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Can Internet be fixed? Can a bit of its old charm be taken back? Or is already done for?

Even imageboards seem to be in decay


This is and always was the inevitable fate of the internet.


gopher net


First time here lol


>Can Internet be fixed?
not with another shitty brainfart thread like this


We can't, mainly because people are idiots, but we can mantain what's left for us.


I really liked trolling all over webspace back in the day. It starts upsetting me now when the folks I'm baiting in a game chat or something else just give the same canned responses along the lines of "woooow," "really my guy?" Or "oof, you're toxic," in the same droning, monotonous voice, seemingly endemic to anyone born after 1995. It's not like they're not mad either, because they keep responding, when they can simply mute me.
I swear everyone on Earth is zonked out on some mood suppressant now, thus making the internet that much more vapid and boring.


Trolling is a lost art. Too many people are dead inside, just report you and go to the next match made game. No one has any investment in anything except their ranking so you're never getting another BALLS OF STEEL. The only avenue to troll any more is something like VR chat but it's so full of trannies you couldn't even troll there any more. What are you going to say 'You will never be a succubus' and they have a mild freak out and say nothing interesting?

Discord voice chat removed almost all wild voice chatting. Maybe if you tried trolling on consoles you would have more success but they may ban your console from online and you're losing your subscription and possibly games too.


>"woooow," "really my guy?" Or "oof, you're toxic,"
I find the way zoomers talk so fucking irritating. I must be old.


Nah you're just a posing faggot.


Its honestly hard to Believe For me that memes Are dead. I mean innocent little things like ISHYGDDT posting 11 years ago. Theres none of that now. Are they gone For good?


Memes aren't dead you just out aged meme culture. Memes today are all on tiktok and since you never use it you have no idea WTF the memes are.


Nostalgia is just a faulty part of perception


Something like meshnet once things really kick off. But really most non-garbage places will be populated by a dwindling number of old farts and the few young souls who get to witness the twilight.

They're mostly just watered down ib or twatter shit. It's even gayer than reddit was, literally given the userbase.



Nono I mean memes on 4chan


Of course but that's where Meme culture went. The retarded cunts dancing with text over is the new advice dog. They replace generic dog/raptor/penguin with themselves dancing. It's the exact same format used the same way as advice animals. It's advice slut/pedoss if you will.

4chan is nothing but bots and one word replies. The place is entirely worthless now and it's pointless going there. Reddit is unironically superior because you can post anonymous with vpns there while 4chan forces clear net no VPN and you get banned for saying obvious shit as "off topic" is a universal catch all for I don't like something.


>utter horse shit

Memes, at least memes like they were in SA, 4chan and a million other forums back in the web 2.0 days, were inside jokes that formed organically that were sometimes impenetrable to sub-forums or sub-boards on the same website.

Meme nowadays are "what is currently trending?".


>Reddit is unironically superior because you can post anonymous with vpns there
Reddit could unironically eclipse 4chan if it wasn't for the "up-vote/down-vote" system.


Reddit does eclipse 4chan. 4chan's only purpose any more is to be a place to leak things. There's almost no reason to ever go on 4chan.

I 3D print stuff and 4chan was for about six months a great place to find pirate files. There was a spat between tripfags who ran an off site archive and both left the site. As soon as it was discovered telegram channels has piracy for just about everything the 3d print general lost 90% of it's traffic and all that's left is fags posting porn prints. That's how relevant 4chan is today. It's got nothing but losers jerking off to everything and 1 word replies. I don't like reddit or facebook but at least I can go there and get answers to questions.



I hate this stuff like telegram and discord because it is new and I don't want to learn new shit, but I do like that the internet is shifting away from centralized sites. Telegram and discord channels are like IRC back in the day.


Oof, Really my guy? You're toxic.


Expect for the fact reddit is even more retarded and insufferable than 4chan.


Said the drug addict shop lifter calling good people cultists for not wanting thieves around them


neither of them are decentralized, although telegram is more lax


You absolutely do not sound like good person at all.
And if you are fully okay with govt stealing from you, then its okay for to others to steal from you.
Simple as.


The only way to fix internet is to remove normalfags and goverment from it.
But otherwise no and yes indeed, it feels like internet finally died or soon will.


Ah yes bring back trolling which is the best part of the internet. Are you serious? That shit got boring years ago, maybe try something new


Yes let's start with you, good bye!



It's permanently broken, even if for some inexplicable reason normalfags jumped off the internet.


the truth pill is that everyone itt has a different idea of what internet "used to be" that no one else shares


That applies to everything. Everyone lives their own subjective reality, and no two humans ever experience things the same way.


except there are internet historians and documentaries on how it used to be before the 90s isp's seized everything, pre normalfag internet.


>internet historians
Anyway, no one is saying the internet didn’t change, just that individual users have different experiences of the past internet.


Why do you choose to be mean?


File: 1661026969865.png (281.62 KB, 790x1000, 79:100, F48C0059-2318-4541-A281-2E….png) ImgOps iqdb

Why do you choose to be a bitch?


computer users are not the same as computer hobbyists, 90s aol and early 2000s 4chan screams newfag


Answer my initial inquiry before assuming I will pay any further attention to you, worm.


I don't get this idealism around computer technology. I understand being nostalgic in a broader sense, like when I was younger it did not suck as much and everything was peachy yadda yadda, but the internet and computers were for control and surveillance from inception. What is there to 'reclaim'? Remove governments and corporations? That's so naive it is sad.


With corporate and political domination of the modern internet, it is inevitable that some super autist will create the first usable decentralized web that is not only a Wild West but also so difficult to use that normal scum and roasties will not bother with it


'net has always been pozzed but it used to be for college-aged middle class whites who could not only afford a computer but had the free time to be on it on day when it wasnt tied to daily life as it is now
ever since the iphone the barrier of entry has gotten lower and lower, now everybody is on the internet. there's no natural filtering or quality control anymore. there are blacks posting on wizchan on their iphones right now.


Shut up, predditor


wake up and look around you.
a majority of the world has over 500 hours of watch time on TikTok, some of them are even on this website and repost the videos here unironically.
when the entire world is looking at retarded whores and niggers doing gay dances as their primary form of entertainment, i think it's time to accept that the world is over and done for, not just the internet. down's syndrome has won.

i'm completely alone in a world of mindless frankenstein nigger golems that smoke themselves retarded, pathologically obsess over succubi, spend 60% of their monthly pay on a car, worship black people, watch advertisements for fun, unironically enjoy minimum wage work and take it very seriously and play primal mind games with their coworkers, and a good portion of the world jacks off to murder and rape. They're all enemies of love, and they laugh and make jokes about animals dying.

and your down's syndrome Welcome to the NHK picture is no better. utter normalfaggot tripe. "just go outside bro" tier platitudes stretched into several hours. A normalfaggot protagonist with a normalfaggot plot. It should be banned here, but so should a lot of things. Extreme gatekeeping is what made this site great, and relaxing on gatekeeping is what's now making this site shit.


I agree with you on some parts but you shouldn’t pretend you’re too good for everything.


>and they laugh and make jokes about animals dying.
Bullshit. Normies on the internet will have more compassion towards a dog than to that asocial creep (wiz)


Smart phones brought the internet to the third world as well. There is an immense amount of third worlders shitting every where up now. Websites like Reddit and facebook are majority third worlders


today on /pol/ jr


No, the internet is dead. Smart phones and a mass influx of succubi destroyed the internet forever.


Only some parts of your post are correct.


Bump we need to save the internet


I think webrings and certain low volume imageboards are nice.
Though even such imageboards unfortunately still have some of the crap wash in from crab sites, 4chan, reddit, etc.


Meme culture isn't dead, it is just that I outgrew it. Young people are still making memes, but I find them absolutely garbage and unfunny because I am not as carefree as I was when I was younger.

Troll culture in gaming is completely dead, though, but is that really a bad thing? 4chan embraced the trolls and now it is just a cesspool of trolls trolling each other.


I bought a happy meal a year or two ago just to find out what they're like these days. They didn't even have games on the box. They're training the children to be bored!


The BK kids meal tie-in with Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back was the most impressive fast food promotion I've ever seen. It made me really want to buy BK multiple days in a row just to get the toys and I have to say that I now have a lot of nostalgia for the taste of their burger patties. Gonna sound soy as fuck, but I wish so badly that they would run that promotion again. The toys, the metal card things, the sheets of cards with movie blurbs or something… Can't recall anything coming close to that level.


>Gonna sound soy as fuck
it doesn't and you didn't have to say that anyhow


I'm not sure which era you're referring to, but the answer regardless is no.


Grown men buying kids meals for the toys is pretty lame, but I agree soy is a shitty meme word.


I think its only possible with powerful magic and sacrifices of normalfags.


Only way internet can be fixed is by building a new one. One of you should try to implement Xanadu


Grown men buying kid's toys *is* lame. And that's fine. It was our thing no matter how lame it was to the normalfags.

The problem is the normalfags have encroached on and occupied geekdom, and are doing the same things we were socially destroyed for AND on top of that are getting rewarded for it.

This soy meme is sort of a scorched earth and resentment and a dose of self-loathing rolled into one concept.


> Grown men buying kid's toys *is* lame. And that's fine. It was our thing no matter how lame it was to the normalfags.
No I meant it was lame because McDonald’s toys are pretty subpar. If you’re gonna buy a toy then just go buy a good one without buying some shitty fast food.

It’s actually strange to me how socially acceptable it’s become though. I had a brony friend a while back and he was looked down upon for buying the MLP toy meals, fast forward about ten years and every normalfag and their mother started buying kids meals for the Pokémon cards and everyone was just totally okay with it.


I really don't think this guy thinks he is too good for everything, that just sounds like more bullshit. People can be frustrated with the world and complain about it and also choose to not participate. We're a little past the point of CHOICE as this nigger-mindset is literally taking over the world thanks to the net.


>"just go outside bro" tier platitudes
sorry you got filtered dude
The main theme in NHK is people find comfort in lies and things they can use to distract themselves from their own failures and how horrible their lives are, but this just makes their life worse and makes them a horrible person. You have to face your misery and issues and not seek comfort in lies to have anything improve.

This is established and demonstrated in all the sub themes and mini arcs: mouse road, the mmo, them making a game, pornography, conspiracy theories, a bit with psychology/religion, psychedelic drugs, and having inflated views of people.
This is a great scene that
shows him getting high and coming up with a bunch of stuff after yamazaki leaves and recognizing he is helpless to actually do anything about it
Another one, that's pretty explicit. The part with him dreaming about being fed then waking up eating trash is pretty direct as well.

Whole idea of the show if so long as you are taking comfort in lies you and your life will keep degrading and you have confront it and be direct in dealing with them to have anything good happen. Ie. him and misaki just being open and honest then holding eachother hostage as the ending.

The lyrics from the big song welcome to loneliness also emphasize this theme.

like my dreams are a tent I'm turning inside out
the pattern made of happier times becomes plain and boring again
just like paper rots and turns yellow
all my words freeze up inside this machine
knock knock knock
embracing a silent space,
hitting the walls uselessly,
leaving everything unsaid
embracing the pitch black night sky,
traveling into the boundless universe…
welcome to loneliness
knock knock knock
>emphasis here
overflowing with the heartbreak of our fantasies
a flood in my mouth and ears and eyes;
the all-pervasive media is soaked up by my brain
knock knock knock
because of the loss of gravity
I realize my empty uselessness…
welcome to loneliness

It's a sad but optimistic song, recognizing how pathetic and alone you are but at least finally seeing past the BS you can do something.


it's still moralistic tripe nonetheless, as are all coming of age stories


The main theme is pretty big in most existentialist philosophers/literature, you're free to not get into it but it is pretty fertile ground for getting some psychological and philosophical insights. It does this better then the majority, more consistently and in a way that effects the whole work then most books, anime, movies etc. One of the rare examples where you can tell everyone working on it were very committed to making it a good work as a whole and viewed the ideas as important. (The music, art, structure of the show, all the characters are all intentional and working together to help bring across the main idea. It's a work of high integrity in that sense at least.)

You're free to not like it that can be for a bunch of reasons but denigrating it as tripe or just a coming of age story is just you being dense (I mean it is not a coming of age story). Very few works especially in anime even attempt to do what it has let alone accomplish it as well. The fact so many people get so much out of it even though it's dealing with a somewhat complex abstract moral/psychological point shows it's at least done pretty well. I assume you just don't like it because it's somewhat popular and you feel like it's reducing you to a character you don't think actually fits or something, which is gay to care about and a very shallow and self-centered way of approaching art.


>Welcome to the NHK

lol fuck you, viewing NHK from an /r9k/ perspective it's a complete fantasy. A 18yo succubus appears out of the blue to latch onto the protagonist? Not to mention the succubus he had sex with in high school.


>Internet is bigger than ever
>Yet is dead as ever

Really makes you think.


NHK fucking sucks and people who think it's some deep philosophical work are pretentious retards


imo the old internet still exist, just tuck away under newer stuff



Well yeah of course. Its escapism


wait, anime isn't real? wtf man you just ruined my day.


Normalfags and jews ruin everything.
They are shitmidases.


Nope, the other anon was completely right. Go onto r/bettereveryloop, a normie website or GIFs and mp4s that get better with each loop. Its all jus the suffering of animals and male humans, probably enjoyed by mostly females, and some male normies.


I literally just went to that subreddit to check and the first page is nothing but cute animals. There's 0 harm in any of these gifs.


my personal experience as for IBs go, normals took over a few that I frequented over the years and I literally physically cannot bear to visit anymore. another problem is that the quality is getting lower no matter what because the average person is getting dumber. maybe you'd think that about my post too.


>itt crabs complaining about not being spoon-fed
If you don't provide value, expect none in return


"The tragedy lies in the eyes of those who behold it"

Winter needs no fixation. Some fruits only grow with their exact season and that's all.
>"be thankful cause it happened instead of crying because blah blah blah"


>Reddit is unironically superior
Then go back to reddit, you fucking redditor


nothing but dumb ass puns and unfunny jokes on reddit sorry


Ah, but imageboards are the paradigm of comedy. Let me post my 40th wojak and make my 10,000th tranny joke.


you're totally wrong. I can scan 4chan archives and find huge volumes of topical information using certain keywords. If I try doing that on leddit I get extremely niche poorly informed discussions on mainstream topics. If I ask a question on leddit I'm guaranteed to get little pertinent information better than a cursory google search, even on the subject matter interest subs.

These people are literally cattle. Their worldview is formed by reacting to years of mainstream media concern troll articles spammed by shills on highly controlled subs. They know no secret information; their best aggregators are shut down invariably and the niche communities have almost nobody posting. Whereas the shitposts on 4chains accumulates into a sentient hivemind with vast knowledge leddit is so tightly controlled the only hivemind going on are msm talking points. Fuck reddit, you have to go back


no comedy is actually better than reddit humor. i would rather have dry autistic wikipeida articles


File: 1672529593253.png (333.98 KB, 1669x895, 1669:895, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just went and checked again. Starting from the top we have
- a neat little wheel thing
- a clip from star trek
- a shark with a cool looking mouth
- someone knitting their noodle with chopstick
- a kid getting knocked over by a luggage cart
- a dog rolling in snow
- a cat popping a bubble
Need I go on? I guess you could call the kid getting knocked down "suffering" but he doesn't even cry.


You intentionally skipped a cat falling off a roof and a child + dog hurting themselves.
Let's pretend that wasn't intentional
>a kid getting knocked over by a luggage cart
this would still undermine the other posts, proving my point


What you mean this cat falling off a roof? where he immediately rights himself and lands safely on his feet?

Just take the loss friend. There's no shortage of mean spirited subreddits, but you went looking in the worst one for evidence. Go check r/leopardsatemyface or publicfreakout if you want evidence that the normos are out to torture you.


>Go check r/leopardsatemyface or publicfreakout if you want evidence that the normos are out to torture you.
Still proves normos are evil. Because they are. Anyways, happy new years man.


File: 1672531184513.jpg (29.75 KB, 528x502, 264:251, asuke think.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Happy new years, get off this site and do something fun. I think we both need it.


I wish I had something better to do than to use this site, lol


Start by looking what to do


what if i dont do anything because i lack inspiration and motivation and so i do a local minimum of energy


Well you dont need motivation/inspiration to do things, just pick something you think you could be good at, yes, and try


It's so fucking surreal


4chan's subreddit is still providing fine autist greentexts for everyone.


Not in the mainstream. Anything outside of social media is suppressed, and anything you do on the internet is monitored, which means anyone with a job will be terrorized against writing anything that is crimethink - and being seen as "weak" in any way is the only crime they actually care about. That's what they wanted the world to be.

The Internet was always garbage, but there were a few spots where humanity could still exist. That's how it will have to be, for however longer it is still possible.

Looking for boards and echo chambers for community is missing the point. The internet functions best as a library. Expect little in the way of communication, and expect these Satanic assholes to continue braying. You're not going to compete against an army of bots and shills who are organized to shit up everything possible and disrupt any thought inimical to the eugenic project we suffer in. To say anything meaningful against eugenics is death. They only allow us to speak now because the plan is in motion. I recall leading up to 2020, there was a huge taboo against mentioning eugenics at all, and that got the internet police ready to shame you. Now that COVID happened, the eugenicists just say "well of course we're for eugenics, what are you, RETARDED?" You're not allowed to speak of anything they don't approve, and they will disrupt even innocuous writing if it develops in a direction they do not wish. They want everyone to be Satanic screamers like them.

Also, "memes" are Satanic and the lowest form of internet communication. Read a fucking book and talk like an actual human being, if that is still possible. Memes are faggotry.


intenet is the normalfag sphere now, so like how we had our own corners in real life, we should make our own corners in the internet. Basically we will have to move to the dark web or something similar


next natural way of the internet is VR


File: 1682484554632-0.png (478.5 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, r9k offline example 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1682484554632-1.png (596.29 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, r9k offline example 2.png) ImgOps iqdb

I have an idea I'd like to share for making 'imageboard culture' a bit more functional, and in turn maybe this could help make the internet a bit better, I still believe the internet has the potential to be a great tool for the betterment of humanity, but we have to become better users of it for that to happen. This is just an idea but it requires some explaining so bear with me. Also I should explain upfront that I'm putting this idea out there in the hope that someone ELSE might bring it to fruition. I'm personally dedicating my life to something else and really have no more time for this stuff. This post is hopefully the last effort I make with regard to imageboards, and I'm mostly expecting that it'll be ignored - but maybe someone will hear my argument out, see the value in it, and they might go to the effort of trying to bring this about. It's not a cure-all, it's just one idea that could help a little.

The idea is that we need what I'm calling a 'Universal Offline Imageboard Reader' (or UOIR) for short.

I'll start with a brief explanation of how I came up with the idea and then go into more detail. I'm a 'cancerfag', I discovered 4chan back in 2009, I wasn't new to the internet, I'd been on the internet consistently since 1996, but my first introduction to 4chan was in 2009, when it was already very famous. At that point I was already sort of 'overaged' compared to most of the userbase. I'll spare you from nostalgia rambling, but the point is I really enjoyed myself on r9k, which back then was a completely different thing to what it is today. I wasn't a Wizard at that point but it was the first time I learnt about the concept of 'Wizards'. Anyway I personally got a LOT out of it, and in the years after that, especially up to around 2016 I really enjoyed my time there (please forgive me, I know that's an unpopular opinion here, to be fair I was getting pleasure from the more intelligent threads, not the childish stuff).

Okay so by around 2016\17, but especially by 2018 4chan felt completely different to me, dead in soul and spirit, I suddenly felt very disconnected from the other posters and it was a pretty painful experience (having no friends or connections IRL was obviously a factor). So after that point I focused more on finding 'gems' in the archives, and this has mostly kept me going. Now, at some point I think in 2018, 19 or 2020 I became really nostalgic for that time back in 2009\2010 when 4chan was new to me, and because I'd primarily been on r9k I went looking for any archived threads from that time, to see whether things had really changed or not - I was given a few saved threads by random people on 4chan, and then I found a huge collection of threads on the waybackmachine - the problem was that these threads were saved in a pretty annoying way, there were two sets of all threads - one a folder of .html files with most data stripped, another folder with .xml files with all of the comment data, despite being on the internet so long and even having been into basic html when I was a teenager, I didn't know how to display this content in an aesthetically pleasing way, but I did read through a few of these threads just as they were, as raw .xml files in Notepad++. I looked around for ways to convert the .xml files or display them somehow in a browser so they'd be nicer to read and so I could make use of quotelinks, etc but I couldn't figure out a way to do this and so I forgot about it.

This year however (and really too late for me, as I'd already mostly 'moved on') I played around with ChatGPT and realised I could get ChatGPT to write me some code to convert or display these .xml files. I gave it a go, and after a LOT of messing around - some very frustrating experiences (I would say it's like working with 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice') - I managed to create a product I called 'r9k offline', basically an html template that allowed me to simply load up the .xml files and have them displayed in an aesthetic manner, complete with comment quotelinks and even the ability to insert quote backlinks (which I don't think was even a thing back in 2010). I also added the ability to simply click on a button (an emoji, as I was lazy) that would export a comment if I found in particularly interesting or funny. I never really 'completed' the product of 'r9k offline', at one point I tried adding a function which messed things up and then couldn't be bothered figuring out how to fix it, but it's still pretty good at loading any of those threads and displaying them in a nice way.



So once I'd got it working, I had some fun reading through these ancient threads (they're all from 2008\2009, including the first thread created on r9k). It was actually INCREDIBLY nice, at least compared to what 4chan is today, today it feels like this rushed, loud thing where everyone talks over one another, there are all these bizarre ideologies or groupthinks, all these discord cliques and ideological cliques and so on, I regularly get accused of "reddit spacing" and it's just unbelievably dumb compared to what it was and r9k is beyond dead, it's some sort of weird inversion of what it was even during the period Wizards left. Please forgive all these references to things like r9k Wizards, I'm trying to make a point here.

Now, even though r9k back in 2008\9 had a very strong 'soc' or 'normalfag' or "reddit" contingent, there is something completely different about it in that in people actually fucking communicated life experience, and I could and did even enjoy reading through their posts, which are much more well thought out, more interesting, and so on. It was a lovely experience - now I think PART of this is how the culture then was different, but a part of it was also simply the way I was reading this - I was reading it in a browser, disconnected from the internet, no real distractions, I could put this in full screen and just browse and read, instead of having multiple tabs available, instead of constantly seeing porn and having distractions like webms, youtube links, all the toxicity of twitter, instagram, etc (the mainstream love to claim 4chan is some sort of toxic echo-chamber, but I think the real problem is that all of these corporate forces now dominate the internet including 4chan). At that point I was thinking it would be really nice to read some old (or new) high quality Wizchan threads in the same way. I'd created this EXCLUSIVELY to open those .xml files, but I realised it wouldn't take a huge amount of effort to save Wizchan threads as .xml files and load them up in the same way. I've failed to note though that my 'r9k offline' thing did not load images, as there were no images in these archives from 2008/09, still a fun experience. So this is how I came up with the idea of a 'Universal Offline Imageboard Reader', and how although using it truly "offline" in the manner I'm describing would probably only appeal to a very small number of people - it would certainly make their experience nicer.

Now most of you are probably thinking - why not just read it online and close your other tabs? Or why not just save individual threads using your browser, or take a fullpage screenshot, etc? Why do we need a special reader to do this? You don't really - but this 'UOIR' I'm suggesting would also include features that really enrich the COLLECTIVE experience. So I mentioned the ability to export individual comments - I think this is a major thing we've been failing in wider imageboard 'culture', that is lots of us save threads or comments, mostly for our own use, some of us share them - but generally none of us are consciously and actively filtering and collating the highest quality comments and threads, because most of that requires a degree of effort. With a bit of simple javascript programming (which ChatGPT could help with if necessary), it would be easy to extend the ability to save individual comments, to make it very fluid and natural for people to read through threads and highlight the best comments in a thread, or save the best comments, to add 'tags' if they want, and then to distribute these things individually or as threads. Basically, we're people who claim to have a 'culture' but don't actually do that much to propagate it, because I guess most people tend towards lazy. We need to make it a more inbuilt, natural thing that we share the highest quality information possible, to save EACHOTHER time, effort, and so on - to collectively build one another up. Think about it this way - imagine two identical Islands, with practically identical societies at a 'starting point' in time - now you get to choose, do you live with the culture where people do read, they do occasionally discuss philosophical ideas and so on but mostly focus on their own lives and consumption, OR do you choose to live with the one where people are going to try and read together, to read the same books and discuss them, to BUILD upon one anothers ideas to try and lift one another up? The common sense decision is to choose the second Island.

I see threads like this one (the "internet is dead", "dead internet theory", "why does x imageboard suck these days") constantly, in fact I think every imageboard probably has one or two going right now, and always do have one going - but nobody ever really DOES anything meaningful. We can admit that we're all sorts of lazy, AND we all have our own life issues and so on to deal with - but we can't continue being completely passing 'consoooomers', occasionally trying to post something meaningful, and then complain when there's no sense of momentum or positivity or progress. We just have to think of small little solutions that could make things more functional, and this idea is one.



So this is what I'm suggesting. Someone (not me), preferably someone who actually understands html\javascript, etc, should either develop on their own or with ChatGPT's help, or even with a group of people, a 'Universal Offline Imageboard Reader'. This will be a product that acts essentially like my 'r9k offline', but it'll be designed to load threads from ANY imageboard - so a user would be able to load up Wizchan, lainchain, lolcow, 4chan threads etc; in each case you could have it so that the CSS scheme changes according to whatever source you're loading from. I think this should be pretty easy to achieve - you could have a 'tab' up the top of this 'UOIR', which would display a page which allows you to enter the URL of any board or thread, download the thread or threads, and it would automatically convert them to an xml style format (from what I could see, this xml format of using tags within tags is pretty efficient, and would work well considering possibly variations between boards in what information is retained, as in its easy to add a tag for 'country' or 'unique id' or any other unique set of information per post), then the .xml files (it could use its own extension like .imgbrdt or something) could be archived locally, and then loaded into the 'viewer' tab. Pretty simple. There could be simpler ways, I'm no expert, this is just a suggestion.

Anyway, the 'UOIR' would also incorporate some key important features like:

-ability to import, archive, export imageboard threads
-a timer to track and alert you if you've been reading for 'x' time, to take a break (you can see I included this in my 'r9k offline' thing)
-the ability to easily 'favourite' and\or export interesting\funny comments and even add tags when doing so.
-possibly the ability to log and track threads that a person has already read, to avoid people re-reading threads they've already read.

The PRIMARY value in creating a 'UOIR', is that it would make it easy for people to collect and share 'gems' of insight and knowledge, and\or to collate comments\threads and then share those collations in a way that actually makes it possible to BUILD culture, or to BUILD movements or collaborations that actually serve us. In my experience one of the most frustrating things about imageboard culture is seeing people come together and share insights and even a sort of 'community', but then because of the nature of imageboards (and probably also in part due to poor moderation and management), these very fragile communities or cultures die and are instead replaced by the most bottom of the barrel shit imaginable. "Eternal September". People have been saving and sharing good 4chan comments and threads since it's founding, but from what I've seen, in most cases these collections stay on users local computers, they might occasionally be shared, but they are mostly just left to be forgotten about on someone's local computer and never really shared - because sharing image archives is sort of cumbersome, and there's no real public formal process for doing this. A lot of people lose their collections. To put it simply - the frustration many of us have experienced is that while the original intention of moot may have been for 4chan posts to be "ephemeral", most of us liked something of the site culture or individual board cultures that emerged at various points in time, many of us got something out of it, and although I think its unhealthy to be 'spooked' by the 'illusion of belongingness', the current situation where nobody can relate because there IS no real culture that can emerge even for a short time, really creates a situation where we don't even have a motivation to try posting. It's all this disconnected, dry post-ironic doomerism…and porn! Because 4chan is literally a porn site now. Anyone who cares basically gives up. I think most people who care have already abandoned ship and mostly just use 'alt imageboards' like this, but even here you have problems like… how many people here are even TRUE Wizards? How does a true Wizard find content by other true Wizards? I mean it's significantly better here, I don't want to attack this site. I'm talking about the wider culture as a whole.

I feel like, at least with 4chan, it was like a public square where people from all over would converge and discuss things, sometimes it was rowdy, loud, sometimes stupid, but much of the time there was enough order that people could share ideas and get something out of it when they walked away for the day, possibly to return or possibly not to return. NOW all of 4chan is just like a bunch of people coming on, deliberately acting obnoxious and retarded because they believe that's the standard, so the whole thing is a cacophony of people yelling at or over one another trying to be heard, and you might occasionally hear something valuable, but the whole experience of being surrounded by people yelling at one another is so unnerving that you go away feeling empty or worse. There's nobody capable or willing to bring things to order, anyone who stands up and asks for people to quieten down will be attacked, and all those attacking him think they're actually maintaining the 'true' culture of the place. A lot of us have given up and feel more hopeless. The world is shitty and hopeless enough as it is without deliberately subjecting yourself to such a miserable experience. At least if you could get together and have a civil discussion where you agree on how hopeless the world is and how to cope within that world, at least then you walk away with SOMETHING today and tomorrow. Sorry to focus on 4chan but I think this is a cultural issue that to varying degrees extends to other imageboards AND to interacting on the internet as a whole. I've been regulars on other sites and seen them 'die' in horrible ways too because of drops in standards due to failure to adapt to changing demographics and so on.



So a UOIR is about encouraging a core number of people to 1) read in a more distraction free way, 2) contribute in a more distraction free way to threads of value [I believe you will get significantly higher quality posts from people who are reading threads in a more distraction free environment] 3) to share threads and comments of value, in collated form, in an organised way - like we would create dedicated sites for this. 4) to build a core of "decentralised" imageboards.

Let me go into a bit more detail on how the collation\collection of good comments\threads would really boost imageboard culture. One of the things you'll notice if you've spent years visiting a forum like 4chan is the repetition of certain threads. A simple famous example are the threads on "why are young men dropping out of society", these threads have been an almost daily occurrence on the general topic boards of 4chan for 10 years now. If you've read one or two or ten of these threads, you may have found some interesting insights or lessons that could improve your life - but how much are you benefiting after the 20th time reading through a thread like this? You're not obliged to read these threads and most of us eventually ignore them, and sure, things change over time so you might get new insights today than you'd get 5 or 10 years ago - but otherwise it is a complete waste of time for anyone who's read a few of these threads to read any more. Now imagine instead that someone has collected a bunch of the higher quality comments from these threads and exported them as a single downloadable link. Now, large numbers of people can then save significant amounts of time by reading through these threads, there is perhaps less motivation to post these threads or respond to them, and if the collection is really good and shows a variety of opinions - in a sense more of us get to be on the 'same page', and can thus converse and communicate about more important things, but with a sort of shared awareness or knowledge on this issue. Of course there's nothing stopping obnoxious people from posting the same thread ad infinitum, but if there are enough people who are 'on the same page', you have more of a 'core culture' to at least serve the participants in gaining more meaning and communicating more effectively. Also with this UOIR system, it doesn't even matter that these annoying low-level threads keep getting made, because UOIR makes it easier for those who want a higher quality experience to get that experience - nobody is silenced, and people 'at that level' that they're new to those issues can dwell 'at that level' until they're ready to move up. This relates to another thing I think would vastly improve imageboard culture which is that every imageboard (or hobby\theme board on an imageboard) should at least have one or two pieces of literature that everyone participating is encouraged to read - for Wizchan it might be something like 'A Wizard of Earthsea', lainchain has a TV series, and that's fine too but encouraging reading and literature is really important. Though I know this isn't going to happen and it's going to be seen as activism, I guess I'm just suggesting it wouldn't be a beneficial thing if organic posters would encourage one another to read more, especially to read something of value that other posters have read.

Also imagine - if there were a couple of core collated 'best Wizchan posts' or something, any young apprentice could be encourage to read through those before posting, and that alone could contribute to strengthening of a core culture, uplifting the quality and level of discussion, and 'outgrouping' those who are too lazy or obnoxious to bother. With this UOIR system with collated, easily shared and loaded threads\comments - we can actually BUILD information and share it, you can have a whole collection of the best comments and insights dealing with the issue of what we can do as individuals and collectively to create better online forums that actually serve us. If there are people who want to be activists in some way - they can do the same thing, and if you don't agree with this particular issue you can just ignore it.

In theory you could 'export' or 'share' a thread having already selected the comments in the thread you think are most worth reading, so someone opening this thread could ignore the time-waster comments, save time, and get better value out of a thread faster. We all benefit. You might say "but this is like a reddit down\up-voting" or whatever, it's not really because there is no censorship, while you COULD export a thread having completely deleted other comments, in most cases you'd include the comments but having highlighted the best, they'd be backgrounded or hidden by default, but still viewable - and no 'collective' or central source is really doing the 'rating', you get to judge whether you 'trust' a particular collated selection of threads and how they've been dealt with.



Here's another major benefit of a UOIR. I believe with something like this it would be VERY easy to have a tab where individuals can literally create their own 'independent' threads (that is threads that aren't actually tied to any particular imageboard) and then share them as .imgbrdt files. These could be shared directly with another individual, OR they could be uploaded to online directories\archives\sharepoints\p2p. It could also allow people to create their own "imageboards" - either simply through unique formatting\css\title or you could even have a tutorial FAQ file (these already exist, but it would be nice to integrate one) explaining how to create a live online imageboard.

This would help people who are afraid of posting on forums because of the fear that mods or site owners are questionable people, or who are afraid of censorship or being monitored or whatever. They could read a thread (you could read live threads, old dead threads, etc), write a comment, and then go to an ONLINE computer (assuming they would even bother to use an offline computer, this is just an option that's nice), use a proxy or VPN or tor to upload their upload to some central hub or p2p or whatever. Also think about someone in a country like Iran or China where it could even be dangerous for someone to VIEW certain imageboards, in that case it would be much easier for these people to download 'archives' (whether archives of old content, or 'archives' of a live site) concealed as .mp3 files or something on a torrent site - they could then read the content offline and feel more secure that they haven't been tracked.

Anyway I've already gone on long enough. There are lots of benefits to something like this if you think about it. I'm personally a bit scared of things like ChatGPT and "AI", I don't think it's a good thing for anyone for governments or corporations or accumulations of wealth to have increasing monopolies on computing power, let alone 'intellectual' and 'creative' power afforded by "AI" - there's a lot to feel shitty about in the world, but if you take my example of myself, someone who still doesn't know how the code actually works, creating a small 'solution' like 'r9k offline', there's also a lot of good that could come from this. A related idea I came up with is that - with imageboard archives the biggest problem is always the size of large numbers of images, you can use 'core image' databases to make things easier (someone downloads a file of 10,000 core, highly posted images, and with the correct inbuilt referencing those images wouldn't need to be downloaded every time someone downloads an archive of threads), but you still have to deal with 1000's of unique images. One thing I was thinking about is that some of these really good AI art generators seem to be capable of being run on a local computer - so a few years in the future, with this UOIR thing - you could use a local PC AI image generator in combination with keywords in posts to generate images locally, so no need to download so many. A user might post on Wizchan and there'd be a box for "keyword generated AI image", you'd put in text like "Wizard thinking deeply while spinning on a globe earth", and an image file wouldn't need to be stored - people's local AI image generator could produce a unique image based on that text. There are so many ways we could try to use this technology to build stronger connections online.

Anyway I just wanted to put this idea out there. I probably won't be back after today, at least not for a long time, so I probably won't be able to respond to much. If anyone out there thinks there's potential in this - if you have actual javascript\html knowledge it shouldn't be very hard to produce something like this. Whether anyone actually wants to use it is another issue.

Just a suggestion.

Thanks for listening!




Sorry I meant to post this one. It gets closer to what I'm talking about with the "collective contribution of millions of human beings" and "dampened the globe" thing.



tl;dr reddit 2. thank me later guys


The internet can be radically improved(not fixed)
Prevent phones from accessimg internet (as I currently post from my phone)
Ban certain 3rd world shitholes/regions (might not be needed if phones are banned)
Phone connection gone means vast majority of normalniggers will not access the internet again
Nearly all shit worlders use phones for internet connection too
Zoomers don't use computers either


I'd want something like that too, but these altchans are already so slow.
Who knows, might be worth a try.


You know, I've been thinking of the other way around. Websites banning traffic if it's on a mobile device. Search engines to comb out the antiphone web.


I wasn't there for "the old net" but from looking at archives of discussion sites in the 2000s, it seems like it was nothing special.
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Heyuri(dot)net. Its a small but nice board.
I agree with you on memes, but its expected from normies. The problem with the internet is the same problem with real life, masses of "people" who lack intelligence and compassion.


>I wasn't there for "the old net" but from looking at archives of discussion sites in the 2000s, it seems like it was nothing special.
lol nice research


I've always believed that "mobile internet" should be something seperate from accessing the internet on a computer. It definitely wouldn't have ever got as bad as it has.


>lol nice research
Not a real response. I've seen threads from the 2000s from 4chan.org/a/ and classic style forums, and I don't think there is anything special about it.
That's a very good idea.


You cant know shit about how the old internet was based on looking up a couple old threads from 4chan, saying it was nothing special just shows that you're a retard eager to make some silly point.



What I'm suggesting would not create 'Reddit 2.0'. I know my posts are way too long and I haven't managed to explain things as well as I could, I came back to share the 'r9k offline' template, and I'll post two more comments as well:

Right now: 4chan is practically unusable for anything meaningful. I don't care how many of you insist "4chan has always been bad", I know from talking to many many old users of the site that most of us have given up on it because it's unusable compared to what it has been even only a few years ago. The best you get is some shitposting, fast-scrolling threads that are barely comprehensible, the people who dominate the site are terminally online types, discord cliques, etc. It's become a porn site, it's literally linked to on multiple "top porn site" rankings sites, all of the general red boards are dominated by porn. The average poster

What I'm suggesting: Assuming somebody creates what I've suggested, NOBODY is forced to do anything, I'm not suggesting censorship or an alteration to any existing site. 4chan and all other imageboards continue to exist as they do now - I'm not even suggesting any different ruleset for these sites, I'm calling for a secondary layer of communication centered around these sites. So that those who want to use these sites to communicate, share ideas and learn from one another or even 'organise' for any purpose now have an added tool to their arsenal. The ADHD-riddle discord cliques who ruin these sites now have to contend with a slightly more 'organised' (in an entirely organic, non-coerced way) cultural force of people who now how a tool for sharing higher quality information. An otherwise high quality thread that some tripfag or clique tries to ruin or derail? It simply exists as a live thread till to expires, then it's also usually available on any live archive site like 4plebs or desuarchive, but with a'UOIB' can ALSO be shared - but with those derailing comments 'backgrounded' so that they can be entirely ignored, (or read if the end user really wants), so the end user gets to read a high quality thread without digging through a pile of shit. It means Wizchan can be MORE Wizchan - as significant or valuable threads that define the site and Wizardry can be shared more easily and effectively, cutting down on having to reply to newfags so often, it destroys the cultural power of newfags, discord cliques etc to disrupt the true userbase of the site. Remember the expression "lurk moar" which rarely gets used now because people have given up on insisting on it? Now you can tell a newfag to read a specific thread, or set of threads, or collated comments.

In bulletpoint:

-It would assist those who want to maintain a unique 'site culture' by sharing 'core culture' more easily.
-It would assist basic communication and sharing information better, which is the WHOLE POINT of these sites, apart from a few imageboards or a few boards (like b). Shitposting is NOT the point of most imageboard sites or boards.
-If anything it allows more freedom from mod censorship, mods out of control, etc.
-If anything it allows people to express a wider range of opinions more coherently.
-It tackles THE primary problem on imageboards today - the "signal to noise ratio" issue, an issue which is only getting worse every year and as chatbots are now widely used and become smarter, it'll continue to get worse significantly.
-It saves time and energy for those who actually like reading through a full thread and considering opinions before posting.
-Even if none of the above things is true, it would at least allow anons who are temporarily out of range of internet for whatever reason, or on an 'internet fast' to more easily read through threads, save good comments and so on. Making healthier, proper use of internet time IS going to become a core value for most people over time.

None of those things makes it more like reddit.

Again, just imagine only 10 Wizchan users using something like this - they can still use the live site as they wish, but say they occasionally read a few threads using the UOIR - imagine the effect of these 10 minds saving the most insightful comments or threads, and occasionally sharing them on the live site. Or even if they just collate threads or comments that touch on a particular subject like a particular hobby or interest. This magnifies the power of users to learn and share information more effectively. You never have to go back to basics or repeat things for the millionth time. You could have a whole collection of "the best comments responding to newfag invaders", anyone reading that would benefit from the reasoning and arguments put on display, it could even silence people who'd otherwise post something ignorant, not understanding the culture before posting. You could have collections of comments and insights on critical thinking and mental defences against propaganda. I would also argue that, if you really consider how you use the internet, you might be able to admit to yourself that even if you'd consider yourself a high-quality poster, reading threads "offline" occasionally (or at least in a clutter-free, distraction-free environment - the UOIR) would very possibly increase your comprehension. People are complaining about phone-posters in this thread, part of that argument often relates to lack of focus - imagine if more of us were passively encouraged by the tools we use to be more conscious and thoughtful. It would elevate everything.

Also making it less like reddit - it could allow greater decentralisation. If it had an inbuilt capacity to create threads or to participate in 'decentralised' threads (ie threads not posted on actual live sites, but just shared around), you allow even greater space for people to be less politically correct. Of course this would require some organisation, like a site where these threads could be exchanged by trusted curators (as in, anyone could be a curator, those who you find censoring posts or being unreliable could be disregarded for high quality curators).


I'm sorry man, because I know you spent a lot of time writing all of this up, but could you:
>Strip out all of the history you had in development.
>Strip out all of the difficulties you had to overcome.
I know it's unfair, but most people get jealous easily, and when they read this, their brain goes into, "Normie fag giving his shill ad-read" mode and starts ignoring what you're saying.
>Strip out the motivations of the project.
I think we're on board with that one. That's what the entire thread is about.
And just focus on a few greenlines of:
>What your project is (xml reading desktop app?)
As well as:
>What do you need us to do.
We're neets, we're not exactly smart, and we have really short attention spans.

If you don't do this, individuals like >>301973 are going to rip you to shreds, and you're probably going to get frustrated and discouraged really quickly when you seem like a smart guy who doesn't need to be put through that shit.


File: 1682789379857.png (54.76 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, ZeroNet_vector_logo.svg (1….png) ImgOps iqdb


First off, are you SURE you don't like Zeronet?

Alright, I asked chatGPT to do this for me. You want to build an office imageboard reader app with the following features:

>Ability to read threads offine.

>Save/highlighter/tag/subscribe tool on comments/threads
>Timer tool
>Share command on comments/threads/filters

Is that right?

Focus on that "share" bit, because I can't see a way you do that without sacrificing chans' anonymity or putting an algo in charge that gets you in the same issues that everywhere else on the internet has issues with. And if it doesn't have anonymity, I'm sorry but I'm not interested. You destroy anonymity; you destroy the chan.

Your main complaints were:
>Toxic environment/low-quality comments
I think this is why the other gentleman said "Reddit 2.0." I think a lot of us come here BECAUSE it's toxic or the riff-raff. Yeah, there's a downside to that, but the upside is we can actually let loose and say what we want or HEAR what WE want. Not what "the algo" or "the community" (depending on how that "share" works) wants us to hear. I think what you like about chans(*)–occasionally hearing something new–you would destroy by what you're suggesting.
>Repeat threads
I really think the proper solution to this is to just allow more generals/threads, to bring back the "no repeat threads" rule ( >>>/meta/63890 ), and pin those common generals.

(*) What DO you like about chans? Jokes aside and in all seriousness, it really does sound like you'd like to be on Reddit far more than here.



>What your project is

I wrote the above wall of text in the hope that a passing casual programmer may read it and see the potential value in creating an 'Universal Offline Imageboard Reader'. An app that simply loads and displays threads from all the major imageboards. I'm aware the odds of this are slim, but I thought I'd try, and don't see a problem with adding a somewhat passionate explanation for how I think this could help.

Why would anyone want this when they can just go directly to the sites? Because firstly, some portion of imageboard users might enjoy having an easy way to read threads offline (screencapping multiple threads or exporting is often cumbersome). Secondly, if the app had the ability to very simply export comments and threads in an established uniform format (I'm suggesting xml type files), we would all have a better ability to share 'gems' of insight\knowledge\share experiences - which have always been the 'core' of what constitutes a functional imageboard culture. Is Wizchan just a place for anyone to post about anything? My understanding was that Wizard\Wizchan was meant to be a home for actual Wizards to discuss their own struggles, problems, as well as a nice place insulated from 'normalfags' and succubi to share hobbies, interests, and experiences. The problem is 'imageboards' are a relic of the 2000's internet, and haven't adapted well to a massive expansion in the number of people who are online constantly.

You have an isolated Island with its own culture, and even subcultures. One day immigrants start arriving. First one or two. Then ten or twenty at a time. Until the original population is outnumbered. What are the odds the main culture, let alone subcultures survive? They won't, UNLESS they have sufficient cultural strength through a unified identity, literature, or shared understanding of reality. If the original inhabitants of the Island were a verbal culture, they would have very little power to maintain that culture once they start to be outnumbered. However if they had been a literary culture, where their values were preserved through books and these books were shared routinely among original inhabitants and their children - the original Island culture would have longer staying power, in fact through books it could even thrive because the new arrivals could access that culture by reading about it, and help maintain that culture. Simplistic example, I admit.

At this point, the major imageboard 4chan has been fully colonized by outsiders. 4chan is absolutely colonized by a variety of cultures - Discord culture (which originally took a lot of 4chan culture for itself, but now is its own culture), Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, clickbait news, etc etc. All of these forces have absolutely demolished the ability of 4chan as a whole to have its own culture beyond shitposting, and most of the individual boards are unable to maintain their own cultures either. At this point it is just a site where people post shit. Many who visit the site and don't visit Twitter don't understand that at this point a good majority of the 'memes' posted on 4chan come from Twitter, both in terms of image memes and arguments\ideas. OC memes are created less and less by 4chan itself (of course there's a good argument that "meme culture" itself tends to become malignant to actual discussion, but the fact that 4chan really doesn't even create anything anymore reflects on how lacking it is in 'cultural health').

I'm not trying to build some sort of army, I'm not trying to to say "let's go back to posting Yotsuba pics guys!" or something like that - I'm saying at this point many imageboards are completely dysfunctional because there's no 'core' culture to keep conversation on topic, or in many cases to HAVE conversations. Yeah conversations still take place occasionally, sometimes good ones, but it's less and less common and anyone looking for good meaningful relating has to throw away significant amounts of time trying to find the goodness. What's the point of even visiting these imageboards if all you get is the same shit as everywhere else? Alt-imageboards are better, but visit 4chan, visit various boards and you'll see there's practically no distinction anymore between them. I'm also responding to a phenomenon that MANY people are complaining about - it's not just me, I've spoken to many many other anons who were longtime users of these sites who've completely given up posting and\or abandoned them because of this inability to connect. Many resorted to reading directly from the online archives. So I'm trying to make a simple suggestion for some small technology that might give imageboards the ability to maintain their own cultures in the face of an onslaught of outsider influences.

I'm not asking the average poster here to do anything, I just believe in this idea enough that if I had freedom to complete it now myself, I would try, but as I have other pressing issues to deal with, I'd put the idea out there and maybe someone will stumble upon it, tinker away, and make something that could be valuable.




Didn't know about this, I'll look into it.

Using the word 'toxic' doesn't make someone Reddit, yeah the term is overused but it does describe something that people experience. I said that MSM portrays imageboards as toxic, I didn't say imageboards are toxic, I said:

>instead of having multiple tabs available, instead of constantly seeing porn and having distractions like webms, youtube links, all the toxicity of twitter, instagram, etc (the mainstream love to claim 4chan is some sort of toxic echo-chamber, but I think the real problem is that all of these corporate forces now dominate the internet including 4chan).

I also wasn't really saying that 'low quality comments' are a problem in themselves. You're always going to have massive variability in the quality of comments, even a single poster who writes good shit will sometimes post something stupid, that's not in itself a problem and I'm not calling for any meaningful censorship. I can even occasionally appreciate the odd 'shitpost' (very rarely). As you can tell I'm not great at concision or brevity, I love seeing posters who can say something funny or insightful in a few words, though. What I'm suggesting doesn't involve censorship or anything like that - in fact if people could generate their own 'independent' threads, that is threads that can be shared around and participated in without actually posting directly to an imageboard, you have MORE freedom to post whatever you like, I am very very pro free speech. When it comes to attempting to PRESERVE the best and highest points, though, you have to be selective - but what I'm suggesting doesn't involve a single person determining for the rest of us what is valuable and what's to be preserved, I'm suggesting a system where we at least TRY to share what we find more valuable.

>I think a lot of us come here BECAUSE it's toxic or the riff-raff.

This is where you lose me. This makes you sound like some sort of normalfag tourist coming here to poke fun at the animals or something. I get that one fun aspects of some imageboards is the anarchic, crazy, insane shit that gets posted - and I can enjoy that myself to a limited degree, but that should not be spilling over into every board and every site. If your primary reason for coming to Wizchan is because "it's toxic" or to see "riff-raff", you're part of the problem of denying Wizards the ability to relate with other Wizards on their own forum - yes it's nice to have people expressing their honest, often un-PC or shocking opinions and experiences, I do want what's REAL after all, I don't want Wizards silenced, but sites like this are meant for growth and communication, not to seek the lowest level. If you want shitposting, go to b or something. Meanwhile if we want a better quality experience for ourselves, if we want these sites to serve us instead of being just a place to throw shit, we need to find ways to encourage that.

>Focus on that "share" bit

Okay. So lets say a user reads a bunch of thread on the UOIR, occasionally 'starring' or exporting comments that they find funny\insightful, or touch on a particular issue. Let's say I've downloaded an 'Anti Crawl Thread' from Wizchan as a simple example - I find a bunch of comments of Wizzies mentioning their pets, I like Wizard pet stories. I favourite\export, and then at some point I see another anon who likes Wizard pet stories - I could use the app to filter for all the Wizard pet stories I 'starred' or tagged, and it generates a 'pseudo-thread' but only filled with the comments in question, it might say up the top "Collected comments on Wizard Pet Stories", and perhaps it would tell you the thread numbers from which each comment originated. Now I share this, another Wizard gets to read some nice Wizard Pet Stories. Other examples - interested in 'Determinism vs Free will debates'? Read a collection of what one anon thinks are the best arguments. 4channer interested in Pizzagate and don't want to have to filter through a million threads? Read the best, most informative comments or threads without the schizo-spam. Want to know how and why Wizchan was founded? Read some of the earliest posts which talk about this. Some anons may even share annual summaries, like - best comments\threads in 2023. This INCREASES CONNECTION between posters and elevates us all. It allows better collaboration and even activism (if that's what one particular group wants, if you don't want that, you ignore it). How is it shared? Collections like this could easily be shared directly on Wizchan (xmls can't really contain malicious content), or uploaded to catbox-moe, google drive, etc sites. Sharing this way involves no more risk than posting a comment directly to the site. It's incredibly easy and could be done tomorrow.

Now for decentralized posting that would be a different thing and yes it's a lot trickier. The UOIR app could allow you to generate a thread for decentralized use. So you create your Opening Post, click export, it comes out as an .xml file - really no different from the xml files of actual threads hosted on live sites. Now yes, the sharing part of this is way trickier, but people who were motivated to do this would find ways. Just as in my above example of sharing collections of comments\threads from Wizchan on a particular theme and posting the .xmls to Wizchan directly - you could also share decentralized threads. You go to \lounge\ on Wizchan, there's a general thread for "Decentralized Threads", you download the MOST RECENT file for a particular thread, read what others have posted, add a comment, reupload, someone reads yours, it keeps going - admittedly this is a very messy way of doing things, and in most cases you wouldn't want to bother because you have the live site right there… but it's a niche option for those who want it.

Also, so long as you're not posting anything illegal or something you'd be deeply worried about being caught posting, that is if you're posting within the same confines of rules as most imageboard sites, there'd be no reason there couldn't be dedicated sites for hosting and 'synching' these decentralized threads. If you post to any imageboard - the imageboard retains the IP you posted from and law enforcement or mods or companies your data get sold to can always get access to that data, if you post something illegal law enforcement can even try and track you down based on your IP, they can subpoena proxies\VPN's, etc to try tracking you down. You're never truly anonymous to an imageboard's admins unless you're behind 7 proxies. So it wouldn't really be hard at all for someone to set up a site or sites where people upload their version of a thread, it gets synched with other versions of the thread to make sure the integrity of the thread is maintained, etc. This doesn't require censorship, or 'algorithms' in the sense you're thinking of, or anything like that - just stitching together files, republishing them, etc.

For more questionable things, for people wanting to share things more anonymously, maybe they could upload through tor or proxies to a central site - though if its content that could get the host owners in trouble - you could share through various other means, random uploads to file hosts, in a driveby fashion. This is less clear but it's also less important to me - I do think it's possible though, so it only empowers free speech. Say tomorrow though a major western government decided to ban speech on a particular subject or classify certain speech as prosecutable - in that case even if admins who run imageboards disagree, they can come under pressure to be required to hand over information on posters - in this case it would become valuable for those who want to express those now censored opinions. This might already be handy for people living in countries like China or Iran where the internet is already more censored in many ways. Also with the xml archive format, it's much easier to zip these up, conceal them as other format files, and share that way, and share HUGE amounts of information - like hundreds of thousands of threads from multiple imageboards. You could easily export every Wizchan thread, archive it, and stick everything posted here on a $2 USB stick (assuming you excluded images).

>(*) What DO you like about chans? Jokes aside and in all seriousness, it really does sound like you'd like to be on Reddit far more than here.

This sort of thing is a huge part of the problem. You are now suggesting I'm an "outsider" in a sense. Yet I'm a real Wizard, I've been posting on imageboards for well over a decade (cancerfag), I've probably spent more time on imageboards, reading through threads, commenting, than the majority of posters. This also implies that all users on imageboards are or should be some groupthink collective. What I'm suggesting is literally just a tool some people can use if they want! It doesn't impose any sort of set of value or morals on anyway - it might though passively benefit any imageboard culture or subculture or board in maintaining their own unique culture, which in most causes I would hope is directed towards benefiting one another through communication.



Anyway I'm about to take a break from this thread and Wizchan for a while, so I won't respond again, I've already derailed the thread a lot. I just wanted to put this information out there.

If anyone's interested you can download the project I mentioned above 'r9k offline' here: https://mega.nz/file/cCpRBALI#Swsf3rkIW9TSIls3WwPCs8sWXLyGT9a_sox5_GJuDeg

This package contains only .html files, .css files, some .js files, some images and a single .mp3 file. The package would be significantly smaller but I created a bunch of css style themes and one or two of them ended up using some .gif files inefficiently converted from .webm files. That's why the filesize is as large as it is. There's nothing in here that could be malicious, no .exe files or anything like that. You could inspect these files individually online or locally before opening anything, and you could even copy and paste them into ChatGPT to ask it to analyze the files for malicious content. Or you could simply make sure that you only open this in a browser you've temporarily blocked ("in" and "out") on your firewall. But as I've uploaded it today, I assure you it has nothing malicious in it.

Once you've downloaded it, you just open 'r9k Offline.html' in a browser, click 'Browse' or 'Choose Files', select an .xml file from the 'Largest 200 Threads' folder, and read away! There are more detailed instructions in the 'welcome screen'. There are a few bugs but that's mostly because this is an unfinished project, I think it's a pretty good product considering I never really 'coded' in html except for a brief period two decades ago, and I've never known javascript - all of this is the product of giving ChatGPT verbal instructions.

If you'd like to read more threads, the full archive is available here as a .tar.gz file (you'll need something like 7zip to open this format). I should warn you that it expands out into a massive collection thousands of .xml files, all of them individual threads.



>This sort of thing is a huge part of the problem. You are now suggesting I'm an "outsider" in a sense.
Unlike the other poster above, I never said that liking Reddit was 'bad.' Getting away from perceived personal attacks so we can get to the matter at hand, you didn't answer the question. What do you like about chans?

You don't like me, you think I'm accusing you. I concede I'm a shit person. I don't say things in a diplomatic way, even though I should. Personal problems of mine aside, keep in mind that I was trying to get at what aspect of chans you're trying to focus on. Because in all you've written, I can see everything in chans you'd like to get RID of, but I'm having a tough time finding in what you've written what aspects you want to KEEP. It's like we're having the following conversation:

>Steaks would taste a lot better if they had the fat cut out.

>Sure you don't like chicken? They're a meat that already doesn't have fat chunks, just like you'd like.
>Are you saying I'm black?!

Actually, probably more like the following:

>Well, when it comes to the subject matter of steaks and their flavor, there are certainly a variety of factors that could be taken into consideration. One notable aspect of steak preparation and consumption is the presence of fat within the meat itself. It could be argued that the flavor of a steak would be improved if the fat were removed, as the taste of the meat would be less overshadowed by the richness of the fat. However, this is not to say that the presence of fat is inherently negative or undesirable, as it can add a certain depth and complexity to the overall flavor profile of the steak.

>When it comes to steak, the presence of fat can add flavor and juiciness to the meat. However, some people prefer to remove the fat for health reasons or because they prefer a leaner cut of meat. It's worth noting that the type of fat also plays a role in the flavor profile of the steak. For example, marbled fat (fat that is evenly distributed throughout the meat) can result in a richer flavor, while external fat (fat that is on the surface of the meat) can be more flavorful but also tougher and chewier.
>Well, what if we removed the fat, that way-

>Are you saying that steaks would taste a lot better is they had the fat cut out? Are you sure you just don't like chicken?

>Suggesting that someone who removes fat from their steak must prefer chicken is a baseless assumption that ignores the complex factors that influence individual food choices. It is important to respect personal preferences and dietary choices without making unfounded judgments. Thinking like this is part of the problem. Cutting fat off of steak is a common practice, and it is not a reflection of one's meat preferences. Many people choose to remove the fat for health reasons, as it is high in calories and can increase the risk of heart disease. Additionally, some people simply prefer the taste and texture of leaner meat.

You write well, but if I upset you, please keep in mind that I'm having a difficult time seeing your point sometimes. I am trying, though.

>If your primary reason for coming to Wizchan is because "it's toxic" or to see "riff-raff", you're part of the problem of denying Wizards the ability to relate with other Wizards on their own forum - yes it's nice to have people expressing their honest, often un-PC or shocking opinions and experiences, I do want what's REAL after all, I don't want Wizards silenced, but sites like this are meant for growth and communication, not to seek the lowest level. If you want shitposting, go to b or something. Meanwhile if we want a better quality experience for ourselves, if we want these sites to serve us instead of being just a place to throw shit, we need to find ways to encourage that.

Colonel : Raiden, you seem to think that our plan is one of censorship.
Raiden : Are you telling me it's not!?
Rose : You're being silly! What we propose to do is not to control content, but to create context.
Raiden : Create context?

Raiden : And you think you're qualified to decide what's necessary and not?
Colonel : Absolutely. Who else could wade through the sea of garbage you people produce, retrieve valuable truths and even interpret their meaning for later generations?
Rose : That's what it means to create context.

To get to what I think is the issue here…

>- yes it's nice to have people expressing their honest, often un-PC or shocking opinions and experiences, I do want what's REAL after all, I don't want Wizards silenced, but sites like this are meant for growth and communication, not to seek the lowest level. If you want shitposting, go to b or something. Meanwhile if we want a better quality experience for ourselves, if we want these sites to serve us instead of being just a place to throw shit, we need to find ways to encourage that.

Authenticity requires shitposting, for who is the arbiter of shit?

>When it comes to attempting to PRESERVE the best and highest points, though, you have to be selective - but what I'm suggesting doesn't involve a single person determining for the rest of us what is valuable and what's to be preserved, I'm suggesting a system where we at least TRY to share what we find more valuable.

I'm probably too into MGS2 dystopias, but that sounds JUST like saying, "What we propose to do is not to control content, but to create context."

Chans have their shitness, I get it. But the simplicity of their infrastructure is also their benefactor.

What the…I read your entire post, but I didn't see what your proposal actually IS. AGAIN. It's like I'm reading a self-help book.

How about this, the bullet point list in >>302106 , is that on or off the mark?

Like at this point I have to wonder if you're dodging the question, and then writing one sentence responses and asking ChatGPT to make them paragraphs long just to troll everyone.


File: 1682904133492.png (82.37 KB, 635x529, 635:529, 487424840.png) ImgOps iqdb

Please enlighten me on what was so great about it. What makes it different from say, the present form of lainchan or wizchan?>>302100


I also started using it around that time and grew disaffected with the site around the same time as you, maybe a bit earlier. By 2016 it was definitely a husk of its former self. The idea of collecting good posts/threads is not exactly revolutionary and has been done in places from time to time. Doing this makes it not offline though so IDK why you keep referring it as that. It's like you had this one experience with reading these xml things offline and thought it was magical and you want everyone to share that magic, but if you add the functionality you want you're essentially just describing a subreddit about 4chan posts (which already exists).


Why not just have an old school forum? No chan, no reddit. Just a bboard with anonymous users allowed.


You'll have to do it yourself


When I'm rich, in a few years, I'm going to make one like this, and its going to use tree view. It will look like the comment section of Hacker news.


will you allow racism and antisemitism?


the internet can be fixed with my imageboard idea, it's nandemoarichan (it means no rules in japanese) so it will revive the old wild web!


you are welcoming cp spammers


got it?


you can't have no rules unless you are a private community with a whitelist of posters or something, if you just say "welcome all! there are no rules here!" you will just get retards who take that as an invitation to be annoying and shitty and destroy the website with spam and low quality posting






this. plus now that the internet is a battlefield there will be algorithm pretending to be assholes to ruin every place there is. heh digital invasion of simulated demons, programmed to depressed the people using the products of the competition.


Why are they so obsessed with ruining every schizo guys bread and circus?
Doesn't seem very wise


File: 1683092281820.jpg (97.44 KB, 600x433, 600:433, lets_face_it.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

On my site we'll have an AI filter posts before they are made, so instead of bans, which demotivate posters who are just trying to have fun, it will filter a post.
It will filter files that would induce negative emotion (pictures of poop, videos of violence, etc) or that contains outside culture (pepe, doge, wojak, etc) or nudity (just to prevent 'p).
Accepted file types with be jpg, png, apng, and WebM. If I invent my own lossless image format by then, I'll use it instead of accepting png. It will filter text that AI thinks is posted in bad faith, like trolling, and if I add boards with topics, it will filter offtopic posts.


Vermins play a very important ecological role. Without them, we're fucked. You think your city is full of trash now?


Your post was kindof reddit.
>Without them, we're fucked.
This is incorrect.


Sometimes I do wish we experience full ecological collapse, just to see people who think nature is irrelevant get fucked and die.


shut up tree hugger


We already exhumed most of the living being, I guess we'll just start eating each other after the collapse.


Talk about the internet and old charm. You can find it on the news, multiple sources say that they were planning to delete old youtube videos. They walked it back and edited this blog, but they were planning to delete a lot of good internet history. They would've gone ahead if a few media websites didn't notice it and start pumping out articles.


good thing we can just eat bugs


I'd like to update this and say, I no longer play on creating this kind of site: Imageboards are good enough, I guess.


I'd like to update this and say, I plan on creating this again. I'm going to make it a desktop app. Not only will it not be available for iOS or Android, it won't be available for MacOS or Windows either. We're going GNU only this round.


I want this, I'd like it if everything had a time limit on the internet of, say, 3-5 years. Part of the reason I post on imageboards is because it's ethereal.


File: 1694460577039.png (841.3 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 420.png) ImgOps iqdb

blaze on, retard B^]


>Bullshit. Normies on the internet will have more compassion towards a dog than to that asocial creep (wiz)
Because dogs are more docile and do as the normies say. Sit, fetch, that sort of thing.


Yahoo actually went and did that. They delete your account (first they delete your emails and warn you) if it's been inactive for at least a year. I had a 20 year old Yahoo account and I lost every single fucking email because of these stupid fucks. They're so pea brained that instead of deleting the large attachments first, they delete absolutely everything, even the text-only emails.


Apparently there is a subculture all about capturing that old feel of the internet by making personal websites and moving away from core normie sites.


The internet is a product of its populace. Perhaps AI can replace this after a while, but idk.


They got the reason right, but refused to accept it.
>it was just nerdy white dudes

It's not about aesthetics, the appearance of the sites is a consequence. This "subculture" amounts to nothing.


Your comentary doesn't really add anything to the discussion other than you pointing out that you are a racist.

You missed most of the point of the post you are responding to, the video within, and the thread in general.
Your rebuttal is to a self constructed strawman.
Ultimately the retarded ponyfag and XD Randumb cat have a more substantive and nuanced take then your dismissive quips.


Not only racist, but also sexist and anti-normie. Race only wouldn't solve it, but would already be a great deal.


File: 1700359832098.webm (1.9 MB, 568x320, 71:40, Memories.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I'm not going to bother with the video but how are zoomers who weren't there at the time going to capture "that feeling" if they've never felt it in the first place?

00s internet and geek culture are fixed in time and space, it cannot be recaptured, the conditions which formed it do not exist anymore.

it's normalfag fucking zoomer.


>Not to mention the succubus he had sex with in high school.
Only in the show. He's a virgin in the manga


Normie is a term that has been used since the fucking 80s.
I would know since I was fucking there you poser.


File: 1704437902017.jpg (79.07 KB, 722x595, 722:595, 1660188053046798.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i get what you mean, back in the day it felt like the internet was much deeper/diverse with 10's of thousands of search results and tons of communities spread across so many individual forums and most of them felt like they were thriving with activity. felt like you could learn or discover anything on the web.
now every thing is consolidated and controlled
>search engines just repeat the same results with different titles a lead to the same pages or websites
>most of the communities are consolidated to the same 5 or 6 websites that are heavily monitored by the company, host, and web providers and curated to keep things monetizable.
>most of those communities are rotted out by lack of meaningful contribution latter kicking, its damn near impossible to start a new community that has is "free range" and has meaningful contribution with out having to eventually forsake one or the other to stop the place from becoming infested with Machiavellian weirdos or to lower the bar to keep it alive while inevitably losing both.
>can't learn shit anymore unless you pay for it and even then its hard to find good, reliable, and intuitive resources that aren't heavily limited by lack of funding, trying to appeal to a broader audience that just wants to see cool stuff and act like their learning with out wanting to see or hear in depth about how the shit actually works, is removed by hosts for being "dangerouse information" aka (some customer of theirs or they themselves wanted it gone so they could charge for it, or the government wanted it gone.)
>not to mention all the algorithms tracking you and and hacking your brain to forcibly feed you shit you don't want and with holding shit you actually wanna see because its not profitable or not 'what other people who looked at the same thing' looked at.


been thinking about this and wondering how it would be possible to do it. it seems like it would be expensive to create and join not to mention make sure its not vulnerable and doesn't get ripped apart by the gov or cooperate entities.


You weren't even born.


Tor private sites exist
As time has gone on though I really don’t care about the internet. People aren’t using tor and freenet because they don’t have anything to say. What they want is entertainment from large, fast, social networks. If there was some forbidden knowledge making things better they would be using tor or freenet, but people don’t.


Always has been. Tor never was a project to "the people" since glowies need crowd to camouflage against other glowies.


And how would you have a decentralised anonymous web service immune to feds? You can moderate your content on your site, if it was important you could pre-moderate posts so csam never made it out the post queue. But they don’t, because people want instant gratification, and what they have to say is nothing much worth the hassle. The idea of a decentralised anonymous internet is just used as a synonym for “the internet in a way I like it”.


>Can Internet be fixed?
By making webpages inaccessible from smartphones.>>292790


>memes today are all on tiktok
the life cycles of these "memes" is less than two weeks, they're more akin to short lived trends. They don't have any sticking power.


I hate everything being consolidated on Discord. The most recent example is Rogue Trader. I pre-ordered and had no idea how to activate my game or get the code because I had no email. I had to look around for information and everywhere just said "Join the Owlcat discord server!". I found my throwaway, joined and had to dig through pins in every channel to find the community post telling you exactly how to do so. I later had to use the server again to find out how to get past a number of bugs because forums just do not exist anymore.


I fucking hate discord.


Imageboard died when they become cool and people went there to take themselves seriously, instead of having fun.

First via Project Chanology, then via the Alt Right.


>I had no email
It sounds like you're an idiot using the internet in a non-modern way then getting surprised when you are facing difficulties
Discord isn't even bad, you're just a old cunt who doesn't want to learn new tech and tools.


same I hate Discord because is full of trannies, zoomers, and normalniggers and actual degenerates.


ive seen modders and hackers do that - ie have everything centralised in some shitty discord server; faqs, readme, download links etc. sad to see an actual development studio do that.


File: 1705579723226.jpg (36.28 KB, 500x338, 250:169, tumblr_o9i61ryV2b1s73tqio1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think the Internet changed forever after Tiktok has been invented, Everyone's brain now has been fried by short span attention, and everyone's humor is self aware and contains meta elements and everyone thinks they're funny and the repetitive ness of the same memes and overusing them is what killed memes, Internet is a fucking hellhole now everyone makes fun of everyone if you try a slight bit to do something you'll get mocked to oblivion. Yeah we're fucked


>I think the Internet changed forever after Tiktok has been invented
tiktok is just vine, which had its own predecessor I don't even know the name of. Are you really gonna try and tell me people had high attention spans in the early 2000s lolsorandumb culture?


There was vine before.

100%. We had a longer attention span than gen Z, which is remarkable considering how short our millenial attention spans were already.


it's better for the masses to be spoonfed entertainment while comatose on the couch looking at their phones

tiktok is just this generation's <entertaining technology>

you had cards and other gambling, newspapers, radio, pictures (television), big screens (movie theatres), cable/satellite television, internet, social media, tiktok

people were just as fucking retarded 15 years ago with facebook, their entire life was spent on that site. my fucking grandma was on there playing farmville. they had news, they talk to each other, they played games. it was like boomer roblox

tiktok isn't even as impressive honestly as early facebook, but it does seem more addictive and i guess that's all that matters


I knew it was gonna get bad but fuck dude. It came much faster and turned out worse than expected.
He also fucked in the light novel, best version of "Welcome To The NHK" IMHO
>sorry you got filtered dude
Haven't seen someone use the filtered meme in so long. Actually got nostalgic. Wtf.

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