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Let's have a "official" NEET/Hikikomori thread on /lounge/.
If you're a NEET or a Hikikomori, feel free to post something you think is worth sharing.
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>Section 8
>Food stamps
This is all a wizNEET requires to live his best life. Honestly I gave up on finding a job. There's simply no work out there for someone like me.


- Saltiness
- Ore wa mada honki dashitenai dake
- 34-sai Mushoku-san (partial credit)


Hi, I actively sought out this life and threw away my chance at something more normal. I am both substance abuse and mental anguish free. Nor am I rich. The secret is genuinely environment. I recognized my environment was ideal. I live in a quiet neighborhood and have quiet family members. This way, even with getting your basic bux that only cover bills and food, you don't lack. It is the privacy and the respect that is missing from the common NEET.
Living at home near 24/7 means the comfort level of your home becomes far more important than anything else in life. It is only when the home is inendurable that it becomes hard to be NEET. So before you need to learn to live with yourself, you must learn to live with your home. And that is sadly not possible in most places on this earth. That is why people are restless, yapping about purpose and goals and activities and self-improvement as a secondary cope. Their home is like a den of ants where laying about inside causes a tremendous itch and discomfort. It is hard to imagine from this position how one could be fine experiencing so little.
This is partially bragging due to how grateful I am for this, but also to elucidate the hierarchy of comforts.
Environment comes before self. A good environment will naturally inform a healthier self. Rather than an uphill battle full of discipline and struggle, it is a gentle growth born from nothing. Thus if you can put your efforts towards either self or environment, pick environment first every time. Environment covers everything from your immediate living space, to your street, to the local culture and people you interact with however brief in the day to day.


File: 1714141513822.jpg (184.21 KB, 640x931, 640:931, Lich featured.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

society deserves to be parasited. we cannot set our own bussiness nor selfsubsistant farms without getting taxraped, all because of the welfare they defend where elite thieves take 90 dollars to cure a 30 dollar issue while hiding and forbiding a 5 dollars remedy for it. We are all tied to MONEY and therefore to wagecuckery, to usury, to mandatory schooling which fucks us up, tied to miserable jobs, cities that act as behavioural sinks where madness grows, tied to deceitful medicine to get us sicker and sicker and tied by restrictions on science and software that could profit the entire mankind instead of leaving them in the hands of the already privilged. the system is so deeply cucked it has no sense to speak about any societal collapse: the shit is already an entire collapse at itself. The final failure of an experiment called humanity


wow thank you for this post. for a long time i tried to live a peaceful live in the ant hill but as you describe, it is nothing but constant discipline and struggle.

have been hoping to find a quiet place i can move to, but the gravity of this place i am still stuck at and it's problem seems overwhelming. like a machine that is designed to put stones in my path so i waste more and more days spinning in a circle.

hopefully i find a nice place where people have their own life and don't need me to complete it so i can have a life too.


thank you


I can't find available scans for- Ore wa mada honki dashitenai dake, do you have a link, please?


How much is your NEETbux? Can you survive on it?


970 disablebux. I live with my parents. no spending


Agreed, you expressed this very well


Anyone here trying for ssi/neetbux?




20 year old here. been a NEET after finishing Grade 12 (18 years old) I would like to do a redo on life but then again, I really hate my middle-highschool experience


File: 1715023942574.jpg (180.85 KB, 876x792, 73:66, kys no.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I would like to do a redo on life but then again, I really hate my middle-highschool experience

here is the redo you ordered.

tomorrow do whatever you believe is right. concern yourself with what you believe to be important. learn what interests you. time is the true currency, learn to use it wisely, i was so broken after school that it took me many many many many many years to regenerate the trauma, maybe it will not take you as long. trust your instincts.


You can survive off of only neetbux but it's tricky. Typically you would live with family or a roommate. If you can get subsidized housing then it's even possible to live by yourself, but this can take a long time. I'm talking years of waiting. However, as a wizard, living alone is preferable at least for me.


File: 1717334180167.jpg (411.84 KB, 720x1600, 9:20, Screenshot_2024-06-01-23-1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

what do you think of it? is it true?


>Normie gaslighting into letting them making you even more miserable.

You worry me. How you not seeing the between lines hatred?


File: 1717356903145.jpg (261.98 KB, 800x1149, 800:1149, 1717265528475550.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I felt a certain contempt for the hiki when I read that but now that you have shed light on it I agree with you, they despise the hikikomori, indeed.
also I had a question, those books about hiki talk about being a hiki is a japanese phenomena and only japanese, but we can see there's many hiki around the world. I'm those who want hiki to be only a japanese thing. but , my question is, why hikikomori is only a japanese thing and what makes it a japanese thing


Inflation is making it harder and harder.

In some places you need financial aid from parents + state neetbucks just to survive.


File: 1717433399092.jpg (60.83 KB, 824x720, 103:90, 1717359463196892.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

after tasting NEET life, it's hard to become a wagie again. damn it it sucks I want to live like I live right now: free from duties



i think the people who take on all these responsibilities are fools that are being taken advantage of. they sacrifice their entire life and all the get is a little bit of money and maybe some pretend respect but otherwise they are treated as contagious garbage children who have to be protected from themselves while the owners get the profit for playing social chess with hardworking people's lives.

nobody is weird for not wanting that. none of the riches, conveniences and technologies are worth a system that is that disgustingly inhumane.


Hard to unsuck the fuck after chucking


>lazy, pleasure seekers, agoraphobics, "special cases"
This is some kike-level classification of people.


made by a japanese doctor (or psychatrist, don't remember) but yeah the terms he uses are pretty harsh


It's that sly shifting of all blame into the individual as opposed to the society that created the individual.

>inb4 personal responsibility

Sure but there's only so much you can do by yourself if your circumstances suck.


File: 1717761093679.jpg (3.82 MB, 3840x2360, 96:59, 1658713150584842.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

being a hiki/neet had become a lifestyle. but. soceity donnt lile when someone live like an modern hermit, so specialist pressure soceity telling it being a hikikomori is a illness and he must go back to work.
they want us to feel bad about our life and are jealous because we are free from societal duties (like working)


File: 1717789159029.png (396.08 KB, 640x448, 10:7, d86353a1ca733eafe3e115e195….png) ImgOps iqdb

I can't stay calm, I'm always worried about going back to work. I don't think I'll be a neet forever, so I have to consider the work scenario and I'm stressed because of the pressure (from society and loved ones)


Being a wagie who barely scrapes by and is tormented by normies all day is a far worse fate imo. You could always prepare cheaper food to eat. Sadly, as neets we're going to have to improvise and find other ways of surviving this inflation.


>wake up at 7pm
>lay in bed for the next hour or two starring at ceiling
>contemplate if i should get out of bed
>probably decide against it and sleep, but in case i don't then
>go to my computer
>smoke two or three cigs for breakfast
>browse imageboards/textboards, while listening to music, till dawn
>rarely play a game or watch anime, and if i do, its just for 20 minutes or so, until i get sick off it again
>eat a bunch of junk food in between
>get tired
>go to bed at 4-5am


Never understood those western people saying that are hikkikomori, like, dude you don't live in Japan to be a real hikki, you are just a NEET, there isnt't a Hikki outside of Japan.


a word can never be more then a signpost pointing at something. your ultimate trust in words is undeserved.

words are just very flawed tools, you expect 1 millimeter accuracy from a chainsaw.

you're splitting hairs, minding the trivial differences instead of seeing the huge overlap.


so you agree or I'm full of shit


>so you agree or I'm full of shit

think about it.

if you can't tell after reading my post, what clearer sign could there be that words are weak; lifeless imitation nowhere near the level of material or action. how can words be everything if they are this imprecise.

how can large language models be intelligent if language itself is so dumb.


File: 1719075104835.png (588.42 KB, 920x690, 4:3, 392013_4d92f438856ef422938….png) ImgOps iqdb

The word "NEET" carries a lot of connotations that aren't expressed through the acronym. An 80 IQ gang member in the ghetto might fit the definition (not in employment, education or training) but that's not what we typically mean by "NEET".


wouldn't it be easier to just say what you mean using as many or as little words as the situation requires to explain it instead of arguing over definitions of words?

guy on your picture looks like he is not only waiting for death but calling for death to hurry and take him.


I wasn't really arguing with anyone.

I just always thought that "NEET" was kind of a stupid term that doesn't mean too much since there are so many reasons one might not be in employment, education or training.


you're right, 'neet' can wrap a lot of people but it is not what we think when we say neet here. thats why we should call it 'hikkineet'

that's…philosophical indeed


>The word "NEET" carries a lot of connotations that aren't expressed through the acronym
Not this shit again. 'N.E.E.T' is a legal classification applied to those not in education, employment, or training - indiscriminate of someone's personality, social activity, or held wealth. The qualifiers of "Hikikomori" have always been clouded the fog of subjectivity due to the wording used (e.g how 'often' can he leave the house before it's considered 'not often'?), but the term N.E.E.T was made to be as simple and objective as a label could be. It's black and white by design. These connotations you speak of are recent fabrications by nefarious queers on Discord and such, who use these unwritten qualifiers to expel people from their sacred NEET groupchats. They ought to invent a new special word or acronym to encompass the particular kind of NEETs they personally consider "real NEETs" instead of applying unwritten clauses to the existing terminology.


"HikiNEET", a word popularized by a certain water goddess, is a good compromise.


>I just always thought that "NEET" was kind of a stupid term that doesn't mean too much since there are so many reasons one might not be in employment, education or training.

employment sucks, education sucks, training might be useful but in many cases it is just as spirit-breaking so it would not be too far out to lump it in with the suckiness. it's just group-people expecting everyone to sacrifice themselves for the enrichment of the psychopaths and living off of a few crumbs. when i say neet i mean a person bold enough not to push humanity in the direction of centralization, violence and empire.



legal schmeegel, you bring the filth of law into this thread, why not invite a few transgenders, feminists and sports fans while you are at it…


>why not invite a few transgenders, feminists and sports fans while you are at it…
What are you even on about?


>They ought to invent a new special word or acronym to encompass the particular kind of NEETs they personally consider "real NEETs" instead of applying unwritten clauses to the existing terminology.

Well, yes that sounds like a swell idea. Where do you imagine we disagree?

I am well aware that it was coined with different intentions, but so was the word "idiot".


>What are you even on about?

who cares what those violent tyrants define as their legal terms, take any justice system, for the most part the justice system is rigged, they force everyone to live by the rules that their owners decided who are seldom in the interest of the many and most often in the interest of the few. how dare you bring the filth of the legal system in these sacred halls. shame on you.


Is this a bit? Like you're pretending to be CRAZY SCHIZOPOSTER WHO HATES THE FED XD for laughs?



explain how this is crazy shitposting


do you think it's also schizoposting to say that the police work for the government? lmao


File: 1719147415050.jpeg (38.14 KB, 538x538, 1:1, Government hiding behind ….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

is that also crazy shitposting?


It's weird to see how neets are becoming more common. Then again, the labor force participation rate has been steadily dropping for decades. I've noticed the number of posts on the internet that mention getting neetbux has increased a lot since COVID. I can definitely see a sharp drop in jobs in the near future as AI takes over white-collar work and companies lay off most of their human workforce.

Just some observations, I guess…


I love the feds

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