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Why are many here are certified /pol/tards ?
I do not Care About politics, I could never effect or change anything in my own country's politics, but I am wonderibg what makes many social outcasts, perma virgins, and Hikis attracted to that board's ideaolgy


File: 1707313055120.jpg (116.77 KB, 736x981, 736:981, 4e70ba4bbbbfb34960e326f769….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Unbeliveably well thought and put response


Basically this



Very based


>Come and kill me
What makes you think they would kill you and not torture you? Like in Muscovy where more and more prisoners decline to go to war, so the commandment decided to simply held them outside in cold winter without warm clothes to make them. Broomstick rape, solder rape, etc.


Many prisoners in the concentration camps during the Second World War didn't rebel not out of fear of getting killed as they would be killed either way, but out of fear of potential severe torture.


Isn't against your interest to vote left ?
In Liberalism, there are no gibs. It's earn a living or live like a dog (unless you have inheritance).

I do concur that Liberalism keeps society in check due to no safety net. But isn't this safety net what a NEET desires ?


forgot to tag.


Read this thread: >>>/dep/285412

TL;DR - Nerds have been turned into a political pawn by the powers that be.

I don't think zoomer outcasts even know they've lost.


The thing that bothers me so much about these types is that their entire ideology revolves around enforcing social norms. They hate trannies because they are not normal. They think they should be forced to be more normal and conformist. They hate foreigners because they are not conforming closely enough to social norms. At the same time many of them endlessly complain about the "normalfags" as if they are not one of them. The contradiction is annoying.


>defending trannies
What are you doing my nigger? I say this as a leftist.


I hate trannies not because they are normal but because they are sick degenerates who are actively ruining not only things such as the videogame industry and movies but also changing the narrative on matters that are not important but that is only to their sick benefit, ignoring if it might hurt innocent kids and society as a whole in the long run.
Trannies are the biggest normalfaggots on the planet because they want to conform to a mental imagery of the opposite sex that ALWAYS aligns with society's expectation of normalcy. They should just be killed.


People should be allowed to do as they please as long as they aren't hurting anyone. Some people are just born different and we shouldn't force them to conform. Trannies are a small minority and don't actually negatively impact you in any way other than some slight annoyance from having to change the normal modes of polite interaction to suit them. Explain why you think this isn't correct please.


>as long as they aren't hurting anyone
nigger. they are hurting society already by introducing their sick and twisted mentality onto little kids as young as 5 and pushing for the change of legislation.
>Trannies are a small minority
Yes and you don't change society rules and norms and values to appease to some minority crowd that not so long ago were rightfully called mentally ill. Trannies will never be okay in my book, they should kill themselves or shut the fuck up and live their delusions in silence.


>tranny well poisoner

People can do what they like but to pretend that this tranny wave that has washed over geekdom and imageboards to the point where we have tranny nazis, is 'normal' is fucking insane.

Transhit is a psyops on nerds and a a way to fuck ACTUAL leftwing politics.


File: 1707420990665.jpg (12.16 KB, 220x231, 20:21, 220px-Max_Stirner-k.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

when i was younger in the 2000s i had a fascination with fascism, i guess it was more aesthetic than political, but i was deep into it, eventually i got into more esoteric forms of fascism like strasserism and nazbol. From there to communism, the thing is that i like some stuff marx said but i dont really like commies themselves.
In my personal life im a neet hikki wizard loser who had a psychotic break down. I eventually realized i cant ever be a fascist because they would send be to the camps. And i couldnt be a commie because i dont work so they would send me to the gulag
So here i am in my current incarnation, i have decided i am basically an anarchist. except i have no interest in identity politics, so im more of a egoist anarchist

I have no interest in the moral police, whether they be a frigid right wing christian, or a rainbow haired social justice warrior, or a decorum obsessed centrist

Ideology is a spook

I also have no interest in the never ending culture war of the left and right. it bores me, and its nothing but a bourgeoise scheme meant to keep people distracted from class war


another thing. I would classify the neets and hikkies as what marx called "lumpenproletariat", basically the dregs of society who live outside the capitalist system. prostitutes, mafia, neets, hikkies, the disabled.

a lot of the time this type either falls into fascism or anarchism


You seem to be fundamentally misunderstanding the nature of trannies. You say "sick and twisted mentality" as if this is some sort of ideology, as if these are normal people who just got brainwashed into doing something wrong (although you have not explained why it is wrong at all). That misunderstands it, trannies are not normal people who just decided to be different because of some meme or something, they are genuinely born weirdos and everyone treats them like a freak if they exhibit their own true personality. I assume this is down to genetic evolutionary pressures. If society can force people who aren't normal to conform and pretend to be normal, it produces benefit to the society. One of the benefits is probably procreation. It's the same reason people look down on those who choose not to have kids, especially succubi. It's an instinct, not something reasoned. You are just leaning right into that instinct and deciding that there is something wrong with how these people are and reacting based on this instinct to scorn and shun them. Now imagine if you are on the other end of that, you are born a freak, you have to constantly hide who you are so that people don't randomly react negatively. I imagine autistic people can probably empathize because they are likewise instantly hated everywhere they go for reasons outside of their control and they need to put in lots of effort into faking being more normal to put normalfags such as yourself more at ease. I simply think we should not randomly hate people for no good reason simply because they are different. They are not criminals, they are not hurting anyone, you have no reason to hate them, you are just a shit flinging monkey who hasn't evolved the ability to reason against your base instincts.


>defending trannies AGAIN

>You say "sick and twisted mentality" as if this is some sort of ideology, as if these are normal people who just got brainwashed into doing something wrong (although you have not explained why it is wrong at all).

We can literally watch it happen on imageboards. We literally saw it happen to geekdom.


and again you have not made an actual defense of your position at all, likely because you know you can't. You literally just have the trannies bad kneejerk instinctive reaction and when asked to explain and justify it rationally, you can't.


>still defending trannies

Do you run a discord looking for people to transition?


Perhaps some of the animosity is invited by the various demands to previously gendered spaces, activities, and legal statuses, which presents peculiar problems such as when those assigned male at birth demand access to succubi's refuges, prisons, and healthcare facilities, or when those assigned female at birth demand medical procedures for internal organs they don't possess. We can recognize these demands only take place within a paradigm established by particular institutions and as a consequence of anxieties surrounding the reproduction of labor, in previous civilizations and in other countries (such as Brazil, India, Afghanistan, Thailand, and China) what is assigned to a gender axis otherwise exists along a multiplicity of axes


>they are not criminals
We shouldn't hate criminals either, the universe is deterministic, all our actions are a result of previous events.


I’m not the people you were talking to but my problem with transsexuals is as follows. The notion and underlying foundation of the LGBT movement seems to be based on two big ideas, that you should be who you are, and that gender roles should be abolished. Transsexuals seem to want that cake and eat it too. When they want to be perceived as another gender, it seems to me that they are not only denying the physical reality of their bodies but they are reinforcing and wanting to be put into the gender roles they have so fervently worked to destroy. If a trans man wants to be a man, I do t understand what they actually want. If they wanted to “be who they are”, then why transition? Why not learn to accept the nature of your body rather than abuse it with hormones and surgeries? And what does it mean to be a man to them if they believe that genders are equal and that gender roles should be abolished? Why can they not just be a “masculine succubus”? If being a man is what they desire then what parts of being a man are they trying to create? They cannot have a real penis. They will never be able to produce semen. If they want to fulfill masculine roles, then why have they spent so long trying to tear gender roles down.

I am just genuinely perplexed by the base idea. If someone is uncomfortable with their gender, and has dysmorphia, why is the treatment to alter their bodies in a poor attempt to make them what they want to be perceived as rather than helping them accept what they have. When people are depressed the treatment is not usually aiding them in suicide but to help them out of depression. When people have insomnia the goal is to help them sleep, not to teach them how to cope with getting only 3 hours of sleep.

And I know a few transsexuals in real life. I have not asked them any of this for fear of it being seen as hostile or ignorant, but I thoroughly don’t understand the goal or even basis of transsexualism. It seems the entire foundational argument is that “as long as it makes them happy then it’s ok”, but why is the means for happiness seemingly so destructive to themselves? Why is their happiness my responsibility to create? I have no problem just living and let living with them, but the further legal shenanigans they are continuously creating doesn’t help their image to me.

So I truly do want an explanation, I’m not here to flame. What is the goal of a transsexual and their transitioning? What is it they are trying to become if gender is a social construct?


>OP created this thread not to discuss OP topic but to defend trannies

>but I am wondering what makes many social outcasts, perma virgins, and hikis attracted to that board's ideology

This is an interesting question for zoomers because the answer is the same answer to why so many of the same outcasts are attracted to troonery.


Being a tranny is actually normalized. Especially at work and in the school system. You can get pity points for being a tranny. You are the definition of failed normalfaggotry. You are a pathetic autist who couldn’t get laid and nobody liked you so you now you become an annoying gender goblin forcing everyone around you to bend to your will because you’re a power hungry pervert.


We hate succubi on this site and you want to become a succubus? What are you doing here?


Get out succubus (yes, even if you were born male and want to become one)


I don't think anyone is saying that gender roles should be abolished, just that people shouldn't be forced to adhere to them if they don't want to, which in some contexts can sound similar but I don't think anyone is going around saying succubi shouldn't wear skirts or take care of children, just that they should be allowed to wear pants if they want and to not have kids and to work a labor job or something. There is literally nothing wrong with increased personal freedom, but certain people have kneejerk reactions to people doing anything that is abnormal and treat it as though it is a self evident evil. It isn't though, I can't see any basis for it at all.


I agree with more freedom=good, but no one was stopping men from wearing dresses or succubi working in construction for the past twenty years. And that’s not even what transsexualism is about as far as I know. The point I’m making is that if you want society to say men and succubi are equal and can do what they want, that does a trans person need to do to be the gender they want to be? What does it mean to be a man when there is nothing that only men do? Just be your gender and do what you want, why all the hormones and surgeries?


>I don't think anyone is going around saying succubi shouldn't wear skirts or take care of children
Of course you don't think that, because as some middle-ground centrist pansy you probably don't ever evaluate any of the current discourse.

That is exactly what people are saying.


My 2 cents, Ray Blancard was right about everything. These people are pornsick men who put themselves in the female role in anime, porn, media and need to break out of escapism. It warps their mind in sick ways and invites lust demons into them. You CAN cure all of this naturally, for 99.9 percent of trannies they have autogynephilia. The genuine 0.01 percent of like, ladyboys or whatever are legitimately born differently in the mind than normal males; but for most its just caused by porn addiction and wanting to climb the social ladder/play the power game.


Lots are ftm so that makes no sense


I have no earthly idea why the ftm's do what they do but stand by what I said for the mtf's. Imagine being born a w-man and playing life on tutorial mode and WILLINGLY choosing to play on a harder difficulty.


In my country there are more ftm's than mtf's.

And plenty of them were good looking and attractive before, so it's clearly them just hating having to live as a succubus.


I have never been a 4chan user. I only know of pol but have never browsed it. I have probably clicked about 2 pol links in my life. Most of my life I thought the ideology of poltards was cringe and they were being edgy.

But the truth of the matter is the holocaust is the founding myth of our age in western countries. The most popular religions in the world are 1. The holocaust. 2. Islam. 3. Christianity.

Holocaust accepters have the ideology. It's a completely absurd myth that any falls apart under any scrutiny. I just have the viewpoint that the holocaust didn't and couldn't have happened.


holocaust denail means you'd fit in there


The gender stereotypes exist and no one can ignore that fact, least of all trannies. People are highly visual so if you want to be identified by the gender you feel that you are you need to appear as though you are that gender. This is why they prescribe cosmetic surgery and hormones. It's a mental illness where someone is born with a brain that functions more like the opposite gender that their sex is. Why this happens, I'm not sure, but the brain is complex and there are functional and structural differences between male and female brains and I don't think it's unreasonable to think that this could happen considering there are also hermaphrodites and stuff who have actual both sets of genitalia. Lots of weird stuff happens. So a person in this situation feels bad when people treat them with the stereotypes that apply to their sex. In order to alleviate this mental anguish, they need to appear as though they are the sex they wish to be seen and treated as. When they can effectively do this, the bad feelings go away and their mental illness is fixed. This means that there is a social aspect to their suffering and also their salvation so to be compassionate you should treat them as the gender they want to be even if the treatment they are receiving to "pass" is insufficient. Not everyone can afford or otherwise access the treatment due to various reasons. There is still a lot of stigma around it, but despite common misconceptions, the treatments, surgery and hormones and all that work fairly well at treating gender dysphoria. The push to abolish gender roles as you put it is a separate issue to the mental illness that trannies are suffering from, but it can make it easier for people who are born with fucked up brains that put them not fully in one or the other gender stereotype and for whom transitioning and "passing" may not be an option. If we can all be more accepting of individual differences without forcing people to adhere to roles and stereotypes they may not be comfortable with, that is a good thing in my opinion.


I fully refute the idea that you can be born with a brain that doesn’t match your body. It is your brain, it is your body. I will acknowledge the existence of hermaphrodites and those with disorders like kleinfelters syndrome, but to my knowledge those people are a minority even among transsexuals. And furthermore, having those conditions are not a requirement for “gender affirming care”, nor has it ever been suggested to make it a requirement. And it all just causes more harm than good. You cannot change your gender, it’s a physical impossibility at least with modern medicine. Would it not be better to treat gender dysphoria by developing healthy outlooks on their own bodies? Rather than mutilating their genitals and giving them hormones? Especially in the case where kids ask for this shit and they irreversibly fuck up their puberty.


i agree with your points and would further add that there is a vast hypocrisy the way we give trans people special privileges and rights, then leave other people with proper medical disorders without treatment.

not only does the surgery these trans people get make them profoundly more likely to kill themselves, it is very expensive and taking resources from a stretched thin already system.

these are people, i presume, with all normal healthy working body. they just 'feel' in their head something. that's really nice for you, lots the people on this site also feel something is wrong in their life and would like lots resources thrown by society into helping them, but it hasnt been made into a socially acceptable for signalling feel to help correct, like with trans peoples feels. isnt it amazing how seemingly overnight they managed to convince most people that this is a legit illness, and deserve attention respect compassion etc, not artificial at all. how about you consider people that need surgery because not only do they 'feel' wrong in their head, because of something their body, but their body is actually fucked and needs surgery to be able to walk or do some basic things that trans people take for granted because they are very privileged people.

i really got to know, how come we giving the privileged trans people all these surgery and things to make them feel nice, but other people dont get to feel nice when something is actually wrong with their body not just in their mind.

shouldnt we be helping people that cant walk and cant see, or they dont have arms or legs, before we go cutting off mentally ill people genitals. can you believe the sense of entitlement? how can such entitled group of people be viewed so favorably, and they call i ncels entitled, hardly.

imagine how many children in africa you can cure a horrible deathly and painful disease, for the cost of one trans operation. all that suffering alleviated. no these surgeries cause more problems than they solve. everyone has jumped on the bandwagon because if they dont they will be purged, they know it doesnt make any sense, any that have seriously considered it, they know the glaring hypocrisy and contradictions, they know that this is am emotional argument and appeal, not one to reason. i just outlined for you, its not good or wholesome to do surgery to these people it hurts them and hurts those that follow them.

one main reason for surgery i believe, is that these people their mental illness pathology it requires a lot of attention, validation, approval, they get that in droves after they transition. it's all a show even the ones that pretend its going great, because misery loves company, setting their fellow would-be-trans up to fail. it's really sick, upside down world, everything is inverted, people virtue signalling and pretending to be good people being often times downright ugly inside and then the ones being told they are ugly inside do sometimes have something nice like that guy that drank himself to death after face reveal.

its really sad. i can sum half this post to say, i wish that trans people and people in general would be less selfish, and think of the plight of those far worse off.

i believe that instead of gender reassignment surgery, there would be a better outcome if these people spent those same resources and gave it to charity on the ground help people who profoundly need it. we know less of them would kill themselves. service to others really is service to self.

the more you focus on other problems, to help others, the less involved you are in your own.

trans are… they're sick people, i feel bad for them, they need help with their minds, and i'm a good man i'm going to call things how they are. that is what will help them, bring them back to reality. you people out there, thinking you're good because you're being 'supportive' no. to me all you people that get your backs up against people like me, spitting truth, and actually look for good outcome for these people, for all people, you people are only holding your views in support of trans to be viewed favorably, it costs you nothing to hold that view and be supportive of their sick mental illness, infact you get rewarded for virtue signalling. which end up ruining their lives, but it cost you to be a good truthful human bean and stand up tell what is right. they love lies.


every time i read some spicy claims about the holocaust i head over to holocaustcontroversies blogspot com and usually i find it was deboonked years ago


yes i too always trust that website for all my most authoritative sources of information and debooking. glad we sorted all that out and can move on from this topic. thanks kind stranger. dont forget to updoot.


Why are you talking to yourself and advertising your own blog?


replying to someone else. and being facetious at that.


Because leftists and feminists ruined every hobbyist community I was part of, that's the only reason for me really.


my mistake i'll take for granted whatever i read in the next /pol/ dump thread. gotta rev up those pastebins, bitchute links and badly compressed screenshots of long threads, that's the real stuff, if you've read those then you've hit the end of the line and you are factually right and you are not allowed to read counter-arguments to your newfound beliefs.


Because it works. Gender dysphoria comes from people being treated as the "wrong" gender so when they get treatment that lets people treat them as the "correct" gender it literally fixes the problem. Your "solution" does not work, what works based on data and evidence is cosmetic surgery and hormones. As for your refutation, you did not offer any arguments to support your refutation. If you accept that men and succubi's brain's are different then why couldn't something go wrong which causes one to develop in a way that doesn't match the genitalia? Are you claiming you understand everything about where gender differences in the brain come from and how they develop and why? Because that is the only way I could see your refutation having any weight or meaning. The evidence we have for this happening is clear. Trannies exist. They encounter scorn and shame for being who they truly are so no one chooses to do it, yet they exist anyway and can't help being like they are. We know that attempts to make them change using religion and stuff just doesn't work. They end up living a lie just to make other people more comfortable. People like you could just grow a pair and stop being triggered every time someone acts abnormally, that has a chance of actually positively improving the world unlike your suggestions that everyone should just act more normal and they'd be better off for it. BTW you are again proving my point that you and your kind are spreading an ideology of normalfaggotry where you think people should be forced to be normal and you have not offered any arguments to support this, you just say you think it's better. Well I think you're wrong and have nothing to stand on.


trannies are mentally ill freaks that poison imageboards

Not to be an asshole but it'd be better if they killed themselves or got killed because they are defective and annoying.


I'm tired of arguing so just have a lazy "trannies should all burn in a fire".



Arguing that "freaks" AKA abnormal people deserve death on a board for weirdos and outcasts is just low. You prove my point quite perfectly. You are the ones who do not belong here. If you pride yourself on your normality go get a job and a girlfriend and procreate and save the white race or whatever bullshit you are always talking about. But you don't because you are pathetic miserable hate filled people who repel anyone who comes into contact with you, so you are doomed to be alone. That does not mean you belong here though simply because your hate filled heart dooms you to be alone. You are failed normalfags who would take a normalfag life in a second if it were offered to you. You look down on anyone not meeting social norms and ideals, including yourself. Truly pathetic and sad to see.


Trannies deserve death.

Why do I need to explain that to you?

Any intelligent person knows it.

They need to be put to death for their own good. It's like you can't see that they are disgusting people and sexual deviants. They all should die.


Being a weirdo is not a commutative property. Why the fuck should I feel any kinship towards those freaks? I don't demand that society kowtow to my virginity. I don't demand a singles only night at the local bar to accommodate me. I don't demand respect for my status as a loner. But trannies do all of the above. They can have my tolerance when they prove deserving of it. Until then, they are just obnoxious faggots.


Because it's a way to always being entertained talking about politics.



and nothing in the changed. day in and day out. those patterns remained unchanged. embrace the blank canvas. truly then you are free


File: 1713907446968.jpg (37.52 KB, 500x680, 25:34, Bike-Fall-meme-1b42wl.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>using /pol/tard as an expression
>claiming to not be bothered about politics
Amazing how some do just pull their pants away theirselves in mere seconds.
>pic related

tr00n alarm. beep beep beep
Well that is exactly why I would hate whoever blackmails me via threats.
you think we are tr00n friendly? how? mmph… userbaser is usually rotting with some issues but the mainstream way of thinking here, I thought was already clear what it is. Like kind of this >>311117


100% of poltards are crabs.


I took a look at crabs.is one day and there was /pol/tier shit all over the place. I imagine many of them have moved here.


So you could say, that some sack of potatoes has only potatoes cos that's the first thing you see when merely opening it.
>typical normie idiocy


found the crab.


Having thoughts and opinions on politics and political philosophy doesn't make one automatically a "/pol/tard" as you put it.

>I do not Care About politics

So why would you care about people discussing a subject you don't care about? Stay in your lane of things you are informed of and line up with your interest rather than imposing your personal values on something you don't understand and don't care enough about to understand.

> attracted to that board's ideaolgy

From my understand you are talking about 4shit's /pol/. If that is the case, they don't have a unified ideology and from what I seen, it's nearly impossible to even have a coherent discussion on any topic on the board because the low effort shitposting, rage baiting, and irony posting have gone past critical levels years ago.
Though I have to wonder why someone who is supposedly uninteresting in politics would go to a board exclusively about politics.


cuz there are little imageboards left odds are that if somebody browses here he also browses 4chan and 8chan


So what if you looked at da mirror? Back to wherever soyjaks reunite.
Don't you see him? It's like when leftists call fascist whoever disagreeing with woke agenda


I don't know where the fuck you /pol/crabs are coming from. But if you think you are in good company here, you are mistaken.


he's in good company. You people call everything that goes against mainstream narratives "/pol/", It doesn't get any more anon than having "/pol/" tier opinions, it's what you'd develop if you only used imageboards. In my experience people that complain about /pol/ often use normalfag sites like reddit that they have their opinions influenced by and then come to imageboards to complain how people aren't more like them. Have the whole internet to be a fag in.


4chan and most imageboards are full of normalfags now. Having /pol/tier opinions doesn't make you especial. You're just another faggot normie trying to fit in.


>Having /pol/tier opinions
But this is where the issues in your argument lie. A "/pol/tier opinion" can be any opinions at all. Despite your hyperfixation on the words of the right, /pol/ itself accommodates opinions, fabrications, histories, and trolls from all areas of the political compass. But to ban any kind of political discussion… that's not what you want. What you want is to ban those who hold opinions not aligned with your own. You don't want to remove /pol/, rather, you want to become an echochamber for something like leftypol.


Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about when I say "/pol/tier opinions". I'm talking about those idiots spamming the word "nigger" everywhere. The ones who derail every thread with their racebait. The edgy faggots who post nazi shit all over the place. This imageboard has been relatively free from that filth and I hope it remains that way.

The last thing we need is some brainwashed faggot posting his manifesto here before he goes to shoot up a school.


File: 1714091940312.jpg (101.38 KB, 1170x1129, 1170:1129, schizoracist.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>You're just another faggot normie trying to fit in.

I wish I was surprised by how daft you are but I'm not, because you're almost everyone.

Crusading against "racism" (however the fuck that's defined this week) is about the most normie thing imaginable. People have to go to meetings at work about diversity, every celebrity and corporation is "against racism", pop songs decrying "racism" etc. etc. etc.


File: 1714092037318.jpg (331.48 KB, 1000x1639, 1000:1639, GLDKCOsXUAA34aZ.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>This imageboard has been relatively free from that filth and I hope it remains that way.
That is absolutely not the case, and never has been. These "/pol/" opinions have been sanctioned as OK to have and share since the Wizardchan 1.0 days. It's only when they're used to derail a thread that they get removed all the same as any other rule 5 derailment would. That's rarely the case though, because they're often posted in response to someone on the left posting their leftlike opinions. I mean, if someone is blatantly acting like a communist or a nigger, then letting them know that isn't derailment, especially if other on-topic opinions are present in the accusatory post. Naziposting is usually done in response to people like yourself shouting "/pol/!!!" at every sight of someone using a forbidden word or reinding people that Idians shit in the street and therefore can not be trusted to fly a spacecraft. And cases where it is being spammed without provocation is usually in /b/, so why care?

You're not angry that people are fighting or exchanging harsh words - no, your type feeds off of drama and infighting- but rather you're angry that they're sometimes using words that you yourself have been raised to believe to be off-limits. Every imageboard has banter. If someone uses a word that you can't personally stand, banning that word and the guys who use it would inevitably create the echo chamber that I'm accusing you of propagating. You have just as much power to make posts disproving or disagreeing with their ebil racism. Use your keyboard to stand up for hat you believe in instead of begging the mods to artificially shape the site's landscape to accommodate your religious hatred of certain words and ideas. Oh, but that's right! Every time you do, more people came to defend whichever Trump-voting, nofapping, drug-hating /pol/friend you're entertaining with your bleeding heart calls for authoritarian crackdowns on bad words. Because the site is majority those very types. Always has been.

>The edgy faggots who post nazi shit all over the place

Again, these sentiments aren't at all exclusive to /pol/ and are as widespread among imageboards as anime. Assume everyone is a national socialist, esoteric Hitlerist, or Touhou fan until they explicitly state that they are not.

Pic related.


Contrarian rhetoric detected.


What he wrote was 100% factual


To be contrarian isn't about being right or wrong, it's about being the opposition. His argument of the value of something as blatantly retarded as racism is "the normies do the opposite".
I'm sorry but that's fucking stupid. You can write "100% factual" posts for cannibalism and never showering as well with this method.


being racist is also a normalfag activity


File: 1714154386794.jpg (43.24 KB, 621x486, 23:18, agayone.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was responding to someone saying that people with "racist" views are normalfags trying to fit in, that is (very) obviously not the case.

It's the quickest way to find yourself ostracized outside of a few niche communities, you have just about the entire internet, including the largest platforms, to be a clown-world approved faggot in.


Being racist is basically being a bully, and bullies are normalfags.


Literally everything besides 'staying celibate' is a normalfag activity. You say this while every school, company, public servant, fundraiser, investor, and grandma incorporates "racism bad" in everything they say or do. If racism was for normalfags, normalfags wouldn't deplatform and blacklist anyone who dared to make a racial joke on their Facebook 10 years ago. But here we are.

Most of us are racist because we've seen and lived through decades of evidence that Negroes, Semites, and Mulattoes are violent and always quick to punch down. Our hatred goes deeper than the color of someone's skin, and most people will be glad to explain the reasoning for their hatred which usually extends in to histories, current cultural practices, and how that particular race has committed atrocities against others. To suggest such a superficially simplistic reasoning for racists' values is a juvenile strawman.


The white race has committed more atrocities than any other group in history, yet I don't hate all white people just because of the color of their skin. I'm an individualist, I only judge people by their character. I hate normalfags of all colors and empathize with wizards and other people in similar positions. I'm not white, but I have more in common with a white wizard, than with normalfags of my own race.


>The white race has committed more atrocities than any other group in history


>The white race has committed more atrocities than any other group in history
Did you not learn any history of the world outside of Europe?
Like if a European wasn't there did it just not happen to you?

How can someone be so absurdly ignorant of the vast majority of world history? Like did you hit your head. Did you fail history class?
Have you never read a history book?
I don't understand how someone could say something so absurdly stupid. That is beyond wrong. That is pants on the head retarded.


I am white and I agree with you, two world wars caused by whites


you'd have to be willfully ignorant or have cognitive blinders not to engage with that sphere at this point. You stupid communist kids are living in artificial bubbles of controlled information


File: 1714417205941.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1100, 54:55, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Yeah moishe-nathniel I totally agree.

*rubs hands*

>The white race has committed more atrocities than any other group in history



That's because of numbers. In terms of crime percentage it has no use to put white race as the worst to live with

they ignore data on purpose, as lefties do for an habit


what is a poltard?

is not wanting to be jewed, niggerfied, chinked, etc. a retarded? Whe Ending up as a beta passive liberal cuck blind follower of rules is peak retardation.
Lots of people don't know why they do the things they do or where certain trends come from, they just care about social validation and feeling good all the time. Mystic virgins are a different breed.

>In 2023, China will continue to maintain its advantage as the world's largest vape manufacturer and exporter, with total exports of vape products reaching US$11.084 billion, compared with US$9.854 billion in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 12.50%.

>'NO FUTURE' FOR VAPING IN CHINA The government brought vaping companies under control of its state-run tobacco administration, beginning with a prohibition on online sales in 2019 and culminating in a sweeping ban on all flavors except tobacco.

>China has banned all flavoured e- cigarettes to reduce e- cigarette use among young people

If you can be one step ahead everyone by simply learning, then you should. Don't be a sheep.


it become a must be after 2016 4chan


Teh! Teh colonizars! They coloniz'd muh cuntrey! and.. and gave me electricity.? and… knowledge? wut… they're still evil doe..


spaniard kikes(sephardic jews) decimated and racemixxed with amerindians ruining a once based empire and continent and then lost their colony which didn't even last for 3 centuries.
Now look at Spain's population, they are all left leaning radical feminists with moor blood and without any fucking gold because their gold reserves was given to the bolshevisk, all that conquest for naught.

I have more respect for the Incas and amerindian people than any racemixxing spaniard nigger. Their so called civilization has proven to be a downgrade and they committed the worst crime of all, racemixxing. Spaniard colonizers are no better than niggers.

I don't have to call them evil like the other poster, they are simply animals and dysgenic, no different from white chicks who breed with niggers or white men who marry asians and produce a hapa offspring.

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