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File: 1689587876891.png (157.59 KB, 640x562, 320:281, red_meat.png) ImgOps iqdb


>Dietary guidelines recommend a maximum of 455g cooked (600–700g raw weight) lean red meat per week, in order to meet iron and zinc recommendations. That's about one small portion (65g cooked/100g raw) if you're eating it every night of the week, or one larger portion (130g cooked/200g raw) every second day.

I literally eat 500-700g of red meat every single day, or a bit as canned fish. Typically lamb shoulder chops, rump steak or mince, the cheaper cuts. I feel compelled to do this or I start feeling really sickly.

I remember being arrested and having government goyslop, and there was a tiny slither of meat a day, and I just felt sick. I felt low energy and faint. They told me it was not a problem because the diet was designed by nutritionists and experts.

Is there something wrong with me? I don't feel so, it's not an addiction it's like instinct. I feel like garbage if I eat too much bread and noodles, I feel unsatisfied if I have a meal without meat. If there's not at least 200g of meat on my plate at a meal I'm not happy with it.


The NHS can't be trusted to tell a wizard from a witch. 1lb of red meat a day is perfectly healthy.


they want you to eat bugs even though chitlin is cancerous. so don't trust them


Recommendations are for healthy average people. Some people can just only eat limited diets of specific diets or they feel worse, the body is complex. Processed meat is bad for your colon I think, ok quality meat maybe to a lesser degree. If you feel like trash without it, and you have the solution, then it’s not a big deal. Doctors won’t be able to identify the specific issue if it exists, unless you pay for expensive and extensive testing.
Average person doesn’t feel sick from being without meat for a few days, and the body stores most of what you get from near nutrient wise for weeks/months.


>Processed meat is bad for your colon I think
Processed vegetable and seed oils are what inflames the colon. It's a kosher diet that forbids cooking with dairy (butter) and lard which causes health issues. Consider Deli food's association with Gout and other illnesses caused by a buildup of something in the body. The proteins and other molecules that make up an animal's body aren't magnetically capable of sticking to the internals of a human's body until they've been broken down to their usable components. But when combined with PUFAs and other oppositely charged chemicals, the raw food material sticks to these oils which in turn stick to the human body, creating a buildup, triggering an immune response to attack it. So while a deli menu of liver, heart, kidney, and red muscle is totally safe in any capacity, cooking it with what is essentially motor oil will make it unsafe to consume. Such meats are the true "high quality meats". "High quality" Wagyu Backstrap done well may be tender and soft and look nice but it is nutritionally inferior to raw liver from any cow. Tougher cuts, the "low quality" stuff, are richer in usable protein and creatine.

Rest of your post is also quite incorrect and comes off as some limpwristed middlegrounding from someone who trusts doctors.


I'm a doctor and I will make you eat the bread


eating meat is immoral



there's no reason you should need to eat meat or feel sick when you dont eat enough meat. it's just nutrients you can acquire elsewhere


You're dealing with the *Average* recommendation. It's like the caloric diet of 2000 for a man. If you work out all day obviously you will need much more than that.

Also dietitians don't know shit. But I want to give the benefit of the doubt.


Maybe you just have gluten sensitivity. The best available evidence shows that fatty red meat is really not very healthy. Cured, smoked, or fried meat is even worse. It's all silent killer type stuff like heart disease though, you won't have noticeable signs of dysfunction until it's too late. It's healthier to just stick to poultry and seafood most of the time and have beef, lamb, and pork only occasionally. Gotta eat lots of fruits and veggies too.


>The best available evidence shows that fatty red meat is really not very healthy.
LOL. What fantasy world do you live in? GO ahead and post some of that "evidence".


The weird thing is eating a high meat diet is associated with lower calorie consumption overall and a lower BMI. Meat is the least calorie dense of the macronutrients because of how inefficient our bodies are in absorbing it.

Really, they should be recommending high meat diets to the west (at least 60% of your caloric intake from protein a day)


>it's just nutrients you can acquire elsewhere
from where though?


>I remember being arrested and having government goyslop, and there was a tiny slither of meat a day, and I just felt sick. I felt low energy and faint.

your body evolves around what you eat. the more you eat something, the more your body tries to adjust to it.

when you eat something that digests vastly different from what your body eats, it is not skilled at drawing out the nutrients. might take a while to learn how to digest something.

if you eat meat often, your GI tract will most likely house some little helpers like maggots that help predigest the putrefying meat. the maggots eat the meat and then your colon digests the maggots poop because the maggots did the heavy lifting that your digestion couldn't.

i change diets often. i switch from bread-eating-vegan to (actual) vegan to raw vegan to fruitarian to juice-only. mostly i stay somewhere between vegan and raw vegan. always takes me a day or two to re-adjust. if i am excessively active (currently skating most days) this adjustment phase is weaker. means only when i am lazy for a while and sit a lot and smoke weed and play video games then this adjustment gets longer and more annoying.

>They told me it was not a problem because the diet was designed by nutritionists and experts.

yeah experts in corruption.


Please begin your post with the fact that you're a dope-addicted vegan next time so we ignore it. We genuinely doubt that you're even male.


a vegan believes retarded things about nutrition and digestion; well color me surprised


you can eat a variety of things to get what all you need. if you are deficient in something, then you can change your diet. meat is good in terms of containing just about everything we need, but you can also get a lot from dairy and animal fat… and plants obviously. i don't know enough to say one is better than others, as long as it's not highly processed slave food



what if someone spraypainted under a bridge: dietary guideline of drinking a cup of motoroil every day; would you do it? you sound like you might…


don't burn all your surprise juice on meaningless bickering, you'll need all of it when you go to the doctor.


vegan people are literally npcs
most vegan are feminine cucks and females
chads aren't vegans


you can't even have a conversation without resorting to conflict as an icebreaker. probably neglected child never having completed childhood and still acting up because you still try to compensate for the attention you didn't get.


Anyone with an extreme view is an NPC, they take less processing power in the simulation. Vegans and people who only eat meat, low processing power NPCs.
Real humans in the center are the only real human beins.


Reality is very conflicted.


some people consider wizards to be the vegans of sexuality, herbivores that dont consume the flesh of succubi. they dont consider wizchads to be chads.


Look I eat a ton of meat, and I'm not going to stop.

But I'm not going to pretend it can be ethically defended. I'm not a saint. I have a shit life, and meat makes me happy.

But we cry over the cute widdle animals in the movies. Then consume them by the truckload, from hell camps that torture them worse than anything in the movie.

They are just out in nature, minding their own business, and we aggress against them without provocation. By any system of morality, that is evil. Harming those who never harmed you.

You can say its natural, the lion eats the lamb. but then the system of industrial meat production, keeping them in camps. thats very unnatural, and lions never did that.

so im going to keep on eating meat.

but i dont like the attitude of meat-eaters, that extreme aggression and cruelty against those who have never harmed you, is something to be proud of.


I wouldn't trust those so called experts when it comes to nutrition. You're better off looking at what athletes have to say (if they aren't greasy salesmen) because they know their shit better and don't look like wimps such as those experts. Those so called experts always look physically weak and they are just typical wimpy academic faggots who thinks they should have say in how other people should live.


File: 1689926483844.jpg (212.11 KB, 828x621, 4:3, circle of life.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I probably eat more meat than the average wizard. im fatter than homer simpson.

yet despite being an ameriburger hedonist, im not going to defend the ethics of meat-eating.

i dont think attacking those who havent attacked you, is anything to be proud of.

i'll keep doing it because im lazy and hedonistic. but i wont celebrate the ethos of unprovoked aggression.


I just gorged myself on a whole plate of bacon and proschiuto and now I'm arguing the ethics of veganism, on wizchan.

I believe in ethics, even if I don't live it. I appreciate the well-meaning hypocrite over the honest asshole.


> I appreciate the well-meaning hypocrite
everyone can lie on the internet and pretend to be a goodie two shoes. the honest asshole is superior to the cuck who wants to hides his true feelings so he can receive upvotes for being le nice guy.


File: 1689966013321.gif (22.14 KB, 689x457, 689:457, maddox_rules.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Maddox settled the vegan vs omnivore discussion in 2002.


>I believe in ethics, even if I don't live it. I appreciate the well-meaning hypocrite over the honest asshole.

you are the benevolent co-pilot of your life.


I've heard of people leaning off meat feeling kind of bad. The strategy is to slowly lean off meat until your body has adjusted. I also feel weird if I don't eat meat or an animal product like cheese or milk, daily. To get iron and zinc from non-animal sources, beans, nuts, and seeds are a good source.

So in short, there's nothing wrong with you. You've probably been eating meat your entire life, so of course you'll feel bad when you don't eat it every day.


Based meat eater bros


the best man gorges himself like an ogre, but still argues with skinny meat eaters defenders about morality



this jew propaganda thread should be removed. vegans never preach their bullshit to the niggers


Jews don't tell Black men to go volcel either. But it doesn't stop us from being proud white volcels.


>Reality is very conflicted.

yeah cause you are dumb and impure of heart and conflict is something every fool likes to hide behind.


>i dont think attacking those who havent attacked you, is anything to be proud of.

so you see that your actions are wrong but you are too much of a co-pilot in your own life to live right. well than that's not your life, you are just a passenger in it.


at least i argue the moral position on wizchan


>at least i argue the moral position on wizchan

that's not 'at least'. that's nothing. lip service. saying the right thing while doing the wrong thing.

when i notice how you behave i don't even think of bill gates as a bad guy for trying to genocide you.


these recommendations are meant to keep people weak, fat, and stupid. if you eat 1kg of pure meat in a day you would still find it difficult to gain weight because meat is assimilated into the body so easily.

Eating processed seeds and vegetables often cooked in seed oils is a great way to die from cancer, diabetes, dementia, and obesity. Humans arent meant to eat thats shit

Lets start thinking logically, if you were a human 1000 years ago and you managed to hunt a bison, would you eat 70g (basically juat one fucking bite) or would you eat as much meat as you can stomach? its just common sense. especially organs like brain and liver are just so nutrient dense and important to the human diet. although humans are omnivorous if need be, we are primarily hunters who need to eat meat to thrive. your ancestors didnt have vitamin b12 supplements and big pharma to bail them put of a shitty diet they simply ate the best food they could find

recommendations are absolutely not for healthy people, over half the fucking population in my country is FAT and effectively disabled at the very least and the ones whom are thin do one or more of three things, they 1. eat a specific diet and dont deviate from it. 2. they dont eat very much. and 3. they actually exercise and generally watch what they eat, but maybe not as much as the first option. if you want saggy skin, enough visceral fat to make your heart stop, low T, and weak bones then please by all means eat whatever the government recommends


>look at all these athletes scientists and succesfull striving on granes, fruit and carbs
>if only they would listen to wizchan loser shizos about dietary advice lmao


File: 1693420666438.jpg (69.46 KB, 480x480, 1:1, mucusless food.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Normalcattle dietary advice full of acid forming food. As Ehret says, some bodies are so acidified they cannot even stand the stop of incoming stimulant acid formers for they start to feel sick due to the body effort to pull out the trash.

You are just killing yourself.

Tell that to these guys: https://www.ispo.com/en/know-how/vegan-athletes-15-top-athletes-who-are-vegan

If you believed in karma, you'd surley stop. Ever watched "from farm to fridge"?

Transition diet, it is called. You cannot go full detox in a short span or the body resents it badly.


lemons, limes and orange all upset my stomach acid worse than anything on the left.



Every time I eat something, really anything, about 30-40 minutes later I develop distinct pain on both sides of my lower back. It could even just be apples and peanut butter, and within 40 minutes or so of digestion, I get what feels like renal pain. Apart from the times after eating, however, I have no pain in my kidneys. Urine is also normal. Why is this happening? I can't even eat 2 apples without feeling discomfort.

I think I just have spent so much time lying in bed, that I've bruised the muscles on each side of my lower back…as I can feel the same soreness come on when getting back into bed as I feel after eating a small meal. Can't go to the doctor as I don't have insurance.


Could be stomach bacteria, if so antibiotics will help, I'd go see a doctor though if possible


Could be some form of nephroptosis. I have had the same shit persumably because of light form of nephroptosis but it went away occasionally. I still rarely experience this however. The only useful advice I can give is start exercising. You don't have to do anything fancy, just some generic your-weight-only exercises. Your goal would be spine, rectus abdominis muscle and side muscles of your body. For spine your could use boxers' bows for training dodges, really great exercise. For everything else you can google.


Is this pain greater when eating protein? Is your urine dark often? Anyway, you don't even sound like trying detox.



Thanks for the replies. So about 2 hours ago, I ate a light meal of white rice, walnuts, and some vegetables, and now the pain is again present. It makes my anxiety really bad as I can’t eat anything without anticipating renal pain. However, after eating (and sustaining one of these episodes of pain), urine is almost always clear and without foam or any other markers of renal issues. I have never expressed any excessively dark urine after eating. Also, the pain is neither greater nor lesser after eating protein. I can eat a huge meal with a steak (for instance), or just a light meal with fruit and nuts, and the pain is equal in degree and duration.

I really think it’s muscular (or at least I’m hoping that it is). Not really sure what to do. I suppose I could try exercises if it is in fact muscular.


This could be a sign of something serious so you should see a doctor.


Like what?


why are you asking here of all places. you know the freaks in here are going to recommend to drink your piss and stare at the moon or some other naturopathic bullshit


you're really bringing up vegan athletes man.. i hate to break it to you but every single one of these guys would break down tomorrow if it werent for big pharma supplements and likely Performance enhancing drugs. i could find 100 guys or go to any gym and find a guy who looks like these vegan athletes and they dont even care much about their diet

humans thrived better as scavengers than a vegan. thats why almost no human societies historically have been vegan, other than probably some indian societies but those guys look super weak and sickly



So what then? What did you get from drink piss, faggot?


This must be some coomer who got roasted after that post about the damage caused by semen loss. Maybe too late to recover hair or bone density after a life squeezing himself


No one cares, so you could find a better place/thread to seek attention. Same goes for >>210784


thats exactly what i just referenced


Meat is life; embrace it.



Why let people who want to kill you tell you what to eat?


Is this supposed to be a vegan "gotcha!"meme?
How embarrassing. I don't consider myself left/right when it comes to politics but the left can't meme for shit every time it is like seeing a pampered white boy trying to be one of the niggas with his fellow pampered white boys.


>Is there something wrong with me? I don't feel so, it's not an addiction it's like instinct. I feel like garbage if I eat too much bread and noodles, I feel unsatisfied if I have a meal without meat. If there's not at least 200g of meat on my plate at a meal I'm not happy with it.
you realize that whole grain starchy food and vegetables exist, right?
You're gonna die of cancer or hypertension at young age if you continue to eat like that.


its all in your head


>the NHS
Stopped reading there

>recommends 70g

What's that in pounds or ounces? You know, actual British measurements and not French ones?

>of cooked meat or processed meat

Ah yes, the National Health Service recommends "processed meat"…

>processed meat day

Processed meat day? Not "processed meat a day" but "processed meat day"?
Is "processed meat day" before or after Friday?

I hate my pathetic country.


A British Wizard


Meat/eggs is our optimal and species appropriate diet, we can survive on goyslop but never thrive.


File: 1713468626612.jpg (262.45 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Fruitarians.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Of course you feel sick. Acid forming diet is paying you off.

Meats, breads, heavy fats…


Imagine trusting in an agency as the NHS or not seeing how fucked up medical research is when there is a thing called "the replication crisis" and after seeing the massive psyop that the memevid plandemic was.
Avoid too much sugar, seed oils, and over processed foods.



extreme cope to think that humans are not primarily meat-eaters.
If the nuts-fruits-vegetable diet would work, vegans wouldn't be dying and losing their teeth and hair, not would they have bloating intenstines and constant gas.

Eat a balanced diet with mostly meat and you'll be fine. Protip: if you ever felt tired, although you had proper sleep, you probably should at least try eating mostly meat and feel being energized at least once in your life.


>losing hair, etc
Ehret talked about this already at "Mucusless diet", it comes after suffering the intense detox that sickness appears since the body is not ready. DETOX CRISIS. That's why he uses an entire chapter to talk about proper stops when trying to go fully fruitarian. Not that I tried myself, but since it's also coincidente with so many other sources
( https://wizchan.org/dep/res/291067.html#291423 ) wouldn't reject him plainly

Let you keep calling these data whatever you feel to hide your carnivore vices, no way you can find a lie within what's exposed.

Do you want protein still? Eggs are the most complete protein source, no need to even have a piece of flesh inside the fridge. Calcium? Garlic, almonds and bellpeppers go even better.
>there is no proper calcium assimilation without sunlight


Moral relativist here…
Hit me back with your best argument



I'm from there, and diseases here are almost there with the stats of the USA. No special stuff, this is basicallt my father's and he is aged, fat, with vitiligo… even a kidney stone he once had


>torturing is axiomically evil
>egg can fulfill protein needs without sacrifice
>eating egg needs no torture



Eggs have choline and the b-vitamins. If I wasn't sick of slonking them I'd eat a dozen still to this day because it is infinitely cheaper than supplementing these trophics factors. It is a holy food


Humans used to hunt by chasing animals for hours until the animal was too tired to run. You think they would have bothered doing that if they could just grab a banana and eat it? Humans primary source of food has always been meat.


Exhaustion hunting was an African phenomena though. European mammoths were mainly hunted down with weapons as seen in their fossilized carcass wounds.


Still people risked their lives fighting mammoths just to get a piece of meat. That tells you how important meat has always been to humans.

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