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Did your social anxiety ever get better?

The main reason we are wizards. As kids they thought we would grow out of it. But did it ever get better for you?

it is a legit curse that i thrash against every day. But it never leaves me. I did martial arts, sports, had jobs where i basically just was just barely able to act normal enough to not break down. Anyone could take advantage of me, ruin my week with an insult and i know it and it tortures me everyday. I often wonder what faculty actually controls it. But i never find answers. I am convinced i am oppressed by god or some other universal powers that be like nature. It's ruined my life.


>social anxiety
>The main reason we are wizards
>It's ruined my life
lol at this failed normie


this is retarded.
The reason people define themselves as wizards is that they have never had sex. Which is strange considering you are basing your wizardry on you failing to get laid which makes you the failed normie idiot. Thats what i don't like about the rule. You could hit every other square on the normalfag bingo card but so long as you haven't had sex you are 100% wizard. I've never liked that.
you could at least admit its one of the top 3 reasons you are a wizard. after all you are socially anxious around succubi.


> you are socially anxious around succubi
what a weird projection.
>wizardry is merely failing to get laid
wrong. There are the true wizcels who are basically celibates and won't pursue neither relationships nor sex. Those people never "failed" to get laid like you say. Only them can be wizards.


>true wizcels
You're using the "-cel" term in the same way instagram succubi use it
>Just had a coffee, such a teacel
>haircel with that no fade
>miss me with that fartcel smell

>just begged mom for a crunchyroll subscription, such a neetpilled wizcel

Wizard = Male virgin over the age of 30


you are failed normalfag sympathizing right now


File: 1696652180406.mp4 (676.4 KB, 344x344, 1:1, 86dad777103b57782f1871d575….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

everyone here acts like it people show their normie colors when sex comes around.
also this wizcel, trucell, vocel shit is nonsense. So what happens when you hypothetically have sex? You lose all your wizard powers? You spiral around and turn into chad like jim carrey in the mask? Nope. If for whatever reason you had sex nothing would change about you. It just so happens that all wizards don't have sex because they are too introverted and unaproachable.


normalfag is still a normalfag virgin or not. Someone who's been in relationships, kissed, hug, and wants to have sex and relationships can never be a wizard. Being a virgin doesn't make you less normalfag.
Only true wizardcels can be real wizards for they've never been in relationships and plan to die virgins.


lol at that faggot who thinks you can be in a relationship and still be a wizard because "male virgin over age of 30 means wiz" Kill yourself and your gay boyfriend or girlfriend.


this is annoying, anon. This is how every creed, religion or fanatic nation throughout all of humanity has acted with rules that define who is or isn't a true member, while decapitating and tossing aside any members who deviate no matter how good they are.

A wizard is a reclusive shutin who's cool because he's not in with all the normalfags and their stupidity. thats how i define it. but you can't really define it. you can only determine whos a wizard and whos not by looking at their lives.


Although I also have a very strong accent, and my voice sounds prettier in my head than in real life, but sometimes when I don't communicate for a long time I tend to express myself in a wrong and somewhat basic way.


you are in this mess because you have ASD, you have a specific subset of autistic traits, making it hard to form close relationships with others


I dont have Any social anxiety. I just Have nothing in common with normies


sex is norman hedonism and unless you consider it important you'll never get it


>Did your social anxiety ever get better?
I can recall feeling depressed as far back as years such as 1999 and 2000. I can recall feeling anxious as far back as 2001 and 2002. I was first prescribed psychotropic medication by a psychiatrist to treat my anxiety and depression in 2013. I first received the official diagnosis of social anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder by an actual psychologist in 2016. I continued seeing several dozen mental health care providers in between 2013 and 2023 who offered various different types of therapy and medication. I did not get better. I got worse. I developed psychosis in 2019.
>But did it ever get better for you?
I am now psychotic. Hallucinating. Delusional. A therapist has placed a restraining order on me. A few dozen mental health care providers refuse to see me. I lack health insurance. My mother still treats me like shit.

I am told that depression and anxiety go hand-in-hand.

If depression has lasted longer than 2 years–it could remain indefinitely.


No it didnt get better but I am no longer on medication because I changed my lifestyle. I have a comfy hermit life, work from home, and only leave to buy weed ocassionally. This is pretty much the best outcome as far as I'm concerned.


There was a period where I think I was starting to develope it a little. Around middle school age, but it was also during this time when I started going to a "autistic support" class that had weekly field trips to crowed places to work on our life skills.
Because of this near constant exposure to crowds, new people, and basic interactions, the anxiety being around people faded and I didn't constently feel on edge that something bad was going to happen.

But I never got full blown social anxiety so I don't know if once you cross that line it's as simple and straight forward to overcome as just simple regular exposure to crowds and basic interactions.


I remember when I first started out I couldn't type a post on 4chan without shaking and sweating profusely and I mostly lurked. Then I eventually got over it and was able to post on anonymous websites with minor anxiety. Then a few years ago I realized I could now handle pseudonymous websites, then I progressed to being able to handle chat rooms. In real life, things have gotten better too, I feel less anxiety interacting with store clerks and stuff although my brain will still replay any potential "mistake" I made in the interaction afterwards and make me feel intensely bad. This happens over stuff going back years whenever something happens to trigger a memory that some part of my brain could interpret as me having made a mistake in the interaction, even if I consciously don't think it's bad or wrong. These episodes keep me from interacting with people much now, but I actually feel much less anxiety during the interactions when I do. I do think I am finally making progress but I've yet to really do much with that progress.


Define better. I can talk with people casually now, but I just suppress everything.


Honestly I never had that much of social anxiety, maybe a bit when I was a teenager but I got over that quickly. I'd say I mostly just don't have desire to talk or socialize with most people at all.


Yeah it got way better for me once I learned how to listen to my emotions instead of suppressing them. You are anxious because of something that happened to you in the past. You may not remember the event but you can find the overall thought that is associated with the anxiety. Challenge that thought and the anxiety will slowly go away.


the idea that there is a psychogenesis to everything is not only retarded. But a meme pushed by media. In stories writers always try to make their characters deep by giving them sad backstorys. But in reality psychology just doesn't make sense all the time. sometimes it does. but most of the time it does not. In my case. I see my anxiety as a clear-cut disease no, birth defect. Nothing prompted it and it was there early on. from before age 4. It is irrationally bad. even towards people who wouldn't/weren't going to hurt me in the first place. And i blame nature itself for it.


not only that but what psychology presupposes is that there is a default, standerd, 'good' or 'right' way a human is supposed to be when in reality everyone is varied. People are clearly born with certain temperaments that are different from each other. But more importantly psychology only outs the ones that don't serve the societal machine. How do you define a mentally healthy person? Why a person who makes a living, has a family and children. the further from that you are the more 'mentally ill' you are. And i'm not saying i'm not mentally ill. But i am saying that 90% of why i'd be considered mentally ill isn't because of my illness itself. But because i don't hit the squares on the normalfag bingo card.



Psychology has advanced from the sigmund freud days. It isn't about a rando's worldview but rather what is present in the average sampled population. Everyone is different, of course, but doctors are literally trained in differential diagnosis, which helps them diagnose a person taking into account their individual differences.

As for your specific problem, it isn't as uncommon as you think. Coping strategies learned in your early years are powerful and can persist through life if unchallenged. Google social anxiety in children and toddlers. Avoidance is a pretty effective coping strategy because nothing bad can happen if you don't let anything happen in the first place. The trigger could've been mild, but that doesn't matter as the years of experience pile on and the behavior is solidified. I suppose you can blame nature for making you choose this way to cope at a young age, but that doesn't mean you cannot change.


>"autistic support" class
ugh ive always wanted something like that since i was 10…


adding to my resume of 'things that should have killed my social anxiety' i also had a class. forgot the name of it that had us socialize a lot and do presentations.

I did my 2 presentations. First one i was red faced, scared and was choking. 2nd one i managed to bypass the fear and i gave a relatively decent presentation that i winged. Didn't stop my fear of people. It just proves the point that sometimes i am able to put on a completely different face and pretend to be someone else. with scripted dialouge. since my first job as an office aide at the front desk of my high school i realized that in a job you are just pretending to be a proffesion. I was like an NPC who had the same dialogue options that i would say over and over. Point is i've been exposed as shit to social interaction and it's made me no more normie nor has it improved my social anxiety.


>"hmm, it seems that a socially anxious person likes to avoid social interaction. bazinga!"

why do intellectuals take basic things for massive discoveries? I wouldn't call avoiding social interaction a cope per se. Since its a direct cause and effect of the anxiety. a cope would be a secondary thing to make you feel better like drinking or whatever it is people do.

exposure therapy has very mixed results. some people realize they were normies all along while others don't improve or improve a little then recess back into being spergs.

psychology knows next to nothing about how the mind works. psychiatry just knows what drugs block or suppress certain feelings and is hence 100x more useful than psychology.

thing about normies is that they just want people to listen to their problems. Therapy or psychology isn't an actual science its a paid fucking science-themed confession booth.


i dont have any social anxiety, im actually very good at talking to peeople and people really enjoy my presence and talk to me for their entire lunch breaks if i allow them to.

i just dont want to. theyre boring and disgusting and my life would become abjectly worse if i welcomed disgusting retarded child beaters and multiple time divorcees into my home. i cant think of a single person in my life who makes me say "i should spend more time with them, i like their company".

crabs and failed normalfags have always confused me in this way because i don't understand the appeal of going to a restaurant with some down's syndrome loser to talk about nothing for 4 hours, or whatever your down's syndrome understanding of fun is.

i talk to them if they approach me at work, i am pleasant, as soon as they leave i'm glad for it, and if they died tomorrow the world would be a better place.


No. I'm 35. Pathetic


one of the most dreadful feelings is realizing after 18 that competence doesn't come with age. It's rare that i see people out of HS 5 years later but when i do its a strange sight. They don't seem to have changed a bit. While everyone else has moved on. We are like ghosts wandering around where we grew up before life passed us by. New teenagers think we are one of them then they get surprised when you say you are early or mid 20s. Not just because you look young. But still act like a shy, awkward teenagers.



I keep thinking I've gotten passed it only to realize I'm still where I was.


> Did your social anxiety ever get better?

Yes. I even tried to be a normalfag for a few years with a certain level of success.
But it's just not for me.

I don't like life, it's that simple.
I'm not wired for it.
I have to fake everything.
I have incurable abulia and anhedonia, because I'm a pessimistic and nihilistic, I can see the world for what it is.

I hate everything about society, the rat race, human interaction, I'm schizoid and I cannot connect with anyone.

> The main reason we are wizards.

No, it's not just anxiety. Tons of normalfags have it. It's not that. It has deeper roots.


New teenagers think we are one of them then they get surprised when you say you are early or mid 20s. Not just because you look young. But still act like a shy, awkward teenagers.

It's also because of neoteny in our face.
Happens to me too. I'm >30 and they think I'm younger.


Missed a > sorry


File: 1701589424237.png (3.89 MB, 1600x1600, 1:1, ouli2019.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I remember when I first started out I couldn't type a post on 4chan without shaking and sweating profusely and I mostly lurked. Then I eventually got over it and was able to post on anonymous websites with minor anxiety. Then a few years ago I realized I could now handle pseudonymous websites, then I progressed to being able to handle chat rooms. In real life, things have gotten better too

same, anon. bodybuilding and meditation helps a lot, i get gigachad mindset that gives zero fuck about what people think.

im able to socialise but i still don't care about normie life. i still live hermit life.

not having social anxiety is beautiful even if you don't care about socialising. it improves your life and gives back mind power that you spend to "what normies think about me" thing. it's like removing a coin miner virus that sucking your hardware's power on your computer, kek.

you get scared by the normies that you hate, i think it's pathethic shit when i look back. i solved anxiety this way, im always remind myself that normies are subhumans and they must be scared of me, not other way around. this gives power and gives ability to fight/face your fears.


Social anxiety is usually just low confidence


File: 1701595326860.jpg (28.33 KB, 429x350, 429:350, dumb2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Do you even know what your words mean you fuckin retard?
Define "low confidence".
Hell, define "confidence, to begin with.


>calls others retards
>he himself doesn't know what confidence means


I've been listening to David Goggins and I've mentally noted something interesting: we have to do what scares us.

Are you afraid to talk to that succubus?


Don't you want to go to such a social event where all your friends will go?

there is where you have to be

Only if the mind gets used to difficult situations

(This could also be transferred to physical exercise)


> David Goggins and I've mentally noted something interesting: we have to do what scares us.
>Are you afraid to talk to that succubus?
>Don't you want to go to such a social event where all your friends will go?
>there is where you have to be

kill yourself, outsider


Brother don't worry I have never had sex in my life like you haha
I just don't want to stay like this forever


I started overcoming my introversion when i was only 10 years old and becoming a lolcow. but the worst thing about beating ur social anxiety, is putting urself out there, and finding out that once they get 2 know u, peers like u even less.

they got to know me, and they didnt like it.

its like im shit, and being extroverted was just shoving shit in their faces


take that hoorah marines shit to 4chan where it belongs


My friends had me as a kind of lolcow during my school days, on WhatsApp I wrote a lot of autistic nonsense and they took screenshots and laughed, fortunately they never leaked anything outside the closed group haha


Swell friends you had there.

That soured my mood a touch. Hope things are better for you now. Even if now is a time of solitude.


I had this as well. I was the only one who was ever interested in sharing things about my life to normies but they probably just wondered why Im doing such a thing and putting myself in a position of weakness to be judged by them. Literally no one who's a normie thinks friendships are magical and just uses people as handy tools. When you are a tool that's cutting it's owner everytime he uses it of course he will stop using it. People online that I've talked to for 10+ years have stopped talking to me over a single disagreement.

Never treat others as friends for granted because normies know this and will just make you into their pet puppet slave. Once a normie found out he was better at something than me they instantly start talking to you like a kid.


I also used to overshare with others like a naive retard and I also answered everything about my life honestly like a complete autist which always turned out really bad. I used to lack the social intelligence to understand how disingenuous people are not honest about their intentions, its like I expected bad people to say 'Im gonna fuck you over ok?' while others know how to keep their guard up. If you have no confidence and try to be out there its always gonna turn out bad.

I never knew anyone who didnt milk me for lols or used me for convenience. I was always the autistic retard that people kept around to bully or to get stuff. Ive also been recorded a couple of times.


I had a lot of social anxiety when I was young, especially in my early teen years. I'm 29 now and I don't really have any social anxiety at all. On the other hand, I also don't have any drive to interact with people and I tend to have a very flat affect. I'm not trying to be anyone's friend so I don't care much what they think of me, unless they actively have a problem with me and are going to try to attack me or something. I just stay polite and interact as minimally as life and work requires.


Not really. Two things have helped, exposure to social situations helps to get used to a situation, and getting older helps by lowering your testosterone and getting rid of some of that youthful nervous energy, but the anxiety never really leaves me.


Yes. I havent Been anxious with people since 24. If I just categorize someone as a normie I dont tend to talk to them anything Else but The minimum social requires. Some Have started 10 min monologues so I just comment and Ask a bit questions If They really wanna hear themselves talk. In high School I didn't Even try to talk to anyone outside of My small friend group. I didn't really do anything except go to School and play video games. It was just a calculated move that it was a losing game. It did get a bit better in later years of high School. In english class in later years some popular Kids Who I was in a group with happened to Be talking about league of legends. This was Back in 2011.

In college I talked a bit More, Said My opinion on some things but never lead The conversation. Some tall succubus tried to humiliate me one Time.


7.5mg olanzapine do the trick, good stuff, shame can make you gain some weight if you don't pay attention.


it doesn't really get better as much as you just don't care anymore.


is your shift broken
why Do you place capitals in Middle of a sentence



Are you serious? This is what you chose to comment on? Its My autocorrect. I'm not a native speaker so it does what it does


Next time type it on a computer, please.


Just ignore that stinker


Why are you angry? I just asked out of pure curiosity.


I used to have social anxiety but nowadays I've reached a point where I have extremely thick skin and have practically zero social inhibition.


>normalfag thread
>smartphone posting
Wizardchan 2024


File: 1711389007805.jpg (65.65 KB, 499x560, 499:560, Does this image trigger yo….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Did your social anxiety ever get better?
Yes it did, in ways I once thought were inconceivable. It never truly goes away, especially if your parents are neurotic wrecks, but it can absolutely get better, 100 percent. What helped me the most was being around different environments like jobs where I got to interact with a variety of people. It was through a lot of those interactions were I came to conclusion most people really aren't worth so much space in your head, especially when they reveal the type of "people" they really are during their moments of compromise.

Those negative experiences have instilled a thin layer of scorn towards every person by default and with that attitude, my feelings towards what they may think of me became less and less intrusive. I would imagine that mindset would only be possible through actual life experiences proving that being the case unless you are some seriously detached edgelord. You also get older and naturally you find more pressing matters to occupy your mind.

Or at least that should be happening. If you are pushing actual wizardhood, god forbid older, and you still have what can be formally diagnosed as catastrophic anxiety, you need to get unhooked off this device, rummage through your room for some old mp3 player or tablet, and download at least these resources to start working through this
Unless you are cute or handsome, people aren't even going to hide the scorn and disgust they have for you if you are obviously, visibly neurotic well into adulthood. It's truly a dehumanizing experience.
This was literally me lol. I couldn't even send friend requests to people because I'd have an anxiety attack. I barely even got any. Now I'm the one who gets followed or friended and occasionally I'll just think, "huh, this was it huh, wow…"

Sturgeon's law applies to humanity but that shouldn't the sole reason you should be miserable. There are actually good people out there, please, please do not forget that. Unfortunately, with how society and the world is heading, they will only become much harder to come across.


This applies to me as well. But I used to have social anxiety years ago.


dude too long, just paste the instructions and thats it


It gets better. Life forces you into situations where you have to work with other people and deal with your anxiety. My last rank up was getting more comfortable with calling on the phone. Had to call a reality agent to get myself some place to rent, had to call with a lot of HR employees to at least get an opportunity to talk to team leaders and managers. All because my narcisistic, manipulative, chronic liar sociopath father kicked me out of the house. Had a few rough weeks which forced me to get out of my bubble and go the normie way since neetbux are not an option in my country. Still not all is settled and I have to do much more work, but to answer your question, yes, social anxiety gets better. Also what helped me was pulling a knife on a dude who almost assaulted me, it gave me feelings of power and confidence. Made me realise that even pulling a knife out in broad daylight in front of people won't get me into trouble. If that won't get me into trouble, then why would stuttering in a conversation over a phone matter? It doesn't.


I bet getting ripped would help, but I'm too low discipline. I always make a little progress but end up losing steam.


File: 1711516323985.jpg (101.71 KB, 500x635, 100:127, 1652201384025.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

im 26 years old and i really don't care about socialising or succubi.
i don't know if im autistic or something but i can't understand why non-normie people want to socialise that much.

i can be happy just me and my computer, it always has been like that for me.
it doesn't bother but i want to know why im like this.


No. I'm in my 30s and it never got better. I have tried forcing myself to do my own exposure therapy but it doesnt work. For example for years ive gone to the grocery store 2-3 times a week but every time i feel like im dying, even though i successfully get through it. For me it's probably undiagnosed autism and overstimulation.


Exposure therapy is a reddit meme in my experience. I went to college and worked a wagie job for years. How much exposure do you need before you can safely call exposure therapy bunk?


How is your personal, honest-to-god opinion of yourself?


I wrote 216182. On a rational level I have completely accepted myself. I dont fit into this modern society at all, but I don't blame myself for that. My issues are the product of evolutionary biology and a changing world. From another angle, I think modern society is sick; "it is no measure of health to be adapted to a profoundly sick society" and so on. On a subconscious level of course there are consequences of having social biology and being an outcast, so I do have moments where i feel like i lower-caste freak, but i remind myself that is it is a reflex.


>No. I'm in my 30s and it never got better. I have tried forcing myself to do my own exposure therapy but it doesnt work. For example for years ive gone to the grocery store 2-3 times a week but every time i feel like im dying, even though i successfully get through it. For me it's probably undiagnosed autism and overstimulation
This has been my experience as well. I went and tried to get more exposure to the world by going outside more but I was never able to really improve and just had days that went better than others but overall it was the same agony.

I'm coming to the same conclusion because exposure therapy would only make sense if the issues solely come from being isolated but usually isolation is already something caused by other things. If youre a normie who happened to be isolated for some time then it might help to get exposure therapy to get back on your feet but it seems like a meme indeed.


Yea, its very simple. eventually you realize that humans aren't shit, theres nothing to be anxious about. Its almost funny. The avergae person is just a copy cat slave, they take a shit just like anyone else. No one is special. once you realize this, the anxiety goes away.I can go anywhere and talk to anyone and not gtive a single fuck.


Nowadays I'm confused why people even haev social anxiety they really care that much about the opinion of some weird normie who has a million issues themselves? Seriously do a brain dive and realize humans aren't shit and theres no need to ahve any anxiety, everyone has tons of problems themselves.


Same, they are like brainwashed robots to me.


I always wanted to get better at socializing and have friends but eventually I've learnt that this craving is just a mental issue caused by my upbringing and weird teen years. Its best to just not care about socializing at all and not get stressed out over it. Most interactions aren't as special as they seem and there is hardly anything to gain or lose from it anyway. Even if you have friends, they come and go and you're never doing anything meaningful anyway.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that socializing and people lose their importance if you find purpose in something. I think a man is just suppossed to find purpose in things he pursues, it's better to go full autism mode and be confident about it than worrying about social stuff.


i have become a public school teacher to fight that, the anxiety is simply replaced with anger, the kind that want to destroy the entirety of the world
i know this is edgy, but i swear i am being truthful and looking for ways to address this. there is a satanic lion within me roaring to destroy everything. i miss the times when i was zen


I've considered teaching as the only way to make a career talking about my fav topics.

whats it like as a wiz?


man i had a lengthy, detailed post and the power just went out, so i have lost all that i had written. the tldr was, teachers aren't trusted and their input are irrelevant, smug pedagogues are shallow creatures and will blame you for everything and parents effectively abandoned the well being and education of their children who are only at school because they are forced to, the government expects you to teach them something useful but that is harder than you think due to both lack of resources to satisfy that demand and resource competition with other teachers who are just as shallow as the smug pedagogues who absolutely hates math and the hard sciences (that is why they are pedagogues in the first place). since you are in direct contact with them you get hit by this huge snowball of BS pretty hard.

but if you don't care about their learning/interest, the criticism, and love to simply present something, then i can't think of a reason why you would regret it. just keep in mind that tech loves to fail during class and the pressure of time is what makes most teachers brainlets. we aren't always that dumb, we are simply hyper focused in the subject which shutdowns the rest of our brain


would becoming a teacher because you are an aspie who likes to monologue about your fav topic work out?


there are two issues that i have faced during my first to second year of teaching, the first was interruption, you can simply remind students to not interrupt while you are lecturing but they can call you for questions during tasks in class, which i always do anyway because AI is actually good now, so homework is unfeasible because they will cheat. they always understand the interruption part, just tell them to note whatever is their request and to call you by the end of the explanation.

the second is crushing over those beautiful, gorgeous seniors which you WILL idealize in your first years as a teacher and it will take a while to spot their defects to the point you lose attraction to them. a few of them WILL hit on you and they always comes from broken homes. sometimes students begins joking around you but since you are a somewhat a powerful force, they know better than to bully you, usually. the one exception i have seen that led one female teacher to tears was a child diagnosed with antisocial disorder.

if you can handle both of these scenarions that will happen in class, you are fit to be a teacher imo. if you go for the hard sciences, be the ultimate machine when it comes to handling one stop equations in case you decide to be a physics teacher like me. highschoolers does NOT know those despite studying them and that is the fault of an overly merciful school system, fixing that is beyond your powers so just accept it and navigate through the snowball of issues.


yeah most wiz talk about teaching as the worst job in the world for wiz, especially with social anxiety, but it doesnt sound too bad from what you said.


it can be especially bad in the beginning and give you a bit of anxiety during the weekends because you need to prepare for those classes, otherwise yes, it is overblown and the pay is low if you go private, since nobody really cares about education to begin with, we all want that meme paper to break through the bureaucracy


It's funny, I sometimes entertain ideas of substitute teaching because it's the one job that is always listed, always hiring, has good benefits, decent pay, and all you need to do to qualify for it is pass some tests, but I am laughably unable to handle the anxiety. I can't even handle normal human interactions, how could I handle being the center of attention and being in charge of an entire class? Honestly it's weird, on one level I feel like I don't give a fuck and actually my anxiety shouldn't be that bad, but actually it really is. It's hard to explain the difference in how I think I should feel based on my mind state and how I actually feel in practice.


substitute teaching seems like where all my fears of regular teaching would definitely come true, as the kids have no respect or fear of you, and you have 0 power over them


I was just remembering this really mean old grey haired sub named Mrs.Leddy in 2nd grade, and she accused me of throwing macaroni around, and put me at the bad table. But Ralph spoke up and turned himself in.

When I search my life memories, and this is one of the only examples of peers showing kindness to me, its more useful than if it was 0. if it was 0, it might just be self-pity or a refusal to acknowledge or bias. But the fact that there are a handful examples of kindness, shows they made a big impact on me when it did happen. but i can only count it on 1 hand in a lifetime.


at the risk of breaking the rules, i can't recommend getting over this anxiety enough, you quality of life will improve tenfold because you won't fear groids anymore, most of my issues stemmed from overestimating the abilities of students but they are actually dumb as a brick, nobody gets to highschool knowing one step equations

unironically pretend to be lecturing alone, acquire a whiteboard and some ink if you have the means to and enjoy autisming for yourself. it is also the most effective way to never forget a subject if you are seeking to study something. the first few months will be filled with doubts and questions but you have to power through the lecture ignoring those questions. eventually they all disappear, popping out once in a while and that is that, people seems to call that impostor's syndrome and then fall in a state of guilt because we think we should have studied more. just power through the script (if any) despite the questions in your head


File: 1713455272677.jpg (81.92 KB, 1017x624, 339:208, wizpost - cast prolapse in….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That's the problem. You always try to stop being who you are instead of facing the shame and the pressure all the way long.

>The main reason we are wizards

Sorry about you being so brainwashed.

>Ruin my day with an insult

Ever insulted back, ever got ready for a fight whenever those cucks be wishing you to pay for giving them their well deserved spank? that's the way. Otherwise your mind will keep itself sunk as it is now.



Stop acting like a tryhard and push your ´weirdness upfront. Harm others with it if necessary, until you relax


anxiety is linked to elevated serotonin levels, possibly glutamate issues as well. Change your diet to include less carbs


Serotonine is also linked to a certain amino acid, worth looking into as well.


it's the gut microbiome, that's where the majority of nt's come from and where the "chemical imbalances" could actually theoretically start


>According to Harvard researcher Datis Kharrazian, PhD, DHSc, author of Why Isn’t My Brain Working?, mild symptoms of too much serotonin include:
>feeling “not good enough”
>desiring, yet fearing, social interactions
>being easily upset by criticism
>lack of motivation
>Antidepressants: The Top Cause of Excessive Serotonin
>Methylation: the MTHFR gene… leads to a tendency to overproduce serotonin, causing an excess amount in the brain.
It's ironic isn't it. Shy people get hooked up to serotonin drugs, which only makes it worse.


My social anxiety comes from my ugliness and I'm not getting any prettier so no, it didn't got better for me.


I solved by backlashing it into those who caused it. Intentional or not.

Anxiety comes via fear. What do you fear? Visualize it, and know what your mind tells you you are unprotected before.


>Tried masking
Of course it didnt work
It is not done that way at all. You need to expand, not to contract. Do you even know what an omicron male is? If you work according to rules that are against your nature, no wonder you end up feeling shit. We are so uneducated…


anxiety is an easily, easily treated condition without resorting to benzos. I've already given you lot enough pointers to know where to look up the cures for this stuff. It's related to glutamate transmission, serotonin dominance. You can cut glutamate without amping gaba, and shifting away from sero is pretty easy.

Anyways early pass on this issue is just do SJ's wort. MAO inhibitor, if you take Ibuptrofen you can cut acute glutamate excess as well. I believe NAC helps with that issue as well?


>anxiety is an easily, easily treated condition
I laughed


He is just meaning for his specific example. Dont take it wholly


Actually, anxiety is unironically easily treated condition when it's not a mental illness, but just your prejudices/inexperience/fixations/delusions. Just slamming the facts in your face cures it most of the time and quickly. But if your anxiety is a [i]medical condition, my wiz, I'm sorry for you.


I see people talking about cures for it all the time. It isn't one I've particularly looked into but don't consider it a major illness


Anxiety is simply.

The price to pay for knowledge of the future.

Neuroticism today is I'm finding largely mental exhaustion.

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