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Can Internet be fixed? Can a bit of its old charm be taken back? Or is already done for?

Even imageboards seem to be in decay


This is and always was the inevitable fate of the internet.


gopher net


First time here lol


>Can Internet be fixed?
not with another shitty brainfart thread like this


We can't, mainly because people are idiots, but we can mantain what's left for us.


I really liked trolling all over webspace back in the day. It starts upsetting me now when the folks I'm baiting in a game chat or something else just give the same canned responses along the lines of "woooow," "really my guy?" Or "oof, you're toxic," in the same droning, monotonous voice, seemingly endemic to anyone born after 1995. It's not like they're not mad either, because they keep responding, when they can simply mute me.
I swear everyone on Earth is zonked out on some mood suppressant now, thus making the internet that much more vapid and boring.


Trolling is a lost art. Too many people are dead inside, just report you and go to the next match made game. No one has any investment in anything except their ranking so you're never getting another BALLS OF STEEL. The only avenue to troll any more is something like VR chat but it's so full of trannies you couldn't even troll there any more. What are you going to say 'You will never be a succubus' and they have a mild freak out and say nothing interesting?

Discord voice chat removed almost all wild voice chatting. Maybe if you tried trolling on consoles you would have more success but they may ban your console from online and you're losing your subscription and possibly games too.


>"woooow," "really my guy?" Or "oof, you're toxic,"
I find the way zoomers talk so fucking irritating. I must be old.


Nah you're just a posing faggot.


Its honestly hard to Believe For me that memes Are dead. I mean innocent little things like ISHYGDDT posting 11 years ago. Theres none of that now. Are they gone For good?


Memes aren't dead you just out aged meme culture. Memes today are all on tiktok and since you never use it you have no idea WTF the memes are.


Nostalgia is just a faulty part of perception


Something like meshnet once things really kick off. But really most non-garbage places will be populated by a dwindling number of old farts and the few young souls who get to witness the twilight.

They're mostly just watered down ib or twatter shit. It's even gayer than reddit was, literally given the userbase.



Nono I mean memes on 4chan


Of course but that's where Meme culture went. The retarded cunts dancing with text over is the new advice dog. They replace generic dog/raptor/penguin with themselves dancing. It's the exact same format used the same way as advice animals. It's advice slut/pedoss if you will.

4chan is nothing but bots and one word replies. The place is entirely worthless now and it's pointless going there. Reddit is unironically superior because you can post anonymous with vpns there while 4chan forces clear net no VPN and you get banned for saying obvious shit as "off topic" is a universal catch all for I don't like something.


>utter horse shit

Memes, at least memes like they were in SA, 4chan and a million other forums back in the web 2.0 days, were inside jokes that formed organically that were sometimes impenetrable to sub-forums or sub-boards on the same website.

Meme nowadays are "what is currently trending?".


>Reddit is unironically superior because you can post anonymous with vpns there
Reddit could unironically eclipse 4chan if it wasn't for the "up-vote/down-vote" system.


Reddit does eclipse 4chan. 4chan's only purpose any more is to be a place to leak things. There's almost no reason to ever go on 4chan.

I 3D print stuff and 4chan was for about six months a great place to find pirate files. There was a spat between tripfags who ran an off site archive and both left the site. As soon as it was discovered telegram channels has piracy for just about everything the 3d print general lost 90% of it's traffic and all that's left is fags posting porn prints. That's how relevant 4chan is today. It's got nothing but losers jerking off to everything and 1 word replies. I don't like reddit or facebook but at least I can go there and get answers to questions.



I hate this stuff like telegram and discord because it is new and I don't want to learn new shit, but I do like that the internet is shifting away from centralized sites. Telegram and discord channels are like IRC back in the day.


Oof, Really my guy? You're toxic.


Expect for the fact reddit is even more retarded and insufferable than 4chan.


Said the drug addict shop lifter calling good people cultists for not wanting thieves around them


neither of them are decentralized, although telegram is more lax


You absolutely do not sound like good person at all.
And if you are fully okay with govt stealing from you, then its okay for to others to steal from you.
Simple as.


The only way to fix internet is to remove normalfags and goverment from it.
But otherwise no and yes indeed, it feels like internet finally died or soon will.


Ah yes bring back trolling which is the best part of the internet. Are you serious? That shit got boring years ago, maybe try something new


Yes let's start with you, good bye!



It's permanently broken, even if for some inexplicable reason normalfags jumped off the internet.


the truth pill is that everyone itt has a different idea of what internet "used to be" that no one else shares


That applies to everything. Everyone lives their own subjective reality, and no two humans ever experience things the same way.


except there are internet historians and documentaries on how it used to be before the 90s isp's seized everything, pre normalfag internet.


>internet historians
Anyway, no one is saying the internet didn’t change, just that individual users have different experiences of the past internet.


Why do you choose to be mean?


File: 1661026969865.png (281.62 KB, 790x1000, 79:100, F48C0059-2318-4541-A281-2E….png) ImgOps iqdb

Why do you choose to be a bitch?


computer users are not the same as computer hobbyists, 90s aol and early 2000s 4chan screams newfag


Answer my initial inquiry before assuming I will pay any further attention to you, worm.


I don't get this idealism around computer technology. I understand being nostalgic in a broader sense, like when I was younger it did not suck as much and everything was peachy yadda yadda, but the internet and computers were for control and surveillance from inception. What is there to 'reclaim'? Remove governments and corporations? That's so naive it is sad.


With corporate and political domination of the modern internet, it is inevitable that some super autist will create the first usable decentralized web that is not only a Wild West but also so difficult to use that normal scum and roasties will not bother with it


'net has always been pozzed but it used to be for college-aged middle class whites who could not only afford a computer but had the free time to be on it on day when it wasnt tied to daily life as it is now
ever since the iphone the barrier of entry has gotten lower and lower, now everybody is on the internet. there's no natural filtering or quality control anymore. there are blacks posting on wizchan on their iphones right now.

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