unhinged and your mind will suck it all up like a sponge. It's the same on here, there's just people who can't handle social isolation without diving into delusions at some point and there is no value in reading their schizo posts on things they don't even understand.


Yes, OP. This wiz has it right. Stop reading 4chan. In fact, I would argue against reading social media entirely. Even the most well-meaning 4channers are unhinged and irritable. There's a level of exhaustion they all feel from being unable to leave the site. Trying to discuss anything is navigating a minefield because one mistaken piece of vocabulary can set people off. It's not worth it.




Other social media sites are way more toxic.


4cha' is for normalfagd


I browse /v/ on 4chan and don't have this problem.


What gives me a headache is looking at the catalog and seeing provocative images with some engagement bait one-line question.


On fagbook you get to see geriatrics start drama over their neighbors trash bins not being APPROXIMATELY 6 inches FROM THE FUCKING CURB and other such karen nonsense


4chan is filled with smug retarded normalfags that are obsessed with females


I can't even create an account on Facebook because they want me to send in my ID and driver's license



you must have hurt their butts good, mm!! good work proud of you lol


4chan is edge lord central, everyone tries to up each other with insults or provoking content, most users are young 15-25yr and because of its reputation they seem to think they have an image to up hold to. Another theory is psyops on well frequented boards, because the site has more free speech and expression orientation agencies and shills try to control the narrative and sway community opinion. For instance, they want more division on politics instead of unity and keeping anons in the throws of mental illness and circumstance such as crabdom and NEETdom/Hikkis as well as an unhealthy view on people, culture and choices. I'll also add, there isn't much for discussion there intellectually or otherwise, repetitive talking points and basic rebuttals, not so much in depth proper discourse. Finally, I visit frequently enough but I hardly go to /b/ anymore, fuck that board I won't participate in /gif/ either, and /r9k/ is dead. Some other boards are interesting and sometimes fun but 4chan is in decline and has been for years, I know other forums have fuck all traffic so going there for chatting seems too tedious but it is what it is man you reap what you sow


>they want more division on politics instead of unity and keeping anons in the throws of mental illness and circumstance such as crabdom and NEETdom/Hikkis
wrong and even if it were true, do you know where you are?


all these outsiders here telling other what to think. 4chan ,like I said, is for normalfags.


File: 1685038664560.jpg (84.89 KB, 1080x1100, 54:55, zy72nai3mpl71.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Yes I know this is a site for mental illness doesn't change the fact that the glowniggers want to keep you trapped in your own head. You could argue they target crabs and losers but the more men who are like this they can spin the narrative, for example, shooters or more moderation on hate/free speech, they took down crabs on reddit. 4chan is basically a porn exposure site not including blue boards of course and the mental illness of users tend to frequent red boards where it is pushed a lot


manages to be a better site than this one


I try to search for lulz but often the text is just trash comments. There are more shills than trolls these days.


I'm not denying that glowniggers incite things but often they also just look for the lowest common denominator which is the schizos with no grasp of reality and wait until they do some dumb shit. Remember that schizo LGBT dyke who shot up random Christians in Nashville because she got gassed up by her online fag community, the glowniggers most likely didn't even look into that because they don't mind if it's not crabs or neo nazis doing it.


Hmm no. /v/ is still The Place with people and culture most like me. R9k used to Be cool so I browse it Out of nostalgia and Habit. I check /Pol/ once a Day because its fun and I dont take 4chan too seriously like an idiot.


>getting filtered by 4chan


I go to /k/ to look at webms of the ukraine war sometimes but other than that I have pretty much stopped using it because it's so shit and worthless and everyone there is mentally ill in unpleasant ways.


File: 1685436180560.png (491.44 KB, 1671x937, 1671:937, 9440ec208f21f3a862f501af90….png) ImgOps iqdb


I hate how so many threads are provocative VERY thinly veiled rage bait posts with wording that pisses me off.

You can tell right away from the post what kind of reaction the OP is expecting.

I thought the hobby boards would be better off but my threads trying to get a serious discussion going got no replies after 5 bumps. Instead it's all just whining about zoomers, succubi, non-white people, leftists and trans and coomer content.

So many people there just love circlejerking and are not interested in different opinions or learning something new. It's just a bunch of dopamine addicts trying to get some short satisfaction from hearing what they want to hear or "BTFO" someone by posting a grotesque Wojack.


True. No better than ShitTok.


True, but where do I ask questions on the internet now? I feel like there's nothing left now. I have a better chance of getting a reply to my questions if I email a professor than if I post on a social media site.


The addiction aspect to the site is certainly tough. Meandering propaganda mazes mostly define its content, but sometimes you will come upon worthwhile information not elsewhere findable, and then the aimless searching cycle begins again.


I've ceased using the near entirety of 4chan permanently last week after somebody made a meme of me from one of my posts and some charcteristics I had talked about previously. After that I realised I had become too notorious on the board even though it was only five or six people who recognised me from my typing style. That was too much for me however and I had decided that enough was enough and that it was time to permanently stop visiting the board. I don't enjoy having my existance recognised, I'm a recluse who can only find sanctuary in obscurity. Call it an autistic overreaction but I don't care. After ten years of that place basically being my homepage of the internet I've finally grown too old for it, I felt like the only elder person in a special needs class full of retarded and delinquent children. Time to move on but I don't know where to.

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