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File: 1583904003241.jpg (94.61 KB, 800x602, 400:301, speedyreedy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Have any wizzies mastered this art or it this simply a normtrend in order to sell books? (ironically)

When we think about why we read and how we retain information, we must break it down into:
> - Topics
> - Techniques
> - Arguments
> - Conclusions

There may be more categories but that on a basic level will give you the information you retain from a book.

So is speed-reading just spooky or can it reliably reduce my book reading time down to a single day for 300+ pages?
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>2000 pages per minute
do you mean words?


Heh, yeah, words. My bad.


And also "150 words to 600", not pages.


But how does text actually get memorised depending on the speed that you read it?

Are their any shitty youtube animation guides on how this process works?

Like you read something at normal speed, retain 50%, double your reading speed, retain 10%

What's going on in the brain?


I'm still trying to improve my typing, but i still use two fingers after 15 years on a keyboard.
Speed-typing is at least proven possible, so i'm gonna try it out this month, might report back

File: 1577749225583.jpg (172.33 KB, 800x624, 50:39, Rear Window Poster-5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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The last movie thread has reached the bump limit.
Previous thread:
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That was great, wiz. I found a copy on YouTube.


I hate how Hollywang gender swaps everything these days. Just from the poster I can already see that they're trying to reanimate this franchise to star succubi. Hardly anything worth watching made by them anymore. It's all to appease shrill bitches and Chinese censors and grovel in front of minorities.


at least we still have foreign cinema…


File: 1596339457679-0.jpg (889.32 KB, 1232x1733, 1232:1733, wmouseroared.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1596339457679-1.jpg (13.63 KB, 167x300, 167:300, wtallblond.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1596339457679-2.jpg (311.82 KB, 760x1086, 380:543, wtheparty.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Here's some funny oldies off the top of my head that are pretty good. If you can handle subtitled comedy Louis de Funes's movies are really funny.


Thanks, wiz.

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File: 1561056650103.jpg (1.27 MB, 3328x1894, 1664:947, IMAG0339_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Since Nr. 5 is on auto-sage a new one is in order.

I tried drawing the opening scene from 雪国 earlier today. It's a train compartment if you can't tell My linework is still shoddy, the human figure eludes me and the perspective was hard but it turned out ok I think.
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i really like the style


File: 1596274960782-0.jpg (598.03 KB, 2300x1499, 2300:1499, 072320study.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1596274960782-1.jpg (201.28 KB, 1524x1059, 508:353, 072220study.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1596274960782-2.jpg (249.72 KB, 1563x1380, 521:460, 072020study.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

more study. im feeling it slip again wizzies. no inspiration, just doing mindless studies. i hate this feeling with every fiber of my being, i feel like a husk

oh thank you. From over a year ago!

i love this.. looks like an album cover, what program is this?


What even is that pose?
Still, pretty good work capturing it.


Likely some ballet form.


>what program
clip studio paint, thanks

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File: 1588830198409.jpg (202.3 KB, 700x700, 1:1, D00-SHTFSUBPS_700.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anybody into SHTF related hobbies? I started with prepper stuff the past year and it was quite helpful to be prepared before normgroids started panicking with the coronavirus. I'm reading a lot on the topic and trying to improve in different skills for when SHTF, if ever. Perhaps this doesn't sounds as a very wizardly hobby but I find survivalist stuff interesting and training different skills and improvisation helps me concentrating and not being devoured by my thoughts. I think it's good for wizards

The prepper scene is full of larpers, lunatics, and useless garbage but thankfully there's people who survived through IRL SHTF events and their experiences, giving genuine and useful info for beginners. My recommendation for newbie wizards interested in this area is to read Selco (Bosnian war survivor) and Ferfal (Argentine economic collapse survivor). They're among the most genuine out there and there's lots of common points in their thoughts and advice
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File: 1593016737405.jpg (36.62 KB, 310x391, 310:391, backwoods_cover58.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Check out Kurt Saxon's works. Most of his radio shows are on Youtube and many of books are available online.

Radio show:




Here is a pdf about places in the US and Canada which are useful to relocate to:


Finally some copies of Backwoods homes magazine with useful homesteading information along with being super comfy:



Do you have any more comfy Egyptian paintings like that?


This. I use the survival rule of 3;
3 minutes ~ need air
3 hours ~ need shelter
3 days ~ need water
3 weeks ~ need food
I plan to live remote enough that I don't need more than one rifle and some ammo.


I get painfully hungry after 16 hours of no food and start getting desperate after 20 hours


I prepped as a hobby for a few years now, but I've been getting more into it again in recent times for obvious reasons. Most of the things I prep for are fairly common problems rather than some more unlikely event like civil war or zombies. I have savings in case of an emergency; I try to stay active and healthy to minimise health problems (doing stuff like hiking and camping is doubly beneficial for survival); I have rainwater barrels in case of drought and to save on water bills; I have a vegetable garden to learn skills and save some money on food bills; I never let my car's fuel go below the half-way mark; I have cash, books, games and a camping stove in case the electricity goes out, etc. I always travel with a small backpack, even if it is just to the shops. Along with my usual work stuff or shopping in the main pocket, it also has in the front pocket a foldable raincoat, cash, book, power bank, tissues, a tiny first aid kit, a tiny LED torch, a pair of socks, a few bars of chocolate and a bottle of water. This is all stuff I've had to use at one time or another, from train delays to forgetting to charge my mobile, to stepping in a puddle. I also have a month worth of food in my house at all times, just various long-life stuff I normally eat (porridge, pasta, soup, chocolate, etc) kept on a stock rotation rather than a supply of survival biscuits wasting space and are just going to be thrown out after a few years. This combined with a small supply of medicines and toiletries meant I weathered the recent shortages and shutdowns with almost no impact. And indeed, all the stuff I mentioned above is also a reaction to problems that have happened in the recent past, such as fuel shortages and credit card payment systems going down, so I am better prepared for the events next time.

I do slightly regret not doing/getting some things earlier. For example I considered getting a supply of stuff like masks and gloves, but thought it was going too far into larper territory. Now those things are 4 times the price they used to be. If money was not a problem I would probably have more fun larping, probably even going as far as installing solar panels and buying a caravan home for bugout purposes. But unfortunately being poor forces me to be sensible in my preps. Oh well.

My main worry is defence, especially as I grow older. I live alone in the country, am alone, and in my declining country (UK) you are limited on what you can do to defend yourselfPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1525532618993-0.png (4.06 MB, 1517x1137, 1517:1137, they grow.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1525532618993-1.jpg (1.08 MB, 2592x1944, 4:3, Eq.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1525532618993-2.jpg (9.23 KB, 275x183, 275:183, dasf.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone here grow mushrooms or take them before?

I remember posting back on /wiz/ about a year ago about my experience with mushrooms and people were really interested. Though that time I bought them off the darknet markets, this time I am growing them. First image is my current grow, second image is not mine but where they will be likely be within 5 days, 3rd image is the innoculated jars.

Essentially what you do is sterilise brown rice flour (BRF) in a small masonry jar by way of pressure cooker. You then take the sterilise jars out, add psilocybin mushroom spores which can be bought online from USA in the clearnet no trouble as you just say they're for microscopy purposes.

Once you colonise the jars with spores you keep them warm and away from sunlight for two weeks. Inside the jars the spores will create mycelium and eventually turn the entire jar into a big fungi mass. You take this out, place it in a terrarium and keep the humidity high and the light low and the mushrooms come out within a week (where I am at the moment).

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File: 1593301993639.jpg (63.16 KB, 754x218, 377:109, 32123113121321132121321.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

In terms of the Shulgin rating scale id say shrooms have a solid potential to reach (++++)


File: 1595832027050-0.jpg (499.77 KB, 1920x966, 320:161, 1440804988048.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1595832027050-1.jpg (43.75 KB, 410x577, 410:577, If_195902.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1595832027050-2.jpg (564.35 KB, 978x1400, 489:700, 1567106046263.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Truffles are idiot proof and would be my recommendation for beginners. The sclerotia form in the jars and become potent after six months and you don't need to fruit them unless you want to collect spores.

The truffles contain less water weight so eating them dry is still gross and tastes slightly nutty. Definitely don't use a fine grain because the sclerotia intertwines with them. I advise turning them into a tea.

Answers are already posted here >>45124
All you need to know is
Galerina will kill you painfully and like to grow around magic mushrooms on the west coast.
Panaeoulus is Copelandia and are about 3x as potent as cubes and love shit. Pan cam is said to be slightly more potent than pan cyan but GOODLUCK finding those spores. You can grow these without grain, and misting their fruiting bodies will cause aborts. They are much smaller than cubes and grow slightly faster.
Psilocybe cyanescens is the second most potent species but those come from outdoor grows on woodchips, growers still don't know how to replicate their fruiting conditions indoors, or rather don't want to build a special fridge room to do so. It's easy to innoculate woodchips and layer them around a potted plant that sits outside though, provided you time it around autumn.

And the most potent of all has been beyond every cultivation attempt so you need not worry about it.


File: 1595833561564-0.jpg (36.83 KB, 480x342, 80:57, 18010207_314701372281799_1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1595833561564-1.jpg (53.28 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 649195572-f765d20069.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1595833561564-2.jpg (267.84 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 1440913115622.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Let us know how it goes.

Everyone can hold a paintbrush but not everyone can paint.


If the wizard used the darknet. Otherwise being a hermit is not a great start to being able to move what you grow. People don't really consume this that often.

>Once you colonise the jars with spores you keep them warm and away from sunlight for two weeks.

This is info from the previous century. Mushrooms enjoy ambient light at all stages of their growth as evidenced by specimens grown in the light vastly out colonizing those kept in the dark.

Pan Cyans and Pan Cams contain more Psilocin than cubensis thus making their trips stronger and more colorful. Instead of choking down a handful of gnarly cubes you can trip off 1 gram of pan cyan. You also need to case Panaelous in order for them to fruit and that needs to be an acidic pH.


Thanks for the info on cams and cyans, wiz. I wonder if the visuals they provide would be distinct than the ones from cubes.


This. I started at 2-2.75 doses. Shit was great. Went hiking. Went to a huge concert with lots of ppl, no issue.

Felt like my dick was big enough to just eat 3.75.


Come up was great, but I tripped way too hard. Wasn’t ready for the emotional roller coster.

File: 1560465526050.jpg (3.63 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190612_165628.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Been wageslaving for a year and I managed to build my first half decent PC with some of the money I saved up. Any other anons enjoy this?

I used:
Ryzen 5 2600, ASUS ROG x470 mini itx, 16gb of RAM, and an rx590. Hopefully should last me 4 or 5 years since I plan to go NEET for awhile again soon.
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you need a 2x processor when you update the bios
I recently updated it to the newest version
you just have to put the zip in a fat formatted USB stick and let the software do the rest for you. No need to be scared
I think you can also directly connect to the internet with the uefi and do the update this way.


Also mine was already updated to the version that supports ryzen 3000 when I bought it


Finally assembled my first gaming PC with i9 9900k and 2080 ti
and, well, it still lags sometimes in Red Dead Redemption 2, maybe not really a lag, but fps drops sometimes to low 40s

It's on all ultra, but it's not even 4k, but regular 1920x1080
Maybe it's just the game is unoptimized mess?
Maybe I should put a custom waterblock on graphics card, will it get more frames per second then?


No, it is a common optimization issue and not your computer.


Are you running with RTX on? that typically smashes performance for a disputable visual upgrade. Nevertheless a 2080 Ti should be able to run anything current and near future on ultra buttery smoothly. Rockstar has been known to optimize games well in terms of things like portalflow and distant object imposters so I doubt it's on their end.
When do the dips happen? If it's during high particle events like smoke or snow, check for a bios update to get the most out of your CPU

File: 1481231452811.jpg (818.86 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wZq957[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb


One thing that interests me as a NEET are people who can dedicate long hours towards a hobby.

Does anyone know of any youtube channels, blogs, etc. where the author does this?

I'm talking about 10 hours a day and consistent.

I'm not talking about 10 hours a day, only on weekends.

I'm not talking about someone who's "passionate", but only 2-3 hours a day.

Time spent is the most important thing for me.

I really like this type of obsessive behavior.

If anyone knows anything like this please post it in this thread.
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You don't "get" a hobby. It grows out of you. You can nurture it in various ways but ultimately you can't make yourself become interested in something. The best thing you can do it look at things you know you like, and then examine similar things to try and form a hobby.

Like anime? Try making gunpla. Like gunpla? Move on to garage kits.

Like listening to music? Try an instrument. Suck at instruments? Try composition.

Also some things you just need to take a plunge into. Try sculpting, painting, reading, take walks, visit museums. Hopefully something clicks and you find what you like.


>like anime?
>like music?

Damn it man.what a life… I do not have money or opportunity to take random plunge. i am so miserable



interesting thread, bump



Im still here wondering how to get a hobby. I actively make everyone around me miserable with my bad attitude. everyone tells me i need a hobby yet i dont understand how

File: 1595996798596.jpg (149.52 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 12242317733_55eea0ddeb_z.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Recently, I've taken a liking in torturing insects (bugs, lizards, spiders, frogs, worms, etc.) As a child, I deeply enjoyed impaling lizards with sticks and ripping their heads off. So with grasshoppers i like to rip their wings out and dismember them, leaving them in a helpless, immobile state. Don't get me started on spiders! It's like playing hide-and-seek with fire. SOmetimes I catch them before they duck into their den. Occasionally I'll find their nest of spiderbabies and incernerate the bitches to hell. Any other sadists out there? I know it's an acquired taste so don't judge me automatically, and please don't presume insincerity or sarcasm in my post.
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>gets his pee pee hard when he tortures animals
>thinks that's a hobby and posts it on wizchan of all places

all you faggots are really stupid and sick in the head.


Like I said, it's an acquire taste. Sure, it's not as satisfying to you as sticking your penis inside of succubi I bet, so back to reddit bitch


>it's an acquired taste

So what? Everyone has the capacity to enjoy doing evil onto others, but people should strive against it, wizards most of all. You are becoming a nasty person by treating defenseless animals like they were toys and playing with them in a cruel and brutal manner. Your actions are similar to that of a fucking normalfag that bullies those who can't protect themselves because they are too scared or don't know how. That's why you should stop immediately you stupid faggot.


This is my thread. Begone. I use wizchan to escape patronizing normturds and succubitches like you. "Ahh it's a cute little lizard." Then they walk to fucking mcdonald's and eat a slice of cow then they go home and get erections around their progeny like fucking cavemen. Why is my hobby so bad? Subjectively, sure. We can start talking about anime or some other gay shit that you want to, 'kay?


File: 1571074386183.png (44.74 KB, 1357x628, 1357:628, wiztravel.png) ImgOps iqdb


As the several traveling threads prove, there are plenty of wizards who are curious about the world. Here, we talk about our traveling wishes and interests in a more abstract and general sense. What countries have you visited? What were your experiences? What countries are you curious about visiting and why? Any particular place you'd avoid like the plague? It doesn't matter if your traveling ideas are realistic or not, just share what interests you.

I was personally always more intrested in the more obscure and mysterious places that you never see on TV, and how people live there. Some islands in the middle of nowhere, certain African countries with an unremarkable present but a cool history, the mountain villages of Tibet, stuff like that. I've travelled around Europe a bit and was shocked how big a difference in culture there is between countries so close by, in the countless details of culture, food, architecture, people's temperament, and so on. I'm hoping to save up enough for a trip to Asia and/or Africa. There's a lot to experience out there.
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I want a country safe enough to tour via bicycle.


you're gonna have your head chopped off in indonesia, just pick some european cunt


The vast majority of Indonesia is super safe dude. What are you talking about?
People bicycle tour in Indonesia all the time without problems relating to violence.


>The vast majority of Indonesia is super safe dude.
if avoir the whole northern part of sulawesi, kalimatan, papua, papua bharat
people say its safe because 99,99 percent of the people stay in java/bali


how was the dominican republic? did you really went to french guiana

File: 1592224921165.jpg (454.43 KB, 725x851, 725:851, dreamlog.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm having so many dreams lately, if there's a time to start working on a dream journal again this is it. Let's make this a dreamlog where we can share and maybe comment on each others dreams/nightmares. The more you write down your dreams, the more you can retain and remember them.
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Just remembered, I also had another dream after that one where I was eating a delicious fruit. The outside looked like dry figue but once I broke it open its endocarp was very white, like coconut, and it tasted more or less like coconut was well, but more concentrated, vivid taste somehow. It had the consistency of pastry.


I'm with my brother in some club where there's a large swimming pool. I'm sitting at the edge of it, with my legs in the water while my brother is trying to swimm as fast as he can at the corner of this pool. We're back to being kids. I have the impression I forgot something. It's a bright day but somehow the pool and everything else looks under dusk. We need to leave at some point and I go to the building nearby where you can switch clothes and grab your stuff. For some reason I'm carrying a drawer filled with silverware. I ask someone at the counter where is my stuff. The guy asks where I left it, but I can't remember. He seems dismissive. I get out of the building and it's snowing, so I try to go back but it's too late, the entrance has been completely covered by snow and is blocked by a huge reddish crystal block. Some people are caught outside with me and they start lamenting a lot and even crying a little bit. We stand under the eave of this building, watching the furious storm cover everything in white. I notice the place I'm in is about to colapse but I can't move, as if I'm in the edge of a dormer and there's no space to maneuver. I feel the strain on my legs. I try to dig some snow so I can move from the place I am but I have the impression any movement will toss me off the wall into the snow bellow. I can see a frozen lake forming a few yards away.

Unfortunately this thread has become pretty much a personal blog, only 5 dreams here are not mine. I did an actual blog to upload my dreams so I won't be posting here anymore.


Fair enough, that's too bad though, I like reading them. I haven't been recording mine because I have not been remembering them as is typical and I stopped coming here so regularly for a bit.

I have one I remember clearly last night, and thinking about it recalled to me this thread. It's a quite banal dream, though.

I have the envelope to my monthly power bill in my hand. I open it and look only to see my bill this month is $248 more expensive than it's supposed to be (it's a fixed amount readjusted once or twice a year based on usage). I begin to panic; I can't afford this monthly amount. It will end in either loss of electric utility or being evicted eventually. Upset I call my mother on the phone to see if she can help, or has ideas, or something. But when she picks up, all I can hear is her talk about me to somebody else there with her-who, it is never clear. But she is not even listening to me, just disparaging me audibly to whoever she is speaking to, disparaging me for drug use, assuming I'm calling to beg for drug money, mocking me, saying things like "oh yeah that's him he's always like that" in response to something I don't hear, but with a very hateful tone. The whole time I'm getting more frustrated, upset, panicked and feeling helpless. I keep trying to get her attention in frustration so I can tell her about this financial issue but she will not acknowledge me, just keeps talking audibly about me to someone else. I am yelling frustrated and in vain trying to get her attention and to talk to me. Panic, frustration and helpless feelings just keep building as this happens. I wake during this.


I find your dream fascinating, wizanon. Mine are often hyper-realistic simulations which make me very emotional and upset in a way that isn't a nightmare exactly but something different. They will involve things like a burglary in my house or the post-apocalypse in my local area, and my brain will replay the scenarios over and over to refine my reaction. People from different aspects of my life will apear, mostly family, and I will feel certain ways about them based on my subconscious perception of their behavior/attitude. What I mean is, they act the way I really see them in the dream, whereas in waking life, there's a veil over them that masks how I feel. And so I become exhausted and irrationally angry or sad, sometimes for an entire day, after waking up. It's hard to get out of my mind.
>but this feels too deliberate for me to ignore that it's connected. I have no idea what to make of it.
Yes. There's something our brains are telling us, problems under the surface that don't reveal themselves when we're awake but come to us in dreams when we're vulnerable. I'm not into therapy either, it hasn't done anything for me in the years I've put into it, but these dreams are far too meaningful. Broken relationships with family members we actually do care about, no matter how much we think otherwise, are probably a great cause of anxiety for us. Just my take, could be wrong.


Many disconnected and patchy scenes from some interesting dreaming last night.

Starts with a type of false awakening, but I "woke up" in the dream place. Or, it could be said it started as a dream about waking up somewhere. I remember that aspect. It was a cabin in a rural wooded place that resembles nothing I know in real life. I remember the time I saw: 10:52PM, and my inner monologue feeling disoriented expecting it to be a morning hour. At one point it was light out or became light out in there and I could see better to the outside, and there was someone else who entered and spoke to me, but I can't remember details beyond that. The next image is of a place that sort of resembled a townhouse my grandmother had lived in, but half did not. It was in an urban location, I remember an impression of staying there as a guest. A room with two beds was there but it wasn't where I was to stay, my aunt and someone else I have no details of are somehow there or involved at one point but I cannot remember more than that about them. I'm in a street, like a suburb, just turned round a corner and at the end of a paved driveway. It leads to a house that has an open garage door. I walk towards it and birds flap around and up in there. There's a man in there I'm going to talk to, there's books and things everywhere and a bed, and birds. He resembles David Liebe Hart (lol) except is white. I can't remember what we talked about. After that a very foggy memory of being in a school/facility like building among strangers, and outside of a shop at night with strangers; above the shop were windows of an apartment which were oddly offset from eachother. People around me were hollering and yelling things and I remember thinking about how we're probably bothering the person who lives there and feeling bad about it. It's daylight again and I'm alone again, and once again at that driveway. The man this time is walking towards the end of it, he's carrying a birdcage that has plants in it. He sets it at the end as you would trash for pickup, and he said something about preparing to meet someone and/or leave. I have been trying to remember what he said but cannot. After that we went again to his garage apartment, birds flapped around and flew up as we approached again, and talked but can't remember what about at all. Next thing I remember and the most clearly is being in a huge loud crowded McDonalds that had no logos, but was McDonalds. I'm thinking about whatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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