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File: 1710967697026.jpg (348.86 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, bad teeth.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any other wizards deal with bad teeth? How do you manage? I don't have dental so I don't know what to do.


File: 1711038177929.jpg (344.34 KB, 672x748, 168:187, 1677094494530526.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

stop eating sugar, any sugar. Cake, sweets, donuts, chocolate etc. also drinks are really important, no soda of any kind, no fruit juice. I done this years ago, now 38 yo and have all my teeth, no root canals ever done. Its important to brush at least twice a day focusing on area close to gum to prevent plaque. also floss and mouthwash, Im using toothpaste and mouthwash with Chlorhexidine to preven plauqe buildup. Ignoring plaque will screw your teeth as bad ignoring cavities, it just takes longer but result is also losing your teeth. If you already have plaque then it need to be removed mechalicaly by dentist, theres no way to get rid of it yourself safely. If you have cavities now get it treated as soon as possible, the longer you have it the deeper they destroy teeth. borrow money, steal, whatever you need to do, stalling on cavity treatement is like stalling on taking your hand away from fire.


File: 1711079549728.jpg (22.98 KB, 353x371, 353:371, pbr74l6zag0c1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I asked by Dad and he gave me $15,000. So now I'm going to Mexico every month for dental work. Already had 13 teeth extracted, they were so fucked up. Then I had a root canal. Next I need several fillings in the remaining bottom teeth, and will get 8 implants and 8 crowns for those implants. A couple teeth will be gone forever way in the back but no one can see that shit anyway.

Point is, if you're unfortunate enough to be in America and not have any money, you're fucked. You can often get a free check-up where they tell you how bad the damage is and how much it may cost to fix it. Go to Mexico for this checkup. Then save money or, more easily, beg a family member for money. It will only get worse, never better, so fix that shit now.


Are the dentists there just as good? I already view your average dentists as somewhat of a hack. I assume it's a bit of a roll of the dice and it could go poorly.


File: 1711129399154.jpg (239.07 KB, 959x620, 959:620, IMG_1678.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They're less professional in the sense they don't give you much privacy and everything isn't all shiny by American standards. But they get the job done, which is what you're paying half-price for. It's just as safe and effective as American dentists. Just don't expect amazing customer service.


>Just don't expect amazing customer service.
Bad customer service from someone tapping an electric drill directly against the nerves in your skull is a valid point of concern.


File: 1711138654053.jpg (13.11 KB, 250x211, 250:211, pain.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I hate myself so much for this. I was a retard kid who thought chewing gum can make up for brushing. I honestly memory holed how long I've been going without brushing my teeth because it might have been a fucked up long time. I don't even want to imagine how bad my breath was.

I have a lot of fillings that need to be periodically re-done (for free) as I don't have the money for the permanent ones. My teeth look ok but now I really worry about the dental health link with serious disease like alzheimers.


>I have a lot of fillings that need to be periodically re-done (for free) as I don't have the money for the permanent ones
thats is really surreal to hear, how expensive are they in your country?
Maybe try going by plane to some other country and fix them for cheap there?
Im in poland and fillings are now around 60 dollars here for light cured white ones, quality is good I think, some of them I have for like 15 years now and nothing ever happened to them. Only ticket cost would be concern then.


>try going by plane
Which could be an 800 euro round trip just for the privilege of sitting in a sky tube


I dont really know where you live, but maybe you will be able to find some place closer to you with cheap dental services if you look around, and plane tickets can be cheap if you wait for good deal, I know people from europe are flying to turkey to get hair transplants there, even with plane costs and stay for few days its still cheaper somehow


>people from europe are flying to turkey
probably wake up from the surgery with no kidney or something


I'm going to die because of my teeth.


I don't deal with it and at least one of my tooth is probably dead, I woke up to a medium sized pool of blood dripping out of it one night. I think it's cheaper to wait till they fall out and get a denture than bother with it. Last time I visited a dentist was when I was 18, I am 28 now.


How so?


I went to a dentist after a long time and he said almost all my teeth need treatment. I'm broke in debt and u can only treat out of pocket. I have two teeth with toxin inserted as preparation for root canal or extraction but I can't afford it and it's poisoning my whole body. There's a huge inflammation in the right side of my sinuses and I feel like I'm getting meningitis or my heart will die, since Im already chronically ill.
Also two stuck eights for extraction and an unidentified structure in the bone.
I'm going to end up dead or disabled, seems like everything from my head to toe is impacted already.


File: 1711403750538.png (4.39 KB, 489x365, 489:365, 1693632634326561.png) ImgOps iqdb

this board never fail to dissapoint.


Go back to worshiping the FTL succubus, Glegle troon


I had cavities, but they stopped once i started taking antidepressants. In my case most of them were caused by the consequentes of anxiety which made my salivate less.

It made me realize that most cavities problems are caused by the lacking of healthy salivation. Even when i indulgen jn a lot of junk food i won't have major problems since my saliva flow is now balanced. Its important to remember that fixing your saliva problems wont solve your gum problems however, fixing gum problems are way more complicated and you should seek a doctor if thats the case.


Total delusions in this post. Cavities are not mostly xaused by poor salivqtion. One of the manu horrible physical side effects of antidepressents did not cure your cavities. Your junk food binging will be the end of your teeth.


No, actually you're the one who is wrong here. Cavities are caused by bacteria. Saliva washes away the bacteria and it also contains minerals which rebuild the enamel in your teeth. Poor diet can cause increased bacterial growth, but so can dry mouth. Dry mouth is a big factor and if you have proper salivary production you should be able to eat even sugary foods without getting cavities as long as you brush and floss. Without saliva though, you can eat as healthy as you want and you will still get cavities.


I have this. When my anxiety is worse my mouth is so fucking dry. Seems like I get bad breath within an hour of brushing my teeth and theres nothing i can do about it. I tried SSRIs and they were awful for me


(this only happens in some periods of my life, directly my anxiety level)


File: 1711600758555.jpeg (900.08 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 169.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

You're thinking of bedside manner.


This. Because your insulin peaks also have influence on cavities.

Also there is already a thread for this issue: https://wizchan.org/wiz/res/216960.html


Saliva is not enough when bacteria hace constant reserves of food just right there. There is an old exercise from Mantak Chia I use sometimes after using clove, it's using my tongue as a cleaner, moving ti thoroughly upon teeth, to generate this specific type of antiseptic saliva.

But I wouldn't ever dare to rely just on this, such craziness.

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