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Post ideas or guides to improve life as a wizard (ignore the modern bourgeois concept of personal development), calithenics at home, learn to draw, write, read books, quit porn, or whatever you think fits this topic.
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Oh fuck off


File: 1713648184612.pdf (4.43 MB, The Holotropic Mind The Th….pdf)

>ideas or guides
These imageboard format is not for doing that, we'd need to have some wiki apart, where knowledge can be classified by stats.

Anyways, have some stuff


File: 1713691562956.jpg (3.04 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 20240421_052345.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

back (alone) in the gym all by (myself)

the lights are going off. my ecentric control is too smooth to trigger the motion sensors


I have the same cargo shorts and shoes. What the fuck, are you literally me? I've also always trained alone but not at the gym.


>Dry Scalp is a bitch. I have been using Nizoral but that only stops it temporarily.

Drought is a bitch. I have been spraypainting the dry brown grass. When i do it, the grass is green again but this only stops it from browning temporarily.

>skin flakes

skin flakes? your skin is falling from your head? is that different from dandruff?

>The only essential oils the head needs are the ones it produces itself

yeah. i somewhere have a screenshot of a dude who gives so little of a fuck about all this nonsense that he just washes himself with dishsoap allover.

all this extra nonsense people are wasting their short life with…

>Pouring chemical slop cosmetic makeup on your head as a temporary treatment for the consequences of an underlying poor health choice is not self improvement!



>he is now using even bigger gaps between each sentence
You are so obnoxious. Didn't even add anything to the discussion.


>nofap is pointless for wizards
Glownigger spotted


Because the CIA is sooooo interested in your masturbation habits. 🙄


Agreed. Dude is sperging hard and making himself look gay with the way he posts.


>Doing nofap benefits all wizards.

Does it? What's the benefit? I've heard it being advocated here plenty of times but i don't know why. I just remembered that it sounded dumb and then i disregarded it and here you are still talking about it as if it helped with anything. i'm not even understanding the problem it is supposed to help with. when nofap is the answer, what was even the question?


>Didn't even add anything to the discussion.

how come "skin" is falling off the scalp and do you actual dumb person really believe that putting something on top like an oil can possibly cure the underlying causes or do you simply not believe in cause and effect. the brown grass metaphor would have been enough for a smart person to understand that this sorry exchange of way too condensed words that you call a discussion has made no genuine effort of uncovering the root of the problem.

ironic that you complain about people not contributing to the discussion. if all the sages from all the imageboards were gone, the world would be much better. sages are nothing but cancer. decent people don't sage threads, they ignore them and instead go in the threads they believe in stupid minion lick a boot.

>Because the CIA is sooooo interested

keep that bad acting on stage, theaterfag.


As I presumed. So fuck off.
Samefag scent like crazy


what's your source on the 48 hours bit?


That's common knowledge my wizard brother. Optimal muscle recovery times are 48-72 hours. This becomes obvious when you train and want to reproduce the same workout routine with identical sets and reps and resting time on the next day and so on.



So are you one of those people who push one set till failure per muscle group twice a week?


I try to take it easy but still always end up injuring myself. I'm at the point where im so afraid of injury i suppose ill only work out 1 day every 1-2 weeks.
I have no issue with willpower and dont know what im doing wrong. I just do basic things like pushups and pull ups. I'm a healthy weight and all. It's so annoying.


>I try to take it easy but still always end up injuring myself.
okay, wizard brother. I'm here to help you. You seem to be suffering from a case of bad form. When I began training and was a total noob, I also was scared of injury because everything was new and unknown to me, that was 12 years ago. One time when doing pull-ups trying to increase my max number of reps I injured my shoulders and had to wait for a good 1 or 2 weeks to recover.

Thing is, you have to work on your form, there's plenty of videos that you can use and you can record yourself with your phone camera to see if you're doing the exercises right or if you have a mirror use it.
Also, try to warm up a little before exercises, things like scapula retractions while hanging on the bar before commencing your sets of pull-ups should help.

Doing body-weight exercises shouldn't cause you injury so if that happens you're definitely doing something wrong.


These recommendations are as follows: (1) Stay active mentally; (2) Be physically active; (3) Adopt a healthy diet; (4) Be an active member of the community, and (5) Take care of heart and other organs. We develop the topic “Stay active mentally” and recommend the following: (a) Be curious and engaged. Continue involvement in the workplace. Learn throughout life; (b) Read, write, solve crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles; (c) Attend lectures, readings, celebrations, and ceremonies; (d) Sign up for lectures (studies) in the nearby educational center (“university of the third age”) and colleges; (e) Sign up for 1 or 2 local groups targeted at self-help and self-development; (f) Play a variety of games such as chess, Go, and other board games or computer games; (g) Work in your backyard or community garden; (j) Try special methods of memory training; (h) Travel during weekends and holidays.


No need to train until failure then. Neither to do so two days in a row.


we should increase our magicka not sabotage each other with crab poison


this. >>312350


>>312350 >>313331
no fap has been investigated by health experts and scientists, as has masturbation and sex. no fap has no long term health benefits. the only benefit of no fap is if you are doing it to break a porn addiction. but it is not the only means to break a porn adiction and in and of itself, does not have any health benefits. whether you approve of it or not, sex has proven health benefits. whether you approve of it or not, so does masterbation. masterbatioin is only detrimental to health if done in excess. what qualifies as excess depends on individual health and libido. these are simple facts that can be acquired with the most basic level of investigation.

whether or not fapping is wizardly is, however, a debatable point. but ultimately, it is irrelevant by my calculations. my personal belief is being a wiz is something that goes beyond sexual self-management, and that saying our wizardry is defined by this single point erodes the true depth and meaning of wizardry itself.


>Prolactin has been shown to affect mood and behavior, with higher levels of prolactin associated with feelings of relaxation and reduced stress, and lack of motivation due to its blockage effect on dopamine. While prolactin is produced in many areas of the brain and body, its blockage of dopamine is central.

psychology is a soft science, so if you have hundreds of thousands of people in nofap and %98 of people have positive feedback on it, it means there's enough anecdotal evidence. you don't need to wait for some "muh expert" to do a scientific research on this subject.
you don't need hard evidence to act on nofap or semen retention because there's no negative effects.
and there's more scientific evidence for nofap being beneficial than harmful, you clearly want to create excuses.
nevermind, do whatever you do.


File: 1716918795821.jpg (574.08 KB, 932x821, 932:821, The_Tao_of_Sex_Daniel_Reid….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>no fap has no long term health benefits
Ok, stopped reading there. Glows too hard

>attached counterargument


woo woo anti-rational nonsense.


Poor thing. Coom must have fucked him up so tough he cannot even understand a letter



>psychology is a soft science, so if you have hundreds of thousands of people in nofap and %98 of people have positive feedback on it

what is the positive feedback? what problem that you are sure i am having is solved by nofap? what does it improve?

not once have i seen you made a reasonable case for why you talk so much about nofap. there must be a reason for why you are so addicted to talking about this and you have yet to share it. spill it. what is it? why are you making so much wind about this?

if whether or not you nut makes such a big difference to you that you can not stop talking about it, i question you and everything you stand for.


Better yet, why dont you turn into a scientist and see if it works or not?


It's about our private battles against aging and neurodegenerative diseases, mostly.


>Better yet, why dont you turn into a scientist and see if it works or not?

sometimes i fap multiple times a week, sometimes a week goes by without fapping i don't believe it makes a significant difference. i don't feel better or worse in either case, it does not influence my life. i don't like succubi, i don't wanna bring a kid in this fucked up place, sexuality is very unimportant in my life.

there are dudes who are very unbalanced, very much led around by the nose by his emotions, very much unconscious, not thinking for himself, looking for validation, never got that hug, always craving intimacy with others, repressed, unfulfilled, nervous. to guys like that orgasms are very precious. not to me, i already feel pretty good most of the time, a few seconds of concentrated nervous center activity don't mean much to me. when someone places that much value on orgasms, i keep wondering if that person is unbalanced.

i guess i come to different conclusion though. i think someone unbalanced like that should orgasm often to blow off steam so to speak. to help relax and uncringe from their shitlife. to someone unbalanced like i believe orgasms to be almost a form of therapy that helps them.

i can not fathom what makes you think that bottling up this strong urge that someone has, will make any kind of positive benefit. don't you know that age and wisdom will stop that pot from boiling automatically?

>It's about our private battles against aging and neurodegenerative diseases, mostly.

heh yall omnivores with your limited budget of nervous system energy are funny to me. if only there was a way to have enough nervous system energy to use more of your brain, the way the tool-inventing ape was meant to exist…


File: 1717000182807.png (284.84 KB, 1656x856, 207:107, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i talk about it because i want other wizzies have awareness about it.

>what are the benefits

image explains basically. im not gonna walltext you about a topic that already discussed billion times.

basically if you don't want to improve your life you don't need nofap.
wizzies didn't get this, if you live "eat / waste time on computer / sleep" cycle and you happy about it, you don't need this.


well keep your secrets then. i don't think you are telling everything.

you felt better, there are a few ways to feel good.

i wonder what would have happened if you found feeling good through meditation and actually stuck with it and understood that you choose your mood like you choose what song to listen to.

lol maybe you fapped so much that you became malnutritioned from having to produce so much sperm all the time.


Is anyone really reading this troll at this point?


File: 1717008923801.png (190.1 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Guys the three soul groups experience the benefits at different rates. For pneumatics it's days for hylic NPCs who the fuck knows how long



i'm torn on this, it doesn't impress me but also i don't want to poop on your party or deny/ruin your beneficial experience.

i meant what i said about meditation though. when you do it a bit, you'll find there is interesting stuff hidden in the complete absence of stress. it's like a completely different life buried in sitting around trying to not think. as the thinking subsides, capacity frees up and the sensory apparatus lights up again. most people believe their nerves are only to transmit pain but when you meditate a bit, you find that there is also the state of pleasantness where every nerve just becomes a thing that can feel good all the time for no reason.

your semen retention sound like a fart compared to that, though farts are nice too.


File: 1717047733862.png (50.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>i don't want to poop on your party or deny/ruin your beneficial experience.
>he implies that his "blah blah" can affect anything

>hey look at me im denying a popular thing look at me im different enlightened person because i deny "current thing" with reasons that i pull out of my ass




i'm delusional for believing meditation is better then not touching your dick so much?

what an unbalanced response. it seems like you can't even handle someone disagreeing with you. calling something so minor a delusion tells me you are kind of married to your not-touching-the-dick-agenda, that i still don't believe you have sufficiently justified. there are parts of the story you are leaving out but it doesn't matter. clearly you are not on the level of giving others advice and i am done giving you your chance to prove yourself.


>i'm delusional for believing meditation is better then not touching your dick so much?
I didn't even mention meditation. did i?
im doing mindfulness meditation myself for one year straight.
you are really delusional im not even kidding at this point.

>i am done giving you your chance to prove yourself.

just. kek.


>I didn't even mention meditation. did i?

no you called it blah blah but also you suck at communication. you talk like life is a theater and you just write the lines for your character. you aren't in your life yet, you look at your life from the outside, writing lines like a playwright and then expect yourself to live up to those lines and recite them at the right moments. brainrot by having engaged with too much fiction. virtual life/digital life/backseat life/remote life. real life leaves a person communicating different, you are into that remote life. you sit on a chair and watch james bond live a life while your own life expires untouched. industrialized person from the pod, that's what you seem like to me. more machine then man.

>im doing mindfulness meditation myself for one year straight.

then how come you still write like a cringed out 13 year old who does't say what he means, doesn't mean what he says and hides behind empty judgements that you invest no effort into illustrating so that other people understand them. you believe you are so smart and respectable that you don't have to reveal your thoughtprocess, you think you can just devinely give judgements and readers will accept them because they respect you so much. i don't. i look down on you.

>you are really delusional im not even kidding at this point.

yeah you said that before but so far you have made no attempt to justify this empty judgement based on anything of substance. most likely just your lower nature emotions of frustration, the kind of emotions you learn to transcend in mindfulness meditation. this is a strong indicator of you not doing mindfulness meditation.

>oh yeah bruv you are this and that for real though not gonna lie hahaha well anyways going back to my medemtaytions now that i really do every day not gonna lie for real for real hahaha


File: 1717148837814.png (407.1 KB, 490x333, 490:333, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>proceeds to more delusional posting
aaaah yes, classic shizo "you are exactly like this, let me explain" post

>the kind of emotions you learn to transcend in mindfulness meditation

>ooooh loook loook you are emotional a- and angry because you point to my delusional behaviour
>if you meditate you MUST become a polite, quiet monk
emotions going nowhere with mindfulness meditation, it just makes you more aware about your thoughts.

>13 year old who does't say what he means, doesn't mean what he says and hides behind empty judgements

i contributed in this thread >>313400 here and, >>313426 here i told you why im not gonna explain deeply for apparent reasons. just google nofap psychological benefits. stop that "explain me a topic that already explained and discussed 546846542313554 times" nonsense.


File: 1717177206304.png (229.69 KB, 500x405, 100:81, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

extra info for "le scientific argument" larpers


Interesting, keep me informed on the effects of male masturbation.


File: 1717182440693-0.jpg (11.85 KB, 432x646, 216:323, bitch.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1717182440693-1.png (13.47 KB, 774x600, 129:100, projecting sand.png) ImgOps iqdb

oh you disgraced bitch again with your identical conveyorbelt contemporary internet answer again.

>if you meditate you MUST become a polite, quiet monk

you don't, you are free to meditate and never stumble upon the good stuff and remain an unfulfilled bitch the entire time but when you find the good stuff, you don't mind all this social nonsense on the identitarian level you are most concerned with. you on the other hand who never found the good stuff don't even know how NOT to struggle for scraps because you never found your inner resources.

>i contributed in this thread

yeah in your overweight constantly out of breath kind of way. maybe you tried, i don't wanna be too harsh but again i am not impressed. you are obviously in over your head.

you probably don't mean it in a Carl Jung-ian sense when you accuse me of projection, you mean it in kind of a "i am talking to someone on the internet and i don't know what to say so i just make an accusation of projection, that seems to work, i've seen smart people do that so i also do that, maybe i'll look smart". you don't use the concept projection right. you use projection like an idiot, like you want it to mean "OH YEAH? NO YOU!" you don't know about the shadow and outsourcing parts of your personality to the shadow so that you can pretend to be virtuous. there is an entire lore behind it.

same with shizo, you just use that as a general unspecific internet insult because you don't understand the depth that of multiple personality issue and why fools do it, you just heard someone use the word and copied it. 5 years ago i am sure you were saying "take your meds" instead every 5 minutes and post the meme of the penguin with the tray because underneath it all you don't understand much, you just imitate the people around you because you are nothing but a stupid group victim trying to prove his normality by barking and calling un-normality crazy.


File: 1717187706039.gif (3.25 MB, 200x209, 200:209, 200w.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>oh you disgraced bitch
>ost likely just your lower nature emotions of frustration, the kind of emotions you learn to transcend in mindfulness meditation. this is a strong indicator of you not doing mindfulness meditation.
ooooh noooooo why are you angry

>blah blah blah


but i give you that, you are look like a virtious, non-idiot person. if i did give a fuck about "explain and prove my point" to you, i was gonna did argue properly.
maybe another day, another topic, i think you are decent person. keep it up like that wiz.


File: 1717242779113.png (6.76 KB, 225x225, 1:1, relieved.png) ImgOps iqdb

Posts like this are still spawning here due to you taking them seriously, don't forget

>schizo used out of context, shamelessly mispelled for normalfaggotry
I was about taking this seriously, yup. About it.

>i'm delusional for believing meditation is better then not touching your dick so much?
You wizards should've already told him "ok fed" or something likely so he already stopped trolling you. No wonder kiwifarmers be laughing their asses off about this place


nope im not trolling. i just don't give a fuck, because of this i commit low effort post. and yes i know it decreases board quality. this "discussion" ended already, stop replying about that, wizzies.


>if i did give a fuck about "explain and prove my point" to you, i was gonna did argue properly

yeah maybe. or maybe everyone can only argue things to the point that they understand what they actually believe and what they took the time to think through. many don't do that. why do edgelords keep repeating "question everything"? because hardly anyone does… maybe you are one of those many and now that you are somewhat exposed, you don't like how this makes you look because this concerns your most pressing concern, your identity; which i always thought to be a curious thing to defend in an at least somewhat anonymous setting like an imageboard. at least here you should be free from the obsession to perform.

>i think you are decent person

i encountered this many times in my days. i like to be disrespectful towards people without being overly mean or hurtful and it turns out many people believe they should not be respected either and could never trust someone who respects who they ended up becoming. they appreciate the honesty without the devastation it usually brings along. i don't feel the need to bring devastation along because whoever ends up being an actor has a permanent subscription to devastation already. i'd feel petty to add to that.

outwardly a normie demands respect, secretly they crave disrespect. i believe this goes so far that a lot of unrespectable people (who are hidden behind their respectable facade) only care about the opinion of disrespectful people because they are disgusted with the necessary implied dishonesty involved in respecting someone's pretend-self. to be more blunt: they could never respect someone who respects them. they know they are nothing but actors on a stage pretending to be something and whoever respects this has to be an idiot.

they'll play along with whoever respects them but if they were honest, they are looking down on anyone falling for the theater. "what you respect me? but can't you tell i am nothing but an imitation? respect an actual person, not someone like meeEEEEee?"

>don't forget

oh you must be one of the smart people because of your dutyful reminding of what is important. you know what is important and the others, they really need you to remind them because they aren't there yet, you know what i mean? of course not


oh yeah very smart indeed, keep reminding the people of what is important, you are batman keeping the people safe.


who cares if some stupid website makes fun of you, that's all identity level idiocy siphoning your limited time away. in a few months or years you are dead, the planet keeps turnning (or the disk keeps spinning, whatever you believe lol) and it will be as if you had never been here.


>20 heated posts in
>nope actually i don't give a fuck lmao
classical music


>oh you must be one of the smart people because of your dutyful reminding of what is important
Thank you very much.
>you know what i mean?
Pretty much nothing as usual.

>who cares if some stupid website makes fun of you

Sometimes normals just mock us out of pure rage, some other time they genuninely enjoy our misery. Indeed a short life to live making them happy, or too long to make them not seethe as much as we can.
>it will be as if you had never been here
Let us have our disagreement.


This wizard made a deal with the devil. The wizard traded 10 pounds of his bodyfat for 10 pounds of the devil's muscle, but alas, the devil's muscle attracts gazes from the devil's brides. Succubi will not stop telling the wizard how good he looks and he is beginning to become violent with them.

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