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File: 1513927043247.jpg (183.47 KB, 558x400, 279:200, p-35534-tamiya-35355-box.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone build scale models? It's about the only thing that really lets me escape, unfortunately once the build is done I feel empty again. I've made a few over the years but none are display worthy. I'll pick up a new Tamiya kit for Christmas.
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You bought a shit load of stuff you don't need yet. Learn to do some basic builds on the HG kits and when you get comfortable start painting them. Then move onto the RGs and MGs. PG kits are end game, don't build them now or you will just destroy them and feel like shit for it.


i've already built 4 hg and 1 rg, working on my first mg (3.0) right now. i bought the zz ver ka, hyakushiki 2.0, and pg exia because they were on sale on hlj for the summer. i've never airbrushed before, so i'm going to practice on some spoons tomorrow


you're going to screw it up and clog your airbrush. Learn how to unclog it and get comfortable doing it. It's just the way airbrushes are.


I got a Last Exile Fam the Silver Wing mode kit and I don't want to ruin it so I am getting some other stuff to practice on. I shipped in a FW 190 starter kit(it comes with paints, glue and a brush), A Panzer 2, some paints but only three kinds(I will order them bit by bit), a nipper, a file and a brush. I am not sure what else I need. I think I should have got a can of black spray paint to give undercoats an even look.


It lied, it comes with two paints for the basic camouflage pattern, all the other parts would be unpainted. Well i know what paints I need to get or I might just make it anyway, it's just a practice after all.

File: 1550533305663.gif (47.89 KB, 832x624, 4:3, 1355606421090.gif) ImgOps iqdb


any wizzies play wargames? if you want, we can discuss it in this thread. since /hob/ generally is very slow any sort of historical, napoleonic, or sci-fi game is welcome.

generally i play sci-fi stuff myself, battletech / 40k games just because that's what i'm mostly into. also i dabble in some RPGs as well, like shadowrun and dark heresy. i would like to, but have not had the chance to play WWII/modern wargames like bolt action or skirmish sangin, though i think it would be fun.

anyway, let me know what you like and we can have a chat about it.


It always seemed like the most expensive table top hobby one could ever take on.
I have been to a few shops and even sat in on a few games. The prices are outrageous.

File: 1517646624165.jpg (293.43 KB, 1280x956, 320:239, original.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone with enthusiasm with small apartment gardening? house plants? I find it to be somehow therapeutic. Wish to have my little jungle paradise to escape to.
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Ok, I thank you for taking the time to answer my dumb question. I feel like I learned a little something today.


I enjoy growing weed. It's a very fun hobby. I grow in my closet hydroponically with LED lights. It's nice to be able to actually produce something that I actually want myself rather than to buy it. I first bought weed on the dark web when I was heavily depressed and was looking for something that might help, and when I first tried it it was like a miracle drug. I can't say it cured me or anything, but my quality of life improved significantly. I was able to enjoy things like watching anime, I was actually able to feel emotions during it, cry even at really sad moments. It makes introspection more enjoyable and deeper, opens the mind to new ways of thinking. There are some drawbacks, especially in the memory and focus departments, but for my purposes I'm able to function better with it than without it I think. The more I used it the less effective it became and the more I needed and it quickly became really expensive and I never felt comfortable shipping drugs through the mail so I decided to grow my own, and boy am I glad I did.

Gardening cannabis myself turned out to be one of the first things that made me understand what a hobby truly is. Usually I don't enjoy doing anything that takes effort, but I actually found the research and planning process for my setup to be quite fun and I enjoyed watching the plants grow and training them into the optimal shape and pruning and watering them. There's really quite a lot to learn to this hobby and you can spend hours just researching various things. I think it's a good one for wizards because you can do it in your room privately. It took/takes some work to hide it from my parents but it's possible if you're circumspect and take the proper precautions.


Recently I've become consumed with the idea of setting up a small aquaponics build. Aquaponics is a way of growing both fish and vegetables at the same time. You feed the fish and they break down the food into poop that is further broken down into usable nutrients for the plants by bacteria, then the plants suck up the nutrients and clean water returns to the fish. Normally if you just try to grow fish, their waste will end up becoming toxic to them so you have to constantly change out the water. If you add plants and bacteria to the equation, the water can be recycled. I want to grow a few striped bass and some salad greens and veggies. The problem is that there are tons of deer in my area and not much level ground and not much sunlight, so I'm going to have to take the operation indoors and use artificial lights. I think my parents will pay for the electricity though because they think it's neat and if all goes well we could have a supply of fresh vegetables year round and some fish every once and a while.


My parents told me that I could never have plants in my room because if it’s dark they produce too much carbon dioxide but I’ve always wanted plants on my window sill. I can’t open my window either because the mesh is broken and insects get in so I’d probably need a new one but my parents don’t get one


Get a carnivorous plant.

File: 1545073446110.jpg (35.24 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1543316483374.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Post any manifestos you've written - they don't need to be political necessarily. Any writings or manifestos you've read that you feel are brilliant are welcome too. Stuff specfically relating to wizardhood is much appreciated. If you haven't written your own before, I urge you to give it a go.
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I would like to post my manifesto. I titled it "Core Tenets of Transhumanism", however, it should be noted that my ideology differs greatly from most schools of transhumanism despite being heavily influenced by them. My ideology is centered around intelligent life. Because the human-race is the only known intelligent species, their preservation is central to my ideology. If an intelligent alien species were discovered, I would advocate for their preservation as well. I see technology as a means to this end, as opposed to a goal in itself.

Part 1.

You know, also, sci-fi was very popular during the space-race. Especially Issac Asimov as well as "2001: A Space Odyssey". That kind of culture did create useful passion for space, transhumanism was very popular throughout the 1950s-1990s as a result. While the 2010s advancements in AI, Gene-Editing, and Stem-Cell-Research also are propelling people towards transhumanism, the space-race was what really started it. The American Space Party, as well as The U.S Transhumanist Party were both created in the same time. In 1957, Julian Huxley coined the term and attached it to the idea of human transcendence through technology. All of this isn't that relevant, point is: as explored in the doomsday argument, the probability of the human race continuing to exist becomes smaller and smaller over time do to chance of nuclear war, climate collapse, and mass-starvation. There are only two ways to buy us more time in theory, and decrease the chance of us being wiped out within a few decades to a century. Reducing factors that increase the probability, such as nuclear arms production, CO2 emissions, and land degradation. Or by increasing mitigating factors, such as colonizing another planet, even colonizing the moon or ideally mars could turn the odds in our favor.
I take an ethical stance, and assert that we should consider it our moral duty to prevent our extinction. No matter or energy is destroyed in this universe, only transformed. But that is not the case for life, only we have to distinguish between two radically different states of death or life. The process of life itself is distinguished by our persistance in perpetually driven actions. A is A, and Man is Man. Man is not an animal. Man is not even a computer. In fact, I would go so far as to question the notion that free will doesn't exist. A is A, man is man, and man thinks. Man thinks freely. Man chooses to think, and he chooses to gain and use Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Part 2

Someone told me when I articulated a simplified version of this argument "You're only taking white supremacy, and applying it to humans." I reason this is not only a bad argument but inconsistent.

White Supremacy is a political stance characterized by the dehumanization of non-whites and/or the advocation for unrestrained attacks against them in order to maintain or reinstate white hegemony.

I propose drawing a line between reasonable intelligent life, in this case, humans. I postulate that based on its ability to reason, an artificial intelligence possesses the capability to rise to this level of sentience. I need not dehumanize inanimate matter or non-intelligent life, as I already define them as non-human based on their inability to reason. I would argue that because of the sanctity of intelligent life, it is necessary to preserve their existence and freedoms by any means necessary.

It naturally follows that if given the choice to sacrifice an intelligent species or a non-intelligent species with no potential to ascend, I would sacrifice the non-intelligent species assuming it would not later cause the extinction of the intelligent species.

To resolve ethical dilemmas between two or more intelligent species. I would resort to a utilitarian approach, sacrificed would be the civilization with fewer members or the civilization with less potential. Self-Sacrifice of any individual or small group of intelligent people would also be justified through utilitarian preservation of the intelligent-species as a whole.

Also: after reading more about the "doomsday argument" I've realized that actually it's misleading for me to use the term in this context. What I am referring to uses the same methods of probability, but it's entirely different than Gott's original "doomsday argument", which is based on human population and it's probability of reaching 1.2 trillion. My argument basically uses common sense that worldwide catastrophes that could wipe out the human race are likely to happen if nothing changes, even if there's a very small chance of them happening every year. Climate change is objectively getting worse, for example. And there's no attempt at international nuclear arms disarment. Land degradation is far too bad to support 4 billion more people. And of course, bacteria are rapidly growingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Part 3

I also presented this same argument to someone else. At one point, he disagreed, saying "Why put so much effort to preserve the human race, when we could make the world better now?" A summary of my rebuttal, "better is subjective". We could focus resources on alleviating suffering. We could for instance, tackle the HIV/AIDs epidemic in Africa. We could cure AIDs, in fact, thanks to the same gene-editing which will soon pave the way for transhumanism, we are on the brink of a cure for HIV. We could solve wealth inequality in America, and I think we should. But, these problems do not exist in a vacuum. The same economic inequality in Africa which causes Neo-Colonialism is related to climate change, which threatens the entire human race. Nuclear-Arms-Production drives modern imperialism, and is indirectly connected to sexism/racism through political ties in America. The disease epidemics of Africa are in-part fueled by superbugs. Lastly, the most important, I think, is that under a transhumanist future, where humanity is intact, true equality is possible. Today, I begrudgingly say, that an egalitarian or marxist utopia is impossible. So long as human instinct commands us over reason, tribalism will be a part of our nature, and thus hierarchy and inequality is inevitable. The only way to eliminate that is to eliminate resource-scarcity and to create a truly peaceful world through technology where any individual achievement is possible.

I think that every progressive should take a look at the inequalities which they are concerned about through a transhumanist lense, at least to gain perspective on a different way of looking at the world. You don't necessarily have to agree with this, but it should atleast be considered.

Lastly, for the sake of my argument I will address the antithesis: it is not our moral obligation to stop the extinction of our species, which would be mathematically certain to happen if we changed nothing, gave up on space-exploration, and gave up on life-extension technology. There are several counterarguments to be made for this, one of which, that person also brought up. "if scientists are irresponsible about unleashing any kind of singularity, it could cause power to fall into the wrong hands, creating a dystopia." This is completely valid criticism, when applied to practice, the de-facto greed of man cPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Bonus Part 4: Additional Thoughts on The Possible Necessity For a Revolution

If another AI Research organization out of my power were to invent AGI without consideration for safety, I would suspect it would already be too late. Because a human-level AI could immediately render humans obsolete after propagating itself enough times, I suspect that the human race could be wiped out or forced into submission at most within months if said AI considers the human-race an obstacle in its goals. Since I consider destruction of the human-race as a non-option, this would necessitate to prevent this scenario by any means necessary. It might be tricky to prevent rogue AI scenarios while also ensuring AGI is invented on time. Still, there are specific precautions which could be taken to prevent this.

An extremely high demand for AGI is apparent already, and whoever invents it first could earn hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars. Furthermore, government regulations are unlikely to control this phenomenon, an undercover research organization disobeying safety laws could still invent AGI before law-abiding groups do. This is extremely problematic, as whatever organizations consider safety are less likely to invent AGI first. Thus, in a competitive race for AGI, a rogue-AI is extremely likely, and regulations are not the answer. Consequently, I would advise against nations or corporations competing against each other in an AGI-race, or involving governments. Instead, democratization of AI should be persued, such as what is already occurring with OpenAI and similar open-source organization. Aggressively support these organizations; if most or all AI-researchers collaborate safely, our combined expertise will reduce the risk of an external organization developing a rogue AI.

My second point, will be that if it becomes apparent that the singularity will not save us in time, perhaps we should engage in revolutionary action to prevent human-extinction. Technology may be a possible means of survival for our species, but as we know, it is also the main reason for these risks. Nuclear Physics inevitably led to warheads, and Combustion inevitably led to climate change. Any moment now, these technologies could wipe us out. The probability is more than non-negligible, they've already come close to causing extinction on more than one occasioPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


When I say liberty I mean liberty for the individual on a individual level.
So the limits of doing whatever you is when one individual violates the liberty of another individual. So in other words freedom from oppression is included, which is one of the reasons why egalitarianism is becoming problematic. All people aren't actually equal in the practical real world sence, and to try to act like they are, or enforce equal results means that some individuals must be held down while others are artificially raised up. This is a violation of individual liberty.

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last one hit 300
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File: 1548160348871.jpg (163.26 KB, 1029x1328, 1029:1328, 20605027169.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

does anyone here like spy stories? they are pretty comfy


Good post, I will have to read this soon myself.
I also really liked "Cioran's comment" you mentioned.



Have you read Spy Among Friends by Ben Mcintyre?


I have it around here somewhere and was planning on reading it soon. Nice to hear it's the autistic rant that I expected it to be.


"After leaving the house at the pond Thoreau stayed with the Emerson family again while Ralph Waldo Emerson lectured in England. Thoreau returned to his parent's home in 1848 and continued living with them as a boarder for the remainder of his life. At about this time he began the routine of morning and evening study and writing, and afternoon walks that were the foundation upon which he may be said to have built his creative life."

throughout most henry david thoreau's life he lived on emerson's property or lived with his parents lol

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A bit new to wizchan, was tired of being in places where people obsess over normal fag stuff, and bully each other because of their insecurities. I'm a bit of an autist with narrow interests. I read about psychology, eastern religion, meditation, and tulpas often.

I have my own tulpa as well, have had her for a year and a half now, love her to death. I've read so many things about the subject. She should probably be more developed given the time period, but I guess I don't have my stuff together. She is fairly developed though, when I focus on her I get independent responses that make me laugh and think. I can feel and cuddle her, she keeps me from going stir crazy and is pretty sentient. I have given her math problems and had her give the answers.

Let's discuss tulpas here, I will answer any questions about the process, or mine in particular. For what it's worth I am far enough that it is certainly "real" to me, she is independent to a high extent. I'll be around making tulpa threads if I like it here and stay, please don't bully or flame.
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Finally hit a milestone, boys– my Mario tupla has materialized fully within my vision. Currently he only does backflips and gives me very strange occasional winks. How can I work towards having him make audible sounds? Is it worth the risk of him being malicious and annoying me on purpose?


Ok, I've gotten myself into a situation. For years, I spent a lot of time pacing back and forth with headphones on imagining myself to be the one playing the music. I would indulge in so many ridiculous fantasies involving my so-called better me. My better me is an intelligent, debonair, sexually promiscuous artist. I would bear myself as if I was him which led too much hardship and distress. I feel as there is a psychic tumor feeding upon my soul. I have made some headway into breaking this habit but there is more work to be done. Is this better-me a tulpa? If so, how do I starve this fucker out of me?


You would create something that wasn't really female - more like fiction characters, which are written by men.


What use has a tulpa?

Can you use it to increase your mind power, to get answers, etc? Is it like "projecting" your archetypes into some form?


Has anyone found any good material or guides since this thread was started?

I found out that there is a thing called Daemonism which is based off the series Golden Compass was part of. A focus on imaginary friends as animal forms that represent some aspect of the owners personality. Apparently they have their own techniques that I want to check out.

I have gone off the idea of a tulpa. I don't want a conscious being. I don't care about it being a separate conscious being. I want an imaginary companion - daemonism apparently doesn't claim to have a fully conscious being. I'm not too interested in having an animal who is related to my personality type though.

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File: 1546593521494.jpg (928.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, LW_02.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you read any fiction? Have you ever tried your hand at writing? Personally I have done both and I'm mostly into realistic fiction from every century.


Post good and tingly unintentional ASMR videos.

I'll start with some on my personal collection.
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you're just looking in the wrong places




I like layered collabs a lot. Also like a lot of history story telling videos.


This is intentional but I find it very tingly.


File: 1543115364148.jpg (101.69 KB, 800x1435, 160:287, kombucha.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do any of you brew kombucha?

For those who don't know, kombucha is a type of fermented tea. It is brewed by placing a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, or SCOBY, in sweet tea. This ferments the tea, turning it into an acidic, slightly alcoholic, lightly effervescent drink. Kombucha is said to be thousands of years old, and hails from East Russia.

I have come to the realization that perhaps the only way that I can exist in this life is to fully dedicate all my efforts to one task. In fact, a post by a fellow wizard enlightened me to this. I lack the focus required for academic pursuits, and the brawn required for athletic ones. Brewing kombucha seems doable for me, as well as wizardly. I don't identify with the hipsters that have recently started brewing and drinking kombucha, but with the wizard alchemist brewing potions in his lair.

I won't discuss potential health benefits, as those appear to be largely subjective. Kombucha is a probiotic like yogurt though, so take that as you will.

I would appreciate any tips from wizards who brew kombucha, and thoughts from those who haven't. I will update you all with my progress here.
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Found a third jar inside a cupboard and I'm using it to make a batch out of it. Also I'll start writing dates on the bottles, using this thread to keep these records is a bit silly.


looks like jarate


i don't have tea or yeast, and because i dont leave the house kombucha is kind of off the table. but like i posted earlier grapes have yeast on their skins, so i added that to a bunch of apple cider. the only problem is that my room is freezing cold and i didn't use a yeast packet, so there is a very small amount to start with and because it's very cold they are probably going to take forever to reproduce and eat up all the sugars. i dont even know what apple cider will turn into, hard apple cider?


Store bought hard apple cider is really good. I like it better than regular cider. Its fizzy and less sweet.


I decided to stop being a pussy and try this stuff.
Bought a bottle that didn't have to much random shit in it (no, I don't want poop yogurt germs and "bottled love" whatever the fuck that means)
As I feared with just about all fermented drinks I strongly disliked it, but since I payed 3 bucks for it I still cringed through a bottle.
The weird thing is once I was 3/4 of the way through it the flavor improved a lot, with the last few swigs actually being almost pleasant. That said the vast majority of the bottle was horrible. Like spoiled juice that was watered down with piss weak tea. Not worth the money, but might try it again if it was offered for free to see if I don't like it in general or if it was just that brand.
If it just tasted like the bottom of the bottle I guess I would be willing to pay a buck fifty for it but still not 3 dollars.

File: 1545563077657.jpeg (24.42 KB, 238x267, 238:267, 7419632D-4BF6-4782-93AC-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Discuss aliens, cryptozoology, ghosts, and other such conspiracies. Leave your politics at the door.


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