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Post ideas or guides to improve life as a wizard (ignore the modern bourgeois concept of personal development), calithenics at home, learn to draw, write, read books, quit porn, or whatever you think fits this topic.


Why would I need to improve perfection?


File: 1702928520731.jpeg (48.12 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, OIP.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

you know why


File: 1702929085300.png (49.45 KB, 1092x629, 1092:629, ..png) ImgOps iqdb

A basic exercise routine that I found


Never tried this wizzing technique. Thanks for the tip!


Good luck self improving when you have depression. Why do things when you hate life, it's beyond me.


>6 days a week routine
>the same to-failure exercise 3 times a week
You won't recover fast enough.


>A basic exercise routine that I found
For getting a six pack in six days to impress.. the guys?? The gay that wrote that is a married homosexual that only wants to appear fit to attract other gay sex conspirators. Yuck! And his nutrition advice is nothing but "What can I eat to lose weight" garbage.

>>310236 is right. You can maintain a state of constant regeneration through proper diet and rest, but attacking the same muscles repeatedly before they have a chance to recover is going to be useless at best and dangerous at worst. Like how carpal tunnel and rotary cuff injuries form from repeat wear with no time for the joints to recover. The muscles, where they attach to the bones, and even the bones themselves require a grace period after every resistance session.

This is why intermediate program would look something like
>Day 1: Arm movement, stretches, wrist curls, grip
>Day 2: Arms, shoulders, neck, chest with heavy resistance
>Day 3: Rest
>Day 4: Leg movement, stretches, abdomen, light cardio
>Day 5: Legs, back, abdomen with heavy resistance
>Day 6: Rest

Get stretches in, evaluate how a group of muscles feels, hit some of the twitch fibres. Then the next day hit them with the heavy training. A full day of rest after every resistance session. Move to the other half of your body. These recovery and evaluation days are real important for a beginner, especially someone who's been sedentary. Nobody is incapable of getting strong enough to crush their own skull, but past habits will greatly influence how you begin. As a beginner, hitting hypertrophy in your upper half should have you begging for an extra rest day. That is good. listen to your body. If it is sore, it is fixing itself. Give it the nutrition it needs to do so, keeping other parts of your body limber in the meantime, and then go back harder when the soreness wains. Exerting a muscle to its limits while it is still recovering is like re-opening a flesh wound. It's not going to heal faster, and now there's going to be a bigger scar of dense, nerveless flesh.


My experience is that the most efficient way to maintain sanity through exercise is to train every day, but not lifting. There are a lot of gymnastics you can do every day, because they do not involve aggressive attacks of your body and instead just some repetitive movements with your body. It gets you exhausted quickly, but doesn't give all the stress of a lifttard training. Some chinese stuff can be pretty good in this regard. It is also mentally much easier while depressed.


1 day failure and 1 day cardio is best way. because when you do cardio it pumps blood (nutrition) to your body, so muscles fixes more early.


bump against crab mentality.


If you enjoy drawing seriously enough try doing commissions.
Though you might need a paypal (or whatever they use nowadays) if you plan on going with online commissiones.

That's just how I started off in the early 10s(despite not being very good at it.)


I can't believe I have to actually force myself to do things I don't like if I want to get anything done.


i'm right on the next stage wiz i believe it but still can't force myself to comprehend how many shit it entails. you can make it! don't you give up!


If doing X led to Y, you wouldn't have to force yourself. It just means you're doing the wrong thing and/or you don't really want the result.


This complicated exercise routine isn't even necessary for building an impressive physique.

You can do 1 chest/arm exercise and you'll build a respectable fit slim muscled physique with pumped up ballooned arm muscles, chest muscles and slim semi-muscled abs that form naturally with no ab exercises.

You don't need to workout 6 days a week either, only 5. But you do need a high protein low calorie diet with meat, dairy products and low cal veggies.


You're dumb and gay.

Exercise directly improves memory and cognitive function. It also reduces anxiety and stress. Eat my shit faggot.



Actually been taking up writing as a hobby somewhat reacently.
I am still pretty bad but I feel like by practicing consistently and giving myself goals to work towards I am already learning things and improving.
That said I am a long way from being able to write a decent book worth publishing, even self publishing. Though before I started writing in eunist I didn't even think it was realistically possible for myself to write a whole book without major assistance or some sort of cheat.
Now I know it's possible for me to do it.

Speaking of which I think I will spend a good chunk of this holiday writing.


>bump against crab mentality.


File: 1703478938962.jpg (153.15 KB, 1080x1076, 270:269, 1703306657241613.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i'm trying to brainstorm what i would actually do with my time if i didn't scroll imageboards and stare at youtube. the obvious answer is something equally pointless like play tf2 all day. i already spend too much time in the computer chair coding. already lift and walk pretty much every day.

i get depressed as hell if an activity doesn't release a steady stream of dopamine.


>Exercise directly improves memory and cognitive function. It also reduces anxiety and stress.
It really does. I regained the whole standard deviation of IQ I lost due to schizophrenic illness by lifting.


i'm exactly in the same state. sometimes i manage to quit it but i don't remember how it happened the last time. i just snapped. can't do it again so far. i wish i could. gotta find an answer. maybe we just don't have enough energy to work, but too much to rest. i don't know. i need an answer but nobody gives it. plus i'm anxious and insecure because i live in a criminal environment.


File: 1703516043684.jpeg (324.22 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, 886462681-1700746956.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Would it be a good idea to train very "obscure" muscles (examples: sartorius, abductor longus, teres minor, supraspinatus)?
My idea is that training EVERY muscle would lead to great longevity and peak condition even in old age, if trained very regularly.


The smart wizard just does useful manual labor and through it only trains the muscles that he truly needs.


I would think training that makes good use of compound movements under resistance would end up training said muscle groups to a level of decent fitness.

Only reason I would recommend isolations on such muscles would be for body building or rehab reasons.


yeah do it man wizards work out all the time lol. its how you can shoot lightning out of your eyeballs


Dry Scalp is a bitch. I have been using Nizoral but that only stops it temporarily. Turns out using shampoo only dries out your skin. Shampoo is for cleaning your hair, and removing dirty oils.

You have to use conditioner to put back essential oils, keeping your hair strong, longer, and most importantly for me: moisturizing your head so your scalp won't be dry. Nizoral only removes dead skin, but since it dries out the scalp, it's gonna create more dead skin after a day or two.

Normally I leave a dozen skin flakes on my pillow everyday, about half that amount if I'm using Nizoral. And now I leave maybe a few skin flakes and they're half the size. I've used conditioner only 5 times in the last week or so. I imagine it will take a while to fix the issue but maybe I wont have to go to a dermatologist.


Head and shoulders works well for me. I also don't shampoo my hair every day. Once every three days is the pattern i've fallen itno.


>You have to use conditioner to put back essential oils, keeping your hair strong, longer, and most importantly for me: moisturizing your head
You sound like a daytime TV commercial played during a rerun of Oprah. No, "we" do not need to use conditioner because we are not an fatty fat female ew yucks. The only essential oils the head needs are the ones it produces itself, which can't be replaced by any amount of synthetic hormone-blocking goo. There's no evidence that the hair is strengthened by any such conditioners either, with evidence rather to suggest that the acidic reaction can dissolve hair entirely.
Pouring chemical slop cosmetic makeup on your head as a temporary treatment for the consequences of an underlying poor health choice is not self improvement!

God damn you effeminates and your poison shilling. Get some sunshine and saltwater if you want a scalp that's not literally rotting off of your body.


Can you go back to wherever you came from and stop trying so hard to troll for no reason?


good luck if you have seborrhea
this shit is unbeatable


Try maple holistics tea tree conditioner for dry scalp. I have tried many different conditioners and most do nothing for the scalp, some even make it worse, but this stuff actually works well. I also use nizoral and my flaking was reduced by it but it didn't stop until I used the tea tree oil conditioner.


"Shovel Gloving" or just "shovelglove" is a gay-sounding and gay-looking exercise routine perfect for recluses who want a little exercise to prevent their health from declining but otherwise don't care much about physical fitness. It involves swinging a sledge hammer around for 14 minutes every day. It can be fun as long as nobody can see through your windows and see you acting retarded.

You can google the word and find the routine's web site. It has instructions for a variety of different motions and the creator's reasoning for sticking to 14 minutes a day. The word "shovel" refers to the primary exercise motion in which you mimic the act of shoveling with your sledge hammer. "Glove" refers to cushioning the head of the hammer (like by wrapping a sweater around it) to reduce the chances of accidentally destroying things or murdering your pets or yourself. The "glove" part is optional though.

It obviously won't make you super strong but it's better than nothing.


Sounds like theory craft without properly tested results of it being enough for physical fitness needs.

Meanwhile pushups, squats, and brisk walking have been around for ages and are proven to work really well.


Kettlebell exercises are what you seek


I'll start doing some pull ups and core exercises. The thing I don't like about exercising is that I sweat and then I have to shower…


Water wipe down while the sweat is still fresh is usually good enough for a quick freshen up.

It's when sweat is left on that the bacteria get to it and start making you gross. So if you wipe it away while it's still fresh then you won't get gross.


>At the height of his strength career, Mark Henry stood 6’ 3’’ tall, weighed between 390-410 pounds, and was widely considered to be the strongest man in the world. It’s also arguable that Mark Henry was/is the strongest man of all time.
>Two essential points qualify Henry for such a title: 1. Throughout his life and career, he was completely drug free, meaning he never used steroids.
> 2. In a combined total of the five primary, competitive lifts which are measured and adjudicated with precision (three powerlifts: the squat, the deadlift, and the bench; plus, two weightlifting movements: the snatch and the clean and jerk), Henry’s record total set in the mid-1990s still surpasses that of any other human as we write this in 2021.
> What makes Mark Henry stand apart from other legendary strongmen, is that while he was blessed with prodigious size and raw strength, he also had extraordinary balance, coordination, explosiveness, and flexibility. Combine that with what Henry, himself, describes as a “psycho-competitive” nature and it’s no wonder that the colossus from Silsbee, Texas broke so many records and dominated the competition in three different strength sports: powerlifting, weightlifting, and strongman. No one else has ever done that.


So far so good. Eating healthy, not using alcohol or any other legal drugs.
I'm happier than ever and enjoying everything I do.


Through an Action, a Man becomes a Hero.
Through Death, a Hero becomes Legend.
Through Time, a Legend becomes Myth.
Through hearing a Myth, a Man takes an Action….


I just love being healthy and not having to take any drugs like some subhuman. Thank God for my healthy genes and many blessings :D
Everyday is a great day


what if you were in an accident and your body was made unhealthy and you had to take drugs then, would you be a sub-human? it seems that your attitude is one of conceit, and pride the most significant and root of all sins. you put yourself at enmity with God.


Vince McMahon is all about show wrestling though, not real wrestling.


>what if what if what if
wont happen, simple as. NTW but ill never be a weak fat fuck no matter how long i live. maybe ill become less muscular but i can always gain it back. so long as you have the will for it you can do an awful lot. also theres a difference between the drugs that can save you and are used temporarily to the ones that have subhumans skinning each other alive just to get a quick fix


he is literally thanking God for his current state of life, you seem butthurt over a wiz that is healthy.


feeling a calm and peace that can only be described as magical. It's a wizardly feeling to be completely unbothered
This is the peace that I live for.


>Post ideas or guides to improve life as a wizard

-find something you like to buy and make it yourself
-take a simple digital picture you like, take the color out (either convert to grayscale or use Gimp or Krita to fill the areas with white so that only the outline remains) print it and then color it the way you like it with pens.
-take an old cardbord box you got from shipping and build a little organizer. i built one for sponge and dishsoap.
-get spraybottles for your cleaning solutions. i have one for water, two for cleaning alcohol (weak and strong), two for vinegar (weak and strong)


Learn a new language, wizcel bros. Your brain will thank you.


I'm making decent progress with japanese, can understand half of what is said in animes now.


how long you've been studying japanese?


Take a break from lots of social influence, could be both from imageboards, forums or social media. Use your own time for self-improvement, go on your own journey, could be anything. You really don't need people as much as you might think, the less people that happier you'd be as a wizcel, I limit my speaking and opening up to others, unless I really have to say something important.
Focus on yourself rather than others, turn into a ghost by following what you believe and is good for you even if that is watching anime or drawing lolis.


I was thinking how brutal doing exercise till failure with pushups and pullups Three times in a row each on the same day. This program is not based on reality, you would lose your will after the second set till failure and struggle to ever do the second arms exercise. That cardio every day will also tank your gains, and there's no way you could even do it with squats till failure the day before actually.

Jog twice a week. Do a pullups till failure day and alternate with pushups till failure. Do starter sets each for endurance/volume and then the final set till failure twice (4+ sets, 3 never works IMO). If you're going to do squats till failure do it with a day of leg rest between jogging. That might be more viable


Yes when you train till failure you do need at least 48 hours to recover and for proper growth.


Testosterone maxing:
>carnitine L-tartrate
Increases androgen receptor density
>Earlier period of fasting prior to starting weight training
Increases androgen receptor density
>Boron, Zinc, and Magnesium
Increases testosterone
estrogen excretion. Don't go overboard because you need a little of this
>limit xenoestrogen exposure
plastics, filter your water…

Weight lifting itself will also increase androgen density. You need androgen receptors to absorb the free testosterone otherwise it'll turn into estrogen. You'll know if you're testosterone maxing if you grow thick facial hair. Beware however, excess testosterone is implicated in aggression.

I don't know the full details on recovery maxing yet but for creatine, sauna exposure for GH, a good amino acid supplement should help


Started two weeks ago, though I don't know where I got the motivation/discipline all of a sudden.
>basic calisthenics daily and walks on most days
>try to get 8+ h of sleep
>try to fast 24h once every 2 weeks
>quitting porn
>learning to draw
>learning programming
I think I feel better, less brainfogged. It's also interesting how quickly the urges to look at porn went away, seeing as today is only day 14. Trying to improve my diet as well but I'm too lazy to cook much at the moment so I try to just appreciate the progress I've already made.


Nofap is pointless for wizards.

The primary premise of no fap is that somehow it increases motivation to chase succubi and do things that make one more attractive to succubi (looksmax, earn excess money, etc.)
For someone who has disregarded succubi nofap has no purpose.


Agreed~ From what I always understood, NF was clasically intended as a means of maximizing male fertility/sperm count within noncel social contexts. Obviously not applicable when one has zero intention of getting with a female ever, much less procreating with one.


Cope harder, christfag. the notion that all wizards are either pure unfettered gregorian monks who have never had an "impure" thought in their life or not wizards at all is disingenuous at best lol


>he thinks not watching porn is a meme
>he thinks masturbating daily is "healthy"

Lol at this failed normalfag. Low impulse niggers and porn addicts are the farthest from being wizards.

If you can't control your sexual desires, you are another puppet of the demiurge. You are another junkie looking for instant gratification 24/7 and who will never be happy in his life.

Go back to the /dep/ thread where you cry about why your life sucks so much while the big wizards achieve goals.


Oh fuck off


File: 1713648184612.pdf (4.43 MB, The Holotropic Mind The Th….pdf)

>ideas or guides
These imageboard format is not for doing that, we'd need to have some wiki apart, where knowledge can be classified by stats.

Anyways, have some stuff


File: 1713691562956.jpg (3.04 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 20240421_052345.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

back (alone) in the gym all by (myself)

the lights are going off. my ecentric control is too smooth to trigger the motion sensors


I have the same cargo shorts and shoes. What the fuck, are you literally me? I've also always trained alone but not at the gym.


>Dry Scalp is a bitch. I have been using Nizoral but that only stops it temporarily.

Drought is a bitch. I have been spraypainting the dry brown grass. When i do it, the grass is green again but this only stops it from browning temporarily.

>skin flakes

skin flakes? your skin is falling from your head? is that different from dandruff?

>The only essential oils the head needs are the ones it produces itself

yeah. i somewhere have a screenshot of a dude who gives so little of a fuck about all this nonsense that he just washes himself with dishsoap allover.

all this extra nonsense people are wasting their short life with…

>Pouring chemical slop cosmetic makeup on your head as a temporary treatment for the consequences of an underlying poor health choice is not self improvement!



>he is now using even bigger gaps between each sentence
You are so obnoxious. Didn't even add anything to the discussion.


>nofap is pointless for wizards
Glownigger spotted


Because the CIA is sooooo interested in your masturbation habits. 🙄


Agreed. Dude is sperging hard and making himself look gay with the way he posts.


>Doing nofap benefits all wizards.

Does it? What's the benefit? I've heard it being advocated here plenty of times but i don't know why. I just remembered that it sounded dumb and then i disregarded it and here you are still talking about it as if it helped with anything. i'm not even understanding the problem it is supposed to help with. when nofap is the answer, what was even the question?


>Didn't even add anything to the discussion.

how come "skin" is falling off the scalp and do you actual dumb person really believe that putting something on top like an oil can possibly cure the underlying causes or do you simply not believe in cause and effect. the brown grass metaphor would have been enough for a smart person to understand that this sorry exchange of way too condensed words that you call a discussion has made no genuine effort of uncovering the root of the problem.

ironic that you complain about people not contributing to the discussion. if all the sages from all the imageboards were gone, the world would be much better. sages are nothing but cancer. decent people don't sage threads, they ignore them and instead go in the threads they believe in stupid minion lick a boot.

>Because the CIA is sooooo interested

keep that bad acting on stage, theaterfag.


As I presumed. So fuck off.
Samefag scent like crazy


what's your source on the 48 hours bit?


That's common knowledge my wizard brother. Optimal muscle recovery times are 48-72 hours. This becomes obvious when you train and want to reproduce the same workout routine with identical sets and reps and resting time on the next day and so on.



So are you one of those people who push one set till failure per muscle group twice a week?


I try to take it easy but still always end up injuring myself. I'm at the point where im so afraid of injury i suppose ill only work out 1 day every 1-2 weeks.
I have no issue with willpower and dont know what im doing wrong. I just do basic things like pushups and pull ups. I'm a healthy weight and all. It's so annoying.


>I try to take it easy but still always end up injuring myself.
okay, wizard brother. I'm here to help you. You seem to be suffering from a case of bad form. When I began training and was a total noob, I also was scared of injury because everything was new and unknown to me, that was 12 years ago. One time when doing pull-ups trying to increase my max number of reps I injured my shoulders and had to wait for a good 1 or 2 weeks to recover.

Thing is, you have to work on your form, there's plenty of videos that you can use and you can record yourself with your phone camera to see if you're doing the exercises right or if you have a mirror use it.
Also, try to warm up a little before exercises, things like scapula retractions while hanging on the bar before commencing your sets of pull-ups should help.

Doing body-weight exercises shouldn't cause you injury so if that happens you're definitely doing something wrong.


These recommendations are as follows: (1) Stay active mentally; (2) Be physically active; (3) Adopt a healthy diet; (4) Be an active member of the community, and (5) Take care of heart and other organs. We develop the topic “Stay active mentally” and recommend the following: (a) Be curious and engaged. Continue involvement in the workplace. Learn throughout life; (b) Read, write, solve crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles; (c) Attend lectures, readings, celebrations, and ceremonies; (d) Sign up for lectures (studies) in the nearby educational center (“university of the third age”) and colleges; (e) Sign up for 1 or 2 local groups targeted at self-help and self-development; (f) Play a variety of games such as chess, Go, and other board games or computer games; (g) Work in your backyard or community garden; (j) Try special methods of memory training; (h) Travel during weekends and holidays.


No need to train until failure then. Neither to do so two days in a row.


we should increase our magicka not sabotage each other with crab poison


this. >>312350

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