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This is my favorite shooter. A virgin autistic shy korean foreigner that just like Elliot couldn't cope with being asian in a heavily normalfag enviroment like the one you would find in the awful college life in America. So distressed and unable to cope, he went on a rampage, nothing atypical there.
I've always liked him because I could see him as a classmate that I'd hang out with or a person in general that would have the same taste as me, and this is ever since I was a teen and saw the guy on the news, i thought of him as just a typical asian college character that you'd see in a movie. Still, my favorite aspect of his, is that he liked writing and wrote two exhilarating and ridiculous plays. The first one, Richard McBeef, is extremely hilarious and full of domestic violence it's almost a parody of a normalfag family drama. It never fails to make me laugh and I'd recommend it to wizards.
I think that if more shooters had this creative side to them, they would at least be memorable, the current ones are simply people who are nothing to write home about. Meaningless stereotypes with nothing clever or interesting to say.


he also held the record for the deadliest mass shooting in usa for almost 10 years, from 2007 to 2016, until the Pulse nightclub shooting occured and subsequently Las Vegas shooting, on 2017. He is still among the top three.


Did it with Handguns, yet politicians called for bans on ARs afterwards despite ARs barely being used in crime at all.

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