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I am 26 years old and have never had a relationship with a succubus. (Honestly, it doesn't bother me that much anymore) The only thing that bothers me is that I'm still NEET, I don't have a job and I live with my old parents. I don't have a good education. Still from a small town. All my life I literally didn’t know what I wanted from life and what was interesting to me. I don’t even have a hobby, my only activities are studying, reading books and surfing the Internet. I have no friends, all my friends are acquaintances from the Internet. Honestly, I love being alone. I just wanted to know if I could consider myself a wizard?



>I just wanted to know if I could consider myself a wizard?
past 30 years old, you become a wizard. before that, you're not considered a wizard.
Also, are you me? you discribed everything about me


seriously hoping this isn't bait
learn to cook and sell lunch via messenger apps, be it signal, facebook, instagram or what have you. use youtube for marketing purposes - we are all too lazy to cook our own food and eating unhealthily as a result. soys named it "dark kitchen", i strongly dislike buzzwords but normgroids loves it. apparently you can earn as much as a codemonkey or maybe more if you pull this off and it doesn't require you an university degree


It's not bait, but I'm from Eastern Europe


You're 26 and you're a nobody?


kind of



And how do you feel when you are me?


you're cringe. I leave your body, it's yours


You're an apprentice, I'm 26 and neet as well



I am 33 and haven't even hold hands with a female. You're welcome.


everything on this site is a bait


but thatyou already know


op literally me


Wizard, can you give advice for 26 autistic people?
Don't want to make friends?


I'm heading the same direction. Parents still try to gaslight me, but I stopped giving a fuck about life for some reason. No dreams, no ambitions, nothing. I just want a shack on the edge of universe and a garden to maintain. But society is a black hole, there's no escape. I used to want to become some kind of a skilled professional in a certain branch of stem, can't remember why. Now I don't remember what gives you motivation to become somebody anymore.


We already are something. The thing is this environment always wants to pull us forth into newer and more complicated roles of slavery.


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>antibuzzword cuckery
>claims to be not a normal
>claiming cooked its healthier than raw

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