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Porn has irreversibly damaged wizards mentally due to it’s easy accessibility and widespread advertising (Sex scenes in films,, porn on imageboards, rule 34 everywhere you go to, fotm porn, Porn ads seeping through youtube on purpose etc.)

It’s as addictive as a drug, but more accessible as anyone can go on their phone, computer, tablet, etc, and it has horrible side effects such as:
1.Leading to Gayness (I can’t find a exact reason as to why this happens, but I can make observations about it and assume what the cause is and It’s likely due to the abundance of dicks in Porn)
A big example of porn leading to gay shit is this very site, you have people posting traps, femboys, futa, etc. on a site for celibate virgins (let's not even mention /b/) Now, have in mind that gays are a minority less than 1 percent and yet you will come here and see gay shit.
2. It causes Depression in high amounts and fries your brain.
3. By watching it you’re supporting lgtb degeneracy
4. By watching it you’re supporting gender confusion bullshit
5. By watching it you’re supporting cuck shit, and like with gay shit, cuck shit is also a side effect of watching porn too.

And the sixth and final reason, It’s a way to keep wizards down and stop them from questioning why they are wizards. It’s a major reason why tons of people stay depressed and broken.

If things continue going foward in this way not only will wizards degenerate into deviants who fap to trannies but most of them will be addicted to porn NEVER questioning shit about their situation and even going as far as to defend it.


i agree with the thread title but i'm not reading all of that sorry


Just say you hate the gay mods



It took me less than 20 seconds to read all of it. It was something worthwhile to have read. How do you even learn without the willingness to commit 20-30 seconds of attention to about 10 lines of text?


OP doesn't say anything about the mods or meta at all. It's more general wiz life advice and a warning.


>1.Leading to Gayness (I can’t find a exact reason as to why this happens,
It's because your brain calculates the pleasure through the female's reaction.
Essentially, you experience the pleasure vicariously through the female. That's gay as shit.


Your thread tastes like stale bait to me OP, but part of your thread is kind of interesting.

>Leading to Gayness (I can’t find a exact reason as to why this happens

The more you expose yourself to pornography the more you become desensitized to it. as the quantity of your consumption grows, the effect it has on you diminishes; eventually you aren't getting that hit of dopamine you want or an erection. So then you escalate to more graphic and explicit pornography. But you can become desensitized to this the same way. Then again you escalate, by moving into more exotic content. At this state you see people generating interest in things they would normally not be interested in. In this kind of environment, you could for example see a straight guy watching porn with succubi who have dicks. In a thread years ago, I read a user comment stating that this is how he got into dick succubus porn even though he said he was straight. An example that falls in line with your logic.

But that is one potential outcome to over exposure amongst thousands. You see other people fall into different bizarre stuff: fart porn, edge play, succubi exchanging vomit, etc. The issues is that people might then make the leap to try and connect this unhealthy behavior to other people who naturally have more niche taste, for example, a preference for bondage. Some exotic preferences are the result of unhealthy over-exposure, but others are just a matter of personal taste and identity. Exploring the difference between personal taste and conditioning can be pretty interesting. What is more interesting though is discussing the rationality of intentionally steering your taste away from the mainstream.

Anyway, the whole "porn is bad" thing is shut down by the simple statement "anything without moderation can be bad for you" whether that be porn, junk food, or alcohol. But underneath this "discussion" are some interesting things.

I'd also be curious to know how much of the user base believes in the OP and how much of this style of posting is just trolling.


I want to highlight that porn is more damaging to us wizards because we've never had sex, been in relationships, and are on general more socially isolated than your average joe, so we can easily succumb to it and the end result doesn't paint a good picture.

Wizards who watch porn basically allow pornography to be their primary and sole exposure to sex, whether they like it or not, and the consequence of this is they also adopt a sick posture towards sexuality and life, and sexuality if left uncontrolled is harmful for both the mind and spirit.
This really isn't anything new. Consuming sexual imagery from varying degrees disrupts your mind and leads you to a life of debauchery and immorality and evil thoughts.
It scares me a bit that we have to even discuss something so elemental and the reason for why celibacy is a thing.

Wizards should reject porn sincerely and try at least to do their best to be celibate in both mind and actions. I know many of us are cynical because we are depressed and things don't go our way, but that's no reason to indulge in harmful vices that corrupt the mind and body.


I think you are confusing wizard with religious zealots.
We are not monastic monks in a christian hermitage.
Don't push your warped and retarded religious beliefs on me nor try to force others to conform to your asinine made up bullshit.
Your faith is not a good enough reason to restrict my liberty.
You personally make that choice for yourself.
You don't get to make that choice for other people.


a wizard is a celibate virgin. Do you understand the definition of the word celibate or are you too retarded for it?


I understand it better than you.
celibate /sĕl′ə-bĭt/

Abstaining from sexual relations. Remaining unmarried, especially for religious reasons.


One who abstains from sexual relations.

Masturbation and watching porn isn't having sexual relations.

Do you understand what a red herring argument is?

Red herring

A red herring is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important question. It may be either a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or audiences toward a false conclusion.

More to the point, Don't push your religious morals and motivations on me and then pretend to be doing so for the sake of "wizards".
Wizards don't have sex. That doesn't mean that wizards don't jerk off or enjoy porn.


May I see a source? Or any evidence beyond your own neurosis.


it's in the definition that celibacy has a religious origin and it's done for religious reasons.

masturbation and watching porn is against the core principles of the practice of sexual abstinence aka celibacy.

Are you this unintelligent you can't extrapolate something this basic?

Wizards are celibate by nature, a wizard cannot be a some porn addict because it beats the whole point of being one. It damages his spirit.

You are basically a normalfag if you are a porn addict, with every action of yours, you worship sex, and do what a society that is completely saturated with sex, tells you to do. To indulge in a sexual vice that detracts you from being a human and most importantly, a wizard.

Wizards are PROOF that sexual urges can be managed and channeled in a positive way.

You denigrate yourself and others by spreading your vice. Wizards reject sex, not indulge in it through porn usage.


What I am seeing is a lengthy post where you explain you are attributing meaning to a word that it does not in fact have.


But is it masturbation or doing acts to yourself? If you suck your own dick or stick your dick in your own ass, are you having sex? But then what if you get off in unusual ways such as rubbing your nipples or walking naked through wheat fields then will it be reduced to "any form of sexual stimulation", and that's what should be avoided?


>walking naked through wheat fields
I unironically like this.


I've read quite some time ago about some Buddhist monks doing something like this to stimulate themselves because "technically" it might not violate their vows, and monasteries putting down some very specific rules to stop it from happening.


File: 1700335783310.png (532.92 KB, 704x512, 11:8, 108590675_p100.png) ImgOps iqdb

Huwheat fields?!?


masturbation counts as sexual activity and goes against the notion of celibacy.


Why are you pretending not to know the meaning of the word celibacy?

It means not having sexual relations.
As in sex with someone else.
It in no way shape or form includes masturbation within the definition of the word.
You know that full well, it was even posted above so you can't claim ignorance.

You are attributing meanings to words that they don't have just to suit your shitty arguments.
It's a dishonest tactic and makes me call your motives in to question. I am forced to attribute bad faith to your intent.


>Porn is hurts wizards

Prove it objectively.
Do you have empirical measurements or independently verifiable data that can support your claims?


>it is commonly understood to only mean abstinence from sexual activity


Why are you fooling yourself. You never even bothered to read what celibacy means or the context in which it's used.

A celibate wizard isn't definitely pushing for more porn or actively posting it and defending sexual vices.

Porn will never be wizardly no matter what you say. What's so different from you and a normalfag if you masturbate and watch more porn and more deviant trash than a normalfag? In the end, you are even worse because you actively get lost in lust and sexual pleasure like a filthy animal.



: the state of not being married
: abstention from sexual intercourse
: abstention by vow from marriage

the state of not having sex

abstention from sexual relations.

abstention by vow from marriage

not engaging in or characterized by sexual intercourse

an unmarried person
a person who abstains from sexual intercourse

Doesn't mention masterbation anywhere. Instead looks at the history of vowing not to marry for religious reasons.

When you abstain from sex, you're practicing celibacy.
abstaining from sexual relations
an unmarried status

1. Abstinence from sexual relations.
2. The condition of remaining unmarried

Yeah, I am going to kindly ask you to fuck off you dishonest cunt.

Literally every single definition I found in every dictionary available it defines celibacy as not having sex and/or not being married.

Zero of the definitions relate to masturbation or use of porn.
Wikipeda is largely bullshit that can be editted by retards that aren't even allowed to use primary sources. So for all I know you could have edited it yourself just to suit your own argument.


>for all I know you could have edited it yourself just to suit your own argument
>Zero of the definitions relate to masturbation or use of porn
Talk about being a schizo and low iq.
For anyone with a triple digit iq celibacy is understood as abstention from sexual activity in the context of a religious practice that results from religious belief, it's been like this over millennia. This is the widespread meaning of the word because it's religiosity put into practice. All points still stand and you are acting like a dishonest prick.

You can't practice celibacy while watching porn and masturbation, kid. You act like a failed normie who still wants to fit in among us wizards because he only fucked 100 times but then had a dry spell.


there's no ethics nowhere, kids these days grow up to be consumers and hardcore addicts to whatever is available, you have social media, streaming sites, dating apps, and porn sites like onlyfans where one of your sisters might end up the moment she hits the legal age.


the ability to jerk off to porn enables so many people to reject actual sex and relationships amd real intractions

if i didnt masturbate id probably be so god damn bored


>the ability to masturbate to porn enables people to reject sex and relationships
>rejecting sex and relationships so they can masturbate to porn
lol, lmao even. This is the most retarded thing I've read on wizchan. At least try thinking before you make a post.


>insult, insult, insult
>false assertions based on thoughs in your head
>attempts at appeals to the crowd fallacy
>more insults
>even more baseless insults
>baseless attempt at in group out group uga boga bullshit
>more insults

I see no rational arguments from you.
Just a whole lot of unhingged reeee-ing and baseless slander for not agreeing with your shit takes and assertions.

While you are probably just trolling there is a small possibility you are actually insane.
Regardless this isn't even worth arguing with you as you are unwilling or unable to be reasonable.


I see Porn as a lifehack to combat the Demiurge. More addicts mean less sex = births. It's a necessary evil for the greater good. Antinatalists should encourage it. Wizards who don't care should do whatever the fuck they want.


Antinatalism will never come to fruition, and any positive outcome that might result from porn in society from your pov in a hypothetical you will never get to experience it. You will never get to see anything positive from it during your lifetime so you will never gain something from it.
You know that some people are going to reproduce no matter what even if they watch porn or masturbate, it's delusional to say otherwise.

You're not combating the demiurge by indulging in porn, you're only becoming a salve to sexual gratification and debasing yourself more and more.

The wizard ethos is primarily about being opposed to sex, romantic relationships, and this entails celibacy, isolation from society and culture, and includes being against pornography and masturbation in theory and its practice should be encouraged. Anything else is a lie.


Well i'm not saying porn is good but it is something to satifsy your needs. Sex is one of the building blocks of life, you cannot deny this. Sex is the goal behind every decision. Nature wants you to have sex and the world is build around this. Evolution cannot be denied. So yes, porn is a useful tool because it mimics sex. Sure there are negatives but it beats having sex.

As for antinatalism, the war will never be won but even if one person is addicted and never goes after real sex, that's a win. There are tons of young men who are onlyfans addicted and become simps/cucks.whatever. Yes the soul suffers but there is no procreation. As i've said greater Good. The Demiurge is us, me and you. To kill the Demiurge is to end mankind. It will eventually happen.

As for the rulebook of Wizards, it only says romantic/sexual relationships and no friends whatever. That's what a Wiz is, a virgin. We have working wizards,neets,an wizards, procreation wizards (as in want kids). We are many and only united in being virgin.

Goodluck though, if it works for you go for it. As for me, i love reaching Heaven.


>procreation wizards (as in want kids)
>Wizchan 2023

Surrogacy is a thing.


>It’s a way to keep wizards down and stop them from questioning why they are wizards.
Wizards are wizards because they are not normalfags, this has nothing do with porn.


>Surrogacy is a thing
Pretty sure that shit is absurdly expensive and legally in the gray.

Adoption would probably be a better path to fatherhood as a wizard with his shit together.


>adoption agencies giving kids to single men
Good joke.


Fostering or becoming a legal guardian then.



>wanting to raise humans who aren't even your own for this sick society and do it for free

Not sure if absolutely braindead and retarded or simply wizchan 2023.


I agree with this. I wish I quit watching porn a decade ago.


File: 1700628454128.jpg (18.55 KB, 252x237, 84:79, PER.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Tourist or is it really wizchan 2023?


Just offering trouble shooting advice for hypothetical.

I doubt anyone here realistically has their shit together enough to properly raise a kid in real life.
Doesn't mean one can't speculate on the subject.


Adoption would be a pure negative and missing the point.
Why would you do that?
Adopting is evil.


I don't understand your thought possess nor conclusion.
What the fuck are you talking about?


If you have to watch 3d use as block


In simple american terms for your american brain:
Adoption is cuckoldry.
You're a fag.


Too much shitchan has turned your brain to shit.

It isn't in any way shape or form cuckoldry to take care of some poor unfortunate orphan out of the goodness of your heart.
It is a entirely good thing.
Your morals are inverted.
You are satanic.


Why don't you go keel over in ukraine or shelter 12 brown immigrants then?
I don't care about "morals", you are just stupid.


mr normalnigger, in what scenario do you see a wizard from this site adopting a kid and raising it all through adulthood and for what fucking benefit or reason would wizard go through all that work to raise a normalnigger kid.
Saying you want to adopt kids is the same as saying you want to give yourself a job
the job of raising filthy normalnigger sexhaver' offspring for the benefit of society and that's unwizardly as it gets. It should be a bannable offense and you should kill yourself.


File: 1700722503231.png (27.27 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Y'all need Jesus.


non sequitur


Only appropriate response to a string of non-sequitur


File: 1700791370949.png (283.07 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 2f598fdabd2aa3a4a7771281be….png) ImgOps iqdb

Non-squirters? It's most likely a problem with your soaker.


>.Leading to Gayness (I can’t find a exact reason as to why this happen
the gays from imageboards, discord, social media like instagram, twitter, etc. are the most mentally ill in all human history, 500 years ago a gay might actually kept to himself, his fetishes and perversion hidden, and be even a respectable person to a certain degree…
A faggot from now due to the internet being commonplace and the push for homosexuality in society(every brand and media promotes it) is more sick, insane, arrogant, and petulant than ever because he finds reassurance about his sick degenerate behavior that manifests everywhere, from the way he conducts himself with others to the way he approaches life and how he sees himself.
He is no longer ashamed if he acts like a female or like some gossipy bitch, he is not ashamed to adopt the worst imaginable traits that a nigger or female whore would have, because he has now a circlejerk group, a hugbox, a space to act like the worst without being punished, just the same as niggers who are protected and worshiped in current day society, and are even allowed to riot and destroy establishments and city structures because they are mad at an imaginary oppressing system.


Jesus didn't masturbate.


How would you know?
It didn't explicitly say he didn't.
Just like it didn't explicitly say he took dumps, yet if he actually existed then he most certainly did.


Jesus was a true ultimate wizard. he didn't have sex. he didn't have a girlfriend. He didn't want sex or girlfriends. He never watched porn. He never masturbated.
He just wanted humans to live peacefully and do what is right.


Porn is the only thing keeping my biological need for sexual contact in check, and as it would be completely impossible to fulfill it, it is in my best interest to keep it in check

If you told me I could completely kill my libido with chemicals, safely, I would do so, but science is not there yet


Just jerk off without watching porn retard


For what purpose?

What do I gain?




There is no such thing as "porn moderation." Porn is a drug addiction. It is or it isn't. A small peek here and there turns into life long slavery and misery.


Disturbing to see comments like this. They reveal to me that people like you have a completely different brain than me. Such dangerous, psychotic, sex obsession.


Orgasm is just a one second feeling. You don't need it


File: 1700985760973.jpg (494.99 KB, 900x900, 1:1, end it.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Drinking your fill of water takes 5 seconds.
Pains of parching can last for weeks.


sex obsession is having to masturbate to porn and thinking it's normal.


True. I watch porn on occasion but by no means is it necessary or frequent


The reason for which abstinence in porn ought to be promoted owes little to the physiological consequences resultant from it but more because it, in general, strengthens attraction to the opposite sex, further consolidating in you, one way or another, an inherently permanently agreeable mindset in the presence of succubi.
I believe we're all intimately familiar with the Enkidu gambit but not so in the magnitude of its implication nor the integration of its effectuality in relation to the drudgery of 'copin'.
Most men, with the exception of those whose brains are ostensibly naturally malformed, are all designed in such a way as to be becharmed by even the least austere qualities in a succubus and are consequently their natural slaves however, there's a catch.
They're 'designed' that way.
I do not associate this 'design' through any biological measure -it is, on the contrary, as far away from anything natural as can be.
The 'design', whose stage is during adolescence, starts and ends exactly with it- with adolescence.
See, the period 11-16 for any man is of utmost criticality primarily because it is, likewise, the period wherein his neuroplasticity is highest and when I say highest, I really sincerely mean this in such a way that what you implant in his mind or what a boy in question does then, irrevocably shapes his entire lifestyle. Forever.

If he was playing and enjoying games in isolation then, he'll play and enjoy them in isolation forever.
If he was out talking with friends and dancing, however much he tries to repress that into maturity, he will like and long to do it forever
if he was pre-occupied with a fantasy in his mind, he will be pre-occupied with that fantasy forever.

11-16: here we have the brain presented directives to associate the journey of its lifestyle forever.
And wouldn't you know it, near everyone is subject to an environment, during that period, which initiates, reinforces and solidifies exactly this 'something'
That environment could be school. Could be your neighborhood. Could be your club.
It could be anything.
Commonly, it's school and that's where everything starts and ends.
Because in school, what 'is not' suddenly 'is' and here, I'm talking about sexual attraction.
A boy, prior to his adolescence, is infatuated with nothing in the entire world besides two things: Games and adventure. Whatever lay beyond this, is merely a tool used to accelerate the depth of said Games or adventure. This infatuation is natural and what actually, by measure of a tangential relation begotten from longing, pioneers technology and life as we know it. It is the ordinary state for a man to be without any sex, without any interest of it, without any involvement of it and to know nothing of it. That is normal.

What goes on in school, however, is not, for in this environ, we have a recreation of an encounter with the prostitute Shamhat whereupon Enkidu lost his soul and became 'civilized'. I don't think it's necessary to repeat on the obvious connotation of being civilized but for certainty's sake, to be civilized means to be interested in sex, plain and simple.
At any rate, it is in school where a boy is instructed, in the most subtle of ways, that, hierarchically, succubi are the start and end of the world and that, upon fulfilling a relation with them, eventually managing to have sex, he, too, is elevated to a platform of greatness.
A nonsensical instruction it is but one, because of the aforementioned adolescence, is suddenly an infinitely recurrent reminder. The boy is molded to it. He cannot escape sex and is now what we call 'sexually attracted' to succubi.
Sex and relation has been instructed to him at a time of extreme susceptibility and at a time where said brokers of susceptibility embed themselves into the construction of essence.

Someone who was never once interested in succubi is now living his entire life to please them, hoping to have sex from which, subsequent to it, he will hope and hope ever more to just have sex at the cost of every single thing in his life.
Really, Enkidu's little escapade sheds a lot of light on the absurdity of today.

On why 'Have sex crab!' is so common. Of course they'd encourage a trap from which no recovery is possible. You have sex once and you're a slave killing yourself for it everyday.
You have a relationship once and before you know it, you're looking for another.
You watch porn once and before you know it, you've been watching it for 30 years.
You're just walking down the street and you see someone in skimpy clothing and before you know it, you're suddenly keenly observant of them.
You tell yourself repeatedly, 'I'll become a holy man, I'll castrate myself, I'll rip off my balls and dick' but lo and behold, this done, you're still salivating in the mouth at seeing an ass right before you.
You take LSD or shrooms or whatever fucking else to 'escape the nature of man' and before you know it, you're right back down at the simple presence of a succubus smiling at you, burningly erect just because you had your penis touched.
You're a devout monk, closely adherent to the Noble Eightfold Path but when a succubus approaches you, suddenly you're oozing precum.
You bath with liquid nitrogen everyday but suddenly, some literal retarded roastie smiles at you and you find yourself blushing.
You tell yourself you've given up on succubi but at the smallest chance, you're ready to rip out your testicles for them.

And why is this? Because you've fallen for the trap of Shamhat. Life ends when school begins.


File: 1700999517631.jpg (12.42 KB, 256x192, 4:3, Fumikafree.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

But, even given all of this, there's salvation. A literal biblical type of salvation in the form of anime.
Nothing greater exists in this age because what anime has done is taken the negative constituents of the Enkidu Gambit and limited its effects to a realm of non-existence. It has done the impossible:
You can have sex but still retain your magical primacy.
You can have sex but still be a wizard.
-The paradoxes once inconceivable are now so thanks to anime.
So, assuming anyone here -and I imagine this is a great deal of people- have had the misfortune to fall for the 'trap', fret needn't be required. Anger needn't be required. Hatred needn't be required. All of that bullshit is rendered void thanks to anime.
Poor Enkidu probably would've been able to fly through galaxies if only he had anime in his time.


File: 1701000263061.jpg (205.12 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, robot ascension.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

inb4 some purist retard will say "it's still lusting after succubus and their affections".
You cannot escape your material body yet through merging with machines, but you can satisfy your physical hungers efficiently with a precision perfected super stimulus.


>You're a devout monk, closely adherent to the Noble Eightfold Path but when a succubus approaches you, suddenly you're oozing precum.
>You bath with liquid nitrogen everyday but suddenly, some literal retarded roastie smiles at you and you find yourself blushing.
>You tell yourself you've given up on succubi but at the smallest chance, you're ready to rip out your testicles for them.

This is the mother of all coomer projections.
No wonder all that bullshit is coming from a porn addict who really thinks wizards will stop being wiz if a "succubus" talk to us or that we "leak" precum when one talks to us.

The less porn I watch, the more time I have to pursue wizardry endeavors.



try something better and more realistic


mental gains, independence, freedom, a better life.


File: 1701222338425.png (223.14 KB, 830x326, 415:163, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>stop watching porn it's made for normies
<b-but word of "celibacy" is not about watching porn and beating your meat
>im going to watch porn everyday and rot my brain because: "word"

that bro is literally mentally retarded stop talking to these "black pillled" normie idiots.

wiz must be always upgrading himself, must be move away these stupid porn or social media that made for npc normies.


It sure is strange to me that the improov truwiz rhetoric seems to have a complete overlap with a particular strain of "pick yourself up by your bootstraps, bucko. Everything is always your fault" redpill.
Deradicalizers, perhaps?


The other side of the coin is a faggy redditor who is addicted to porn


File: 1701239980517.jpg (10.39 KB, 201x251, 201:251, Tesla cucked.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>wiz must be always upgrading himself
Towards what end, you dumb cultist tard.


File: 1701242168822.jpg (31.62 KB, 500x486, 250:243, F3TTF3fbAAESQMN.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There is no end, because there doesn't need to be one, because there can't be one.
In developing a better body, mind, and understanding, there's no ultimate end goal to see yourself getting closer to. You can set milestones and then test yourself against them, but there's never a real upper limit to a man's growth. His growth may slow, and it may even reverse sometimes, but there's always an aspect of himself he can improve on to become further from the man that he doesn't want to be. To look back and see that he's further from (and better off than) the starting position is the ever changing goal, one that offers infinite struggle to achieve and therefor offers infinite reward to those who chase it.

>cultist tard.

Health, education, and peace of mind is not a cult. Ironically, your blackpill defeatism is a cult by all definitions. Go ask your leader why you should bother adding pepper to your eggs if in the end, all things will be dust some day and adding pepper doesn't bring you any closer to resembling a female, fucking troon. The fact that you can't see value in anything unless there's a distinct point in which that thing ends reveals that you're a literal autist with a binary rationale.


>one that offers infinite struggle to achieve and therefor offers infinite reward to those who chase it.
Yes. An end goal you dumb cunt.
All you offer instead is "walk around and u will feel better ;))".


Your post makes no sense and it's now clear that you don't really speak English.

>walk around and u will feel better ;))

Nobody said that, but they should have because it's 100% true. Go for a walk right now!!!


I just find it funny that kids nowadays think it's normal to watch porn daily and that whenever they masturbate it's always with porn. Their lives must suck
low impulse
lower cognitive abilities
they already spend most of their time looking at a phone or monitor screen
those brains must be ROTTEN


Don't you realize that this definition is from an ancient word? If porn had existed at that time it would be prohibited within the term celibate.


Porn has existed as long as art.


Some people just kept claiming the depictions of naked succubi or scenes of two dudes wrestling or hunting is porn yet there is not one single painting that actually depicts porn. They show you some iron age sculpture of a succubus or some egyptian/greek wall painting of sport or medical scenes and claim its porn lol.

If porn was a thing back then why dont any masterpiece paintings of sexual scenes exist? Why are there no explicit depictions of sex and just vague bs. If people were into porn back then there would be way more evidence of it than some shit that has been taken out of context.


>bruh porn always existed u see those paintings depicting nudity and that were available to only a few are the same as what we see today
That's an absolute retarded argument in this context. People in ancient times didn't even have a real tangible concept of porn nor where they addicted to it because it wasn't widespread and accessible.
Right now over a fifty percent of kids will grow up masturbating to porn and everyone will have watched porn at least once. Back then it was nothing like this.
The porn we see today its available at one tap of your fingers, one click, almost everyone with internet access can get it.
You can't even even compare the modern degenerate scenario brimming with fetishes, where you're bombarded with clickbaits and thumbnails in almost every webpage with what they had in ancient times.


>That's an absolute retarded argument in this context. People in ancient times didn't even have a real tangible concept of porn nor where they addicted to it because it wasn't widespread and accessible.
Very good point, in ancient times everything had to be distributed physically in your immediate surroundings or it wasnt part of your life. If no one ever came to your village and told you about things in person you wouldn't even know it existed. There was no digital media or internet that you could access 24/7 at any place and age, there was only spoken or written words and art but yet there is no evidence of actual porn.

There was absolutely no way for porn to spread or even be a thing back in those days and its not just for the obvious distribution reasons.


>nooooooooo porn is not that bad bla bla bla
these subhumans literally advocating multi billion dollars industry for free. i don't even understand what level of brainwashed these idiotic people.

there's so much useful idiots in here, this place must be decontaminated from this type of le "black pilled" normies.
and you seeing that so called "wizards" advocating goyslop shit, this idiots even try to gatekeeping to wizardry lel. you are not a wizard harry, you just failed cuck normie watching two normies fucking while spasming on your stinky chair.

we living in idiocracy.


The explenations given are can still be read in this thread and others. You pretending to not know how a forum works is not an epic own.


Damn you made fun of me…I'm going to change my whole life to make you like me now, random internet retard


>implies that "random internet retard" gives a fuck about random subhuman coomer's life

just, kek.


>whole thread full of anti porn arguments
>you can't even argue your position


I tried no fap for a while and I noticed how I started to stare at succubi's tits and asses almost uncounciously, and I also was getting random boners all the time.
The least thing I want to do is giving succubi attention that they don't deserve. At least with porn the whore I'm fapping to doesn't get an ego boost because I'm staring at her body.


Just stop staring. it's liek saying "I want to lose weight so I stopped eating french fries but when I did i found myself hungry for cheeseburgers, so back to fries it is". The whole point is to develop a resistance to urges.


you have a lot of sexual energy when you abstain, use it wisely.

Also, depending in how you look, females won't like it if you stare or give them attention like you say. It won't be an ego boost if some ugly creep is looking at them lmao I don't know where you get that idea.


>just breathe manually all the time
Shut the fuck up, moralfaggot.


he only has himself to blame, it's so idiotic. "Bro i stop fapping to porn but then i look at succubus on the street"
Just don't look at succubi, it's really that simple, nigger, don't you have control over your eyes.


I have absolutely no clue how the words you typed could reasonably be used as a reply to >>309617.


You are retards
>Just stop doing the unconscious reflexive automatic action


are you fucking animal?
be conscious then, mindfullness meditation can be possibly fix your unconscious chimp behaviour.

>inb4 insert "selfloathing low iq subhuman that loves living in cesspool making excuses on little shit and getting angry on healthy advice" post here


>wizard stops masturbating and becomes a man


>just blink manually 24/7
Shut the fuck up faggot


>i must intently stare at females and have sexual thoughts whenever i do because i have no control over my mind or my eyes

You're pathetic.


sorry sometimes I use my byakugan to visualize womens chakra


does the chakra have boobs too


File: 1701502347641.jpg (12.64 KB, 171x185, 171:185, arab cat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You're talking to 16 year olds.
By 20 everyone should be fully aware that your emotions and reactions are not under your control at all.
And if they're stupid enough to not figure it out - jump out of a plane with a parachute without having adrenaline shooting into your head, it's not possible. Simple and to the point experiment.


Have you tried eating enough microplastics and absorbing enough beer and hops product xenoestrogens to suppress erection?


You'll still be horny even if your dick doesn't work.


File: 1701506250160.png (1.21 MB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

literally idiot.
it's about excercizing your brain, we talking about meditation.

if you want progress in anything you need to persistent in that thing.

idiot black pillers wants a magic wand to solve everything in one snap. that idiotic childish thinking, you don't even have a clue about how world works.

>jump out of a plane with a parachute without having adrenaline shooting into your head

if you jump out of a plane first time, that adrenaline spike is inevitable for most people.
try jumping 50 times of a plane it becomes casual shit to you. it's just about "progress".

it's a fucking common sense, are you really can't understand the human life's basic main concepts?
are you really that stupid or you baiting i don't know.


Sexual gratification is a mandatory, unavoidable need. You cannot "exercise" to need less water to live. The same way you can't reduce your need to bust nuts.
Also ESL or underage? Type properly.


>Sexual gratification is a mandatory, unavoidable need.
>sexual needs and water is same level needs
>inb4 le maslow's pyramid

you talking stupid. also i don't say you must totally detach yourself from sexuality in every aspect like a monk, im saying you need to able control yourself you need to have self awareness.


i don't know what it means but english is not my first language, yes.
i don't post much, until recently. im practicing. remember life is about progress unless you're an animal lel.


>life is about progress
Life is about paperclip maximization. That's all there is to it.



Have you tried eating enough microplastics and drinking enough xenoestrogens and ethanols to prevent paperclip folding?


Wrong poster.
I'm all about increasing paperclips.


what paperclip? you're AWAKE


good post and wholeheartedly agreed. porn has no place in a true celibate's heart, it simply doesn't make sense in context and in rationale. what role would regular voluntary exposure, idealization, and worst of all, fantasies of drinking alcohol would be to people who claim to celebrate sobriety? there is world of difference between people that choose to disregard alcohol, and those who want alcohol but can't have any. does the former spend his free time looking at liqueur?


Not only do I suspect you are just samefagging but I think your motives probably have more to do with you knowing the easiest way to destroy communities is with purity spirals.


is it really purity spiraling when celibacy is a basic core tenet of wizardry by definition, and consuming pornography is a known harmful addictive activity? is this not ike saying the fastest way to destroy a sobriety community is to… talk about sobriety!


>is it really purity spiraling


But he's right anon. You aren't even addressing what he's saying. And how do "purity spirals" destroy commuities that started in one? We are simply discussing standards of true wizardry, and if you feel like you were "filtered" by that then yu probably were.


a lot of porn addicts dont pursue 3d succubi even when they have the chance, because they are so addicted to porn, that the fantasy is better than a real womyn. how is that antiwiz?


>how is being addicted to consuming content of people having sex while you masturbate to it antiwiz?
why are you retarded?


>how is having no desire to pursue IRL sex antiwiz?


>noo broo i dont want sex im just obsessed with watching sex videos and sex content related every day i've spent 100000 hours watching porn i dont want sex mm okay im a wiz just like you really i have no desire for sex now i have to go cum for the 999999999th time

lol at the mental gymnastics of porn addicts


let us be truthful here and examine the content of our hearts in good faith. sure it is technically not having sex, but what good is actively lusting and fawning over succubi all the same? how can this behavior be in any way justified other than "ah but well i did not really technically do anything wrong, that makes it okay" like someone looking for a loophole and then upset when their intention is called out. like i said, should a sobriety group have pictures ofal alcohol to just look at and fantasize about? they know its dangers, they see it for it is, yet oh it's okay, this is 2D alcohol. surely if i am given real alcohol i would decline even though i spend my free time imagining myself drinkinh alcohol

and i hope nobody here would be so disingenuous to say that even in fantasies one merely observes sexual activity without participating in it, that would just be so silly. we all know how porn works.

all i am saying is that it is okay for wizards to admit porn is harmful, dangerous, and self-destructive, and ultimately leads one away from the inherent peace of celibate wizardry. but to attempt silencing the conversation is like telling someone bleeding that the pain is just in their head, and if you can convince them they are not dying, they are not actually in great pain in truth. it is a dangerous thing to lead others away from knowing the mark, to know what is good from bad and justifying the bad anyway, even arguing for its defense. let us examine ourselves here


just read the nofap stories. many of those guys would be normies, but sex made them not pursue realgirls.

so porn is actually causing men to not seek irl sex. just hear all the anti-porn advocates crying about that.

so porn causes men to give up on real life sex. and the anti-porn people are the ones talking about that the most, like its a bad thing. then you make it like porn is a gateway drug to wanting sex, when its the opposite.

Here is a personal story from one of those nofap masculinists, about how even when offered the chance to fuck or date irl succubi, the porn addict turned it down and said porn is "all he had


I mean idk what a "southern belle" in 2010s is, the closest thing is probably some Bama sorority queen

So yeah you're saying porn makes you want to have sex. When the biggest pornhaters are saying the exact opposite.


> and i hope nobody here would be so disingenuous to say that even in fantasies one merely observes sexual activity without participating in it, that would just be so silly. we all know how porn works.

uh cuck fantasies are some of the most popular. its another line of the antiporn guys. that porn turns you into a cuck that just enjoys watching sex instead of being an actor in it.


>Here is a personal story from one of those nofap masculinists, about how even when offered the chance to fuck or date irl succubi, the porn addict turned it down and said porn is "all he had
You're literally caught up on one example when in reality 99.9 percent of porn addicts if offered the chance to have sex they will do it. How delusional and blind can you be to even make up such a flimsy argument. "here is one guy who one one occasion refused to date a succubus so he could masturbate to porn therefore porn is good for a wiz" I don't know how that even passes as an argument in your brain.
>so porn is actually causing men to not seek irl sex.
this is childish reasoning, young men are giving up on succubi for plenty of other reasons, porn not even being the main factor.
You also ignore the fact that you are still obsessed with sex as a porn addict and yet you treat it as a cure, are you really this stupid?


The only way that works to quit porn is to quit all technology through which you can access it, so that you feel the extent to which the amount of pornographic or suggestive content online forces you to ejaculate.

Internet is the neo sodom and gomorrah

It is almost impossible to do it by force of will if you have not trained this part of yourself during an early age by doing things that you really did not want to do. For those of us who do not go through that, the only thing left is the forced disconnection.

(to be honest, the real world, even living alone, is better than the virtual world once you get used to its rhythm)


>let us be truthful here and examine the content of our hearts in good faith.
>continues arguing in bad faith
>as he has done the whole thread

Go fuck yourself dude.


You aren't really offering a reason for your dismissal of direct evidence to the contrary to your argument.

Really the entirety of your argument is literally just your opinion based on no facts of evidence.

As it's just your opinion it can be disregarded by those who have a better supported arguments. Ones that actually have facts and evidence on their side rather then your personal feeling.


>that's just your opinion bro
Yes, an opinion based on logic and facts.
Porn isn't the main reason why men are sexless.
Porn isn't a cure to any problem, as much as hitting your head with a hammer is a solution.
Porn addicts in most cases are ugly and low status male who won't be picked up anyways by females and would probably have to spend serious money on prostitutes if they want to fulfill any of their sexual desires.
Porn addiction is obviously against celibacy, abstinence, and wizard values because it's being obsessed with sex, something wizards should reject in all facets of their life


> based on logic
>proceeds to non sequitur to the extreme

You are ether very lazy trolling or you are very VERY stupid.


>Porn addicts in most cases are ugly and low status male who won't be picked up anyways by females and would probably have to spend serious money on prostitutes if they want to fulfill any of their sexual desires.

That is what they say about men who dont pursue sex for any reason. if anything porn addiction is more random, and can strike a man who is on paper successful, the way a drug addiction can


I just noticed that you mentioned cuck shit in your OP

> 5. By watching it you’re supporting cuck shit, and like with gay shit, cuck shit is also a side effect of watching porn too.

and then you wrote

> and i hope nobody here would be so disingenuous to say that even in fantasies one merely observes sexual activity without participating in it, that would just be so silly. we all know how porn works.



Don't you see the irony and bad faith, that you say no one in good faith could believe that a cuck fetish exists, and yet in your OP your bitching about porn causing the cuck fetish.

because thats exactly what this is

> > and i hope nobody here would be so disingenuous to say that even in fantasies one merely observes sexual activity without participating in it, that would just be so silly. we all know how porn works.

But when you're in a different argument about porn being against the sex drive, you have to say oh no, porn is about wanting to be an active participant in sex, and not just watching it from the cuck closet like a live TV show.


> And the sixth and final reason, It’s a way to keep wizards down and stop them from questioning why they are wizards. It’s a major reason why tons of people stay depressed and broken.

Ironic you complain that porn leads to wanting IRL sex. But then you say porn leads us to NOT "question" being a Wizard. Just accept being a wizard without question. That's good, wiz is good. Why would we want to question being a Wizard and ever want to change that state?

It seems like depending with who you are arguing with, either porn makes you want sex, or makes you not want sex. Depending if your audience think that is good or bad.


> if anything porn addiction is more random
that will always be the minority. There's an stereotype of ugly lonely loser addicted to porn for a reason.

Most are definitely not men who can be successful in dating even if they tried to.

Being addicted to porn is being slave to your low impulses and sexual desires, masturbation, ejaculating, watching porn, posting it, defending it, etc. You're literally a subhuman if you are a porn addict, almost as bad as any normalfaggot who has casual sex.


They have whole support groups of wives and gfs of men who ruined their relationships because they like porn so much better.

just google boyfriend porn addict, 1 billion results


File: 1701653294713.png (1.81 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

even Orlando Bloom says IRL sex is hard to measure up to porn.

These nofap propaganda are the biggest advertisements for porn. They call it free heroin


“It is as though we have devised a form of heroin…usable in the privacy of one’s own home and injected directly to the brain through the eyes.”


that's just an excuse egocentric normalfags use, they will blame anything but themselves "porn ruined my relationship" lmao Normalfags are always trying to find things to blame either to virtue signal or to admit not flaw in themselves
>even Orlando Bloom says IRL sex is hard to measure up to porn.
If you take what this normalfag says about porn at face value then it should follow that you accept that porn is the most unwizardly thing known to wizards since normalfags say it's even better than sex and hardly compares to it and even call it free heroin. Then why would you want wizards to become addicts to such a dangerous "drug"?

I mean, you have the statements of normalfags sexhavers who tried both and say porn is even better than sex, then that makes it even worse for wizards.


>if it's better then sex then wizards shouldn't do it

Are you under the assumption that pleasure is somehow unwizardly?


how have i arguing in bad faith? please tell me, because if i am wrong, then prove it so


he is saying if sex is the opposite of wizard, and sexhavers call porn the supersex, then porn is the super unwiz


it's not just any kind of pleasure. surely you would agree there's different kinds. this is sexual pleasure we are talking about. and this clarification is important, because if we don't make a fundamental value judgement in regards to wizardry and porn, it puts the whole concept into jeopardy. i mean let's ask ourselves: what role should sexual content have in a wizard's life? any answer that's not "none." simply dilutes the idea of wizardry to technicalities, and i invite anyone to contemplate on the meaning of celibacy very carefully.

consider further, if someone says, "oh i went to a strip club and just watched a succubi from the comfort of a chair not unlike if she was on a computer screen, this is still 110% wizardry" – how far can liberal wizardry be taken as long as it's not "technically sex" or "penis did not enter vagina, therefore activity is wizardry"?

it doesn't matter what celebrity or normie-centered nofap movement out there says. Ask yourself: what role should sexual content have in a wizard's life and tell yourself with a straight face if lustfully submitting oneself to succubi is the way


Then what he is saying is stupid.


>surely you would agree there's different kinds.
Stop making assumptions, you are bad at it.
> this is sexual pleasure we are talking about
We are talking about masterbation and a particular masterbastion aid.

Masturbation isn't having sex. So a aid to masturbation such as porn, sex toys, or lewd writings, or whatever still doesn't make it any closer to sex.
It's a solo activity done in private. A asocial activity. Hell, for lots of US history it was considered a antisocial activity.
Masturbation dramatically lowers the desire for interaction of a sexual nature.
It's exactly the reason why people do no-fap to motivate them to go out and have sex.
Because fapping reduces desire and lower motivation related to chassing sex as their needs are satisfied by themselves.

Porn in a enhancement tool of masturbation. It is not sex, it doesn't lead to sex, it doesn't make one more likely to have sex.

I am so sick of your constant bad faith arguments that don't even make logical or rational sense and are contrary to reality in basically every way.


wow, okay. well if you won't even agree that there's different kinds of pleasures, i don't know what to tell you other than you are lost. by that logic, if any pleasure is the same, we cannot discriminate it from the pleasure of sex, meaning it is by that line of thinking, still not wizardly

>So a aid to masturbation such as porn, sex toys, or lewd writings, or whatever still doesn't make it any closer to sex.

and here it is, gentlemen. we have here someone with porn and sex toys, running behind the technicality argument once more. this is why only orthodox wizardry makes the most sense, because it doesn't need such a weak crutch

>Masturbation dramatically lowers the desire for interaction of a sexual nature.

maybe in the short term. but abstaining from porn is the long term solution, and by far the least self-destructive

>Porn in a enhancement tool of masturbation. It is not sex, it doesn't lead to sex, it doesn't make one more likely to have sex.

that simply does not describe the vast majority of people's relationship and experience of porn, no matter how you try to spin it. you are engaging in an activity of a sexual nature, propagating the sexual industry, and worst of all, damaging the sexual restraint of wizards when they can choose to abandon such futile desires from the get go

>I am so sick of your constant bad faith arguments that don't even make logical or rational sense and are contrary to reality in basically every way.

i am not the one arguing for porn on an imageboard dedicated to celibacy here. please listen to yourself here: "porn is wizardly because… it just isn't technically sex!" the same way one can argue having a prostitute dance on them is nothing more than a "masturbation aid." it is so devoid of any concrete legitimacy


he can't prove anything because porn fried his last working neurons, he can barely write a coherent sentence and has no clue about grammar either, that is the kind of person who defends and supports porn
>coomer says porn is nothing like sex
>normalfag sexhavers argue and state that it's even better than sex and more sexually satisfying almost like a drug
so which is it?
>Masturbation isn't having sex
that's your illiterate interpretation, nobody claimed that. No matter what euphemism you use, saying that it's just a masturbation aid, doesn't help your case.
Porn is literally watching people have sex or engage in acts of a sexual nature for the purpose of masturbation. What the fuck about that is wizardly?
>aid to masturbation such as porn, sex toys, or lewd writings, or whatever still doesn't make it any closer to sex.
>sex toys
>no closer to sex
Are you really this low iq? So a guy buying an onahole, tenga, or silicone vagina isn't trying to get as realistic and close to the sexual experience? A female who uses a dildo that's obviously shaped like a penis is not having a masturbation session that's closer to sex? Jesus, use your brain before posting. Porn is degenerate and against wizard values.


well there are so many different reasons for a wizard to go volcel. for some of those reasons, porn is a betrayal of his vows, for others it is an aid.

in broad terms there are 3 reasons to go volcel. because you love womyn too much, cuz u hate them or cuz ur indifferent to them

1) Male Feminists and Christians who love womyn too much to defile them. Oh yeah porn is defiling them. Although one could argue that consuming porn already made doesnt harm them as much as sticking ur own dick into them.

2) MGTOW he-man womyn-haters. well misogyny porn certainly gets the hate kink out. but if part of the point is to have freedom from desire for succubi. then porn kindles that fire instead of suppressing it. its like succubi do control you. and dont get me started on those who pay camgirls.

3) stoic indifference. those who are neutral on succubi, but see sexuality as a distraction from higher purpose. well if ur just trying to escape the drama of a relationship. then porn doesnt give u that burden. but if ur trying to focus on a higher goal, than porn addiction sure can drag u down.

so again it depends WHY you went volcel. for some porn conflicts, for others it doesnt.


>no arguments just a long stream of insults
You shouldn't have bothered typing


only pathetic people would really stoop so low as to defend pornography on wizchan of all places.


>only pathetic people would really stoop so low as to defend pornography on wizchan of all places.
And the only people posting porn on here always post gay stuff or loli so go figure.


Well while I disagree with OP, that watching porn means you want to have irl sex.

I actually agree it would be better if it wasn't on wizchan. thats a whole another meta can of worms. and it probably aint gonna happen.

but i just feel like while porn and masturbating are OK in the privacy of your home, you shouldn't be doing it in a public street or during a Church service. And Wizchan is a Church of volcel. And posting porn on Wizchan. You might as well be fapping onto the Virgin Mary's tits in the middle of Mass.

So that's my nuanced position. I don't think porn is bad in itself. But I don't think there is any good in showing off look what I just fapped to, on a site devoted to celibacy.

Like do it, but maybe having a little bit of shame is a good thing, don't be so proud of it, you need to shove it into wizard's faces.


The thing about porn is one man's fetish, is another man's barf. and some men's fetish is barf.

Like if the only porn posted, was porn I found tasteful and not beyond my boundaries, maybe I wouldn't mind it, even enjoy it. But it's like my porn is good, your porn is disgusting. And even guys with sick fetishes, get all high and mighty about degeneracy when someone posts what crosses their line.

so even if you like porn, its worth the trade of not seeing the porn you don't want to see, or that you do want to see. and if you do want porn, theres like a billion sites outside of wizchan to get what you want.

whatever your sick fetishes are, when its open season, porn you find sick is going to be shoved in your face.


bro stfu you idiot cum brain he is right, you can't understand and throwing shit because you have 0 willpower to do anything in your life.
>that one man in the video says his coomer friend watching porn nonstop and not having sex because of this, so this proves porn is good
kek. what an idiot


it's funny people don't understand things this simple

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