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Porn has irreversibly damaged wizards mentally due to it’s easy accessibility and widespread advertising (Sex scenes in films,, porn on imageboards, rule 34 everywhere you go to, fotm porn, Porn ads seeping through youtube on purpose etc.)

It’s as addictive as a drug, but more accessible as anyone can go on their phone, computer, tablet, etc, and it has horrible side effects such as:
1.Leading to Gayness (I can’t find a exact reason as to why this happens, but I can make observations about it and assume what the cause is and It’s likely due to the abundance of dicks in Porn)
A big example of porn leading to gay shit is this very site, you have people posting traps, femboys, futa, etc. on a site for celibate virgins (let's not even mention /b/) Now, have in mind that gays are a minority less than 1 percent and yet you will come here and see gay shit.
2. It causes Depression in high amounts and fries your brain.
3. By watching it you’re supporting lgtb degeneracy
4. By watching it you’re supporting gender confusion bullshit
5. By watching it you’re supporting cuck shit, and like with gay shit, cuck shit is also a side effect of watching porn too.

And the sixth and final reason, It’s a way to keep wizards down and stop them from questioning why they are wizards. It’s a major reason why tons of people stay depressed and broken.

If things continue going foward in this way not only will wizards degenerate into deviants who fap to trannies but most of them will be addicted to porn NEVER questioning shit about their situation and even going as far as to defend it.
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What if some us of are trying to be more than just NEETs?


then get a job and stop pestering us with that nofap normalfag nonsense(user was warned for this post)


File: 1712333798628.png (198.8 KB, 1800x1578, 300:263, 1651143025640.png) ImgOps iqdb

You come in the nofap thread complaining that we keep pestering you, just hide the thread m8 how autistic are you. Also jobs are for plebs bitch


ahh yes, this, the one and only nofap thread there’s ever been on wizchan.

but more than the constant threads on fapping and porn being “unwizardly” (obviously, there can be no question about it regarding 3dpd), it’s the widespread prominence of this anti horny and anti 2d nonsense that is a problem.

it all stems from their materialism, which already being on its own a retarded doctrine, it naturally leads to more retarded conclusions like hentai bad, 2d is cope, etc.


File: 1712340232834.gif (868.59 KB, 400x265, 80:53, 1689044984486103.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>nofap is materialism
What the fuck are you smoking man?


i’m not saying that it’s materialist, but that materialism naturally leads to it. if you’re a materialist then it’s only natural to believe that horniness is merely an evolved tool to drive men to fuck succs, thereby leading to the survival and propagation of the species, and that 2d is merely an idealized physical representation (no more than pixels on a screen or drawings on a piece of paper) of the female traits that make one horny. it might even be superior in eliciting a stronger response than 3d succs are capable of, but it’s still just an exploit or hack on that base biological drive, like the case of those beetles who would rather try to mate with empty beer bottles than with female beetles.

obviously, non-materialists like christians, etc., can also be anti fap/hentai/horny, and sometimes even waifufags so wise and insightful to realize the falsehood of that second premise i just mentioned. i’ve chatted with waifufags who argued for the metaphysical reality of waifus, but who’d then turn around and say horniness and hentai is bad because it’s mundane and worldly, a base biological drive, etc. why they would suddenly make such a simple blunder in their otherwise keen and insightful reasoning is a mystery i cannot explain.


I cant believe i was into this nofap thing for like 4 years. Now i see it mostly like a religious nonsense.

I've always tried and tried to search about the realistic and practical benefits of it, and while its true that there's some, its most of the time you will find a religious mumbo jumbo right handed path, "restraning/sacrificing yourself for god" and other bullshit. The nofap/semen retention moviment has no emphasis on the individuality, no emphasis on personal experience, doesnt not accept a single criticism, they expect you to follow things blindly. Its WEIRD. i dont like it

Yes, there's good practical benefits about the practice like more energy but thats really it, nothing more. Long streaks are not really that great either.

I'm now focusing on mantaining a healthy fapping schedule which brings me the best of both worlds. If you curious about it search about the taoism fapping calendar(taoism is the only religion that takes a sane approach about it) and most important trust your OWN EXPERIENCE. Don't let no fool Tell you what to do. Most nofap and semen retention stuff that is spreaded around the internet are 95% pure bullshit made for religious schizos. Take the middle path for your own sanity.


There's very, VERY few individuals who are by nature inclined to the scrict celibacy stuff, i repeat: very few. Its easy to delude yourself with this sort of belief and to think you are some sort of enlighted celibate monk who never faps. There's 99,9% of chance that you are just bored with life and want to use this as a escape from reality, just like the guys who over indulge in masturbation. Its two sides of the same coin, its both unhealthy in different ways.


>If you curious about it search about the taoism fapping calendar(taoism is the only religion that takes a sane approach about it)
I'm intrigued


File: 1712346809665.png (1.01 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Its basically a schedule of how much you should ejaculate depending of your age. Its very practical and effective in my own experience. Its something like in the image.

Some taoist branches say you should never ejaculate at all, while others advise you ejaculate in a controlled wise manner, but the thing i like is that they never deny sexual pleasure even when one decides to avoid ejaculation.

Avoiding internet pornography is obviously advisable, not because porn is "BaD aNd eViL" but because it distracts your mind from your moment of relaxation. But in the end this is up to you, only you can decide what is good for you.


Porn is a huge issue for legit reasons no matter how you try to mock it


>listens to dead ching chong philosophers from a thousand years ago with no medical knowledge of the human body
lol you are pathetic and then say this:
>the thing i like is that they never deny sexual pleasure

Go have sex if sex isn't evil. You're just another addict.


Pornography and erotica always existed in every civilization. From ancient agypt, rome and china to the present days. Good luck trying to fight against something that always existed in every human society.

The only thing i agree is that present day pornography is the most addictive of all, but until the 90s it was never a big problem.


>bruh porn always existed u see those paintings depicting nudity and that were available to only a few are the same as what we see today
>From ancient agypt, rome and china to the present days
That's an absolute retarded argument in this context. People in ancient times didn't even have a real tangible concept of porn nor were they addicted to it because it wasn't widespread and accessible. The "porn" from ancient times wasn't something every peasant and farmer could get his hands onto and it definitely wasn't made for mass consumption.

The porn we see today its available at one tap of your fingers, one click, almost everyone with internet access can get it.

You can't even even compare the modern degenerate scenario brimming with fetishes, where you're bombarded with clickbaits and thumbnails in almost every webpage with what they had in ancient times.


you have another case of respect to ancient dead people who can't back up any of their claims. You really are no better than some drone who adheres to some political figure ideals, you can't question or inquire, you are a mental servant waiting for his master to tell him what to believe:

>a man at twenty can ejaculate once every four days

>a man at thirty can ejaculate once everything eight days
>a man at forty can ejaculate once every ten days
>a man at sixty should no longer ejaculate
numbers pulled out of his ching chong ass but according to you they are logical and make sense. Prove it then, prove why it is logical. It's the most stupid shit i've read in a long time.


We already went over this but porn didnt exist in ancient times, at least not in western europe and there are no pornographic depictions recovered whatsoever. A sculpture of a naked man with a flaccid penis or a painting of a naked succubus is not porn. Depictions of naked bodies are not porn.

Early pornographic depictions as they can be found in turkey and arabia don't even go back as far as most ancient civilizations go.


>The porn we see today its available at one tap of your fingers, one click, almost everyone with internet access can get it.
Another very important factor, every writing or depiction had to be witnessed physically and there was no way to transmit stuff whatsoever so that means anything had to he presented to you in your immediate surrounding even if you lived in a remote village. Even if something like that existed, it couldn't spread and grow as it does now and there was no way of anyone becoming a coomer or developing weird fetishes because no one knew about this stuff.


>Prove it then, prove why it is logical. It's the most stupid shit i've read in a long time.

Do i really need to tell why it makes Sense? Its pretty damn obvious. Its all about balance. You overdo it, it makes you sick, but If you repress it, it will then turn into outbursts of violence or paranoia, and many other bad things.. Unless you "transcend" it(tip: almost no one know how to)

Go search about the deleterious effects of sexual repression in the period of victorian era, for example. I wont do it for you dude, make your own research. I've probably years trying nofap and probably more than you so i know what im taking about. More than some of the evidences i talk about personal experience too.


No, im not talking about naked people. There's plenty of actual pornography depictions, obviously not as realistic as now, but they exist. They always existed and will always exist.

Again, do your own research.


Did you readed that i actually think modern post 2000s pornography isnt very healthy?

I just don't think there's any "evil forces" forcing you to consume it, rather i have a logical approach to it.

If i remember correctly in the website yourbrainonporn they tell you the same thing. People who grew up before internet porn existed are far less likely to be addicted to it because they have different brain connections from the people who grew up with it.

Modern porn is bad, but porn itself outside this context is neutral and a thing that always existed. thats it


File: 1712351550938.jpg (2.6 KB, 125x110, 25:22, 1708423299069659.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>don't think there's any "evil forces" forcing you to consume it
>he's never heard of jews


>Did you readed
>I don't think there's any "evil forces" forcing you to consume it
propaganda isn't a real thing, it doesn't exist at all, and the porn industry isn't funded by jews. Sounds like you should do your research instead of following random numbers of some taoist braindead chink without any explanation or consideration as to where did those numbers came out because you are not a logical person or interested in the truth.


all you say is "jews, jews, jews", "its bad because its bad". Is there something in your brain that doesnt fall into this black and white schizophrenic thought pattern? Goddamn, it must be exhausting being you. You cannot think in causal, logical way, all you can do is correlating everything with conspiracy theories you read on 4chan or something. I give up trying to having a conversation with you.


Not to mention we both agree that modern pornography is bad, just because i don't agree that ALL pornography is bad you dont stop shitting on me. You need to seriously seek help, this way is seeing the world is very bad for you.


I don't think it's a matter of when the porn was made but more the amount of porn and it's ease of access that causes issues for a small minority of people.

A bit of porn in moderation is harmless. It's just that some people can't moderate.


That post-nut depression was caused by me jacking off to porn/erotic material. I would be better off without it and not cause the cycle of craving->action->regret. Not like I need it to survive. Currently a NEET at the moment but plan to escape eventually. There's nothing wrong with masturbation sometimes but, porn is straight up evil and should be avoided. It is poison, not a forbidden fruit to be resisted. NoFap bros get this wrong.


The problem is within the people, not the media. If shit makes you gay it's because ones fault.


Yes, soo sad to see this. now its all just sad guys, not wizards.


This makes no sense to me. The need for sex is the need to reproduce and start a family to continue the human race and society. How can there be procreation wizards when the normative way of procreation is sex. Why would a wizard partake in it? Most men don't reproduce anyways


Porn desensitizes the dopamine receptors, creating hypofrontality;
Porn lowers androgen receptor density, possibly creating estrogen dominance
Porn spikes prolactin, cutting dopamine and making you stupid
Porn creates a self reinforcing delta-fosb loop making you addicted to computers
This may create lasting brain changes if introduced during growth periods as a major stimulus

In conclusion, do as little as possible. It's a drug mimic


Now replace porn with literally anything pleasurable or stimulating.

The people who preach this kind of stuff always leave out that porn isn't even remotely unique in triggering similar response, and that they are by proxy demonizing the body's natural enjoyment system.
Porn isn't the problem, it's anything done in excess.

Tasty food is good, but in excess it's a problem.
Video games are fun, but in excess it causes problems.
Reading books is good, but even that in excess causes problems.

Pleasure isn't inherently problematic, but in excess it causes problems.


>by proxy demonizing the body's natural enjoyment system
Something being natural doesn't mean is good.
Porn by itself is demonic, it's made to sell and you forget it's someone's daughter that's been degraded in obscene acts for the perverse enjoyment of others. It damages them psychologically.
>Porn isn't the problem, it's anything done in excess.
Porn even in moderation is immoral. You realize you don't need porn to masturbate, right?


>Porn by itself is demonic
its completely harmless, its just a video or a jpg.
its about as "demonic" as anything else in this shit world so when everything is demonic nothing is.
>it's made to sell
so? whos forcing you to buy it? just jerk off to the petabytes of free porn that are available.
>and you forget it's someone's daughter that's been degraded in obscene acts for the perverse enjoyment of others
literally who gives a shit?
>It damages them psychologically.
not my or your problem

also there is lots of porn that doesnt even involve any people at all. like AI porn for example, hurts nobody.
>is immoral
to exist is immoral
>you don't need porn to masturbate
its not as Fun


Porn, video games, and junk food are made to be consumed in excess. Actual food can be eaten until satiated. Reading a book isn't as stimulating as porn which has been compared to hard drugs.


>which has been compared to hard drugs

You can compare anything to anything. Doesn't mean the comparison makes them in anyway equivalent in any meaningful way.

Also it's dumb to sage a thread that is already passed it's bump limit.


>Porn by itself is demonic
Stop larping dude


I always bump a saged thread out of principle.


"kek stop larping" has got to be a bot response with how frequently it's used in response to literally anything


You're lying, it absolutely is an issue because of ease of access. Every kid who gets an internet connection will turn into an addicted fapper during peak puberty, and get a terrible brain in consequence with hypofrontality, chronic prolactin increase and high estrogen, and internet addiction. Even in the state of nature men had to wait for sex. It's a value chain that turns men at prime of their life neurologically into losers

If I had kids I would not let them anywhere near modern culture or an internet connected computer. There are just so many issues involved with what these devices do to the brain


People being blatantly disingenuous or not even believability lying is even more common, which is why people basically telling them to stop is also common.
It isn't bots, it's a direct response to insinceraty.


I see someone obviously larping: I post "kek stop larping".
There are no bots, there are only dudes playing the volcels meme, and the other ones, those that don't appreciate the trolling.
You don't have a mission, you're not out there saving the world, or being a CEO of a big company. Busting a nut is not going to chance a thing. Live your neet life, don't be too obsessed with porn, and you'll be fine.
The rest is internet stupidity.


> the volcels meme
huh? how is being a volcel a meme?


because volcels are almost never volcel. it's just a cope for succubi not finding you attractive.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Sounds like you are just projecting.


File: 1712705290361.png (8.21 KB, 198x232, 99:116, ы.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Live your neet life, don't be too obsessed with porn, and you'll be fine.
sounds about right. this thread deserves an award btw.


such reduction in libido happened to me on its own. at 15 i would beat off 2 times per day, now as i am approaching 26 i get the urge to masturbate once every 3-4 days


File: 1713895936160.png (16.7 KB, 565x879, 565:879, Cuckolding fetish.png) ImgOps iqdb



unrelated to what i posted


Warlocks are basically dark (sociopathic) wizards who cast mind control and charm on normaltards for their own selfish good.



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