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What do you think of nofap, does it make sense or is it all a lie, is it worth abstaining from pornography, or is it not worth the effort?


There is nothing more homosexual than pornography. You are literally seeing a guy having sex with a succubus, a guy having sex, not the other way around. Apart from being homosexual, it is a cuckold practice, since you are seeing how a man is having sex with a succubus. And we're not talking about orgies or shit like that, 10 guys, one succubus.
If you're gay, or cuckold, it's okay to watch porn.


The only based porn is POV porn where you don't see the guy, but you see from his point of view.


do u watch porn?


The reverse actually, when it's her POV.


I read somewhere that fapping a lot reduces your lifetime by around 6 years on average.
But you arent just losing these 6 years you also lose the time that you spend searching, watching and actually jerking off and all these hours accumulate quick so you end up spending like 5 to 10 years just beating your dick with Pornography.
So lets say you lose 20 years in total of your life to that.
Isnt that crazy how much time that is that is wasted?
now add on top other shit like watching movies, playing videogames or browsing imageboards.
How much lifetime you are bleeding, its crazy but we do it anyway because there is nothing else anyway.
Being productive or wasting time with autistic projects nobody cares about wont make you much happier at the end and no matter what you do you will regret things anyway thats how the human mind works.
So is nofap worth the effort?
probably not but you have to do the math yourself to see how much of a waste of time it is.
If you fap a couple minutes less you can still win some time back but everyone gotta know their own body, I for example cant abstain from fapping because this constipation feeling in the Ballsack that builds up makes me go insane after a day there is no other word to describe it.



So that's as opposed to having sex with an actual other person (in which you might spend a similar amount of time). Which is better and more fulfilling?


I have started recently. I am not really doing it out of any sort of r*ddit self improvement nonsense but rather just because I do not actually enjoy it, rather, it is just sort of an addictive compulsion. Next time you want to watch porn really try to abstract and objectify what it really is that you are looking at. A bunch of fat and meat that is used to dispose of urine and feces and birth new humans. When you look at it this way it becomes rather disgusting. It is only in a state of monkey brain fueled sexual arousal that any of this becomes attractive. Also I'm never going to have sex anyway so isn't the act of tricking my mind into thinking I am rather pathetic and almost defeating any real purpose. Almost as pathetic as vegans eating fake meat.


>in which you might spend a similar amount of time
actually the sexhaving normalfag is investing and wasting a lot more time on succubi than the average wizard wastes on fapping.
the normalfag has to search for the roasties, has to message them, has to wine and dine them on dates and then listen to their drivel but he also has to invest a lot into himself, like making himself presentable to the succubus etc.
Thats way more than 20 minutes of fapping per day thats more like dedicating your entire life to that shit but also it doesnt matter how you ejaculate but when you do regularely you still lose your 6 years of lifetime so sex isnt gonna solve that.
>Which is better and more fulfilling?
fapping is more efficient and doesnt chain you to another human, doesnt waste as much time and you dont need anyones approval to do it.
but overall both are shit and a massive waste of time. sexual urges are a prison for mind and body.

the only porn that works for me is 2D, 3DPD is just too disgusting.


I don't know where you got the six years from, but I didn't know wizards were that bothered about living long anyway? I was generally not releasing much in my twenties but have to more now at the moment for some reason…

Some esoteric theories hold that when the female orgasms she releases etheric/sexual energy to her partner. So we're probably missing out on that balance too.


I personally don't watch porn and avoid fapping because it's not good for me. Especially porn really drains me mentally and I hate having pornographic images in my head that I can't erase.

Many normies spend a load of time on trying to have sex indeed even if they don't succeed. When you look at guys who use dating apps its kinda mind blowing how much time they waste on swiping and trying to entertain some slut without any results. There's guys who used tinder for years without ever getting sex and yet they still try to get it. The type of normies who pursue casual sex really spend half their lives trying to get their dick wet with some busted succubus like a bunch of chimpanzees. If you take the few chads out of the mix who are naturally successful with whores then it's not even less pathetic than some coomer who needs hours to find suitable material to fap to.



>Some esoteric theories hold that when the female orgasms she releases etheric/sexual energy to her partner. So we're probably missing out on that balance too.

That's that pseudo spiritual bullshit for whores.


When you have sex with someone, you're esentially giving your soul away


>inventors, artists, scientists, geniuses who had sex and contributed to shape and form culture don't have souls because they had sex
>t. retard on wizchan


some even drank alcohol, would sleep on soft surfaces and ate grains. imagine if only they had heeded random schizos' advices on imageboards


That's what it looks they exactly did. Are you drunk?


This is no theory. The Tao of Sex describes it quite fine.


I stopped watching hardcore porn a while ago, because it suddenly dawned on me that it was really gay. I was looking at this blowjob video and I realized 90% of the video's focus is on this dudes dick, what the fuck am I watching?
Whacking it to softcore stuff is a bit better, but it somehow feels like I'm submitting to the succubus in the picture, especially in this day and age of only fans social media thothery. When I jack off to some OF chick, it feels like she got one over on me, like I'm beneath her somehow. You can't look down on some random whore and than also sign up to a sketchy eastern european forum just so you can shwack your meat to pictures of her tits.
I don't feel this so much when I'm jerking it to some random titty model from 2006 so that's more tenable. 2D (or even the 3D animation stuff you have these days) is a good alternative as well, and imagination of course is probably the most preferable way, but also the most boring.

Maybe in the not so distant future, VR will be the ultimate non-gay, non-cucked, coomer experience but for now, softcore and 2D remain the best solutions.


That tao stuff is retard spirtiuality why are you even so focused on normie sex cults


Most people dont have souls, if they're having sex on a regular basis. It is a souless act.


Cause I don't want to get octogenarian bones at young age, you coomer.


your body will turn to dust if you do not scrupulously do as told by new age quacks


Coomer, kiwifarmer.


pathetic attempt. you deserve to be scorned.


File: 1687373593384.png (113.12 KB, 275x183, 275:183, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Not samefag, these?


We know your stink, tranny cryptoloser




>lol [sage}
Hurt de la hurt


hard being a wiz in the favela. as an 18 year old, from brasil, lemme tell you… lotta shemales prowl these mean streets. out for any young COCK they can find. sopa de macaco and lots of acai shakes with my granma help me stay young and vibrant


no, they're not.


Foda, I am coming to Brazil


wonderful! enjoy your stay in Brazil my friend


These bodily fluids waste the best materials from your body and wizzie health is usually a wreck even without doing that.


its only bad if you do it more than once aday on average. otherwise there is no benefit to nofap and its just a shitty meme


A noble effort that has great benefits


File: 1693484122419.jpg (396.13 KB, 933x551, 933:551, The_Tao_of_Sex_Daniel_Reid….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

"The Tao of Sex, Health and Longevity", chapter 6.

Coom brings doom


>Coom brings doom
Which is a misinterpretation. The book merely states that you should not coom too often. In other news, sky is blue. I mean, isn't it fucking obvious, no?


Please at least bother to read before making assumptions.


I've read your screenshot. I'm not going to read another game changer book about self improvement.


I definitely feel more energetic during nofap and I have less "brain fog" but wet dreams can be a problem. I think fapping every other week is a good compromise. I used to fap a lot until I got prostate problems (or "Nonbacterial Prostatitis" to be exact). I don't know if I got just unlucky, though. Alfuzosin and saw palmetto helps with the symptoms. It's embarrassing to be in his late 20s and have prostate problems (and before you ask I have never had sex, I am a kissless and hugless virgin).


Told you wizards that your bodies are weaker than the average. You cant go on vices or sedentary life just like that


Nofap helped me snap out of my addiction to porn, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is feeling depressed/hopeless or stuck in a endless cycle.


Apparently the hair loss drug finasteride can also suppress sexual desire and libido, anyone familiar with it?


Getting away from porn is good.
If we had lives none of us would spend this much effort on the addiction, because we would have things to do. It was like that when I worked, simply because I had something to look forward to where I couldn't indulge in the habit, and I didn't feel like going back to Rosie Palmer immediately after coming home. Back then it was a once every few days thing.
Problem with that is that you would need some sort of life and investment in the world, some sort of attachment that feels right and isn't met with intense shame. I have now found the thing I want to do with my life, but the thing I want to do will bring me into conflict with the Satanic forces that rule humanity, and I will never be comfortable. It does wear on me, but I have to do this now. I won't go back to what they want me to be, because what they want me to be is a living monument to the victory of this eugenic religion, living to suffer. I have no reason to ever do that and if I did submit, they will just intensify the torture. It's what they do and what they are. Fighting them is the only thing that gives my life purpose and keeps me at all attached to the world. If I had to stop fighting them in any capacity and had the freedom to do so, I would kill myself rather than plod through life with empty hobbies, because I'm not allowed to even have hobbies that are worthwhile. That is forbidden for us now.


One difficulty with getting away from porn is that when you go out into the world, you see the stark class/caste divide. All of the pretty people are "off limits", all of the people in our caste are made ugly and degraded due to the toxic eugenic creed making us suffer. The succubi in my caste suffer too much and do not want me - nothing good can come out of that. And that's what the people who rule this world want - to make it clear that it will never, ever be different, and we are out. Forever. That's why people turn to porn in the first place, and why porn becomes more detached from reality as time goes on. I recall porn from older times was far less extreme and the acts were more normal. Now everything is exaggerated, and you can see the degradation of male performance in porn. Even in the fantasies, humanity is seen as degraded and weaker. Success and health are monopolized for those selected to live by eugenics. This is reinforced with every other lockout in society, and so the lockout policies in 2020 are the next step, planned decades in advance. It's things like that which drive people to indulge in some fantasy or another.

I see nofap serving the same sort of thing - it's put forward by these cults that want to rope men into the usual fascist ideology. You don't need "nofap" as an ideology to see that masturbation is the action of caged animals. It has long been known that autosexualism is at the root of so many psychological and social disturbances, and is at the root of many failed ideologies and political cults. It is because we are very visibly denied contact with the "valid" world that this happens, because it becomes a social obligation of the valid to reject us. More than that, the valid, the eugenic, march into our private lives, break up our families, take our homes, and place us under a permanent terror. The valid are taught to maximize the thrill of torturing us, and that this itself is the prime want of life.


my illness seems to be at its peak, so i couldn't get restful sleep. instead i spent few hours edging in my fantasies without even realizing. honestly, i was half asleep, so i thought that maybe at most 30 minutes have passed. i only understood that i've been doing that for hours when i felt unpleasant tension in the known place. crumpled somewhat when released it, now feeling much relieved. glad succubi with their tortures released me. i hope the day comes and i will gain power enough to oppose them making way into my head to cause me pain. don't edge for long, wizs.


i'm not too far from what nofappers call a coomer. but to be honest i have been on the fence lately on whether i should give up hentai and masturbation entirely. it makes me feel kinda dirty and guilty because i'm in love with someone (2d). i think i should just grow some wizballs and commit myself, but i find it difficult to take that step. i know i'm being a "manbaby" by hesitating and continuing to indulge in it. anyway, i don't personally think fapping is degrading to oneself, but it does defile a sacred bond.


pretty sure trannies take that stuff. it stops your testosterone from doing much at the level they take it, but at smaller it doses the same thing happens, just it only seems to stop your test from choking your hair follicles. could be wrong, but it seems complicated


Saint Paul said that if you can't control your lust it's better for you to marry than to burn with passion.


Really Christianity is a giant system of mental cheating. You're going to have to control those feelings or the feelings will be used to herd and control you, and it doesn't matter what happened in the past or how much sin was passed down to you. At the bottom, the madness must end, somehow.

The way it's going, the majority of men are already learning to destroy their expectations for friendship, happiness, or much at all to do with other people and society. There was never much for it, but even the small things we did to get along with each other will no longer exist. For us down here, there is only death. The thrill of torture must be maximized and depopulation already started. For those "up there", the world is little better. Only in a world apart from much of humanity is there any happiness, and already a sizable part of the population has come to that. The last gasp is to drain all of the wealth by telling people to "consoom", and those who refuse to play along are beaten and made indolent by this fucking slave society. After that, the few things that remain are whatever fantasies we dream of. There was never going to be anything else. Humanity is a failed race, and that is how it has to be from now on. Anyone who tried to change this at all was nullified, and a sick cult of space alien worship displaced anything that would have made human existence tolerable. In such conditions, no one in their right mind believes having children is viable, and that is intended. Only the state will allow children to exist, and they will live and die as state property, which is to say property of the rulers of society who set themselves apart from the rest of us scum.

With all of that said, suppressing lust is remarkably easy. It's the reasons why we are made to do this that make the world intolerable. There's nothing "there" to be won. Think about what a succubus actually is for a moment and it's really pointless to think she's any more valuable than you. It's a sick society that insists on denigrating and grinding people beneath even this low level of life.

Ideally there isn't a desire to wank. It used to be that this was seen as shameful and rightly so, and men had their time every week or however often was needed to dispose of their simple desires, knowing that there was nothing real to them. After a while, it really doesn't matter and we find something we actually like, which would be anything else. The problem is not that just that sex became a political matter but that anything we would have lived for has been taken away or turned into sick parodies, and so anyone who wants something different is under constant attack. The simple truth is that humans were never meant to live together in situations like this. We should be able to adapt, but certain assholes insist that the world has to be this, and we are beholden to them for the foreseeable future. Any other world would be in a very different time, and could only begin under very different conditions from what exists now. It will happen, eventually, but that is for much different people, whenever humanity has seen enough of its rot and decides to finish off the last vestiges of this failure. Only then will there be anything new, and whenever that does happen, the future would still not be much. Very likely the means by which this change happens entail humans becoming very different creatures and thinking very differently about what they even are. That is already happening, hence why it appears so many are "going mad" - part of this is deliberate torture to make us into living abortions, but another part is that the damned of the Earth are desperately looking for a way out, which this society will always disallow.


When you think about what this really is, it really makes the whole thing farcical. It's one reason they keep injecting more degeneracy and fear, to make people go along with it. All of this only exists because anything we actually like is to be occulted and denied to us. The world has lots of wealth, but it is precisely that which would allow us security or purpose which is denied. We're given crappy food that is intentionally denuded and told this is the only possible world, when solving this is trivial if there were any goodness in this filthy race.


Abstaining from pornography is worth it because watching porn has 0 benefits and a lot of drawbacks. NoFap itself and what it promotes is stupid, masturbation is perfectly normal, porn is the problem. They turn porn into a forbidden fruit when reality it's mental poison. Wanting poison is absurd.


>You're going to have to control those feelings or the feelings will be used to herd and control you, and it doesn't matter what happened in the past or how much sin was passed down to you. At the bottom, the madness must end, somehow.
Well fucking said man.


I would eventually like to stop.


I havent fapped for over 600 days. This began because I had health problems, I think my blood pressure regulation was busted so I was getting hypo and hypertension out of nowhere. As far as I know cooming raises it, and everytime I coomed back then I got a dull throbbing headache for hours.

I am better now. But I still choose to remain abstinent for a little more, my reason? Cooming always enabled some sort of general complacency in my life. I dont know how to describe, but like your life is crap and if you keep nofap up you can feel the fire burning your ass, but if I were to start cooming everyday Id see the years go by while all I do is spend my days choosing the perfect picture to masturbate to. Its very sad because I still have a minor pornography addiction, not hardcore stuff more like very ero solo softcore lingerie model or ecchi type addiction (I never look at other males fucking the succubi, I use my imagination to insert myself next to her(solo)).

I think its definitely worth abstaining from both if you have the mental fortitude for it.


nofap purists are nothing but brainrot "improover" fags stating shit we already know. obviously you shouldnt be fapping 3 times a day, so fap less often and you are fine. if you have absolutely no sexual urges theres likely something wrong with you or you are some sort of monk


>people who abstain from porn and masturbation are brainrot
stopped reading there.


>I havent fapped for over 600 days.
How do I become like you.


He's right though.
You're not achieving anything other than "improving urself" which is arbitrary and pointless.
Genghis Khan didn't give a shit, he just wanted more stuff and he did real great.


>I saw one bad thing being said about the current thing I like so I stopped reading.
You are in a cult. We know.


Do you know what life is like without watching porn daily? Don't worry we already know what you will answer. Stay on lvl 1.


I fapped 12 times yesterday and just 4 until now today. So, we all can agree that is a health hobby.


Some wizards create walls for ourselves that are hard to break. We shouldn't be too hard on ourselves, as problems can be overcome more easily when we have the support of others. Pornography is one of them.
I've been four months without watching adult content, and I truly feel a significant improvement in my life. I now feel like a more confident wiz. I've developed good habits and used the time I used to spend on adult content to learn things I've always wanted to learn. While watching a YouTube video(still using adblock), I decided that I'm going to continue on this positive path and stay away from this type of content which is harmful for your mental health.
I've decided to fight against it, and I hope I can emerge victorious in this battle, both against porn and masturbation.


>as problems can be overcome more easily when we have the support of others
Yeah, but it's hard when you are a shut-in for almost a decade, only talk to people in imageboards, your parents feel better having you hidden in the basement, any attempt to go outside gets mocked "walking? Are you trying to get fit? Don't eating is bad for you", they noticing you had gone outside, or doing pushups, or they noticing your weight loss after skipping meals sleeping trying to escape reality and then being forced to eat junkfood everyday for 2 weeks because you were being rebellious and they get mad if you don't since they are trying to make you happy, and of course, fapping, sleeping and internet are your only cope. Also, forget about getting a job. Also, you wanna die too because crippling depression. Also, your mood is fucked up for sleeping at day and being awake at night. Nofap is a torture, I'm trying but failing miserably has been 6 years and my record is 2 months.


>Nofap is a torture
Nofap is a torture for non-normalfags


Also, since you are anymore a kid: you cant rope.


so are you a nofapper or a noporn fag or both? i didnt say shit about porn either and frankly i dont care if you do or dont like it, its a neutral party that will always exist. you are no better than me and if anything your cult's penchant towards wanting to be superior to other people you have no business comparing yourself towards is what makes you a low life


> is it worth abstaining from pornography
it's always worth it. There's so many better things to do with your life.


>There's so many better things to do with your life.
Agreed, but be careful typing it out. You'll summon the blackpill crabcel sadboy hikkis to ask you classic questions such as "What's better to do than watch porn? HAVE SEX? coping failed larper improvebrahs get out REEEE"


pills. Funny how the people who have crabs living rent free in their heads are unhinged and mentally ill lmao.


File: 1698681053587.jpg (551.84 KB, 1436x947, 1436:947, FtGZ9JVaQAAaBOo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why did you sage? Your post was on-topic.

If you browse the site for more than 14 minutes you'll find exactly what I described.
>(meds schizo)
A way for socialites to dismiss any online opinion they can't comprehend as being "schizo babble". There was no derangement or even room for interpretation in my post. It was just a warning of the kind of response you might get, which can be observed throughout the entire site. Facebook tier meme response.
A way for lazy, shy, dismissive people to "own" anyone with an opposing opinion. Post about the Holodomor in a Jewish Atrocities thread? Commies are living RENT FREE in your head! Don't like being stung by bees? Bees are living RENT FREE! Don't like idiots posting on your favorite board and you hop on the oppourtunity to call them fags on that very board? RENT FREE! You are OBSESSED!
>unhinged and mentally ill
Another way to dismiss an opinion as "not worth arguing" against, when the opinion I posted was an objective fact that can be observed through any small amount of lurking through similar threads. It speaks volumes of your general opinions and argumentative capacity to reply something along the lines of "You're mentally ill!" to someone who just outlined the kind of posts one could expect from a mentally ill (Crab, blackpill, sadboy hikki breakcore faggot) person. Back in the days, niggers such as yourself would just reply "NO U".
You're not really laughing, in fact you're quite butthurt. Your "troon grammar", sagerage, Facebook buzzmemes, quick response, lack of knowledge about the site in general, and defense of fappping / crabs / sadboy / blackpillers / League Of Legends players is all indicative of the major overlying issue here, that is… You are a FAGGOT! You don't even lift weights!

Here's a nice witch to detox the thread.


Why even waste time posting on wizchan if you're so insanely productive and superhuman that touching your penis for a few minutes is a sin?


>take le meds
it's just the low IQ normie version of gaslighting. Learn to ignore it.


To post on Wizchan is to talk with other men. Wishing to discuss the trials and tribulations of life with other men is a sign of higher intelligence. It's as if you're admitting that if you "got your shit together", you'd abandon this place. Well, gt a head start on your goals and just log off.


File: 1698682401436.jpg (130.82 KB, 660x495, 4:3, 1688195091452528.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So if you're smart you necessarily become more social and it doesn't even matter whom you're talking to and what you're discussing? So, extroverted normies who engage in small talk are the most intelligent? Failed normie logic. Anyway, porn may or may not be relevant to you and it doesn't make much of a difference if you play with your pp for 10 minutes or if you abstain, depending on your goals. Whoa, mind blown! Brix were shat.


File: 1698684623837.png (91.71 KB, 359x295, 359:295, FnVANb4XwAA1_3y.png) ImgOps iqdb

>it doesn't even matter whom you're talking to and what you're discussing
What in my post gave you that impression? That's teetering in to strawman territory.
>Enjoy talking to WIZARDS on a WIZZAR BOARD? Must mean you actually want to be a NORMIE!
Is what you're trying to say in a way that wont get you called a retard (it will) .

>it doesn't make much of a difference if you play with your pp for 10 minutes or if you abstain

This is the same false reduction of arguments endemic to any kind of opposition to NoFap. It's not "Just playing with your PP". You know it's not, but you're pretending to actually believe it because that is something easier to argue against compared to making points against the reality of what is being discussed. To Fap, to "Shoot white ropes to child pron" as they say, is to release a fuckton of mysterious chemicals in the brain, instigate a testosterone-depriving regeneration of seed, and to further develop a mental dependency on the sight of succubi in order to release these chemicals. Porn is a drug, cumming is the needle, succubi are the dealer, and you're a retard.


File: 1698686276392.jpg (34.82 KB, 602x341, 602:341, main-qimg-a476d54961c309b0….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's not my fault you use vacuous general statements and strawman your own arguments like a normie.
>This is the same false reduction of arguments endemic to any kind of opposition to NoFap. It's not "Just playing with your PP". You know it's not, but you're pretending to actually believe it because that is something easier to argue against compared to making points against the reality of what is being discussed. To Fap, to "Shoot white ropes to child pron" as they say, is to release a fuckton of mysterious chemicals in the brain, instigate a testosterone-depriving regeneration of seed, and to further develop a mental dependency on the sight of succubi in order to release these chemicals. Porn is a drug, cumming is the needle, succubi are the dealer, and you're a retard.
Typical catastrophizing pseudoscientific poppycock which is endemic to internet communities packed with demented failed normies. Oh, and you forgot to mention how porn fries your brain irreversibly (yes, your life was ruined by a bunch of wanks) and literally turns your brain into Swiss cheese! And imagine equating any sort of manual sexual release with ravaged child pussies.


I'm on week 3. Keep strong wizard brothers


it's true but abstinence is something only a few can do.


do it true wiz bros. It gives me so much energy to do so much more stuff
I'm loving it
Loving the celibate wizlife
Loving being a virgin
Loving not watching porn
Loving not being a degenerate
It's that simple

I thought it was just a meme but semen retention is legit.


*changes infomercial*
I hate this channel


a miserable existence that's the life of a coomer porn addict.


File: 1700573892498.jpg (24.62 KB, 548x491, 548:491, 1695843683164714.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How much time I spent either avoiding or pursuing porn? I'm still right now feeling that porn is extremely alluring and exciting, the only thing that could make my heart beat this month. But I also know truly that ass soon as I cum it will be over. And there has never been an instance when I looked at porn and didn't cum. I ALWAYS cum. Now, in a few hours, tomorrow, two weeks from now or in my sleep, I will cum. And when I do, I'll pay the price for pursuing pleasure. I'm currently trying to live as a hermit in my head while actually being a functioning human in society. The catch is that I stop from pursuing or doing anything for pleasure. I just derive peace from the silence beyond my mind. That's all. Always remind myself porn is just a drop of pleasure in an ocean of pain, even if it's godlike pleasure


The goal for this sort of thing is to ultimately replace masturbation with sex.

If that's something you consider possible and desirable, I guess you could try it.

Personally I try to limit my porn and fapping to small dosages because my tastes are fucked, but I don't stop completely in order to keep my desire for succubi in check


File: 1701330100938.jpg (105.49 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1668366967251067.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A friend of mine said that he doesn't think people are real wizards if they masturbate as it largely substitutes the need for succubi, thereby experiencing sex albeit in some reduced form.

I took this to heart and, because reading certain pornography is getting hard for me emotionally as well, thought it would be best to stop. The problem is that I've been using masturbation as a sleep inducer since I was a child and cannot find a good way to tire and relax myself in the same manner. Sleeping pills/supplements and alcohol fucks with my brain and body, so those aren't sustainable.

Does anyone have reccomendations or experience with this?


>I read somewhere that fapping a lot reduces your lifetime by around 6 years on average.
how did they study this? lol


Imo you should count your blessings you're not doing any psychoactive drugs, not worth risking falling into those even if only for sleep. You're not trying to win some virtue contest, it's not a big deal that you need to jerk off to fall asleep, I do the same thing. I used to be able to go months without jacking, but that's when I did drugs. Better the way it is now.


> You're not trying to win some virtue contest
Do you know what website you're on?
>it's not a big deal that you need to jerk off to fall asleep
The thing is I don't want to become more dependent on it. I also don't like masturbating everyday from an emotional perspective as well. I think I stated this already in my OP.


My god, how is this no-fap meme still having so much power?

It's upside down thinking: it's when you already have a rich and fulfilling life that you end up fapping less, as a side effect. The other way doesn't work: you're going to be even more miserable because you can't even enjoy the few pleasures that you have.

If your life sucks, it sucks.
If it's great, it's great.
These stupid meme challenges aren't going to change anything.

And it's something for normalfags anyway, to be more social, do hobbies, be more active, have more energy, have energy and clarity of mind to talk to succubi (assuming all these benefits actually manifest, feels like pseudo-science to me), so why is it even discussed in a board like this, every fucking year.

It's insane.

Just stop it.


What an odd thing to gripe about


Humans are fucking retarded and crazy when it comes to anything sexual, as evidenced by the existence of this site as a virginity obsession, the continued existence of mass genital mutilation, etc


This site does not have a "virginity obsession." It is just a qualifier that brings us into one place to mutually speak.


It's low status male hatred. A kind of negative halo effect is the best I would describe. Notice how Men who are high status can abuse drugs as they wish and it's perceived as a cool/badass element of their lifestyle (Rockstars, for example). But a poor, rejected Male doing drugs in his own home is a "loser" and a "junkie".


if there's no obsession with it then why is it a bannable offense to insinuate you aren't one or it you even want to diverge from it?


Because without those rules, Wizchan's userbase would comprise in part of:
-Socially active "normal" men with "normal" interests
-Those from the previous party who wish to encourage Wizards to stray from the path

Which would make Wizchan no different from a site such as /v9k/, Racebook, Feddit, Stiscord, The Deam Community, or any other place where "normal' internet people hang out. The rule exists to enforce that only men of a certain culture and point of view are able to post. To say Wizchan is obsessed with virginity is like saying a forum for people with one leg is OBSESSED with one-legged people. No, both sites exist to give a unique, niche demographic a place to talk about their general lifestyle as a member of that group. If a duolegged larper or nolegger coper went to the 1LF, they'd be ostracized because their opinions as "zeros and twos" don't belong in the interest of the userbase. If the Z&2 starts talking about how great having no or all legs is, or starts suggesting the Pirates pay to swap their peg for a pink, he will be banned for being a fag. Cut off your leg and shove it UP your ASS


Yeah, sure, whatever, but you put "normal" in quotes as if what you're describing isn't actually normal.

We all know what's actually normal, anon. Be mature about it.


File: 1701423022201.gif (447.15 KB, 530x434, 265:217, 9ce0602575926ab3199c2183de….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Yeah, sure, whatever
>Grow up, sweety
>Ignoring what was said and instead nitpicking choice of punctuation used to draw attention
Not just a female, but a young friendless one too!

Even if I was using the quotations as a textual "finger curl" to suggest that "normal" is some nondescript concept, that would be correct, because what is normal is constantly evolving. What it is right now is up for debate. What it will be tomorrow is predictable; It will be you getting banned for being a female. As soon as the mods wake up and get off work you're going to be fucking sorry you ever posted on this board. yeah.


>mods wake up
i'd expect second coming to happen sooner


high status? low status? Is this the Bugatti garage of Hustler's University?

Recognition of these feminine material-based hierarchies and even using them in jest is a despicable thing for any man to do. These divisions aren't the recognized norm, it's not rooted in science or pack nature or whatever. Thisconcept of a universally defined status system that can be narrowed down to two groups (A "good" and a "bad") is a fabrication of Jezebel Magazine as written by Elliot Roger. It's as much of fantasy as the different houses in Harry Potter.

All in all, your whole post rads as though you're angry at rich guys because they get more buttsex and marijuana privileges than you.


Look man, your evidence for your prediction is great and all, but only one of us is being an imagemacro spamming crybaby.


Yeah, I waved them off because you were being immature and still are. I understand the point of gatekeeping like every other functional human does, but you aren't helping your point about the obsession thing.


>Look man, your evidence for your prediction is great
So you're a fem*id?


No, in your initial reply. The follow-ups were you sperging out and pleading the moderators to ban me because you totally aren't obsessed with anything here


I don't even have sexual thoughts while I am awake, some manifest in dreams but I also deny them in there. It's a rather peaceful life.


I'm convinced fapping drains your mana if you care about that sort of thing.


Fapping's fine. Porn is the problem. It makes me hate myself and it fills my mind with gross shit. At this point I know I'm an addict but I'm making a sincere attempt to stop.


Why do images of people fucking make you hate yourself?


Sex is logically disgusting and it's primarily a consequence of human nature, so seeing copulation imagery reflects on our condition as humans and our species as a whole. Nobody wants to see what lies behind the layers of personhood and find out it's nothing but animals.


Do you also have the same self-hatred response when you observe other consequences of human nature, like defecation? It reveals our condition and biological machinery much more clearly than two strangers having sex. Curiously, we don't have NoShit threads all over the place. I'd say that the emotions most often triggered by pornography are shame and guilt, not disgust. If you were disgusted, the act would not be appealing for you to watch in the first place.

Now tell us why you feel ashamed and guilty about watching it?


No I watch digusting gangbangs and squirting porn and I hate myself for indulging in that degeneracy


>gangbangs and squirting
A good way to look at such porn in the future is for what it is: An ill succubus pissing on a group of ill men


There's a mechanism of pleasure reward that takes place by watching sex scenes a whole industry behind it and even succubi taking advantage of it with onlyfans and similar, it temps all men from different kinds of upbringings it's cross-cultural because it's human nature. You miss the mark with your shit comparison you are almost oblivious to the topic at hand and can't seem to use your brain otherwise it would be illogical to make such a low IQ post that you did. Objectively speaking, sex is a disgusting act.


squirting porn? lol


Sounds hot, any links?


porn addicts are always depressed and mentally unstable


Very true and something I've been thinking about a lot recently. I'm still not sure however if the instability comes from the porn addiction or if unstable and impulsive people tend to get addicted to stuff like porn. Most porn addicts seem to also have some sort of BPD etc.


But what even defines porn addiction? Any at all? Every day? Every week? More than once a day?


Porn addiction is not just defined by one thing and rather complex. Its not just the frequency of consumption but also many other factors such as impulsivity and your perception of sexuality. The documentations on porn addiction are still rather fresh but theres more and more insights and discoveries on how severe porn consumption can be.

Some common symptoms include:

- Being unable to get off without porn which also causes general libido issues and even erectile issues for sexhavers.

- Needing increasingly extreme or weird pornographic content to get aroused because the brain doesn't perceive "vanilla" as arousing or interesting anymore.

- Spending an unreasonable amount of time looking/scrolling through pornographic content because most stuff won't arouse out anymore.

- Being "unable" to avoid porn and impulsively consuming it when the urge comes. Some guys even have withdrawal symptoms or they can't think about anyhting else when they feel the urge.

- Avoiding activities or procrastinating to consume porn.

- Having a corrupted view on sexuality and thinking porn reflects actual sex.

- Needing porn to feel good or to relax similiar to smoking cigarettes, weed etc.

- Having what people on the internet call "porn brain" which basically means that you perceive a lot of stuff through a pornographic lens or have pornographic thoughts all the time.

Those are just examples of common issues caused by porn addiction.


it's good to abstain from vices be it for healthy or religious reasons, it's a wizardly thing to do. Doomed idiots with bad habits and degenerates always get mad when wizards want to improve and leave a bad life behind.


I'm doing nofap right now. I feel at peace with myself.


your life won't magically improve if you stop jerking off and watching porn. ironically it will become worse because you just took away one of your pleasures and ways to deal with sexual frustration.

if you want to improve, do something actually constructive.


Watching porn doesn't help you deal with sexual frustration, it actually causes it. I do agree that it won't "magically fix" you.


Masturbation is not a vice, it is a HEALTHY necessary thing to do.


Conflating porn and masterbation like a good kike, Mr Goldstein


so much cope in this thread. masturbation is harmful to yourself, it's even more harmful of you're using porn. the people giving their opinion in their early 20's are not informed enough for their opinion to matter, they have no experience as an adult and they are barely neophytes.

not only on a physical level will you mess yourself up, on a spiritual and energetic context you will wrought damage.

it's insane that the people at the very top are so aware and plan their entire lives around the movements of heavenly bodies. jp morgan famously says millionaires dont use astrologers, billionaires do.

they convinced you all that it's fake 'magic' and that only science exists, and you slurped it up like naive idiots all too willing to roll up their sleeves and take the jab, for science, for democracy!


Your entire post is pseudoreligious bullshit, masturbation is harmless and it is one of the few pleasures of life, masturbation is like eating tasty food.


You took the JPM quote out of context.

He implied almost any shmuck who runs a plumbing company for 45 years can be a millionaire.

To become a billionaire you need so much more than hard work. So many things have to line up perfectly, you need to make the exact right decisions at the exact right time, then have good enough fortune and luck that your investments don't tank or fail due to mismanagement, wars, force majeures like earthquakes or countless other reasons.

Not just in the US. Anywhere. How do you reckon Russian billionaires were created in a nation with $300 average salaries? Through the sheer chaos and nepotism of the soviet collapse. Through association with the FSB. Through surviving all sorts of assassination plots and intrigues by competing wannabe billionaires.
The survival bias in billionaires heavily leans towards the ultra-lucky. Not a single person with a net worth that high got there by hard work. Hard work can earn you a few million.


Porn gives the greatest pleasure I've ever experienced in this shit world and with all the bullshit suffering I have to go through I'd take any good times I can get. Fuck if it turns my brain into sludge. I don't have anything else to use it for. Masturbation might actually be the only thing keeping me going in life.


i feel bad for the losers that fall for the nofap meme. it's like, not only are you not getting any pussy, but you also can't rub one out without feeling guilty about it and torturing yourself for months thinking you'll magically fix all of your problems. i think it started out as a christian psyop at first, but then it became this dudebro self-improvement bullshit from reddit where you can't do anything productive if you're wanking. the funny part is how the sexual frustration is eventually supposed to motivate you to chase after real gurls and have a relationship, that's the whole point of it, but motherfuckers here claim that it's wizardly somehow lmfao


>Fuck if it turns my brain into sludge
Cumming improves your mental health, it lowers stress and releases dopamine

I agree with you, nofap is one of the most betacuck things you can do


Semen retention unironically feels good and it's fairly easy.


i love semen too, fellow wizard


Why? I feel more at peace with myself when I don't have to coom.
Semen is good nutrients for your body fellow wizard, why waste it? We're not reproducing anytime soon.


imagine being a porn addict, you're just another sex obsessed failed normalfag at that point. You can't fool anyone.


oh yeah? well you're just another buzzword buzzword buzzword, buzzword. you can't fool anyone, everyone knows you're a stupid buzzword.


>the funny part is how the sexual frustration is eventually supposed to motivate you to chase after real gurls and have a relationship, that's the whole point of it, but motherfuckers here claim that it's wizardly somehow lmfao
They keep missing this point over and over.
I think most of them are just trolling, the few other ones are just deluded.
The whole volcels thing is just a meme.
This site is based on a wrong premise anyway, so it will always be a troubled chan.


What chu gonna do bout it wizboy?


True and deeply depressing to imagine what it must be like to be one of them.


File: 1710289026901.gif (786.51 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1651603064522.gif) ImgOps iqdb

That's depressing to you? People trying to better themselves, you mean because you come off looking like garbage for not even trying? I suppose that would be depressing.


Depressing because they're trying to better themselves in a completely pointless way, getting caught up on a non-problem while everything in their life goes to shit. If only you abstain for 30-60-90 days THEN you will finally have the energy and motivation to tackle the actual problems in your life that have nothing to do with jerking off. It's borderline magical thinking and the excuse for why none of these nofap bros ever achieve anything is because they haven't done it for long enough. Yeah, the six month mark is when you really start feeling it!


Having a porn habit is not wizardly but rather pea normalfag behaviour because that's what normalniggers do. Anyone obsessed with sex is a failed normalnigger or normalfaggot.


Porn is unwizardly. You're not really wiser than any normie if you watch porn and rather just an easy target for consuming patterns created by normies who want you to stay invested in these things. You are not only castrating yourself spiritually, you are also getting finessed by greedy normies if you fall for their games and watch porn. You're nothing special and just another loner who jerks off to porn, a mass consumer and hypocrite walking the exact path that the system has set up for losers to keep them consuming.


Normies all agree that porn is bad and shameful and that you should quit and get a real girlfriend. Shaming men for having a sexual outlet that doesn't hurt anyone in the privacy of their own home is exactly the normalfag position LOL


Absolute mental illness. Stop your obsession over sex, masturation. Who gives a fuck. Rub your dick for 5 mins a day if you want. It is not important or significant.


File: 1710333652992.jpg (100.54 KB, 740x1024, 185:256, GIYZAywaYAAg6-f.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Normies all agree that porn is bad and shameful
No they don't. The majority of cultures from the first, second, and third worlds are all universally making pornography more accessible. What is taboo now is to discriminate against or even vocally disparage against those who view pornography on the regular. There's porn on TV, in online ads, and sold in book stores. Public parades are hailed in celebration of homosexual pornography with military-level security protection. Stores selling giant horse cock dildos pay less taxes as a reward for selling "safe medical" devices. It's stunning how there are people like you who are so cooped-up that your entire "understanding" of our current societies comes your own idealistic vision of what these societies ought to be. Well bad news, porn is the most "normal" thing there is, and while you won't be able to change that any time soon, you can change yourself by understanding that an unhealthy society's unhealthy habits should not be indulged in.

This of new-wave of R9K2K13 style
>ebil gnormies hate le single man! they bully us for just BEE-ing ourselves! they will make our lives HELL if they discover we are teh virgin!
sentiment around here is totally inorganic.


If porn is so normalized, next time someone asks you what you did last weekend, tell them you masturbated to pornography and had a really good time. They will think you're a sick weirdo. But if you say you had sex with someone, they will think you're a cool guy and they will probably give you a high five and congratulate you, maybe even ask about details.

Yeah, most men watch porn and jerk off, but it's still a shameful thing and all of them would agree that it's bad and that having a real partner would be "healthier" because ejaculating on your own is undeserved and shameful. Nofap is just a way to shame low status men and force them into shitty relationships with females so they can satisfy a basic urge. It won't do anything for you in terms of health or productivity, at best it's a temporary placebo where you psych yourself out. You can be productive and watch porn, those things are not mutually exclusive.


>They will think you're a sick weirdo
You just assume they will because it would be logical for them to. But society isn't all that logical these days.


>Normies all agree that porn is bad and shameful and that you should quit and get a real girlfriend. Shaming men for having a sexual outlet that doesn't hurt anyone in the privacy of their own home is exactly the normalfag position LOL
You're an absolute retard if you really think that normies oppose porn when its the most browsed content online besides social media. Also social media and normie media in general keeps getting more and more pornographic and the only people who oppose it usually have mire fringe views and beliefs.

You're getting your whole perception off the internet. I knew plenty normie guys at work or school who would openly say stuff such as that they are gonna jerk off to the hub tonight and normies usually think its funny because they can somehow relate, some normie guys even show off the porn they watched if it had something quirky in it to laugh about.

Its just like drugs, so many normies do them but no one wants to be the "junkie". If you're a rich rapper guy or a cool stoner then you can pull this off better than some bum in the streets who shits himself on crack. If you're a likeable normie guy you can also say that you watched porn or jerked off and guys will relate but if you're a sperg then you're just a weirdo.

The whole low social status stuff is just a normie trickery, a lot of normies like to deceive and lie to appear as if they are superhumans, they lie about their shitty relationships and addictions especially to people who they see below them and that's a typical pattern online where its easy to make up a personality.

Just take a step into the actual normie world and you will notice that they are 90% brainless consumers who wouldn't complain about anyhting as long as they get their basic needs met.


>You're getting your whole perception off the internet. I knew plenty normie guys at work or school who would openly say stuff such as that they are gonna jerk off to the hub tonight and normies usually think its funny because they can somehow relate, some normie guys even show off the porn they watched if it had something quirky in it to laugh about.

>Its just like drugs, so many normies do them but no one wants to be the "junkie". If you're a rich rapper guy or a cool stoner then you can pull this off better than some bum in the streets who shits himself on crack. If you're a likeable normie guy you can also say that you watched porn or jerked off and guys will relate but if you're a sperg then you're just a weirdo.

I can confirm what anon is saying.

Some of us have had some experience with the outside world, in the past, and so have been able to observe normie behavior from up close.


Uh oh! It's a "Who's spent more time out of the house" contest now!


No its just that you can't base your whole perception of normies on what you see online.


Nobody here is doing that though.


>A lot of normies like to deceive and lie to appear as if they are superhumans, they lie about their shitty relationships and addictions especially to people who they see below them and that's a typical pattern online where its easy to make up a personality.
When normies have a meltdown or open up they always complain about their relationships being unsatisfying because their partner sucks or how their friends are assholes and how their social circle consists of drama or how they feel lonely. Of course they are often better off than people like me or other outcasts but what they display is always a facade to mask their own problems and in the long run they also suffer from a lack of purpose like everyone else (which is also why normies often suddenly kill themsleves or fuck themselves up with drugs or impulsive decisions in their 40s on average). If you're somehow weird or autistic then that's like an open wound and its just typical normie behavior to unload all their frustration on the weirdos. Normies have a lot of hidden anger and sadness.


we should open a nofap noporn thread and post our updates and changes in our health.


File: 1713963756509.jpeg (50.76 KB, 570x428, 285:214, l310.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

90% bullshit and 10% true

the true thing about nofap is that gives you extra energy, thats all nofap will do for you. This can be both a good thing or a bad thing, its up to you to decide.

if someone tells you anything other than the practical effects, know that all they say is bullshit and you should not take it serious. The nofap community now is worse than ever thanks to retarded people who think nofap is a solution for every problem they have in life.

So, you need some extra energy? if yes, do nofap for a period, 1 month, 2 months, you decide, and you will get it. Once you achieve the thing you wanted to do with that energy boost, go back to your natural fap schedule and do it nofap again when you need.

Everything else is fake, dont even get into schizo esoterical nofap thing because you will become delusional, its the same feeling of guilt that religion imposes on people with a different skin, don't fall for it. instead, look at nofap as a tool like fasting is a tool
for some people, there's nothing special or mystical about it, It's just you regulating bodily functions to your advantage. If fapping feels right to you there's absolutely nothing wrong with it and don't let anybody else tell you shit. trust your gut feelings. only your can decide if its good or not


What all these retards don't understand is that most of the issues come from porn consumption and usually not from sole masturbation. Porn is the thing that makes everything so impulsive and volatile and many nofapers are just seriously addicted to porn or they have mental issues that cause them to have no impulse control over their masturbation habits.

Some of the supposed benefits make no sense and I agree with you on that but overcoming porn and unhealthy masturbation habits improves your life a lot and it always depends on how severe the case is, for many men it is life changing.


So you failed to properly learn the exercises and here you are, being an utter crab in the bucket about it. Not so inusual…
>go back to natural fap schedule
Oh, yeah. So you may need to make efforts again and lose more health an brain fluids.
>deridement of schizo stuff
ok, cuck we knew it you all the time. Probably a tr00ntard who hates straight men and has its health destroyed due mixing drugs, hormones and fap attempting to consolate the fact of others liking it even less due to some expensive yet deficient tr00ntamorphosis.


Ignore the cuck. He knows it well, already.

>only from porn
So fools decide to publicly believe what they wish to look like more dignified or healthy or whatever while just being another bunch of miserable, brain ruined coomers.
>nofapers are addicted to porn
That's the point = They try to get out of it.

Wizards are weak. You can just see how damaged the userbase is in health issues, the way they talk about it.

Read Chapter 6: https://es.scribd.com/document/98799469/Danielreid-The-tao-of-health-sex-and-longevity




Abstaining from wanking would be a good idea. Building a culture and ideology around it is silly. It used to be common knowledge that only losers and caged animals were masturbators. It is what men did in prison.

When people tell you masturbation is normal, they are laughing at you and making you a prisoner. It's Germanic fag behavior. It's not normal, and it is certainly not normal to do it every day. If it is done at all, young men do it because they're lonely and they know they're not getting anything in the mating game. It's probably better to wank then, see that there really is nothing, and figure out that behind the games and facade, it really is all a lie. The real healing has nothing to do with a biological function, and everything to do with finding something in this world that is better than this shit.

Usually behind a masturbation addiction is a sad man whose body is in chronic pain, and he is told "this is all you will ever know, we will torture you forever". It's sadistic and porn is designed to accelerate that. They use that shit to torture prisoners at black sites, you know that right? That's how much your rulers hate you.

Nofap has the effect of "responsibilizing" someone without any grounding as to what you are to do. It's promoted by fundies to herd people into become Nazi fags, and they are the purest fags. Antisexualism generally though is a good thing, because sex is disgusting. The sooner it is replaced with artificial insemination or anything else, the better it will be. So many men have already stopped pretending. There are self-castrators out there who are very happy with this choice, bypassing the tranny shit. It's common enough that most men won't give them shit, and bitches will always be bitches. Anyone worthwhile is far too busy to tell people what they're supposed to do with their gonads, but Nazis and fags love their insinuation game. It's disgusting, and they've been rewarded by the institutions for being kapos in the concentration camp.

If you have something to live for and a purpose that isn't supplied to you as an ideology, but something in your bones telling you this shit is wrong, you have the strength to do something better, and the appeal of wanking is nil. The thought of doing that makes me sick. The worst is seeing the insinuation game played by Those People and their actions being encouraged by management and the society, all with funding. They do not suffer like the rest of us, and they know the thrill of torture must be maximized. That is their god. Anyone encouraging any part of that shitfest should be dragged out and boiled alive for the dire need of security for the world and all in it.

If you actually like wanking though, there's something you're getting out of it. I think if you have any commitment to this, you would have realized how much you hate the act before you had the realization "hey, I don't have to do this any more, and I could do literally anything else for self-soothing and it's far better". I got sick of it after the first few wanks of my life and wish I never started, but a lonely teenaged boy losing his mind went to dark places and I was stuck with it. It really is a big nothing, and it was all a big nothing. I wish I didn't spend any effort on the lie and the false sense that I needed "social proof" - but that's entirely a result of living in a fucking concentration camp with mass drugging, poisoning, and this Masonic hell they want to make. They're all assholes for doing any of it, but humanity really is a failed race. When you think about that, why on earth would anyone want to contribute anything to that? I can't even bring myself to fantasize about "that" any more on most days, and when I do, I tell myself "this is about going through the motions and entirely about turning away from the game, in the last part of the world where it can be the way it should have been if humans weren't so fucking disgusting". So, I have a pseudo-relationship with the "tulpa", who is aware of its purpose and reminds me that all of this shit isn't real and that there are far better things to do. A consequence of this is that you really do give up on this world and certainly give up on human society and any of its institutions. The world isn't guilty of anything though. Nothing in the world required us to be this, and the world keeps telling humanity to stop doing what it's doing, a result which many of us have known all along but that certain assholes insisted we have to follow because no one can tell them no, nosiree.

With porn, I keep asking what men think they're getting out of it. They do realize those succubi all want you dead, and they're taking orders from Israeli gangsters? That's why we have so much porn in this country. Any sane society would not allow ubiquitous pornography to be normalized, and would not forbid any constructive image of human families, would not tell children from birth their fate is to prostitute themselves, to become catamites and sold into the most grotesque slavery. It's outrageous that this is thrown in everyone's face and we're told "this is the only world there is", when we could easily do something else - and it's not that people don't find something else eventually or share that. But, when it comes to the "great game" we're supposed to believe that these Satanic orgies and sex cult rituals are the only "real sex", when the reality is that it's all eugenics and the favored classes are exempted from this torture. All of this is for the slaves and the drivers, while a few people are allowed to lord over us and tell us they're gods. Anything to keep up this failed system we've lived under since 1914.


>Building a culture and ideology around it is silly
Think it twice, it makes the worthy knowledge about it remain alive, unforgotten.
>common knowledge
Rumours are easily blinding whoever delivers his mind to them. But wait? How does this turn you into a nazi?


I second this >>210733
>>compare ejaculation with blood donation and you'll see the fallacy
The only fallacy is I see is the false equivalency
of comparing seamen with blood.

Anyhow this little source is just gook bullshit religious babble. It is equally relevant to someone quoting the bible on how often you need to wash your hands. Quit being a faggot and do what you want for whatever reasons you want, don't give others this religious bullshit.


>Quit being a faggot and do what you want for whatever reasons you want, don't give others this religious bullshit.
This mindset is the reason why the world gets even shittier


that is precisely where all this normalfag nofap nonsense belongs


t. doesn't know monks from millenia ago from different parts of the world practiced it and started abstinence practices

Read a book, dummy.


Jews are great at promoting pornography and race-mixing. A sort of interacial porn known as "Blacked" results from combining the two; this subgenre of porn encourages our dear vhite succubi to begin dating and engaging in sexual activity with Black people. Israel is an ethnostate that promotes trash to western culture in an attempt to lessen the influence of white people. If you don't worship Moloch or Baal, you won't be allowed to be a citizen. As a result of troll media and goods containing high levels of soy and seed oils, white men in America now have much less testosterone than they did fifty years ago. This means that fewer offspring are born, which lowers birthrates, while black males fuck several white succubi without any protection. (The idea that condoms prevent child support is simply beyond their primitive intellect.)



indeed, let any of you have a look at those several posts at r/semenretention to finish the doubts once and for all

you know something in wizchan is valuable when the antibuzzword snowflake cuck gets itchy about it


nofap no porn goes with the philosophy of the site.


Coomers getting nervous when they get called out like a bunch of redditors. Failed normalfag behavior, you might as well bow down and kiss the feet of any normie who manages to get you hooked on consuming patterns. You're spiritually dead, some even more so than normies. Absolutely no respect for faggots who try to make their porn obsession look normal.


File: 1714159837821.jpg (923.61 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, buffgoof.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I know this is just sort of saying "me-too" but for what it's worth even though I knew porn was bad for you, I had no idea how bad until I actually quit. It's easily on par with drug addiction.


I think you're weird and suspicious for knowing a website called "blacked" in the first place


Blacked is one of the most popular normie porn memes that you can hear on every discord server and twitch stream


porn addiction is not a real addiction and i don't know why people keep saying that shit.

if you stop watching porn for weeks you wont feel any withdrawals.

you are just BORED. Admit it.

Porn may be the most elaborated habit forming thing in the world, but its not chemical, STILL a habit. no matter how much you cry about it. Just keep your fucking mind out of it for a couple weeks, cmon man

in the end its a ego thing. Internally you are screaming "i WANT to feel that i conquered something very hard", when in reality is a extremely simple process.


>ts not chemical,
There are brain chemicals and synapse patterns which are released exclusively when performing or watching acts of sex. Try harder when trying to downplay the unhealthy consequences of pornography.


File: 1714209047792.webm (1.1 MB, 640x638, 320:319, 1710589419299374.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>discord server and twitch stream


It makes a lot of sense to stop watching porn as a virgin for your own mental well being.


People should stop having this kind of discussion expecting immediate result. Pleasure is designed to addict and fool, it is not trivial, not even mildly hard, it is insanely difficult to see through it and abandon it.

We need to let the seed grow. An individual confronted with an opinion contradicting his infatuation with porn, no matter if he wants it or not, will pay attention. The notion will worm into his mind and remain there, waiting. If you start gaslighting him with some dumbass retarted reasons to stop jerking off NOW, he will mentally mark your opinion as invalid and thus the seed dies. Let him bear with it. Let him be angry with you. Just wait and remind sometimes. And the day comes when he is put exactly in the right life situation, where he can clearly observe the bad influence of porn on him. And when he notices it, he will stop watching porn.

I never thought much of you furious nofappers, most of you act like a bunch of retards. I'd never quit watching porn because of your retarded opinions and fixations. It was not until I started paying attention to my feelings that I discovered that porn and jerking off give me immediate pleasure, but in longer term make feel much worse. And then I quit. It took months to confirm the patterns, but I was consistently arriving at the conclusion that gooning is killing me mentally and physically and raw occasional rubbing fails to satisfy any particular needs at all. At this point I jerk off simply because I do not want to occasionally coom in my bed after a wet dream. Cleaning up that mess is abominable.


Sholmo not sending his best


exercise, do something physically demanding everyday, running or going on long walks are two examples

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